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Annalise Wagner

06/05/2020 12:22 PM 

Roleplay Ideas

Greetings and thanks for looking into possible storyline connections. I am not limiting my intake of storylines just based on these alone, I just believe these will be fun to explore. If your character can meet the criteria below, then feel free to send me a message.Idea 1 – Doctor / Lawyer / Wealthy Person / Possibly Sugar Daddy/MommyBasically the synopsis of this storyline would be for the wealthy individual (your character) to see Annalise perform in one of her shows. The plot dictates that after seeing Annalise perform, the wealthy individual becomes entranced and decides they would like to meet her. Upon doing so after her show, the two hit it off and decide to form some sort of bond. Annalise’s intentions will be clear from an ooc point of view, but in character I think it would be fun if the wealthy individual was not savy of her motives in the beginning. The main goal of this storyline is for the wealthy individual to pay money to Anna so she may continue to fund herself to seek out her goal, to be prima ballerina.!!  This plot is pretty open for discussion prior to rp. Annalise is primarily in Los Angeles but this can take place in New York City, London, Paris or Hamburg. This wealthy individual can be any gender identification, sexual orientation or race. A mature agreement can take place, thus the sugar daddy/mommy aspect of the role. A LI connection is not desired.Please read terms and conditions at the bottom before messaging to discuss.Idea 2 – Ballet Dancer RivalsThe whole synopsis for Annalise in general is to be the prima ballerina, the first ever in America. Therefore, she is going to need some rivals, ja? Friendly or unfriendly competition is what really triggers Annalise and strives her to be the very best. This can be as dramatic as our characters want to be.!!  This plot is pretty open for discussion prior to rp. It would be helpful for your character to be located in Los Angels, Hollywood or surrounding areas. Your character can be any gender identification, sexual orientation or race. LI/Mature connection is not desired for this role.Please read terms and conditions at the bottom before messaging to discuss.Idea 3 - Ballet Instructor / Opera Manager / AgentThe whole synopsis for Annalise in general is to be the prima ballerina, the first ever in America. Therefore, she is going to need some help, ja? This plot is similar to the wealthy individual listed in idea 1, however this would be a little more taboo considering it can be workplace relationships. Annalise needs to manipulate these connections in order to secure her success, are you willing to take the bate?!!  This plot is pretty open for discussion prior to rp. It would be helpful for your character to be located in Los Angels, Hollywood or surrounding areas. Your character can be any gender identification, sexual orientation or race. A mature agreement can take place depending upon if your character is willing to give Annalise what she wants. A LI connection is not desired, but open to possibility for this connection within time.Please read terms and conditions at the bottom before messaging to discuss.Idea 4 – Childhood Friend ReunionAnnalise grew up with a very rigid schedule for her training to become a ballet dancer full time, thus she didn’t have much free time besides those provided during schooling. As Anna got older, she drifted from a lot of her friends to become more serious about her career, thus the possibility of a friend from the past finding her and seeking to connect.!!  This plot is pretty open for discussion prior to rp. It would be helpful for your character to be located in Los Angels, Hollywood or surrounding areas, but can be open to neighboring states or people visiting from out of town. Your character can be any gender identification, sexual orientation or race. A LI connection can be discussed. Mature only not desired.Please read terms and conditions at the bottom before messaging to discuss.Idea 5 – Crime / Mafia / Drug LordIn order for Annalise to get what she wants, she’s at the point now she is willing to do anything in order to secure her spot on the top, thus where the world of crime comes in. Drugs, Killing, Sex, you name it goes.!!  This plot is pretty open for discussion prior to rp, but requires you to be comfortable with mature content. It would be helpful for your character to be located in Los Angels, Hollywood or surrounding areas, but can be open to neighboring states or people visiting from out of town. Your character can be any gender identification, sexual orientation or race. A mature agreement can take place. A LI connection is not desired.Please read terms and conditions at the bottom before messaging to discuss.Terms & Conditions Please read my biography. It will explain the background of Annalise. If you have a bio on your page, I will read yours as well. I write as literate as I possibly can in usually a multi para setting. If you only write one paragraph and do not desire to write more, please do not message. Novella is fine. Furthermore, I smut with storyline only. Please do not ask for my Discord. I do have one and am willing to give it out over time. If the role your character fits says no mature or no LI and you want that, the answer still will be no. Please respect my decisions. I am not here to fill a romantic need, just a writing need. OOC and IC are separate for me. Over time this could change, but initially I will remain in character. Please be patient with replies. Some days I can reply quick, some times it might take a week. I do work two jobs and have hobbies I partake in. I will extend the same courtesy to you. If you no longer want to rp, please let me know prior to ghosting. No feelings will get hurt, let’s all be mature. If you’re interested, please message me. I look forward to writing with you!-Annalise’s Writer 


06/05/2020 11:01 PM 


 BOWIE'S SUMMER VIBES PLAYLIST.  1) Ashley Tisdale - Lemons : Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande - Rain On Me: All Time Low - Getaway Green: Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar: Dua Lipa - Physical: Sam Hunt - Hard To Forget: Wild Fire - We Got The Summer: Niko Moon - Good Time: Old Dominion - Some People Do: Thomas Rhett - Vacation:


06/05/2020 10:33 PM 

R U L E S .

  5 Simple Rules..#1 Please don't waste my time by messaging me then end up not talking to me or block me. #2 I am single, so I am having a good time. #3 On weekends, I reply back slow.. just because I am with family and friends.#4 Please be nice to me, I am a sweet girl with a kind heart. So don't be rude or you will be deleted. #5 LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!! & YOU DON'T NEED TO SIGN THIS BLOG, JUST AS LONG AS YOU UNDERSTAND. thank you  ♥


06/05/2020 10:22 PM 




06/05/2020 10:22 PM 

main content



06/05/2020 05:45 PM 

Cosa fanno tutti gli altri quando si tratta di bonus casinò online Iitalia

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06/05/2020 01:46 PM 

Current mood:  bouncy

Avia Maria AuraAge: 24 years oldBirthdate: July 7, 1995Location: Beverly Hills, CAOccupation: Aspiring singerRelationship Status: SingleDiscord: lilbutterfly#7527Twitter: @IilbutterflyWhen it comes to making decisons, Avia inspiresto live her life to the fullest every single day- as if it's her last. As cliche as it sounds,it's true. Moving to CA and not having muchfriends and optioning to spend her days w/ herdogs, what else is there to lose? F*** it.Avia moved to CA to pursue her singing career.The sucsess has been amazing so far, but she'sstill striving to give it her all everyday.Booking as many shows as she can, traveling allthe time, and taking every oppurtunity topromote herself. As of now, Avia is working onher first album.       Party animal at heart. Lover ofexpirementing w/ drugs, although she has littleexpirence w/ them - only ever trying weed,shrooms, and once tried xanax. Occasional wine drinker.Bubbly and independent attitude when alwaysapproached, Avia can be trusted and you canalways count on her to show you a good time.Being single and living somewhere new, Aviawill tend to branch out a lot and let her wildand cute personality shine, no matter who'slooking. Known to have a michivious behavior onmost days due to boredom and just being herself.



06/05/2020 12:42 PM 


Emillia Jones Fernedez.*Single *Twenty Six *Certified Nursing Assistant *Modeling-Emillia was born in Savannah, Georgia, growing up with drug addicted parents.Her dream was crushed when her mother passed because she was stuck with her father and step mom who also used drugs and drank alot. 

Hellshore Beach.

06/04/2020 11:24 PM 

Playby Suggestions

Some Suggested Playbys, but you other faces that aren't on this list.Bill HaderBill SkarsgårdChosen JacobsCole SprouseDane DeHaanDylan SprouseEwan McGregorGavin LeatherwoodGriffin GluckK.J. ApaNoel FisherZachary QuintoAlycia Debnam CareyAshleigh CummingsBillie EilishCamilla MendesEliza TaylorEvan Rachel WoodFlorence PughKiernan ShipkaLili ReinhartLizzy CaplanRebecca FergusonTessa ThompsonVanessa MorganZoe Kravitz 

The Alloter

06/04/2020 11:01 PM 

Owes List

Who I owe:Who owes me:Discussions:Clotho and AtroposHope MikaelaonAphrodite


06/04/2020 10:01 PM 

Death in His Eyes

June BL Drabble, Feat Armani Death in His Eyes Rembrandt/ 1593610 It was simple to him. Betrayal by those he cared about the most invoked his most primal rage. No one was closer to him than Rebekah and Elijah. Having Rebekah’s betrayal revealed by Genevieve was even more hurtful to him. For nearly a century he’d lived under the assumption that Mikael had just found them by chance driving them from their home of two centuries. Klaus had played it so careful. He’d been on top of all the latest news of Mikael’s whereabouts with a vigilant eye. Then to suddenly have him show up the night of the Opera in 1919 had always left him with questions. Now those questions had answers.Hayley was close to delivering his child. Soon he’d be a father to his own little wolf who would be completely dependent upon him. He couldn’t allow anyone, not even his sister to hurt him or to allow anything to happen to his child. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah had been subject to a boundary spell by the witches of New Orleans keeping them in Lafayette Cemetery. That was fine by Klaus. He had the White Oak Stake. Rebekah would die tonight. He started to stalk the cemetery looking for his sister. Payment was due and he intended to collect.Within the maze of the cemetery, Rebekah ran as far and as she could. She reached an outer wall seeing freedom just within her grasp. Rebekah sped for the wall but was stopped short. A boundary spell kept her locked in with her brothers. For a choice she’d made nearly 100 years ago, she was about to die. Rebekah was absolutely terrified.She’d seen how ruthless he could be when faced with betrayal. He had been relentless and brutal. There was usually nothing left of those who betrayed Klaus Mikaelson. She couldn’t let this happen. Self preservation took ahold of her and a desperate plea to their brother Elijah came as he found her first in her escape attempt. “Don’t let him kill me Elijah! It was a terrible mistake! Please Elijah!”Elijah Mikaelson was standing behind Rebekah holding her firmly as he felt her knees buckle. “Stay hidden Rebekah. No one is going to die tonight.” He released her and took off into the heart of the cemetery.Tucked inside his jacket, The Original Hybrid was indeed on the hunt. He stepped with deliberate purpose and a snarl on his lips. “REBEKAH!!” His voice echoed through the Cemetery. His senses were heightened and the frightening mask of the Original Hybrid with darkened optics highlighted by the veins showing through the skin. “REBEKAH!!!!” He came around the corner right into the Noble Stag himself.“Niklaus. Think of what you’re doing. The anger and the rage you’re feeling is over something that happened nearly a century ago.” Elijah Mikaelson had always been a voice of reason to his brother. Klaus had not always listened to his brother. He’d even daggered Elijah as recently as a few months ago as a /good will/ gesture to Marcel. “Niklaus?”Klaus’ anger and rage were still violently evident. He finally growled in his reply to his brother. “ENOUGH!” Klaus waved his hand in front of his brother. “All because our sister couldn’t stand me, she arranged to bring Mikael here to New Orleans to kill me Elijah! What are you going to do Brother? You're either with me, or against me .”“I am not against you Brother. I will not allow you to kill our sister!” Elijah’s own eyes grew a dark onyx as he was protective over Rebekah. His fangs were bared. It was not uncommon for the brothers to fight. The older Mikaelson began to charge his brother. Klaus met his brother charging at him with unquenchable anger. The fight was on and it was loud.While her brothers were loudly arguing in the middle of the Cemetery, The female Original Vampire tried to make her way toward the gates to get away from her brother. Klaus’ rage was notorious. She’d seen it more times than she cared to admit over the years. He’d daggered her multiple times in her life when he was angry, but this time the look in his eyes was more intense. His anger brought fear to her very soul. He wasn’t going to stop until she was dead. The shouting stopped. Klaus was on the hunt and she was the prey.Klaus’ voice echoed once more with a wounded growl. Elijah wasn’t dead. Klaus had no death wish for his brother. It was Rebekah’s turn to die. Extended digits wrapped around the length of the White Oak Stake. He held it firmly in his hand. His lip was bloodied, his hair was disheveled and his fangs were still bared. “Come on Little Sister. Let’s have a little chat.” He spat the word out as he made that turn toward the front gate.Rebekah cowered by the gate. Klaus had just spotted her there. Ferocity made his steps pick up as he honed in on his baby sister. Her eyes were a dark onyx on their own. She turned to face her would be executioner when the voice of reason echoed back in her direction. “Niiiikkklausss!” It was Elijah with a torn suit jacket and no tie. He looked as though he had been in a fight.Klaus turned toward Elijah. Over his brother’s shoulder Klaus saw the first rays of the morning light. Behind him he heard the gate open and the rush of wind as Rebekah left the cemetery with her full vampire speed. Klaus glared at his brother. “This is not over Elijah. Remember that.” Klaus himself disappeared with all the speed of Original Hybrid possessed.  credit: james kriet


06/04/2020 09:31 PM 

▲owes list,

i owe you,you owe me,discussions,last updated: ---


06/04/2020 08:36 PM 


Welcome to Violent ends prmds, we are a resource for everything you need for your roleplay account. We provide you defaults, clean layout styles, custom work, and resources for photoshop. Make sure to read and sign these rules, are not so hard to follow.  — old page As many know by now, the old page ( was deleted without a warning nor a notice about why they did it. I did not delete the page, it was deleted. It was a 9 years old account and, despite the fact it was sad losing the page, we are back.  — crediting Do not remove credit tags from our coding. Keep the credit link on the visible page for premade and premium layouts. Credit is always welcomed when taking the premade defaults but is not necessary unless stated otherwise.  — comment on what you take This is easy, you MUST always comment on the blog letting us know what are you taking. There are no exceptions to this rule, it is necessary to keep control of what people like more and what we should change or takedown. Not only to let us know you like our work but also to keep working hard for all of you.  — copycats and jokers Stealing is a big bad NO. This is normal knowledge about the situation with the content do not steal codes, do not use my codes to claim as yours, don't use my psds as a base for yours and do not claim the edits as yours. That easy and simple... but if you want to show some respect to the editor you can give credit (this rule could change depending who are you taking from) it could be in the caption as "(c)ViolentEnds", as a little link, anything is truly appreciated it. Again, it is not totally needed but it shows some respect to the editors.  As part of the Creative Commons community, I have been seeing a lot of people saying, we do not own anything of the work we had done, and if there was a point we steal others basic coding to create our own. Which I believe is a pathetic excuse that people say to steal. Saying "its not your coding, you might put it together but with codes that already exists and you did not make" it's like telling that DaVinci he didn't create any of his art 'cause the paint he used it was from someone else, or that singers/players do not own their hits because the chords and notes were done by someone else and they just put it together. Yes, things exist for us to use it and make our own stuff, is not about the code itself, is about what you can do when you place them in the correct order.  It's honestly stupid, we worked hard putting the coding together, giving out a style for you to use, colors and such. Once we put everything together in a way, it becomes ours. and NO, the fact you only change color doesn't make it yours. If you put your effort, stay awake, and search for everything starting from zero. This is especially towards the codes and resources that we made by hand. If you don't know what it is stay up all day to figure out a coding, do not open your mouth.  — Affiliates Our Affiliates are our number one, they will always come first. If you start anything against them or steal something from them you will be instantly blocked. However, this doesn't mean we will just go around blocking people out of the blue because someone hates them. We have a special spot for our family affiliates, the family is those who I have known from years ago and I know they will stick around. Please if you don't plan on sticking around or just are making a resource to spend a brief moment on it, do not request to be an affiliate with us, it's annoying having to change links every day. We will be taking affiliates only in a determined time, you will see it posted around, there is no need to message/comment us about it.    — respect Respect and you will be respected. Be patient, remember patience is a virtue and you MUST learn it, We can't be here all the time every day, we will update when we can but we will do a massive update all at once and we would appreciate it if you gave us some time. Do not rush us for anything to happen in a second.  — premium/custom work We are offering custom work at a cheap price. If you are interested in getting something that ONLY you will have, we are open to offering it. The reason we are selling custom stuff is that making personal stuff (layouts, a bunch of images, edits, etc..) takes time, and time is something we can't get back. Either we spend time doing it instead of working or going out, we believe a fair exchange is needed. However, we will be doing free stuff as well, that's something isn't going to change at all. No one will force you to pay for the free content that we post. This is only for those who want something different and especially done for their goods.  — copyrights Everything on this page was made by the main owner. Blogs and Main page layout, as well as the ideas she got, please refrain from stealing or copying what we have. IF you do, you will be messaged about the subject to get into some agreement or misunderstandings. We know everybody gets inspiration from everybody, if you are planning on using something that inspired you from us, let us know and message us to know about it.


06/04/2020 08:33 PM 

whore code

<a href=";><img src="; title="click to add"></a>


06/04/2020 07:40 PM 


You can laugh at the irony or you can try and make sense of it. Most of the time, nobody really gives a sh*t. They move in sync with a silent melody towards their only fate, death. From the beginning of time, until the end of days. The only true common thing they share; It's something humans have no control over. Gabriel, the mighty Archangel saw them as weaklings. As creatures that must be protected from the evil wraths of his fallen siblings and minions. However, as time continued to march its ticking hands, Gabriel realized humanity had lost their way, right at the end of the millennia. They seemed to no longer need, 'the devil' to do their bidding, or be influenced by his riot whispering. God and Angels became a myth. Faith and religion had been poisoned by greed, money, wealth, and power. Souls were being born tainted, no longer pure and holy. That's when Gabriel knew... They had lost the battle. "You can't change the world,""I'll die trying,""For what? For their sins? For their stupidity? Look at them, they are useless and a burden,""What happened to you, Gabriel? You used to be so..." The man couldn't find the right words to use. "I used to be so what? Blind?" "No, You used to believe in them. What changed you?""I saw what they are capable of, there's no longer HOPE inside their hearts,""That's not true! They're not all the same! You don't believe that. Gabriel, Please, you have to trust me. Letting them die like this isn't an Act of Goodness! letting them walk in the dark is a crime! You know this!""You don't know what I believe in. Who are you preaching that non-sense to? Don't you ever get tired of talking unto deaf ears?" Gabriel tilted his head to the side, curiously keeping his eyes on the priest and his white collar.  "The only crime I'm truly committing is not killing them myself," "You're already killing them by abandoning your position. You're going to regret it. Justice will come and you're going to be an exile, no longer welcome through the gates of heaven," "I'm already walking these holy grails, isn't that enough punishment? I truly believe Hell is right here on earth, don't you think? Even the smell of you intoxicates me, it makes me ill."  


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