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Princess Elizabeth{ E&L Zed}

01/01/2020 12:01 PM 

Zed and Princess Elizabeth Wedding



05/31/2020 06:11 PM 

Hold my Beer ft. Necromancy

RevolutionaryHold My BeerOn a typical Sunday night the Crescent wolves would be doing their thing, bonfire blazing, smokers and grills loaded with fresh slaughtered meat and beer a plenty. It was the last Sunday leading up to the full moon and the next week they’d be on lockdown to keep the pack safe from themselves. Needless to say, atypical. This scenario would place Oliver at Stumpy’s Hatchet House, an axe throwing joint, with Jackson in tow as nothing more than a babysitter to keep him out of trouble.Out of all the places in New Orleans, of course Freya Mikaelson would be there, scoping out a new Brody to piss off Klaus, no doubt. It was a rowdy bar, mixing alcohol and axe throwing in all of its beautiful brilliance. Jackson came to stand next to Freya, ordering a long neck or two, then four and before he knew it six as he observed how bad Oliver was aiming. And the more Oliver drank, the worse he got. Jack wasn’t planning on partaking, just unwinding with a few drinks, until an axe ricocheted off the missed target and hurled its way toward his face. His extraordinary senses and reflexes allowed him to catch it by the handle before splitting his skull. With an annoyed sigh, he looked at Freya and handed her his bottle. “Well sh*t. Hold my beer.”With the axe in his hand, Jack playfully shoved Ollie aside. He had a slight advantage being that he was a hybrid and it took a lot more to get him drunk. He simply wasn’t that impaired. Checking his aim, he threw the axe with precision, nailing it to the bullseye before smirking at Oliver. “And that, Pup, is how it’s done.”  template credit.


05/31/2020 05:15 PM 

Interview With The Werewolf:

Good evening, lovely. My name is Rosemmett Noella Lightbourne and I suppose I have a few questions for you before we start writing together. Answer the questions as followed and by the end of the interview sign on the dotted line a gif of yourself.If you sign this interview off, then in two to three business days you will receive word from me, myself, on conditions for discussing or further writings. Shall we get to it?  1. Are you involved in any drama that is out of character? If yes, please do not explain why and just click here for further assistance. If no, please proceed to subsection 1A.1A. Do you openly, or privately, bully other writers? If yes, please do not explain why and just click here for further assistance. If no, please proceed to question 2.2. Are you a patient writer? If no, please do not explain why and just click here for further assistance. If yes, please proceed to question 3.3. Do you know the difference between these words: their, there, and they're or it's and its? If no, please explain why and then click here for further assistance, and once that is completed then continue with the interview questions. If yes, please proceed to question 4. 4. Does an original character tickle your hatred? If yes, then I am sorry to announce that this is the end of the interview and that I will not be contacting you due to personal reasons. I wish you well on your journey throughout the writing community and for further assistance please click here. If no, then I would like for you to proceed with signing off on your interview with a gif of yourself.  ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─For interested single male love interest accounts: please continue the interview here.  Signing Executive: 


05/31/2020 03:53 PM 

Zip ties, Rope & Power Tools ft. Defiant Demon

RevolutionarySomething about the bayou made people think it was an ideal place to dispose of bodies. It was the third time this month. Jackson observed some dumbass trying to get a tarp wrapped stiff to stay hidden beneath the shallow water. Not that he was a murderer, but if he was going to do this, he would’ve ditched the tarp. In all likelihood, the wildlife would take care of the rest. Still, he watched in amusement. Payne materialized next to Jackson in the shadows, nearly giving him a heart attack."Damn! Warn a brother next time. How’s Risse?" "She’s good, what are we watching.""This fool here thinks he’s disposing a body in a tarp. Not without some zip ties, rope, and power tools he ain’t. Even then, not in the water. Fifty bucks says the gators get him before he’s done.""You’re on mate."They watched the poor sap abandon the tarp in his frustration, panicking to keep the body from floating. In all the commotion and splashing, what happened next was inevitable by Jack’s calculations. One swift chomp and the chump was gone, dragged to his own watery grave by a 17.5 foot, 1,600 pound predator. Both men gasped, followed by “ouch” in unison. Soon after, another gator followed, taking the dead guy under with him. Again, both men in unison “daaaamn” followed by laughter. Jackson conceded his bet."Okay, I did not see the second one coming. So we can call it even."  template credit.


05/31/2020 03:36 PM 

the feeling of his hand over hers.

the feeling of his hand over hers"I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can't I do this one thing for me?" Her phone was making a loud noise. The girl next door had a hunch who it was coming from. The lighting from the phone faced upwards— Archie's name full screen. It's calling for the blonde girls' attention. She Can already hear Archie's voice without her having to even be here. Arms are crossed over her chest, she told Arch she be busy. To be fair, Betty was helping Arch with catching up with school because he missed that much. Wholly occupied with her loving boyfriend. It was Jughead's day. Sometimes she feels like she's being tugged by the two of them. She's the rope, clearly. And they are pulling at her arms back and forth. Though she tries to avoid the tension between her childhood best friend and her boyfriend. Movie night every Friday. It's just how it is between them, well not counting last Friday when Archie came in and asked Betty a few weeks earlier if she could come to his game. She didn't want to be rude, so she agrees, of course… telling Jughead in advance that Arch had asked, and how sorry she is. Promised him, swore to him that this Friday they would have a perfect movie night. No phones, no parents… and absolutely no Veronica or Archie. Though when it's getting to the excellent part…. what happens? Archie is bombing all over her phone. Chewing on her bottom lip, glancing at the screen, and then on her phone. Heavy sigh, reaching for it, but then- the feeling of his hand over hers catches her attention. Turns to look at him, heart fluttering in her chest. ."Juggie…hey. " His name leaving past her lips, soothing and overflowed with affection. The warmth of his hand…. his touch it's so pure and yet.. so powerful. Like the grasp he has on her pulls her out of whatever she had planned to do. Archie and Veronica out of sight, out of mind. Leaning to him and his touch, her mind is full of him and only him. Something tells the blonde… It's a voice in her head, it's heard, but she also tends to dismiss it… but the voice would say to her that… it's to distract her from the world, from her friends and family. Betty chooses to overlook it. Because she loves him, and he's everything, And he would never. " You know.. I was thinking..just maybe… we should go away together for a little while … think of it as a vacation away from Riverdale. for some peace."template created for (c) serpentjuliet

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