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05/28/2020 06:15 PM 

1x1 starter Star spangled shield

"Where are these bruises from?"If Karen had ever imagined that Steve Rogers would have come to be a beloved friend; she would have scoffed at you. Yet, here she was, they were getting familiar and she was delighted to enjoy him in her life. Steve remains a kind, caring gentleman who really took care of his friends and worked hard for his country. Always willing to go the extra mile, take charge and go out to preserve the world.Subsequently, the Sokovia Accords came into being, and he didn't in fact overlook his meaningful way but he genuinely felt like he lost his direct connection to his beloved country. It was dismal to see but Karen totally grasped it. Therefore, she maintained her friendship with him under serious wraps. Karen popularly knew that he, Natasha and Sam were all on the continuous run and in hiding.  Karen, she had harboured Matt's secret at all costs; all the greater when her private life realistically was in imminent danger. She would undoubtedly do the very same thing for Steve; she genuinely understood his heroic sacrifices and that he realistically was in the fundamental right.  What had unfortunately happened in Sokovia was not his fault. They were scrupulously cleaning up Stark and Banner's glorious mess and in the ultimate end; the prominent place was methodically destroyed. Then with Wanda, who tried to desperately prevent an explosion from happening messed up a bit and actually caused a serious explosion in a building with people in it. The fear that the people felt from this was actually understandable. Still, these leading men and women were fiercely protecting the world from dangers that no ordinary person could perform and having the government and Stark punishing them was a horrible decision. These heroes didn't need that kind of leash and to be typically hunted and promptly arrested because they didn't agree with the desired outcome was a shameful mess.   Karen perpetually seemed to actively side with the hero/vigilante because she understood that both justice and protection came with a cost and that it was a very thin, very gray line to stand upon. Karen usually always tipped to the side of these supreme men and women. They performed things that she couldn't perform, but she could support them.So, when Steve called her on the burner phone to humbly ask her to promptly meet him at some random hotel room and he sounded winded and strained; she panicked. Why was he in the local area?   Swiftly, she got dressed and at 3 am in the morning she was establishing her way across town to the motel to encounter him with no questions asked. It was a seedy place and not in the pleasantest part of established town, but that came with the territory because these places are where people that didn't want to be found usually went to hide. Establishing her way to his room, she knocked on the door."Steve, it's me, Karen. Open up," she said very softly as she rapped gently her knuckles against the private door. When he unlocked it, Steve was standing there all bloodied and bruised up. Natasha and Sam where nowhere to be instantly found. It genuinely frightened her to her fundamental core. Why was he alone? What unfortunately happened? Too many key questions saturated her active mind."Steve, oh my god, what the hell happened? Where are all these visible bruises from? Why are you alone?" She went to him and directed him to the bed. She'd require some supplies to help stitch him up. "What the hell happened?"

π•Ώπ–π–Š π•¬π–—π–ˆπ–π–†π–“π–Œπ–Šπ–‘

05/28/2020 12:06 PM 

Pipe bombs.(rules)

I personally think rules suck. So I'll keep these rules as brief and to the point as possible.Rule 1) (equivalent exchange.) This one's self-explanatory. Basically you get what you give. I don't want a novel. But at least put some effort into your replies. And I'll do the same with mine.Rule 2) (comfort zones.) I can't stress enough that I'm not here to make anyone uncomfortable. So if at anytime you aren't comfortable with something in the role-play, let me know. Communication is key.Rule 3)(Activity.) I know people have lives off of this site. I'm one of those people. While I don't expect you to be on every day. Don't keep me waiting over two weeks for a reply. If you know you're gonna be busy, let me know. Again, communication is key.Rule 4)(forced genres) this one should definitely be a no-brainer. If I say no, it's no. Don't try to force me into doing anything that I don't feel comfortable withRule 5) Have fun! Don't be afraid to use your imagination a bit in the role-play, I love creativity a lot!If you've read and agree with these rules. Comment the last movie(s) you saw.

Dark Halo Resources,

05/28/2020 10:58 PM 

DARK HALO | Guidelines.

Coming Soon.


05/28/2020 10:27 PM 

Seeking: Poseidon

Seeking somone to fill the role of Poseidon    I absolutely would appreciate a Poseidon. Witty repartee would be necessary, lots of banter and snark. Maybe some love/hate involved. Make things interesting. -Playby is writer's choice-Multi-Para minimum-I can help with edits (though I've not had much experience with water edits, so this will be interesting) 

⚑Angel ©

05/28/2020 09:35 PM 

What If Pt. 1

          So this is how it started..I was 4 I met you when you moved in. You didnt talk at all not with your mouth. I was already entranced by you. You were new ..there was something that drew me to you. So I went across the street to meet you. When I first locked eyes on you I was frozen. You were so amazing to me, you still are. I don't know why I did but I pushed you. I pushed you hard. You fell back onto your front steps. I watched you fall. But I couldn't move. When my hand touched your skin it it created something that day. Something I never knew would last this long.    Then it started you following me following you. You crawling in my window at night to sleep next to me. And me sneaking into your house. We were inseparable best friends until the end of time. I needed you next to me all the time. I still do. Its a painful exsistence . Then one day you asked me to marry you. I was 5 you were almost 7. I said yes without a second thought. We got married and you gave me my first kiss. It was quick but it was imprinted on my lips for a lifetime. No one else was allowed to kiss made sure of that.   The next couple of years went by pretty much the same. Ritual sleepovers never one without the other..our parents joked that we were going to get married when we got older. Then it happened. I dont know why or how but it did.   It was this summer we spent nearly the whole summer together. I was 15 and you almost 17. That whole summer you were saving for that car..right before summer ended me and my brother went to see family for 2 whole months. I didnt want to go but my mom made me. We promised to call everyday just to say hi. We did for about a week and a half then the calls got. Fewer and shorter then stopped. I dont know why?. So here I am now its the first day of school. I havent seen you I havent even herd from you.. But believe me I was filled in ..   Angel woke up amd stretched looking out the window and seeing it already. That car he saved up for it was a 1960 something candy apple red mustang. She stared at it for a moment and crawled out of bed. Walking up to the window she raised her eyebrows and stared at it. She had waited a whole week to see him but she didnt..which hurt but it has. Been 2 months maybe this is what they talk about when things change..maybe it was there time to change. She rolled her eyes and grabbed her clothes for the day and quickly changed into them she sat at her mirror and looked at herself closely . She cut her hair it was above her shoulders now she was going to dye it but decided not to so it was still that bright red that made her stand out. Her fave had become more grown up.she was still pale and had her bright big blue eyes she got from her mother. But the biggest change was in fact her body. When she left she had no definitve shape to her and she was flat chested. Now ..well she had a waist and above all her chest decided it was the right time to spring forth and mortify her. In fact even her father was surprised when she came home at how mich she changed. She pulled at her shirt looking into it and rolled her eyes. She finally hers her brothers foot steps and got up. She grabbed her backpack and made a quick glance at the mirror before walking out of her room. She made her way down stairs. She sat down at the table and stared at her brother watching him mix 3 diffrent cereals together she made a face and grabbed a piece of toast. She picked at it while looking at the window. She was staring again at that car.. Her brother flicked some ceral at her and laughed she looked at him and raised her eyebrow.   "Who are you like its like were not related.." She said rolling her eyes.   "Oh, we are…except I'm the cooler one.." He glanced where she was looking and smirked. "Looking for your boyfriend?"   She gave him a annoyed glance. "He's not my boyfriend first off. I was just looking at that car."   She noticed the time and got ip taking the toast with her. At that moment her dad walked in and breifly kissed her on the head before grabbing a coffee.   "Angel don't forget you need to get your brother after school." He gave her a look she sighed and put her back pack on and smacked him upselide the head.   "Lets go.."she continued on her way out the front door.  When she made it to her driveway she stopped and just stared across the street she didnt even hear her brother come up amd start walking over to the house. She reached out and grabbed him. "What are you doing?"   He turned."Going over to see Will, hes got a car maybe he could give us a ride genius?" He shot her a look.   She shook her head and swallowed pulling him down the sidewalk.   "What makes you think he'd want to associate with a dweeb like you….or me for that matter?"    Damien looked at her and was shocked.   "Angel...thats Will..I dont think hed not want you around...joking aside everyone already assumes-" she shot him a look and he shut up. He knew that She hadnt spoken to Will in over 2 months and even he thought that was weird. He shrugged and followed her.   "Damien let me tell you something people change like something they once really liked, well they might wake up one day and not really like it anymore…" she nodded. He shot her a look.   "Right so you herd about him and Jessica Landsford then?" She gave him a look how did he know he was 12. "Angel everyone knows even the librarian..its hot news around here"   She sighed and shook her head when she herd a door open she looked over and saw Brian. Her heart sank as he ran over to her standing way to close. She blinked and smiled. It was now common knowledge that she and Brian were going out. It was a true act of desperation. She found out about Jessica and he asked her out. She agreed but really regretted it. He was weird.. Like really weird. Weirder then her brother. He tried to hold her hand and she shrugged it off by fixing her hair.   "Hi Brian.." She said looking ahead. She glanced at Damien who was making gaging faces. They reached Damiens middle school and dropped him off. Reminding him that she would be there after school. She paused and looked at Brian maybe she could learn to like him. Just then she saw the red mustang speed by. She watched it until she saw it pull into the parking lot of her school. She felt her stomach tie up in knots . she turned and headed up to the school with Brian tagging along.   __________   He sat up in bed stretching he didn't really sleep he just drifted in and out. He glanced out the window and made sure his car was there. It took him all the summer to save up for that and he did. It was something he was proud of. He had to have the red one it was something about the color red that he became somewhat obsessed with. He looked past his car at the house across the street. More particularly a window. It was her window..he had crawled through that window more times then he could count. They were always together up until the summer she left.. She had to go to her familys and he was okay with that..sort of he didnt like to be away from her. Truth was he was in love with her he always had been. During the time she was gone he herd that she started dating Brian..the nerd the paper eater..and truth be told that cut him lile a knife. When he herd that he stopped calling he didn't answer the phone..and soon it stopped ringing. He was enter Jessica. She was just there to replace her..she did a piss poor job of it but it was company.   He got up and threw some clothes on and grabbed his keys. He walked downstairs and saw his mother and little sister Ally. He grabbed a cup of coffee and kissed Ally on the head before flashing his mom the peace sign and walking out to his car. He waited to see if he could just see her leave but she never came outside.  He got in his car and started it. He had great skill driving and holding a cup of coffee one of his many talents. He sped down the road and stopped in front of Jessica's house. She wasn't wearing much in the respect of clothing but again she was there to take up space so he didn't feel so alone. They made there way up past the middle school and pulled into the parking lot he sat there for a minute before looking at her.   " sure thats something you should be wearing to school I'm just saying..people talk alot here" she shrugged. Sure she was pretty she was tall and blonde had legs for days and was your standard cheerleader. He sighed and shook his head and thought maybe I could learn to like her.    She leaned over to him in an attempt to kiss him for the 50th time this.month and he slid back and shook his head."nah I think Ally gave me a don't want this.."    She frowned and threw open the car door and he let out a sigh thinking how long can I pull that off. He got out and noticed Jessica's mocking look and looked in that direction. His heart stopped for a brief moment. He saw that red ..walking up to the school. It was her was Angel..she looked so much different ..what a difference 2 months could make. She was wearing baggy clothes but he could still see the difference . When she left she was a girl his girl..but when she came back she was a woman. She shook his head and chewed his lip when her herd Jessica speak.   "Oh look what we have here looser king and his queen..god Will I feel bad you had to hang out with that for so long…" she laughed and he looked at her and rolled his eyes. He turned his gaze back to Angel and wanted so badily to call out her name but didnt instead he followed Jessica inside to his locker. They walked to the office and he got his locker assignment. Thank god Jessica wasnt near his. She hugged him and ran off. He looked down following the numbers until he found his . he turned the knob and opened it. He paused getting a familar feeling one he hadnt felt in a while. He held the locker door and slowly moved it shut and was met with those blue eyes. She stood there frozen looking at him. It was getting hard to swallow he cleared his throat and spoke softly.   "Hi.."    -------------   She stopped in her tracks this had to be a joke her locker was next to his? This had to be a prank. She looked up at him and her eyes locked on his. God he was gorgeous..when did that happen. His hair was longer and he was taller. His eyes ..god his eyes she could get lost in them. She herd his voice crack and she looked around she turned and looked at her locker. She slowly turned her face and forced a smile.   "Hi….My locker..your hand is on it.."   ______________  

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