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05/18/2020 10:14 PM 

So good [Season 4 AU]

        I can feel the flames on my skin Her time in Rome had been.. flourishing to say the least. All she had learned about Lucifer.. the things he had done, the things he caused. She had every right to be scared of him. He was the devil! Pure evil, and right now, Father William Kinley was feeding her all the wrong things, corrupting her mind. "He doesn't belong here, Chloe. He's evil. He will only bring humanity trouble, and the end of the world. You can't let him continue this." Swallowing, she shook her head. "I.. There isn't anything I can do. I'm a human-" "You underestimate your power, Chloe." A vial was placed in front of her, her finger wrapping around it to look at it. "This will paralyze him. Enough to bide us time for me to perform the exorcism. Then he will be back where he belongs. The Devil will no longer walk around like Earth is his new playground." And unfortunately, she agreed.  They're burning all the witches, even if you aren't one When she came back from Rome, she forced herself to keep any thoughts that Lucifer wouldn't hurt her, or anyone else to herself. He was the devil, in more than one culture described him as a thing that preyed on your desires, made you do things you wouldn't normally do. And while deep down, Chloe knew this wasn't true, any splash of reason, was being flushed away, but the only thought in her mind. He was evil, he was going to control her next. He had to go back to Hell, so everyone could be safe. So when she met up with Lucifer again, while he seemed to think she was odd, it's because she was holding in every ounce of trigger to jump up and say what was really going on, tell him what the Father had said and plead with him to tell her the truth, about why he was really here. But she didn't, and instead after a while, they scheduled a date, at his penthouse. The plan was running smoothly.  I never trust a playboy, but they love me Only when she got there, did she not feel anything. She didn't feel sad, betrayed, or hurt. Because she had went to Kinley before this, telling him that what he said couldn't be true. Lucifer didn't lie! He always told the truth. "What if this is his biggest lie of all?" That question tore her apart. She couldn't stop thinking about it, and soon enough, she stopped thinking entirely. Her mind had.. more or less been replaced with the mission, that Lucifer deserved to return to Hell. She ignored how Lucifer made everything look so nice, how this date was obviously important to him. That he had even made her favorite food, none of that jogged her brain to tell her that this was wrong! When he went to change the music, she slipped the vial into his drink. It wouldn't be long now. Without seconds of Lucifer taking a sip, he began to mention about how his hands felt numb, and soon, his legs. Until that last "D-Detec-" tried to leave his mouth. She stood up and Father Kinley rushed in, beginning to form the exorcism.  They say I did something bad Only, the more she watched, she more things looked different. He didn't look angry, he looked upset, sad.. before it changed to a look of horror. He knew what she had done, and as his body convulsed, it stopped, his eyes staring up at the ceiling with no sudden movement. "It is done." She still felt horrible. He.. He said.. "What did you do?!" She hissed, Kinley turning around with a blade securely in his hand. "I did what needed to be done-" "You didn't say it would kill him! You said it would just make the Devil go back!" She felt sick, as the priest began to chuckle. "Naive, Naive Chloe Decker. Did you really think after I preformed the ritual, that you would get your partner back? Your partner was always the devil!" As he grew closer, Chloe moved back. "That body is only a vessel, and now he can never return to Earth. Sadly.." The blade was pointed towards her. "I know exactly what will happen, you'll tell your friends about how I manipulated you into poisoning your partner, you'll tell them everything, but I'll be given insanity, while you're forced to go to prison." Chloe began to shake her head, finally realizing the consequences of what she done.   I don't regret it one bit, 'cause he had it coming That's when Kinley charged at her, and she grabbed the gun hidden under the top of her pants at her back and shot him. He fell at the second shot, but she didn't stop. All she could hear was the fire over and over until something clicked. She had emptied her clip. All her bullets, were now in the priest, who was bleeding out in Lucifer's penthouse. She felt sick, she felt angry, then.. she felt nothing. She quickly used the stuff around her, to wipe the glove of prints, before dropping it onto the ground. She still had the vial in her pocket and she intended to break it and get rid of the evidence. She knew she would be on the cameras, and she intended to erase those as well. After she cleaned up her mess, she left and went home, acting like nothing happened. To Chloe.. Lucifer was the devil, who was preying on any part of her life that he could feed on, and he was gone. The priest, used her for his own gain, and he was now dead. While she knew his death could be ruled as self defense, she never intended on telling anyone, or letting anyone find out.


05/27/2020 10:04 PM 

Looking Through the Glass ft. Nola Reine

RevolutionarySadness compounded frustration while Vivianne held Jackson’s hand, sharing with him the memories of a tragic life… hers.  He felt the happiness, heartache and pain she’d endured at the hands of the Mikaelsons, but those emotions were hers flooding over to him.  His expression remained stoic, his emotions his own and unrelenting.  She was right and wrong in different aspects.  He had not seen Klaus the way she had, though he was a guest at her window, an outsider looking in, getting a better point of view to understand her love for him.  He had witnessed Klaus’ evolution, from careless killer to compassionate father.  He’d even seen him fall in love with Cami, though she became another statistic due to his long laundry list of enemies.  As a child, Jackson found all of the Originals to be pompous asses, less Rebekah and Freya.  He had an ounce of compassion for the women due to their suffrage at the hands of their brothers.  Everyone suffered at some point in their lives because of Klaus it seemed and while that ate at Jackson profusely, he was trying to keep an open mind to receive what this girl was showing him.  Her life appeared vibrant, though somewhat boring before the Originals, but intact nonetheless.  He noted her history which had been written in journals he’d read as a boy.  Every word appeared true as the recollection she shared with him put him there to bear witness.  What would’ve made her throw that away and be with the Devil incarnate?  Even he knew better than to trust a Trojan Horse.  And that’s exactly what Klaus Mikaelson had been.  An atomic bomb wrapped up as an intriguing package, admirable from afar, toxic to touch.  Regardless of how nice he’d been at some point in his life, Jackson didn’t understand the attraction that even Hayley had fallen victim to.  Klaus was uglier than sh*t.  Must’ve been the accent.  Humor played at Jackson’s features, his brows furrowing at her experience on the ancestral plane.  He’d assumed at the end of their existence both Klaus and Elijah would be damned to spend eternity in Hell.  Between the two of them, they’d spilled enough blood to keep Noah’s Ark afloat.  It was bittersweet that Vivianne left Klaus there, finding her escape for another chance in the living world, leaving him with the same heartache and confusion he’d caused so many others.  Karma.  Perhaps this time she’d have a chance of true happiness rather than having to suffer yet another death at the hands of the Originals.  Elijah’s confusion and concern in his pursuit of Hayley in the afterlife uncharacteristically gave Jackson a bit of satisfaction.  Though he rarely relished the thought of someone else’s suffering, again karma.  Jackson knew Elijah wouldn’t find Hayley there.  Dirty little secrets everywhere.  Cut to scene, she woke up in his bayou, cold, naked, confused… Jackson felt guilty having not been there to help her or least offer her a jacket as she searched for some sense of belonging or familiarity. Mud caked her bare porcelain flesh, giving him just enough of a view to want to respectfully advert his gaze and allow her modesty, but he wasn’t actually there and he couldn’t look away.  This was her vision that she’d shared with him.         When she was finished, Jackson had been enlightened and Vivianne had tears streaming down her lovely face.  Nothing a box of tissues and a few ounces of whiskey couldn’t fix, maybe.  He provided both as a consolation, pouring aged bourbon into a lowball glass before handing it to her.  “I just have one question… why Klaus?  Seems to me that while it may not have been as exciting, you’d have had a pretty good life with what was chosen for you rather than your own choices.”  That sounded a little more harsh coming out than he’d intended.  As if he were judging her on her selection.  It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.  Switching the gears, he tried a different approach.  “Can you do that thing again, but in reverse?” He knew she was curious about what had happened to the wolves since her demise.  He’d never really had anyone read him like this before and he wondered if there was any way to censor the content, showing her only what he wanted her to see, but by that account, it could be misleading.  She needed to see everything to understand.   Taking her hand once more, he invited her in, an intrusion on his inner most thoughts and desires.  He felt her enter his mind, a strange yet comforting sensation.  He knew she would see his infatuation with her, his obsession to find her since the night he stumbled upon her as the obsidian wolf, curious, intrigued and wanting answers. He took her back to when he was a child with loving parents raising him to be their leader.  When he was six years old, Andrea Labonair was born.  A young boy looking down at a baby that was supposed to be his queen.  His innocent curiosity wandering what it was he was supposed to do with her and why she was so special.  The plan was to unite the pack and even as a child, Jackson knew and understood what that meant, but the formalities of marriage and what it entailed were unknown to him.  A few months later and chaos broke out in the bayou.  An intrusion of an unseen enemy slayed most of the adult wolves, his and Andrea’s parents included.  His grandmother Mary Dumas, was able to save him and a handful of other children, but Andrea was not among them.  Her disappearance was a mystery.  He grew into an unruly and rebellious teenager, angry at the world and the Mikaelsons.  Tempting fate, he directed his anger in the wrong outlets, talking an innocent life and triggering his curse.  From that point, a portion of his adolescence was a blur.  Witches, vampires, curses… at one time, he remained a wolf until the full moon, the one night they were able to emerge from their beast form and be human again.  More anger and frustration mounted… booze, women, f***ing carelessly until he was satisfied.  The turning point was the death of the alpha at the hands of the Mikealsons or the vampire Marcel, no doubt.  Jackson was the second strongest in the pack to the alpha, leaving the responsibility to him, regardless of his birthright.  Not many who were around during this time remained and those who knew him now, would’ve never guessed he had once been so careless.   Fast forward to the return of Andrea, now known as Hayley Marshall and now a grown woman. She intrigued him in more ways than one, stirring desires he’d never felt. Cliche to say he loved her before he really knew her, but even throughout his angry adolescence, he held on to the memory of his birthright, his betrothal and honoring what his parents had wanted for him and for the pack.  It didn’t matter to him that she carried another man’s child.  A Mikaelson child. From this point forward, only she mattered.  He watched over her, protecting her.  More damn witches, betrayal and the stealing of another baby.  Sacrificial bullsh*t, Hayley’s death and return as a hybrid.  All of these events leading up to an agreement to finally unite the packs and give the wolves an upper hand over the vampires and the witches, evolving them and turning him into a hybrid. Vivianne saw his wedding and unification ritual.  She saw the first time he’d made love to Hayley, a surreal feeling of ecstasy that projected from him.  Each subsequent time surpassed the expectations of the time before, the cage fight where she’d ripped his clothes off when he’d f***ed her with a hunger that couldn’t be sated.  They’d done it over and over with a primal need like the animals they were, unable to keep their hands off one another. Vivianne saw Jackson with Klaus’ baby, rocking her to sleep and being the father she needed when Klaus was too busy making new enemies.  Jumping ahead again, Jackson’s frustration mounted with Hayley’s commitment to the Mikaelson family, leaving him alone on Thanksgiving to deal with an issue they’d had... the Strix.  This issue would result in his ultimate downfall in retaliation for Hayely’s taunting.  His emotions projected to Vivianne, love, betrayal, pain… excruciating pain as Tristan plunged his fist deep into Jackson’s chest, squeezing his heart and ripping it out.  His body went limp and lifeless.   Jackson’s view of the afterlife was unlike Viv’s.  He was not on any ancestral plane.  He was in purgatory, forced to watch Hayley live her life without him, take Elijah to bed and see his pack become nearly extinct.  If not for Vincent’s mercy, Jackson wouldn’t be standing there showing her.  For him, it wasn’t as simple as walking through a portal.  It was a painstaking effort to gather his ashes, his heart, Klaus’ blood, all the ingredients for the spell that would bring him back.  Like her, he awoke cold, naked and confused.  Freya and Davina staring at him in all his naked glory, Davina’s jaw on the floor before Vincent finally offered him something to cover up.  His body was a lean chiseled mix of muscle and sinew, every bit worthy of being the alpha that he was and he was comfortable in his own skin. From his deltoids, to the deep V crossing his iliacus, down to his muscular thighs and calves. There was no shame. Nudity was natural to him and his people. If you didn’t want to see it, you shouldn’t come to the bayou. It took a while to recover from the resurrection, his emotions everywhere, a dark stain on his soul that wasn’t there before.  Some days he was an angel of mercy and others a hellhound. After everything he’d seen in purgatory, he’d decided not to pursue Hayley, but rather to let her live her life happily.  Vivianne saw what he’d done with the pack, taking them deeper into the bayou to build a community.  His efforts to make the pack stronger were a success and his alliance with Vincent was better than ever.  They now had an accord with the witches and vampires.  For the most part, they were at peace.  Before she could see anymore, Jackson abruptly retreated, breaking his contact with Viv, his emotions raw.  There were secrets moving forward that he needed to keep and she’d seen a bit more than he’d intended, but again, censorship leading up to here would only serve to conceal details she needed to know. The silence that followed was sufficiently awkward as he gauged her reaction and emotions to everything she’d seen. “So… questions? Comments? Observations? Bourbon?” After baring his soul to her and she to him, he poured himself a glass, releasing the vanilla oak notes before knocking it back like a shot.  template credit.

Maddy Shannon

05/27/2020 10:01 PM 

Maddy's Only Hope Part 3

  Maddy's Only Hope Part 3 The next morning Mark wanted so desperately to check on Maddy but he had Market Grounds watch. Elisabeth knew that her daughter was still in a lot of pain, however she thought it would be a good idea for Maddy to get out and get some fresh air. Walking around would actually be good for her body to heal mentally. Physically it could also help, nothing was broken so moving around would actually help it heal faster. she was a bit worried about the bullet wound. However when Elisabeth asked Maddy if she wanted to come she agreed by nodding her head. "Jim, you're okay with taking Zoe to school today?" The doctor asked gently kissing her husband. He gave an affirmative nod as he returned the kiss and gave a small smile over to his older daughter. Maddy tried to force a smile but it was impossible. Elisabeth took her daughter's arm linking it with her own as they walked toward the market. Elisabeth was looking around at the different fruit and Maddy was just sort of standing there and lost in thought. Maddy looked distraught almost as if she were going to cry.Mark noticed Maddy and slowly walked over to his girlfriend. "Maddy." He walked a bit closer to her as she looked up at him desperate for him to make her feel safe again. His lips connected with hers and instantly she closed her eyes kissing back. He pulled away slowly and then quickly spoke. Maddy, I'm sorry! I just, I was so worried about you and I missed you so much!" He was afraid the kiss might've been too soon but she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, resting her head against his chest. A sigh of relief escaping her lips as her tense body relaxed. "Thank you Mark." Her voice was so soft but genuine. He had always had this way of making her feel so safe and that kiss just brought back all those memories. Mark held Maddy close rubbing her back gently. "I get off work soon, if you would like to walk around and talk?" He offered getting a nod in response. "Yes please." She was still pretty shaken up which was totally understandable. Mark knew it might be a while before Maddy felt fully safe inside the walls of Terra Nova again. He was willing to wait as long as it took and do anything he could to help the process.Elisabeth smile seeing Maddy with Mark, she knew her daughter was in good hands so she decided to head home to put the groceries away before she had to go to work. Taylor also has seen Maddy with Mark and told Reilly to relieve Mark for the day. He could tell that right now she really just needed Mark with her. Reilly did as she was told and Mark thanked her. He linked his arm with Maddy's. Maddy and Mark walked for a bit until they reached and old watch tower. Taylor never had anyone at this post anymore so the two could be alone. Maddy sat next to Mark up in the watch tower and looked down at her hands. Mark placed his hand on hers lovingly. "Do you want to talk about what happened?" His voice soft and comforting. Nervously Maddy nodded squeezing his hand and using a quiet voice she spoke. "I do." Taking a deep breath she began to explain what happened to her back with the Sixers."Mira knew I was injured, she actually apologized for it in the rover on the way back to her camp. She laid me down on one of the beds and checked the bullet wound. She said it wasn't that bad but that she had no supplies to take care of it for me. She said she hoped that you guys would find me at times so that I wouldn't get sick or an infection. she also told me that children getting hurt was not part of the plan. Mira knew who my dad was and that's why she took me instead of another kid. when we got back to the camp she told a man by the name of Johnson that she was going to go with the others to get some hunting done so they could eat. Mira told him not to hurt me." Her voice was still so soft and it was obvious how much sh*t she had gone through in that short time. Maddy looked at Mark in tears afraid to go on but she had to. Talking about it would help her be able to heal and honestly Mark was the only one she felt comfortable talking to right now. She loved her parents but they were still trying to process what happened to their daughter. Not that Mark wasn't but right now he was the one that was there for her. Instead of focusing on revenge he was focusing on her solely. "Mira left and Johnson just stared at me with these terrifying eyes. He grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me up pretty roughly. He then threw me down. Next thing I knew he had kicked my rib cage. I begged him to stop and the he kicked my stomach. I was in tears curled up begging him to leave me alone. He started punching at my arms and trying to kick me still. The gripped my wrist and pulled me up again. He was being so creepy. He kept smelling my neck." Tears rolled down her cheeks faster as she looked at her hands now. "He said I deserved what was coming to me. He threw me down once again but this time on to the bed... I was afraid of what he was going to do to me. He told me he would be right back and than I was going to be all his." Her voice cracked remembering just how scared she was in that moment. Taking a shay breath Maddy looked at Mark once again. " The door opened, I was sure it was going to be him… But it was Mira. You should've seen how angry she was. When Johnson walked back in I thought she was going to kill him. She started screaming at him about how she told him not to hurt me... I really don't think she's that bad. She promised me she would take me home in the morning because it was dark and she didn't want to risk running into slashers. That's when I heard your voice and I knew everything was going to be okay again." Maddy leaned into Mark's chest and cried. "You brought me home." Maddy whispered against his chest.Mark felt rage fill his body as he held his girl friend close and gently. "Maddy, I am so sorry. I let you down, I was not able to protect you." It was clear that Mark felt responsible. He promised Maddy to always protect her and then he would never let anything happen to her. Mark was heartbroken that the girl he loved more than anything had gone through such pain. "Maddy I am so sorry." Mark spoke again but Maddy kissed him to make him stop apologizing. "I love you Mark. None of this is your fault." She promised letting out a sigh. "I guess we should get back. I probably should talk to my parents, I didn't really talk to them last night and I'm sure they're worried. Thank you for letting me talk to you. I feel a little bit better. I feel so safe with you." Maddy smiled a little bit taking his hand as they headed back.       template credit.


05/27/2020 08:07 PM 

Grave mistake

Candice found herself sitting at the foot of Eddie’s grave the one she put him in, The man who raised her and taught her all she ever needed to know to love and live in this world and she killed him and herself for what? A shot at being in a dysfunctional relationship? Or a whole dysfunctional family? A family that wouldn’t ever really accept her because she was a driven woman and women were nothing more but tools in this world, In this lifestyle women were weak and disposable once they out grew their purpose they were disposed of she knew this, She knew this all along but as time drew on and she still hadn’t been cast aside her hope grew and she allowed herself to truly revel in the fact that she might have actually changed the order of things and shown her worth she was wrong of course while her name and power was increasing so were those who were against her including the man she loved he grew tired of her she glanced down at the ring she wore the ring that had meant so much to her not long ago but once she pulled the trigger sentencing Eddie to the dirt pit she lost everything she ever really cared for because he was the last piece of her and once he was gone there was nothing she was nothing. Twirling the ring on her finger she allowed herself to remember the times when she was truly happy and to her surprise that was quite a bit but her eyes glanced at the headstone that read Eddie Mason on it and her happiness soon depleted she could feel the sting of tears and she took a shaky breath “Oh Eddie” she began she’d usually come here to take some time and try and remember who she was but right now in this moment she didn’t know anymore she felt lost and no one would find her this time she was a mere shell of the person she used to be hollow and empty devoid of everything her doing had become her undoing and she was already gone. “Eddie, it isn’t easy for me to come here to talk to you.. To face you again time after time and I wish I could just let you rest it’s the very least you deserve but I keep messing up and you’re not here to help.. to ease it all.. Yeah I know that’s my fault I did this to you.. You don’t have to remind me of that every time!” Her hand lifted to wipe a tear that had left her eye and she tucked her legs into her body hugging them needing to feel some sort of protection “I’m sorry Eddie, You were nothing but good to me you gave up your life to give me one and when I was old enough for you to actually live again I took that from you you deserved better.. a better life a better me.. I let you down that’s all I ever do I can’t help it, must be in my blood to fail and to disappoint it’s all I’ve ever known” a sigh left her she never opened up like this and if Eddie was alive she probably wouldn’t open up to him either she’d just solider on and push it all down telling her secrets to a dead man she knew they were safe at least her arms wrapping around herself tighter “I wish you could hear me, I wish you could see how sorry I am how my life f***ed up for what I did I know it’s not even close to justice but it’s nothing less then what I deserve I hope I suffer everyday until I die” she knew she would suffer because from the moment she pulled that trigger she regretted everything since she wasn’t thinking straight and she would hate herself forever for it she punished herself more then she knew, More then she realised and she would do until the day she was free from this world “I’ve gotta go now, I’ve got some work to do I just.. I miss you… the Christmas tree is starless without you.. In fact the world is, I tried Eddie I really did I just tried for the wrong person if I would have tried harder to be a good guy I know you’d still be here, I love you” with that she stood her legs numb from sitting in the cold “Rest now” she said wiping her eyes and she simply walked away.

вαву нσσк (м&ℓ) ѕιєкσ

05/27/2020 07:02 PM 

One sweet day (drabble)

Title: One Sweet dayCharacters: Elsa & Dizzy Place: The tree between their housesOne thing i will add its not Dizzy's Mom Dizzy is listening to Nobody knows by Tony Rich.I pretend that I'm glad you went awayBut these four walls close in more every dayThe pain is real even if nobody knowsAnd I'm crying inside and nobody knows it but me"How could you take her away from me my best friend my sister you never let me at least say goodbye to her" Dizzy said as she cries sitting in the tree she used to share it with Elsa "Dizzy don't cry we both knew my battle was ending and i wasn't able to beat it we tried everything to and all we could do is let me go plus I am not gone from your heart or thoughts I look down at you everyday" Elsa said in spirit. Dizzy hears Elsa and said "I Know but you were taken so fast it was like you didn't get a chance to say your good byes and its hard to lets go of all good memories we have Elsa i wish you didn't have to go"Elsa knew out of all her family and friends Dizzy took this the hardest. And she didn't know how to help her very best friend understand they were like Pooh & Piglet, Alexa & Katie, Mal & Evie, Dizzy & Celia and Sulley & Mike and they were so close that Elsa felt bad for how her battle ended and how it hurt Dizzy so bad.More to come.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.