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Charlie Montoya

05/29/2020 05:26 PM 

Task Drabble 05/29

  Since the pandemic is coming to an end, the running joke is that there will be a baby boom because of the stay at home orders. Cosmo wanted to jump on that bandwagon talking about sex mainly. Charlie however had the fun task of talking about how babies changed people's lifestyles and of course baby names. Sitting at her desk she flipped through the baby books her assistant picked up for her from Barnes and Noble. “This is ridiculous” she said to herself she didn’t like the idea of babies especially since she probably couldn’t have any herself. Putting her hand on her stomach she sighed and sat back in her chair.    Thinking about her own name she pressed her lips together. She knew her middle name was family on her mother's side but she didn’t know exactly what her names meant. Opening her laptop she put Charlotte's name meaning into Google and hit enter. Reading that Charlotte meant free she couldn’t help but smile at that. As of last week her divorce was finalized and she was free of her ex husband and that life she once led. Free from the abuse, the degrading, the humiliation and the never ending feeling of dread that was her life.    She liked her name more now that she knew what it meant. Now to see what Giselle meant, typing in Giselle name meaning in Google she scrolled through the results. Reading the result “Beautiful like the stars” made Charlie smile. She was often told that her beauty was exquisite and those who often told her that got the wrath of Diego. Standing at almost six foot with long tanned legs and perfect features she was a sight to see. She liked taking care of herself and yoga was her go to no matter what time of the day it was. Finding out her first and middle name was enough for her. She didn’t care to find out what Montoya meant she was debating to change her name back to Perez but would probably not do it. Maybe this assignment wasn’t going to be so bad after all.   


05/29/2020 04:21 PM 


Seeing a lot of misconceptions about what is happening. Wanted to say too much. Here it is. Riots bring out different kinds of people. Protesters, protesters who are willing to loot/arson, and people who don't care about the protests but just want to loot/arson. Don't group everyone together. Peaceful protests are happening ALL THE TIME. Where have they gotten us? These riots happen when there is nothing else that works. "But 7 people were shot!" - yes, 7 people WERE shot ... by counter-protesters who literally went to the protests for an excuse to shoot. PROPERTY DAMAGE IS N O T H I N G. Stop putting so much worth into businesses that make people rich - those same rich people don't care about you. The police officer was only taken into custody TODAY. After protests and riots. And he is only charged with 3rd degree murder. Said police officer has also murdered THREE OTHER TIMES. There is a government drone above Minneanapolis right now, at 20k feet - once intended for Iraq. They are bringing in the military (including tanks) because cops cosplaying as the military isn't enough for them. It doesn't matter if you're white : a government with white supremacy systems has no problem killing you. Trump says, "If you loot, we shoot." Again, why are we putting so much value in property that is replaceable, mass-produced, and inanimate? 20% of Minneanapolis is black. And yet 60% of killings by police there are black people. No, of course small businesses should not be burned. MOST people feel that way. MOST people understand that property damage is bad optics. BUT STAY ON TOPIC: POLICE TARGET BLACK PEOPLE. GEORGE FLOYD DIED DESPERATE. There are literal agents of police who are sent to start damaging property, so that the retaliation can be "justified". And according to protesters, there are reporters who have given children spray paint and encouraged them to write things like "kill all pigs". A lot of what you are seeing is MANUFACTURED. The police arrested a black reporter, on CNN. The supreme court ruled that police DO NOT HAVE TO PROTECT YOU. They are not legally required to protect people. And yet you pay for them. The 3rd Precinct was built with money that was once intended for public schools. Wealth redistribution after the Target raid: Community coming together to clean up in South Minneapolis. Of course the media won’t show you this part though.: (To be "fair", here are things that those in power have handled well: evacuted 3rd precinct instead of holding onto it tanks are claimed to be for fire department escort 3 police officers fired (though should be arrested) There you go, there's your Centrist Second.) The government is racist. Police are racist.They are also fascist, and they do not care about you.REST IN POWER, GEORGE FLOYDBLACK LIVES MATTER

Paisley Sinclair

05/29/2020 03:45 PM 


Updated 5.29.20I owe youDrew 5.29.20Nick 5.29.20


05/29/2020 03:33 PM 

Seeking: Poseidon

Seeking somone to fill the role of Poseidon    I absolutely would appreciate a Poseidon. Witty repartee would be necessary, lots of banter and snark. Maybe some love/hate involved. Make things interesting. -Playby is writer's choice-Multi-Para minimum-I can help with edits (though I've not had much experience with water edits, so this will be interesting) 


05/29/2020 01:26 PM 


  Sent greetings out to everyone as of 5/29/202 - @12:27 p.m/DISCUSSIONS - storylines pending:Cassie.Raph.Anna.Tesla.Dahlia.  

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