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05/26/2020 06:22 PM 

Master List

Character Study Prompts

⛧lil miss. scare-all.

05/26/2020 01:13 PM 

read before interacting.

I. I DON'T WANNA BE YOUR 'GOTH GF'-  Meaning? I'm not here to get you off. If you're only intention is to try and get in Zurie's pants, you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm not here to smut with you and fulfill your lifelong fantasies. I'd rather not write smut. If you do? Fine. Just don't put it on me. II.  OUT OF CHARACTER -  Long story short, as rude as it may sound. I'm not really here to be your friend. Yes, It's possible that friendships will occur. That's fine. But I don't want to spend our entire day talking ooc. I'm not here for that. And I ESPECIALLY am NOT here for OOC ROMANCE. I am in a relationship of 5+ years and don't plan on changing that. Respect this. And please, respect my boundaries. I'm 98% IC for a reason. III. THIS IS A HOBBY - That means that while I do enjoy being here, I have a life (kind of?) outside of this place. I'll try my best to get to replies in a timely manner and talk/interact with as many people as I can. But please be patient. Someday's I don't feel up to this at all. I've been roleplaying for 14 fvcking years and I get tired. lol. These aren't rules or anything. Just please take the time to note these things before interacting. And keep in mind, Zurie is indeed a cvnty little thing. If she offends you? Or something I say/write offends you, feel free to send me a little OOC note. Don't like confrontation? Fine. Just delete me. That's all. -Zurie's Writer. 


05/25/2020 11:41 PM 

Greet and Meet

Hey dudes, if you made it this far then I just wanted to say I appreciate the add or the request. I RP'ed forever ago on Myspace and I always had a fun time with the people both in and out of character. I figured I'd just lay some basic rules:1. I'm a chill dude out of character, dont be afraid to send me a message anytime. I love conversation and discussing rp's.2. My job is pretty demanding and there is times where I wont be on for weeks to months, hope its not an inconvience.3. I love Angel and the Buffyverse but I will adapt rp's to whatever. I'll always be my character but I'm cool with AU's and different settings. Portals and all that.4. I'm just here to chill and unwind creatively, I don't want any stress.Let's have fun!

Thirteen Skadoo

05/25/2020 11:27 PM 

Interview with the Time Lord

This is a character study prompted by 20 questions. Please note not all the answers are cannon, but are from my own imagination of the Doctor's life (simply because these questions are unanswered). Please enjoy.In London there is a building, and in that building is a small office with a purple couch, a wood coffee table, and a blue police box in the corner. A woman with short golden locks is sitting on the couch, sipping hot tea. Her attire is oddly put together. She is wearing brown work boots with blue socks, short blue trousers with yellow braces, a magenta shirt with a rainbow across the chest, and a light blue raincoat with rainbow trim.The door opens a woman with ginger hair and a green three-piece suit walks in, “Oh, Doctor? I’m sorry am I late?” She asks looking at her watch.“Early actually.” The Doctor said, “Tardis isn’t always precise.”“Right should we get on with it then?” She said sitting down with her notepad and pen.“I’m ready.” She said getting more comfortable.Who is was your first love?“Well, that a bit of a tricky question isn’t? If you had asked me a while back before everything happened, I would have told you about a wonderful girl named Tigerlilly, who I married. Raised a lovely family together.” She smiles warmly and looking off into the distance. “The Master and I grew up with her. She called us her lost boys.” She cleared her throat, “You see her family was very well to do and visited Earth on several occasions, and she brought home a book, this really wonderful book called Peter Pan. We would sit beneath my family’s Krugral trees while she would read to us.” She looks down, “Earth was her favorite planet, I guess after the plague that came to Gallifrey it was the first place I thought I could get me and Susan away to.” She sniffs, “Sorry can we move on to the next question?”Sorry, you indicated there might have been a different first love.She looks down at her hands, “Yeah, don’t remember much about it. Memory wipes and resets and all. But the Master was, long before Time Lords called themselves Time Lords.” She says reluctant to indulge further on the subject.What frightens you?She takes in a deep breath, “Staying on the heavy subjects I see. Well, loads of stuff frightens me. But just because it scary doesn’t mean I let it stop me.” She thinks for a moment, “Daleks, cybermen, weeping angel, the dark, vampire bunnies.” She nods, “But I think what is truly frighting is losing my fam.”How do you communicate in a relationship?She lightly chuckles, “Wow these are really personal questions aren’t they? Well, if I really like someone, I want them to stick with me. Come and see what the universe has to offer.” She says a bit starry-eyed.What was your childhood like?“My childhood? Are you trying to be funny? Which one?” She chuckled.For the sake of argument what was your last childhood like?The Doctor rubs the back of her neck, “Well, I grew up on an orchard outside the citadel. The Master and I spent a lot of time skipping classes and pulling pranks on my older brother.” She looked down, “We also got bullied a lot which is one of the reasons we skipped classes, not that that saved us when school was out. We were rascals, the Master and I.” she smirked, “All we wanted was to leave Gallifrey and see the universe.”What is your favorite treat?“I love biscuits. Currently I would ship me with custard creams.” She says as she pulls out a custard cream from her pocket and nibbles on it. “My Tardis even got a dispenser on the control console. My Tardis is so brilliant, she really gets me.”How do you handle stress?“Well, depends on the situation doesn’t it? I mean if it stresses that I’m in danger might run and learn what I can. If it stresses that I’m losing someone…well I tend to run away too. I guess I run away. Been doing it all my lives.” She confesses. “Oh, also I tell jokes when I’m under stress.” She says with a shrug, “Mostly bad ones, but honestly some of my best ones are under stress.”What are you reluctant to share with others?She raises an eyebrow and leans forward. Looks to see if anyone is listening, “People think that the celery I use to wear as a fashion statement, or even for an allergy.” She whispered, “But I really wore it because I thought it was a nice flower during a regeneration sickness…and well you know once you commit you're committed.” She says winking at the interviewer.Are you serious about the celery?“I’m hardly ever serious about anything.” She says with a smirk, "Except for one thing. Don't ask me what my real name is."Describe something your passionate about.“Oh, I get it. This is like one of those pageant questions, yeah?” She stands up, “If I’m crowned Mrs. Universe, I pledge to help all the robot puppies.” She says with a huge pageant-style grin.Doctor, that was a serious question.“Right, sorry got carried away.” She says sitting back down. “I am really passionate about helping people, righting wrongs, and dealing out fair play throughout the universe.”What do you find comfort in?“Being in my Tardis tinkering with the circuits, spending time in my orchards, having a cupper with the fam. You know the simple things.” She smiles warmly.What kind of music do you like?She purses her lips, “Well, there not much music that I don’t like. But give me a solid Solitarian rock opera and you’ll have me jamming with the potatoes. Strax has a lovely singing voice if you have never heard it. I mean it mostly all for the glory of the Solitarian Empire, but they are pretty epic.”What is the quickest way to get you angry?“If you are just going to try and annoy me.” She thought for a moment, “Calling me the Nurse would get me properly annoyed. If you were trying to rightly make me angry.” She said with a serious glint in her eye, “Weapons, war, hurting children, Daleks. You know those kinds of things.”What was the best thing in your life?The Doctor looks down, “You know I honestly have had so many blessings in my life. People, places, things, and events. But the best thing would my Tardis stealing me away from Gallifrey.” She said nostalgically, “If it wasn’t for that mad blue box with the broken chameleon circuit, there would be no Doctor. Well, I would still be here…maybe, but I wouldn’t be who I am today.”What would you give your life for?“If all options were exhausted, I would give my life to save a stranger or even the universe.” She said with a nod.What insignificant memory has stuck with you?“None of my memories are insignificant. Just as none of your memories are. Our memories, our experiences shape and mold who we are. Every single one of them is precious.” She says with conviction.What I meant was like a small memory from maybe your childhood that does not hold much barring on your life, that seems silly in hindsight.“Oh, well I got loads of those.” She says scratching her chin, “Ah, when I was at the academy when we were getting training for Tardis flight. I overheard the professors talking about how they could only pass a limited amount of students and one of the students on the chopping block was the Master. Not that he was bad, he was brilliant actually. But those ol’cockers were biased towards him. So, I purposely failed my driving test 15 times before they told me I couldn’t keep taking the course.” She shrugs, “I could fly, I just didn’t want them not to give brilliant people their flying certifications because of the predetermined prejudices.” She smiled, “My driving instructor really hated that I left the parking brake on every time. I still do it just to annoy his ghost.” She looks at the interviewer, “Well, I guess it wasn’t very insignificant. But let’s move on, shall we?”Do you have a nickname, if so, how did you get it?“Well there is my title Doctor. I am a Time Lord. Before I go on let me make something clear not all Gallifreyan’s are Time Lords. I am a noble and as such I chose my title when I was initiated to join the academy. I chose my title because I wanted to help people.” The Doctor explains.Who do you consider a role model?“You know that is a pretty difficult question. I mean we all have our dark and light sides, don’t we?” She thinks on it for a moment, “Probably Mathatsidra from Elbada 5. Really great bloke. Super kind and talented. He can play sharata flute that would make a cyberman feel emotions again. Gets my hearts a fluttering just thinking about it.” She says with a twinkle in her eye.What is your hobby?“Tinkering and inventing mostly. I am a fantastic quick inventor. Give me a bit of wire and my sonic and I can make you just about anything.” She winks, “Guess you could say I’m space MacGyver…without the male sex appeal.” She says with a shrug.Describe your worst enemy.“The Daleks. They used to be humanoids like us but the nuclear war has mutated them into the gelatinous octopus creatures. They travel in these mini tanks that have laser guns and bombs. I suppose to help you relate to them they are what would have happened on Earth if the Nazis had won. Their sole goal is to eradicate anyone that is not like them. Which is one of the reasons they tried take out Gallifrey.” She sniffed. “Right next question please.”What do you do when you wake up?“I check the Tardis systems while I eat breakfast.” She shrugs, “If it a quiet day and I haven’t woken up injured or jail.” She said running her fingers through her hair.What a memory you wish you could erase?The Doctor looked down and shifted uncomfortably, “The Time War.” She bites her bottom lip. “I’m really sorry but I can’t really let you put all this stuff get out there, into the ether. Hope you understand that.” She stood up, “But I want you to know that you are really brilliant. This won’t hurt. Live a great life, yeah?” She gave the journalist a small sad smile before putting her hand to her head erasing herself from the journalist’s mind.The Doctor puts a blanket across her, picking up the notepad she walks back to her blue police box in the corner. Moments later the wheezing from the parking brake being on starts to sound, and the box disappears.


05/25/2020 09:28 PM 

20 ? Character Study.

Karen Freaking Page 20 Question Character Study. 1. (Describe your character's first love?) My first love was Todd, which was unfortunate looking back on it now. He was a drug dealer, and I was selling drugs for him to help keep our diner afloat which should have been a red flag. Yet, Todd seemed to care about my emotional well being and cared for me as a person; something I was lacking greatly at the time. 2. (What frightens your character?)   Wilson Fisk, Losing Matt to this double life of broke me when he decided to disappear after Midland Circle and then pretended to stay dead even though he wasn't. The fact that he pushed me away on so many occasions with both Elektra and then after his big showdown with the Hand. I support him a 100 percent but it makes me afraid I will lose 1 half of the family I have found after everything that has happened. 3. (How does your character communicate in a relationship?)   With Hope, love, loyalty, vulnerability, caring, communication and a take no bullsh*t attitude. 4. (What was your character's childhood like?) Stressful after my mother died of cancer. When she did, it fell to me to take care of my family as well as to make money on the side to help pay for our failing diner. Fagan's Corner was a rundown town that when the park closed by our diner, it began to fail. I fell into a life of drugs and bad decisions. Plus, my father favored my brother, and we rarely go along. My brother was my only anchor. 5. (What is your character's favorite treat to themselves?)   Books, books and more books. Albums too, the real deal; vinyl. 6. (How does your character handle stress?) Alcohol, copious amounts of it which isn't the best way to go about it. Sometimes, I might even get back into drugs, but that is a beast I haven't dabbled in too much lately, thankfully. 7. (Describe something your character is reluctant for others to know?) That I assassinated a man for threatening to go after my family and me. Also, the fact that it was all of my poor decisions and my own actions that killed my baby brother. 8. (Describe something your character is passionate about?) Justice, full stop. And literature. I can devour a book in no time, but my biggest passion is getting the justice for those who can't get it themselves and to always uncover the truth; no matter how far I have to go to get it, how much research, the shady people I talk to, the paperwork I will find. I will dig down until I get to the grizzle and bone. 9. (What does your character find comfort in?)   My friends; who are my family and my work and immersing myself into the world of whatever book I am reading currently. 10.(What music does your character like?)   Old school classic rock, hard rock, some classical, the blues because my mother used to play it a lot growing up. Not just the easy blues but the more raunchy stuff too. Some metal. 11.(Quickest way to anger your character?)   To act like I cannot take care of myself. I've been doing it for years. Also, to underestimate me in anyway. 12. (What's the best thing in your life?) Finding Matt and Foggy, well, no...them finding me and my budding relationships with Ellis and Urich. Two men who became like father figures and mentors.   13. (What would your character give their life for?)   An innocent person. I would throw myself in front of a train if it meant I could save someone. 14. (What seemingly insignificant memories has stuck with your character?)   The smell of the fish market that Foggy took me too. Then again, it's not that insignificant because he took me out that whole night; after all of the truly evil things that happened to me with Union Allied just to show me that Hell's Kitchen wasn't so bad. So, I can't think of any. 15. (Does your character have a nickname?)   Pain in the ass or stubborn. Everyone I've ever met. I guess it says something about myself. 16. (Who does your character consider a role model?) Ben Urich. He pointed out I had a good investigative nose, he acted like the father I never had, called me out on my b. Showed me the ropes and loved me no matter my failings. 17. (What is your characters hobby?)   Reading books, trying to learn the guitar; I've gotten better and collecting vinyl records. 18. (Describe your characters worst enemy?) Wilson Fisk, full stop. Probably Loki just because his actions in NYC in 2012 introduced the snowball that became an avalanche of Fisk taking over Hell's Kitchen and doing everything he could to crush the people there so he could get the perfect, gentrified, refined Hell's Kitchen he thought he deserved. 19. (What does your character do when they wake up?) Coffee, coffee, shower, coffee, walk to work. 20. (A memory your character wishes they could erase?) The day my life fell apart in Fagan's Corner when my brother set my druggie Bf's camper on fire because I was going down a extremely dark road. Todd tried to kill my brother with a tire iron, so I shot him and then we got into his truck. I had no business driving since I was drunk and high. I urged my brother why?He said because he already lost mom. In shock, I shifted my eyes off the road, and the car hit a median. When I woke up, the car was overturned on the roof and my brothers head was caved in next to me. I tried supporting my dad with the funeral, but they covered up who caused his death in the papers and my father disowned me. Created by Patriot

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