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06/01/2020 04:25 PM 

task 66.

1.) Who is the member you have connected with?my newest connection is going to be with Carly. 2.) Give a short explanation about the storyline? (at least 1+ sentence)We are just getting into the discussion phase.3.) Have you added this person to your owes list?I haven't, once we figure out the story line and what the connection will be then ill add her to my owes.4.) Who will be sending the starter?Thats to be figured out once we get the story line going.5.) What is your last updated owes list date? (Hint should be today)June 1, 2020

Dum Dum [s.ʜ.ɪ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴅ]

06/01/2020 08:48 PM 

Hello, lets go.

Am I to find what is all this about Kryptonite and Superman, had imagined the whole thing but his suspicious behavior on the stream made me think that maybe it was not the right time.  With two drinks on my hands (not granted) handed a sentence. "You name it! A cold corona"  "Don't worry I'm not coming to ship you or kidnap you, nor abject you, maybe I will undergo hypnosis to gather some information, nothing out of this world" Some times is easier to what might happen in the middle of a war, is all about the where the noise comes from. "So what is going on?" Interests to aid a military report would not be the case but have a little fun away from so much work and all that. The silence around him is hostile, by knowing criminals he seems like a good person, maybe not for this planet?   Stalking is when two people go for a walk, and only one knows. template credit.  

ʙᴀʀ ꜰɪɢʜᴛ

05/31/2020 11:33 PM 

Whispers of the Past ft. HIRAETH


05/31/2020 10:58 PM 

Desired Connections/Plot Bunnies

Desired Connections Plot Bunnies Ex Girlfriend. - Wynter met Muse B when she was on holiday in California. She fell in love with Muse B and the two began a long distance relationship. Deciding that she wanted to be with her girlfriend more, she moved from England and settled down with Muse B. However, after Wynter cheated on Muse B, Muse B broke up with Wynter and the two have not seen one another since. Half-Siblings (x2)  - Wynter has a half sibling from her mother and a half sibling from her father (both concieved during affairs), though they were raised by the other parent. Wynter knows about them but has never met them Best Friend - Wynter and Muse B have known one another for a long time. They are both models and have been on countless jobs together. Wynter had a really tough time and was bullied by other models, but Muse B was the constant support that she needed to get through it. Best Friend - Wynter and Muse B met when Wynter moved to the United States and have been friends ever since. She is her escape from reality and one of the most down to earth people in her life. Enemy - During the first trip that Wynter made to the U.S when she was 18, she had a summer fling. The only problem was, he already had a girlfriend, but she didn't care. Muse B found out about her boyfriend and Wynter and before Wynter left, they got into a fight which turned physical. They hadn't seen one another since. Friends with benefits - Wynter and Muse B have always had a solely physical relationship, but that doesn't mean that things haven't crossed a line once or twice. Toxic Ex Boyfriend - She wasn't always the nice girl she is now. Wynter and Muse B used to be together, but her jealousy and bitchy attitude towards any girl who gave Muse B attention tore away at the relationship. They used to fight and f*** more than anything else, but one night after she had been out partying with her friends, he went out and slept with someone else. She turned up at his apartment in the early hours of the morning and found him in bed with someone else.     


05/31/2020 09:13 PM 

Unexpected Encounters | Open Starter

UNEXPECTED ENCOUNTERS  Nah, f*** you man. F*** outta’ here with that sh*t.”Waving off the man with a scowl, Christoph turned back toward the bar and continued to swear under his breath. Black-booted feet kicked up a bit of sawdust off the dark hardwood floor with every shuffled step amid a sea of idle bodies. As he passed a group of yuppie-lookin' young 20-somethings Chrishoph cast a sideways glance at the beers in their hands and the laughter that spread from mouth to mouth like a fast-acting air-born contagion. For as long as he’d been coming to this bar people like them had slowly been taking it over night-by-night in droves of pastel dress shirts, high-waisted jean shorts, and layered open flannel button-downs. Fewer locals came through anymore, pushed out by these fresh college grads and NYU students that had somehow discovered one of Christoph’s regular haunts.F*** ‘em.Christoph’s shoulder collided with one of the men and he barely turned back to offer anything more than an unforgiving shrug. More upset with the growing stain over his breast pocket, it took the young man a few extra moments before he thought to look around for the man that ran into him. Fortunately, a few moments were all Christoph needed to pull up the collar of his leather jacket up above his neckline and disappear back into the shifting crowds that filled the dimly lit space. .After a few strides and one more glance over his shoulder Christoph confirmed he’d lost the group and changed course to take up residency on an empty bar stool just as a couple pushed signed check across the bar’s polished wood countertop. In a swift motion he pulled the black leather jacket from his shoulders and draped it over the empty seat next to him at the far end of the counter. It wouldn’t hold off people for long, but it was worth the hassle in case his ex-girlfriend managed to show after all or a more eligible lady came around looking for a seat by herself. Drumming his fingers against one of the woodgrains in front of him Christoph couldn’t decide which he’d prefer. Either way, the trap was set; now there was nothing to do but wait and see where the night would lead.Previously hidden under his jacket as a strong contrasting color, Christoph’s vanilla-yellow button-down now took front stage and screamed for attention with an array of black, white, blue and orange floral patterns. Hanging from the V at the center of his chest was a pair of matching orange tinted gold aviators that had long outlived their usefulness now that night had overtaken the city. For as much as he knocked on the millennial crowd that filled his bar, many would probably be forgiven for mistaking him and his slicked back crop of hair as part of their ranks. Maybe not by him, but certainly by any casual onlooker at the very least. .Taking a moment to lock eyes with a familiar bartender and give the man a curt nod of his stubbled chin Christoph was already fishing a black leather trifold wallet from the back pocket of his equally dark jeans. Two fingers flashed in the air followed by a single finger once his nod was returned and the wallet returned to his pocket one twenty-dollar bill lighter. Within the next couple minutes there were a pair of amber-colored shots alongside a tall golden hefeweizen. Reaching for a shot first Christoph tilted his head back and raised the short glass to his lips in a single swift motion. A later start to be sure, but one Christoph wasn’t about to squander.The twinge of smoke bit at the back of his throat behind the burn of cheap well liquor even after the second glass was emptied and thrust down against the counter. Exhaling, Christoph grabbed for the frosted pint next and turned his attention upward toward the deep wood racks stuffed with bottles of every shape and labels peppered with dozens of different color and fonts. His eyes continued to climb past the chalkboard next listing out the current beers on tap and ultimately settled on the exposed rafters overhead. Polaroids, pen-scrawled notes, small mementos, and other snapshots of lives recent and old filled the space. Decades of history overlapped to create layers of stories that would never be told or remembered, but still managed to weave one unifying tapestry anyone could appreciate. Cold beer filled his mouth while foam pooled against his upper lip and he searched for his own contribution. It felt like a distant memory now loaded with plenty of conflicting emotions, but for all the pain it brought him he couldn’t bring himself to cut it completely out of his life. 

Starter, Romance, Exes, Sample, Bars


05/31/2020 09:08 PM 

Coming Home.

“Hi, Mum.” Molly stood at the door with wide, teary eyes as she stared toward her son, Percy, who left and betrayed their family, but now appeared at the doorstep with the suitcase he left with in hand.It was clear to the witch, her son had finally come home.Life in the Burrow had not been the same since Percy abruptly took his leave after a fight with Arthur, and the way in which he departed - not a goodbye or an ‘I love you’ or a ‘this will not be forever’ - without even turning around to face Molly as he stormed out of the kitchen and Disapparated away?It broke the matriarch.Molly didn’t blame Percy in the slightest for his abrupt exit - the way Percy and Arthur ended things had been anything but loving let alone civil. She understood, but it didn’t mean the manner in which he chose to go didn't infuriate her, and it didn’t mean she agreed with his decision.She would not change her children.No.Molly would not treat her children the way her own mother treated her and Bilius, but it didn’t mean she had to agree with their decisions, and to be quite honest, she agreed with every word Arthur stated when Percy tried to defend his promotion and position.Fudge proved time and time again, he could not be trusted. He proved to be nothing but a power hungry coward, afraid to stand up for what was right and true - all in fear of losing the title he’d earned himself over the years.He Who Must Not Be Named had returned - whether Fudge chose to believe it to be true or not.Harry wouldn’t lie.Dumbledore wouldn’t lie.All of the facts were staring the Wizarding World directly in the face, and Fudge refused to believe the truth.Percy made a deal with the devil, and it would only mean horrible things to come for not only him but the Weasley’s as a whole. . . and that’s exactly what happened.Percy behaved foolishly in his decision to turn against his family and take the promotion. He allowed his pride and need to prove himself to get in the way of his relationship with his family and their safety.  * * * Flashback: The day Percy left.Molly, with her wand in hand, was in the bedroom she shared with Arthur frantically and magically dusting and folding clothes and doing anything she could not to burst out of the room and dash down the stairs in order to stop the fighting between father and son.She was a stubborn, strong-willed woman, who didn’t take orders well from anyone ever, but she and Arthur were a united front - she would not go against her husband in the middle of a scolding - especially one which held such importance.The only reason she stopped her cleaning and stepped out of their bedroom was because she heard hushed laughter and name-calling coming from the hallway.Molly stormed out of the room and quietly (but with no less ferocity) scolded Fred and George for daring to do such a thing when their Father and brother were having a serious conversation. Not to mention, she knew how sensitive Percy was, and there was a little voice in the back of her mind screaming, YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE HIM! She shooed the boys into their rooms, but not before they released their jabs down the stairs.Molly was furious with Fred and George, and she quietly swore they would pay for what they said.It wasn’t long after she forced the twins back into their rooms and made her own way to her own, that she heard the slamming of Percy’s door from the floor above.Molly made her way out of the room once more and quickly up the stairs. Something deep within her shouted, Check on your little boy! There was an air in the home like there had never been before, and as she knocked on the door and entered, she saw Percy packing, causing her heart to sink to her stomach.She felt as if she was going to be ill. What happened in between the room and the back door where Percy took his leave was very much a blur, but all Molly could remember as she tried to grab his suitcase and chased her boy down the stairs was: STOP HIM! STOP HIM! DON’T LET HIM LEAVE! Molly lost her brothers to the war, she never had a close relationship with her mother, and therefore after leaving home, she even lost most contact with her father.Bilius married and had a life of his own, and though he was the most of whom she saw throughout the years, he died before she got the chance to even try and become closer with him again.There was only Molly left in the Prewett family, and mark her very words, whilst there was breath in her lungs, she would do everything in her power not to lose anyone else in her life again, especially her children.She would never forget reaching the door and following Percy outside, only to be left standing there as the light Popping sound rang in her ears when her son disappeared.Molly stood in shock and disbelief as she stared out before the property of the Burrow.Her chest began to rise and fall, and her legs became jelly as she tried to will herself to move . . . but she could not.Percy was gone.It wasn’t until she felt the familiar hand of Arthur resting on her back, and his voice saying in what she knew to be a somber tone for him, “My dear. . .” that she finally turned and crashed into him, releasing her sobs into his chest.She gripped the front of the robes he wore and cried. “He’s gone. . .”Arthur said nothing. He wrapped his arms around Molly, and the two stood together at the back doorway in silence.  * * * No. Life in the Burrow had not been the same, but as Molly stared at Percy, whom she hadn’t seen in quite awhile, all she could do was step forward and wrap her arms around him.She stood in the same spot in the back doorway where she had been when he left all of those months ago, held her son, and praised Merlin he finally returned home.It wasn’t long after, Molly broke free from the embrace and examined Percy up and down, taking note of how very different he appeared now.He was far too thin, and he looked exhausted and aged - not in the way one does as they are maturing through life.No.He looked much older than he actually was in years, and it only begged her to question: What had he been doing all of those months whilst he was away?It saddened Molly, but instead of giving him grief, she decided to go with the more softer, motherly approach.Of course she remained angry with him for leaving their family. Of course she wasn’t alright with the pain he put her and the others through. . .She could yell and scream, but what was the point of kicking a dog when he was clearly down?“Come inside, dear.” She took his suitcase from his hand and turned. “Come inside and have something to eat. You’re far too skinny for my liking.” Another pause, and the witch drew her wand with her free hand and waved it toward the kettle already resting on the stove. The eye flamed as it turned on. “This is what happens when your mother isn’t around to make sure you’re eating.”Molly took Percy’s belongings and placed them down by one of the many cupboards in the kitchen.The kettle whistled moments later, alerting it was finished. This was one of the many beauties of using magic to help with cooking. It was far more efficient!Molly, who was now rummaging through the fridge, waved her wand once toward the stove to turn off the eye, and again, followed by an inward ‘Accio!’ to one of the many mugs resting on the shelves.The mug followed command and leapt from where it sat and flew across the room. As if she knew her mugs and how they traveled when summoned,Molly shot up from behind the door of the fridge with a carton of fresh eggs in one hand and a wrapped slab of bacon between her teeth. She caught the mug with her free hand.With a kick of her boot to the fridge, the door closed and Molly made her way over to the stove.The eggs and bacon were placed on the counter, and the mug was filled with tea. She brought it over to the large wooden table in the middle of the kitchen and sat it down.“Have a seat, dear. It’ll be breakfast for supper this evening.”She didn’t know why Percy returned, and though curious she may have been, in this very moment she didn’t care.All that mattered to Mrs. Weasley was her son was safe and had returned home.

Princess Elizabeth{ M&L Zed}

01/01/2020 12:01 PM 

Zed and Princess Elizabeth Wedding



05/31/2020 06:11 PM 

Hold my Beer ft. Necromancy

RevolutionaryHold My BeerOn a typical Sunday night the Crescent wolves would be doing their thing, bonfire blazing, smokers and grills loaded with fresh slaughtered meat and beer a plenty. It was the last Sunday leading up to the full moon and the next week they’d be on lockdown to keep the pack safe from themselves. Needless to say, atypical. This scenario would place Oliver at Stumpy’s Hatchet House, an axe throwing joint, with Jackson in tow as nothing more than a babysitter to keep him out of trouble.Out of all the places in New Orleans, of course Freya Mikaelson would be there, scoping out a new Brody to piss off Klaus, no doubt. It was a rowdy bar, mixing alcohol and axe throwing in all of its beautiful brilliance. Jackson came to stand next to Freya, ordering a long neck or two, then four and before he knew it six as he observed how bad Oliver was aiming. And the more Oliver drank, the worse he got. Jack wasn’t planning on partaking, just unwinding with a few drinks, until an axe ricocheted off the missed target and hurled its way toward his face. His extraordinary senses and reflexes allowed him to catch it by the handle before splitting his skull. With an annoyed sigh, he looked at Freya and handed her his bottle. “Well sh*t. Hold my beer.”With the axe in his hand, Jack playfully shoved Ollie aside. He had a slight advantage being that he was a hybrid and it took a lot more to get him drunk. He simply wasn’t that impaired. Checking his aim, he threw the axe with precision, nailing it to the bullseye before smirking at Oliver. “And that, Pup, is how it’s done.”  template credit.


05/31/2020 05:15 PM 

Interview With The Werewolf:

Good evening, lovely. My name is Rosemmett Noella Lightbourne and I suppose I have a few questions for you before we start writing together. Answer the questions as followed and by the end of the interview sign on the dotted line a gif of yourself.If you sign this interview off, then in two to three business days you will receive word from me, myself, on conditions for discussing or further writings. Shall we get to it?  1. Are you involved in any drama that is out of character? If yes, please do not explain why and just click here for further assistance. If no, please proceed to subsection 1A.1A. Do you openly, or privately, bully other writers? If yes, please do not explain why and just click here for further assistance. If no, please proceed to question 2.2. Are you a patient writer? If no, please do not explain why and just click here for further assistance. If yes, please proceed to question 3.3. Do you know the difference between these words: their, there, and they're or it's and its? If no, please explain why and then click here for further assistance, and once that is completed then continue with the interview questions. If yes, please proceed to question 4. 4. Does an original character tickle your hatred? If yes, then I am sorry to announce that this is the end of the interview and that I will not be contacting you due to personal reasons. I wish you well on your journey throughout the writing community and for further assistance please click here. If no, then I would like for you to proceed with signing off on your interview with a gif of yourself.  ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─For interested single male love interest accounts: please continue the interview here.  Signing Executive: 


05/31/2020 03:53 PM 

Zip ties, Rope & Power Tools ft. Defiant Demon

RevolutionarySomething about the bayou made people think it was an ideal place to dispose of bodies. It was the third time this month. Jackson observed some dumbass trying to get a tarp wrapped stiff to stay hidden beneath the shallow water. Not that he was a murderer, but if he was going to do this, he would’ve ditched the tarp. In all likelihood, the wildlife would take care of the rest. Still, he watched in amusement. Payne materialized next to Jackson in the shadows, nearly giving him a heart attack."Damn! Warn a brother next time. How’s Risse?" "She’s good, what are we watching.""This fool here thinks he’s disposing a body in a tarp. Not without some zip ties, rope, and power tools he ain’t. Even then, not in the water. Fifty bucks says the gators get him before he’s done.""You’re on mate."They watched the poor sap abandon the tarp in his frustration, panicking to keep the body from floating. In all the commotion and splashing, what happened next was inevitable by Jack’s calculations. One swift chomp and the chump was gone, dragged to his own watery grave by a 17.5 foot, 1,600 pound predator. Both men gasped, followed by “ouch” in unison. Soon after, another gator followed, taking the dead guy under with him. Again, both men in unison “daaaamn” followed by laughter. Jackson conceded his bet."Okay, I did not see the second one coming. So we can call it even."  template credit.


05/31/2020 03:36 PM 

the feeling of his hand over hers.

the feeling of his hand over hers"I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can't I do this one thing for me?" Her phone was making a loud noise. The girl next door had a hunch who it was coming from. The lighting from the phone faced upwards— Archie's name full screen. It's calling for the blonde girls' attention. She Can already hear Archie's voice without her having to even be here. Arms are crossed over her chest, she told Arch she be busy. To be fair, Betty was helping Arch with catching up with school because he missed that much. Wholly occupied with her loving boyfriend. It was Jughead's day. Sometimes she feels like she's being tugged by the two of them. She's the rope, clearly. And they are pulling at her arms back and forth. Though she tries to avoid the tension between her childhood best friend and her boyfriend. Movie night every Friday. It's just how it is between them, well not counting last Friday when Archie came in and asked Betty a few weeks earlier if she could come to his game. She didn't want to be rude, so she agrees, of course… telling Jughead in advance that Arch had asked, and how sorry she is. Promised him, swore to him that this Friday they would have a perfect movie night. No phones, no parents… and absolutely no Veronica or Archie. Though when it's getting to the excellent part…. what happens? Archie is bombing all over her phone. Chewing on her bottom lip, glancing at the screen, and then on her phone. Heavy sigh, reaching for it, but then- the feeling of his hand over hers catches her attention. Turns to look at him, heart fluttering in her chest. ."Juggie…hey. " His name leaving past her lips, soothing and overflowed with affection. The warmth of his hand…. his touch it's so pure and yet.. so powerful. Like the grasp he has on her pulls her out of whatever she had planned to do. Archie and Veronica out of sight, out of mind. Leaning to him and his touch, her mind is full of him and only him. Something tells the blonde… It's a voice in her head, it's heard, but she also tends to dismiss it… but the voice would say to her that… it's to distract her from the world, from her friends and family. Betty chooses to overlook it. Because she loves him, and he's everything, And he would never. " You know.. I was thinking..just maybe… we should go away together for a little while … think of it as a vacation away from Riverdale. for some peace."template created for (c) serpentjuliet


05/31/2020 02:48 PM 

Das Reglement

                  Leviticus 19:18 - “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD."   --------------------------------------------------------------------- A Little About The Mun: ------------------------------------------------------- Writers Alias: Loyal Blue Pronouns: They/Them (this is as close as I will allow anyone to get to me). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------These are My rules, Please respect them.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   1. I stay in character, this also means that I want to keep  my real personal  life separate  from  the fantasy/ role-play life so if someone wants my discord they HAVE to work for it because I'm not as trusting of others online as I once was. 2. I am a mixed writer,  as in i write every single length you can think of, and I do try to keep up with my writing partners.3. I do not tolerate  Drama, Gossip,  Rumors, hearsay,  Hypocrisy, Ageism, Sexism, Xenophobia  or  Homophobia in any way, shape  or  form; if it doesn't  hurt you then it does not concern all. 4. I  reply  when I feel  like  it, on my own time  and  at my own pace. I am  not  here to  cater to you; I am just  here to write  and  enjoy the company  of those that I  write  with and can be kind of a dorky loser with.  5. I role play  specifically  for my enjoyment; I prefer  to write  with  people  who  understand  that  replying takes time  due to real life being  a priority  and  if that's  a problem  for  you- don't  add me.  6. I deny more than I accept because  I just  don't  want  an large amount  of people  on  my list that don't  even try to interact,(Having a large amount of people on my list also makes me prone to go through anxiety attacks)  so I do not write with a lot of people as too many can actually overstimulate me socially as well as intellectually7. I write an AU Kurt Wagner as a Demisexual.   8. I only write with those 18 years and older as I am above the age of 18. In general I write SFW with those who are interested and NSFW with people who get to actually know my muse as well as the mun.   9. I multi-ship Kurt and I happen to be LGBTQ+ friendly as long as others are friendly to me; I don't tolerate entitlement or petty drama.   10.  Just have fun, don't take role-playing with me too seriously and please be respectful to me as an person.  11. Whatever Kurt says or does, does not reflect me as the Mun.   Matthew 7:12 - "So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."

Bitter Beta

05/31/2020 01:11 PM 

Trust Issues

Jumping off the cliffs and into the salt water does not count as a bath, nor does a quick wolf grooming that that consists of a canine tongue randomly across fur Easton Clearwater. Now into the tub you go, Mr. Mud puppy” Leah spoke in the most classic of matter of fact motherly tones while her hands gently nudged and patted her sons back down the hall of their cabin and into the bathroom. And even without a spoken word, the woman could amusingly feel Eastons distance and stubborn mute whining within his fidgety posture and nearly dragging steps across the worn wood floor beneath.          “Remember, soap is your friend and shampoo is your destiny.” She teased with a smile as her son finally settled into the hot bath water and she herself slipped out of the bathroom to give him a bit of privacy. Truth be told, the young boy might just have stuck his human tongue out at his mother...but not until she shut the door of course. He was as dirty as a swamp creature, but not a fool.          Peaking back over her shoulder for a moment, Leah quietly moved towards her back bedroom, giving its framed entrance a slight tap before walking inside. “Ok, where were we? Ancient woman? Protection? If I want to meet this patron saint of hybrid children, I want to know anything you can tell me about her. How do I know she won’t take my son from me, hmm? If someone doesn’t want to kill him, they want to steal him. I can count on one hand those that want to protect him, so I am sorry, I am going to need a bit more convincing before I agree to go with you”           With what seemed to be within one breath, the native woman's words consumed the room while Alice and Jasper sat patiently for the first possible chance to get a word in edgewise. The southern relic of a gentleman kept his demeanor as calm as his hand did for his pixie like love while settled upon her anxiously bouncing leg. Alice's hues danced recklessly while she awaited the moment she could speak, their golden color hinting at the disappointment she felt when every hopeful chance passed her by. None the less the two knew and understood that as much as Leah trusted them both, her motherly instinct paired with the emotional and mental abuse she had endured while protecting her son would still demand her doubt and concern be settled.        As they finally were able to speak and explain, Alice physically expressive with every syllable and Jasper as confident and convincing as a general motivating his troops, the pair slowly broke past the natives woman protective barrier wall within her mind. Steadily Leah's facial expression became softer, her posture relaxed with her folded arms settling to her sides while her fingertips fidgeted with the frayed edges of her favorite flannel shirt that snug comfortably against her jean blanketed hips. What she wanted more than anything in her life is for her son to be protected. She knew deep down that if anyone else wanted that too, it was the Cullens.  That was undeniable. “Alright. We’ll meet her. But I picked the place.”          It had been over a year since Leah had set eyes on the centuries old cabin. The young woman couldn’t help but to stare at the structure for a moment. How it still stood without swaying when one were to just breath too heavy around its weathered rotting wood and barely sturdy support beams was beyond logic. Its rusted tin roof had shivered off any remains of decorative porch shingles decades ago. The creak of the floor echoed like crashing oaks with each step upon them. But the scent of mildew and blood danced around the structure like icing on a cake of everything this shelter was. This was where Leah had been nursed back from the brink of death and where her son had made his debut in life. This was where the native woman had slowly begun to trust again, where she had felt safe for the first time after her attack. It was nothing and everything to her in one.           Eastons fingers clung tightly to his mother's hand, his other arm wrapped her while his face half heartedly hid against her copper warm skin. “It's alright son” Leah whispered simply and softly as they quietly walked through the cabin entrance, its door hanging now by just one desperately surviving hinge. Easton became a bit more relaxed at the sight of familiar Cullen faces spaced out randomly around the room that was dimly lit by the high afternoon sun peaking through open shutters.        The sun caused a prism-like effect of glimmer each time a beam from the sun captured their flesh. The sight brought a relaxed smile to Leah's lips, and entertained Eastons eyes, brightening his mood a bit. The young woman glanced around for the new visitor, her brows furrowed curiously. “Where is the guest of honor? Don’t tell me she changed her mind. Not that I would be offended, my boy and I aren’t strangers to feeling unworthy.” She scoffed defensively, her faith typically doubtful as always with strangers.  


05/31/2020 12:53 PM 

Owes List♥

I OWE YOUElias (5/20)Cameron (5/20)Gracelynn (5/20)YOU OWE ME 

ℌ𝔢𝔩𝔩 𝔣𝔦𝔯𝔢 & ⛓️⛓️

05/31/2020 10:27 PM 

Haunted Forest Drabble series pt 2

Johnny knew that there was more to the story other then just him being crazy, he had a story to tell. Taking his seat at the bar once more - Johnny turned his head over his shoulder to see that Ralph had got on his bike and peddled his way down the rest of the hill. He would need to make a note of finding him again at some point, so he could possibly get some more information about his message. But for right now? He needed coffee and lots of it, as well as some wholesome food before he had pressed on; When his attention snapped back to the ceramic cup in front of him it had been refilled and the mess was in the process of being mopped up by the waitress who had first poured his drink. I'm sorry about that, Ralph is more of the harmless type. But he's convinced that this place is haunted. Johnny had definitely been taking in all of the ends and odds about just what the hell was going on around here. "He's alright, I'm just never awake this early in the day.." The biker grunted before his ringed appendage fit around the warm cup, and lifted the rim to his lips for a savory and rejuvenating sample. A light near inaudible sigh released from his scruffy tiers, as he lowered the beverage down on the counter top. What'll it be?Johnny had glanced down at the finished plate of steak an eggs, having completely consumed one of the best steaks he's had this far north. On top of that several more cups of coffee to go with it, so he reached into his rear pocket to retrieve a wallet attached to a chain. The leather flaps parted to unveil a string of cash he had from building custom engine parts, they always got top dollar demand for their efforts. He dipped his fingers into the wallet and pulled out a couple of twenties to cover the receipt. "Keep the change.." Johnny said as he made his way out of the diner, his fingers reaching over to the frames of his shades. Flicking out the darkened visors, and fit them over to conceal the light blue of his eyes. The temperature had risen slightly with the time that he spent inside, cozy now with a belly full of food. He made his clacking steps over toward his Evil Betty motorcycle. Which had been his first motorcycle, rounded the side of the vehicle he mounted the bike and lifted his hand up to where he could turn a dial slightly off to the side. And then lifted his fingers up to press at a button next to the right handlebar. A few moments and the pistons rumbled slightly, johnny flicked back the stand holding up the weight of the bike, and baked up the motorcycle out of his spot. Low rumbling cracks at first had brought him to the turn off of the road, and he turned his head both directions before he pulled out into the vacant road ahead of him. Picking up a bit of torque the motorcycle's pistons cracked more audibly with the passing morning breeze, as he made his way down the length of the hill. Slowly he merged right onto the turn off of the camp. The Ghost Rider warning him of the evil that was here, and how hungry the he was to consume it. EVIL!! FEEDDD.. The voice rang through his head, and he knew where his destination was for the night. Fingers remained firmly on the handlebars, as he sped down the length of the road that would put him in between a gravel road that passed through to the other side of the camp. Johnny's eyelids had soon been replaced by a low burning ember that even now had wanted to break out and go hunt it. But for right now he wanted to get a look at the grounds, maybe even engage the being at night. Challenging the evil on its own turf. Johnny let his motorcycle engine pop several more times before he eventually turned the direction of the bike down the direction of the gravel road that passed beneath the concealment of trees. Moments later he had come upon the bicycle man Crazy Ralph. "Hey, hey wait up.." The biker said to him to which Ralph had turned his head to greet the darkened visors of the man. He reached up to disengage the engine of his Street Bob, and flicked out the kickstand to support the weight of the beast. He dismounted and slowly approached the man. "What did you mean..back there? Everyone's gonna die." Johnny removed the darkened visors of his shades to where he could better focus on the one before him. Even now the Ghost Rider was snarling and snapping at him to be unleashed so that they could handle the nature of the threat. 'Get out. Get out before it's too late..' The elderly man said. 'There isn't much time..this lake belongs to him.' Instead of running like a scared rabbit, the man stood an apex. Hunting the hunter if you will. "You mentioned him. What do you mean?" Johnny folded his arms beneath the bulges of his pectorals. 'Jason..Jason Voorhees, sad story. They killed his mother. But now he seeks revenge..' Johnny listened to what he had to say about this Jason Voorhees. He had figured that he was some kind of psycho killer that had been wronged in life. "Ralph. Names Johnny, appreciate the help." He offered out his hand to the man, a moment of pause from the bicyclist and then his hand lifted as well. Johnny latched his hand inside of his own, squeezing firmly. "Don't stay here..I'll take care of it. "He patted his idle palm on his shoulder, and walked back over toward his bike. He watched as Ralph had turned his bike around, and headed in the opposite direction. Visors lowered upon upon his eyes once more, and he adjusted the dial to where the bike was primed. Appendage lifted to press in the ignition button, and a moment before the pistons had filled the air he could've sworn he heard a whisper "ch ch ch..ah ah ah..." Once again the Ghost Rider was raging, begging to be let out. But right now? No. There were too many people in the area, and he needed to prepare for his encounter with this Jason Voorhees. 

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