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Imagine RP Magazine

06/01/2020 10:51 PM 

Specialty Covers

Current and Ongoing Cover Promo- BLACK LIVES MATTER  We here at I-Mag are a huge supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement always but especially now in these times of injustice and chaos. (Started 5/30/20) PROCESS:Take a look through our #BLM Collection Gallery and if you're interested in having one made for you, either comment the blog or send us a message with your Face Claim and the name you want to be used on the cover. We'll get it made for you as soon as possible and send it to you in a message. Our covers/edits are FREE.Black Lives Matter Gallery: you for your support!- I-Mag TeamEXAMPLE


06/01/2020 10:48 PM 

Family & Friends

The boyfriend (Lucas Scott)     The best friend aka sister she never had (Brooke Davis) little sister (Charlie) & Lucas's little sister Brielle other best friend (Haley James) God Daughter Baylee Davis loner friend aka best friend (Jughead Jones)    


06/01/2020 07:32 PM 

meant to fight. cs

who would have thought that he – whose bones have been to battles, whose words burn before they come out could be this composed; an arrangement of dark humor and strength. his words don’t come out without hurting, these chip his teeth on their way out and he forgets how to speak, communicating only via fists. it is no surprise that our heart is the size of our fist. we are meant to fight. survival is not beautiful. it is fire, ache, and everything that hurts combined. i roam around in nameless alleys picking fights with strangers just to feel something and reach adrenaline-triggered ecstasy.colors drain from my world until only black and blue, and every color that makes up bruises remains. shades of hate and hues of melancholy. outlined with loss and perversions, saturated in despair. a stoic masterpiece depicted in pastels and scarce serotonin. i have been a tumultuous storm cloud all my life. reactive, vindictive, destructive. eager for fist fights. jabs, uppercuts, and cross punches; a sky full of toxic masculinity and testosterone. if you’re not coming in swinging and with thunderstorms, do not come at all.


06/01/2020 07:05 PM 

a broken nose. cs

i spend my days leaving doors open behind me, hoping there is something you might want to come back for; keys on the table, raincoat, coffee, another broken nose. savage – the heartache made me so fucking unforgiving. (sin-ergy) and just like me, you’re a sinner. i'm your accomplice. when you’re on your knees. against the wall. on your back. i'm always there.


06/01/2020 06:29 PM 

a neon room. cs

polychromatic. his color spoke a deep and tragic tongue. he felt like painting himself bright in saturated testosterone; sketching crosses on his chest with adrenaline and pastels. violent hue, too pigmented – as if the color palette of sorrow had been thrown on it. a kaleidoscope of toxic masculinity. broken shards of stained, glass mirrors, a jagged mess of every color in the universe. smoke and burning red amid bizarre whites like blurred clouds, leaving its color on the canvas of earth one last time. vibrant fades into the color of silence where dead eyes act kind and pale, dry lips force themselves to smile. the only thing i could do to fill the void the distance left me with was to cling to my red gloves, still stained by sweat and blood, arguments preceding bruises, fists instead of words. for a moment, time was still. for a moment, everything was okay. the saddest song i knew: echoing through my headphones on an endless loop.


06/01/2020 06:22 PM 

out of the blue. cs

sinking ship. i built the ocean around me (in the bathtub) when i was five years old. i dreamt of being a pirate, wanted to run off to the navy like my father, but you called me a sea monster, a weather phenomenon. i want to see the world, i want to hold something without breaking it. a high tide carrying suffocating intensity. crashing waves.


06/01/2020 09:15 PM 

Mal in Pokémon verse

Mal in the Pokémon verse still has her magic and name.Name: Mal Bertha HadesAlliance: Team Rocket but hates them and refuses to obey or wear the uniformTeam: Poochyena, Salamance, Mew, Umbreon, Espeon, RaichuPokemon out: Poochyena and Salamance

S.O.S. Members ONLY

06/01/2020 07:42 PM 


June/2020 Writers of the Month Co-owner - Caroline Forbes's Writer Reasons for Nomination: "I don't really think I need to list the reasons I nominate her, but I shall list some of them anyway. Even before she joined the rpg, she was part of the Sea of Sin family, her rpg was an affiliate of ours, and she helped us out even then. Upon joining the family, she had been put through the ringer, and still managed to come out on top, not just triumphant but dominating. She has been a very supporting, understanding, and helpful member of not only the family as a whole, but the staff, losing the help of three founders, and a moderator, she managed to not only pick up their slack, but to sweep them under the rug. She's active in story building, has aided in the creating of multiple stories, and has hosted enough I honestly can't count at this time. She has assisted with editing, taught me how to code in order to help the rpg, and lends a helping hand when and where it's needed. What she lacks in her speed, she makes up for in her efficiency." - Torili "This one is going to sound really biased, but it can't be helped. We've known each other for five years now and we've been in and out of most of the same verses whether it's cartoons, anime, or live action shows. We don't always see eye to eye but we still manage to make things work. Not only that but it's fun to have someone in this group who watches cartoons so that I can actually rant about why someone is my favorite and why something else sucks. Like, that level of understanding and investment is always gonna be something I appreciate." - Drake/Dean "of course I nominate you. The reason why. Well if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here. We had our ups and downs. Mostly because of my anger issues but our friendship has grown stronger. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't of met Tori,Drake,Ty,or Betty." - Marcel/Seth "she my snickel berry pie and I love how she morphs as a writer. I also love shopping at her store!" - Tyler "She was the first person to pair up with me and get excited about the fact that I created a character that was unique yet different for Nathan. She is a very kind person and very understanding. She is also an amazing writer." - Betty Member - Tyler Lockwood's Writer Reasons For Nomination: "Another return character, soft heart, gentle soul. Managed to brave many of his own fears, in order to return to us. Mental handicaps aren't something to fool around with, they can truly paralyze us, and yet, she has pushed through them. I have watched, since I've known him, as his writing has grown in length, and beauty. Openly participating in Discord, game nights, our goof off chats, and story discussions, this writer has been a beloved member of the family since the beginning, and truly does show that second chances can indeed be worth it." - Torili "We started off rocky, I'm honestly not surprised by this as I don't always have instant connections with people. In some cases that's due to others and that was certainly how our case went. I do know that the moment I met Ty, I became attached even if the feeling wasn't mutual at first (due to idiots). I loved her instantly and love her more and more each day. She's inspiring in her strength, her perseverance in life, her talent in writing and the wonderful and cute edits she has done. No she may not be the best (no one is, I sure don't count myself as the best) but I love what she does just the same. She's truly someone I can lean on, an ear who will listen to me when I need to vent, when I just wanna joke, no matter the reason, she's there. I've never had someone who could understand my fears and help me through them the way that she did and if it wasn't for her, I'd probably be a wreck even now. She helped me through a few of the most difficult moments I've had this year and I am so freakin grateful for that. I love this woman as a writer, an LI, a best friend. She is someone I know I can and will always trust because even in our toughest moments, we listen to each other and work things out. Thank you for all that you've done for me and I truly believe you deserve this for being all that you have been and being all that you can be. Even when things seem bleak, you push through it and I admire you so much for that, my special snowflake. " - Kol/Buffy/Caroline "Despite the fact that Ty thinks I'm intimidating for whatever reason we do tend to speak a lot and I've picked up some of her phrases and have made at least one of them my own for I am but a simply city slicker. xD She's funny and despite the fact our shenanigans have been mainly Tori's fault, we've managed to keep the banter going for far longer than our horoscope said we would SUCK IT ZODIAC PLANETARY ALIGNMENT STUFF. That said we do have a certain chemistry and it really is nice talking to Ty whenever she's around." - Drake/Dean "You have become a big part of my role-playing family. Most of our connection are brothers from another mother. I'm happy to call you a close friend and I hope the friendship grows stronger." - Marcel/Seth " oh my gosh I have to say that I love you so much and I am so happy and proud of you. You are absolutely amazing and a brilliant writer. You have been such an amazing person to explore fun storylines with and you always bring a smile to my face. I am so happy for you that you got writer of the month. I love you tons darling.♥" - Betty

Dixie Valley

06/01/2020 06:45 PM 



៚Dark Halo Resources,

06/01/2020 06:47 PM 

Dark Halo | Dani's Request's

Hello Everyone. I thought I would offer up my skills here to you wonderful people and do some personal requests, because I enjoy editing and making things for people. I thought I could help you all out with your photoshop needs and layout touch-ups. I don't mind making you guys things. All I ask is that you only request one thing at a time and do not make multiple requests. You can make a request once a month to make it fair for everyone to get something that they want to have. I am offering you guys the following treatments, Defaults Doorknockers Headliners Share Banners Writting Snippets If you have any questions about these request please feel free to message me your concerns or thoughts. I'm here to help you the best way I know how to. I can't wait to start making you guys things though I think this is a great way to help you all out. Please comment this blog with the correct form that you want to use for your request. Thank you so much! Enjoy. I also ask that you do not rush me on your request, because I want to be able to take my time on these for you to make you something that you will be over the moon with. I promise you the wait will all be worth it's while. IMPORTANTE NOTE: Please make sure you have a message link, so I can message you your request. It's very diffcult if you don't have a message link somewhere on your page, so please make sure you have one.   Default Form Your Character's Name: Your Display Name: Your Playby: Color Scheme: Extra Or Simple: Textured or Smoothed: Type of Font: Kind of Wording: Border or no border: Color Border: Size of Default: ( default is 365x540 ) Special Effects: ( color hair change, colored eyes etc.. ) Profile URL: Do you want this tagged with your name: Anything else you want me to know of?   Doorknocker Form Your Character's Name: Your Display Name: Your Playby: Theme: Color Scheme: Wording: Special Effects: Type of gif: Border: Smooth or Textured: Types of fonts: Tagging: Do you want a matching headliner: Words for Headliner: [ short ] Anything Else I Should know?  Manip Form Your Character's Name: Your Display Name: Your playby: Size of Manip: ( default is 450x500 ) Type of Manip: ( personal, romantic, etc.. ) Theme of Manip: Color Scheme: Other Person's Playby: Other Person's Name: Setting of Manip: Tagging of Manip: Special Effects: Special Wording: Anything else I should know:  Share Banner Form coming soon Writing Snippet Form coming soon

៚Dark Halo Resources,

06/01/2020 06:46 PM 

DARK HALO | Hiring Process.

Coming Soon.

៚Dark Halo Resources,

06/01/2020 06:41 PM 

Dark Halo | Dani's Content.

Welcome to my content, everything is coming soon make sure you are commenting this blog with what you are taking it helps me to know what to make more of and what is popular. 

៚Dark Halo Resources,

06/01/2020 06:37 PM 

Dark Halo | Editor's Content.

Hello and welcome to our site's content. Please make sure that you have read and sign the main rules before contining to use our stuff. Click on the editor's name to be taking to their work and make sure you are also following their own set of rules too.    

Charlie Montoya

06/01/2020 05:25 PM 


I Owe Starters:  - Tatiana (05.21) - Bella    (05.24)   Replies  - Amelia(05.23) - Gabby (05.26) You Owe Starter:  - Kendell (5.24) - Gaspard (05.25) - Abby   (05.26)-Wylder (06.03) Replies    - Antonio (05.22) - Daxton  (05.22)   UPDATED: 06.03    


06/01/2020 05:29 PM 

Put Some Clothes On - Reply Pt. 2 ft. Illuminare

RevolutionaryIt was true that at one time the wolves lived in oppression, but not anymore.  No longer were they interested in the Quarter or being under the boot of any vampire or witch.  They had freedom and independence.  They’d learned to adapt to their environment, making it work for them.  The community of posh cabins was a stark contrast from where they came from and a glimpse into where they were going.  Jackson now owned a contracting company, building homes and infrastructure around the outskirts of New Orleans.  A man of many talents, he was able to juggle being the alpha, a historian for his kind and held a vast array of knowledge on many aspects of the other factions.  Wrapping her ankle in an elastic bandage to brace it, he finally addressed her questions.“Your fox: in the animal kingdom, it’s classified as a Canid, which can loosely be translated as Canine, give or take a few sub-classifications.  It’s a dog, as am I.  I’m just a little higher on the food chain… a lot higher.  In other words, as an alpha, when I speak, he listens.”  His cognac gaze met her soft hued pools of blue. He couldn’t help but grin at her as he tended her wounds.  “This would go a lot quicker, if you’d quit being stubborn and stopped resisting.” A small gash on her forehead caught his attention, the sight of her blood stirring a craving inside him. His eyes did a thing before looking away to advert her gaze. He was disciplined however, and didn’t necessarily need to feed as often as other hybrids or vampires. “You’re bleeding...”The screen door slammed on its hinges as the wind picked up, followed by a loud clap of thunder.  Jackson didn’t flinch having known exactly what it was, as the evening storms were a frequent occurrence with the heating of the day.  “A storm is on the horizon.  Not a good idea to be out in one of these.  I hope you have nowhere to be tonight.”  No sooner than the words left his lips did the sky open in a torrential downpour, cleansing the bayou in an angry display of hard rain, heavy winds, thunder and a spectacular lightening display.     template credit.

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