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Alex Smith

06/03/2020 08:45 PM 

Never Be Mine.

I'm probably being a stuck record with this one cause this is the nine millionth angsty drabble I've written, but I have a lot of feelings tonight and I wanted to get them out. A massive part of this drabble is inspired by the song "Never Be Mine" by Kate Bush, a song that's a bit of a loneliness anthem for Alex. A funnier, light-hearted drabble is coming soon, but for now, bear with me as I work this one out.This is what I wantThis is where I want to beThis is what I needThis is where I want to beThis is what I wantBut I know that this will never be mine... Alex trudged into the TARDIS on the heels of his father, who didn't really bother to turn to look at him. The time teen dragged his feet begrudgingly, not really wanting to leave the location they were in. Not until you've talked to me, Alex thought as he forced himself through the electric blue doors and into the warm white light of the console room."We're not seriously leaving, are we?" Alex said, standing in the way of the doors. "I mean, really? We're just going?"The Doctor took one look at him and pulled the door mechanism lever hard. The doors swung shut with a harsh bang behind Alex, almost hitting him in the back, making him stagger across the ramp towards the console. "It wasn't even that big of a deal. I only implied that Jim Morrison wouldn't be around for much longer, I didn't outright say "You're going to die in seven days", did I? That's not exactly breaking every law of time and space."Still no words. Not even a pensive upwards glance at him. "Come on, let's just go back and say we had a bit too much to drink or something," Alex said, approaching the console and resting quivering hands on it, fiddling with a switch but not pressing it. "Then we can... I dunno... go see the concert. I've been looking forward to it all week."Nothing. He was tapping co-ordinates into one of the monitors and double-checking the time rotor, ensuring the ship was ready to leave. "You promised me," Alex said, looking up at the Doctor. "You promised me you'd take me to see them one day, and now that day has come, I accidentally make a mistake and you pull the plug on the whole thing? Come on, Dad, that's a bit over the top now, isn't it?"Nothing. And with that, that familiar wheezing and grinding could be heard echoing from the bowels of the console and Alex could feel the ship dematerializing from the shabby Los Angeles back-alley they had landed in only an hour beforehand. The concert had only been a good two hours or so away. He was going to suggest they get some food - some of those classic Los Angeles hamburgers served by waitresses on rollarskates - but he'd said something a little too loosely and without a word, the Doctor had marched him out of there and back to the TARDIS. This was his "special time" ruined, and he couldn't believe it."Will you at least answer me?" Alex said, his patience starting to wear thin. "You seem to have an answer for everything, then tell me why you've suddenly decided to promise me something and then snatch it away from me. Does it make you feel big? Does picking on me make you feel like you're doing a good job, because I've got news for you, it doesn't!"Nothing. Except maybe a flash of the angry eyes, but it had come as the Doctor had moved behind the central column on the console and the light was a little too blinding for Alex to make out exactly what he'd seen. A flash of anger. Or was it a smirk? Was he enjoying doing this to him? Was he enjoying making his life a living misery?"I bet Rose would have got to see them," Alex said, a note of bitterness coming into his voice. "I bet you're going to take me all the way back to the university and then it'll be 'Bill! Nardole! To the TARDIS, we've got a concert to go to!' and I'll be left to mark your stupid essays;"Nothing. He was trying to do that parent thing of ignoring your child when they started seeking attention negatively. Ignore it and it'll go away. Well, not this time, he thought angrily. I'll never back down after this. You don't get to do this to me and pretend it's nothing. I'm not some boring ordinary Earth-kid in some self-obsessed book for people who couldn't use common sense. I'm Alex Smith, the Doctor's son and I want to see the Doors and my stupid father is making sure that I never get the chance."Seriously, what is with you treating your companions like royalty? They all dump or die on you in the end," Alex said, circling the console menacingly. The name Clara flashed through his mind and it almost came spilling from his lips to hang like a noose in the room but he thought better of it. He often forgot that all memory and recollection of Clara had been erased from his mind and under no circumstances could he be reminded of it. Similar as to what happened to Donna, except this time he definitely wanted to cause some damage now."You know, out of all the years I've been with you, I've never asked for anything," Alex said, getting more and more frustrated. "Not one thing, not even 50p to buy sweets. And the first thing I ask for, you take all the right steps to screw it up, as usual. Yet when some mongrel from Earth shows up, you're swanning around like Thelma and Louise. Seriously, Dad, screw you!"He aimed a kick at the base of the console. The ship gave a nasty hissing sound and finally the Doctor looked at him, but it wasn't the doting, complying father he was trying to bring out. It was the angry, I've had enough of you father that liked to shout. "Take me back!" Alex said. "Take. This. Thing. BACK!" He kicked the console again and this time he felt a pulse of electricity rush up the console.His angry cry echoed around the console room, bouncing off the hundreds of bookshelves lining the balconies. You could probably have heard it all the way from the rainforest towards the centre of the ship.And with that, the tantrum started. With frantic precision, Alex aimed a series of kicks and punches to the console. Sparks and debris sprayed from its panels like fireworks. The ship protested by making a high-pitched buzzing sound and then a pained sort of wail as Alex rained blows and kicks down on her. When he'd had enough, he spotted his father's guitar propped up against one of the metal jumpseats and stomped toward it. Tearing it from its stand, he threw it down the staircase that led underneath the console. He could hear the strings twanging as they caught on every step; he thought he even heard one of them snap. He crossed to the chalkboard and kicked it over, stamping on the wood until it splintered under his foot. Grunting with exertion, tears spilling from his eyes, he kept kicking the chalkboard until a scream erupted from his lips. "I HATE YOU!" he shouted, turning to look with wild eyes back at the Doctor.He was just standing there, arms folded with the "you're the one being an idiot here" he nodded toward the door and Alex noticed the ship had stopped moving. He looked at the doors and though he could hear... music. The intro to "Light My Fire" was playing, and it wasn't what he'd been so used to hearing on the album he'd played to death. Shaking his head, the Doctor once again crossed to the console and pulled the lever again. The ship moved again and Alex's hearts sank as his dream concert faded away with every moment."Room. Now," the Doctor said bluntly.Feeling deflated and upset, Alex rushed to the Doctor. "Dad, I'm sorry. Please, I didn't mean it, really I didn't. Why didn't you tell me? Please, let's go back and have a nice time, what do you say?""Room," the Doctor said."Dad, I'm sorry," Alex said, more tears spilling from his eyes. "I'll fix everything, I promise."ROOM!" the Doctor shouted, rounding on Alex. "Stay there."Trembling, Alex rushed down the stairs, seeing the thrown guitar lying on the ground. He bent down to examine it. Several of the strings had broken and the neck had cracked in several places. He went to pick it up but he heard a stifled "GO!" from above him and the time teen ran. Down corridor after corridor, feeling the ship lurch and jostle as she made it clear she was not happy with him. Finding the door to his room, he wrenched open the door and slammed it shut.Several long tearful hours later, he came back up to the console room. The Doctor wasn't there, but Nardole was."Where's Dad?" he heard himself ask."Out," said Nardole bluntly. "A little bird told me you had a little... outburst earlier. Caused quite a bit of damage.""It was an accident, but never mind that, where has Dad gone?""Bill needs help moving into her new house so your Dad went along to help. Tea?" he said, holding up a teapot that seemed to come out of nowhere."No," Alex said, sinking into a chair. "No, thank you.""It's for your own good, you know," Nardole said. "Maybe if that destructive streak of yours was curbed a bit, then maybe your Dad would be a bit less hard on you, hmm?"But looking back over my shoulderYou're happy without me...

Alex Smith

06/03/2020 08:45 PM 

And how do you feel about that? (CS)

Character study prompt questions, answered IC. I've tried to make some things as detailed as I can, but there were a few things I probably keep repeating so sorry if it gets a bit tedious. Still had a blast picking apart my character's brain though; definitely a lot of possible directions you can take here though.The time teen found himself being manhandled into the therapist's room by the tight hand of the his father. "Dad, I don't wanna do this," he groaned. "What's wrong with a pint of cider and a chat?""A lot if you're involved," he said sternly. "I'll be back in an hour." And with a swish of his velvet coat, he was gone."Alex Smith?" the man with horn-rimmed glasses said. Groaning, Alex dragged his feet to the stereotypical long red leather couch and threw himself down on it. "Yeah yeah yeah, you're here to work on my feelings; constructive rather than destructive; my father's jackets symbolize the lack of attention I feel I'm getting from him. I've met Freud, you know, and I can tell you that a lot of his practices were questionable at best.""I'm just here to ask you a few questions, Alex," he said, looking over his notepad at him. "There's no judgement going on here, you know. You can say and feel however you want. Your father won't know about it unless I feel it poses a risk to yourself and others."Thinking that he might as well get comfortable if he was going to be here for an hour, Alex rolled onto his back on the couch and stretched himself out. "Go on. Shoot," he said with a bored tone, his eyes concentrating on the ceiling.Describe your first love."First love? In what way?""In any way you want it to mean, Alex. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic.""Well, I guess my first love was chocolate. Dad wanted to shut me up? Just shove a massive bar of Galaxy in my hand and I'd be preoccupied for hours. Always had a sweet tooth. But if we're talking about people, then I suppose you could say my father. I've been with him a long time now and even though we don't see eye to eye... that man is extraordinary. Brilliant. Sensitive. Kind. Brave. A little bit bonkers. I guess it's a lot of pressure to grow up in his shadow when there's so many people around him all the time; but I've always loved him, even if I've almost torn myself apart trying to show him that."What frightens you?I suppose it's the thought of being alone. And I don't just mean without people around me; people are like trains. You miss one and there'll be another in a few minutes. No, I mean genuine loneliness. It's just you and your thoughts and there's no one there to let them out to, and they keep building and building until it's one massive hurricane of disaster. That and being forgotten about; no one likes being forgotten about, but when you're a Time Lord with nothing but time on your side, then you don't want to spend your existence in this universe with no one remembering you. It's awful.How do you communicate in a relationship?By bleaching their jackets and making fun of their hair.What was your childhood like?Hard, let's just say that. Hard because I was spending my time maturing around people who weren't my kind and I knew I didn't fit in. I was often doing and saying weird stuff that made me stick out like a sore thumb, which didn't help. I didn't really have any of my family around, so that also didn't help. Even when Dad found me, it was rough-going. I just saw all these people coming and going and being left behind was the worst part; I wanted to see the universe, I wanted to make something of myself, but it was always Jackie's kitchen and her terrible kitchen. I know it was to keep me safe, but at the time, it felt like a slight.What is your character's favourite treat to themselves?Ever heard of a little Earth-born TV show called The Golden Girls? I have every episode stashed in my cupboards in my room on the TARDIS. Makes perfect viewing when I need a few insults to add to my repertoire.How does you handle stress?Ask Dad. He's got a closet-full of proof.Describe something you are reluctant for others to know.That I secretly saved the TARDIS manual when Dad disagreed with it and threw it into a black hole. I know Dad knows the ship better than anyone who has ever flown her, even River, and she knows exactly how to please her -- but you never know what secrets she'd hiding. There's a few tricks I intend on trying out with her.DeDescribe something you are passionate about.Fair play. Acceptance. Kindness. Not being afraid to speak.What do you find comfort in?The piano. It sounds ridiculous, but whenever Dad and I have a really bad argument and our personalities are clashing, I work it out on the piano. May have written three concerto's and an opera, but I don't like to brag. You could say that's what I should be focusing my energies on all the time, but whatever.What kind of music do you like?Oh, now we're talking! Music is my absolute lifeblood. If there's something Dad and I share a very common bond with, it's music. Rock and roll and punk rock is what I've been into lately, but I can get down to some showtunes and a bit of R&B, I'm really not picky.Quickest way to anger you.Ignore me. Try it, I dare you.What was the best thing in your life?Freedom. Was and always is the best thing I've ever had and the best thing my family ever gave me.What would you give your life for?My family, in a hearts' double beat.What seemingly insignificant memories stick with you?Accidentally turning myself into a baby and having to watch Dad turn into a gooey mess every time he saw me. It was nice to re-live that part of my life again, even if that cheered him up for a little while. I'd never go back though. Those diapers itched.Do you have a nickname? If so, how did you get it?Son. I got it just by existing, I suppsoe.Who do you consider a role-model?If I said Dad, it would be too obvious and I don't think he'd like it. So I'm going to say Martha Jones, probably one of my favourite people Dad ever travelled with. She had so many feelings and so many insecurities, but she dealt with them and rose up stronger than ever. She was also not afraid to put people in their place. That's something I wish I had the confidence to do more.What is your hobby?Time-Lord-and-demon terrorizing.Describe your worst enemy.Time. It's a bitch.What do you do when you wake up?Brush my teeth. Pee. Eat a croissant. Pee. Ask Dad complicated questions about the universe. Pee. Ask Dad complicated questions about the universe. Eat. Ask Dad complicated questions about the universe. Bleach some more jackets. Pee.A memory you wish you could erase.The look on Dad's face when I let him down again.


06/03/2020 07:08 PM 

a mother's love.

A Mother's Love Until this night, the world had never known cold. It bit into bone. Snow fell in heaps, swallowing all sound save for the clangs and cries of battle. Until this relentless dark, the world had never known night. It tore into the soul, ripping all hope from the heart. It bore down on the shoulders and bowed the heads of even the great and the proud. It wore on and on. How long had it been? A day? A fortnight? Nigh on a year? Time held no meaning anymore when the sun did not rise.It would rise again, even if she did not live to see it. She knew it.The dead swarmed Drogon. They clambered up his tail, his sides, and his legs, scrabbling with boney fingers and staring up at her with unseeing eyes. They held fast to his wings, pinning them to the ground to deny him flight. He bellowed his rage and shook his great body, sending the scrabbling wights tumbling back into the snow, only to start their climb again. Her gloved hands tightened around his horns and clung with all of her strength. It was all she could do not to be flung off with them.They should never have landed, but even a dragon needed to rest weary wings.“Sōvētēs! Drogon! Now!” She urged, but not even the whip held sway over the stubborn beast, not when dozens of knives stabbed at his flesh, though they bent vainly against impenetrable scales.Not even the largest of her dragons could withstand such an onslaught for long. He would not budge. He would not take her airborne, knowing that to rid himself of his attackers would mean to send his mother hurtling to her death. There was only one way. The Gods had taken Drogo, Rhaego, Jorah, and only they knew how many others this endless night. They would not take Drogon. They would not have her children.Dany let go. She rolled down a leathery wing and into thickly packed snow with a jarring thud that forced the breath from her lungs. Her dragon’s wings flared, and he vaulted skyward, rising ever higher until the darkness swallowed him whole, leaving her alone in the unforgiving dark and pelting snow. For a moment, in the stillness, she lay on her back and stared after him, seeking the stars, but there none. Even their light had gone out.A quick, jerking movement in her periphery forced her to lower eyes full of dread from an endless black sky to an earth plagued by white winter. Piercing hues of crystalline blue, the eyes of nightmares, met her own. They glowed in the darkness, an unsettling contrast to the dreary lack of color that surrounded them. It reached for her. With a strangled cry, she scrambled backwards, frantic to escape its clutching hands. First, there was a feral, rumbling growl, and then a blur of white that barreled into the threat as if into a pool of water. Ghost was there, tearing the wight to pieces with fang and claw. Then there was the whir of steel.Jon. Jon was alive.Relief so fierce it would have brought her to her knees had she been standing bloomed at her breast, her tears freezing in place on her raw, red face.Jon and the direwolf were as one. They fought as one, moved as one. But they would not fight alone.Clambering to her feet, she waded through waist-deep snow to the half-buried corpse of a Northman. She stared into the stranger’s face as she rummaged about his person for his weapon, wrapping her fingers clumsily around the hilt of a dragonglass sword that he still held in a stiff, cold hand.I am Daenerys Stormborn, she told herself fiercely. I am of the blood and seed of Aegon the Conqueror and of his sister-queen Visenya, who wielded Dark Sister and rode the dragon Vhagar. Of the valiant Prince Rhaegar who died on the banks of the Trident. I will not die easily. I would not let the Gods have Drogon, and I will not let them have Jon either. .Jon was overcome. Just as his sword swept one away, another two lunged for him. One leapt on his back, wrapping arms with strips of frost-covered skin hanging from bones around his shoulders and nearly sending him toppling over, but Dany plunged her blade deep into its neck. It fell, lifeless, into the snow. For a heartbeat, soul met soul when her violet orbs found his gray, acceptance and agreement flashing wordlessly between them. Together, they laid waste to the wights in the small clearing with the weeping, bloody eyes of the Heart Tree watching over them.“Dany!” Drawing her near with one arm, he crushed her to his chest. She wrapped clinging arms around his middle, and breathed deep, dragging the scent of him into her lungs and holding it there. Her violet hues lowered to the sword at his side.Of a sudden, the world was awash with clarity. Of a sudden, she knew she could delay no longer. It was their only chance, their only hope. The only way.Mother of dragons, daughter of death, bride of fire, slayer of lies…, the voices of the undying ones had rasped in her ears.The visions they had sent her in their House of Undying were rife with riddles and nuances. They had ignored her pleas for explanations, and she had run, and run, and run, ever seeking the red door that would offer shelter. Home lay on the other side of it. It was the first thing she had ever wanted. The only thing she had ever truly wanted. She knew now it was never to be. She knew now it was time to stop searching, to stop running.Daenerys Stormborn was born to die."Mother!” they, her children, her people, had cried in her visions. "Mother, mother!" They were reaching for her, touching her, tugging at her cloak, the hem of her skirt, her foot, her leg, her breast. They wanted her, needed her, the fire, the life, and Dany had gasped and opened her arms to give herself to them . . .She would give herself to them. She was their mother. Mother to dragons, mother to her people, mother to all. Was it not a mother’s purpose to give life? To bring light to chase away the shadow? To give hope when there was none? To provide warmth in the heart of winter? Was it not a mother’s duty to die for her children?She brushed the pads of her fingers over the steel. Valyrian steel. It would be quick. It would be simple. Slowly, painstakingly, she freed herself from the last embrace that she would ever know. It was only fitting that it should be his. He was to be the last. The last Targaryen. Gripping the blade between her hands, heedless of the danger to her palms, she drew back one step, and then another, lifting it until the tip slid up over her belly and to her heart.Jon’s eyes went wide and wild, flooding with silent appeal.“No.” He near growled. “I can’t. I won’t.”“You must,” she whispered over the howling wind. “You don’t understand.”But he did understand. He had always understood, but together they had fought against it. They had denied it with all their hearts, cast away all thoughts of a future devoid of each other. It had not seemed worth the risk until now.“Dany, please.”The gray eyes that she loved so welled with tears. He reached for her, but she stood her ground. The sword pierced the thick fabric of her white coat, and the black of her tunic beneath it, until it pressed into her flesh. It should have been cold, but it was not. It seemed to hum, to vibrate, to come alive. To whisper, to beckon to her to give herself. To give it her fire.Her gaze remained steady on his as she tightened her grip on the blade, blood beading at her breast.“What did you see? When you died? Where did you go?”“Nothing,” he said desperately, his hand hovering in the air. “Nowhere. Dany, please. There’s nothing. You’ll be nothing.”“I have never been nothing. I am the blood of the dragon. Do not fear for me. It is you. It has always been you and you have always known.”Jon shook his head rapidly. With her free hand, she cradled his stricken face, just as he reached for hers again. This time, she let him. She titled her head into his palm, covered as it was with smooth leather, her gaze sweeping him and committing every inch to memory.“Now. For Winterfell. For the North. For your sisters. For all of our people. For the world. You must,” she commanded him, curiously calm.There was no choice but to surrender to inevitability before more lives were lost. Before the dead swept the Seven Kingdoms and destroyed all that was good, all that was living. The both knew it. There was no other way.“Now,” she said again, more gently. “Do it now.”With a hollow scream, Jon Snow plunged Longclaw into Daenerys Targaryen’s breast. She did not hear his wail, but his whispered declaration of love floated to her as if on a warm spring breeze. It was the first time he had ever said it. The first time and the last.There was no pain. There was only a cry of anguish and ecstasy as heat akin to a firestorm burned all that was Daenerys Targaryen away. It built and built until her chest was near bursting with it. She welcomed it. She embraced it. A world of vibrant color formed around her, a promise of what was to come. There was blinding sunlight and endless green. The scent of spring flowers was heavy in the air, mixing with that of the salty sea. The people sang. The people were safe.Blood filled her mouth. She felt it trickle over her chin and freeze as she looked down at the blade, gasping. Jon's fingers threaded in her pale, silver-gold hair. As the man she loved slowly withdrew it, the sword of heroes, with his eyes on her face, it blazed with fire hotter than even a dragon’s flame: it was that of a mother’s love. His face, framed by black sky, was the last face that she saw before her world was extinguished as the wind might snuff out a candle.There will come a day after a long summer when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him. He who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness shall flee before him. ( C ) ▬DRAKANIA

sorry about your ass.

06/03/2020 01:09 PM 

merc rules.

* i tried to keep this short, i really did. but some people just don't know how to act.☄️ / first and foremost, i've a very busy schedule out of character and can't always be here. i ask for some patience and understanding when it comes to sporadic replies from me. rest assured replies will come, it just may take a day or two. possibly even longer if i'm exceptionally busy. i'm much more active on discord even when i have to be away from the site, but it's only available to those who ask privately for it.☄️ / secondly, my profile will always be blank. if this offends you or puts you off in any way, don't even bother reaching out to me. i'm here to get some in-depth connections going, not to make my profile pretty.☄️ / i am always in character during interactions unless otherwise specified with the following marking of ' // '. please know or learn the difference between ic and ooc. when i am speaking out of character, you'll notice i'm a very peppy and outgoing individual! cloud is...decidedly less so. if you can't differentiate between something i say to you as cloud and something i say to you as myself, i will delete you. likewise, i'm not here for drama. if i catch even a whiff of bullsh*t, i will also delete and block you.☄️ / this account will be multi-ship until i decide otherwise. that being said, my iteration of cloud is rather inexperienced in the relationship department and isn't going to be ready and willing to jump into something. your character is going to have to work long and hard to win him over. my preferred ships are cloud/zack, cloud/sephiroth, and cloud/aerith. but i'm more than open to trying out something i never have before!☄️ / i'm currently playing through the remake. i haven't finished it yet; while i don't mind spoilers and am very familiar with the original, keep in mind if you're talking about something that happens in a later chapter of the remake, i may not know what you're talking about.☄️ / for those of you in other verses outside of final fantasy vii, cloud is set on the fictional world of gaia. magic exists, as do monsters, beasts, ghosts, etc. don't take things too literally or seriously. this is rp, after all; we can all do what we want with our creativity.


06/02/2020 10:08 PM 

The Violinist At McDonald's 

At McDonald's     Memories are fragile. They change with every visit. Her smile was the exception, it was one of these free smiles that ran like horses in open fields. I don't know if it was a moonless night, but her eyes held the light of the sun itself. A conundrum. She was both old and young — an ancient soul in a 14-year-old's body. Filled with wisdom and play, she quoted Shakespeare when I asked her name. Peculiar. She bounced between reality and dream, her words on fate and destiny remained a ring in my ear.    I wasn’t sure why I was alone at McDonald's. My bloody knuckles panged when she asked about them. I needed a break from the violin military schedule, but I didn't tell her, or anyone else the truth about my fist. The trouble I caused destroying hotels or disobeying was not enough and landed me with more practice as a punishment. Tearing my suit up taught my father to come with two for the next performance. And, that time where I took a vow of silence that lasted a week, did not stop the military schedule. It just squeezed in a collection of medical doctors that poked at me otiosely. But, that night at Mcdonald’s was the early days of my rebellion against my parents. After I left a dent on the hotel’s elevator door, I was spared practice for a week while my hand healed. My parents believe my attackers robbed me and urged me to kick and not punch next time.     At the age of twelve I was playing first chair. My practice routine was exhausting. What more could I achieve with it? Cosmic recognition?      My parents did not really pay attention to what I said. They only listened to how I played, patrolling for shaky notes. Because those were the core of all our conversation: perfect emotional vibrato. Their extensive knowledge of perfect emotional vibrato was beyond me. It is not like they had the experience, they only played piano. Even Mrs. Valentino, my violin teacher, did not have comments on my vibrato. The truth is I mastered the perfect emotional vibrato at the age of ten. The dramatic modern piece I practiced for the London performance had channeled all my bottled anger — anger my parents skillfully conjured, "lift- LIFT your elbow. Again." , "put your violin down- PROperly! Dinner time.", my mom would say (I wonder if the anger gene is maternal). My father was calmer, he was in charge of how I appeared to the public, he ran my social media accounts and wardrobe.       The classical concerts, however, in Vienna were the ones I enjoyed the most. The performances were soaked with my hunger to float away. Beyond reality, the music rescued me to a magical world where I chased every note like fireflies on the bed of a mystic lake. In the silence of Vivaldi's four seasons orchestra, I searched for whispered secrets of trees; and I watched birds surf the morning wind at every flip of the musical pages. I lived in my own renaissance while the modern world outside my performance suffocated me.     Perfect emotional vibrato, achieved.     She was alone, building a tower of fries on the tray next to a crunched up wrap, the evidence of a devoured burger. I didn't like my burger, but I have always loved the fries. Her focus was incredible. She wore a faint smile that peeked from beneath her honey hair, a summer dress that had colorful flowers that stoped mid-thigh, and a leather black jacket with black Doc Marten's boots. I remember hesitating to approach, my mind had gone blank when I noticed her. It must have been how late it was, past midnight for sure because my performance ended at 11 o'clock, and my parents were freaking out— it had been the first time I ran away, I was 14 and alone on the dark streets of London.      I mustered the courage, eventually, and joined her. “They have good fries,” I said.     “Yeah, they are magical.”      “Like a golden treasure pot."      “At the end of a leprechaun rainbow.” She continued my line while her eyes squinted behind me. I knew she was looking at the famous McDonald’s M.      “Indeed!” I exclaimed incriminating the smiling statue of Ronald McDonald sitting under the arched M. “Big feet and a red nose,” I whispered to her the convincing evidence of our leprechaun conspiracy.      She chuckled. She didn't recognize me at all. I was extremely famous among the circles that my parents kept me in. That was probably why I ended up at McDonald's.      “Do you come here often?”     “Sometimes.” She was looking at me now with curiosity. “What about you?”     "No, just in town for a few." I couldn't tell her about the concert I had played at the National Theater. She didn't know me. No one really did. She didn't recognize me from the posters plastered across the city. I liked that. "I don't go out much."       "You should, London has a lot to offer."      I asked about the things she recommended doing in the city. She told me about her adventures that day and her heroics up north. She never mentioned where up north was. But, she spoke of a lake she leaped along, the mason jar with a grasshopper as a current tenant she kept in her room, of peaceful walks with the trees. She spoke of the wilderness I craved, the freedom I constructed in my dreams.       I do not remember what I told her about me but I remember talking about the buildings in Vienna, the black forest of Germany, the Versailles Castle of France, and New York. The talk of the cities ignited a fire under her. Her eyes flickered with curiosity and adventure.      She had crossed London Tower Bridge, that day, and trailed along the river, near the theater where I was performing. I didn't mention I was there. We spoke in beautiful jazz. I slowly fell in love to our harmonious concerto.      Our conversation warped time, my metronome-trained ear was eluded. I looked at my watch. My inner beast clawed at the cage of discipline my parents hammered daily around me. Then she spoke of being trapped among the trees, how the city is loud with adventure but not the escape she sought. She needed a break; from staying with her relatives, from home. She had run away, too.      We could have just run away that night.      When I told her I understood exactly what she meant, she looked at me, and I felt naked under her eyes. Not the suit or the button-up white shirt, or even my practiced performance face could shield me from her scrutiny. She understood me. It was like we were two peas in a pod only a few hours into our conversation. and we didn't need words to communicate. I saw the cage that locked in her free soul— just like mine.      Our connection was explosive, and we traveled the shock wave together. It terrified me; looking in a mirror that was clearing up to show me my real reflection. But, I was on a courageous defiant spree.      “What's your name?”      “What's in a name?” She hesitated with her reply.I knew she was as terrified as well. All I wanted to do was kiss her. I held her hand by shifting mine after it lingering next to hers all night. My slight squeeze sprouted her smile. She relaxed.      “Do you believe in fate?” she asked with a weak soft voice before I could ask how I could find her.      “Yes.” How could I not? Here I was with the only person that knew the real me. I felt like I had known her for eternity and a few years more. Like we were lost souls that found one another.       Her eyes left my face and looked across the street at the dramatic pose I struck in tonight’s concert poster. She knew who I was. There was this sadness in her eyes when she looked back at me that I never understood.     “If it's meant to be, it'll happen. We will meet again.”       Four years later, I queued up at the same McDonald's in ripped jeans and a white shirt that showed my recent wilderness tattoo sneaking beneath the sleeve. A duffle bag hung in my forearm-casted right hand, and keys to the van parked in a no-parking zone in the other. I had a stub on my face, I've been driving for a week. My hair fell in my eyes from the premature man-bun I aimed to grow — one to match my hippie adventures while shielding me from recognition. And, I wondered looking at the menu board, What was she doing? Where was she? Would fate entangle our paths again? But most importantly, what burger did she devour that night?   


06/02/2020 09:24 PM 

A sweet story on pobery - richness

This is a story of real life, it really changed me, it's perhaps the most beautiful story I came across and it thought me of poverty and humbleness of what a man hold with his all spirit in values.I was in India walking at night after a discourse from my spiritual master, for some reason I love walking alone in the night or swimming so far from the land that nothing can be seen, at that time was pretty naive thinking of myself. This is not a racial story but about a country in India where you would never feel in skin how happy people are in such conditions of poverty.So this man was holding his car, it was a table ontop four bicycle wheels, is how community they make and sale Chain, Indi tea and samosas with pakoras, is a snack made with flower and vegetables, many have a stop and drink in the middle side road, they also chilies and pao, bread to eat it with it. Some make the most delicious shakes, but they all bring the chariot home by pulling it by the two handles on the side.This man was holding his car, one of the wheels was all twisted and he was leaning on a side of a small hill that came down 2 meters. He could have let it go and place it all back again, but of course, to purchase oil again to fry is very expensive. Let say that you could have a full meal for 3 rupees, 40 rupees being one dollar.It's not that I was a good person, any person coming across would have done the same, and the road was so empty you could only hear the crickets, this man cried when I held his car with him and placed it back in the road, he had been there for a long time, simply holding it. At the time, I could understand Indi, not as the rest of the outsiders who only mingled with foreigners, and there were around 5.000 to 3.000 coming in and out in the Ashram. I was the only person who mingled with everyone. And people from India invited me to their homes to eat for simply speaking a few words back in their own land. This man was crying as if I saved his life, I know he was a long time because before night time they all return home.So we walked on the road, the twisted wheel could rotate a little funky but we held it and it all worked alright, a nice hour walk in Koregaon Park, Pune, it was then when we arrived at his village that my eyes went and I started to cry as this man was crying holding his whole life for maybe longer that one hour.His wife came out so worry and happy and his little children too, many children and the wife was so happy she must have never missed him coming so late and must have been so worried. There are not many crimes in India, people don't thieve there either, they are happy in the cast as they are and maybe one a million, but she had reason to worry, and this man was so happy to see them with his work, with his love for all them.Trust me that I felt so miserable with my selfish problems, still feel till today the lack of richness this man has. So never think a poor person is having a bad life or that you are privilege over others to help them, these people can help you so much, on the contrary, these people are gold and pure, simple and all hearted. 

⚡Angel ©

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What If Pt. 3.1

    Finally the bell rang she got up quickly avoiding all eye contact with Will. She threw her backpack over her shoulder, and slid her textbook off the table. She hugged it to her chest and headed to the door. She saw Brian out of the corner of her eye jump run to catch up with her and she also saw Will just leaning in the chair chewing on her pen staring. She turned her gaze to infront of her when she felt Brian try to grab her hand. She made a matrix move to avoid him touching her. She walked to her locker and could see Brian talking to her but she herd no sound her mind was back with Will. Like why did he have to do that like chew on her pen like that. Like why? She made it to her locker and fumbled with the combo she kept nodding and opened the metal door. She sighed watching Brian explain something in great detail when her locker door shut. She jumped dropping her text book on the floor and rolled her eyes turning next to her. It was her little brother Damien. She punched his arm and bent down picking it up. He leaned in pulling off his headphones.   "So can't you ditch this rash? I didn't skip class and come here to see him drool over you. It's bad enough he knocks on the door every god damn day". He pulled out his phone doing the infamous Scully eyebrow the one their family was famous for.   Angel smiled at Brian then looked at Damien still forcing a smile and speaking low.   "Ive tried Damien believe me he wont leave me alone." She felt him tap her shoulder and she looked at him.   "So is that okay?" He asked waiting for an answer. She looked at him and had no clue what he was asking her just then she felt Damien kick her leg and mumble no. She shook her head and shrugged.   "Oh..kay?" She said more as a question. He smiled and looked like he wont he lottery Damien sighed and pressed a button on his phone. Just then the intercom came on and called Brian to the office. She sighed and looked at her brother he flipped his phone around to revele a hack he sent to the principal.   "Brian apparently was caught watching midget p0rn this morning in the library… your welcome."   She smiled at him and shoved her backpack in the locker and pulling out her gym clothes. She saw him out of the corner of her eye. It was Will..she prayed hed walk by but no Damien had to call him over. Little bastard.   "Dude ment to tell you sweet ride" Will nodded watching Angel then looked back to Damien.   "Totally...I should give you guys a ride sometime ..or whatever ...wait what are you doing here you dont even go here." He laughed and chewed on that damn pen. She looked over at him and her gaze caught his mouth for a moment she wished she was that pen. She sucked in a breath and slammed her locker shut. Damien watched his sister and snorted. She shot him a look and walked past them heading down the hall.   " how long you two gonna play like you dont give a sh*t cause its pathetic now"  Will kept staring at her chewing the pen then looked at Damien and shrugged.   "I dunno...people you think you know them one minute and then they like flip it on you." He looked down and back up. "Its totally frustrating .."   "Sure I got you but what if your the one that thinks it changed but in fact they're still the same boring person?" Damien gave him a look. Will glanced back down the hallway watching her disappear.   "I dunno...whatever...hey I got to get to next period so…. I'll see you around...maybe" he turned and walked down the hallway  Damien rolled his eyes and thought for a moment. He wanted to intervien so bad because his sister was miserable and so was Will. And he liked Will. And Brian was an annoying d* was at that moment he devised a plan. He pulled a sharpie out of his pocked at walked to his sisters locker. One quick punch it popped open he picked through it and found her jacket and a sweater shoved in there he pulled them out shutting the locker again. He turned and went in the bathroom. He went to the farthest wall and begain to write on the wall. He smirked at walked out visiting every bathroom until he made it outside. He paused looking for Wills car and walked over to it. He took Angels sweater and jacket and placed them statistically inside the car. He didnt lock it.. He leaned back and took a picture. He smirked and walked back into the school and leaned on the wall. He started opening apps and closing them trying to create the best lie he could. He stopped and blew out a breath..   "Wow that sh*t looks real." He smiled and opened his texting app and dragged the photo in it. He hit send soon everyones phones were pinging in the classroom it was like a symphony of phones. He laughed and smiled. If this didnt bring them together he didnt know what would.  Little did he know this was a catalyst to a beautiful disaster.   Jessica pulled out her phone and opened the message. She slammed her locker and looked at her friend.   "What the f*** are you kidding me." Just then Adam ran up to them.   "Jess the bathroom dude would not believe it…" she gave him a look and pushed him hard into the wall. She walked into the bathroom. She walked over to the wall and scanned it then she found it a message that was written she growled and turned around. When she moved you could see what was written.   "Angel S. And Will.M all the way. Backseat lovers"    "Oh that little bitch…" She stormed out of the bathroom and down the hall. Angel was going to pay. Its taken her almost 2 months and she hadnt even kissed him..she was going to make her regret being born.   Angel pulled her tank top over her head and stopped. Did this shrink? She gave her self a look and pulled it down. She swallowed and felt suddenly naked. Damn she left her jacket in the locker. She crossed her arms and walked out of the locker room into the gym. She stood there and her eyes locked on to him. Jesus christ do we have to have every class together?.   Will stood in the gym and he saw her from across the room and raised his eyebrows. She was wearing a tank top in here? Why was she doing that? She was on display. He couldnt stop staring eather..that top really accentuated what she grew this summer if you know what I mean..and he was a guy so...and she was his.  He could already hear the thoughts of the other guys around him as she was catching the attention of them. This pissed him off. He started walking over there bit then Brian was in his face.    "You know you think your better then everyone because your tall and like every girl wants to date you and everybody knows that. Your like some mystical creature to them. Well couldn't you just let her go? She picked me man….did you have to claim her too? I don't see why you care anyways your dating jessica. " he swallowed and turned walking away and paused. " Don't matter we already f***ed last week so you got my seconds"    Will herd that and he almost snapped the pen in his mouth he was chewing on. Seconds no man theres no seconds when your talking about Angel its only firsts and thats his first. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He could feel the anger rising inside him replaying what brian said and the thoughts of the other boys. He tilted his head and let out a growl. He only opened his eyes when he herd laughter. He looked over and there was brian shorts around his ankles and he was freeballing. He looked at Angel who was staring at Brian. Sh*t sh*t he didn't want her to see that part of him. He stared at her. She didn't sleep with that prick right? Nah hed know he could tell…. He leaned his head back and thats when he felt Jessica hanging on him he looked at her and forced a smile.    She couldn't tear her eyes off brian. She swallowed seeing a part of him she didn't want to know exsisted . She almost puked. She glanced back at Will and saw Jessica hanging on him. Now that wanted to make her puke too Why did he even like her? Yeah she was pretty but damn she thought he valued more then looks. She hated how she was touching him. That was hers..right?  Maybe..but still the way she was all over him made her think they must of slept together. She was being snapped out of her thoughts when the teacher called her name. She walked over. Apparently they were playing a game boys vs girls dodgeball. Great a game she was awesome at. She glanced at Jessica who ran her finger over her throat. Angel swallowed and looked at Will who was still chewing that god damn pen..she still wanted to be the pen.   She suddenly felt a ball hit her back and she lunged forward. She felt the air escape her lungs and looked back at Jessica.   "Sorry Angel.." She said sarcastically. Angel panicked this was a death match and Jessica wanted a piece of her again. She watched the ball fly back and forth trying to avoid it as best as she could. It was when she felt it hit her again she threw her elbow back and hit something. Before she could look she felt her leg come up from under her and she hit the ground. Her knee was screaming in pain and she looked over she hit Jessica square in her nose there was blood everywhere and she was crying pointing at her. She looked up just as Will ran over to Jessica checking her face. Why would he do that...what about me? How could he ignore me? She was getting helped up by the teacher and sat on the bench. She didn't care about her knee now she wanted Will to come check on her. Then she saw it he cradled her face so gently helping her get the blood off.. She couldn't take it she stood up and glared at a rouge ball it was shaking as she was getting more pissed. She blinked and watched it fly across the room and smack him in the head. He made a noise and looked over at her holding his head. He was giving her such a death glare She sat down again.    The teacher walked over with Will and sat him down. She turned her face elsewhere he crossed his arms and spoke calmly.   "Your both in some sh* get it together ..your gonna be called to the principals office shortly..i am surprised in you two.." He shook his head and walked away.   Just then Brian walked up and stood infront of both of them he had his phone in his hand.   "You are a slut you know play innocent but your f***ing him the whole time...I mean at school dont you have any morals...Look I cant be around someone that thinks that low of themselfs."   He flipped the phone around Angel looked at it and grabbed it from him. She felt her mouth open and look at Will. He leaned over and dropped the pen out of his mouth. He grabbed the phone from Angel and stared at it. Brian was getting annoyed and took it back shoving it in his pocket.   "You two are idiots...remember Angel hes still dating Jessica your the whore on the side." He shrugged and walked Away. Will was about to throat punch the little d*ck when he herd his name over the intercom he looked at Angel and held up a finger he reached down grabbing the pen and leaned into her face   "This...this isn't over...were going to talk today.." He gave her another look and walked out.   She sat there in shock..where did that picture come was clearly her and Will in the backseat of his car and she was naked..her jacket was there..she didn't remember do that...she thought it all the time but. She didnt do that. She looked up and as if on cue she felt like the whole class was looking at her. She felt the teacher get her up by her arm and drag her out of class and to the office.   .  


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Resources for Black Lives Matter and Black Out Tuesday

Blackout Tuesday is not about going completely silent. This is not the time to be silent. Blackout Tuesday is about giving up the selfish things in life for a day and focusing on helping the Black Lives Matter Movement by getting urgent information out in the open.Places to Donate ToMinnesota Freedom Fund George Floyd Memorial FundReclaim the Block National Bail Out Black Lives MatterBail Project Black Visions Collective Campaign Zero National Bail Fund Network The Innocence Project Run with Ahmaud  Justice for BreonnaNAACP Organizations to FollowBlack Lives Matter - Twitter / IGColor of Change - TwitterNAACP - Twitter / IGShowing up for Racial Justice - - TwitterReclaim the Block - Twitter / IGEthel's Club - Twitter / IGUnited We Dream - IG / Twitter / Snapchat Numbers to Call & Text Call District Attorney Mike Freeman in Minnesota (612-348-5550) and demand protection for: Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) Tou Thoa (Badge #7162) Text FLOYD to 55156 Text JUSTICE to 668336 Text ENOUGH to 55165 Leave a message for Louisville mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor (502-574-2003) Petitions to SignJustice for George Floyd Active Color of Change Campaigns Justice for Breonna Taylor Justice for Ahmaud Arbery Other things to Do Stream these videos  1 and 2 and keep it on through the ads and the whole way through in the background. The ad revenue is being used as donations. Things to consider: If you are American, remember to register to vote for the November Election to remove Donald Trump and Mike Pence from Office. Do not throw away your vote by writing in a name or voting third party. We are trying to make a change. Use this day to educate yourself on Black History, even if it makes you uncomfortable or sad. History keeps repeating it's self and we need to break the cycle.  Take this day to educate yourself on Martial Law and your rights. Document everything. Do not let anyone bully you into submission.  Watch out for your black/minority neighbors and friends. Make sure they are okay and keep them informed on any local military or police presence, especially if you live in lower-class neighborhoods.  It's okay to ask questions to your black friends. It's okay to want to know more. Be respectful about it. If you are white, understand and accept the privilege you have. Use it to help the people around you.  If you are out protesting, make sure you watch out for undercover cops and keep the people around you safe. Again DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Make sure someone knows where you are at all times. Write the number of a local bail project on your skin, not a friend's number. They can use it to track them down.  Remember what we are fighting for. This is not Black vs. White. This is Racists Vs. Non-Racists. 

black lives matter, blackout Tuesday


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like no one does.

LIKE NO ONE DOES "I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can't I do this one thing for me?"   So he is…. something else, dangerous. Oh yes, he is undoubtedly what you would label as the bad boy with the serpent jacket. Those eyes that could pierce right through you, that smirk lifting at the corner of his lips. God. It wasn't a long conversation, ended too soon if she's honest. But faith… or something was on her side. And she saw him again more quickly… But they scaled up that ladder together, step after step climbing until they arrived at the very top together… boyfriend and girlfriend. Lived a life where she was surrounded by people who faked themselves to the world. Her father…. oh, how he acted like he was blessing on this earth. Excellent and would do anything for anyone. Loving. PERFECT Gave her so much to live up to.— but he's not. He's anything but. They really went through all of that, didn't they? Glancing over at him when she snaps out of her thoughts, looking over at him, tiny grin ghosts over her twin flesh as she leans to brush their nose together. " I always want to be yours, nothing can change that ever. " Soft-spoken voice. Leans even closer to press her lips against his own, passionately moving over his own a hand placed behind his head, curling a fist into his hair. " And I want you to be mine…. forever and a day. You and me, babe. " template created for (c) serpentjuliet


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Looking for roleplay (FxM/FxF)

Im looking for someone that would be down to do a roleplay with me I guess im open to ideas :) If you have any questions, feel free to add my discord SarahWhite#7895 :)


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Prompt ft. HIRAETH


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History and abilities

Clint Barton was an orphan, and ran away from the orphanage as a pre-teen to join the circus as a carnival performer, where he was trained in the use of the bow and arrow by the Swordsman and Trickshot. When he discovered that his mentors were both criminals he rejected them, leading to a beating by Swordsman which left Barton badly injured and hospitalized. Years later, he saw Iron Man in action, and was inspired and decided to become a costumed hero called Hawkeye. However, there is a misunderstanding on Hawkeye's first outing and he is believed to be a criminal, accused of theft.On the run, the naive Hawkeye meets the Black Widow, a spy for the Soviet Union, whom he falls in love with. She tricks him into helping her to steal technology developed by Tony Stark, Iron Man's alter ego. After several battles with Iron Man — who defeats the pair on every occasion — the Black Widow is injured and Hawkeye flees with her, deciding to go "straight" from then on. Hawkeye later "applies" for membership in the superhero team the Avengers, by breaking into the Avengers Mansion and binding and gagging the team's butler, Edwin Jarvis. Hawkeye is accepted, and together with leader Captain America and mutant siblings Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch become the new team when the original members take a leave of absence.Hawkeye remains a constant in the team for many years, and when his bow breaks at a crucial moment decides to use Pym particles to become the second Goliath. During this time, Barton suffers a personal setback as his brother Barney is killed by the villain Egghead, whom Goliath brings to justice. At the conclusion of the Kree-Skrull War Barton resumes the identity of Hawkeye in a new costume, and after a rift with team-mate the Vision over the affections of the Scarlet Witch, he resumes his old costume and resigns from the team. On a whim Hawkeye returns to the Black Widow and briefly battles her current love, Daredevil. Hawkeye then assists the Hulk against the monster Zzzax, and then follows the Hulk back to the mansion of Doctor Strange, where after a skirmish Hawkeye joins the "non-team" the Defenders for a short period.Hawkeye then drifts for a time, returning briefly to the Avengers to attend the wedding of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. Together with the Two-Gun Kid and Ghost Rider, Hawkeye defeats the monster the Manticore before returning to the Avengers to assist when members of the team begin to mysteriously disappear. The remaining Avengers discover it to be the work of the Elder of the Universe the Collector. After his team-mates are all captured, Hawkeye single-handedly defeats the Collector, and joins the team for the final battle against Korvac. Hawkeye's victory is dashed when the Avengers new government liaison Henry Gyrich, limits the roster and replaces him with the Falcon, in an attempt to make the team more "politically acceptable". After initially failing to find work in his civilian identity, he successfully applies for work at Cross Technological Enterprises as Hawkeye, and then battles the Shi'ar villain Deathbird.Hawkeye returns to Avengers mansion several months later for a brief visit "induced" by the heroine Moondragon before then rejoining for a sustained period. It is at this time that Hawkeye inadvertently avenges the death of his brother. The villain Egghead, having been exposed for framing Henry Pym, attempts to shoot Pym but Hawkeye jams the barrel of the weapon with an arrow. The weapon is an energy pistol and explodes, killing Egghead instantly.Hawkeye then meets former S.H.I.E.L.D agent Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, codenamed Mockingbird. She is investigating the company Cross Technological Enterprises, which employs Hawkeye as a security consultant. The company is revealed to be owned by the villain Crossfire, who plans to use an aggression-inducing sonic wave against all of New York's superheroes. Hawkeye infiltrates Cross Technological Enterprises with Mockingbird to defeat Crossfire. During this encounter, Hawkeye takes one of his sonic arrows into his mouth to counter the effects of Crossfire's sonic weapon; as a result he suffers major hearing loss and is forced to wear hearing aids. Hawkeye and Mockingbird fall in love and elope immediately after.At the direction of then-Avengers chair Vision, Hawkeye and Mockingbird establish the team the West Coast Avengers. An adventure through time is significant and brings changes as Hawkeye forges the weapons that the modern hero Moon Knight will eventually use, and Mockingbird allows the Old West hero the Phantom Rider to fall to his death. When Hawkeye discovers this (through machinations of the ghost of Phantom Rider), he breaks off their relationship. Hawkeye then encounters and battles his old mentor, Trickshot and meets and inadvertently encourages a group of minor heroes to form the Great Lakes Avengers. Together with Mockingbird and Trickshot, Hawkeye battles a number of minor villains and then redesigns his costume after being shot by a criminal and battles Los Angeles street gangs.Hawkeye and Mockingbird reconcile, but soon after the robot Ultron kidnaps Mockingbird and copies her brain patterns to create a "wife" — Alkhema (also known as "War Toy"). Although Mockingbird is rescued, she is killed soon afterwards by the demon Mephisto. Embittered by Mockingbird's death, Hawkeye leaves the team (disbanded almost immediately afterwards) and drifts until forced to stop the villain Viper and old mentor Trick Shot. Hawkeye then returns to the Avengers  just prior to the battle with the entity Onslaught, in which the Avengers (including Hawkeye) are apparently killed. Franklin Richards, however, transported them all to a pocket dimension where the heroes led altered lives.  After several months, the heroes learned the truth and they were returned to the mainstream universe. Hawkeye's hearing was fully restored as, when Franklin Richards re-created the heroes in the new universe, he based them on how he remembered them (Hence also restoring Tony Stark to adulthood following his replacement by "Teen Tony" from an alternate timeline.Hawkeye then rejoins the Avengers, and after several adventures resigns to assume leadership of the first generation of the Thunderbolts, who have broken away from the influence of Baron Helmut Zemo. Hawkeye trains the team in the fashion of former team-mate Captain America, and shapes the team into a cohesive fighting unit. There are two significant events for Hawkeye during this period. The first involves entering Hell and battling the demon Mephisto to try and save the soul of his deceased wife, Mockingbird. Hawkeye, however, rescues Patsy Walker, but fails to see Mockingbird. This event gives Hawkeye some closure and he begins a romantic relationship with his Thunderbolt teammate, Moonstone.The team reforms after a series of battles with another version of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye eventually leaves the team, relinquishing leadership to Citizen V, whose mind was under control of Baron Helmut Zemo. Hawkeye joins the Avengers once more, and has a brief romantic relationship with team member the Wasp. Hawkeye eventually dies during the chaos caused by the breakdown of the Scarlet Witch, sacrificing himself to destroy a Kree spaceship and save his teammates.When the Scarlet Witch inadvertently alters reality, Hawkeye is resurrected with no memory of previous events. During this time, Hawkeye joins a Human Resistance operated by Luke Cage and was married to Mockingbird. When a young mutant named Layla Miller gives several heroes - including Hawkeye - the ability to remember, he is horrified at the Scarlet Witch's actions. Hawkeye shoots Wanda in the back with an arrow, and in retaliation one of her recreated children wipes him from existence. When the Scarlet Witch's reality is eventually undone, Hawkeye is still presumed dead, and the recently formed New Avengers find his bow and arrows on the site of the old Avengers Mansion, pinning up an article about his death. Hawkeye is later plucked from time by the Time Variance Authority to serve as a juror in a case involving former Avengers teammate She-Hulk. She-Hulk tries unsuccessfully to warn Hawkeye as to his future.New AvengersUnknown to the New Avengers, Hawkeye was resurrected once reality was restored, and seeks out Dr. Strange, who offers Hawkeye shelter while he comes to terms with his new life. On the advice of Dr. Strange, Hawkeye eventually travels to Wundagore Mountain and finds the Scarlet Witch living a normal life with no memory of her past and apparently without mutant abilities. The two become intimate and Hawkeye then leaves Wanda to her normal life.Once Hawkeye discovers that Captain America has apparently been killed, he confronts Tony Stark, who offers him Captain America's shield and costume. As Iron Man, Stark accompanies Barton — now dressed as Captain America — on patrol. They meet the new Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, defeating the supervillain Firebrand. Barton confronts Bishop about her assumption of the Hawkeye mantle. Unaware of his true identity, Bishop berates Barton and states that she adopted Hawkeye's name to honor him, and that if Hawkeye were alive, she would adopt another name. She also affirms that the "real" Captain America gave her the name Hawkeye and his old bow as a tribute to his dead friend. Bishop's words convince Barton to return the shield and costume to Stark, and condemn him for his role in the Civil War.Barton returns to speak with Dr. Strange, and to protect himself from recognition adopts the identity of Ronin and joins the New Avengers. As Ronin, he accompanies the team on a journey to Japan to rescue the heroine Echo. Echo—the original Ronin—later gives Barton her blessing to adopt her old identity. The pair later begin a relationship.Secret InvasionAfter an alien Skrull ship crashes in the Savage Land, Barton battles and kills Skrulls impersonating Mockingbird and himself. He is reunited with the real Mockingbird during a final battle with the Skrulls.Dark ReignWhile Clint and his wife join up with the New Avengers to search for Luke Cage's daughter, Norman Osborn forms the Dark Avengers with villains assuming the identities of fugitive heroes; Bullseye assumes the identity of Hawkeye. Clint is very much infuriated that those who would exploit their good names take advantage of the invasion. He doesn't even want to wait for the Dark Avengers to show their true colors and wants to fight them immediately. After a failed attempt to lure the Dark Avengers into a battle turns instead into a fight with the Hood's crime syndicate, Clint goes on television, unmasked, and publicly denounces the Dark Avengers, stating that Osborn has formed an allience with the Hood, and urging people to fight against his new regime.ABILITIES:Though he has no superpowers, Hawkeye is still force to be reckoned with. He is a peak-athlete, possessing exception, strength, speed, stamina, and agility. He is a world-class archer and marksman. Hawkeye is also a talented acrobat, performing acrobatic maneuvers that an Olympic gold medalist would envy. He has been trained in hand-to hand combat by Captain America himself, making him an accomplished combatant. Hawkeye is also shown to be a fine leader and strategist.His most famous ability, Hawkeye is able to hurl or fire projectiles with extreme speed and accuracy. He is also able to fire or throw objects against walls or other obstacles, resulting in complicated rebounding situations. Hawkeye is also known for his utilization of several "trick arrows" containing explosives, electrical discharges, nets, etc.As Goliath, Clint used Hank Pym's "Pym Particles" to increase his height and strength.Hawkeye is one of few people able to handle Captain America's shield.Acid ArrowsAdamantium Arrows (often combined with Electrical arrowhead)Blunt ArrowsBola ArrowsCable Arrow (allowing him to swing through the air)Electrical ArrowBlast (Explosive) ArrowFlare ArrowNet ArrowPutty Arrow (adheres to rough surfaces, and can stop exposed machinery)Pym Particles Arrow (increases or decreases the size on an object or opponent)Smoke ArrowSonic ArrowTear Gas ArrowThermal ArrowVibranium Arrow (must have supplement Magnetic, Putty, or Suction Cup arrowhead to stick to target; deadens kinetic and vibratory energies).Vibration ArrowBoomerang Arrowhead (allows an arrow to return to shooter)Magnetic Arrowhead (adheres to metal surfaces; can be added to other arrows)Rocket Arrowhead (boosts range, can be added to other arrows)Suction Cup Arrowhead (adheres to smooth surfaces; can be added to other arrows)And as secret agent Hawkeye, (as I liked to dub him), Hawkeye posseses two M1911 pistols which he can aim with great accuracy. It's not comparable to Deadpool or other master gunsman, but it's pretty close.And Hawkeye has shown that he's also an expert on working with swords and blades, being taught by Swordsman himself.


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Rules blog

Okay I know what you're thinkin'.... another rules blog?? I go through more rules blogs then I do toilet paper on any given day!Well don't sweat it, I like rules just about as much as when my uniform gets shrunk in the wash or I'm hanging off a cliff by only an arrow and if I'm lucky, my teeth. I'll just try ta make sure I don't have so many rules to make your brain cells pop like grape sitting on the rear of Hulk's behind, Like some people I've seen. *cough*Fury*cough*.But these have been updated since last time ya saw me in these familiar purple tights. So if ya do read em, I hope it'll be worth your time and I'll appreciate if ya do.#1: No one liners, I'm a multi para kind of RPer, I'll only reply to you if it's at least a full paragraph, what do I mean by this? Good question!It was morning, and Clint Barton had just woken up and was in the break room, getting himself some breakfast for himself, as he poured himself a cup of coffee. Normally he wasn't the coffee sort of guy, he liked iced tea better among other more healthier options, (and not to much he considered the coffee place the 'geek corner', because all the great scientists seemed to be run on nothing more then coffee). But he had been having some sleepless nights lately, thinking about stuff, going on patrol, trying to fight some crime, and practicing on his archery, so he may not have been a scientist, but he was a busy bee nowadays. So he definitely needed the coffee.Something like that, anything that gives me something to work off of, my brain may not be the size as the tip of my arrow, but I'm not eternal contemplater either#2: Please spellcheck your work, it's okay if you have occasional misspellings, but if don't you capitalize, or if you put it all in big letters, or if it's full of Non English words, I'm not gonna reply to you. None of this.hi, how are U? can we do smoe rp dudde?#3: No autoing or god-modding me, (that's a pretty obvious one.... well, except if you're an idiot, but if you read this, then you're not one of them ;) ). Which basically means.... move your char not mine....  like this:As Hawkeye went towards Red skull he grabbed him by the arm and struck the arrow right through his heart.It should be like this:As Hawkeye went towards Red skull he attempted to grab him by the arm and if he did, he would then take out an arrow and attempt to strike it right through his heart.You are not me, though you probably want to be me, but to that I say.... you'll just have to get your own bottle of awesome.#4: If you create OOC drama.... then I'm seeing a shiny button in your future. It's called the delete button.... sometimes things are just misunderstandings, I will work with you on those, but if you just plain create drama, then you're gone.#5: And refering to the above rule.... don't go spying on me and start spreading rumors about me that you don't have the facts about, I'm just here to RP, nothing more, Hawkeye's one of my favorite characters.... so I couldn't leave on the shelf for long y'know. ;)So if you're here for the above.... then I would say get a life, or better yet, join the FBI, it's probably alot funner there anyway#6: I know, sometimes you girls just can't resist me, (and maybe the occassional creepy guy.... ew), but I don't do the flirt thing just cause I can. It's cool on occasion.... but y'know, just don't drool all over first time around k?#7: I may or may not get Hawkeye into a relationship, I'm very picky about how I choose..... RP relationships are a easy thing to mess up. So I'm not goona get in one unless I know it's gellin'#8: Dudes.... as much as a select few of you may like it.... I just don't do the gay thing. No offense to you, but it's just not in Hawkeye's character.#9: I have a RL too, (a pretty busy one), so please be patient with replies and stuff.And speaking of RL.... if you got yourself all curious and wonder what I do.... I'm not gonna answer you back, just that simple. If I want, I'll tell you, but don't expect it.#10: Oh and no cheap RPing around me. What do I mean by that? I mean being a fair fighter, taking the hits while also dishing them out and now crazy moves that you cna't even imagine your character but do anyway cause it looks cool.For an example I like something like this:A fourth thug came up behind him and grabbed an arrow from his quiver and tried to lunge at Hawkeye's head. Luckily, he felt the arrow being pulled out of his quiver, so he turned around and quickly dodged the shot, grabbing onto the arrow with his hand. He then threw a punch to the guy's head, which stunned him long enough to make him let go of the arrow. Hawkeye then spun around and threw an elbow to the guy's head and quickly followed with a spinning kick to the guy's gut, which knocked him flat on the ground.Instead of this:Hawkeye then saw as he shot a bullet at him and then he went and dodged the bullet before he went and run over to the Swordsman, full speed ahead to land a punch on him. But as he ran right towards him he the got his sword and tried to slice Hawkeye just as he came right in front of him. Hawkeye then went and ducked his shoulder in, dodging the slice.See what I mean? If you imagine that scenerio in your head, doesn't make sense, so just make sure your posts before you post them ask someone else for advice if you need it. Even I need to ask advice once in a while, (believe it or not), so unless it hurts your squishy soft ego to ask, then ask. XP But point is just be fair.#11: If you sign my rules I'll sign yours, cause that's how I roll.#12: And the most important rule of ALL!....... Have fun! This is why I'm here. I think often times, people forget this rule because of say, drama, or maybe other goals people somehow deem as more important. But the point is guys...... have fun!#13: PSYCH! You thought I was going for the Baker's dozen didn't ya?? Well I hope you weren't betting any racehorses on it!If you have read these rules, please sign them so so I know you have. Thanks for adding me and reading my rules guys! I hope to have alot fun with y'all. ;)


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What's in a Name? (C.S)


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come out of the woods. cs

i can hear the forest breathe – the way it sighs when the air passes through. like a song that never wants to end. like a whisper that knows i will hear it even though others never could. it’s almost sensual, the way predators circle their next meal, biting, claiming, glimpses of the pursuit, dragging prey deeper into the forest. he ventured into the bosk, stepped on disfigured shadows cast by the canopy above, followed disembodied promises; time stood still and he waited for someone to find him.

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