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06/06/2020 01:53 AM 

Vanaheim's Door

Vanaheim's Door   Guidinne /1620013 The lush green carpet that covered the earth was so welcoming to her bare feet. She skipped along near the outskirts of the settlement and the tall woods that seemed so dark and mysterious. A solitary light kept blinking beyond the canopy of trees that barred her way from seeing was what really out there. Slowly she began to gather her skirts. The little girl with golden strands that fell down her back began to creep on her toes toward what lay out there in the forbidden area. Nobody would see her. She was looking here and there to make sure she was unhindered.She had just a few more steps just as the light was getting brighter. How did no one not see all this? The child was bewildered momentarily as she was just about to dip into the grove of trees to disappear. “Rebekah! Where are you going?” The voice of her older brother Elijah immediately made her freeze in her tracks. “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to go out there?”Her shoulders dropped and so did her tiny chin. Rebekah Mikaelsdottir was a mischievous princess of some five summers now. Her brother Elijah was practically a grown man. He was at least 15 by now. Rebekah thought he was practically ancient! “Elijah! Oh I’m not going anywhere.” She lied and it was a poor one at that. It couldn’t be helped however. The light shot out of the canopy of trees just behind her brother suddenly making her bounce on her toes.The curious look on her older brother's face darkened when she was looking at something past him. Elijah turned and looked behind himself. All he saw was the same trees he’d seen hundreds of times before. “Come with me Little Sister.” Elijah held out his hand for her.Rebekah started to obey her brother when she saw another shaft of light shoot out of the trees behind him. She grabbed up her skirts and started to run. Elijah would likely scold her later, that would be if he could catch her. She was fleet of foot and nimble. She could fit in smaller places he could not. She could hear him yelling at her. She was giggling as she ran faster to the source of the light.  Her right hand pushed back a low hanging branch to reveal what she saw. This was a clearing in the middle of the forest with tiny lights swirling around her. Rebekah took several steps toward the tiny lights. Their pattern was a perfect repeating circle. She could hear the tiniest bit of laughter coming from circle. Bright azure hues opened in wonder as she watched the display around her. She extended her right hand to try and make contact with them. At the point of the child’s right index finger the circle of laughing lights scattered as though they were dust in the wind.The faint echo of what sounded like a frog sitting in the base of tree distracted her from the laughing lights. Laying her skirts down to protect her knees, she kept looking for the hidden frog on all fours. Flowing golden hair touching the ground was the backdrop of the tiny face looking downward in the base of the tree for the source of the noise. Before she could get down far enough, the pattering sounds of miniscule feet came in her direction startling her. Rebekah fell backwards on her rump laughing delightfully.There was a faint breeze that warmed the Mikaelsdottir as she sat there. Longish golden eyelashes wrapped over themselves as she allowed herself to feel embraced by this magical place. Perhaps the gods that Mother spoke of had opened the gates to Vanaheim to let the fairies and sprites play with her on this day. She kept her eyes closed enjoying the warmth of the breeze. Slowly she could feel herself drifting off to sleep.She felt firm arms around her waist. Tiny arms encircled his neck on instinct. Elijah had found her. She knew that dark hair and the smell of the forest that was her elder brother anywhere. “You had me worried Rebekah. Don’t do that again.”A yawn tickled the corners of her mouth causing her jaws to part. Her little feet that had loved the feel of the grass between her toes were dangling against the young man’s chest as he carried her. Her belly was against his chest. She nestled in the space between his head and his shoulder. “I’m sorry Elijah.” She whispered.He smiled gently because he was happy his sister was safe. He carried her protectively over his shoulder making his way toward their family's dwelling. With an uplifted brow, he had to ask her the lingering question. “What did you find out there little Sister?” Elijah had heard her laughing which had brought him to where she was curled under the Great White Oak sleeping soundly.She didn’t answer. The Mikaelsdottir was her father’s golden princess guarded vigorously by her brothers Niklaus and Elijah. Kol was a worm who would often get her into trouble. Elijah and Niklaus were her heroes. She kept this small glimpse into Vanaheim a secret for 10 centuries to come.  “We are the definition of cursed, always and forever.” credit: james kriet

Π²Ξ±Π²Ρƒ тєℓℓєя (ΠΌ&β„“) Ρ•ΞΉΡ”ΠΊΟƒ

06/06/2020 01:52 PM 


Disclaimer: I’m not Dove Cameron nor to I clam to be. I have never met Dove and I know she doesn’t have time for role player. I’m just using her as my play by for Dizzy Perri-Ocean Teller-Morrow-MuioDrama: No ooc drama ooc (out of Character) or hate or bullying. If you don’t likes something about me please have the guts to tell me.Bullied: I will not let anyone bully me like some people or persons did on Village and now again Discord, I get bullied because my writing isn’t Novella yet. I am nor perfect writing I don’t know who is. My grammar isn’t perfect either. And if you don’t like how I write please tell me.Discord: I will not being posting my discord because I’m not going to let anyone guy or girl bully me or complain about my writing. I am not be perfect with my writing I’m working on my writing.Character: Drizella *Dizzy* Perri-Ocean Teller-Morrow-Muio is the daughter of Gemma Teller-Morrow and Clay Morrow she is the baby sister to Jax Teller and Juice Ortiz. She is best friends with Harry Hook son of Captain James Hook or Killian Jones.Verses: Main verse is Sons of Anarchy all 7 seasons and i will crossover into Titanic and Once upon a time. Dizzy is a very Au character. No telling me to control my character.Lengths: Para to Multi. I have been working on my writing since Myspace days. So if you don’t like my writing or how i write don’t add me its the simple.Sex: I will rp sex with every single guy on this site because guys think I’m easy and will give them what they want well I’m not easy and i will not give any guys what they want only my husband and boyfriend so guys get a life and hobby.Real Life: I am now starting to walk and I do get busy and distracted so I do post what i am doing so people who care know about it. I am hoping to get back to normal but I still have to wait and see on that.Sign my rules with a gif of your favorite Sons of anarchy or Descendants characterDizzy

Icy Fae

06/05/2020 10:38 PM 

Owes List

Owes:Mira (6/5)Owes me:Aerwyna(6/5)Discussion:Cassius/Riona/Josephine (Not sure which character yet. Just started discussing) 


06/05/2020 10:24 PM 


Pregnancy hormones man, Kevin didn’t know if he could take much more of ‘em and they had just gotten started; one minute Nazz was good, the next she was sobbing/fuming; one second she wanted to cuddle on the couch and five later, wanted Kevin on the opposite side of the country – hot cold, cold hot - the wishy-washy emotions were giving him goddamn whiplash and after the blow-out they’d had over a text message Ashley Armsbruster randomly sent to his phone; he’d been out on a bender with Lars – two days strong as they’d found yet another volatile and large in mass of bodies party, located evenly between Townsville and Peach Creek’s border.Always a ‘doesn’t play nice with others’ kind of kid, there was always a twenty five percent probability bringing Kevin to a crowded setting would end in some form of dramatics, his impulsive and aggressive nature seemingly had a tendency of stirring up trouble but throw in a drug c*cktail, several bottle of jagger and a stressed out mind-set - bringing him, especially in the company of a male borderline mirrored of his own essence was undoubtedly damned to a confrontation with anyone who even humored the chance, doomed to destruction and despair in the end,In retrospect, he might’ve been less prone to lashing out physically had he not sucked in a few lines of cocaine to the brain; the uppers had always been to Kevin what hard liquor was to most, never settled well with the already hyperactive and spiritually agitated nineteen year old – took him to a whole different level of antagonistically beligerinent.Nobody could recall just what had kick-started the fight, if it had been something Ed done or something Kevin did – hell, Kevin wouldn’t even be able to recall even registering Ed’s presence whenever he came down from cloud ninety-six, there wasn’t too much about the last two days he would be able to but; the fight had been kick-started – the goofy dork verse the cynical jock; one swing after another being exchanged as Lil Boosie blared through speakers in the large abode, definitely only further provoking the violence through its vibe.It’d been an accident and one that’d truly strike an unfathomable amount of guilt and regret within’ the male – he’d been so tunnel-visioned on the taller male he’d been towering over, swinging one left hook after a right, so in the moment – when he’d felt someone pounce on his back, instinct kicked in and he’d reached over his shoulder to flip the culprit over; hammer fist delivered to their eye – mere seconds before his awareness or anyone in the drunken audience had time to step in.Through past endeavors with Ed and his two buddies, one couldn’t truly blame the male for automatically assuming the one who’d jumped on his back had been one of ‘em – but at the end of the day, it didn’t matter what he’d thought, he’d definitely just dotted May Kanker’s eye and not one of the Eds and not just publicly but on about twenty five different video recordings – all capturing the moment of Kevin Palazzolo signing his own death certificate, the very minute Lee or Marie caught wiff of this, it was going to be over for the dude – whether he deserved it or not. Most fuxked of the entire situation - - he’d hit the one he liked the most, definitely would’ve been less consumed with regret/guilt had he socked Lee or Marie but May? Nah, the girl was a gem in his book, in more ways than one, admittedly so.Eyes widened as he heard Lars’s verbal adressment, “Bro- - we gotta go.. Holy fxck!” It was a statement more intended to announce his approaching arm grab than anything - last thing Lars wanted to do was fuxk his completely trashed friend up for getting froggy with him too. “Shxt may, man….” He muttered, watching as the female had collected herself up off the ground, “F u c k you, Kev!” She screeched, one hand covering her assaulted eye and the other swinging forward so long nails, half-chipped with bright orange polish could swipe across his face, few top layers of flesh on his cheek being skinned right off; low hiss of pain won.“May, I’m sorr-“ He began, Lars continuing to grasp his arm to prevent him from following the blonde still screeching hatefully and rightfully so at him, “STAY THE FUXK AWAY FROM ME!


06/05/2020 08:46 PM 

task 67

Santa Monica Beach Playlist:Summer Vacay.1). New Kids on The Block- SummerTime - LFO- Summer Girls - Cole Swindell - Chillin' It - Luke Bryan - Drunk On You - Luke Bryan - Crash My Party - Jake Owens - Barefoot Blue Jean Summer Night - Luke Bryan - She Gets Me High - Dylan Scott - My Girl - Bryan Adams - Summer of 69' - Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry -


06/05/2020 08:48 PM 


before you read this, please know that i am aware there are huge issues going on and i will continue to speak out against them. i am aware that i brought this upon myself, but given the unnecessary claims made by this person and traumas of my past that were brought up in such a way that made it seem like i was complicit, i feel that anyone who read OLIVE's blog should read this for clarification. if such claims weren't made, maybe i'd be taking the higher road and messaging her personally, but here we are.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hi olive or alex. before i start on what i do have to address, i wanted to say that the reason i didn't say anything when you were around was because i wasn't on site until after you were reason for even mentioning you had more to do with the doxxing situation and the fact that you shamed others for not leaving this site immediately is why i posted that status in the first place.that being said. you tend to avoid adding me back if i am trying to add you or say anything, every single time (and it's worth mentioning that i can't keep track of anyone's alts. i don't even know my closest friends' alts half the time). i knew you were alex from the start but i didn't really care, and jameson was convinced it wasn't you until maybe a month or so ago. we attempted to be civil, share each others' stuff around, etc. until one day you and bentley deleted me out of nowhere. and would then add my alts and delete me, i suppose, as soon as you figured out it was me, which i found confusing since we, especially bentley, seemed to be fairly okay with sharing each others' stuff out. hell, i even tried to give another best friend of yours a few uplifting words once when she seemed to be going through it until she randomly deleted me as well, which begs the question, what on earth has alex been saying to these people in regards to all of us? obviously, i couldn't address you directly given you would always avoid it, and if bentley ever added me on an alt after i came to that conclusion, i would have happily asked him myself, but that never came to i know i'm digressing. was i a bit irate? yes. imagine coming back on and being told that you were shaming people for not up and leaving this site immediately. i am sorry that you were banned, but still. as a POC myself, the holier-than-thou attitude that i occasionally would see on stream throughout any account of yours was evident, but that definitely didn't sit well with me. i would have called you out by name whether you were still on site or not, and i figured the message would get back despite me saying i did so because you "were gone."1) i won't go and provide a list of the people who have time and time again stated that you have stolen from them. one such incident that comes to mind in my experience was genevieve's storyline suddenly changing to being an ivy league hacker whose father was some giant kingpin or something of the sort, conveniently when that was all auden's (my former halsey face) m.o. i was mad about it at the time, and i can't go on to say what genevieve's storyline was before that because i frankly cannot remember. at the time, matty/jameson asked me not to go off because you two were hashing things out by your own request (before you inevitably deleted him and continued that weird cycle of befriending and deleting). but i clearly put that aside to try and be civil despite knowing who you were as olive because ask anyone who knows me on here: i tend to forgive fairly easily and put petty drama behind me.and just because you hail yourself as non-problematic, i'll just point out the fact that as genevieve, you constantly alluded to your manipulative, toxic ex, made passive aggressive statuses aimed at matty, and seemed to suddenly have this vendetta against halsey on your status every other day WHILE YOU WERE TRYING TO HASH THINGS OUT WITH MATTY AT THE SAME TIME. YIKES INDEED.2) accusing jameson of keeping tabs is false. the first time he brought it up was when he befriended one of your best friends and wanted to be upfront about who he was to avoid any unnecessary drama, and to avoid having that friend randomly delete us after befriending us BECAUSE THAT SEEMED TO BE THE RUNNING THEME WITH YOU AND MOST OF YOUR FRIENDS. said friend insisted you weren't alex and whether it was by her own naivety over the matter because she's a very sweet person, or because she was protecting your identity, i don't know. the fact that you were so adamant to lie about it was what puzzled just about anyone who knew it was you, which is why he brought up seeing you change your icons in one of the MANY times you "extended an olive branch" and tried to befriend him again.the fact that you were so nice to him on olive and shared his stuff was the reason he insisted it WASN'T actually you, because "alex would never."like i said, i knew it was you, but jameson vehemently denied it so i agreed and dropped it. even so, i attempted to be supportive because i, too, had come back to roleplay around the time you made olive after a hiatus of about three months and wanted to start over.3) this is the thing that really made me want to address this publically because god, it does not sit well with me. bringing Santi up. yes, "oh the one with the nudes, remember that guys??" because holy sh*t the way you worded that really made me recoil after all the mental abuse i suffered at the hands of that person. and claiming matty and i got together right after is "sus" is just as disgusting. so, a bit of context:i met santi as leo in an rpg. we were together about eight months, i don't know. when that rpg disbanded is when we met jameson, alex, etc and it was my first time on freelance. now, plenty of my friends, especially the ones who saw it and have known me for over a decade, saw the horrible gaslighting and manipulation that went on. santi came to me at a time just after my grandmother died, my mother got into a horrible car accident, and my boyfriend irl and i broke up. i was a wreck and he seemed to be the one person who was there through it all. for months, i defended him against those very friends that i've known forever even when they pointed out that something as simple as the way he talked to me wasn't right, and i didn't see it. and i know a lot of you have seen that similar claim by people who have cut santi off recently.i can still access the screenshots on my old discord. santi at the time, being the drama lover that he is, came to me stating that he believed matty was cheating on alex. i told him that he needed to stay out of it because it wasn't his place, and he insisted because santi and alex had become friends. i was friendly with alex, and i don't know the degree to which they became friends, but he seemed to think it was his duty to do so, so he made a group chat with alex and brought me into it without my permission and proceeded to bring up irrelevant screenshots over the matter. in this chat i insisted over and over again that i was sure matty wasn't cheating on her and that i was positive he loved her because she assured me that she was positive that matty did not.then the next day, alex deleted and matty messaged me very angry over the matter. then a few hours later, alex remakes, gets back with matty, and sends me a message stating that i lied to her about a misunderstanding and that she never wanted to speak to me again. now, i, wanting to protect santi KNOWING that his reputation was sh*t, messaged matty on a separate account apologizing and saying that i was the ONLY one telling alex all of this information, and showed him screenshots where i told alex that i didn't think he was cheating. i deleted ALL of santi's messages saying the opposite because i wanted to protect him. because even up until then, i was pretty much broken by the disgusting person behind a screen.PROOF 1 | PROOF 2matty and i became friends after that talk, and he was still with alex, and we were never romantic. matty was ultimately the person who talked me through the mental abuse i CONTINUED to suffer at the hands of santi and helped me finally have the courage to get rid of him. imagine eight months of losing friendships and being polarized from people you love on this site, and ultimately being afraid to drop a toxic ship because you felt, and that person continued to remind you, that you would have nobody if you were to leave. it wasn't until weeks later, after SANTI AND I had broken up, that jameson and i realized we were compatible as writing partners, and even then, we didn't jump the gun and get into a relationship. it was organic, which is why we've remained close to this yeah. needless to say, addressing all this drama is unnecessary given the state of everything. but i will not sit here and let you passive aggressively slander myself and jameson and make horrible claims while insisting that you are being "adult" about it. bringing up jameson's other ex, especially one who put HIM through arguably worse trauma on this site (given that his name was being dragged through the mud over lies about his REAL LIFE) is disgusting. but some of those assumptions were already solidified because of all the stuff you'd tell your friends about him.also, "ollie" or "nik" as they are now known is one of my best friends irl, as i lived in the same area as them until recently. and in case your friends don't get the message to you, in regards to you reaching out on twitter, they wanted to say "i'm good" and don't appreciate you bringing them up in your final words are: your inability to hang on to most friends and claims that you "don't trust" people is sus in and of itself. i tend to observe those who are able to keep their friends versus those who compulsively make and delete accounts after ships and friendships fail, aka you. i find it very telling.cheers.

in cold blood.

06/05/2020 08:14 PM 

Dear Olive.

** since you disabled comments, so will i.with everything else going on in the world, this is the stupidest f***ing thing i can fathom responding to. i said that i would not be responding because of the asinine, manipulative, and gas lighting in the blog post but - it's not the first time she has tried to slander me and i'm tired of the bullsh*t.irrelevant writer drama: i have never taken this place seriously. i have never LEGITIMATELY cared to let ship's rule my life, because i'd rather invest that energy in my real life relationships. some people do not do that, so that's fine - and i apologized in the past for " cheating " on a fake relationship. it's just kind of strange that i've been in multiple ships before and after that one, and no one else seems to have any objections or complaints after so many years. i'm still confused as to why that. . . .was brought up?since we're bringing up irrelevant details to try to slander my friends and myself, here's some more irrelevant details to counter with: in the year after me and Alex/Olive stopped shipping, we had an on and off friendship. one day it would be cool and she'd joke around, we'd stay up until 5am giving our FBI agents on our phone a thorough backstory, and SHE went out of her way to bring up how they would be shocked at the smut we used to write while she was in a ship elsewhere etc. little things like that. then eventually we'd just lose contact.think it's awfully gross to pride yourself on being " single ship " and to try and white knight everyone in the situation, when you, yourself, have created burner accounts behind others backs back when we were friends, and in present day. the only reason we MET, was on an account where she had been secretly shipping with me ( remember Arial and Mat? ) unbeknownst to her husband on her other account, Alex.THE ACTUAL POINT : you are a liar. a complete and total liar. your blog starts with "it's no secret that i was Alex," but that is only stated because you cleared the air LAST NIGHT with your friends - who don't seem too happy.through the years, i have had random people block me who were friends with the account that she was on at the time. people in her friend group have always seemed to be right front and center when i comment on any issue completely irrelevant to her in roleplay(i.e. when i post something about how i don't understand why people get so heartbroken over roleplay relationships when they are not real. weird correlation.) and they'd be ready to share statuses opposing my thoughts or insert themselves into the situation for little to no reason.recently, i met one of her good friends(who i will not name, as she has named our old mutual friends for some reason) and we formed a bond over our characters and storylines very quickly, then i noticed that she was best friends with Olive/Alex. that doesn't bother me. that has never bothered me. but i was upset that someone who i saw a potential great storyline with might blacklist me over bitterness of a former ship, and i told her that. i told her that i understood if she did not want to continue speaking, to which she was very understanding and went out of her way to message Olive/Alex WITHOUT ME ASKING HER TO, to try and squash the beef so we could all coexist.what was the response? "he has me confused with someone else." and "that's not me." and her friend, who supposedly is VERY close to her, had no idea that Olive was previously Alex. that struck me as odd, and i didn't care to try and convince her any further 1) because i just don't f***ing care and 2) because she expressed stress of people before who Olive/Alex fought tooth and nail over her identity with. it's just kind of strange to say it's not a secret, but your friend had no why did i comment on her identity the other day? because it was expressed to me that she was participating in the doxxing of the account owners, and that isn't cool. the photos included their children. that is, no matter how sh*tty the admins are, not okay and a dangerous thing to do.anyways, really not sure why i am being accused of being gross for ' keeping tabs on her ' when i have only ever thought about or noticed her when she gets brought up and her friends are zeroing in on me, or she's telling people i'm a cheater after years of not speaking. i don't have "proof or screen shots" of her changing her discord handle, i literally told someone i didn't have the proof of that so i didn't think it was worth ever speaking on.also, i never told Stella to compare me at protests to you. i even went out of my way on her status to say that i didn't condone people thanking me for that. it was the human thing to do and not a fighting point.this is the single most idiotic thing i can imagine fighting about right now. all i can really say after all of these years is: go f*** yourself, and stop trying to manipulate people into thinking you're perfect. wish you well tho.EDIT: i'm just now realizing you brought up an ex ship on here. someone who ruined my life and traumatized me. telling everyone to look at that. you are f***ing scum and i regret how formally i typed this. f*** you. my blog proving all of that is still up, to this day. for someone who studied so hard to become a therapist, you are the least empathetic and most toxic person i have ever known. get f***, to BENTLEY regarding his post: i never added her accounts KNOWING they were her. until right before meeting her friend, i was sure it WASN'T her. any time i added an account was pure coincidence from spam adding through the new members. i hope one day you realize who she is. this can be proven with MANY screenshots, should you need them.


06/05/2020 08:08 PM 


hi! quick foreword! as i am unable to access the site at this time, i urge anyone with questions about THIS particular matter to message me ( on discord ) or other witnesses privately because it is both wrong and counterproductive to spread or entertain damaging assumptions or misinformation about a matter without alternative perspective, especially when many witnesses have had their ip address banned and are unable to publicly comment / actively defend this sentiment.  now, the matter i am choosing to discuss are the claims of pinky prince ( ditzy prince ), in which he stated he was banned for speaking publicly about his stance against bullying and that members of the group chat had used homophobic and hateful slurs toward him. these claims are both false. he also wrongfully claimed a member named ryan was actively bad-mouthing others which was not only a lie but an act of revenge, as prince's actions toward ryan were ultimately the reason he was banned. you'll notice he singled him out specifically on a public status which is typical if someone is seeking to destroy the reputation and credibility of another - that is a classic, manipulative maneuver and should not be discounted. on the night of the second, users in the gc participated in a voice chat that prince entered and sat idly within. the nature of the chat was innocent. we discussed music, shared pictures of our pets, talked about food and viral videos. ryan was very vocal on this chat, making his ooc gender obvious and putting him on prince's radar. prince did not actively comment on any of the small talk / banter that was happening between each user, but instead was tagging ryan specifically to comment on his voice and make 'innocent enough' attempts to flirt. he said things to the nature of "you have the cutest voice ever" and "you should be a voice actor..." and "you're the cutest black guy ever," which were completely off base and became inappropriately persistent. also, to be as transparent as possible... the nature of any topic prince did bring up / attempt to discuss was incredibly lewd and not a single member felt entirely comfortable entertaining said topics. he discussed / brought up his ooc sex work ( which i do not judge but also did not find exactly appropriate or pertinent ), sugar daddies, and very off-putting stories i.e. a tik-tok about a woman's rancid genitals. both the chat and ryan did not engage or encourage this ( except very briefly / awkwardly as to remain inclusive and NOT incite exclusion ) and given that and the incessant flirting, ryan's cadence became noticeably uneasy and many within the chat began to take heed but all felt unsure as to how to proceed. now, this is where i must veer away briefly to add some context as i have had my own experience with prince in a private chat. when prince added me on discord ( i'd say about a month and a half to two months ago ), he prompted our conversation by sending me a list of his rules. as a fellow writer, i read these rules as i respect the presence and notion of rules but noticed the context of them to be less about typical ooc / ic formalities and more about sex / consent... again, i did not judge this and let him know that i read and understood them. to this, he immediately made an advance that seemed, again, 'innocent enough' by kissing my character on the cheek. i felt extremely uncomfortable by this and promptly explained that i wrote as a straight male because somehow that line had seem to become blurred. he did not preface this interaction by asking my sexuality or even my consent for said advance and furthermore excused it by saying "i kiss all of my friends" although we'd just met. i did not think this was grounds for deletion and excused it as i have always given people the benefit of the doubt and i will admit entirely that he NEVER made another advance like that again, however, in later chats i began to notice a trend in revenge-seeking behavior and my keeping him around became an act of placating him so he wouldn't turn hostile as he claimed he puts CURSES on people who cross him or his friends, one of which he admitted to being a close friend of mine. this was from 5/23/2020 and if i still had this user on discord ( i deleted him on the 3rd ) i would absolutely validate this with a screenshot. i did not think this would be necessary or that it would come to this, so i was not prepared. i did, however, send this to my friend the day of because they were a known ex li to the person whose name has been doctored from the sentence. i understand because this isn't a screenshot it may pose as irrelevant so take it with a grain of salt. "boy honey,Today at 1:48 AM I place curses on people that hurt ______. [1:49 AM] Or anyone else close to me :3" now, i will admit i missed the very brief beat in the group chat where this was all prompted / initially brought up on the 3rd ( i must have missed mere minutes worth of messages ), but i did, however, witness the subsequent discussions that took place. one of which being when ryan voiced that he did in fact feel uncomfortable with prince's efforts and that he felt that they were inappropriate. we all agreed ( when i say all i mean all present as there were 75 people total in this chat and generalizations can be very misleading... ) and to this, olive, who moderated the chat, made the decision to remove him from the group BUT explained why in a direct message to prince that we all were shown and in agreeance with. in fact, he messaged HER at first attempting to get unbanned and was explained to why and how that decision was necessary. olive even briefed said decision by asking all active members if it was the right decision and everyone present including myself said yes and then continued to share our own unique experiences with prince's 'innocent enough' advances... which are NOT okay and are extremely manipulative as they force the recipient ( as described in my anecdote ) to question the validity of their discomfort. his actions teeter between innocent and calculated as prince has a very boyish / trusting demeanor but his words always carry the veil / premise of sex and flirtation. what he did and how this writer chooses to operate is wrong, and i urge all reading to understand that. he has a trend with revenge-seeking behavior and has piled a multitude of lies on top of secondary narratives to give credibility to his. the discomfort we all felt from prince's behavior was valid as was the discomfort we felt during our individual experiences. i have seen people entertain his blatant lies to help paint / build a narrative that has not been proven nor discussed with witnesses / alternative pov and the fact that so many writers have entertained hearsay to defend something so damaging and serious is absolutely appalling. predatory behavior should NOT be taken lightly and we should ALL want to protect each other against that and WANT to seek the truth when rumors and claims as his reach the forefront.   *this is my pov and personal experience alone and am choosing to remain anonymous for reasons stated previously. he will likely out my identity once he is shown this but again, i cannot actively defend myself or any secondary claims / rebuttals that will be publicly made by the writer discussed and i fear his imminent hostility / attack and the threat of 'curses' or harm to my being. i have tried to remain entirely objective and stay 100% on topic in this statement though i do apologize if any of this reads as scattered or hard to follow. thank you all!

⚑Angel ©

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What If Pt. 3.2

As she was brought into the principals office she saw Will come out and look at her. Her gaze dropped to that f***ing pen he was chewing on. He smirked and winked at her as she went into his office. She sat down and tried to smile."Miss Scully...this is unusual to be in my office. But it's come to light that you and William are getting somewhat in some sort of trouble...from him pantsing Brian to you elbowing Jessica. You know the school's stance on bullying. We've always treated you two with special circumstances per your parents request but this time ..youve got 3 weeks detention starting tomorrow after school. Ive already called your parents…"He looked down and she stood up she wanted to protest but was to occupied thinking about Will. She walked out and went down the hall to her locker. She spun the combo and it popped open. As it did a folded piece of paper fell out. She looked around and picked it up. She could everyone whispering about her and it pissed her off. She unfolded it and raised an eyebrow. It was from Will he wanted her to meet him in the basement in the boiler room She slammed her locker and started up the stairs. What she didnt know is she dropped the noteThere are certain places in life. Certain places where only certain people go. Like, there's this line that you know not to pass. Like, there's this boiler room, in the basement by the north exit, where only certain people go. For only one reason..... She opened the door and snuck in praying no one saw her She let the door shut behind her and walked deeper in the room looking for him. She spotted him he was in the back still chewing on that pen. She crossed her arms and stared up at him."Well what?" She said a little annoyed. He pulled the pen slowly out of his mouth and looked at her tilting his head. It didnt pass him.knowing where he asked her to go..this room is where dreams and mistakes.were made. He cleared his throat."Look this needs to just stop like...that picture I dont even know where that came from..I mean id deffinantly remember if we did something like have no idea." He felt a smile come upon his face. She gave him a glare."Will cut it out everyones seen it...theyre talking about me..that is mortifying..they think I just slept with you amd your here smiling about it..let me guess guys score.points with that….Brian called me a whore in class like anyone coulda herd its gonna be all over school..and then what? " She crossed her arms feeling her bottom lip tremble at the thought. She didnt care honestly about what the school thought she didnt want him to start thinking she was.He looked at her and saw her lip go..god damn it!. He took a couple steps forward and pulled her to him he wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on her head. He could feel her move closer to him she was in what she called her spot.He took a deep breath and could smell her shampoo..she smelled like vanilla and oranges? What...he closed his eyes for a moment taking this in….. .how soft her skin was how good she smelled how perfectly she fit in his arms. She started to get a weird feeling inside. Like she wanted him to hold her longer like tomorrow the next day… he opened his eyes and glanced down at her and she looked up. He swallowed and spoke softly pushing some of her hair behind her ear."You know your none of those things right? Like I mean ...not to me anyways and I know you." He said his voice cracked . she stared at him transfixed and just able to nod."Yeah.." She breathed out.He leaned down slowly and shefelt his lips inches from hers. Their breath mingingling together. He let out a small breath and whispered"Never to me" he pressed his lips against hers softly at first but then more pressure.She didnt know what to do with her hands so they stayed against his chest she stumbled slightly back and he followed her she felt her back hit the wall in the corner. He brought one hand to her face and held it softly. His head was spinning this was theyre first kiss..well first adult kiss He didnt want it to be in the boiler room at school but then he didnt plan this eather. He could feel how soft her lips were and how warm her skin was. Then he felt it..she deepened the kiss. It took him by surprised but he welcomed it. She didnt know what came over her all she knew is she wanted to know what he tasted like...pen...and coffee..she only ever seen french kissing on tv but thought if she was going to try it was only ever gonna be him. She felt his body press against hers to create no space what so ever..she was moving her hands up his stomach to his chest when she herd it and pulled back breathing heavy. He felt her pull back and smiled until his eyes grew wide. It was Jessica how the f*** did she find him."Will..there you are..I got your note"she held it up he nodded and forced a smile. He adjusted the way he was standing because he was feeling a little uncomfortable at the moment. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her backwards away from where Angel was. "Really thats cool…" he smiled and motioned with his hand for her to go. She didnt she wanted to hear what he had to say. Jessica leaned up and started kissing his neck he winced and grunted a little."Took you long enough to invite me here Will im gonna make it worth your while.." She continued her quest. Angel stood thee wide eyed and tilted her head. Why didnt he push her off of him...he was just f***ing kissing me and now hes letting her do that. She could feel her eyes sting she had enough She managed to sneek her way out not before pausing at the door and looking back her eyes locked on his. She turned and left. He saw her eyes and knew instantly he was an a**hole. He looked at Jessica and nodded ."We get to class...your nose looks wicked" he nodded and walked by grabbing the note from her. He popped the pen back in his mouth and made his way out. Jessica crossed her arms and huffed..this was because of Angel well she was going to learn to not touch her stuff.The rest of school was uneventful Angel was avoiding Will at all costs and he knew it..she was a good one for hiding from him and he hated that. The last bell rang and he swore he saw her he was about to go after her when the teacher called him up to the desk. Angel ran out of school as fast as she could she wanted to go home and die. Everything about today sucked...except the kiss but then that sucked as well...he didn't even like do anything he let that bitch practically eat his face. She made it to the end of the street and Damien was already waiting. He could tell by the look on Angels face she had a sh*tty day."Whats wrong?" He asked as he walked beside her"Well everyone thinks me and Will are having sex..Jessica wants me dead I kissed Will in the boiler room and i have detention." She said all in one breath.Damien paused and looked at her."Yo yo wait you kissed Will so does this mean you guys dont hate eachother?" He nodded and smiled she shot him a look."I hate him Damien.." She started walking faster and then thought. "Oh yeah Brian thinks im a whore" just as they were halfway down the the 2nd block when Jessica appeared.Angel and Damien stopped watching them her heart rate started to speed up. She looked around and saw Jessica's friends walking up behind they."Hey Angel...Ive been looking for you. We need to talk." Angel nodded and swallowed looking over at Damien just then Jessica nodded and someone grabbed Damien and threw him to the ground. Angel started to panic when she felt jessica grab her backpack and knocked her down. She looked up."Jessica what are you doing?" Angel said trying to get up. Jessica smirked and her friend kicked Angel in the back making her fall forward on to her hands and gasp for air Jessica knelt down and grabbed her by the hair lifting her face. "I told you to stay away from Will didnt I and then I find out you two are f***ing in his car..well I can forgive him for that. Hes gonna forget you soon enough bitch believe me."Damien tried to get to Angel but couldnt he watched her pleading to just zap the sh*t out of them but he knew she was afraid of what damage could occur. Angel pulled her hair out of her grasp and lunged forward knocking Jessica down she went to run but Jessica grabbed her leg and made her fall hard on the pavement. She kicked her foot and met Jessica's nose again which made it bleed. She was trying to get up but jessica was faster she pulled her fist back and hit Angel square in the face on her cheek just missing her eyes she fell backwards. Jessica was about to lift her foot when sirens were herd. The group scattered like roaches.Angel laied there holding her face she could feel it throbbing. Damien ran over to her and helped her up."What the f*** was that Angel" he looked at her face She turned squinting and could feel tears fall from her face. He stood with her and winced. When he saw his sister crying he got pissed."is that Wills girlfriend? Thats the bitch..f*** this" he gave her a look. She shook her head god her face was throbbing and her head spinning..she needed to get home."I want to go home" Damien nodded and grabbed her backpack. He helped her down the street and to there house.Once inside she went into her room and stood there. She looked at her self in the mirror It was already turning purple and her eye hurt. She looked at her hands and could see the road rash. She lifted up her shirt and looked at her back seeing a foot print that was going to leave a mark. She closed her eyes and sat on her bed.It hurt but not more then her heart at this moment. How could he do this? With her of all people he knew she hated her..she teased her and now shes hurt her. The tears were falling down her face she needed this over she wasnt going to be a punching bag or a side whore as brian put it. She thought he was different she thought she loved him...but after today he was better off ignoring him.She got up amd went to her closet and found the old was a box of the things they had as children she pulled it out and set it on her bed flipping off the lid. She glanced in it and it had various things inside. Toys tickets, a shirt, childhood treasures. She went around her room and grabbed more things that were dotted around and put them in the box. She went to her nightstand and opened it. She looked around and found the one thing that ment the world to her.She pulled out an ols paper. She folded it over in her hand and looked at it she bit her lip and winced that was going to get swollen. She walked to the box and put the paper it it..she felt like she was cutting out her own heart and throwing it away..he gave her that asking her to marry him. Letting her know hed always be there but he wasnt.She pushed the lid on the box and picked it up walking out of her room. She went outside and took and breath. She headed across the street..good she didnt see his car. She walked like she was a dead man walking thats what it felt like. She went up to the door and pressed the bell..she didnt wait long his mother opened the door Angel forced a smile and Dana looked up at her."Angel oh my god are you okay" she went to touch her face and Angel pulled back."Yeah i fell clumsy right? " she smiled and tried to play it off she saw Danas eyes focus on the box now."Um yeah, can you make sure Will get this..its some stuff of his..and I figured hed want back...its just from when ..its like i dunno" she was trying not to cry as Dana took the box and nodded at her she stood there seeing the pain on her face Dana knew what this box was."Angel sweetie are you okay? Do you want to wait for Will he should be back" Angel looked at her ."NO! " she have Dana a look and turned around she wiped at her face and ran back across the street. She made it to her safe space. She shut her door .She walked over to the window and for the first time locked it and pulled the blinds closed.She slid to the floor and put her face in her hands and cried..she cride so much she made the lights flicker in the house.Damien looked up and walked over to her door and pushed his ear against it and herd her.. He was listening to his sisters heart was painful and he was getting pissed off. He saw the lights flash and walked outside. And sat there waiting for the red car to pull up.


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The Angels: Drabble

The Angels ~SPOILERS~. The Angels. It was always going to be those blasted Angels that got her mother. She had managed to keep them from her in the Byzantium, but no, not this time. Not in New York. River didn't see it take her father. Poor, sweet, beleaguered, put upon Rory. The Man who Waited. Amy's cries had alerted her from the inside of the TARDIS. Staring unblinking at the damned thing while The Doctor and her mother argued about whether she would end up back with Rory if she let the angel take her too. The Doctor, almost selfish in his desires to stave off his own loneliness, argued against it, Any and his eye contact with the angels slipping. Rivers staying true. "Doctor shut up, yes, yes it is!" Even if there wasn't a way to know if they would end up at the exact same point, they would end up close enough together to live their lives together, to grow old together, something Amy and Rory deserved. Both Amelia and Melody now had tuned the Doctors' protestations out, Amy gently beckoning for her daughter. "You be a good girl and look after him." Lightly squeezing Amy's hand, gently kissing the side of it, eyes brimming with tears, River had still yet to take her eyes from the Angel. It was at a point where it was painful, the desire to blink all consuming, but she couldn't. Not yet. "Raggedy Man-" The sob in her mother's voice broke her heart, made her knees weak, yet she had to stay strong, to keep them alive. Amy whipped her head around, which River took as her queue to blink quickly, before preparing to stare down the Angel again. "-goodbye" Like that, both her parents were gone, 'cursed' to live out their lives. The Doctor wailed, checking the headstone that had caused the whole mess to begin with to confirm, before falling to pieces on the graveyard lawn. River, however, still had a job to do before she could fall to pieces. Amy said to take care of him, and not even three seconds later, she was already having to do it. Edging towards him, reaching for his collar, eyes stinging from unshed tears and the need to blink, River pulled him towards a standing base. "Doctor, we have to move. Get to the TARDIS. Come on." It took a few moments, but she got him into the sanctity of the police box. Almost slamming the door, she shut her eyes, sank into a crouch with her forehead against it, and began to sob. River Song "IThe only water in the Forest is the River." template credit.


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Soul Stone; Guardian

Real Full Name: Soul StoneNick Name(s): Liv (Given by Bor meaning Of Life)Aliases: Oliva West (Human name) Idenity: KnownDate of Birth: Unknown but celebrates it December 30th Place Of Birth: Space before the big bangSpecies: Cosmic Entity Gender: Genderless/ will accept any pronouns Sexuality: Pansexual Current location: EarthAccent: Indistinguishable Zodiac Sign: Unknown, they like to think they're a Scorpio Status: AliveRelatives:Siblings: The other stones Pets: Fenrir (Formerly) Merital Status: Single Crush: Loki Laufeyson, Stephen Strange, Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Brunhilda Valkyrie Friends: Thor Odinson, Tony Stark, Frigga, Natasha Romanoff, Hela (Formerly) Mentor(s): Bor (Unwilingly) Odin (Unwilingly) Allies: Their siblings and anyone they choose (If they are willing that is) Partnerships: Thor, Frigga, Hela (Formerly) Education: Four times Harvard grafuate for Folklore and Mythology, Chemical and physical biology, Nerobiology, Studies of Gender and Sexuality. Enemies: Hela, THANOS, and Odin

Hellshore Beach.

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Taken Info

Taken RolesPennywise/Bill SkarsgårdInfo coming soon.Addisyn Marsh/Madelaine PetschInfo coming soon.Carrie White/Samara WeavingInfo coming soon.

Queen Pumpkin

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Triton family

farther / husband wife triplet #1) triplet #2) triplet #3) twin boys Shaggy Rogers Triton Triton Triton(adopted) Melody T&L Aro Volturi Triton 

Constable Crane

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- Ichabod has a crippling phobia of crowds. It is what has caused him to be the introvert he is. Since he lives in such a big city, he just avoided going out as much as possible. His phobia of crowds is so bad he is liable to have a panic attack from it.- Though an atheist, he still regards witchcraft as a real thing. Ichabod understands that witchcraft is neither good nor bad, and it only presents that way based on the user. His mother had a big influence on the way he is, and though as a child he didn't understand her magic, as an adult he understood it more.- Ichabod has a big hatred of religon. As a child, his father was forcing him to study to become a pastor like him. Though initally young Ichabod didn't care, after his mother's death and realizing his father murdered his mother and got away from it, he lost all faith and began hating his father, which eventaully morphed into a hatred of religon. - Ichabod is rather fond of children. They remind him of the childhood innocence he once had. He enjoys playing with children and makign them happy. Though he is fond of children, he is still hesitant on the idea of having children himself, afraid that because of his job he won't be able to take proper care of a child.- Ichabod is bisexual. Though he keeps this fact hidden, back when he first ran away and lived on the streets, he meet others who were like him in that respect, and had a few relationships with men.- Ichabod's favorite flower is a lily. It was his mother's favorite flower, and she grew a lot of them in her garden, After she died he kept care of the garden. He would still keep a garden, but his doesn't have enough free time to properly grow and take care of one.- Ichabod can sing. He doesn't really like singing, but he has a decent singing voice. He used to sing with his mother whenever they were spending time together, which is the reason he doesn't sing anymore. It reminds him too much of his mother.


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Attempted Kidnapping {Closed RP}

Raven woke in the morning the sun rays coming through her window. She stretched some, and then got out of bed, to do her morning routine of exercising, eating breakfast, then taking a shower and brushing her teeth. When she finished brushing her teeth, she got dressed, styled her hair and placed on some makeup. She looked at herself and smiled. "Looking good.." She said to herself.(^^^Hair & Outfit^^^)(^^^Makeup^^^)Raven had to go to her store that she owned which is where she sold herbs, potions, and much more for those who believed and practiced in Wicca. Her store was called 'The Witches Brew'; granted it was slightly cliche and probably seen as goofy, but it was her store, and it was doing well. Her day was a usual normal day, she had scheduled clients, and usual clients through out the day. By the time she closed her store it was close to midnight, which was an unusal time, she usually closed around nine or ten in the evening. But she had some scheduled clients that preferred to come at night, and she agreed with it. When she emptied the cash register she placed it in the safe in the store, so she could deposit it in the morning. She locked up her store and began to walk home. While walking home she could hear slight commotion. She then heard a male voice saying "Shut up, stop fighting me,you know why I am here." Because of her demonic side, she could tell that the voice of the male was evil, and INSTANTLY she shifted into her Demonic-Succubus side, her look changing completely.Raven moved at an enhanced speed as she did she entered a darkened alley, she saw a man trying to get a woman into a dark van. The woman was giving up a good fight, but Raven was 'hungry'; she was instantly behind the man, and she grabbed him by the back of the neck, digging her claw like nails into his neck, and when she did that, he let go of the woman. Raven threw the man against the brick wall. "You can't handle someone your own size?" She asked mockingly, when he turned around, she blocked the punch he was throwing, she grabbed him by the neck and lifted his feet off the ground, her fangs extracted as she growled. She instantly brought him to her, and she sank her fangs into his neck and began to drain him of all his blood.Once she drained him, she placed her bloodied lips against his, and you could see a bright white light coming from the man's mouth and it went into her mouth, when it stopped she dropped his body, and she glowed a deep red for a moment and it disappeared. She just sent his soul to hell. She wiped the blood from her lips, and then went back to her 'normal' human look.She turned around and saw the woman was on the ground, she smelled weed; and wondered if the man laced it with something she wasn't used to. She knew by her scent that she was a wolf. She moved towards the woman, and knelt before her. "Hey,my name is Raven; are you okay?" She asked as she offered her hand to help the woman stand, and awaited to see what she would do.


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