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ғʟᴀᴍᴇ тняσωєя

06/04/2020 07:40 PM 

Who cares? No one reads these

Unfinished Business part Soft footsteps formed a steady rhythm in the gravel of the humid desert, a young man paced towards his destination, which was still in a question of existence. Ceasing his advancement, digits were slid into the pocket of his black and red jacket, a gift he had received from the people of New Asgard. Extending his reach into sight, amber-colored hues glanced upon the contents within his palm. A small, folded piece of paper and a pre-rolled cigarette, which also contained traces of marijuana within. Once the spliff had been placed between cracked lips, he unfolded the paper..   Once the contents had been double-checked for accuracy, amber eyes darted upward at the night sky. Without the lights that came with a heavily populated area, the full moon shone brightly enough to illuminate the dry canvas he stood upon. Stars lay scattered across the sky of different levels of glow, ranging from bright to dim.    Focus on the objective returning, the male looked forward, squinting his eyes as if to enhance his vision. Several kilometers away, the top of a ridge gave off a faint, artificial glow. "Well, sh*t, Jones.." a gruff voice spoke softly with lips pressing down in his cigarette. The paper containing coordinates crumpled within his closing hand, a small glow emitting from the gaps of his fingers. Digits uncurl to reveal a small flame incinerating the note. Flames glowed softly against the print of his 'DEF LEPPARD' undershirt before his hand elevated towards his face, leaning his head simultaneously to ignite the spliff still resting between his lips.. Inhaling from the stick sharply, his hand closed once more, extinguishing the flame before diving into the pocket of his black jeans. Finally releasing his drag of smoke, the mixture of tobacco and weed relaxing his nerves, he spoke through the cloud he blew out, "...let’s hope your P.I. skills pay off..."    The journey to his destination seemed to take hours, but upon arriving at the ridge below the facility, only half of his spliff had been smoked. "Jesus, this stuff is f***in' fire... heh... fire..." chuckling to himself lightly, he surveyed the compound. Minimal security guarding the inactive front gate, accompanied by a few scattered guards patrolling the concrete building. Standing several stories high, the roof was slightly higher than eye level with the stoned man. Planted on the roof were several skylights overlooking the inside of the compound.    Quick analysis of his surroundings, he paused, going through an idea in his head. Sizing the gap between the roof and the ridge took a few moments, followed by a quick glance at the drop. Taking a drag from his spliff, the man stared down at the ground, analysing the situation. "Okay... About a hundred yard gap... seventy foot drop...F***, f***, F***!" Pressing a finger on the ember of his cigarette, it was quickly extinguished before being stowed into the front pocket of his jacket as he psyched himself up.   Running both hands through his messy hair, a heavy sigh was pushed past his lips before walking a few feet away from the edge. "F*** it… I came this far.." he grumbled, digging his black and white Converse into the ground, pushing towards the gap, a radiant glow emitted from his hands, flames trickling up sleeves of his fire-proof jacket. Placing his foot down right before the drop, flames burst from his hands, pushing into the ground as he jumped upward. "Flame on!" was shouted through the roar of fire that pushed him upward and out. Soaring through the air, he silently laughed at his stupid joke, figuring it would be the last thing he'd get a chance to say. As the building's rooftop grew closer, the lack of control became a dark reality. Launching high enough to get onto the rooftop was successful, however the distance cleared was far more than needed.    Slamming into the gravel-laid rooftop, his body rolled, snuffing out the flames. Momentum continued to build as he rolled into one of the pyramid skylights, shattering the barrier. Caught in a free-fall, the man couldn't do much but accept the impact. Dropping onto a large conveyor belt on the ground floor, a solid crack could be heard from his ribs. Several small, stinging sensations among his body indicated cuts from the glass. "Jesus.... F***.... Ow.." was groaned loudly among the empty facility.    Pushing himself upright, his balance was lost, sending him backwards off the conveyor belt. Landing on his back, a soft, irritated groan escaped his lips once more as he stared upward, examining the skylight he had just entered from. Reaching into his front pocket, slightly bloody fingers produced the remainder of his spliff and several shards of glass. Discarding the glass to the side, he plopped his habit stick into his mouth. A quick pass of his hand was all he had the strength to do, igniting the tip as he did so. Hand dropped to the side as lungs filled with smoke momentarily, only to be released released with a soft chuckle and soft words, "F***ing. Nailed it..."    After another drag of his mixed smoke, the mutant slowly turned his head to one side, barely making out an inactive assembly line. The mutant’s humorous facade disappeared as he slowly pushed himself to his feet, his gaze never leaving the items that were evenly spaced on the motionless conveyor belt. With his heart rate elevating, feet weakly shuffled towards the machine, his hand raising in front of him and igniting into flames, bringing to view several matching, purple robot arms. Grinding his teeth slightly, amber eyes darted around the facility before locking onto a sight that filled his heart with anger. “Son of a bitch…” he muttered before his feet went on auto pilot, bringing him face to face with a complete robot that stood inoperative. “...I found you Sentinel f***s..”"Treat all fairly or they will seek revenge".-Christopher Paolini   template credit.  


06/04/2020 05:37 PM 

i am tired.
Current mood:  angry

imma just start this of with, i am mixed race person irl, i am angry, i am hurt, please f***ing understand that before proceeding. don't understand? great, f*** off. so, i'm sure you all know what transpired last night. quite a decent amount of my friends were outraged by the oppression, and blatant racism, misogyny, and just down right twisted acts the owner of this site has been doing for years, ignored by users. but we'll get to him in the end. last night was f***ing ridiculous, from both ends. i've never seen such behaviour. this is not the time for rioting, this is not the time for using hurtful words, and this is necessarily not the f***ing time to argue with one another. and now, due to this, i am really really questioning my time with roleplay in a whole, cause ultimately i feel like i've wasted my time here. all my friends wanted was to be heard. don't you understand? fair enough, they were mad, but live in they shoes for two f***ing seconds and please tell me how the f*** it is, please. they were and still are mad, so mad even, being mad makes us do things, things out of our character, but am i exactly happy with the way both sides treated each other, definitely not. but, at the same time, what did ya'll expect? peace? lol. another point, i have been noticing hate groups for people being made for years. telling people very very serious allegations against people. and the site allows them to still be up? wake up people, this isn't just a f***ing racism issue. as for the owner of this site, some of ya'll have seen him, some of ya'll haven't, but i'm not here to discuss his appearance. first of all before relgious fanatics get on my case. i'm here to discuss his morals. i am in no way hateful towards religion, do i understand it? no, definitely not, but will i respect and listen? of course i will. but, bringing religion into this movement is not correct. from what i've heard, religion is sacred, not a clout machine, cause thats what that post was, and don't deny it dude, it was. his fb profile that was found yesterday had the same picture that was posted on profile, along with posts thanking the f***ing police. you seriously tell me that its okay? to have a GROWN ASS MAN, who has been proven to be against everything that isn't relgious running a site that promotes creativity? seriously? i understand rioting the site wasn't the best idea, and is completely against the rules. but imma ask the owner, why? why attack MY PEOPLE? and along with the people who are with us. you allow blatant pedophiles and predators on the site (that i have encountered before i turned 18). but have you noticed, mark? we were posting in awareness before, now you got a riot on ya hands. this is YOUR doing. this will get opinions, i'm very aware. but i'm not arguing. i got the bigger picture in mind, i really ain't worrying about losing friends. i have lost a lot more to know i'm strong. other than that, if you have supported me throughout this, just know i'm thankful, i truly am. all i gotta say, stop knocking on the devils f***ing door, cause it has been answered, and you're dealing with that now. but with that, if you want my discord, hmu, before i get taken down. as an exit, i am not shutting up, i am not stopping. i'm tired of being peaceful about this.

Knight of Zal Dun

06/04/2020 03:26 PM 


(under construction)


06/04/2020 12:20 PM 

Bloody Valentine (drabble)

  Cason would be lying if he said his addiction wasn’t getting the best of him. Just last week he made headlines on TMZ about a confrontation that took place in Chicago with one of his stage heads, the report read;”Cason Ecolano who goes by stage name Machine Gun Kelly seemed quite pissed during one of his concerts after his guitar wasn't working, and he took it out on one of his stagehands for which he's now apologized. The Cleveland rapper was performing Friday night at the Credit Union 1 Pavilion in Chicago, where at one point while he and his band were rocking out to MGK's "Hollywood Whore"  an equipment malfunction occurred, and Kelly kinda lost his s*** up there. TMZ got video of the meltdown moment, where Cason realizes his guitar isn't working at a part of the song where it's supposed to (his guitar solo, it seems), and he rushes over to the backstage area to see what's going on confronting a frantic stagehand.” Location: Cason Ecolano’s home studio, Los Angeles California, Monday, May 18th, 2020   GRAB MY HAND, I’M DROWNIN’. I FEEL MY HEART POUNDIN’. WHY HAVEN’T YOU FOUND ME YET?Lanky fingers swirled around the plastic bag that was closed shut, allowing it to fall  back to normal; ocean eyes stuck on the blue pills that occupied the cheap material. Shifting the opening of the bag towards his left palm, he watched as a few of the pills fell into his hand; his tongue spilled from his lips as it attacked his bottom lip in attempt to moisten the dry flesh. ”Cason, come on, man!” A husky voice called out, causing Cason to turn his head and look over his shoulder. ”I’m coming, man. Hold up!” He shouted back as he turned his attention back to the brightly colored pills. Without any hesitation, he shoveled them between his already parted lips, instantly shoving the baggy into the pocket of his leather jacket. Reaching for the bottle of water that was already prepped open for him, he brought the bottle to his lips and took a swig to guide the little devil’s down his throat.Right knee bouncing up and down as the rapper stared out in front of him at the male that was sitting in the swivel chair before him. His left hand occupied the space in front of his face as his teeth absentmindedly gnawed at the nail of his index finger. The conversations that were swirling around him sounded like nothing but mere mumbles that he could barely make out. Once clear vision became blurred, causing the male to drop his head back and guide his free hand up to the bridge of his nose. Fingertips dug at the corners of his eyes in hopes that his world would be brought back before him the way it was intended to be; clear and vivid. Eyes watering, he tried his best to blink away the water that threatened to pour from the rims of his eyes. But Cason’s attention was soon stolen by a quick smack to the back, causing the tall male to shift up and onto his feet. The walk from the couch and into the small booth was a distant memory as his skinny digits instantly shifted up to pull his hood up over his untamed blonde locks. Leaning down to grab the headphones that once occupied the stool next to him, he guided the heavy muffs up to cover his ears.Shifting up towards the mic, the blonde couldn’t help but mutter out ”Ah. My chest hurts..” As the words spilled from his lips, his right hand shifted into his leather jacket and clutched the left side of his chest, blue hues staring at the microphone that was now swaying back and forth before him. The music began to play in the headphones causing the male to shift his arms back behind him, leaning forward as he spoke out ”like it’ll happen again, you’ll be my..” Lyrics falling short, his hand instantly clutched his chest once again, small mumbles escaping his parted lips ”I got chest pains right now.. what the f***.” His hand began to massage at his throbbing chest, not realizing how shallow and rigid his breathing was becoming. Clearing his throat as if it would help his breathing, he maneuvered his arms back behind his back; allowing one hand to grip the opposite wrist. Leaning into the mic once again, the music picked up in his ears once again signaling for him to go ahead and sing, but instead of actual words falling from his lips, they were replaced with jumbled noises causing him to step back and let out a groan. ”My heart started hurtin’.” Cason nearly growled as he looked out towards the thick glass that stood before him and his friends. Blue troubled hues cried out to the dark haired male that stared at his friend helplessly; adverting his eyes over, he caught sight of the short blonde who had covered her mouth with her hands, worry plastered on her face.Lanky frame stumbled forward, causing his face to smack into the mic before him; startling him. Blue hues reappeared as his lids shot open to reveal his glazed eyes. Trying his hardest to focus beyond the glass he noticed that his friends had disappeared from the other side. Stumbling backwards, he caught himself, his hand instantly shifting up this face as his fingertips clawed against the stubble along his jawline. His head shifted from side to side as he heard a voice speak out to him causing him to glance over at the door. An unidentifiable figure came running towards him and before they could reach out to him, the male stumbled backwards once again. On his way down, he reached out and pulled the mic stand down with him; the chord from the headphones ripped out of the jack as his limp body smacked against the floor. ”Someone grab me the Narcan, now!”  


06/03/2020 11:27 PM 

Writing Sample

  The sounds of pursuit faded as Adore maneuvered herself through the crowds in ChinaTown. It was late in the night, the moon was already dominating the city sky, but the nightlife was just starting to crawl out of their apartments and dorms to take to the city. Which was good news for Adore. This gave her the perfect opportunity to blend in and escape the group of men who were currently in pursuit of her.    Her breath hung low in the frigid air, and her right hand went up to evaluate a cut on her arm from where a bullet had grazed her. The deep cut stung as she prodded it through her thick black jacket and every time she moved her arm, needles shot out from all directions. But, she’d live.    Before she could look up from her arm though, she ran into a strong body. She stumbled backwards, and as her emerald eyes looked up to see the familiar face of a man she had been looking for for the past few days, shouts of recognition rang out from behind her. She saw the look of alarm in the man’s eyes, but before he could ask what was going on, Adore grabbed his wrist and dragged him through the crowds.    “I’ll answer your questions later. For right now, follow me,” Adore told the man as she wove them both through the crowd, looking for a good place to hide.    She found an alleyway and ran into it dragging the man behind her and forced him to hide behind some dumpsters with her. She kept herself strategically in front of him so if they were found, she could protect him easier. Once she heard the sounds of running footsteps fade away, she peeked out behind the dumpsters to check to make sure they weren’t being followed any more.    When she realized the coast was clear, she leaned back against the dumpster and let out a long sigh before standing up holding out her good hand to help the man up.    “So, this might take some explaining but,” she paused and gave the man a smile, “My name is Adore Angel. The men who were chasing us just now? They’re called the MRO. They’re a group of illegal scientists and doctors who are trying to create the perfect humanoid species to take over the world. I was actually one of their experiments. I’ve created an army to hopefully put a stop to their war, but there’s just one more problem. They know about you, just like I do. They know about your powers, and now, I want to ask for your help in defeating them.”


06/03/2020 10:46 PM 


  Respect. This one is literally the most basic I can get. And it's the most important rule. This rule says that I will change any other rule if I feel necessary in order to respect someone else's rules. I'm not saying I will change my rules all the time but if I feel like I am disrespecting someone with one of my rules, I will take into consideration to change that rule either temporarily or permanently. But the same goes both ways. I will respect EVERYONE as long as they respect me. And this is basic kindergarten logic people, I don't think I should have to explain what respect is. You know what is and isn't respect, so just do it.  Be literate. Please? Okay, so I have some friends who are paragraph writers. I don't mind writing in paragraphs some times. But please do not be lazy and don't do texting language and please don't lower yourself to only writing a sentence or two. That's how people get ignored.  No erotic! I do not like erotic. Like, at all. To me, it's demeaning and it doesn't feel right. I'm not an online role-play sex toy and if any of you want/think I am, I will have a serious problem with you. I do romance, but only with certain characters. I am exceedingly picky on who I do romance with or not. The chances of me wanting to do a romance with you is like 1 in a 10 chance. So please don't be disappointed if I don't do romance either.  If you send me a friend request, you do the greeting. I don't care if it's in messages or comments, I will respond to either. But I will tell you, if it starts in Comments, I will more then likely ask to come to messages. I just prefer messages better. But I understand that some people like to have OOC in comments and role play in messages.  I do not care if OOC is in messages during the role-play, or in comments. I really don't. Either way, it is difficult to mix up OOC in a role-play. It's the different between: The battle was bloody and people were dying (etc.) vs. OOC: Hey! What's up? You can tell what is what. It's not that hard. I feel like if it's difficult to tell the two apart, then we are not doing good in our roleplay. 


06/03/2020 08:23 PM 

Meet the Staff

Role: Owner / EditorName: Kaden BlackburnDiscord: the.grim#9926


06/03/2020 08:10 PM 

Audition Form

Questions for the Writer 1. How did you find out about the Neon Underground?  Did anyone refer you to the group?2. Are you filling a Wanted Role or auditioning with an Original Character?3. Have you read and do you agree to the Guidelines?4. What is the answer to the Secret Question?  Questions for the Character 1. Name & Age:2. Nicknames (if any):3. Occupation:4. Affiliations (You can make up or join a gang, MC, red-light ring, mafia, or any other organizations of your choice.  This is not required):5. What are their motivations?6. What are their fears?7. What brings them to Amsterdam?8. Small bio:  Character Sample Please include a 3 paragraph, in character sample.  This sample can be about anything and everything, we just want to get a sense of your writing and your character.


06/03/2020 07:44 PM 


We are the all-seeing, all-dancing crap of the world. - Tyler Durden  Buried underneath the heart of modern day Amsterdam, in the heart of the Netherlands, lives the runaways, the outcasts, and all manner of sin and vice that make up the neon city.  By night, what was once a sleepy town bisected by a number of canals, becomes a warring world of depravity, lust, and crime. Gang wars, drugs, and prostitution have poisoned the city's youth as crime lords have risen through the ranks to claim their pieces of the city.  Feel free to join us, if you think you have what it takes to survive the city.Neon Underground is a dark/crime verse located in Amsterdam.  We welcome all manner of dark characters and storylines with respect to the Guidelines.  Bring all your beggars and bruisers, vagrants and vagabonds, crime lords, slum lords, prostitutes, and degenerates and let's tear the city apart. 


06/03/2020 07:04 PM 

A Father's Duty

A Father’s Duty, a Drabble Progenitor /1577606 The Salvatore School for the Gifted was more than met the eye for quite some time now. The current Headmaster Alaric Saltzman was sort of a den father for a vast array of supernatural youth. Witches, vampires and werewolves were the largest contingents of students there. The doors were open to all youth who needed a sanctuary. Some looked as young as ten years old and some as old as 19 or 20. The actual ages did vary. Most of the time, Alaric just didn’t want to know.He was making his rounds passing by the students offering a friendly word of advice or a hug when the situation called for it. He would do anything to protect this school and the kids inside. Most of them knew the lengths he went to in order to create this safety zone for them. Fact was, Alaric was a rather well known vampire hunter for the past nearly 20 years. He had helped train others to follow in his footsteps, most notably Jeremy Gilbert. His history as a vampire hunter and mentor were best served for another day. He was human again and age was starting to become a factor.This school had been his dream ever since his twins were small girls. The Twin Siphoners needed a place where they could be safe and learn more about witchcraft. His ideas began to take root not only for his girls but for the orphaned daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall. Hope Mikaelson was the world’s first and only Tribrid. Her power was incredible and untrained. It was a good thing that the surrogate mother of his girls had a bond with Hope’s Father. Caroline Forbes was the widow of Stefan Salvatore, so the Boarding House had been half hers to do with as she wanted. It just took a few bottles of bourbon and a weekend bender to get Damon Salvatore to agree to let them start this school. Alaric smiled remembering it all.The trip down memory lane for him stopped in the den where he and Damon had a few adventures in the past including drinking in memory of Stefan every year on his birthday since he passed away. He was lost in thought when he felt a tug at his leg. “Dr. Saltzman?” A small voice roused him from his daze.Alaric was a tall man. He had salt and pepper hair and a beard to match. He looked down to see where the small voice was coming from. “Pedro?” The youngest student at the school was a person of color and a witch. He was so pure and innocent of heart. Alaric also knew Pedro’s family history and the powerful coven in which he was born. Alaric pulled up his pantlegs and knelt beside Pedro. “What can I do for you Pedro?”The littlest witch took hold of the Headmaster’s hand. “You gotta come with me. It’s Wade.” His cherubic features were darkened by this unknown problem that worried him. He kept tugging at Alaric to come where he wanted him to go. “Come on Dr. S!”Alaric could see the worry in the youngster’s face. He stood back up so he could walk where the young boy needed him to go. “Alright. I’m coming.” He started to get worried as he followed Pedro. His mind raced through a million scenarios as to what was going on involving Wade. Alaric was a dad after all and he felt as though each one of his students were his kids. He took responsibility for them and in some instances like Wade’s, he was their legal guardian.Pedro had led him into the boys dorms opening the door when they got there. “Wade! I got him for you. Just like you wanted.” The sweet optics full of concern looked toward the older boy and then to the Headmaster. “You’ll help him, right Dr. S?”Alaric gave the young boy a gentle squeeze on his hand for reassurance. “Of course I will. Why don’t you go downstairs and get some cookies and milk? You can tell them I said it’s okay.”His eyes lit up. “REALLY? Gee thanks!” He took off running excited by the prospect of a fresh batch of cookies. Alaric chuckled at Pedro’s exuberance. “He’s a really sweet kid.” Wade’s voice came from the place where he sat there on the end of his bed. He adjusted his glasses as he tried to look up at his Headmaster and guardian. “I really needed to talk to you alone.”Alaric pulled up a chair and sat across from the young man. “Well, I’m here now. What did you want to talk about?”Wade fumbled with his fingers a bit and drew in a sharp breath. He’d only recently discovered that he wasn’t a witch at all but a fairy. He’d endured a good deal of ribbing on the subject until he proved in front of the student body, he was indeed a fairy. He’d earned respect that day and even gained a few friends. “I am gay.” He said hesitantly. His eyes lowered and then raised again expecting to hear some sort of scorn.Alaric was unphased. “Wade, that’s nothing to be ashamed about. I think it was very brave of you to tell me.” He meant every word of what he’d said. “Love is love. It doesn’t matter to met what you are. It only matters that you’re happy.”Wade’s expression lightened. “Really?” Relief washed over him from head to toe. He couldn’t believe it. “I was worried, I mean… I know some people are scared of LGBTQ people.”Alaric smiled openly showing hints of his white teeth in the process. “Of course. You’re a wonderful person Wade. The whole you is worthy of love and worthy to be happy.”Wade actually felt a tear wash down his cheeks. He stood up to hug Alaric as though his life was about to end. Alaric patted the young man on the back to reassure him in the hug.Kids like Wade were the reason why this school was established. It also showed that supernatural youth were just as much regular kids as the humans of Mystic Falls were. Alaric was glad to be right here where he was needed. He loved all the kids and accepted them just the way they were. It was what Dads do.    Cryptic question, accusatory tone, this doesn't bode well for me. credit: james kriet


06/03/2020 06:38 PM 


#BEACHDAY Great news everyone, THE BEACHES ARE FINALLY OPEN! And just in time! With summer just around the corner, the heat is beginning to crank up in the O.C., and for most southern Californians, the first place they head to escape the heat? You guessed it, THE BEACH! Not only that, but this time of year the Bioluminescent Waves come in and are so beautiful to watch! So, now that your character is starting to enjoy the freedoms of quarantine life and can head to the beach, tell us about your character’s beach day adventure in the following MUSE-like options:  Rolllin’ Tides Storyboard (10 points): Show us what a day at the beach post quarantine looks like for your character! This storyboard must have a minimum of 9 pictures. Under the storyboard, write a 1- paragraph minimum of 6-8 sentences giving an overview of what happened with your character during the day at the beach and explain what they did.   Wavelengths Playlist (10 points): What are you beachside tunes? What songs get you pumped to go to the beach? What’s your summer playlist beginning to look like? Provide 10 vibin’ playlist songs and write a 1 PARAGRAPH, 6-8 SENTENCES talking about the playlist and why it fits for your character’s day at the beach. Try to do the list creatively and  LINK US to the song.  Beach Day Drabble (10 points):  Write about the day at the beach in a detailed drabble. What is is like to be able to return to the beach after two months of quarantine? What did you do while at the beach? Did you get into trouble? Did you meet someone? Did you find something interesting? Or, did you get to see the Bioluminescent Waves for the first time? Tell us all about it! Your drabble must be a MINIMUM OF 3-PARAGRAPHS WITH 6-8 SENTENCES IN EACH PARAGRAPH.  Deadline: If you choose to do these tasks, you have until 05/26/20 @12 AM PST to submit for this task.  How to submit: On the point submission form, select the option “Museday Tuesday” and either provide the link to your blog, Tumblr, or put a screenshot of your bulletin in the Dropbox.  CountdownCountdown


06/03/2020 04:50 PM 


T O L E R A N C ENeon Underground is a Dark/Crime verse located in Amsterdam. We welcome any type of characters and storylines that fall within these categories and welcome characters of all types. We know that some of these storylines and characters will have dark stories and trigger warnings. This is okay. The only thing that will not be tolerated in this group is any sort of bullying or intolerance of others.    D R A M A Following alongside the call to tolerance and courtesy, we ask that each member refrain from out of character drama with other members. NU is meant to be a creative outlet, safe space, and artistic community for fellow writers. As such, any and all out of character drama will be met with a warning to the instigating party, and further instigation will be met with removal from the group. Just get along, that's all we ask.    C H A R A C T E R S We ask that all characters be 18 or over and that each writer have one character at a time in the group. If at any time you can confer with the staff about a character change, but you must take your first character out of the group to replace them with the second. Faceclaim changes can be made per request to the staff, but not before you have conferred with the staff. We also exercise the right to tell you to hold off on a face change if you have changed several times within the month.    L A Y O U T S We encourage all our members to have a layout consisting of basic information and an optional synopsis of their backstory or biography for other members to have access to. These are not required. The only thing that we ask for regarding your layout is a place that you keep track of and update your owes (this could even be a hyperlink to your blog where you keep track or anywhere else). We ask that the owes list be updated every two weeks at the latest or as you see fit before that time.    S O C I A L M E D I A Although social media outlets such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram are not required they are welcome creative outlets for your character and will be awarded activity points for their use. However, we do ask that all our members have a Discord account for the group chat as well as in character writing and events.    A C T I V I T Y  As this is a space for creative writers, active participation in the group is necessary for this group to thrive. As such, we will be having a points system for members, asking that each member be weekly above our 40-point minimum, and have at least 3 active storylines at a given time.    S E C R E T Q U E S T I O N The answer for the secret question in the audition form is the artist and name of your most played song this week.    F I N A L L Y If you have read and comply with these guidelines for Neon Underground, please comment at the bottom with your character's name and favorite animal. 


06/03/2020 02:13 PM 

la vie et la liberté

A return drabble la vie et la liberté Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178 1826 - New Orleans, LAThe heat was suffocating. The man with hair the color of the night sky and rich mahogany hues sat aside a horse as he rode into town. Men and women all passed him by. Men wearing hats tipped them to him and the ladies all blushed when making eye contact with him. He was a striking man with the stature of a nobleman. He was Elijah Mikaelson.Normally he would not travel alone. He was typically in the company of his brother Niklaus or his sister Rebekah. They were left behind by the elder Mikaelson because they were both setting about to care for a young child that Niklaus had saved from the brutal whip of an overseer. Niklaus adopted the child and called him Marcellus. Elijah was proud of how Niklaus had rescued him and the courage it took to do what he’d done. They were the Original Family. No one could stop them unless one of them permitted it. When it came to Niklaus however not even Elijah could stop him.Elijah had arrived at the auction house and dismounted his horse. He had found out from a conversation with the Governor of Louisiana, which involved compulsion by the way, that the slave by which he’d fathered Marcellus was being sold on the auction block. Elijah had a plan and no one else need know about it. Compulsion did so have it’s uses. Today he’d only just started.These slave auction houses were hideous. The parading of men, women and children leaving all decency and morality behind was unconscionable. Men were being appraised like they were champion steer. Some stood bare as the day they were born as they were ogled obscenely. Women were being stripped of all decency with clothing ripped from their bodies. Even in the middle of all this heat, bare human flesh exposed to the free air in a room would prickle. These buffoons didn’t care what happened because slaves weren’t human right? Wrong.Being an Original Vampire, he knew very well that beneath all flesh beat the very same heart and with that heart blood that was identical in every way no matter what color the flesh itself was. When he entered the building, which was a public place, he made his way to the door. “Good afternoon sir. Peruse our stock as you see fit.”Elijah quirked a brow upward to regard the man in disdain. He began to compel the man there as he spoke. “Tell me, where are the females that Governor Gerard sent here?” He was calm and cool as he spoke. The compulsion took affect swiftly.“Second door to the right. There are five in total.” He answered the Original without hesitation or missing a beat. His facial features were a complete blank stare. It was the hallmark of being compelled.Elijah reached in his breast pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. He daubed his forehead with it. “You will prepare papers for me for the freedom of the female I provide you. Do you understand? Just nod of you comprehend.” The man did as he was told and nodded in response to Elijah’s question. “Good. I’ll return momentarily.”Elijah headed in the direction that the man gave him. It was a secluded room away from the general show room. Elijah didn’t have to look far before he found Marcellus' mother. She was as beautiful as a goddess. Her skin was a rich café au lait and her eyes were a profound mahogany. There was a profound sadness in her eye that reached through to his soul. This radiant human being was a soul and a soul that deserved to be saved. She made eye contact with Elijah and immediately lowered her head in disgrace and shame. The man beside her looking to take her to his bed grabbed her chin to forcibly look at him. Elijah lost his temper. He reached for the man’s hand and pulled it away with subtle strength that the Original possessed. “What the devil?” The man growled at Elijah.Elijah’s eyes darkened and the blood mask covered his face. “I suggest you leave here. Once you get back to your plantation you will blow your brains out with your pistol. Are we clear?” His features changed to be human once more. His compulsion working on the man who immediately left the auction house. “Come with me, if you want to live.” He silently spoke to the beautiful goddess before him.The woman didn’t know what was happening to her. She did know that she could trust her new found savior. She pulled up the rags she wore to cover her breasts that had been exposed. A small hand joined his larger one as he gently took it. She had no idea what was happening although for some reason she did not understand.Elijah walked with her to the man at the front door. “Do you have those papers ready?” He reached into his waist pocket to pull out a pouch of gold. Handing it to the man a condescending grin accompanied his words. The man took the gold awaiting further instructions from Elijah. “You will put the name Ellie LeBeau on the papers now.” The compelled man did as he was ordered.The finished papers were soon handed to Elijah. “Come now my dear.” He extended his arm to the woman. “You will leave this place and shut its doors. No more will you peddle flesh again in this place. You will hang yourself upon return to your home. May you rot in your Christian hell for all eternity.” He calmly escorted her out of the building.Once free of the place, he handed her the papers and a small purse of gold. He began to compel her. “You are free. Live a long and healthy life up North. Know that your son is safe and very well loved. You will not remember me. All you will know is that a man gave you your freedom complete with the papers to prove it.” Elijah brought the horse over to her. “This is also yours. Now go.”Elijah stood there watching as she rode away on the horse from the house of horror and into a better life.2030- New Orleans, LAIt had been over two hundred years when he made his stand for injustice that day. The cold winds of early spring whipped around The Original. He stood outside the building that had been an auction house back all those years ago. This historical society had it refurbished and gave tours teaching about the evils of slavery. Elijah believed that all were equal under the sun. He pulled up the peacoat he wore to bury himself in it’s warmth. On that day, he proved that black lives mattered just as much as any other. He turned and walked away into the early morning world of New Orleans.  credit: james kriet


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A Word from the Future. [ft. Thirteen]

So... apparently I have a repuation for tearing out hearts with my writing. As much as that flatters me, I wanted to try my hand at a much softer, warmer and funnier approach to my character - show that he isn't all about doom and gloom. A few feels crop up, but there was no getting round it because it was necessary for the overall story. Even if you chuckle once while reading this, then I've accomplished my goal. This piece also contains an excellent guest spot from Thirteen Skadoo, who very kindly agreed to write a small section (and subsequently made me cry with it) - it made the piece rounder and fuller and I'm so thankful she wrote it. The time teen crept toward the door of his father's closet like a thief on jewel heist. He'd successfully dodged the laser beams, the complicated lock system, the night-vision cameras and the holographic three-headed dog and finally his prize was ahead of him. A closet packed with jackets that the Doctor had managed to hide away from Alex before he and his trusty spray can of bleach could get to them. Not so much hidden away now, were they? "As brilliant as Dad is, he can sometimes be bone-dead stupid," he thought to himself. Alex reached out a hand and gently opened the door of the walk-in closet, bracing himself for more booby traps on the other side. What would it be this time? A paint-can on a string? A sea of plugs lying with the prongs upwards, ready to cause his feet a great deal of pain? The Master in a bikini? But there was nothing. Just an empty closet... and a treasure trove of jackets, all of different colours and sizes. Red, TARDIS blue, black, lilac, even one in golden brown. This time teen was going to have a field day bleaching all of these.Surveying the scene around him, Alex approached one of the racks and pulled out a very attractive-looking red velvet with shiny black buttons. "Hmm, this could do with a little re-styling," Alex muttered, pulling the can of bleach out of his pocket and shaking it so that it would spray properly onto the material, stripping it of all colour and texture. Gently, he laid the hangar holding it on the floor and spread the lapels and sleeves out so he could get a good, clear shot at it with the bleach.But before he could finally start spraying, he heard a rustle from somewhere on the other side of the closet. Alex froze, the bleach can held aloft, his finger just about to press on the pressure mechanism. It sounded like... something scuttling about. A bug? A mouse? An Adipose? Stuffing the can back into his pocket, Alex turned around and approached the back wall of the closet, jackets and clothes surrounding him on all sides.There, one of the jackets had twitched in the dim light! He saw the material rippling! There was something in here with him, but whether that something was good or bad remained to be seen. Alex reached out a hand to snatch the jacket - it was a nice-looking one too, it could die a noble death with the other one - and sure enough, the material twitched again. "Gotcha," Alex said to himself and pulled the jacket aside.Before he knew what was happening, long swatches of thin material, looking a lot like never-ending coat sleeves, had knocked him off his feet and he landed on the ground hard. In his desperate attempt to get up and escape, they had wrapped themselves around his legs and were pulling him from the floor, quickly turning him so he was hanging upside down. The jackets were alive, and they were starting a mutiny!Alex struggled frantically, trying to pull the living material free from his legs, but they held on way too tightly. Looking ahead, he saw a jacket uncurl itself from one of the hangers and approach him, looking a lot like his father... except he was invisible."Stop hitting yourself!" the jacket shouted, a sleeve slapping Alex in the face. "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"About five times did this happen before he was yanked backwards and pinned to the wall. The jackets descended on him, wrapping themselves around his entire body. He was trapped! The jacket mutiny was in full swing!Suddenly, the room was filled with the sounds of electrical beeps and whirs. A formal female voice called out, "Incoming Transmission! Incoming Transmission!"A woman fizzed in from the Tardis holographic matrix. She wore short blue trousers with yellow braces and a black shirt with a rainbow graphic across the chest. She had short blonde hair that tucked behind her ear that had a shimmering silver chain that dangled around it and warm friendly hazel eyes. A broad smile across her face as her eyebrows shot up, “Hi!” she said with enthusiasm. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. He won’t thank you for it.” She takes a step closer to him, “Oh my god just look at you.” The smile slipped from her face, “Sorry I can’t actually see you, but was it convincing?” She thought for a moment, “Never mind, best not to talk back. I’m just a recording, after all.”His eyes widened as he realized that this was a future incarnation of the Doctor, his father... in female form but still undeniably his father. "Dad... I can't breathe!" he called out as the jackets started to wind their way towards his mouth. "Let me out of here!"“Alex, I know, I know. Just let me talk. It me your dad…or your mum.” She pursed her lips for a moment thinking about, “Well, right now in your Tardis I’m your dad. I had a bit of an upgrade. Anyways,” she said as she started to pace the space with her hands on her hips, “Things haven’t been really great between you and me.” She looks down stopping her pace and then suddenly she looks into his eyes, “I want to tell you I’m so so sorry for that. Right now, I’m having a really hard time communicating my feelings.” She gave a slight smirk, “Guitar strings sing me better right now than words. But that not helpful for a time teen who just needs his dad, yeah?”Her hologram shimmers as she steps closer to him, she looked as though she was studying his face through time. “Son you can’t keep doing this.” She said pointing to the pile of jackets, “I mean they are just things, easily replaceable. But, it a choice, and that single choice is an echo through time. Like a pebble being tossed into the lake, it ripples.” She said gesturing with her hands an expanding circle. “This want of destruction it is going to build and bubble until destroying jackets aren’t enough. Where will it end? You are a Time Lord you are one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and you don’t even know it. You could destroy a whole civilization with one intention, one action, or even the wrong word.” She says her brow furrowed and her eyes pleading.Alex looked past the hologram of the Doctor and spotted the jackets lying on the floor, spread out. He was going to destroy them... but what was he hoping to achieve by doing that? The Doctor, the Doctor he knew right now, to shower him with loving affection and give him anything he asked for - whether that was a hug or a trip somewhere? What if jackets became people? What if jackets turned into something he could seriously cause harm to if he really wanted to? He felt the guilt and shame rise up in him as he heard her words.“I know you, son. You are a beautiful soul that has the potential for so much good and kindness. But it comes down to a choice. Right here, right now. Because right now it more than what do I do to get ol’ dad’s attention isn’t it? It about becoming the Time Lord you were meant to be.” Her gaze drifts to the floor before looking back into his eyes, “I will always love you, no matter what.” She nods to him, “Make me proud, yeah?”A tear slid down Alex's cheek as he looked back on how things had been recently with the Doctor. Not the best, no. There were days where he felt loved and appreciated and listened to, and some days where he felt like the Doctor would rather anyone else in the world but him for a son and that he was the biggest waste of space in the entire universe. "But what do I do?" he pleaded. "Why doesn't he like me?"Suddenly the words “Exterminate.” come through the recording. The Doctor spins around and then looks back at Alex, her eyes are wide with fear. She grabs a light blue raincoat with rainbow trim slinging it over her shoulders, “Sorry son can’t stay and chat. Got get a shift on.” Her hologram fizzles away as she sprits away her coattails fluttering behind her.As soon as the hologram vanished, the jackets immediately released their hold on Alex and he went sprawling to the floor. Scrabbling to his feet, he looked at the jackets he had been planning to bleach and immediately, without even thinking, he picked them up, replaced them neatly on their hangers and put them back. The future Doctor's words still swirling in his brain, he crossed to the door and opened it.The Doctor... his Doctor... was on the other side, shades on and coffee mug in his hand."Enjoy yourself?" he asked him, looking over his glasses at him.But Alex didn't say anything. Shaking slightly, he passed the Doctor and ran out of the room. The Doctor turned to watch him go, smiling slightly."Nice job, future me," he said softly, taking a sip from the coffee mug. "Although I hope my coffee skills get better."

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