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Callisto: Vengeful Goddess

07/06/2011 09: PM 

Current mood:  adored

I give everyone who sends an add a week to read and sign my rules. Upon doing so, you have a week to contact me regarding a storyline before I delete you. I don't think this is too much to ask. I don't like people sending adds and then sitting on my list like so much shiny shit on a log. I will not sign anyone's rules unless a sl discussion has begun. Why should I bother if I have to delete you for friend collecting?    Disclaimers: This profile is for role playing only. I am not Hudson Leick, I have no claim on the character nor do I have anything to do personally with the shows Xena or Hercules. I am not a RL, or Hollywood verse role player. This is not a fan page of any kind. Verses: I role play primarily in the Hercules/Xenaverse and will be adding characters from that show. I am not averse to playing with those in Greek/Roman or any Ancient Times. I will only accept people from the same era. We all know that the timeline of these shows was a little skewed but keep it around that era. I have no knowledge of Game of Thrones, Spartacus, OUAT, pirate shows etc. I don't watch them so don't expect me to start. I won't become an expert on them just because your character is part of these verses. I'm not going to study all their mythology so don't ask me to. If you want to rp with me then its up to you to create a compatible sl. I hate playing in Modern Times so if you want to play with your modern characters, you better have one hell of a storyline to keep my interest. You would also have to figure out a way to bring your character back in time. I will not send Callisto into the future. Acceptance: I'm picky. If you got on my list then you were either recommended to me or your character piqued my interest. In any event, just know that I deny way more than I accept. I usually need to see in the headline that you yourself are selective and more than a para. If I add you and see more than a hundred people on your friends list, I will take you for a friend collector and delete you. If I see para or less in your comments, then I will delete you. Yes, I check these things for my own sake, I don't care what you're doing with whom, I just want to make sure that I don't have some dumbass on my list. It prevents headaches and that is better for everyone. If I see that you delete your comments, then I will delete you. I work very hard on my starters and replies; your deletion of them is an insult to me. I rarely send adds but if I do, I will contact you. Multi-Para/Novella: It's how I play. I don't play with oneliners, para or semi para. I write in book form third person. I don't care if you write in first or third person as long as it is in book form. That means no odd little symbols of any sort to separate speech from action. Nothing under four paragraphs, single spaced and/or 1000 words will be accepted unless we have previously discussed you sending less. I may send less if I decide the comment is acceptable as is. Sometimes it works with 800 words. If you are a good rper and our sl is interesting, I may loosen up on this since I do tend to value quality over quantity. I don't want five pages on absolutely nothing and makes me fall asleep halfway through your rambling. I get bored with those and the Callisto part of my brain bores far more quickly than I do. Storylines: I insist that they be discussed beforehand. It does not need to completely structured from first to last sentence but I hate random storylines that wander off into oblivion, boring both parties. I have had storylines that wandered off and bored me specifically but you get the idea. I will not accept random starters, they will be ignored and/or deleted (you will be as well).  I only play post finale because I hate moving through the seasons, it's like watching reruns. I have been playing this character since July of 2006 and I have seen almost every scenario out there so things really have to pop to excite me. I won't play Angel Callisto or AU Callisto. If you are an AU character, that's fine. I like to trade a few comments back and for the to set things up before the characters meet up but if you do not like this, we can talk but it's not likely that I'll agree. If your idea is just, you show up and Callisto tries to fry you, you can take a hike right now. If you send comments were Callisto has to come upon your injured or stranded carcass, you can start walking as well. If you come up to Callisto and say hi... well, we all know how that will turn out, don't we? I will not discuss any storylines that involve Callisto getting married and/or having children. I will not discuss anything involving long-lost family members of anyone, especially Callisto. Her family is dead; I won't discuss them at all. 1a) If you are a Xena, I'm not going to fall on your feet just because. You will still need to come up with a good storyline to stay; likewise with Gabrielle. If you are a child of Xena or Gabrielle and you made it on my list, mazel tov, but be advised, Callisto will not be obsessed with you in anyway. The unfortunate fact of your parentage will make very little difference to Callisto. So if you added me hoping for a different outcome... you should run back to 2007 where you belong with the rest of the oneliners. Mature Content: There will be lots of violence, gore, blood, guts, death, cursing so if that bothers you in the least; you need to find another Callisto who doesn't know how to play her character. Callisto would rather cut you down as soon as look at you. I won't shy away from the good stuff so beware of rolling heads. Comments and Messages: Comments are for IC, messages are for OOC. You want to discuss something? Send a message. If you haven't noticed, they limited comments and I need the space. SL messages can be saved. I will not RP in messages, IM or wherever else you want. If you need to hide your comments, then you're either too immature to be role playing or you're a perv and I want nothing to do with you either way. Watch your spelling and grammar. No one is perfect but if your comment is full of errors I will not answer it. If I'm in the mood, I may correct it and send it back to you. If I cannot make out what you're trying to say, I will just delete you. No text speak, I hate that. Learn your homophones, people. They're, there, their.... Sound the same but totally different meaning. I hate when they're misused. Punctuation saves lives and my blood pressure, remember this. If all you do is message and chat ooc then you will more than likely be deleted because I am here to role play. You want to chat, try facebook. Bulletins and Statuses: I will converse through statuses. I will post bulletins but I will try not to clog things up and I expect the same from you. If I see tons of bulletins or statuses about crap I don't care about, I will delete you. If I see billions of statues about how much Gabrielle loves Xena, I will vomit all over you before I delete you. DO NOT start chatting with someone else on my status without acknowledging me. It's rude. Have you guessed yet that I hate rude roleplayers? I will repost for certain people but I will not do it for everyone. I will not do W4W or PC4PC for that matter. Do not whore me out ever. Do not ask me to whore you out, I only do that for people I've known for a long time. People trust my judgment and I do not take that lightly. If I see masses of bulletins and statuses, especially A&S, R&R, you will be deleted. I hate seeing these. There are a couple Callistos from back in the day on myspace that I won't mind seeing shared out: TOC, Mistress of Mean, Deliciously Evil, Goddess Callisto. Not really active but they're great so I have no issue with them. I know they won't start drama or steal stuff. If I see you sharing out other Callistos? This to me it the epitome of rude. You are on my list and sharing out other Callistos? I would never do this to anyone else out of respect, so why would you disrespect me this way? I have this rule on another of my cannon profiles and I see it's time to bring it here. Mains and Connections: I don't normally do the main thing but I do not accept any Livias or Eves. I have my Liv and that's it. I do have favorites from time to time and they will have preference. I don't care if you think this is unfair, you can delete me. I am part of Uncharted Lands and those members may receive preferential treatment as well. Do not ask to be a main or connection because that will immediately be a strike against you. I also have no use for children; good evil or whathaveyou. I don't really like rping with children whether they are trying to impress me with how evil they are or Miss Mary Sunshine. Think up a plausible storyline and I might consider playing with you. Sex and Lovers: Sex is fun, we all know that but the chances of it are slim. Callie will not fall in love with anyone and the only way sex would happen is if she got really worked up like after an intense battle or something.  It also wouldn't be tender or pretty. More sadistic if anything; she's not going to cuddle afterward either. She's not going to lift her leather mini for every Tom, Dick and well... you get my meaning. If you only added me for that well I guess you're out of luck aren't you? Callisto will not have sex with Xena. I can't stand that pairing, I think anyone who thinks this is a plausible idea is a moron and doesn't understand the characters very well. She will not have sex with Gabrielle; if you paid attention to the shows you would have seen that she didn't like Gabrielle and thought her only use was in baiting Xena. The only way sex with anyone would be an option would be if it granted her some sort of leverage: ie when she slept with Ares while she was in Xena's body. She only did it to make Ares think she was on his side and not out for herself. As for those people who whore themselves out as slaves? Callisto is not interested so don't come crawling out with your bosoms heaving, I'll just fry you. Callisto is not interested in having any priests or followers thank you very much. Shameless flattery will get you fried. Deleted: If you break any of these rules, you will be deleted. If you fail to read/sign the rules and contact me within a week of adding me. If you cause OOC drama, if you cheat or steal. If you cause problems for me or those I adore on this site. If you go inactive and/or leave me hanging for more than a month. If you say anything to me because I am playing with your main, LI etc. If you have added me and signed my rules but fail to contact me about a sl, you will be deleted. If you read a message regarding a sl and do not answer, I will delete you.  If you ignore my messages, comments etc, I will delete you. I hate nothing more than being ignored. If you do not finish a storyline discussion and leave me hanging, you will be deleted. If you drop a sl without telling me, you will be deleted. Cheating and Theft: I care enough about this to mention it twice. There will be no godmoding, no killing of my character without a discussion first, no maiming, raping, etc. No automoving, making my character move or moving her with your powers, etc. Callisto is a goddess but I never godmode. No metagaming. I don't care if you read my comments but don't bring them up in our or anyone else's storylines because they are none of your business. Do not bitch at me because of something that's going on in one of my storylines. Do not involve me in a storyline without my permission. I don't want to see, "I saw Callisto doing this" etc. If you play more than one character, do not use information from one storyline in the other. IT IS CHEATING! Theft, I make my own pics and I have also been given some very lovely ones. I try to credit people though I am the first one to admit that I forget sometimes. If I see anyone with them, I will let everyone know that they are a thief. If anyone steals part of my bio, the part about my return, I will let everyone know that they've done it. I don't blacklist but I don't have any problem posting thefts. Tags: I have been Vengeful Goddess for a very long time but from time to time, I had been given nicknames and pics bearing those names. These include: CVG, Brazenly Delicious (don't ask) Gorgeous Hussy (won't tell you the story behind that either) Lil' Miss Sunshine, Vengeful Demon. My url, warriorgoddemonangel has been my url since I started on myspace and some pics also bear that tag. RPGS and Resources: I am a member of the RPG Uncharted lands. I do have other profiles and I don't mind people knowing about them at all. Active profiles other than this one: Buffyverse: Echoes in the Dark RPG- (Member and Co-owner: Darla Pretty Little Thing)  Supernatural: Ava Tremaine (Custom Hunter) Resources: Ancient Times Registry. TLG Premades- (Editor)     This is it for now but I reserve the right to update these without notice.


07/04/2011 07: PM 

(OOC: My Rules please read ^_^)
Current mood:  adored

Okay first off I hate the fact that after all the years of rping that I have done that I have to make rules, I have always thought it was st*pid to have rules because it just seems so duh to me, but I have been told by many that it's time for me to do so, with all the things going in on in my rl so here we go. Note: these rules may be added to at a future date as things come up, but as of now these are it #1 I am really easy to rp with, I literally strive to be able to rp with a Carebear if a storyline calls for it, but that's just me, as such please don't tell me who I can and can't rp with. That's not your call it's mine. If there's an rper that you have problems with and you want to warn me about them, that's fine but telling me something like " Don't rp with them or I won't rp with you" I will laugh at you...seriously...>_< #2 I don't delete people for no reason, I always have a reason, either you have seriously ticked me off by something you wrote, like offended me to my core which is not easy to do, you have to be quite the do*che bag to pull that off or you hog the journal board with bs journals that I could care less about and you are blocking the journals of other people that I'd actually like to read, those are the only reasons, if you suddenly find yourself gone from my friends list, and you don't do either of the things listed above then it wasn't me! It was a error. #3 I try my best to have decent grammar however I am run on sentence queen! I fully acknowledge that fact....if that bothers you...seriously don't rp with me and feel free to delete yourself because we will never rp! It's a terrible habit that I don't care to break because I'm freaking lazy lmao anyone who has rped with me in the past just deals with it ^_^ #4 I don't care what length of rp you send me but whatever you send expect that back...if you send me "K" then expect one of these guys ->>> "^_^" which still puts in more effort than you just gave me lol but I will do it, however if you send me a like 12 part starter....good gawd I will promise to do my best to match it but no promises. #5 Reply time, I seriously don't care how long it takes you to get back to me I realize people have lives and I will not put anyone on some sort of time limit, funk that! If you expect me to get back to you within some kind of time limit do us both a favor and delete me now cuz that won't fly, here is where that rl stuff comes in, not only am I going to college but I am also in the midst of planning my wedding *squeal* lol but seriously it's alot of work so I can't always be here so those "if you don't get back to me in 2 weeks your deleted" crapola can stuff it for all I'm concerned, of course I will try and get back to you as soon as I can but if immediate responses are your thing, don't rp with me...ever. #6 I am not perfect! No one is, anyone who claims to be is a d*uchebag! I say this because I make mistakes, I may not write the best response to something you wrote or the best starter, I am willing to take criticism if it is put to me in a nice way. If you are rude to me I will tell you to shove it. I am very nice but I have my limits. #7 You will not EVER kill off my character, if you try it I will kill you back, that's right! I will kill you back ! I will Godmod you like a summa B till you wish you had never even gone there with me! >_< I can't stand when people try to call other character's damage or try and control another persons character in any way, Don't do that to me, trust me, Jem can get hurt and I will acknowledge damage but if you are a human and you are wielding a pencil at Jem...perhaps not so much lol but you get the point, I won't call your damage don't call mine...period. #8 Speaking of fighting, Jem is a medic however she was a soldier first and continues to be an elite seeker so don't underestimate her, her claws are not to look pretty they are to whoop some aft! ^_^ So if you want to be all bada$$ and try and fight her, be prepared to take on damage, it doesn't matter if you are a mech or femme or someother species...whatever... she will not hesitate to go thruster to thruster with you. #9 I am here to have fun and enjoy myself, I love getting to know people both in character and out, I have built some awesome friendships through doing this, whether you are the same way or you prefer to stick to just rping is fine with me, what I am not here for is a bunch of drama Bs it truly annoys me and doesn't make rping fun, if you have a problem with someone work it out with them don't drag the rest of us into your third circle of "poor me" h*ll I'll pass thanks ^_^ #10: I prefer to rp in comments but if you like to rp in messages I'm willing to make exceptions # 11 Mates: I have often been asked why Jem doesn't have a mate/lover/boyfriend whatever you want to call it and my reason is simple, she hasn't found the right one yet, for me playing Jem I will not have her get with just anyone, I prefer to have a friendship of sorts both in ooc and rp with whoever is playing Jem's mate, it just makes things a whole lot easier and it can add more depth to the rp relationship. I'm a theatre major in rl, so anyone who is in theatre understands what I'm trying to say lol I have been lucky to have some awesome rpers in the past that I have been able to have Jem build a relationship with , I plan to stick to that. On that note I don't do that "Jem meets a mech and a day later they are in love Bs" that is so super lame in any rp, sorry but that's how I feel about it,  That's it for now like I said I may add to these but this is all I can think of ^_^ thanks for reading, you don't have to sign them unless you want to I will just assume you have unless you go against then then I will call you on it


07/04/2011 12: PM 

The Creed

Rule.[rool]-n & v1. a principle to which an action conforms or is required to conform.2. a prevailing custom or standard: the normal state of things.3. government or dominion (under British rule; the rule of law)First and foremost, I don't respond to those that delete comments after replying. I often need to see what I wrote last and cannot do so if my comment is no longer there. Also, my private SL with the other half is exactly that, my private SL. The rest of you can rest assured you will meet the Draco you all love to hate. And last but not least. I'm ENGLISH in real life, I know right, shocker. For that reason, I'll be using the ENGLISH spellings of words. Now, as a roleplayer, I really shouldn't have to write rules, however, in the nine years I've been roleplaying, some still cannot grasp the basic concept of roleplay etiquette. 1. I RARELY roleplay next gen. Playing an adult Draco hasn't appealed to me in the past, and it doesn't appeal to me now. Feel free to simply chat with me, but know that that's probably all it will ever be as I refuse to stray into next gen and adult Draco. If you're not satisfied, then feel free to delete me. It makes no difference either way.2. I tend to be a multi-para/novella roleplayer, however, I only stray into novella when a storyline has need for it, and things cannot be put into a few mere paragraphs alone. Do not feel as though you have to write me a 14-page essay to pass "inspection". As long as you can give me a few good paragraphs to work with, we're good. Quality over quantity. 2. Punctuation, grammar, and correct spelling are a necessity, there are no two ways about this. Now I'm not saying it has to be perfect. I, myself, am far from perfect. Mistakes happen, to be quite honest, that we may or may not have noticed until they are pointed out to us.In other words, if you, yourself, cannot understand a word you wrote, I cannot possibly be expected to decipher the cryptic enigma presented to me.3. Not so much a rule, but a pet peeve of mine, going back a few years or so on Myspace. Let's get this out of the way, shall we? Firstly, Harry Potter is set during the 90's, not the year 20whatever, unless you're roleplaying the next gen. You CANNOT Apparate on school grounds. The Patil twins are not both in the same house and both Bauxbatons and Durmstrang are not all girls/boys schools. Oh, as for joining in, for example, your third year, Dumbledore is not likely to whip out the sorting hat to cater to your character's needs. Potential pupils receive their letter during their 11 birthday, to which one promptly replies stating they will indeed be attending, or otherwise. You start from your first year, not any other. PERIOD! Don't even think about trying to work around that last statement. 4. Please try to remain as canon as possible. I understand small tweaks to help storylines along, but not to the point a character is no longer recognizable as what they once were. I've seen too many "sexy Death Eater" Hermiones, too many Voldemorts frolicking through fields of flowers (<--- I kid you not). Too many Emo Harrys, when they're not fawning over Voldemort, telling him what a beautiful, tortured soul he is. Don't take away from the core being of your character. However, apparently, I need to elaborate on this, as some still remain obliviously obtuse. We are only ever aware of one side of a person's emotions for the sake of stark contrast between the protagonist and antagonist. Your average being is not a one dimensional being and we all exhibit a range of emotions. If you're looking solely for a snobby brat, who has, to quote Granger: The emotional range of a teaspoon, then I'm simply going to tell you to go drown yourself fin a vat of boiling oil and gtfo my page.Non canon situations are a bonus. I adore them. I get bored of writing scenes straight out of the book, truth be told. A little creativity wouldn't go amiss, you know.5. Don't place me in some obscure location such as Timbuktu (yes it is a real location in Africa also spelt Tombouctou). HP:RPers know of all the likely locations. For everyone else, we can work something out when it comes to location. If you don't like that, then bite me. I really don't care.6. This goes without saying, no god-modding, or auto-playing. I'm a big boy now, and I'm perfectly capable of determining my own actions and what have you. 7. To those of you who only take up roleplay to seek a love interest, I simply have this to say "Godienaoplzkthnxbai" I haven't the time or the patience for those who only seek to roleplay as a means of bagging themselves someone to screw when the fancy takes them. 8. The bump, please don't do it. I hate being bumped into, having things dropped in front of, or even dropping down dead. It's uncreative. Do you bump into everyone you meet for real? I had more than enough knocks and bruises from my time spent roleplaying on Myspace. 9. Those of you who want replies instantly, you might as well turn back now. I get things done as and when they are done, not when YOU want them done. This is a hobby, an escape from reality for a while and if you don't like that. Too damn bad really. I don't jump to your demands and I don't expect instant replies. Whether reply instantly, in a week or even a month from now. I don't particularly care. If I can give YOU that common courtesy, do me a favour and return it.For the record, I don't make announcements when it comes to cleaning my friend list. If you suddenly wake up one morning and realise you're no longer there, then there's probably one of several reasons as to why. I don't want nor do I need to deal with those who suddenly decide to comment knowing there's a pending deletion taking place. Take the fickle attitude elsewhere, please.

H.Potter. ϟ

06/30/2011 12: PM 

Rulesss yeahh rules.

DISCLAIMER: I am not Daniel Radcliffe! Dan lives a very busy and awesome life, so I doubt he would roleplay as Harry in his spare time (if he gets much spare time). I am also NOT Harry Potter, seeing as it's not real -- shocker. If you believe me to be Dan Radcliffe or Harry Potter, please delete yourselves off of my friends list. Thank you!1.) I am a Multi-para/Novella roleplayer. This means I will not accept para's, one-liners, and whatever else you can possibly think of that are less than a paragraph. Please do not come to me for a roleplay and say that you're also a multi-para roleplayer and then hand me a half-ass starter that consists of three sentences. You have no idea how annoying it is, and I will NOT reply to you. Regarding novella...I rarely do novella though I have done it before. Your reply/starter must be BRILLIANT in order for me to get so much inspiration that I send you a novella. Don't count on it. Most likely, you will get a multi-para from me (which is four paragraphs up to about eight full paragraphs).  And please, if I send you something that's multi-para, I expect the same in return, especially if you said you were multi-para. 2.)  We must discuss a storyline first before we begin roleplaying. I hate getting random starters from people I've never even spoken to before. I'd PREFER if everyone messages me for a storyline rather than comment me. My comments are for roleplaying, so that I don't lose track of who I owe. Messages are for discussing storylines and some OOC stuff. Of course if you comment me about a storyline I will not ignore you, I'm not THAT mean. Just please NO RANDOM STARTERS. I won't EVER reply to them. 3.) As a continuation to number two -- Please don't comment/message me right when you add me and say, "Send me a starter." without so much as discussing anything with me first. It REALLY pisses me off. I don't like anyone commanding me to do anything, and no I will not send you a bloody starter! In fact, I hate it so much I'll probably delete you off of my friends list if you do that. It's demanding and rude. I once had a girl complain to me because I refused to reply to her after she demanded a starter; needless to say she was deleted and probably never gets any roleplaying done. I win! >:D4.) I take a while to reply. Get over it. I refuse to send someone a shitty reply just because they're waiting for it and want it quickly. Sometimes I take days, weeks, and even up to a month. GET OVER IT! If you don't like it then please, feel free to delete me. I've got plenty of friends, really. :) On that note -- do not message me asking why I haven't replied to you yet. If you do that then I'll ignore you and NEVER reply to you. Ouch...burn....your loss. Not to mention, I've got a thing called a real life and I take pride in that. I'm not on here 24/7, but I am here a decent amount, whenever I have time. Don't complain, or you'll be gone.5.) I DO NOT tolerate drama of any sort. So please don't start any with me, trust me, I always win when people decide to start shit with me. I'm H.Potter, and that's how it works. I win, drama starters LOSE. I promise you when I say I'm BOSS. So don't complain to me about your real life drama, your roleplay drama, or ANY drama for that matter. The only drama I accept is roleplay drama. That's all. So if you post annoying bulletins every five seconds about someone else, I will delete you. If you start shit with any of my friends, I will delete you. If you start drama with me, I will delete you after ruining you for starting shit. LEGIT.6.) Do not steal anything off of my page! I took the time to find the pictures and edit and all that jazz, so I expect you to keep your hands off. My page was done by one of my best friends and she would NOT be happy if you stole anything. Unless you want both of us on your ass, you better back off. It's called ORIGINALITY and you should probably get some. That's what roleplay has been lacking lately - originality. I've come across so many people who think it's okay to steal others layouts without asking, as well as stealing their pictures. COME ON PEOPLE. Either ASK or get the FUCK out. I don't tolerate it, and I will get you deleted if you steal from me. I've done it before. End of story. 7.) I am CANON all the way. I will not roleplay with Harry's "long lost sister" or "the child he never knew about". I also refuse to roleplay with people who have long ass names such as "Hermione Granger *raped, lonely, sad, suicidal*" I mean what the fuck is that shit? I am not afraid of going a bit AU with some storylines, but I will not stray far. I love new things, and no I don't roleplay the book word for word. I love adding new   things and making stuff up, but I won't get TOO crazy. So no, Harry doesn't have any love children, he doesn't have any long lost siblings, his parents AREN'T still alive, Voldemort is not really his father, and Draco is NOT his lover. Don't give me that kind of CRAZY SHIT. >:( Needless to say, I won't reply.* Just for clarification, I DO roleplay with original characters. 8.) Absolutely NO  God-moding. I hate it. Never ever control my character or  I will stop replying to you. In some cases it's OKAY, but they must be previously discussed if you want my character to do something in your reply. Please ASK ME FIRST before you send it to me. More than likely if you ask I will agree for that ONE TIME thing. Got it? Don't make a habit out of it though if I allow it ONCE. Seriously. I'll delete you!9.) I do need mains as I am no longer apart of any known RPG, Please refrain from flat out asking me to be mains - I'd much rather we talk, discuss a SL, and get to know each other before we establish such connections. **Updated 12/29/14. Subject to change as I see fit.**- H.Potter


Danse Macabre

06/30/2011 06: PM 

A slightly informative blog

Since I seem to be up and fully alert at the ass-crack of dawn, I figured I would post some information that would better explain Tamora, and the way I play her. This will be great for those who have no idea what the Anita Blake book series is, or has never seen Supernatural, because I incorporated a bit of aspects from both when making her.  Important Terms: ( Master Vampire-A vampire who has gained enough inner power to be able to raise themselves from daytime death. (I don't do the whole death at daytime thing, so pretty much just think really powerful vampire of any age.) Master of the City-A Master Vampire with enough power to hold a large group of vampires and the territory they hold together. A Master Vampire who is strong enough to control other vampires in a territory. Lesser Master Vampires must be granted permission to stay in the city. This vampire is answerable to the Vampire Council.  Is Tamora a Master Vampire? Yes. She believes that Draven being the one to turn her may have had something to do with it. Sharing power, so to speak. She just tries to hide it as well as she can, so that Jakob doesn't have her marked for least until she can find a reason to kill him, or enough proof to go to the council regarding his part to play in Draven's murder.  Could Tamora be Master of the City? Possibly, but she has no interest.  Vampire Council(For True Blood related roleplay, they'll be the Authority...they're pretty much the same damned thing)-The governing body of the vampires, and as a court or police. The council is made up of some of the oldest, and most powerful vampires. They thrive on torture, using what you fear most and using it against you, and are feared by most vampires. Their primary purpose is to rule and pass judgement over the actions of all vampires. They punish and destroy any vampire that draws unwanted attention to their kind, if the Master of the City does not do it first. (They are usually only mentioned in reference to Tamora's inability to prove Jakob's hand in Draven's death to the council, and how they don't take kindly to vampires killing each other...especially due to lust for power) Some Facts: 1. Sunlight-It will not make vampires sparkle...or look like they're sweating profusely like in that movie that made me want those two hours of my life back. Sunlight will do nothing short of making a vampire extra crispy. 2. Garlic-It goes great with almost anything.  3. Staking-Only one of many ways to kill a vampire. You could take out the heart, or even the head. Burning alive is no fun, either.  4. Blood-It is merely like water to humans. It is what sustains a vampire, keeps them not so corpsey. They do enjoy other food and drink.   5. Procreation-Impossible. 6. Being turned-No, a simple vampire bite will not turn you. You have to die with vampire blood in your system.  7. Will Tamora turn you? No. She does not want or need some fresh vampire following her around like a little lost puppy, just because she turned them. That's too much of a liability. She is more likely to kill you in some graphic manner, than turn you. 8. Feeding on humans-England's city Masters felt that the constant attacks on humans was drawing too much attention, so feeding on humans was outlawed. Tamora feeds off of blood from vampire-owned blood banks, though she does miss the thrill of the hunt...and the kill. 9. All things Twilight related-Forget it. I use nothing from that book that makes me want to tear my eyes out. I have read the first two, and it made me cry for all vampires whose reputations went from being scary and blood thirsty, to sparkley and just all around creepy (i.e.: Edward: "I've been sneaking into your room and watching you sleep for three months"). 10. Oh my gawd dude, like vamp blood is like crack maaannn-Don't even think about it. Tamora would be more likely to tear your throat out with her bare hands and bathe in a shower of your blood, before she would ever consider letting you drink hers.  -More to come-

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