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៚Dark Halo Resources,

06/06/2020 07:39 PM 

Dark Halo | Dani's Custom Work.

Coming Soon.


05/31/2020 06:33 PM 

↳ raincheck. Β· drabble.

  "Hi, everybody! Welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today, I have a makeup look done for you in collaboration with Fenty Beau—"  Vrrrrm… Vrrrrm.The drilling from the construction work being done outside Monica Meron’s apartment complex was an undeniable distraction that had been bothering the her for the past week. Running on a deadline that was slowly inching closer, she could not afford to rain-check the filming of her current video. It would surely prove her to be unprofessional and that was not a good look for her reputation with other beauty brands.“Let’s try this again.” Monica mumbled, pressing the RECORD button on the small remote control that would automatically start the Canon G7X Mark II camera. “What’s up, guys! Welcome back to my YouTube channel! Today, I have put together this makeup look in collaboration with Fenty Beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint lipstick in the nude color. If you want to know how to—“   VRRRRRRRM.    That was enough to tick the young woman off. “You know what? That’s it. F*** this.” Rising from her seat, Monica stormed from her recording area to the window pane, busting the door wide open. Her building was located in the middle of a semi-busy street in Atlanta. Every two years or so, the state thought that it would be necessary to send over a crew of handymen to repair a road that was free of potholes up until a couple of miles off. Of all the other issues occurring within their city such as violence and crime, this so-called ‘fixture’ was a total waste of taxpayer money.Sticking her head out of the window, Monica roared out to the group of five men driving a mechanical drill into the concrete. “Yo’, f***tards! Mind keepin’ it quiet out there? I’m trying to work!” Her silver chain that was decorated with an M-lettered pendant dangled around her neck as she heaved in anger. Her outburst managed to catch the attention of the group who silently looked at one another for a minute then let out a synchronized jumble of laughter.One man, who looked to be the youngest of the pack, shook his head. “So are we, Sweet Cheeks! Learn how to deal with it just like everybody else has on this block!” He retorted with a chortle following. His friends high-fived him.Sweet Cheeks? Disgusting. Without further response, Monica flashed her middle finger at him, then slammed her window shut. That gesture was solely meant the smart alec who decided to talk back, but she hoped that his friends received the harsh message too.To make matters worse, they resumed with the drilling, but at a more intentional and louder volume.“Stupid construction workers. Stupid men. Stupid noise. Mi na’ know why mi put up with these tings, ‘uno?” Her Jamaican accent subconsciously seeped through her voice to reveal her heated emotion. While returning back to her recording set-up, her iPhone vibrated on the dresser where it sat, indicating that she had received a text message.   Tasha: sisssss! what are you doing tonight?  Monica: uhhh, recording this video for Fenty? what’s up, boo?  Tasha: still? you told me you was going to record that sh*t last week and you’re just getting to it?!  Tasha: anyways, I got a date tonight. pick up your phone. i’m finna’ call you.    Monica rolled her eyes at how abrupt her closest friend of fifteen years was. Natasha did not care to know what situation you might have been in. If she needed to talk, she was going to do just that. By any means necessary. On cue, the mobile phone vibrated in Monica’s hands.  “Spill. Which fine man ya’ done pick up now?” The YouTuber greeted once answering the call.“First of all, can’t I get a hello? How are you doing? Forget it. It’s too late for formalities,” The friend joked. “But I met this dude named Mario while waiting in line at that Indian restaurant down the avenue. Girl, he asked me out on a date and said he would be bringing his friend, so please say that you will come with me tonight. Please?” Natasha’s request was stated in one breath. Monica did not know how to feel about the proposition presented. She had been single for months, but she also was not sure on how she felt about dating at the moment. After two humiliating experiences with relationships at the young age of twenty-four, she realized that it was time to prioritize herself by putting her career and happiness first.Besides, this was a blind date. His friend could be ugly for all she knew. “No, he’s not ugly. I’ve seen a photo of him,” Natasha commented, reading her exact thoughts like a book. Did she say that out loud? “His name is Kaliq and he works in architecture or somethin’. Those men got money!”Monica laughed. “Listen, I’m not a gold digger or nothin’, aight? However, I’ll tag along because you’re my homegirl and I don’t want you to feel lonely.” “Eeeeh!” Her friend squealed in excitement. “Text me where we’re going and what time I should be ready… And his photo. You know that I don’t do blind dates.” “You know that I don’t do blind dates. Blah, blah, blah…” Natasha mimicked, a bright smile evident in her voice. “Dress casual. I’ll send everything over to you in a few. Thank you, Kitten! Now, finish filming before it’s too late! Rihanna finna’ beat ‘cho ass if you don’t give her what she wants.” “I know, I know. Bye, girl. I’ll see you tonight.” Monica closed out, ending the call immediately.A sigh escaped her lips as she was hit with the reality of things. The construction workers were still drilling their way down to Hell and she was under more of a time constraint with the double date she agreed to. “Who are you kidding, Mon? You’re definitely rain-checking this.”


06/06/2020 05:03 PM 

california wishlist,

california bucketlist,


06/06/2020 03:29 PM 

Starter | Wake-Up Call

WAKE-UP CALL  It wasn't until the scattered rays of morning light inching across Christoph's face reached his eyes that he finally began to stir from a long night of restless sleep. In a daze, he rolled over and blindly swatted at his bedside table. After shuffling through old discarded mail his hand bumped against something cold and heavy the left a metallic thud when it hit the hardwood floor. Unfazed, he resumed his hunt, doing the best to identify the things within arm-reach without needing to resort to the inevitably painful task of peeling back his hangover-laden eyelids. There was an unfamiliar keychain, his wallet, and… yep, there it was. His hand finally closed around a chipped Samsung Galaxy. A couple generations old at this point, but passable. By now Christoph's eyes were half open as he returned to his side and tried to adjust his vision to the screen's low brightness... Or, any brightness? He blinked a couple times and brought the smartphone closer to his face with squinted eyes."F***" Muttering swears under his breath, Christoph nearly threw the phone across the room. Fortunately for the phone, his lackluster recovery from last night’s escapades and a body beaten to hell to hell and back ensured cooler heads prevailed. As he rolled across the bed yet again, he let out a low groan in anticipation of what lay ahead.  With one arm draped over the edge of his mattress he shuffled further on his stomach to graze at the floor with his fingertips where he began to feel around for his phone’s charging cable. While he searched his fingers brushed against a familiar steel barrel and paused when he reached the small trigger guard at its far end. “And that explains that noise. Thank f***in’ god that didn’t end any worse.” The thought was fleeting; vanishing from the forefront of his mind a fart in the wind. After a couple minutes passed Christoph signed and dragged himself from the warmth of his gray overstuffed comforter.Naked except for last night’s deep blue boxers, he scanned the floor for any trace of his phone’s wired charger hidden among piles of dirty clothes and other forgotten belongings strewn about the room. Each step against the old hardwood planks echoed slightly throughout the empty row house as he searched in quiet determination. It didn’t take long before his search began to feel like an exercise in futility and Amazon or Best Buy were about to score another $40 from his bank account – they almost felt like bigger thieves than he was at this point. His eyes wandered toward the window as a hand gripped the wooden sill and its peeling white paint. There were more than a few people milling about on their way up and down the city sidewalk under fresh canopies of green… it was certainly bright enough that he must have slept most of the morning away.He shoved the blinds shut and was about to take one final stab at finding his phone charger when a knock sounded from his front door downstairs. Racking his brain, Christoph tried to recall whether he had made plans the previous night to see anyone this morning. Was it possible he pissed someone off last night? Were the consequences of some recent endeavor finally about to rear their ugly head and bite him in the ass as his friends (if he could call any of them that) so often warned him? Even as he descended the stairs, he couldn’t quite place the events of his night out. The best he could do was peer through the peephole in the front door to see who was waiting on the other side.And yet staring back at him he found… nothing. Sheer black nothingness was all that waited for him on the other side of his door. Now obviously time and space didn’t rip recently – he knew that much from his glimpse out the window minutes earlier – so the only other reasonable explanation remaining was that Christoph had a visitor who seemed unmistakably intent and familiar with showing up unannounced. He looked down at himself, still wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. Had he been thinking rationally, Christoph may have grabbed a robe, thrown on a pair of pants, or realized he had a better chance of enjoying his Saturday if he just pretended nobody was home. As fate would have it, this was one morning where he could do no such thing. Liquor: 1, Christoph: 0.The door pushed outward a crack to reveal little more than Christoph’s head, at first. The only clues to his current attire (or lack thereof) were the unkempt hair atop his head and the bare shoulders he was unable to hide while leaning through the gap in the door.“Yes, can I help you?” 

Starter, Romance, Sample, Drabble, Crime, Suspense


06/06/2020 01:04 PM 

all love.

all love "I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can't I do this one thing for me?"   " I doubt that's true, love…. comes in many different ways. Maybe you don't think you know how to love because someone has to forbid it. But I bet you were always curious about it, huh? What it feels like? What can it do for you or the people you are with! Love… it's… it's beautiful yet heart shattering all at once. "Love, as they all like to say, makes the world go around. It's a blessing, and It makes your heartbeat madly within your chest. "And as exciting as it is, it's also terrifying. Maybe you've felt that way before? Love can give you butterflies, make them flutter in your stomach. Love can also make you clumsy! Tripping over yourself when the person you like is around. Love can make you cruel! Using another person to make the person you're interested in, jealousy. It's insane how some people display love, and just how different we all feel it." A sigh falling past her twin flesh, head resting against her hands, elbows resting on the counter at Pops. She ate the cherry before the whipped cream went over the cup of the Strawberry milkshake, long forgotten as soon as her heart sways to the concept of romance— the mere mention has the romantic in her at the edge! Betty Cooper's big doe eyes rest upon the man before her, looking him over and thinking—– he probably turns heads all the time. How has he not found the love of his life yet? Or how has be not experience the butterflies! The tossing and turning and the scent of his crushes lingering even when they aren't around. Then she had to remember where jughead friends/ serpents came from. It was like no one gave them a chance. Though, it is known that romance isn't for everyone, which makes the Cooper girl frown. She wants to believe, least for the right people out there, that they will find their true love or at least someone to make them feel extraordinary out there. Chewing on her bottom lip, swirling the straw in the glass, round & round. " …You know… " Betty laughs almost shyly, cheeks turning a darker shade of pink as she casts a glance down on the table-top. " ….I'm pretty much a hopeless romantic… I… Uh, like to think we all have a soul mate out there for all of us. Stupid huh? Childish some would say even. But I guess. It's sweet. " template created for (c) serpentjuliet

Theodora Crain.

06/06/2020 04:26 PM 


There's currently a huge thunderstorm going on outside, and I'm hiding under the blankets in my bedroom. I am not scared of much, but I've been afraid of thunderstorms ever since I was a child. There was this one night, in THAT house, and the five of us were all terrified. But Mom and Dad comforted us, we had all gotten out of our beds and gone running downstairs to find them. We were just in this big huddle, all five of us screamed every time there was a crash of thunder. Even Shirley and Steven were scared. I remember Mom telling us that every crash of thunder meant it was getting further away from us.. it kind of worked in calming us down. I wish she was here now, actually. Maybe I'm too old to need my mother to comfort me during a storm.. but I still wish she was here. 


06/06/2020 10:56 PM 



Hellshore Beach.

06/06/2020 10:56 PM 

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child of surprise

06/06/2020 04:01 PM 

Heart of Darkness - Drabble

    ❰ ❰ Heart of Darkness It was an unnatural darkness. Thick and impenetrable. Ciri peered into it, looking for anything that may stand out; a shape, a sound, a movement. It had originally been a strange sound that had stopped the black horse in her tracks, causing not only her ears to perk up, but also the Witcher girls’. As she stared intently, hoping that something would reveal itself to her, she gripped the reins of her black mare Kelpie. The horse stamped her hooves, obviously uncomfortable at waiting for her mistress to make a decision, but Ciri had to know. She had to make absolutely certain…There was a flash of light behind her, illuminating the darkness ahead of her for a brief moment, enough that she was able to catch a glimpse of what was coming towards her. Kelpie reacted much faster than Ciri had, turning to the right and fleeing from not only what was coming towards them from behind, but the creatures and dark figures that had been crawling on their bellies towards them.“Go Kelpie!” Her voice rang clearly as she spurred her onward, but the mare needed no encouragement. Ciri lowered herself against her horses main, pressing herself down against the smooth neck of the black beauty.The sounds of multiple snarls reached her ears as the creatures came after them, and it had taken Ciri a moment before she realized that the sounds of horses hoofbeats were mingled amongst them. They were being pursued not by one force, but two, and both for very different reasons.This had become tiresome, this ever onward war she was fighting with anyone and everyone who found themselves wanting to rule the world through her ‘unborn’ child. How many worlds had Ciri escaped to? How many battles had she fought for her life? Too many. There were too many close calls and narrow escapes for her to find even one place that she could call home.A cold fear gripped her stomach as she realized that the trees around her were bending toward her now, reaching down with their lifeless and dead branches. There was a scream somewhere behind her, but she didn’t turn around. In fact, she squeezed her legs ever slightly so her horse understood that they were fine and to keep moving. The creatures that had been pursuing them had realized that there was now other prey in the darkness, easier prey. The Aen Elle would not be swayed, however, and were determined to possess her.The elm trees were closing in around her and Kelpie now. Branches were brushing against them as they continued to speed among them. Kelpie was faster than the horses that pursued them, but she was running out of room. Ciri braced herself, breathing in deeply and focusing on her destination.Another scream echoed from somewhere behind her and the trees that had been reaching down for her suddenly stopped. The creatures had done her a favor by ridding her of the most dangerous elf among the group that pursued her, and she internally thanked her lucky stars for them. Not that she wouldn’t hesitate to still disembowel the little bastards if it came down to it.Ahead, she could see shadows moving among the trees. Signs that the creatures behind her may have caught up and found a more dangerous way to chase them. The lump in Ciri’s throat became a cold hard mass that slid into her stomach. With a deep breath, she concentrated on her moor. The warmth and safety of the grassy glade she had found on her journeys through the worlds. It was the one place she could go to gather herself before moving on once again.The creatures were moving ahead, getting further along their trail so that Ciri could barely see them in the distant darkness, black shapes were moving en masse with each other. The cold fear turned into a scream as she jerked the reins, turning Kelpie in another direction, away from the horror ahead. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the creatures changing direction and the Aen Elle turning with her, coming towards her in the hope of cutting her off. 


06/06/2020 01:53 AM 

Vanaheim's Door

Vanaheim's Door   Guidinne /1620013 The lush green carpet that covered the earth was so welcoming to her bare feet. She skipped along near the outskirts of the settlement and the tall woods that seemed so dark and mysterious. A solitary light kept blinking beyond the canopy of trees that barred her way from seeing was what really out there. Slowly she began to gather her skirts. The little girl with golden strands that fell down her back began to creep on her toes toward what lay out there in the forbidden area. Nobody would see her. She was looking here and there to make sure she was unhindered.She had just a few more steps just as the light was getting brighter. How did no one not see all this? The child was bewildered momentarily as she was just about to dip into the grove of trees to disappear. “Rebekah! Where are you going?” The voice of her older brother Elijah immediately made her freeze in her tracks. “Don’t you know you’re not supposed to go out there?”Her shoulders dropped and so did her tiny chin. Rebekah Mikaelsdottir was a mischievous princess of some five summers now. Her brother Elijah was practically a grown man. He was at least 15 by now. Rebekah thought he was practically ancient! “Elijah! Oh I’m not going anywhere.” She lied and it was a poor one at that. It couldn’t be helped however. The light shot out of the canopy of trees just behind her brother suddenly making her bounce on her toes.The curious look on her older brother's face darkened when she was looking at something past him. Elijah turned and looked behind himself. All he saw was the same trees he’d seen hundreds of times before. “Come with me Little Sister.” Elijah held out his hand for her.Rebekah started to obey her brother when she saw another shaft of light shoot out of the trees behind him. She grabbed up her skirts and started to run. Elijah would likely scold her later, that would be if he could catch her. She was fleet of foot and nimble. She could fit in smaller places he could not. She could hear him yelling at her. She was giggling as she ran faster to the source of the light.  Her right hand pushed back a low hanging branch to reveal what she saw. This was a clearing in the middle of the forest with tiny lights swirling around her. Rebekah took several steps toward the tiny lights. Their pattern was a perfect repeating circle. She could hear the tiniest bit of laughter coming from circle. Bright azure hues opened in wonder as she watched the display around her. She extended her right hand to try and make contact with them. At the point of the child’s right index finger the circle of laughing lights scattered as though they were dust in the wind.The faint echo of what sounded like a frog sitting in the base of tree distracted her from the laughing lights. Laying her skirts down to protect her knees, she kept looking for the hidden frog on all fours. Flowing golden hair touching the ground was the backdrop of the tiny face looking downward in the base of the tree for the source of the noise. Before she could get down far enough, the pattering sounds of miniscule feet came in her direction startling her. Rebekah fell backwards on her rump laughing delightfully.There was a faint breeze that warmed the Mikaelsdottir as she sat there. Longish golden eyelashes wrapped over themselves as she allowed herself to feel embraced by this magical place. Perhaps the gods that Mother spoke of had opened the gates to Vanaheim to let the fairies and sprites play with her on this day. She kept her eyes closed enjoying the warmth of the breeze. Slowly she could feel herself drifting off to sleep.She felt firm arms around her waist. Tiny arms encircled his neck on instinct. Elijah had found her. She knew that dark hair and the smell of the forest that was her elder brother anywhere. “You had me worried Rebekah. Don’t do that again.”A yawn tickled the corners of her mouth causing her jaws to part. Her little feet that had loved the feel of the grass between her toes were dangling against the young man’s chest as he carried her. Her belly was against his chest. She nestled in the space between his head and his shoulder. “I’m sorry Elijah.” She whispered.He smiled gently because he was happy his sister was safe. He carried her protectively over his shoulder making his way toward their family's dwelling. With an uplifted brow, he had to ask her the lingering question. “What did you find out there little Sister?” Elijah had heard her laughing which had brought him to where she was curled under the Great White Oak sleeping soundly.She didn’t answer. The Mikaelsdottir was her father’s golden princess guarded vigorously by her brothers Niklaus and Elijah. Kol was a worm who would often get her into trouble. Elijah and Niklaus were her heroes. She kept this small glimpse into Vanaheim a secret for 10 centuries to come.  “We are the definition of cursed, always and forever.” credit: james kriet

Π²Ξ±Π²Ρƒ тєℓℓєя (ΠΌ&β„“) Ρ•ΞΉΡ”ΠΊΟƒ

06/06/2020 01:52 PM 


Disclaimer: I’m not Dove Cameron nor to I clam to be. I have never met Dove and I know she doesn’t have time for role player. I’m just using her as my play by for Dizzy Perri-Ocean Teller-Morrow-MuioDrama: No ooc drama ooc (out of Character) or hate or bullying. If you don’t likes something about me please have the guts to tell me.Bullied: I will not let anyone bully me like some people or persons did on Village and now again Discord, I get bullied because my writing isn’t Novella yet. I am nor perfect writing I don’t know who is. My grammar isn’t perfect either. And if you don’t like how I write please tell me.Discord: I will not being posting my discord because I’m not going to let anyone guy or girl bully me or complain about my writing. I am not be perfect with my writing I’m working on my writing.Character: Drizella *Dizzy* Perri-Ocean Teller-Morrow-Muio is the daughter of Gemma Teller-Morrow and Clay Morrow she is the baby sister to Jax Teller and Juice Ortiz. She is best friends with Harry Hook son of Captain James Hook or Killian Jones.Verses: Main verse is Sons of Anarchy all 7 seasons and i will crossover into Titanic and Once upon a time. Dizzy is a very Au character. No telling me to control my character.Lengths: Para to Multi. I have been working on my writing since Myspace days. So if you don’t like my writing or how i write don’t add me its the simple.Sex: I will rp sex with every single guy on this site because guys think I’m easy and will give them what they want well I’m not easy and i will not give any guys what they want only my husband and boyfriend so guys get a life and hobby.Real Life: I am now starting to walk and I do get busy and distracted so I do post what i am doing so people who care know about it. I am hoping to get back to normal but I still have to wait and see on that.Sign my rules with a gif of your favorite Sons of anarchy or Descendants characterDizzy

Icy Fae

06/05/2020 10:38 PM 

Owes List

Owes:Mira (6/5)Owes me:Aerwyna(6/5)Discussion:Cassius/Riona/Josephine (Not sure which character yet. Just started discussing) 


06/05/2020 08:46 PM 

task 67

Santa Monica Beach Playlist:Summer Vacay.1). New Kids on The Block- SummerTime - LFO- Summer Girls - Cole Swindell - Chillin' It - Luke Bryan - Drunk On You - Luke Bryan - Crash My Party - Jake Owens - Barefoot Blue Jean Summer Night - Luke Bryan - She Gets Me High - Dylan Scott - My Girl - Bryan Adams - Summer of 69' - Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry -


06/05/2020 08:48 PM 

re: olive

before you read this, please know that i am aware there are huge issues going on and i will continue to speak out against them. i am aware that i brought this upon myself, but given the unnecessary claims made by this person and traumas of my past that were brought up in such a way that made it seem like i was complicit, i feel that anyone who read OLIVE's blog should read this for clarification. if such claims weren't made, maybe i'd be taking the higher road and messaging her personally, but here we are.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hi olive or alex. before i start on what i do have to address, i wanted to say that the reason i didn't say anything when you were around was because i wasn't on site until after you were reason for even mentioning you had more to do with the doxxing situation and the fact that you shamed others for not leaving this site immediately is why i posted that status in the first place.that being said. you tend to avoid adding me back if i am trying to add you or say anything, every single time (and it's worth mentioning that i can't keep track of anyone's alts. i don't even know my closest friends' alts half the time). i knew you were alex from the start but i didn't really care, and jameson was convinced it wasn't you until maybe a month or so ago. we attempted to be civil, share each others' stuff around, etc. until one day you and bentley deleted me out of nowhere. and would then add my alts and delete me, i suppose, as soon as you figured out it was me, which i found confusing since we, especially bentley, seemed to be fairly okay with sharing each others' stuff out. hell, i even tried to give another best friend of yours a few uplifting words once when she seemed to be going through it until she randomly deleted me as well, which begs the question, what on earth has alex been saying to these people in regards to all of us? obviously, i couldn't address you directly given you would always avoid it, and if bentley ever added me on an alt after i came to that conclusion, i would have happily asked him myself, but that never came to i know i'm digressing. was i a bit irate? yes. imagine coming back on and being told that you were shaming people for not up and leaving this site immediately. i am sorry that you were banned, but still. as a POC myself, the holier-than-thou attitude that i occasionally would see on stream throughout any account of yours was evident, but that definitely didn't sit well with me. i would have called you out by name whether you were still on site or not, and i figured the message would get back despite me saying i did so because you "were gone."1) i won't go and provide a list of the people who have time and time again stated that you have stolen from them. one such incident that comes to mind in my experience was genevieve's storyline suddenly changing to being an ivy league hacker whose father was some giant kingpin or something of the sort, conveniently when that was all auden's (my former halsey face) m.o. i was mad about it at the time, and i can't go on to say what genevieve's storyline was before that because i frankly cannot remember. at the time, matty/jameson asked me not to go off because you two were hashing things out by your own request (before you inevitably deleted him and continued that weird cycle of befriending and deleting). but i clearly put that aside to try and be civil despite knowing who you were as olive because ask anyone who knows me on here: i tend to forgive fairly easily and put petty drama behind me.and just because you hail yourself as non-problematic, i'll just point out the fact that as genevieve, you constantly alluded to your manipulative, toxic ex, made passive aggressive statuses aimed at matty, and seemed to suddenly have this vendetta against halsey on your status every other day WHILE YOU WERE TRYING TO HASH THINGS OUT WITH MATTY AT THE SAME TIME. YIKES INDEED.2) accusing jameson of keeping tabs is false. the first time he brought it up was when he befriended one of your best friends and wanted to be upfront about who he was to avoid any unnecessary drama, and to avoid having that friend randomly delete us after befriending us BECAUSE THAT SEEMED TO BE THE RUNNING THEME WITH YOU AND MOST OF YOUR FRIENDS. said friend insisted you weren't alex and whether it was by her own naivety over the matter because she's a very sweet person, or because she was protecting your identity, i don't know. the fact that you were so adamant to lie about it was what puzzled just about anyone who knew it was you, which is why he brought up seeing you change your icons in one of the MANY times you "extended an olive branch" and tried to befriend him again.the fact that you were so nice to him on olive and shared his stuff was the reason he insisted it WASN'T actually you, because "alex would never."like i said, i knew it was you, but jameson vehemently denied it so i agreed and dropped it. even so, i attempted to be supportive because i, too, had come back to roleplay around the time you made olive after a hiatus of about three months and wanted to start over.3) this is the thing that really made me want to address this publically because god, it does not sit well with me. bringing Santi up. yes, "oh the one with the nudes, remember that guys??" because holy sh*t the way you worded that really made me recoil after all the mental abuse i suffered at the hands of that person. and claiming matty and i got together right after is "sus" is just as disgusting. so, a bit of context:i met santi as leo in an rpg. we were together about eight months, i don't know. when that rpg disbanded is when we met jameson, alex, etc and it was my first time on freelance. now, plenty of my friends, especially the ones who saw it and have known me for over a decade, saw the horrible gaslighting and manipulation that went on. santi came to me at a time just after my grandmother died, my mother got into a horrible car accident, and my boyfriend irl and i broke up. i was a wreck and he seemed to be the one person who was there through it all. for months, i defended him against those very friends that i've known forever even when they pointed out that something as simple as the way he talked to me wasn't right, and i didn't see it. and i know a lot of you have seen that similar claim by people who have cut santi off recently.i can still access the screenshots on my old discord. santi at the time, being the drama lover that he is, came to me stating that he believed matty was cheating on alex. i told him that he needed to stay out of it because it wasn't his place, and he insisted because santi and alex had become friends. i was friendly with alex, and i don't know the degree to which they became friends, but he seemed to think it was his duty to do so, so he made a group chat with alex and brought me into it without my permission and proceeded to bring up irrelevant screenshots over the matter. in this chat i insisted over and over again that i was sure matty wasn't cheating on her and that i was positive he loved her because she assured me that she was positive that matty did not.then the next day, alex deleted and matty messaged me very angry over the matter. then a few hours later, alex remakes, gets back with matty, and sends me a message stating that i lied to her about a misunderstanding and that she never wanted to speak to me again. now, i, wanting to protect santi KNOWING that his reputation was sh*t, messaged matty on a separate account apologizing and saying that i was the ONLY one telling alex all of this information, and showed him screenshots where i told alex that i didn't think he was cheating. i deleted ALL of santi's messages saying the opposite because i wanted to protect him. because even up until then, i was pretty much broken by the disgusting person behind a screen.PROOF 1 | PROOF 2matty and i became friends after that talk, and he was still with alex, and we were never romantic. matty was ultimately the person who talked me through the mental abuse i CONTINUED to suffer at the hands of santi and helped me finally have the courage to get rid of him. imagine eight months of losing friendships and being polarized from people you love on this site, and ultimately being afraid to drop a toxic ship because you felt, and that person continued to remind you, that you would have nobody if you were to leave. it wasn't until weeks later, after SANTI AND I had broken up, that jameson and i realized we were compatible as writing partners, and even then, we didn't jump the gun and get into a relationship. it was organic, which is why we've remained close to this yeah. needless to say, addressing all this drama is unnecessary given the state of everything. but i will not sit here and let you passive aggressively slander myself and jameson and make horrible claims while insisting that you are being "adult" about it. bringing up jameson's other ex, especially one who put HIM through arguably worse trauma on this site (given that his name was being dragged through the mud over lies about his REAL LIFE) is disgusting. but some of those assumptions were already solidified because of all the stuff you'd tell your friends about him.also, "ollie" or "nik" as they are now known is one of my best friends irl, as i lived in the same area as them until recently. and in case your friends don't get the message to you, in regards to you reaching out on twitter, they wanted to say "i'm good" and don't appreciate you bringing them up in your final words are: your inability to hang on to most friends and claims that you "don't trust" people is sus in and of itself. i tend to observe those who are able to keep their friends versus those who compulsively make and delete accounts after ships and friendships fail, aka you. i find it very telling.cheers.

in cold blood.

06/05/2020 08:14 PM 

Dear Olive.

** since you disabled comments, so will i.with everything else going on in the world, this is the stupidest f***ing thing i can fathom responding to. i said that i would not be responding because of the asinine, manipulative, and gas lighting in the blog post but - it's not the first time she has tried to slander me and i'm tired of the bullsh*t.irrelevant writer drama: i have never taken this place seriously. i have never LEGITIMATELY cared to let ship's rule my life, because i'd rather invest that energy in my real life relationships. some people do not do that, so that's fine - and i apologized in the past for " cheating " on a fake relationship. it's just kind of strange that i've been in multiple ships before and after that one, and no one else seems to have any objections or complaints after so many years. i'm still confused as to why that. . . .was brought up?since we're bringing up irrelevant details to try to slander my friends and myself, here's some more irrelevant details to counter with: in the year after me and Alex/Olive stopped shipping, we had an on and off friendship. one day it would be cool and she'd joke around, we'd stay up until 5am giving our FBI agents on our phone a thorough backstory, and SHE went out of her way to bring up how they would be shocked at the smut we used to write while she was in a ship elsewhere etc. little things like that. then eventually we'd just lose contact.think it's awfully gross to pride yourself on being " single ship " and to try and white knight everyone in the situation, when you, yourself, have created burner accounts behind others backs back when we were friends, and in present day. the only reason we MET, was on an account where she had been secretly shipping with me ( remember Arial and Mat? ) unbeknownst to her husband on her other account, Alex.THE ACTUAL POINT : you are a liar. a complete and total liar. your blog starts with "it's no secret that i was Alex," but that is only stated because you cleared the air LAST NIGHT with your friends - who don't seem too happy.through the years, i have had random people block me who were friends with the account that she was on at the time. people in her friend group have always seemed to be right front and center when i comment on any issue completely irrelevant to her in roleplay(i.e. when i post something about how i don't understand why people get so heartbroken over roleplay relationships when they are not real. weird correlation.) and they'd be ready to share statuses opposing my thoughts or insert themselves into the situation for little to no reason.recently, i met one of her good friends(who i will not name, as she has named our old mutual friends for some reason) and we formed a bond over our characters and storylines very quickly, then i noticed that she was best friends with Olive/Alex. that doesn't bother me. that has never bothered me. but i was upset that someone who i saw a potential great storyline with might blacklist me over bitterness of a former ship, and i told her that. i told her that i understood if she did not want to continue speaking, to which she was very understanding and went out of her way to message Olive/Alex WITHOUT ME ASKING HER TO, to try and squash the beef so we could all coexist.what was the response? "he has me confused with someone else." and "that's not me." and her friend, who supposedly is VERY close to her, had no idea that Olive was previously Alex. that struck me as odd, and i didn't care to try and convince her any further 1) because i just don't f***ing care and 2) because she expressed stress of people before who Olive/Alex fought tooth and nail over her identity with. it's just kind of strange to say it's not a secret, but your friend had no why did i comment on her identity the other day? because it was expressed to me that she was participating in the doxxing of the account owners, and that isn't cool. the photos included their children. that is, no matter how sh*tty the admins are, not okay and a dangerous thing to do.anyways, really not sure why i am being accused of being gross for ' keeping tabs on her ' when i have only ever thought about or noticed her when she gets brought up and her friends are zeroing in on me, or she's telling people i'm a cheater after years of not speaking. i don't have "proof or screen shots" of her changing her discord handle, i literally told someone i didn't have the proof of that so i didn't think it was worth ever speaking on.also, i never told Stella to compare me at protests to you. i even went out of my way on her status to say that i didn't condone people thanking me for that. it was the human thing to do and not a fighting point.this is the single most idiotic thing i can imagine fighting about right now. all i can really say after all of these years is: go f*** yourself, and stop trying to manipulate people into thinking you're perfect. wish you well tho.EDIT: i'm just now realizing you brought up an ex ship on here. someone who ruined my life and traumatized me. telling everyone to look at that. you are f***ing scum and i regret how formally i typed this. f*** you. my blog proving all of that is still up, to this day. for someone who studied so hard to become a therapist, you are the least empathetic and most toxic person i have ever known. get f***, to BENTLEY regarding his post: i never added her accounts KNOWING they were her. until right before meeting her friend, i was sure it WASN'T her. any time i added an account was pure coincidence from spam adding through the new members. i hope one day you realize who she is. this can be proven with MANY screenshots, should you need them.


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