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01/25/2020 06:24 PM 

Shout Out To My Ex.

"Shout out to my Ex, you're really quite the man. You made my heartbreak and that made me who I am." Emma sang out loud with the song as she felt the sudden wave of relaxation start to watch over her. Her ex had been the worst person she had ever encountered in her life. She spent so much of her life trying to please him that she made her own self miserable. It was like she was watching her life unfold and there was nothing she could do to change it. All she did was try to please him all the time and every time she listened to this song all of those memories of what she had done just to please her ex really came flooding back. In all honesty, she was relieved and happy that he was finally gone. She finally felt like she could breathe again and she knew that she deserved to be happy. She could finally find someone that could make her happy in ways that he could not.He wasn’t the best person in the world for her and Emma always knew that. She just had a thing for hiding it because she wanted him to be the one for her. He hurt her in more ways than she could ever imagine and now she was finally free. It didn’t feel like she was free but she decided that letting go of him was the best thing for her. As she sat there listening to that song she felt empowered to move on and to give herself a better life. Sometimes all it took was one song to realize that you deserve something way better. He hurt her in more ways than she could count but she was stronger and better because of it. “I deserve to be loved and wanted by someone. I don’t need to give all of myself to someone and them only give half to me.” Emma told herself with so much confidence in her voice.She knew that she needed to get out there and start looking for someone else who could make her just as happy as she made them. She needed to stop being all about herself and grieving and move on. She had spent enough time grieving about her ex and she was tired of feeling like it was her fault. She wasn’t ever going to be able to find someone else that was good for her if she continued to grieve about the one that hurt her. He did not deserve that much grief from her and she did not want to give it to him any longer. “I just need to go out and have a good time. I need to stop letting the stress and the depression get to me and just be happy.” Emma told herself as she got up from her bed and decided to get changed to go out. This was something that she really needed.This was going to be the day that she decided to say no more. She was going to live her life the best way she knew how and she was not going to let some stupid guy get in the way of it. All of her friends told her that she needed to move on and they were right. This song had randomly come on the radio that she was listening to and it was a message to her. It was telling her that it was time to let go and she could be mad at her ex but she shouldn’t let it get to her. “You made my heart break and that made me who I am. Those are the strongest words I’ve ever heard before.” Emma told herself as she grabbed everything that she was going to need to start her day. She had a different take on things now and she was going to live her life the best she could.Emma felt like a brand new person after hearing this song. She had been thinking hard about what she was going to do now that she had her heartbroken and this song helped her with that. It was a few simple lyrics but it told her so much more than she could’ve imagined. She was ready to move on and start a new life, a better life. One that did not involve her ex and letting him hurt her anymore. She was going to be happy and she was going to meet new people. She was going to open her heart again and that was something she thought she would never do. “For the first time I’m ready to go out and greet the day with a new attitude and a new look on life. Now that’s some deep stuff right there.” Emma told herself as she walked out of her house and into the sunlight to start a new day.Shout Out To My Ex By Little Mix

Remy Mae;

01/25/2020 06:04 PM 



Remy Mae;

01/25/2020 06:01 PM 


*1/25/20*STARTERS-x-x-x-xREPLIES-x-x-x-xOWES ME-Novalee (1/24)-Eliza (1/24)-Sofia (1/24)-Delilah (1/24) -Colt (1/25)


01/25/2020 06:01 PM 

Facing Fears. 1x1 With Demonologist.

Mentioning: ClairvoyantProtector, Demonlogist, Candace WarrenTo keep a minimum of curiosity about the museum down, Ed agreed to let Jade and Candace see it. Jade had been debating asking Ed anything about his work, and at first her trust to other people had been hard. But eventually the hardness was starting to wear off and she was accepting them warmly. The Warrens home was starting to feel like her own home and even Lorraine’s mother had seemed to embrace her now. Candace was the one who really wanted to see the museum, but Jade was scared of it.Nobody knew that the doll was speaking to her in dreams, haunting her. She could hear Annabelle whisper to her at night and teased her that she would never hold the powers she’d been born with because she was weak. It got so that Jade was wearing headphones to sleep, Ozzy Osbourne blasting in her ears because he was loud.“Don’t you wanna see it?” Candace whispered one Saturday morning as they sat down to breakfast. Jade glanced over at her, and shrugged. She’d wrote Lou a letter, asking him where he was. She’d not heard anything and it’d been about four weeks since. Jade was feeling gloomy, wondering if in fact her father had just abandoned her.“Not really.” Jade still slept with a light on so why would she wanna go into the basement where all that haunted stuff was? No thank you. She didn’t even tell Lorraine about Annabelle, even though she wanted to. Candace was still urging her on as she was lost in thought.  Her friend was into darker things than she was, and was an entire year older—and related to Lorraine. So naturally she was used to it.“Oh come on. Don’t be a baby. They won’t let Judy go in there, she had an experience with Annabelle before. But he’ll let us if we stay with Uncle Ed the whole time. But you need to tell him you wanna see it too.” Candace wheedled. Jade scooped up a bit of scrambled eggs with bell peppers and onions. Breakfast was definitely a Warren favorite and she’d filled out some since living here. She didn’t have to make due with only whatever was left in the fridge. She chewed quietly and sighed.“I don’t know. I don’t like it. The door was left open once when I bypassed it to help Aunt Lorraine with laundry and a gust of wind hit me. I didn’t like the wind. It was cold, like dead bones.” Jade said. She’d been gloomy ever since Lou hadn’t wrote back and when Ed and Lorraine asked her why she replied “feminine issues”. Lorraine had raised a brow but Ed had left it alone after that.“Come on. It’ll be fun. And spooky.” Candace persisted. “I’ll be there with you. Just don’t look at anything. That’s what I do. I refuse to look at the things down there.” She was matter of fact. Jade sighed, scooped up some potatoes and chewed a moment. She sipped her tea, shrugged. She should probably just go in and overcome her fear of the basement, of Annabelle. Maybe she’d even talk to Uncle Ed about it. This gloomy feeling of hers was wallowing, and Jade knew she couldn’t let it take over forever. But how to get over it? Breakfast was soon over then. It was Jade and Judy’s turn to do the dishes and Candace had to gather the laundry. Saturday mornings started off with breakfast, cleaning up and then everyone was free to do as they wished. In the evening they had movies and dinner. Mostly take out, pizza, Chinese and sometimes burgers and fries. Jade went up to her “room” that she shared with Candace so Judy could keep her own and got dressed in a pair of bell bottoms, bought new last weekend on a shopping trip. She’d managed to buy them with her own babysitting money and wore them proudly. A concert tee shirt was slipped on, her dark curly hair swept up into a ponytail.Without the headphones on Jade could hear the soft, lilting voice and knew it was time. She purposely sought Ed out. He was outside, sitting on the back porch and stringing his guitar. “Uncle Ed?” She asked as she stepped out. The weather had started to turn now and she wore a heather gray zip up jacket over her shirt. “Are you busy?”Ed Warren looked up and beamed her a smile. “Not at all. What’s on your mind?” He asked the girl.“I need to talk to you.”“Sure, kiddo. What’s up?” Instantly Ed sat his guitar down. He looked up at Jade and was pleased she now trusted him enough to come to him. When Lou Matthews had came to him about his teenage daughter, Ed had wanted to help out right away. So far the family merging seemed to be working.“I hear Annabelle.” Jade was blunt and to the point. She didn’t sugar coat anything or beat around the bush. If she liked you, you knew. If she didn’t prepare to get stared at for long amounts of time.“Oh.” A serious look came onto his face. “Sit, sit.” He moved his guitar case and Jade sat down. “When has this been happening?”“A little after I moved in.” Jade said as she looked over. “At first I thought I was going kinda crazy or imagining it.” She shook her head. “But it kept happening. And so I tried to ignore it, ignore her but I can’t anymore.”She hoped he wouldn’t think she was crazy or anything of that nature. “And I still hear her. She whispers to me at night and I hate it. I want her to stop.” She explained. “And Candace thinks if we go into your office, into the museum it will help.”Jade didn’t tell Ed she was scared to go down in there but her cousin wanted to see it. And she also knew that Ed probably would still say no, part of her hoped he did. Then if she asked, at least Candace wouldn’t be upset with her. “I think maybe if we do that I can face my fears a bit you know?” She asked him.


01/25/2020 05:38 PM 

On the Prowl

On the His hair was slicked back allowing curls to form around his ears.  Twinkling copper hues stared at his reflection in the mirror.   A small crystal glass rested in his fingers.  The sloshing liquid moved with every twist of his wrist.   This was Chicago.  The Jazz Age was marked with girls with short hair and even shorter skirts downing bottles of illicit whiskey in back rooms and hidden clubs away from prying eyes.  This was the perfect hunting ground for a predator like Stefan Salvatore.   The Ripper of Monterey craved blood.   The feeling tore at him with a fierce darkness that threatened to engulf him.  He found it easy to surrender to the monster within rather than fight him.  Even Shakespeare wrote “To thine own self be true.”  That’s all he was doing in his eyes.  He was being that monster he knew he was born to be.The glass met his lips as the liquid raced down his throat.   It wasn’t blood, but it would do for now.  The music playing behind him mocked his own racing heart.  The powerful beats of the jazz that started in Harlem brought out the primal nature of the Ripper.  Stefan couldn’t have allowed his brother or Lexi to find where he was.   Damon didn’t want to be a vampire, but Stefan forced it on him.  Damon's innocence was shattered as soon as Stefan shoved that girl at him.   The sounds of that girl’s blood gurgling still inspired Stefan over 50 years later.   The younger of the two brothers was the more sensitive of the two in life.   He wouldn’t follow their Father’s desire for him to defend the honor of Virginia and the Confederacy like Damon had.  Stefan had become something else entirely and all it took was being murdered by his own father.   Bringing Damon down this path to hell was an added bonus.   Stefan didn’t want eternal life by himself yet here he sat alone.   Damon was nowhere to be found.The music continued to blare around him. Stefan stood up from the bar.  This speakeasy was run by a witch.  This young vampire casually strolled to a booth in the back where he could watch the door.    Sliding into the booth alone, he could watch the entrants to the speakeasy.   With the gaze of a predator stalking his victims as they entered.   Humans, vampires, witches all came inside to partake of the debauchery inside.   The world at large had just fought a major conflict in Europe that had made them acutely aware of their mortality.   The careless nature of humans this day and age made them the perfect cattle for a monster like Stefan Salvatore.   Complete with new drink in hand, The Ripper watched carefully. It had been a while since the glorious coppery taste covered his lips and the sweet fear in their eyes as they realized that death was standing in front of them.  He leaned back against the leather of the booth.  A smile crept across his features as his sensitive hearing picked up on the daintiest of footsteps.   “Is this seat taken?”   The decidedly feminine voice asked.Stefan's predatory instincts were in full force.   He could tell she was gloriously and perfectly human.  “No.  Please.  Have a seat.”    She was a beauty with black hair with beguiling jade orbs.    “What’s your name?” He asked with a bright smile.She ran her tongue over her lips sizing him up and appreciating his handsome features.  He was damn sexy and she began to have impure thoughts.   “Abby Singleton.”   She grinned back at him.Stefan said nothing to the human girl who sat there with no idea that she was staring the devil in the face.   His own eyes traveled over her body focusing on her carotid artery.  The sound of her heart beating.   She continued to talk to him, but her words were drowned out by the focus that he had upon her beating heart.   It wouldn’t be long now.template credit.

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