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08/18/2019 12:45 PM 

Drabble Prompt #3

Feat: In My Veins/ Andie Warren…I can explain!Paragon /  Elijah Mikaelson/ 1545178 Laissez les bons temps rouler!  The debauchery and desecration that tended to fill the streets of the French Quarter tended to bring about a smile on the face of the eldest Original Elijah Mikaelson.  In the old days of the celebration both he and his brother Niklaus would imbibe on the blood of those revelers who wandered into their family home whether accidentally or on purpose.   Elijah had long since lost the desire to take advantage of some poor child on holiday from uni just for the celebration itself.   He was more and more the one that the vampires and the supernatural community called The Noble One with great respect.   He took pride in being who he was.  Even he had his moments, however that made some wonder who to be more afraid of:  either him or his brother.   Silent rage was at times more deadly than the brutal rage of the animal.He had been watching while standing in the balcony as the streets were filled with revelers again as they had been many times in the centuries prior.   The air around the Mikaelson Family home was filled with the stench of alcohol, urine, and vomit.   It was best for him to stay precisely where he was as the parade passed by.  An amused chortle left his lips at the amount of human flesh that had been exposed on this particular night.   They were still the same as they were back in the 18th Century when these celebrations had begun.   Something however did catch his eye.   There was a young lady backing away from the crowd almost as though she was being pursued.   The tenable amount of fear in the air made him rise from his position on the balcony so as to better observe her movements.There was indeed something or someone chasing her.  The figure was shrouded in some sort of magical energy that even obstructed itself from the heightened sense of an Original.   This had to be some sort of powerful magic that he’d not seen in several hundred years.  Could it have even been a demon itself?   There was only one way to find out for certain.  Using his vampiric speed, Elijah made his way down to the bottom level of the Family Home.Before he could enter the street level, that girl who was being chased ran directly into him.  Running into him had been like a brick wall.   “Excuse me young lady.  Who are you and what are you doing in my home?”She stood there still a bit in shock about how rough it had been to run into him quite literally.  “Please! Please, just let me explain!““You have approximately three minutes to explain what’s going on here and who you are.”   Elijah folded his arms over one another waiting for her to tell him her james kriet


08/17/2019 11:55 PM 

writing link

░ ✩ ❝ [ danielle.davis ] ❞

08/17/2019 09:10 PM 

*.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ — adoption forms !!

*.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —A D O P T I O N F O R M S (* of married or in a relationship have your siginnate other fill out the form as well to get a feel of what type of family and couple you are! "m/f , m/m or f/f parents are accepted")  *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —Information on your character  1 - Name: 2 - Age:  3 - Species:  4- Gender:  5- Verse:  6- Writing Style:  7- Your Job Title:  8- Favorite Hobbies:  9- What do you like to do for fun  10- Do you have a big or small family? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —Information on your significant other  A - Name:  B - Age  C - Species:  D - Gender:  E - Verse: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —Children  A - Name(s):  B - How many children do you have:  C - How many do you want:  D - Gender of all children:  E - What are the ages of your children:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —Information on me  A- Do you like the name i have picked out right now?  B- If you don't like the name i have picked out so far what would be some names you would change my name to? First Middle Last 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  C- Out of the five names that you just listed above what name would you pick out for me:  D- How old do you want me to be when you adopt me:  E- Why do you want to adopt me:  1.  2.  3.  4.  5. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ — Parenting Style  A - Do you believe in spanking?  B - Do you believe in groundings?  C- What other punishments do you give?  D -What if I ran away from house:  E - If I ate too much sugar and went crazy:  F - What if I got in trouble at school:  G - What if I bit somebody:  H - What if I was climbing on things and getting into things:  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —10 Rules For When We Are At Home?  1-  2-  3-  4-  5-  6-  7-  8-  9-  10-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —5 Rules For When We Are In Public?  1-  2-  3-  4-  5-  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ —any questions for me!!! feel free to ask anything, or list things i should know about you and your family and friends anything else  1-  2-  3-  4-  5-  *.:。♦ ⋅ ⋆ — *will be choosing more than one (parents/families.. ect multi verse)

back in black.

08/17/2019 06:19 PM 

Writing Challenge 001.

SMELLS THAT TRIGGER A MEMORYThere is times when Harry is outside that a certain smell hits his nose like no other. Especially when he is watering the two types of hydrangea's in his yard. One was fragrant and the other was not. There was a reason he owned these plants. His mother whom was a gardener and spent most of her time outside caring for the numerous plants she grew.  At this moment he isn't 46 anymore  but 8. Outside at the old house he grew up in, running through the grass to meet his mother as she watered the plants, hugging her waist."Can I help?"She smiles down at her middle son, the smile he shows is obvious to where he got it  from. Caring and tender, brushing his brown locks from his eyes. Giving him the hose and helping him hold it."You sure can, baby. Lets water the last of the hydrangea's so we can go inside and fix some lunch for you and your brothers."He feels so warm being close to his mother, safe. It felt so real at times and then a breeze hits him, knocking him from that memory. Hose that was watering the plants stops. That warmth he felt gone.  Oh how he misses her. His son running outside to greet him, munching on snacks that was fixed earlier for him. Picking him up."What you doing, Daddy?"His son stares at him with the same hazel eyes of his own, curious as he was when little. Same smile. It's like he is looking at his younger self."Watering the plants.""Can I help?"There it is, the smile he gave his mother so many years back, nodding."You sure can."

( sᴄʀᴀᴡɴʏ ᴠɪᴋɪɴɢ )

08/17/2019 05:58 PM 

--Rules of Berk;;

I have written Hiccup since 2012. I did start off writing as male Hiccup, but, later in 2013 decided to be female Hiccup. I have been active off an on since then. Usually I am Scrawny Viking, but I have gone by a few other display names. If you think you wrote with a fem!Hiccup in the past, it just might have been me!--001;; I tend to write multipara and up. However, I don't mind para, semipara, or one liners! I believe in quality over quantity. Meaning, don't push yourself to match my length only for you writing to suffer.--002;; Messages or comments. I don't care where we write. I have some storylines in messages, and some in comments. I also know some people make groups. I don't mind writing there as well! I also have discord avaliable for writing and plotting.--003;; I do like to discuss things before hand. Just because I know the HTTYD verse isn't super active and I like to see how crossovers fit into what I'm writing.--004;; I have several AU's and such for Hiccup. MCU, American Gods, and Modern Hiccup are the main three. But, I can try to fit her into most verses, it just may take some thinking. I adore crossovers and such, so, its always exciting and fun to see what we can come up with.--005;; This is a multiship account, meaning, I do not have just one love interest. I feel having just one limits things. This does not mean I will ship with EVERYONE who comes up. I ship with chemistry; writer chemistry and character chemistry. DO NOT FORCE A SHIP UPON ME. I don't mind you asking! That is just fine! But, if I say no, don't push it.--006;; As mentioned, I do have discord. I am quite willing to give it out. However, understand, I am not ALWAYS there even if I show as online or do not disturb. Just like I'm not always on here. I have a daughter who was born not to long ago, a job, and a bunch of stuff happening IRL. Be patient. Also, I will gladly join discord groups but I am not often active in them. --007;; I can play Hiccup at just about any point. Do you want something with younger Hiccup from the first movie leading through the show? I can do that. Do you want to write with her after the events of the third film? I can do that. I prefer, if we are writing in the HTTYD time period, to write between the second and third films. But, I am open to other parts of her life.--008;; I have several other pages. I will link them. You can feel free to add them!--009;; Some of how I write Hiccup is headcanon based. I also take some influences from the books. --010;; I will NOT stand for OOC drama. I will NOT stand for OOC jealousy. --011;; I LOVE LOVE LOVE crossovers, angst, dark storylines, dramatic storylines, violent storylines. If you want to suggest something dark and serious, PLEASE DO! I love it! And, usually I will totally love you for suggesting something dark.--012;; You are all amazing and I love you ♥

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