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PeytonE.S.(Need Main Roles Filled)

02/21/2019 09:13 PM 

1472754 Hi People

Hi ! 

This is Peyton :

Profile Detail is important ! 

Don't let your profile be naked 


Decorative layout, gifs, in writing, pictures ... plenty of help sites ! 

To much nakedness and not enough people going into depth with their character profiles. 

Alice Jones

02/21/2019 08:17 PM 

Those I'll Add ::

Alice Jones

02/21/2019 06:47 PM 

Guidelines: To Which Are Meant To Be Read Fully.
Current mood:  accomplished

Also To Which Are Meant To Be Followed.
Please Abide By These Rules. 
Perhaps If Not You'll Be Deleted.
No Re-Adds After Being Deleted.


I'm not, nor do I claim to be the portrayed in my default photo. Any character or any of the people depicted in the pictures or graphics used on this profile is not the person behind character. The character being portrayed by default is simply put just a play-by used for default. I do not take credit for the creation of the character that is being used by default or any other characters that the face portraying uses, the character being portrayed is created by some famous writer. In particular the play-by chosen is only for role play. I simply use the creation of the characters for fandom character, (fictional)writing.  


My beginnings of roleplay began back on myspace. Alot of verses die, so I rotated series. Tho, I'll accept characters from these other verses that exist. However some will not be approve it's nothing personal. I also don't add the same character as my default. I do keep RL separate from RP. I'm not always online. Sometimes I do extend departure from the site because of the lack of online people. 


I'm not a perfect writer I make mistakes tho there is spell check on here shouldn't be to many errors in my writing, nor should there be in yours. Sometimes tho, you may find a  mistake in my writing which is understandable cause I'm not no professional writer and I understand neither are you. I do like to write para-multi para very detailed writer.I do enjoy details and a detailed writer, as I am. Imagination is a good thing to use when writing keep things creative. I would like for you to use the same amount of effort as I do.


Comments are something that I tend to ignore. I know some of you prefer only comments for communicating however I hate comments for they are so out there for everyone to read. Messages are for more between you and me. I prefer messages for writing a story line together and for communicating OOC wise. ICW for in character writing and OOC for outside of character writing. 

[RP vs RL]

Please do not request any information regarding my RL information. Just know that I am of age to write R Rated Material. If you are not I simply ask that you delete yourself from my friends immediately. However there really is no way to determine this online as everyone is in character and you never know who is on the other side of that character. I do play my character a bit aggressive and brutal(with R rated material), but I'll still abide by anyone's rules if you have any. When it comes to sex I usually just exchange a few sentimental, emotionally, physical moments and then just go straight into the  morning after just to draw away from the sexual writing taking over the story line{this is not p*rn} ; Thank you for understanding. 


There will be mature content, strong language, sex, violence, religious topics, blasphemy and gore. Perhaps, not all of them at the same time, but you get the idea. If you’re not comfortable with these, leave now. I write R Rated Material, so please be aware of this maybe not right away but eventually it'll come into the story line for my character is not a G Rated Character - sighs -


Role : Open
Straight :  or  Gay / Lesbian : she can go both ways but prefer keeping her with Robin(female)
Who am I interested in : Robin Hood, also known as Nobin, formerly known as Baby Hood, and currently known as Margot.
Portrayed By : Tiera Skovbye
Qualities a Partner Must Have :  
Multi-para - Novella is my writing style would like yours to match my effort. 
You must be able to write 2-4 paragraphs with 3-6 sentences in each. 
Role : Open


Please, sign these rules with leaving 2kudos, a Gifs of your character and a quote from your character or comboination in one gif with a quote. I just ask you to read them fully, so this way I do not offend you in the way of my writing. In the rare case I added you, I’ll read and sign your rules, if any, and expect you to sign mine. However just because I added you doesn't mean I'll keep you, if you can't abide the rules of writing in character, to what I require. 


I request that you check in daily to respond to our discussions / storyline, send gifs back in forth or whatever it is we have going on btw us. I'll give you at least up to a month to continue regulatory attendance. If not I'll have to disqualify you from being a main member of mine.  

Thanks for reading and for your correct signature.

Love Always, 


02/21/2019 06:30 PM 



Rusty Majors - Bar Fight: Bowie and Rusty are out having drinks when two guys keep hitting on them and getting handsy. Rusty or Bowie pushes one of them and then fall into a table knocking drinks over (a group of guys are sitting at the table) and a fight ensues. Bowie and Rusty defend each other and themselves, whilst trying to avoid the fight.

Ryleigh Alexander - One shot, two shot, three shot, flour: One shot, two shot, three shot, floor - Bowie has been drinking too much and Muse stops her from getting into trouble after guys start hitting on her, and Muse takes her back to their place to look after her.

Hayley Caldwell - Ouija Board: Bowie is in the cemetary with a Ouija board trying to contact her dead parents. She thought a Ouija board would be the best way to do this. Hayley is passing and sees her and warns her that playing with Ouija boards are dangerous to do alone. The two then use the board together.

Zachary Calwell - Need Someone To Talk To?: Muse A is sitting at a table alone at a cafe, Muse B sees them crying and approaches them. Muse B asks if Muse A is okay and if they need someone to talk too. Muse A is grateful for someone wanting to listen and tells them what is wrong. Muse B listens and offers advice to Muse A. 

Austin Murphy - Saved Your Life (2): Bowie isn't looking where she is going, and crosses the road without checking the traffic. Austin sees a car coming towards her and instinctively pulls her out of harms way, saving her life.

Lady Galadriel

02/21/2019 01:36 PM 

From Lord Celeborn.

It had been a long time passing since he had seen the Fellowship, and aided them in their quest to Mount Doom. Celeborn, Lord of Lothlorien and now, of East Lorien borne of Southern Mirkwood, was especially suspicious of the activities reported near their borders. As the remaining Galadhrim Wardens continued to watch over both Caras Galadhon and the entirety of the Elven home, Lord Celeborn made certain that even the newest recruit to the border guards were prepared for anything unusual that may happen.

 He sent word to the Greenwood's King, Elvenking Thranduil, that there had 
been an attempted invasion upon their Eastern borders, and that the wicked party was moving North under dusk's arrival. From one Lord to another, he also sent word to Elrond, belovedly appreciated of him, to be on his guard while travelling; foresight told him that the shadow was rising again, rather than completely fading away. 

 With Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn beside one another, Lorien would be as safe--if not safer--than it had always been, but it was up to Celeborn's loving wife of whether or not anything would remain the same. The journey into Mirkwood would be long indeed, and the journey West across the Sea was even longer...and would pain Celeborn, though he did decide to stay in Middle-Earth to watch over one of the last of the hidden elven realms. His most trusted Marchwardens, Orophin, Rumil, and Haldir, as well as Haldir's twin sons Narthor and Nen'Ernil [whom also was called Nendir, simply] had been positioned differently; the latter rarely meeting in Caras Galadhon before Narthor departed for King Thranduil's cavernous halls to represent the Galadhrim, who understandably could not leave their land. 

 And so, Lord Celeborn heard each word through the mind of his beloved Lady, that the Fellowship of the Silmarillion had begun their Council.

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