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Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 12:26 PM 


The owners could not possibly make this any easier for you! Just fill out the form and post it in the Blog Comments!  All applications will be reviewed by the owners and an approval notice will be set out after a majority vote by the owners. If more than one person applies for the same role your application may take longer to approve as the owners decide who deserves the role.Please be aware that if you are approved for a role, but fail to follow the instructions in your acceptance letter your role will be reopened. Final verdicts: Every Monday & Friday.-PERSONAL INFO-NAME: Can be a nickname/alias/pen-nameYEARS ROLEPLAYING: DigitsPROFILES OWNED: DigitsPREVIOUS VERSES: (Digits) Which?DISCORD ID: (Optional)-CHARACTER INFO-NAME: First & LastPERSONALITY: 1 paragraph describing your character's personalityHISTORY: 1 paragraph describing your character's history***************************************************************ROLEPLAY SAMPLE:Starting here, 4 or more paragraphs please 

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 11:51 PM 

Open Roles

Please note any names that have been struck out are currently having their Audition Applications reviewed. Any names that are not listed are currently members of the group. If a role does not have an assigned playby then you may pick your own.- Males- Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood OriginalBobby Munson (playby: Mark Boone Junior)Alexander "Tig" Trager (playby: Kim Coates)Filip "Chibs" Telford (playby: Tommy Flanagan)Half-Sack Epps (playby: Johnny Lewis)Juan Carlos "Juice" Ortiz (playby: Theo Rossi)Orlin West GoGoGreg the Peg (playby: Kurt Yaeger) Frankie Diamonds (playby: Chuck Zito)Kyle Hobart (playby: Brian Van Holt) Herman Kozik (playby: Kenny Johnson)Eric Miles (playby: Frank Potter)Happy Lowman (playby: David LaBrava)Rane QuinnAllesandro MontezGeorge "Ratboy" SkogstromT.O. Cross (playby: Michael Beach)Lenny "The Pimp" Janowitz (playby: Sonny Barger)Harry "Opie" Winston (playby: Ryan Hurst)Otto Delaney (playby: Kurt Sutter)Phillip "Filthy Phil" Russell (playby: Christopher Douglas Reed)Piney Winston (playby: William Lucking)- SOA Indian Hills membersJury White (playby: Michael Shamus Wiles)Needles (playby: Jay Thames)Hopper- SAMBEL membersKeith McGee (playby: Andy McPhee)Liam O'Neill (playby: Arie Verveen) Seamus Ryan (playby: Darin Heames)Luther Barkwill (playby: Dominic Keating)Padraic Telford (playby: Lorcan O'Toole)- Females- SAMCRO womenWendy Case (playby: Drea de Matteo)Lyla Winston (playby: Winter Ave Zoli)Fiona Larkin (playby: Bellina Logan)Rita "Cherry" Zambell (playby: Taryn Manning)Mikayla Teller (playby: Amber Tamblin)Tara Knowles-Teller (playby: Maggie Siff)Luann Delaney (playby: Dendrie Taylor)

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 11:31 PM 

Rules & Guidelines

Honestly, the owners have very strong negative feelings toward the need for this list of Rules and Guidelines. They all wish that there was not a need for this list so that it did not exist. Sadly the world of roleplay has spiraled into a state of unruly chaos and a list like this has become necessary to keep things civilized between individual writers and group members. The owners have tried to keep this list as simple to understand as possible, but please read carefully just the same.1.) DRAMA: Any Out Of Character drama will not be tolerated in this group. It is that simple.2.) BULLYING: It is sad that there needs to be a rule about this crap... Honestly, if you want to do this childish crap to our members then you are going to find yourself deleted in no time flat.3.) BLACK-LISTING: The owners of this roleplay group reserve the right to ban, block and/or black-list any member on the group list at any point in time for violating rules 1 & 2.3.1) a note on black-listing: if you have never heard of been 'black-listed' before it is an old-school trick from the the days of myspace. basically the owners post a bulletin/stream update stating how much of an ass you are and get all of the members and their friends to block you until you reach 100 blocks and your profile is auto-deleted from the site. it is just the owners way of helping to protect great writers from morons. so do not piss off the owners and there will not be a problem.4.) CONTACT: Messages are the only way to contact this page! Please do not send anything in Comments. It will be ignored.5.) MAINS & NON-MAINS: The owners really do not care if you keep mains or not. It is up to you, but please remember to interact with fellow group members.6.) ROLEPLAY CONDUCT: Again, the owners did not want to write something about this, but it had to be done. If you are a member and have a problem with someone within the group please try to settle it privately! Do not blast your personal issues across bulletins or streams. It is just childish crap and makes everyone involved look like idiots when the owners delete and black-list you. Please refer back to rules 1 & 2...7.) ONLINE AVAILABILITY: Everyone has a life! The owners want to respect that fact by asking that members try to be online at least 2 times a week. The group is usually active Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. If something comes up please notify one of the owners that you may be taking a prolonged hiatus.8.) ADULT CONTENT ADVISORY: This group has a strict NCP -18 policy (No Character Players Under 18). No one under the age of 18 will be accepted into this group because of the graphic nature of the writers. You will not be forced to read or write any adult content if you are not comfortable with it. Do not complain to the owners about it at any time. This is your first and last warning!the following subsections 8.1 through 8.3 are part of the adult content advisory and can be viewed as a warning towards controversial materials that you may or may not be subjected to while writing with fellow members.8.1) sexual themes: will happen mainly in messages.8.2) alcohol & drugs: there will be drinking and drugs, but certain levels of censorship will be exercised by each member for their specific character.8.3) violence: punches will be thrown, harmful words will be shouted, slaps across the face may occur and some blood will be spilled.9.) KIDNAPPING/ABDUCTION SCENARIOS: Members have spoken out against this type of content. If anyone shows interest in attempting these scenarios with fellow members or their 'children' please at least have the respect to discuss the idea with each other first!10.) CLAIMS & COPYRIGHTS: The Administrator has made and/or found everything on the group page and various member pages. PLEASE DO NOT STEAL! It pisses off our Admin and she does not want to find her hard work on other pages that do not belong to fellow members or herself. She is willing to share the sites where she found most of the things on the group page, so please just ask! If you want something custom made like images or a layout, again just ask! The Admin is usually available to devote most of her time to helping with edits and coding.11.) YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN: Fine. We have a complaint form for that. The link is listed right on the main page so go find it. The Admin is happy to let you vent all over her if it will make you feel better and clear the air. Just do not expect her to reply unless your complaint really means something. The Admin is not responsible for solving all of your problems unless it is something member to member related that she can mediate. If an issue comes about that can not be solved by the Admin one or both individuals involved may be asked to leave the group. Please remember the ADMIN IS NOT YOUR MAMA! She will not put up with constant unnecessary drama.12.) BLOG COMMENTS: The blogs that take priority will require specific styles of blog comment, so please pay close attention to what is required. The method of comment may change as time goes by.13.) WRITING STYLE: The group is made up mainly of Novella writers. Anything less than 4 to 6 paragraphs will not be tolerated. The longest starter a member has ever written has been over 70 paragraphs long! So yes, this group has writers. One-liners, para or semi-para will not be accepted in this group.the following subsections 13.1 through 13.3 are part of writing style and should be viewed as guidelines, not rules.13.1) minimum accepted word counts: multi-para: 1,000 words || mega-para: 3,000 words || novella: 5,000+ words13.2) quality vs quantity: please consider the your quality of writing is sometimes better than the quantity you provide. details are always the most important part of a post, without details you are just rambling.13.3) spelling & grammar: write everything in microsoft word before posting? if you do not have word, take advantage of grammarly.com14) CONTENT RATINGS: Yes, this group uses content ratings! Usually reserved for Drabbles or Events, but you can also apply ratings to whatever you are writing. It helps if you are not sure if what you are writing is considered 'adult' content or something totally lame.the following subsections k through m is part of content ratigns and should be viewed as guidelines, not rules. how writing content is typically rated. k - appropriate for anyone who can read. worst thing you’d see on here is someone calling someone else “stupid.” age range: 5+k+ - this one is usually pretty safe too. there may be some violence, and very mild and occasional foul language. nothing sexually explicit at all, nothing more than a kiss would be appropriate for this category. that said, people sometimes misinterpret this rating and occasionally you’ll find a story with more than this. age range: 8 - 10t - foul language is not uncommon in these stories, and is plentiful in some. some adult themes, but again, nothing explicit. age range: 13+m - very dark, foul language, some sexually explicit scenes and themes, and depending on the genre, a lot of gore. age range: 16+15.) POSTING ETIQUETTE: This is an actual thing! Please give each other time to reply. There should be a three day minimum to wait before pestering each other for replies.16.) YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!: If you're still reading, Congratulations! You've almost made it to the end of the list! But guess what, you still have to keep reading... 17.) GOD-MODING: Each character has their own writer, please do not take control of a character that you are not writing for during a storyline. Please do not take it upon yourself to play god by killing off other peoples characters during your storylines unless you have a very creative way to revive the other character. Please discuss all possible 'god-moding' scenarios for your characters prior to actually writing anything!18.) CHARACTER HISTORY: If you are a canon character from the series, google your character and see what information is available to create a character history. You are a custom/original character, you are responsible for writing your own character history. 19.) FAMILY TIES: What's life without a little family drama, right? Some canon characters from the series do have sibling roles that need to be filled. If you are interested in taking on a sibling role for one of our canons please review the list of open roles blog and contact the Admin for more details!20.) RELATIONSHIPS & ROMANCES: You are responsible for your character's happiness. Life without friends is boring so make some relationships! Find love, but do not steal it from someone else.21.) ORIGINAL CHARACTERS: Are always welcomed here with open arms. Get creative, it's what this group loves to see!22.) MIRRORS & LOOK-A-LIKES: An exception will be made for identical custom/original same gender twins!the following subsection 22.1 is part of mirrors & look-a-likes and should be viewed as a rule, not a guideline.22.1) pop-up twin syndrome: this is when a random person adds the group claiming to be the identical long lost twin of a canon member of the group. this will not be tolerated unless you can prove that the canon twin has approved of having a long lost identical twin.23.) CROSSOVERS: Are not welcomed here. 24.) ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE: Sure, why not? Everyone loves a Universe where there is peace, love and harmony even if it means living a lie...NOW THAT YOUR EYES ARE ABOUT TO POP OUT OF YOUR HEAD FROM ALL THE READING... YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY COME TO THE END OF THIS BLOG! GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK AND SIGN THIS BLOG WITH A FRIENDLY COMMENT OR A RELATED GIF!- Brought To You ByRuby Teller

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 10:51 PM 


So here's the deal. We've been a huge part of the Roleplay Community going on 12 years now. We began on Myspace and were forced to leave when they began banning roleplay accounts from their site. We found site-model, a charming little community very much like this one, but it didn't last very long. When we found we knew that this was going to be our new permanent residence. Our group has thrived here. Sure we've made some changes in staff over the years, but people come and go over time which is no surprise to any long time roleplayer. One thing that has been a constant until recently, was our Group Page. Obviously not this one because it was just made yesterday. No we mean this one: . The page that we originally established on this site 10 years ago when we found .We as a group would like to give a HUGE F*** YOU! To the a**hole that felt the need to phish our email and password from our Original Group Page and steal it from us. Our Admin is extremely f***ing pissed, especially given that 10 years of loyalty to didn't mean sh*t in the long run. She has been our rock, our guide... our mother, if you will. The one who welcomes newbies to the group with open arms, the one who keeps the peace and puts down the law when it really matters.For all her hard work and effort to keep our group going and keep us all together like a family, she was stabbed in the back from some f***ing scumbag and all the administrators could do was tell her 'Sorry we can't help you recover a Stolen Account. It's better if you just Start a new one.' Great work guys, this really is a wonderful site, don't get us wrong, but come on, 10 years of loyalty as a paying customer and you allow this sh*t to happen?! So once again Thanks to the A**hole that has us all f***ing pissed and Thanks a lot Admins for basically doing nothing to support your paying customers. We agree that this time we'll skip the premium bullsh*t and stick to the free account if all we were paying for was 'nothing' but ad free work space that's what adguard is for so it's your loss.F*** You!- The Crew of Sons of Anarchy Rpg™  


06/15/2019 09:05 PM 

Ophelia Bennett

Ophelia Bennett is a witch born in 1674 in Salem, Massachusetts. She lived normal life with her parents until she turned 15 and strange things started to happen around young Ophelia. She was feeling different ever since she was a child and it was obvious as other kids were avoiding her when she would be walking at their direction. Her parents fortunately were ahead of their time, encouraging Ophelia and her two years older sister Amy to follow their dreams which was unimaginable for that period. Amy got married as expected when Ophelia was 16 and taken away to another village. Sisters kept their contact throughout the years but they slowly lost their closeness.Ophelia didn’t want to marry young which was a real problem and even she was protected by her parents, after the events occurred in 1692, Ophelia were accused for witchcraft. With her parents blessing, she is running away from Salem and spending next years hiding in the mountains and forests. Back at Salem, people who accused her didn’t know that for once, they were right. Ophelia was a witch and was practicing witchcraft together with her mother. Sadly, she never reunited with her parents or sister, coming back secretly only to visit their graves after their death. Meanwhile, girl had more power than she knew about, being obvious simply for the fact she stopped aging after turning 19 as long as using witchcraft. Ophelia grew into complicated but calm women, independent and capable of taking care of herself, constantly learning new casts and truly becoming one of the best witches and definitely one of the oldest. Ophelia is ready to help to anyone, be it human or supernatural, getting ways to get along with all of them and get their wishes granted. Of course, price is high but for the best service she is giving, it’s worth it. She is able to handle wicked vampires, raged werewolves, hybrids and others, Ophelia is not naive. Her bad sides are she can sometimes help those she shouldn’t and usually she pays for it later on. Mind control and her hands are her strongest features. Ophelia is medium height, slender, with long hair and captivating eyes. She has silky, pale skin, full lips that she likes to highlight with lipsticks of various colors. She is usually wearing black clothes but she knows to be provocative when needed.

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