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Derange Professor

03/31/2020 12:59 PM 

Alice's first day

                 Alice Honeymaren walked down the halls of Hogwarts for the first time in 6 years. The students wouldn’t be there for a week or two she couldn’t remember she just knew she was going to meet the current professors. One being Professor Snape who she had detention with many times. The second was because she had brought her book, Alice in Wonderland to class. She is sure he still has it too but she has a new copy now. She made sure to hide it in her new office before coming to the meeting. He wasn’t going to touch that one. It was her stories. Alice believed she was the girl in the book. Which was why she always seemed to be the pick of jokes among her peers. She was a teacher now and Professor Snape had to respect her.She walked into the Great Hall seeing all the professors at the main table talking and seem to be in a heated conversation. She smiled knowing she was home. She slowly walked up and it was Professor Dumbledore that had seen her first. “Ah yes, Professor Alice Honeymaren. One of our new Muggle Studies Professors. Welcome to the meeting, Professor.”Alice, always a lady gave a slight bow to everyone “I am so glad to be here.” She looked around at everyone smiling at her. Well, except one. Snape. He hardly ever smiled. Then there was the other new professor standing there dressed in lilac robes. Wait, he wrote books she knew him. Though her gazed turned to Snape and she wondered if he remembered her. Before she could say anything to her old professor, the blonde fellow in lilac stood right in front of her.“I’m sure you want my autograph, Professor Honey.” Oh, she hated this guy. He said her name wrong.“The name is Honeymaren. But you can call me Professor.” She said and she was sure she saw a smirk from Snape. Maybe they would get along.She looked to Professor Dumbledore “Headmaster, I haven’t finished unpacking and I’m not hungry. Mind if I just retire for the night?”   “Sure. I’m sure you are very tired. I can have someone walk you to your room? Oh, one more thing. This is Professor Gilderoy Lockhart” He pointed to the man in lilac.“Oh, yeah. I have one of his books.” And she hated it. She used it to prop up other books. “I use it as a prop.” She turned away to the door and made her way out of the Great Hall. 

ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴏf ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴs

03/31/2020 11:06 PM 

A Caged Dragon: Part 1

Jadis walked silently through Diagon alley, a tired expression evident in her eyes though she wore a smile as not to worry her young Nephew Draco who was with her at the time. "Where are we going, Aunt Jadis?" Draco asked as he looked up at her. Jadis looked down at him and smiled. "To get you a new broom. You can choose whatever broom you want, Draco." She said seeing the glimpse of excitement in his normally mischievous filled eyes. She was sure Narcissa would scold her later but to be honest she didn't care what the woman thought. Draco was her Nephew so she was going to spoil him a bit. No harm done, she thought.A short time later they emerged from the store, Draco carrying his new broom, when they both came face to face with the Ministry of Magic. Jadis looked down at Draco. "Draco. Go find Severus. He should be getting some equipment for his potions class and should be heading back to Hogwarts soon. Go with him, I'll catch up soon." she said softly. Giving him a kiss on the top of the head watching as he wrinkled his nose causing her to chuckle. "Okay. See you back at school." Draco said before making his way to find Snape. As soon as Draco was out of sight, Jadis held back a scream as a sharp, paralyzing pain shot through her body. Forcing herself to open her eyes she noticed Dolores Umbridge was the one who had her in chains. "That pink attire is always an eyesore you know." She forced out, glaring as she watched the woman smile at her. "My're under arrest for suspicion of working with the Dark Lord." She said in her all to cheerful voice, causing Jadis expression to darken. Jadis was soon reminded why she didn't trust that many people. Severus, Lucius, and Draco were the only ones whom she truly trusted in this world, aside from Lily Evans who had been her one and only friend during her time in Gryffindor. Looking down she thought before slowly looking back up at them. "Is that so? And where....have you heard such accusations?" She forced out, the pain almost unbearable. Her affiliation with the dark lord wasn't pledging her loyalty to him, nor had she even pledged loyalty to Dumbledore. Her affiliation with the Dark Lord was strictly to protect her family and what few friends she had. "Gilderoy said that he spotted you with the Dark Lord after you had disappeared from the castle the other night. But don't worry. You'll have a chance to explain yourself later. In court." Those words were the last thing she heard before the world around her was thrown into darkness, the feeling of any shred of Happiness seemed to be being drained from her body. The chains wrapped around her seemed to have almost the same effect as a Dementors presence. When she awoke she found herself still chained, now inside of a large cage, staring out at the Ministry. She seen not only Umbridge but Severus and Lucius as well. When she tried to move the chains around her tightened causing her to let out a loud cry in pain, the sound almost inhuman. It sounded more like a Dragon crying out in pain. She had seen Lucius stand only to be sat back down by Severus. She couldn't understand what they were talking about but if she knew Severus well enough he was trying to keep Lucius from being thrown into the cage as well. After a moment of silence the Minister began to speak. "Jadis Lucillius Malfoy, you have been charged with associating with the Dark Lord and plotting the demise of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. What do you have to say?" He asked. Jadis looked up at him, her hair tossled, hanging partially in front of her face. She was sure she looked like a mad woman by now. However she spoke in a low yet clear tone. "Not...guilty." She forced herself to speak, trying to ignore the pain coursing through her. "And why do you plead not guilty? Mr.Lockhart saw you speaking to the Dark Lord first hand." The Minister said and Jadis chuckled."I'm not....guilty of plotting against Harry Potter or the Wizarding World...but I did speak with Lord Voldemort. It's part....of what I affiliation with him has no...ill intentions. I do keep those I love safe...and alive. So if I am guilty....and to be sentenced to Azkaban or even death....if it means protecting my loved ones...then so be it!" She said forcing herself to stand up. "As for all know I despised that boys Father...but Lily Evans Potter was my one and only friend in the Gryffindor House. I would NEVER harm a child let alone the child...of a good friend! So if you all take the word of that fraud you're all out of your minds!" She said before another inhuman scream escaped her as the pain from the chains constricting her seemed to worsen.The Minister stood up and faced Jadis. "So if you are not plotting against Mr.Potter and you're claims are true, who are these people you are protecting from the Dark Lord?" He asked. Jadis just stared at him. She couldn't give the names because it would be putting them at risk. "I can't...tell you. I'm sorry." She forced out, closing her eyes. "Miss Malfoy, your family has always been a part of this Ministry and you were already cast out by Abraxas only to be brought back in by young Lucius. However if you aren't being honest with us I'll have no choice...but to sentence you to death or life in Azkaban." He said.Jadis looked at the Minister opening her mouth to speak however the door burst open and she seen none other then her Nephew being handled by a few of the Guards. "Draco what-?!" Lucius and Jadis asked at the same time but Draco started to speak. "You can't take her! You can't kill her she hasn't done anything wrong! She's just protecting me! She's doing it so the Dark Lord doesn't influence me I swear it!" He yelled causing everyone in the room to stare at the young Malfoy in disbelief. "Is this true Jadis?" The Minister asked. Jadis looked from her Nephew and then to Severus and Lucius. If they found out Draco was associated with the Dark Lord his day at Hogwarts and his future would be ruined. Looking up at the Minister she shook her head. "No sir." She said quietly. She could see the pain flicker in Dracos eyes. He knew why she lied but he couldn't prove otherwise. The Minister sighed seeing as Jadis wasn't going to give in. "So is that your final answer?" He asked and Jadis gave a nod as she knelt in the cage. Her fate lied with the Ministry of Magic and right now...she felt like a caged animal....or rather a caged Dragon. All she could do was wait and see what fate lied in store for her.


03/31/2020 09:29 PM 

Activity Check 167: Things Change

“Mason have you ever thought what your life would have been like if your mom’s cancer hadn’t resurfaced your senior year of high school?”  The soft string of words that formed the question didn’t surprise the heavily tattooed male as his green hues filter from his knuckles to his therapist's familiar face.  When the silence continued to build the brunette woman shifted in her seat and tugged at the hem of her skirt, “If you’d rather not answer the question we can move onto another topic for today but since we’ve been talking about your mom’s death the past couple of sessions I think this would be a good focus for today.”  Mason nodded his head as he thought about whether or not he wanted to sit in silence for the next twenty-five minutes or to open up to his therapist.  “Kinda,” Mason finally mumbled after another round of painful silence between the two people in the manilla colored room.  “I thought ‘bout it a lot more when I was younger ‘cause it impacted me a bit more den’ I think, I’m not sure if I’m explainin’ dat’ right,” he began to stutter over his incoherent thoughts about what he had wanted his senior year to look like began to come to the forefront of his mind.  “I…” Mason inhaled slowly as he sat up, “I was super involved in ‘lots of different activities in high school. I was on two varsity sports teams, part of da’ art club, and big into ma’ church activities. Den’ I lost everythin’ dat’ last year. I lived it in a weird way. Kinda lived it from the outside in so I got to see how it woulda been for me if I was in the mix.”  “What about after your senior year?  Do you think about what would have been different for you outside of school, what would have been different after you graduated?”  She knew Mason had been able to see how his friends had become state champions their senior year of high school because he’d mentioned it multiple times but her patient never seemed to focus on what he would have done differently with his life.  She wanted to dig deeper, she wanted him to realize he was holding on to those dreams, and it was part of the underlying pain he felt.  “I haven’t thought ‘bout dat’, no.” “Why don’t we focus on dat’ today.  Tell me what you think your life would have looked like, what would you have liked it to look like?”   Mason let his therapist's questions wash over him as the pain began to build in his stomach around the subject of a life he didn’t want to focus on because it wasn’t the life he had.  “I woulda went to college to become a teacher,” his therapist’s eyebrows arched slightly and Mason released a laugh, “Yeah, I know ‘lots of people give me dat’ look if I ever tell’em I wanted ta’ be a teacher.  But I did. I got inta’ LSU, I never told ma’ mom ‘bout it ‘cause I turned in ma’ application dat’ summer for early decision.” As Mason continued to talk his body began to relax and the nervousness in his stomach eased.  “Do you think you would have moved out of Louisiana?  Do you think you would have ended up here in Sloane?” She asked, making a few notes about how Mason’s body language had begun to change as he talked about his lost dreams.  “Nah, I only moved here ‘cause moms passed,” his words left as he shook his head, “Thankfully da’ girl I was head over heels for when I was a teen is here in Sloane,” Mason’s hands moved as he tried to think through his thoughts, “but if I had gone to school down der’ I woulda stayed.  New Orleans will always be ma’ home, always. Der’ ain’t a place like it in dis’ world. Ma’ momma loved it so f***in’ much.” His body was now completely relaxed as he allowed himself to dive further into a world where his mother never died. “She wanted ta’ open up her own lil’ clothin’ shop right in da’ square and she was so close right ‘round da’ time da’ cancer came back.  I assume if it hadn’t she woulda got dat’ shop right near Cafe Du Monde.” “That sounds lovely, Mason.  I wonder sometimes if you hold onto those dreams without even realizing it.  What do you think?”  “I might but could ya’ blame me?  Who wouldn’t dream of a life where their momma didn’t die, hell even a life where ya’ didn’t have ta’ work two jobs, and almost not graduate?”  His voice was returning to a strained manner. “Yeah, I wish for dat’ other life where I had gone to LSU, where Maureen stuck ‘round for a more normal dating life.  I wish for dat’ other life where every Sunday myself and my momma would go to church together, one where I graduated and became a teacher. A life that wouldn’t have led to Sloane.  But I’m here, I’m here without my momma, I’m here with Dollie who is everythin’ Maureen needed to become for herself, and I got ma’ beautiful lil’ girl outta it.”  “That’s what we call a breakthrough Mason,” his therapist said softly letting her patient calm down after his long-winded rant.  “That other world can have a place in your heart but can’t cripple the world you live in and I hope we can begin to move forward with that frame of mind.


03/31/2020 06:48 PM 


MASTERLIST: LINKS TO CONTENT. Owes Connections Point system


03/31/2020 06:49 PM 


Number of connections (1) Bowie Zeppelin: Bowie and Wyatt are cousins through his mother's side. He only found out about her after researching who his parents were.Name: Connection.​​​​​​​Name: Connection.​​​​​​​Name: Connection.

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