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10/13/2019 12:27 PM 

i. relationship study | stiles+lydia.

A fluttering of emotions; brown leaves turned by fall's changing sun raining down on him, and it suffocates. A motivator and a depressant. Tips of worn running shoes touch the edge of the Earth, and the same raw emotion that would cause him to plunge forward without regard to his own life is precisely the kind that causes tremors of regret and tears. Love me. Love me like I love you.Can't you see that I love you?There's more pain than power being in love, especially when the love is thrown at someone who does not catch and nurture it. If she told him to leap off the face of the world, he would do it - for a kiss, for a touch, just to see her smile. Anyone who says love is worth it, and it is better to have loved and lost than feel nothing at all -- they never felt l o v e, not truly.At the end of the day, he forces himself to roll out of bed and brace another day of solitary confinement from his love. A single text message from her, and his entire existence has purpose. Trembling fingers hover over her contact information as a smile manipulates his lips into something that looks like happiness. He is under her spell, but her magic is not kind. Once the day is over, fall's leaves continue to blind and suffocate. The pain won't go away. I'd bleed for you. Fight for you. Cry. Laugh. Anything.Please..


10/13/2019 09:07 PM 

Innocence - Part 2.

Unknown, NYC.Living Dead Girl.Harsh, guttural sobs erupted from her gullet. Tears hot on her cheeks as New York city lights blurred together beyond the cab window. She was defeated, he had betrayed her and now she had to go back to who she wanted to need least, her father. Coughing, she spluttered, trying to catch her breath and gain control of her body, she convulsed. Reaching a shaking hand to the cross necklace dangling at her throat. Damp from tears she wiped and unscrewed it, the white powder falling onto her lap. She lifted the spoon to her nostril and inhaled past the congestion. Time seemed to slow and she was vaguely aware of his steely gaze on her through the rear view mirror. Her shuffling and the car engine the only thing breaking the silence. She moved uncomfortably, paranoia setting in. Why was he staring? What was he looking for? Was he waiting at Aiden's on purpose? The tears stopped, hanging to her chin, her nose, she wiped it with her sleeve and peered back at him, she smiled in an attempt to appeal to the part of him and her that hoped this cab would take her home. To the reality that she was suddenly desperate to await her. He held her gaze then shifted gears. She looked toward the window and smeared the condensation away with her palm to memorize where she was. Signs flashed by and she counted the turns, wiggling the gun from Aiden further down into her pocket. That's when she heard the doors lock and she snapped her neck toward the driver who now wouldn't meet her eye. The cab rolled to a stop at a red light and in jumped in a man who smirked at her. "Ms. Collins, I assume. A sends his love."  Her palm caught the handle and she yanked over and over again, the man grasped a handful of hair and yanked her back with a low growl. The air caught in her throat as the panic rose. She felt herself spiral and her nostrils flared. Her senses blurred she looked at her assailant who placed his hand on her knee. A gentle touch for a murderer. "Now, now, bitch. So, Blair. As you may know we worked for your bastard father. He considered us not up to par with your diamond encrusted enterprise and just dropped us. The f*** are we supposed to do now?" Her mouth formed an 'o' and she swallowed, pressing herself against the car door as it rattled to life again and continued it's trip. "I-I don't know. Please, I can't help you." He smirked and ran his fingers along a piece of hair dangling in her face, chuckling he leaned in. "Maybe not, B, but we can use you to make your father help." She felt her blood run cold and her insides tremble. Eye to eye with him, she knew she was f*cked. He hit her and she felt the splitting of her skin and the hot, sticky liquid trickle down her face. The lights outside bled into each other and she slipped out of consciousness.Her body weak, when she came to she felt the blinding pain above her eye and touched her fingertips to it, wincing. The room around her came into focus and she lay crumpled on the floor. Dimly lit and grimy, sparsely furnished, glass cracked in the bay windows. She pushed on her palms to get on her feet. Moving closer to the walls she noted small notes, pictures. Leaning against it, her eyes widened in horror. Months upon months of documentation on her, her schedules, her habits, hangouts, outfits, measurements. Her stomach turned as she noted ones of her sleeping. Aiden took them. She whimpered but the sound didn't come, her voice hoarse. Her dignity had been stolen from her. The middle woman between her father and the delusional. She remembered her last moments with Aiden and it forced her to pat herself down, nestled in her pocket was the small hand gun he had passed to her. They hadn't checked. Listening to the blood screaming in her ears, she moved to the door and rattled the handle. Had to be done, but of course it was locked. Voices echoed on the other side - paint peeling onto her palms. Hushed tones - -she stood, stock still, trapped like a rabbit. The door swung open, knocking her on her back and she scrambled backward until her back hit the wall. She scowled at the heavy set man looming over her, his gut hanging over his ill fitting jeans. He lunged at her and held her by her throat, thrusting her phone at her with the other. "Time to call Daddy - we need to give him a message." He grasped her cheeks and planted a hot, wet kiss on her lips causing bile to rise in her throat. The smell of the cigars and cheap booze on his breath made her stomach turn.Kneeling next to her, she raised the phone screen to her face and the light hurt her eyes. She searched for his name and hit dial. The tone droned for what felt like an eternity. "We can always take this out in trade, darlin." He reached behind her head and unclipped her hair, letting it fall around her shoulders, she flinched away from him and her father finally answered. "Nicholas Collins." His tone deadpan, f*cker didn’t even have her in his phone. “Dad, its me. I need you, they have me--” The sobs uncontrollable now, she felt the discomfort and fear at the other end of the line. “Blair honey, what is it?” No time, the brute snatched the phone from her hand and traded it with a hard slap to her cheek bone, irritating the cut on her brow and spilling fresh blood. It spotted on the denim dungarees. “Now, Mr C. It’s Graham. Remember me? F***ed us over. No one- f***s us over. I think it’s only fair we take something from your darlin’ daughter unless you help. I’m sending you an address, come alone, bring $250,000. Otherwise I swear to god there’ll be nothin’ of her left.” He ended the call, sent the address and smashed the phone under his boot. “Better hope he loves you enough, bitch.” She couldn’t pull the gun yet, what if it was fake, all part of his plan? “Bite me.” She snapped, through gritted teeth.He spat at her and grinned, sauntering from the room. She heard the lock click and coughed, holding her stomach she bent over and vomited. Wiping the slick slime of his saliva off her chin and neck, she gazed around and fumbled for the gun in  her pocket. Snapping it open she blinked at the glimmer of the bullets inside. Real. Maybe there was some trust left with her and Aiden. Next time the door opened she had the upper hand. It must’ve only been hours, but felt like an eternity. She lay in the middle of the room, watching the dust particles fall from the roof as she listened to every movement, footstep, scrape of a chair, laugh. Eventually her father fell through the door. His over coat torn, he looked at her with a blank expression; then guilt, then disappointment. He had failed her and she felt every look. The door slammed behind him. He fell to her knees and pulled coat off and his scarf from over his neck. Pressing it to her cut.  “Baby I don’t have long. I am so sorry, I should have listened more, I'll fix this baby, they're dead men. I have failed you I--” She lifted a hand and he stopped. “Apologies later, what are they doing? Do you have the money, Dad?” They both looked toward the door as the man came in, pulling Nicholas to his feet. The duffel bag in his hand and the scowl on his wizened face said everything. "The f*** is this? You playing me? It's missing 50k!"  Blair squealed as he shot his gun at their feet. Stuck in position she coughed, vomitting again. "She's gonna die, man." Nicholas looked vulnerable for the first time in her life. He had f*cked up. "Please, I'll get more." He looked at his daughter one last time as they shoved him from the room. She scrambled after him, banging on the door, shouting for him. The corridor fell silent and she lent her head on the door. It was over. She pulled the gun from her pocket, pushed away from the door and sat, waiting. No one wins against the Collins' family. She was determined to keep that truth. The next bastard that walked in she'd pull the trigger without hesitation. Shouting in the corridor awoke her, the gun still resting in her palm. She stiffened and spluttered, pointing it back at the door. She listened, poised. Glasses smashed, she heard a fall and the movement came closer. Her hand shook, and the gun in her hand made her palms sweat. Finger on the trigger, her heart beat roared inside her, her insides vibrating. The face that appeared in the doorway had not been the one she expected. Time stopped and she watched the light drain from his body. Aiden. He fell at her feet and she couldn't speak. She couldn't breathe. Her father stood behind her, two men dead in the corridor. The blood pooled. Nicholas clambered over them as she lunged toward his body. The smell of his blood, the rich copper and salt. Raising her eyes to her father, words wouldn't form. Laying over his frame, the blue in his eyes staring back, vacant. It was supposed to be her. Not him, but he was the one one laying there; the warmth draining from his frame. She buried her head in his chest one last time, studied the lines on his face and bent to kiss him but her father stopped her. "Baby, we have to go.  Come on honey. Now. I'll take care of this. I'm sorry."


10/13/2019 12:08 PM 


Owes me:Aisha 10/7Spencer 10/7Reina 10/7Shae 10/7I owe:Quinn 10/7Jude 10/11

𝖂𝖆𝖞𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖉 𝕳𝖚𝖓𝖙𝖊r

10/13/2019 03:16 PM 

A Timeless Effort.

Bitter or Sweet, People's Personalities change over time, mostly the effect gives others reason to doubt one another.Kayley knew this one well,As a small girl often she would class herself as having some sort of emotional problem that ended in many being killed by her thoughtless actions.Even her own family members often thought she had something hidden in her that could blow at any given time.You could say she was infact a ticking time bomb, one that had many valid reasons to be able to feel and act out the way she had been and always had done,being bought up in foster care and being passed around like a piece of broken porcelain that seemed to be cracking more along the edges.From the very young age of nine she had done many things no nine year old would even dream of, she had saw more things that would put any child into a catatonic state.Perhaps with her being born into a supernatural family and having a bloodline of shifters in her way it gave her the ability to see and do things without remourse at all.Killing people gave her a thrill she hoped would fade over time,but became stronger the older she became.She had never witnessed the death of her parents, neither did her twin but her elder brother,Graham did which caused him to shift just like their parents, it needed a traumatic event to be triggered.It all seemed to much of an effort for her and shifting anytime soon would be highly unlikely.She had many hidden secrets even her own married family would never know, she spoke of nothing that occured within her to them as she feared she would become a prime target to be taken out by a silver bullet.Her married to a winchester would not of even mattered once they knew the real truth of the Sawyer family members.The Abernathy's had no clue of what had been happening,for all they knew something in downtown lawrence had been killing men and women and knew it would not be stopped until the killer was stopped.Traumatizing events had to of been bitten down to minimum around her, in fear it would frigger the family curse.Through-out the many years she had tried her best to track down the hunters that killed her birth parents,the ones who took their lives from them when she was just a helpless baby,who could only dribble and poop.She had no luck in finding them since she had no clue what either of them looked like,inside, she had a gut feeling they could be english from what she had been told over the decades.If she were to find such hunters, what would she be willing to do, kill or be killed, inside she had no idea, she just wanted the emotionless killers to be slaughtered and buried with the satisfaction of karma.


10/13/2019 05:04 PM 

Mysterious as the darkside of the moon

The Last of the Real Ones (Fall Out Boy)- Write our names in the wet concrete. I wonder if your therapist knows everything about me. I'm here in search of your glory. There's been a million before meJust One Yesterday (Fall Out Boy)-Letting people down is my thing baby. Find yourself a new gig. This town ain't big enough for two of usHeathens (21 Pilots)- We don't deal with outsiders very well. They say newcomers have a certain smell. Yeah, trust issues, not to mention They say they can smell your intentionsShots (Broiler Remix) (Imagine Dragons)-  Am I out of luck? Am I waiting to break? When I keep saying that I'm looking for a way to escape Oh, I'm wishing I had what I'd taken for granted. I can't help you when I'm only gonna do you wrong Someone You Loved (mash up) (Connor Maynard)-It's easy to say but it's never the same. I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escapeThe Man I Want To Be  (Chris Young)- God, I'm down here on my knees. Cause it's the last place left to fall. Beggin' for another chance. If there's any chance at allOn My Own  (Ashes Remain)-Come and find me in the dark now Everyday by myself I'm breaking down I don't wanna fight alone anymore. Bring me out. From the prison of my own pride. My God I need a hope I can't deny Not Meant To Be (Theory of a Deadman)-  There's still time to turn this around. You could build this up instead of tearing it down But I keep thinking. Maybe it's too lateScars (Papa Roach)-I can't help you fix yourself But at least I can say I tried I'm sorry but I gotta move on with my own lifeDownfall of Us All (ADTR)-I could never stop, my life's turned upside down Meet me out past the train tracks I'm leavin' and not coming back You're right and I was wrongI'll Make A Man Out Of You (Mulan)-We must be swift as the coursing river With all the force of a great typhoon With all the strength of a raging fire Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

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