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02/21/2019 02:53 PM 

social media

                        ╭ via instagram ╮5 mins ago
                          @brickmaison: she's ( @laylajade ) still mocking my outfit 
                             despite the fact those are her pants

Claddagh Buffy(HIATUS)

02/21/2019 01:26 PM 

doin a remake ..

add new profile or i'll add you 

Kaydel Ko Connix

02/21/2019 12:36 PM 

Mini Drabbles



“It’s getting dark and I don’t like it.”

Kaydel arched an eyebrow and looked over at her girlfriend. “Are you feeling doubtful about this mission?” It came out teasing and amused, but it was actually a legitimate question. If Breha was serious, then they were in more trouble than she thought. As someone who seemed able to handle anything with a shrug and a smile, any time she had real doubts, Kaydel tended to take her seriously.

The smile Breha offered while trying to remain completely serious caused instant relief and the tension in her shoulders lessened slightly. A nod and she accepted the non-answer. So long as Breha didn’t lose her confidence, they could likely get out of this alive. It was one of the things her girlfriend was good at: getting them out of – and into – impossible situations. After a moment she couldn’t help but smirk, however, the teasing tone still remaining.

“Don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe.”



“Is that…blood?”

Blinking, Kaydel looked down at her own hands in surprise. Not just at the words, the tone, and who they came from, but at the fact that the answer to the question was an obvious ‘yes,’ and she had no idea where said blood had come from. For a moment, she wasn’t entirely sure she wasn’t standing in the middle of one of her own nightmares. That the blood wasn’t just another manifestation of the guilt she constantly felt because of the things HE made her do.

But, she doubted that was the case, because even in her worst nightmares, Iona didn’t feature. And she saw the blood, too. Looking up at the other woman, she couldn’t keep the fear out of her eyes and she knew Iona would see it even without how astute and observant she always was. Maybe she had finally gone insane. Maybe the control placed in her mind had finally warped it more than intended and she had just lost it. One of the conditions of her situation was that she would remember everything she did, but be unable to do anything about it. She didn’t remember this.

“Yes, but…it’s not mine. I don’t know where it came from.”

Kid Omega

02/21/2019 12:32 PM 

The Nickel

It was early evening. The sun, whilst not quite set, had dipped behind the trees just as the storm clouds began to roll in and darken. Rain was not so much a looming threat, as a certainty of the journey. Thick bottomed boots crunched on the loose pebbles on the sidewalk as Quentin made his way through the city. Overhead the halo of the streetlights began to glow as the mist of failing moisture began to fall. He paid no mind to it, however. A small blue glow appearing over his head, raindrops collecting on it, before cascading down to the ground.

It was the little details that most people missed. The small things that showed what kind of mutant Quentin really was. It could be seen in the collection of the rain drops. They didn’t merely fall at his feet. Instead they traveled down in organized rivulets rolling off the sidewalk and into the storm drains that lined the streets. Quietly doing his part to keep the sidewalk dry for whatever little time he could by them.

His goal loomed in the distance, the glowing light of a Subway restaurant of all things. Not normally taken with fast food, but he found himself in the mood to avoid people as much as possible this night. Though as he went, he saw something shimmering in the distance. He quirked an eyebrow at the mysterious object on the sidewalk and held his hand up to it. Blue waves of telekinetic energy lifting and moving the object towards him. He had assumed it was a quarter, and was mildly disappointed to find that it was merely a nickel. Shrugging he put the object in his pocket and headed towards the fast food establishment. It was there that he saw him. A man, clearly homeless, hunched on the sidewalk beneath the overhang to the Subway. He was shivering in the fresh rain and looked up to Quentin as he approached. In his hand he gripped some tattered friendship bracelets in a variety of rainbow colors.

“Hey Mr, buy one for a dollar?” the man said holding the bracelets out to him.

Quentin offered the man a smile and rummaged through his pockets. He found the nickel and offered it to the man “Sorry, this is all the cash I have on me, but you can have it. Tell you what, how about I bring  you something from inside?”

The man’s eyes lighted at the offer of food, though it didn’t stop him from taking the nickel as well and adding it to a small cup of change and crumpled notes. “Gee thanks, Mr that be great!” he said smelling of all manner of liquor. Quentin was about to walk past the man when greasy fingers gripped his wrist. “Here” the man said tying one of the bracelets to Quentin “You earned it, bless you!”

Quentin couldn’t help but have a slight smile on his face as he entered the fast food joint. He’d be sure to pick the man up a nice sandwich for his kindness. It was these little moments that renewed his faith in humanity a bit. He was waiting in line when he heard the sound of peeling tires. A man yelling from a truck, something about ‘Mutie Scum’. He thought nothing much of it until the explosion., He had no way of knowing what it was, or even exactly where it came from. His powers instinctively tossing a telekinetic shield around himself as the world around him turned to fire and tinder for a moment. Glass and shrapnel cascading into the streets around him. And then? It was all cinders and ash.  He wished that this sort of thing could be a surprise. That it made him feel more than he did. But he’d seen the worst of humanity too many times to really be struck by it.

Boots crunched over broken glass, and chipped tilework as he walked through what was once the wall of the Subway. He looked down with a pang of sadness and anger at the remnants of the homeless man. He was looked down on by so many, but in his way he had shown Quentin some of the simple best that humanity could offer in day to day moments. And now he was flayed on the ground, a bloody pin cushion of glass and brick. On the ground, coated in flecks of blood and ash, shimmered a nickel. Quentin picked it up, put it in his pocket, and moved on to do what had to be done.

ѕ ĸ r ι l l e х ★

02/21/2019 11:25 PM 

Character Study:

So since I've been seeing a lot of people do this sort of thing I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share an outlook about what my character represents, what he's passionate about, things that make him the person he has been sculpted into, what makes him Skrillex.

Mind you this is strictly my POV and perspective that I've given my character over the passed few years and have developed him in a way that is bright as day, yet black as night. 

If you have any sort of questions about any sections you can DM me.

DISCLAIMER: None of the photos are of intellectual property to me unless otherwise stated. All credit goes to the amazing people who put together the moodboards below provided by Google/Tumblr/Pinterest. 

Black Wolf Aesthetic, for Anon
  • Pathway Lycanthropy: -- More to come.

  • Religious Standpoint  Satinism: -- More to come.

Autumn Collage 04
  • Spiritual Alignment: Autumn Solstice + Halloween -- More to come.

  • Spiritual Alignment: Winter Solstice + Christmas -- More to come.

  • Elemental Alignment: Fire and Ice -- More to come.

  • LGBTQ+  Alignment: Homosexual and Proud -- More to come.

Related image
  • Favorite place(s) to be: The Beach -- More to come.
    Related image
  • Favorite Place(s) to be: Tuscany Italy -- More to come.
Image result for japan moodboard
  • Favorite Place(s) to be: Japan -- More to come.

I'm not done here there's a lot left to do such as writing, and finding more boards related to my other attributes. Hope you guys like it so far because I know I do and I'm evolving so much as a writer this year!** 

Character Study, Storyline, Insight, Attributes, About Character

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