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Angel of chaos

10/13/2019 02:05 PM 

wrestling character

Name: Angelica Clarkring name: Angel Chaosages: 26Home town: Newark New jerseyLooks dirty little girl- burnt halowrestling movesSignature: Running corner inziguri ( calling chaos)Finisher: (widows peak) - Chaos theory history- she started wrestling at 17 and worked on the indie circuit at the age of 20 she worked with ring of honour then at 24 she joined nxt, she is now 26 and works for raw 

Angel of chaos

10/13/2019 01:49 PM 


Name (& pronunciation): Rory JohnsonNickname- Ror or kitten (she likes sitting in lapsDate of Birth (& age):26Place of Birth: usaGender:femaleSpecies/Racial Origin:human Language: englishFamily/Friends/Pets/Etc father in jail ace johnson mother passed away. Physical DescriptionHeight:5’4Weight:122lbsHair:brownEyes: green/ blueDetailed Physical Description: see picture Typical Clothing/Equipment: biker chicPersonality/AttributesPersonality/Attitude:feisty flirty and cheeky and kindSkills/Talents: good with a gun and good at fixing carFavourites/Likes:Harley’s and muscle carsMost Hated/Dislikes:liars and thief’s Goals/Ambitions: be an old ladyHobbies/Interests:partying and riding Additional Notes: she grew up with around the MC . her outlaw father a man with no morals at all and helped the club alot She learnt how to fix cars at the young age of 8 years old. At the age of 15 her father was finally caught but she got away and lived on the street picking pockets and shop lifting. At the age of 18 she got a job at lace and leather lap-dancing bar. She was a girl of pure beauty and could con a man out of their money with just a few words.

Angel of chaos

10/13/2019 01:28 PM 

Four brother oc

Name: Katherine JonesNickname: the boys call her different names(Bobby) - Kathy(Angel)- Kat(Jeremiah)- just calls her her full name(Jack)- Kitty or kitkatAge- 22Personality- shy sweet and kind, but also fiery sassy and flirtyHistoryShe grew up with the boys, she was around alot because her mother was a hooker and alcoholic, and would beat the young girl if she was around, her father left when she was little, so Miss Evelyn looked after her. she had a bad habit of biting her lip or playing with her sleeves, when she was younger she would follow Jack around alot and she was close to bobby and angel as they treated her like a little sister, she was an amazing artist and moved in with evelyn once the boys left


10/13/2019 12:24 PM 

Pretty Li'L Psycho

PRETTY LI'L PSYCHOBasic informationFULL NAME: Harleen Frances QuinzelNICKNAME: Harley Quinn - Harls - Quinn - Harley Girl - Pumpkin - Loose Canon - this list really does go onAGE: 28BIRTH DATE: 2nd AprilETHNICITY: CaucasianGENDER: FemaleROMANTIC ORIENTATION: PanromanticSEXUAL ORIENTATION: PansexualRELIGION: Raised by a Catholic Mother and a Jewish Father. Non practicing herself but does celebrate both Hanukkah and ChristmasSPOKEN LANGUAGE: English - French - German - Spanish - Latin - Pig Latin - HebrewCURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS: Owns her own apartment in Gotham which is usually kept for a base. Typically messy until Harley is forced to clean it up by either her landlord or a friend who wants to visitOCCUPATION: Former psychiatirst turned criminalPhysical traitsEYE COLOUR: BlueHAIR COLOUR: Blonde (verse dependant)HEIGHT: 5'9" (170cm)BODY BUILD: athleticTATTOOS && PIERCINGS: Verse Dependant - most notable in WODC Suicide SquadPhobias and DisordersPHOBIAS: Injections - FishMENTAL DISORDERS: Histrionic Personality DisorderWHEN WAS THIS DIAGNOSED?: Self-diagnosed


Mad as a Hatter

10/13/2019 12:32 PM 

DC Drabble

Gotham that night was dark and gloomy as it was always was but that night it was less gloomy because there was a new hero or well one that was like the one that was before. Batman. Only this time Batwoman. Alice sat on her throne in her lair not happy about what happens and she always spoke in the Third person when she was angry too. Her men knew not to go near her once she was in her moods. Though she had an idea and she smiled. “Alice has an idea.” She said looking towards her men motioning them to her. The men and women in the mask rushed to her and crowded around her to listen to her idea.“Alice and her men will walk into the TV station and make it known they are not happy. They will kill those that get in their way. Alice will call out the Bat. Alice wants the bat. No one is to touch the bat but she.”Alice smiled as the others nodded and went off to grab their gear. She grabs her dagger but realizes it was gone. “Alice’s dagger!! It’s gone!!” She screamed. One of the men handed her a backup. She didn’t want that one but it would have to do till she got the other back. She fiddled with it in her hand as she walked to the van and got in the front. When they were running away she never took the van she ran off in her motorcycle which was being ridden by one of her men now and being hidden in the alley. It was blue-trimmed and black. Alice was glad to have men and women that were so smart working to help her take over the town and rid the town of Batman and the Crows. When she won the town over she would have a huge tea party and stuff animal rabbits for all the kids. Oh, the ideas she had.She was stuck in her mind she didn’t realize they were at the TV station and smiled as she skipped up to the door. She knocked on the door and watched as the guard picked up the phone to call the crows. She moved aside to let her men gun the doors down. She walked over to the lifeless body and shook her head “Oh, no need to bring those birds in Alice’s business.”It didn’t take her long to get to the recording room and she watched as the reporters run from the room. “No, stay. You should hear this too.” She said.Alice stood in front of the camera with a look of malice on her face and held up her dagger “This is a message for the bat. I...Alice wants her dagger back. It looks like this one. Only it has a ruby it in. Return it and Alice might not kill you. Anyone else that sees the Bat is to make the Bat return Alice’s dagger. OR ELSE!!” She screamed the last part. With that, she motioned for something off-camera and one of her men brought over a reporter and Alice killed the reporter on live camera. “Now you know, Alice is serious.” Alice kicks over the camera and wipes off the dagger stalks off to the van.            

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