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𝔹𝕒𝕕 𝕊𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒

12/05/2019 08:44 PM 

Christmas w/ Ethan & Holden - 2014

Christmas Decorations  - 2014Table of Contents

🇧​🇷​🇴​🇰​🇪​🇳​ crown.

12/05/2019 07:58 PM 


Trigger warnings for mention of abuse and suicide.Family/Home♛ Regulus grew up in a very unhealthy household. He spent fifteen years of his life watching his brother go through mental abuse, and sometimes physical. As expected, it terrified and traumatized him. It was what led to him trying to act like as perfect of a son as he could. ♛ He admires his brother for his bravery, but also thinks he's incredibly stupid for provoking their parents. ♛ Both Black brothers were exposed to the Unforgivables from a young age. Their mother thought it was important for them to understand what Crucio felt like, and try to at least be less affected by it, and they were taught to resist the Imperius curse. (Regulus doesn't view this as abuse, because it was meant for educational purposes, not punishment.)♛ They were both exposed to the Killing Curse as well and would have been taught how to cast it if it wasn't for the ministry's ability to sense underage magic. ♛ He was taught to be fluent in French, as well as how to read Latin. ♛ Regulus was also taught a variety of other things, primarily for appearances; how to dance, proper handwriting, how to play the piano, and a variety of other things.♛ He genuinely liked Kreacher and viewed him as a friend (pretty much the only real friend he had.) He could stomach a lot of the ideas he was meant to believe in and follow just fine, but he had a hard time with trying to treat Kreacher with any bit of disrespect. The Dark Lord & Death Eaters♛ Regulus did actually believe in Voldemort in the beginning. He'd been raised to believe the same things Voldemort was fighting for, so in his naive youth, he idolized him. ♛ Despite hearing about all the murders and all, it wasn't until he became a Death Eater that he realized how dark everything was, and got a wake-up call.♛ He likely wouldn't have joined the Death Eaters of his own volition. He would have preferred to give his silent support (enjoying staying in the background), but his parents felt they needed to do something to repair the shame that came from Sirius, so they encouraged him to join. ♛ He's not a fan of the other Death Eaters. He finds them to be unnecessarily cruel, sadistic, and thinks they take things too far. But, he'll keep them around to keep up appearances.  Misc♛ He hates most nicknames. Reg he's fine with, and he's learned to accept nicknames like Little King or Little Prince. Anything else, he's pretty against. Especially Reggie. He won't respond to it. ♛ To say he wasn't suicidal around the time of his death would be likely incorrect. His purpose for doing it wasn't to die, but he wasn't bothered by the idea of death. Had he not gotten the information or the mission wasn't deadly, it's highly possible he would have chosen to end his own life, unless fear held him back. ♛ He's good at potions. Not as good as Snape, and it wasn't a passion of his, but he did have a talent for them. 


12/05/2019 12:45 PM 

piece by piece /A Drabble pt2

" Dad no, You don't get to talk right now you walked out on me i begged you to want me, to take me with you do you not get that hurt?" Alyssa's tears fell upon her face  looking at him how many times had she traveled to Houston begging Kenny to want her, this was damaging to her that now her eighty one year old father was standing infront of pregnant Alyssa. "My senior year i traveled to see you  hoping you'd want me,  you left me in your past." She was now angry at her father for the way he left his love had to be earned How could a father walk out on his own daughter and pack up his truck and leave a screaming six year old behind begging her own father to take her with him. It didn't make sense why a father would do that Alyssa couldn't even imagine walking out on her own child no matter how many excuses could be the answer to why. she couldn't imagine her own daughter questioning her worth. "I remember your back walking away from me, Dad I cried i begged you take me with you, do you even realise  how much damage that has done to me I wanted nothing more than my daddy." Anger shot she pushed his hands off her face he was 81 years old any day his life could be cut short. "I have a baby on the way and i hope it's a girl, because I'll never leave her like the way you left me i'll never leave an image of my back on her mind. I'm putting her first and first will always be. I'll never leave her begging me to want her." Unlike you I'm gonna put her first, i'll never leave her like you left me. "I am so sorry, Baby i'm so sorry you feel this way and you have every right to be angry, I'm sorry that i made you question your worth." Kenny's heart was breaking in front of him  his own daughter back crying her heart out, she was carrying a baby and choices were being made and maybe he wasn't going to be in her life at all. "Sorry you can say it all you like but that's years of questions and now i don't think I can trust you, I can't watch you dote over those boys  because I SHOULD have  had you.. " Alyssa  tightened her grip on holding her arms."You left me in your past like my other siblings you've done. I want to forgive you but i can't,  you burned a hole in me and i don't think it'll ever be patched." She had every right to finally make her mind up. Your words just fall flat. Piece by piece.. "Randy for as he goes he is my dad because he never left me, he took care of me he took me in, he didn't have too.. and as far as i'm concerned he's my dad after all he wanted me,  You abandoned me, he didn't... sorry, i'm so sorry but i don't want to see you right now." Alyssa turned and walked away before giving Kenny anything else to say, before he could say something she was GONE.


12/04/2019 10:46 PM 

drabble 001.

oct 13th, 2019. walgreens. brooklyn, new york, new york. eighty-forty two am.whoever had decided that walgreens needed to have fluorescent lighting should absolutely be sued. dom had grudgingly pushed the front door open, not bothering to move out of the way of some of the patrons exiting the establishment. he was too hungover to care. his body instinctively pulled him towards the long row of refrigerators that lined the east wall of the building. he needed gatorade. he needed to remind fiona that the two of them had to go grocery shopping because he needs to stop spending overpriced new york city money on a bottle of gatorade. this was all so therapeutic to him. it was his normal routine. some people had routines of waking up at five am so they could hit the gym to find at least thirty minutes of fleeting happiness before they head on to their dead end office job for the next eight hours of their day. some people had routines that involved less than stellar activities, but that was their life.dom's routine was always the same. he would head out of town for a few days to film his soon to be next hallmark hit. he'd return, exchange stories with fiona based on what they missed while the other were away. he would find his way to a bar, with or without fiona. and then would wake up in his bed. roll out and walk to the same walgreens.he loved it. he loved his life. from bouncing from foster home to foster home, he was finally home. this wasn't the life for everyone. but it was the life for him. he hated the foster homes when he was a kid. having to share a room with three other kids. never having a bed long enough to call it his own. never knowing if that was going to be his last breakfast at the same house, last walk to the school he had known for the past few months, last everything. he always wondered if he would've still ended up here if he never ended up in foster care. or even if he had managed to find a forever family. but alas, things don't always work out the way they did. but he has his forever family within hallmark and fiona.dom pulled his hood over his head as he feet dragged along the porcelain tiles. he knew it was early, but his body instinctively pulled him into the candy aisle. one of the few things he never learned, even at a young age, was to learn self-control. and being twenty-seven living in the greatest city in the world? of course he was going to have a candy bar. normally, he didn't pay attention to anyone around him. living in a city with eight and a half million people taught him to put his headphones in and manage to walk through the streets without ever having to talk to anyone. however, out of the corner of his eye, he couldn't help but see a tiny figure standing next to him. he kept his eyes forward, cycling through the shelves of candy while he awaited his mind to make its decision. most likely was going to be chocolate. the girl stood next to him, though. rocking back and forth on her heels, head perched up towards him."yes?" he asked, turning his head, trying to keep his voice as playful as possible. normally, dom wasn't too big a fan of children, but this girl was cute. the girl continued to not say anything. just rocking back and forth, staring up at him with a smile on his face. "let me guess," he smiled, kneeling down, "you want my autograph, huh? you know me from hallmark? i bet your mom watches those movies all the time. you should go find her." he laughed, standing up and running his fingers over his head, scratching at the back of his head. why the hell was he talking to himself?the girl still stood there as dom turned back towards the candy, wanting to make a decision. "jules!" he heard from his side, watching as the girl turned around, trotted down the aisle laughing towards, who he assumed was her father. the other man, couldn't have been much older than him, reached his hand out and took the little girl's, giving him a head nod. little did he know that this one tiny fleeting moment in time, where his hungover self could care less about anything else except for gatorade and crawling back into his bed, was going to change his life forever.little did he know that was his brother and niece.and little did she know that was her uncle. 


12/04/2019 07:54 PM 


I f***ed up. I was blind or perhaps hopeful but there are some things that I have done that I wish I could take back. There are opinions of people that I had made under the influence of false friendships that caused me to dispose of ones that were genuine. I sit back and make the ultimate decision that people are sh*t, but that isn’t true. Though few and in between, there are some that are indeed genuine. Their hearts are in the right place and just like I have done more than once, they simply acted on that heart being shattered. I get that now. I don’t know where she is. I don’t know if she is alright but I owe her a wholehearted apology. Treasure, you were right. I was wrong. You were wronged and I stood up for the wrong people. It should not have come down to what it had for me to realize this but it did. I don’t expect our friendship to ever be as it was because I said some things that I cannot unsay, but you are not a bad person. You never were and I’m very sorry for misjudging you. You saw what I was blind to. Neither of them deserved my defending them. That is all I’ll say on that. I hope you’re alright out there.

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