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12/11/2018 03:01 PM 

- important.




12/10/2018 11:06 PM 

This Present Darkness

This Present Darkness
A Drabble

“That’s a wrap.”   The native Texan lowered his head hiding a smile.  The hot lights on the set of Supernatural tended to cause him to perspire mercilessly.   Once the director for this particular episode had called the end of shooting, Jared Padalecki was actually relieved.   One of the PA’s on set ran up to him handing him a towel.  “Is it that obvious?”   Jared lifted his chin allowing that faux innocent smile to illuminate his features.  Usually it was Jensen standing by with the towel to daub him dry.   The PA simply nodded and gave the thumbs up allowing one of the show’s main stars to head back toward his dressing room.

Being well over six feet tall, Jared could travel in a few steps what took others twice the time to travel.  It was amusing when the shorter stars of the show or anyone in general would holler out for him to slow down.   Today was one of those days when he was taking one step for every two anyone took to follow him.   Someone was calling for him, but he was sinking.   He didn’t need anyone to see this or him as he was falling.   This was not a pretty sight.

Exiting the studio, his booted feet met the pavement.  Dressed as Sam Winchester, he felt the darkness beginning to surround him like a curtain.  Jared had to get out of there and fast.   Eyes darted back and forth to be sure that no one was following him. As soon as he was clear, he darted toward the safety of his trailer.   He climbed the steps and closed the door behind him.   Once inside that smile faded and the quietness reached for his very soul.   He was on top of the world.  The star of a long running TV Show and happily married with three beautiful children had the world by the string didn’t he?  No.  Inside there was a depth of depravity that he couldn’t understand nor did he try to fill.

The perspiration was finally gone from his forehead.  He tossed the towel onto a nearby table.  He sat staring at nothing in particular wishing and hoping that something finally made sense.  The world was his.  He had everything, but yet he had nothing.   There was a picture of three kids that he and Gen shared sitting on the table.  He hated the fact that he’d gotten an amiable divorce from Gen.  It was all still so fresh.  He loved her, but he didn’t love her the way she deserved to be loved.  Loving someone with clinical depression was something that was harder than anyone could even imagine.  Jared gave her anything she wanted including the kids.  In return, she gave him plenty of time with them when he came to visit.

 Jared pulled the picture in a silver frame over into his hand.  A soft touch gently danced across the glass.   They were three little angels.  A prickle at his left eye soon filled with the saline formation that blocked his vision.   He gently laid the picture aside.   Those three blessings meant so much to him.  If he could give them the world, he was going to do it.  To him, they deserved only the best.  It was his sincere wish that they didn’t have to tackle the demons he had to face.  Simply stated, the demons on the show were easier than the ones he faced in real life.

Still looking down at his feet, Jared inhaled sharply filling his lungs with air.  He leaned forward to slide off Sam Winchester’s boots before laying backward onto the sofa that was in his trailer.  His right hand rested across his brow with the palm facing toward the roof of his trailer.  He closed his eyes trying to calm himself using relaxation techniques he’d learned through the years.  He was physically tired from the demands of shooting an episode of the show.  He’d been told that physical strength went hand and hand with emotional strength.  It was why he was as much a health food aficionado as his character was.  Healthy meant he could deal with this stress and fight the cold hand of what had plagued him for so long now:  depression.

There was a buzzing sound from the device that sat on the table beside him.  He turned to the right to see his personal mobile device lighting with the notification that he’d received a text message.  Extending an arm toward the device,  he brought it closer to his body.  After a few taps, he found his answer.   The message was a picture.  It wasn’t a picture of his children.  The picture made the left side of his mouth turn upward into a lighter grin than before.   There was only one person that could poke through the darkness that surrounded him in such a manner.  There was only one person that brought a smile to his face and a twinkle to his eyes.

He swiped the picture away and tapped the phone icon.  He waited for the man on the other side to answer.  “Get your ass in here, alright?”   His normally booming voice was illuminated with a glint of happiness.   The clouds were lifting and the darkness was beginning to fade away.   He tapped the phone to end the call bringing the picture back down to his view.   There was light in the darkness and that light had a bow legged stance.

Jared Tristan Padalecki.


08/28/2018 01:01 PM 

Main Event
Current mood:  adventurous

Women's Championship Last Woman Standing Match
Kitty Jones vs. Regan Wyngarde

Mike Rome: 
"And now it is time for the match we all been waiting for a last woman standing match for the women's championship it's going to be exciting we see both women in the ring already former women's champion Kitty Jones."

Tom Phillips:
"Kitty looks to regain the title she lost at the hands of the current women's champion Regan Wyngarde."

Byron Saxton:
"Could go both ways, Kitty has improved so much in the ring and so has Regan Wyngarde look at that wicked look in her eyes she means business tonight."

Mike Rome:
"Both women impressive in the ring and sure bring allot to the table."

Tom Phillips:
"One of the will walk in at Evolution as the women's champion, all championships from the women's division will be on the line."

Byron Saxton:
"A pay per view for the women that's big news i can't wait for that and for tonight's match let's take it away Greg..."

*Bell rings Greg Hamilton holding a microphone on his hand*

Greg Hamilton:
"The following contest is a last woman standing match and it is for the women's championship."

"Introducing first the challenger from Tampa, Florida... Kitty... Jones...!"

Kitty confident points to the sky as she has a big smile on her face and stares at at her opponent now.

Greg Hamilton:
"And from Harlem, New York she is the women's champion... Regan Wyngarde...!"

Regan poses with the title then hands it over to referee Charles Robinson who holds it up high and then hands it to someone on the outside and points to both women and then motions for bell to be ranged now.

Both women lock up for a collar elbow tie up getting the action started right away as they stare at one another making eye contact as they try to take control both women fight eager to take control tonight Kitty trying to take dominance with everything she has tonight, Regan eager to take control as she fights with everything she has tonight as she strikes her right knee into the mid section of Kitty strikes right in the mid section then follows up with an elbow strike her opponent and challenger felt that one as she felt the effect of it but manages to strike with one of her own and strikes with another making her opponent feel that one as she made her opponent feel that one as she strikes with another one.

Kitty grabs Regan by the right wrist now attempts to Irish whip her across the ring now Irish whips her across the ring now Regan runs toward the ropes and back toward the direction of Kitty who strikes with a clothesline successfully takes down her opponent with that one as she got up again and gets up Kitty strikes with another clothesline again takes down the current women's champion who felt that one as she attempts to get up to her feet Kitty, Regan supporting herself back up Kitty strikes with a backhand chop making her opponent feel that one and strikes with another one hard as she could right to the chest making her opponent feel that one also Regan grunts feeling that one, Kitty strikes with a kick to the left side of the waist. 

Kitty fighting with everything she has tonight strikes again with another kick to the left side of the waist of Regan who feels that one also grunting in pain as she felt the effect of it Kitty now grabs Regan by the hair and drags toward the turnbuckle starts smashing her head forward on the top of the turnbuckle continues to do so as she then sits on the turnbuckle kicks Regan on the chest who falls flat seated on the canvas she started to get to her feet now, Kitty jumps toward her surprising her with a double axe handle successful on her attempt takes down her opponent who felt the effect of that one as she attempts to get back on her feet now crawling to get back up.

Kitty gets to her feet gazing both ways as she runs toward the ropes watching Regan getting to her feet runs toward her and surprised with a spear Regan the current women's champion takes down her challenger with that one

The defending women's champion follows by picking up her challenger from the canvas strikes her knee into the mid section of her opponent then strikes again making her opponent feel that one as she then follows with a snapmare Kitty lands flat seated on the canvas, Regan follows with a shoot kick to the back as she made her opponent feel that one the action continued on with only one of them being the last woman standing tonight.

Regan grabs Kitty by the hair and follows with a hair lift slam slamming her opponent on the canvas the challenger felt the effect of that one dominating her opponent tonight, Regan then drops down and clips both her own legs around the neck of Kitty who found herself in a tough spot setting up for a figure four headscissors transition into multiple facebusters direct to the canvas continues her brutal attack on her opponent who felt the effect of it released her opponent from the hold Regan supported herself up watched Kitty crawling back to her feet as she slowly started supporting herself back up from the canvas Regan grabs a hold of Kitty by the hair who puts up a fight striking her elbow into the mid section of her opponent who strikes her elbow into the back of Kitty, Regan starts setting up her challenger for a scoop slam has set for it as she found herself in deep trouble now and slams on the canvas Kitty felt the effect of that one as she attempted to get back up on her feet now 

Referee Charles starts counting now



Kitty starts making some small movements trying to get back up, Regan watched her challenger carefully keeping her eye on her.



Kitty supporting herself up as she was on her knees trying to get back up.

Mike Rome:
"Kitty not willing to go down with out a fight tonight."

Tom Phillips:
"She is a fighter alright. Her husband is as a wrestler."

Byron Saxton:
"Same could be said about Regan Wyngarde both ladies married in the business to two successful wrestlers."

Regan approached Kitty strikes with a spinning kick to the mid section then grabs a hand full of her opponent hair follows with a hair pull mat slam takes down opponent with that one Kitty felt the effect of it as she stumbling to get up from the canvas the defending women's champion starts picking up from the canvas out of nowhere Kitty surprises with a sitout jawbreaker nails Regan with that one as she felt the effect of it and turned away from her opponent, Kitty grabs by the hair yanks back for a hair pull mat slam of her own nails Regan with that one as she gets to her feet again Kitty strikes with a elbow strike right to the kisser made her opponent feel that one, and again the former women's champion strikes with another elbow strike right to the kisser making her opponent feel that one and again strikes one more time runs toward the ropes and back toward the direction of Regan and surprises with a tilt whirl headscissors takedown takes down Regan with that one as she was down crawling to get up o her feet now, Kitty approaches the near turnbuckle steps out as she climbed it gazing at Regan who was getting up dives toward her going for a diving crossbody toward her opponent who moved out of the way, Kitty misses crashing on the turnbuckle missed on her opportunity Regan takes advantage and picks up from the canvas sets up for a spinebuster has her challenger set and follows up with it.

Kitty falls victim feeling that one as she was done for

Referee Charles starts counting



Kitty did not kick out of this one 



Kitty continued not to respond

Referee Charles continues to count



Kitty did not respond at all as she was out



Kitty did not respond at all 


"10...! ring the bell"

Referee Charles motions for bell to ring now

"Eyes of Fire" starts playing across the arena, with Regan Wyngarde regaining her women's championship.

Greg Hamilton:
"The winner of the match and still the women's champion... Regan Wyngarde...!"

Mike Rome:
"Looks like she did it again, Regan Wyngarde regains her women's champion and will walk into to Evolution as the women's champion."

Tom Phillips:
"She must be very proud of herself."

Regan looks both ways and steps out through to the second rope now stepping out of the ring Kitty makes some small movements referee Charles tends to her, Regan made her way up the ramp holding the women's championship up high celebrating her win tonight ending the show for tonight.

Professor Severus Tobias

12/10/2018 09:40 PM 

The Origins of Magic | Severus Tobias

The Origins of MagicThe origins of magic are widely unknown. The question of its source is closely intertwined with the origin of life itself. It is a vast, unanswerable abyss. From the dawn of time, man and sorcerer looked out into the sky, memorized and terrified of its unending dark. The world rotated at a thousand miles an hour, unyielding and silent, floating, inexplicably in a monstrous, silent space. As humanity crawled out of their caves into the eye of a raw and merciless sun, they knew there were forces far too big for them to understand. Life was as pointless as it was monumental. It meant nothing at all and everything at the same time, and somewhere, deep within, entire universes bloomed within the hearts of man.
Severus's mother had always said that she thought that magic was the manifestation of those universes-- that magic was the embodiment of all that a person could be. It was faith. It was hope. It was the sobering and beautiful revelation that being alive was so much bigger than you thought. She said this as she twisted blooms together in the garden, her hands crusted with mud, and she worked as if she didn't care. Severus watched her dig her palms into the earth, work it tenderly.
Her garden always grew the fastest in the neighborhood, and when Tobias was not home, the neighbors would ask her what she used for fertilizer or put in her compost. Eileen Snape would just nod humbly, and say that her method merely included a lot of love. And Severus believed it as he watched her work the earth, soothe it, nurture it. It was if her rose bushes sensed the fullness in her heart and rose from their sodden, loamy beds to turn their faces towards her. This was Eileen's magic-- a meticulous and sincere kindness, a kind that made even the darkest, most lost men know love. She was powerful, and Severus never forgot her and the ways he could not come close to what she was-- the ways that no one, except one person could.
Lily Evans was far too good a woman for Snape. In the end, Severus realized that he had grown up surrounded by gods. He was loved by women who, by all means, had better things to do. He carried this with him for most of his life, as he scrubbed his bloody hands in the sink for many nights. He remembered this as he cast the killing curse for the first time-- how his mother had lived inside him for so long that he could not do it the first time he tried. When he finally cast a sickly gush of green from his wand, someone on the other end fell to the ground dead, and he knew she had finally left him.
He had heard it all-- there was nothing quite like someone screaming at the end of their life. It was not like any other sound. It was an unhinged, terrifying bellow. And he had heard it hundreds of times, heard it in his sleep, saw flashes of green in both explosions and the long sweep of pine branches.
When Eileen died, her garden dried into a husk. When she first explained what magic was to Severus, he had assumed that it was inherently good. He had thought magic made you a good person, a strong person. He thought it would make you grow up into a version of yourself you could be proud of-- that was what it meant. Now looking at his sallow and pale face in the mirror, everyone he knew dying or dead, he realized that not everyone was meant to grow up to be good. Magic sometimes embodied something ugly already inside you. And in the end, there was no running from that.

-Professor Severus Tobias


12/10/2018 09:25 PM 

Nullie's Roleplay Rules
Current mood:  angsty

Nullie's Rules Of Roleplay and Communication
  • Fluff is open to all
  • No 18+ (sexual). All requests for sexual roleplay will be denied
  • Persistence of or constant requests after being denied, will be permanently blocked and reported for inappropriate behavior 
  • Do not asks for private information. This includes; asking where I live, what my phone number is, what my address is, or if I'd "Like to meet IRL" asking  these will result in being blocked and reported. 
  • If you'd like to communicate more with me or roleplay more, you can feel free to add me on my Amino account, just please ask for permission first and I'll send you a link to my Amino so we can chat or RP if I happen to not be online here.

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