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Nathan Drake 🌎

06/15/2019 02:39 PM 

It´s not over, son //drabble

• Thief's diary••Professor Nathan Morgan Drake•“SIC • PARVIS • magna"" Am i dead? "----"How many times have I asked you to stop? " "How many times have I asked for a change with tears in my eyes?""I just wanted a normal, ordinary life.""Was it too much?"-----------------------------------------------I don't know why I heard these Elena´s words words in my head. I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't move my hands. I was as tied to bed. I saw a bright light. I couldn't recognize any objects or people, even though I felt I wasn't alone in the room. Oh, and the terrible sound. That beep -beep was so depressing. Beep - Beep - BeepMy breathing was slow, almost silent. I didn't feel any pain. I felt absolutely nothing. Only the feeling of warmth that came from an unknown source. ----------------------------------------------Was it the end of my life? Was it the light at the end of the tunnel? God, I felt so confused!-----------------------------------------------Only then I saw something in the room. I'd swear the woman was sitting next to me, at the end of my bed. For a few seconds I felt the strength that allowed me to rise up. I pushed my elbows into the bed mattress . I found the strength. Everything around was quiet, no sound, almost no color. I would normally say it was scary, but at that moment I thought it was something wonderful. For a moment I watched the world around me when an unknown woman said:"Don't worry. It's not as terrible as it looks. I understand. You're confused now, you don't understand anything. You can´t feel anything. But that's good. Because in a world I live in, everything is completely different. But after all these years, now , here with you, I see that a lot of things haven't changed, my son." -----------------------------------------------------------------------------"M...mommy?"---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I said these words as a little boy. Although I was more than an adult man.I swear my eyes were wet from tears. Although I didn't see her face, I knew she was smiling. Her voice was like a lullaby. Like celestial music, so soft and friendly. Almost immediately I tried to lift up and touch her. But then I felt a pain that didn't allow me to continue. Slowly I lay back on my bed, my mouth shaking slightly. Before i could beg and say anything, she spoke out:-----------------------------------------------"No. This is not a good opportunity, Nate. You're still there, and I'm here. Our worlds are different, although very similar. Please stay down. You're too weak. Even a man like you can cross his boundaries, son. What happened was a warning. Stop catching the locust flies, my baby boy. You're no longer the youngest. Your forces are no longer as strong as they were years ago. You have become a very successful and handsome man, so don't die too soon. You know, there must be somebody who's gonna guard your big brother, right?"-----------------------------------------------I swear I heard a hint of laughter in her voice. I couldn't defend myself and my lips formed into a smile. I had so many things I wanted to say. But I felt that the time has come. With a quiet smile, I watched as she stood up and, without looking at me, she said:-----------------------------------------------"Please don't try to meet me too soon. There are still a lot of things you need to discover.I'm very proud of you, baby boy. On both of you. Just keep going. I'll be waiting for you. I love you"-----------------------------------------------My eyes closed, tears ran down my cheeks.I couldn't do anything more. Just listen to what she said. I took a careful breath, opened my eyes, and looked at the most awkward d*ck of all time.He sat on a chair right next to my bed, his face was full of fear and despair. Sam Drake was desperate, sweaty and nervous. I tried to say a word, but he was faster -----------------------------------------------"Jesus...oooh jesus, he is alive. F***. Damnit. You f***ing bastard. You old piece of...moron! You...i hate you...oh i hate you! I swear it was a heart attack , right there in my chest! We....we thought we lost you, man! " -----------------------------------------------He sighed out, like a heavy stone just fell down from his heart. Yes, you was right, mommy. He can´t be alone. Absolutely not!                              credit: james kriet

uncharted drabble

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 12:53 PM 

Complaint Form

Anyone who wishes to file a formal complaint can do so by sending this form using the link provided below. Our Admin will deal with each message accordingly. Please keep in mind that the Admin may appear to be online, but may be occupied with other pressing issues. You can also delete any lines in the form that do not apply to your complaint.WHEN FILING YOUR COMPLAINT PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING:-YOUR CHARACTER NAME:-THE CHARACTER NAME OF THE OTHER PERSON: (if another person is involved)- THE REASON FOR YOUR COMPLAINT:-THE LINKS TO BOTH PARTIES: /member_id & /member_id (if it applies to your complaint)AND A THANK YOU MIGHT BE APPRECIATED. ^__^CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR COMPLAINT

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 12:50 PM 

Affiliates App

We welcome anyone who would like to be listed on our page as an affiliate. This includes fellow Fairy Tail Groups, Resource/Premade Sites & Other Rpgs. If you would like to be listed as one of our affiliates please fill this out, and send it back to us in a Message!YOUR SITE NAME:YOUR SITE LINK:WHAT SERVICES DO YOU PROVIDE: (ex: RPG/Resource/Sharing)WHEN WAS YOUR SITE ESTABLISHED?: HOW OFTEN DO YOU SHARE YOUR AFFILIATES?: DO YOU HAVE A SHARE CODE?: (link here)

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 12:43 PM 


- WELCOME TO THE EVENTS SECTION -Any and all special events listed on the main page, that do not mention Discord, will automatically be linked here to this particular blog where a themed group storyline will be waiting for any members interested in taking part. Please be aware that there will be rules listed for each Event and that this is not a writing contest like the drabbles. This is just for fun!If you have a special event for your character that you would like to have listed on the main page and played out here please contact one of the Owners and they will be happy to help you make your event happen!NEXT EVENT: TBARULES OF THE EVENT: TBA 

Sons of Anarchy Rpg™

06/15/2019 12:39 PM 


We have a contest for our members only. If you want to participate you must join us.Okay so here it goes, it's a Writing contest... This is just a simple Drabble. I know some of you may be asking what's a drabble? It's originally a term I came across on tumblr and a few times on is the definition of drabble - A drabble is a short work of fiction of around five hundred words or more in length, not necessarily including the title. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.So we all get the basic idea of a Drabble.... I will give everyone in the group one week to get this done. We all can participate. This is only for fun and a simple contest to get everyone excited for writing. Once the week is up and everyone that has posted a drabble in the comments below, we will put those that participated into a poll and let the members vote. The member with the most votes wins. Sounds easy right? So let's get this started.This is a simple writing activity and I expect to see a lot of members get in on this. 500+ words is nothing with the brilliant minds we have in the RPG. Your drabble should have the following prompt info featured:WORD COUNT: 950GENRE: ComedyRATED: ???CHARACTER: A lonely farmerMATERIAL: A spoonSENTENCE: "I didn't mean to answer the call."BONUS: The story takes place two-hundred years from now.All Participating Drabbles Should Be Posted Between: 06/17- 06/21

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