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04/07/2020 12:10 PM 


These are merely ideas to get the creative flow going. I know it can be hard to establish a specific connection right off of the bat. I am not limited to just these connections, these are just some of my ideas. Feel free to change any details or message me with any questions you have.   (1) Ex-boyfriend- [Mandatory FC: Jaime Lorente]      **THIS ROLE COMES W/ EXTREMELY DARK THEMES**      [NAME] is a team member for a group of bank robbers based out of Brazil. He is fleeing to Valkery undercover after a money heist gone wrong. The job got compromised, resulting in the death of hostages & police officers. [NAME] is the reason the plan failed. The leader of the group after his head. When in Valkery, he meets Bunny. Wild about each other, the two have an extremely toxic relationship. Up for discussion. Rape/sexual/daddy issue themes.   (2)   (3)   (4)


04/07/2020 12:07 PM 


ME TO YOU_________________________________________________________________________   Replies *Charlie  Starters   ___________________________________________________________________________________   YOU TO ME    Replies  Starters   Total Connections (4)


04/06/2020 10:38 PM 

The Game is On.

FOR: Hex Girl The Game is On Rembrandt/ 1593610 There was only one way to get back into Mystic Falls without being overtly spotted. He’d been planning this for some time now. Klaus Mikaelson had been watching the Salvatore Brothers from a distance. His eyes and ears in Mystic Falls told him that the doppelganger was there and was under the watchful eye of the two brothers that had been turned by Katherine Pierce back in 1864. He’d already put the fear of God into them already thanks to Elijah’s interference. They were anticipating his arrival. It just wasn’t going to be the way they had anticipated it.The two witches he had ready and willing to do the transference had already prepared to have their subject become the home of Klaus’ conscience for his chance to get close to all of them. He could see for himself who they were and how powerful they all were. He climbed into the coffin and lay perfectly still as the spell began. He was perfectly content that no one in Mystic Falls would anticipate his next move. He was the apex predator now and had been for over 1000 years.Eyelids fluttered shut as the body he was born into was put into a temporary stasis. Nothing would happen to his body because of the ace in the hole that Klaus had with the Martin family. Jonas would do anything to make sure that Greta would be unharmed. Greta was so enamored of Klaus he’d had her wrapped around his little finger. Elijah was supposed to be keeping the Martin family in check. Klaus was counting on it. It had been over 1000 years since his hybrid side had been bound. The time to break the spell was well overdue.The chosen vessel for Klaus’ infiltration into Mystic Falls High School came in the form of one Alaric Saltzman. Saltzman was already a prime candidate given that he had been married to Isobel Fleming. The sweet and pristine doppelganger Elena Gilbert was the bastard child of Saltzman’s former wife. It was really such a convoluted bloodline. Klaus found it nearly as treacherous as his own. Klaus had been raised as the child of one man even though he was the bastard of another. No wonder the Petrova blood was so tied in with the whole bloody stinking mess.The next thing he knew, the sound of the chanting of the spell was a low drone. The drifting aspect of his consciousness was finally being installed directly into the body of the alcoholic school teacher who moonlighted as a vampire hunter. The whole thing was so perfectly constructed, Klaus was actually proud of himself for not leaving any detail untouched. The disembodied essence of Klaus Mikaelson was being guarded by the spell and incantation of two very powerful witches who were completely and utterly devoted to him. How could anything go wrong?The world around him began to take on form and substance again. The sounds of the incantations grew louder. Klaus could feel that the body he was moving into was on his knees. He could feel the carpet beneath his knees and the chill of the air conditioning in the room. The spell was over. Klaus opened his new eyes slowly. “Excellent…” The voice that came forward when he moved his mouth was not the dapper one he had been used to for well over 1000 years. His lips curled upward and parted in that devious smile that was pure Klaus. He stood to his feet slowly. This man was taller than Klaus himself was, so that would take a slight adjustment for him to walk. It was of no consequence. Klaus was an Original. He could adjust without a problem.The presence of Greta Martin at his side told Klaus that he was still well protected even now. What Klaus saw next made him absolutely beam with malevolent joy. Katerina was standing there with her flippant attitude. “And what are you looking at?” She folded her arms over one another with her weight shifted to her back foot. She was glaring at the face of the man she thought was Alaric Saltzman.She was wrong.“Now now Katerina.” The tone in his voice was still familiar but yet all too different since he was in the body of a mortal. The shock of brown was full and covering his forehead. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. When Katerina heard his voice and met his eyes, all the color drained from her skin. “Now you know.”“Klaus…” She spoke silently as though she’d seen a ghost. She started to take several steps backward to avoid him. The feeble attempt was nothing but that, just an attempt.He spoke with calming even tones. Even though he was still in the body of a mortal, he was still an Original. “You will stay here until I tell you that you can leave.” He compelled her to stay because it was finally his time to shine. Klaus was in control on all levels. The curse was going to be broken soon. First he had to find out who was all in the corner of Elena Gilbert and the Salvatore Brothers.Katherine was in no position to argue. She would not be able to leave this dumpy apartment that belonged to the hunter/schoolteacher. She began to wonder if this was going to be her tomb. She immediately sat in the nearest chair even though her expression was not too happy in the slightest.Klaus in the body of Alaric Saltzman started to laugh. “Now I have to get ready. It’s time for school.” He had a swagger in his step as he made his way toward Greta Martin. She was going to give him what he needed to get into the hallowed halls of Mystic High.Later that morningThe classroom of Alaric Saltzman was relatively empty. Students all began to file into the room as the period bell rang. After the last student walked in, what they thought was their teacher joined the room. “Well look at all these eager young faces.” He grinned. It wasn’t the typical greeting that Saltzman had with his students. He had stopped along the way here to send a message to Elena and her group using compelled students. Klaus was most anxious to meet her according to the students who met up with Elena in the hall on the way here. Alaric was actually sly smirking at the fact that Elena looked completely unnerved. He assumed his message was just given.Now to watch the pieces fall into place.  credit: james kriet

Bloody Bubblegum

04/06/2020 09:16 PM 


Power(s) BLOOD MANIPULATION ( Hemokinesis/Haemokinesis/Hematokinesis) The power to manipulate blood, whether it's from oneself, others or free-flowing. User can create, shape and manipulate blood of oneself, others or from their surroundings, whether it be from blood-banks, hospitals, or battlefields. Through years of experimentation and practice, she has complete mastery over various forms of Blood Manipulation to where it’s almost to an molecular level. Applications   Blood Attacks Blood Clotting Blood Consumption Blood Generation Blood Marionette of yourselves or others. Blood Solidification Death Inducement Neurocognitive Deficit by reversing the flow of blood to cause unconsciousness. Haemokinetic Constructs Manipulate the properties of blood. Blood Property Manipulation Density Manipulation Dermal Armor by increasing the density of the blood. Prehensile Blood Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Regeneration by increasing the flow of blood. Techniques   Blood Absorption: To be able to absorb blood from others. Blood Aura: To surround oneself in blood. Blood Cloning: To create clones of themselves by using blood. Blood Empowerment: To be empowered and vitalized by blood. Blood Link: To be linked to others by blood. Blood Mimicry: To mimic the properties of blood. Blood Oxygen Manipulation: To manipulate the oxygen in one's blood and others. Blood Portal Creation: To create portals out of ones own blood. (Only for herself) Blood Pressure Manipulation: To manipulate the pressure and flow of blood inside bodies. Blood Propulsion: To propel one's self using blood. Blood Sugar Manipulation: To manipulate the blood sugar inside bodies. Blood Teleportation: To teleport through blood. (Only for herself) Blood Transformation: To transform matter into blood. Blood Transfusion: To inject one's blood into others. Drowning: To drown a target with large quantities of blood. Haemokinetic Combat: To infuse blood in physical combat. Haemomancy: To use divination with blood as a medium. (Only on dead parts) Haemopotent Regeneration: To regenerate oneself using blood. Haemopotent Replication: To replicate powers with blood as a medium. (Temporary) Healing Blood: To heal by using blood. Thermovariance: To boil targets blood. Associations   Acid Manipulation by controlling acidity of blood. Adoptive Muscle Memory, Knowledge Replication and/or Power Absorption using blood as a medium. Adrenal Activation Blood Energy Manipulation - using blood as energy. Bloodlessness (she doesn’t bleed as she has complete control over her on circulatory system) Body Manipulation Bone Manipulation: Blood is produced in bone marrow. Cardiology Manipulation Iron Manipulation (only through blood and those infected with her blood) Life-Force Manipulation - Blood is a essential part of one's biology. Liquid Surveillance Communication: Use blood for communication, connection, spying and surveillance. Water Manipulation (<-Her actual power but uses it as a trump card) Other abilities WIRE/ THREAD MANIPULATION  User can shape and manipulate wires, usually pliable metallic strands or rods made in many lengths and diameters, sometimes clad and often electrically insulated, and used chiefly for structural support or to conduct electricity. Her blood is usually mixed into the wires so she can taint her targets much quicker. She can Bind, Cut, Slice, Rip, Throw, Wrap, Swing, Stitch, and use for Puppetry. Master Niten Ichi-ryลซ  (twin sword/dual wield style)Master Fencer (Foil, Épée, Sabre)Enhanced Durability and Reflexes Injury Immunity (she can't feel any pain)Human elasticity (she is very flexible and she is triple jointed)Telekinesis resistances (her mind is filled with such horrific memories and with Schizophrenia it's hard to even break through)WEAPON OF CHOICEA Kadaj Nuibari (a giant sewing needle sword that splits into two.)She also has a giant spool of Tungsten wire that rest upon her lower back that are connected to her needle swords. 

แต€สฐแต‰ Diamond Standard

04/06/2020 08:33 PM 

RP Bucket List

The Bucket List is a collection of RP ideas I would like to do. Body Swap: Through reasons unknown--or rather TBD--bodies are swapped, Emma in your character's body and vice versa. Foreign body, foreign powers (or the absence of), etc. Time Travel: Travel back (or forward) in time, Ancient Rome (ancient anything, really), the roaring 20s, a generation into the future, etc. Dystonian AU: DOFP, Thunderdome, some sort of variation there of; just gritty and violent with an lack of technology, electricity, running water, and the sort. Lesser Known X-Villains/Plots Left Unfinished: U-Men, Neos, MLF, Sublime; remember in UCX (Quarantine story arc, #500-ish) with the mutant power inhaler? Alternate Universe: HOM, DOFP, some original variation from the traditional characterization. The Brood: The poorly concealed plagiarized Marvel version of Xenomorphs, just roll with it. Fairy Tales: In an early issue of UCX, Kitty tells young Illyana a fairy tale version of the Dark Phoenix Saga, but with a happy ending. The Blackbird is a dragon, Xavier is a sorcerer on a flying carpet, etc. That sort of thing. An AvX that doesn't suck: Some of both parties get Phoenix powers and thus the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' isn't so clear? Can you see Captain Phoenix or Iron Phoenix? Xavier doesn't magically have psi-blades? No dreadful mischaracterization of the Phoenix Force. >__> And, forever, f*** Scarlet "No More Mutants" Bit--opps, Witch. Holiday Themed SL: Whether something spooky this way comes for Halloween or a bachelor/bacherlorette auction for Valentine's Day, just something centered around a special time of year. Astral Plain: Some sort of combat, rescue, telepathic healing session, just something that takes our characters into the astral plain. If the thought of that seems a little intimidating, how about some dream walking? Run For Your Life!: Does 'The Most Dangerous Game' sound familiar? Variation to the theme would be something gladiatorial in nature. School Field Trip: As you might guess, some students of the Xavier Institute go on a field trip. And, naturally, chaos ensues.

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