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06/15/2019 10:12 PM 

About Me.

1.) What is something you will /never/ do again? I will never go to a bar by myself again. It didn’t end very well and I would never put Myself through that again or in a situation like that.2.) What are you most insecure about? Being pregnant and knowing that the babies came from someone who raped me. It’s one of the biggest things that I’m insecure about in my life.3.) What’s something you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t gotten around to it?: Sky diving. I really want to try it but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I hope one day I will though.4.) What do you spend the most time thinking about? How I can make my son happy and what I can do to make sure everything is good for him and for my husband.5.) Who’s your go-to band/artist when you can’t decide on something to listen to? Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. I love them both so much.6.) What’s the title of the current chapter of your life? A day in the life of a mom. I think that pretty much sums it up right there.7.) What song or artist do you like but rarely admit to liking? I like a lot of Justin Bieber’s music but I don’t like him as a person. So I rarely admit to liking his music.8.) What personality trait do you value most and which do you dislike the most? I like kind honest people but I dislike people who lie and who are mean and sinister.9.) What would be some of the most annoying things about having yourself as a roommate? The fact that I talk a lot in my sleep and I stay up way too much.10.) If you could make one rule that everyone had to follow, what rule would you make? Always talk to people no matter what. Never ignore anyone because that’s not cool.11.) Are your deadlines and owes list up to date? 12.) What is your last owes list updated date? (Hint: Should be today's date)

Vєηgєƒυℓ 𝔉Ɩσωєя

06/15/2019 07:21 PM 



Dark 🕷 Law.

06/15/2019 06:49 PM 

Gwen's template test.

Gwen Zilla Sleeping on the job again.. 12:25PM Sept 23th, 2018 Funny thing about being a mortal among gods, you’re always worried when they’re going to use that godly power of theirs to remind you of just how little you mean. Well try being a spider among gods, worried when their going to use that godly power to squash you. It’s easy for them, you know? Not saying everyone is as malevolent as the next--after all I know a few who have proven themselves more times than i’ve have a New York style pizza that didn’t drip with grease. Trust’s scarce. Thing is, what can that kind of effect spark in mortals should they turn against us? Would we try and rise against them? Shun them--turn them away from our world and judge them all based on the merit of a few. Maybe they would view us the same, mortals being to weak and nothing but play things for their personal enjoyment. Up until today, I never questioned these things..hell, I never had a reason. But then I decided to trust a god of mischief... Prospect Park, New York City - Asgardian Hog Hunting Site: The city never seemed more in unison than it had in this very moment. Men, Women, Children and even those of unspecified origin all gathered together to celebrate a tradition that Asgard had carried out for centuries. The Hog Hunting Festival. Usually a sport for the warriors of Asgard, hunting a wild prized boar that would later be the feast of the evening. However with the fall of Asgard, Thor and many of the New Asgardians had yet to celebrate the festival. Thor was in the process of creating his New Asgardia, but with it approaching had no time to properly procure a location-- nor the boars, to hold the festival. Luckily Midgard was full of them, and with Tony’s blessing and even funding the festival was now a welcomed event for the citizens to enjoy. Jake had arrived in costume--choosing to be cautious rather than take the risk of Loki somehow causing trouble. During the planning it was explained that Strange had pardon Loki and Thor was to keep a strong and mindful eye of his half brother. The other Avengers adding to the reassurance process by announcing their participation as well as role as addition security; Babysitter’s really, but in that moment Jake decided to simply let them humor the Trickster god. Despite these reassurances his gut was telling him something was wrong. Keeping his eye on Loki as he interacted with Thor from a distance. But he didn’t want to let his paranoia also ruin the experience for him-- the young hero surprisingly falling into the festivities rather quickly. “Spider-Man!!! Look Mommy!” The loud ecstatic outburst of a child at the sight of the arachnid drew the attention of many fans and other children alike. During this time he had lost sight of the Trickster god, so distracted taking selfies and doing tricks to entertain the crowd while the festival was finishing up that he was unaware of the danger that was coming for the citizens by way of Loki’s antics. Jake managed to shake the crowd after showing off a bit more-- the event close to beginning and he was starting to grow hungry--knowing if he didn’t hurry the first round of food would be gone. He arrived to the sight of a small girl taking the bite of the last hot dog in front of him, the young hero slightly hunched in disappointment as the child ran off to join her mother and friends out in the park. Jake grumbled as he suddenly heard a familiar tone creep up to him, Loki, approaching him with what looked to be a freshly made hot dog in his hand. Jake skeptically raised a brow, though one wouldn’t be able to tell through his mask. Folding his arms to his chest the lenses of his mask let out a soft mechanical “Whirr” as his gaze was narrowed at the food he offered. “You saved me one? ...Huh? Call me crazy--and believe me, it’s been done, but, you hate me. Why would you go out of your way t--,” His words cut short by Thor’s arrival, expressing his joy at his brother attempted trust building. Jake gave a wry smile, chuckling a bit as he looked back at the man before him with an almost aggressive gaze. The things he’s done, people he’s killed, hurt, enslaved and even tormented with what he considers amusement. One could understand his reluctance. But as the two spoke before him, he honestly believed for a brief moment that there may have been hope for the trickster afterall. Jake stepped forward as well, gracious taking the hotdog from the man's hand in the most polite manner he could muster--his mother’s temperament and genetics screaming for him to venom blast him into the nearest wall, but, with a forced smile and a deep sigh the young man raised his mask just a bit. “Ah, what the heck. I am starving and seeing as you did save it for me, how can I refuse!” He exclaimed, much to both the gods delights. It was at the moment when the hunting horn had been sounded, Thor’s face lighting up with excitement as he raised started for the forest area of the park to announce the start of the hunt. “Not really in a hurry to wrangle up a bunch of pigs anyway so, might well enjoy this,” his tongue ran across his lower lip to clear the slight pool of slive forming at the corner of his mouth, his mandible extended wide, events playing as if they were in slow motion as he took that first bite. It all happened in a flash, the hot dog soon hitting the ground as Jake’s eyes grew wide, a green cloud of smoke circling him as the world around him began to grow small. “W-What’s happening to me!” He exclaimed, the small cloud dispersing to reveal the young arachnid based hero had gained a different affinity. He gave a few blinks, snout twitching as he tried to breath normally, the sound catching him off guard as he let out a rather loud squeal--intending to scream but his vocal cords had been altered by Loki’s magic. “What the *SQUEAL*!!!”, He huffed. His body the stature an size of a pig, though he retained a few human like traits--standing on two cloven hooves, posture straight, and he seemed to have kept his fingers. However what he retained in humanity was lost to his newfound boarish attributes, a curly pig tail protruded from his back side--wiggling with discomfort with each feature he began to notice. Hands reaching up to feel a pair of hog like ears, slightly drooping and admittedly a lot of fun to play with. His nose outstretched into a snout, heavy snorts and light squealing escaping him with each panic breath. He stared down at the hot dog, fist clenched as he heard the sudden laughter of the god come from behind him. “Loki... You did this *squeal* didn’t you!,” He ran toward him swiftly, however he stopped himself, spider sense seemingly still intact as he noticed a rather hefty looking axe crash into the concrete that stood between him and Loki. The crack the impact form stretching toward the young swine hero, falling back on his newly tail catching himself with the palm of his hands as he looked upwards--reminded of the festival that was taking place before him. The Hog Hunt, and it just so happened he picked the wrong attire for the occasion. Before him stood a slew of New Asgardias finest warriors and Valkyries, a couple of the Avenger’s moster dangerous sharpshooters in Natasha and Clint and the one who posed the biggest threat, a booming green giant who cracked his knuckles and drew closer. “Heh, Hulk call dibs on the Spider-Pig first! Hulk show everyone how to smash prize pig!!” The behemoth exclaimed, roaring as he made a B-line straight for Jake. “I-I thought this was a hog hunt, not Groundhogs day!” He braced himself for the worse, body frozen in fear as the Hulk charged toward him, hoping for a miracle to happen, but, as the green giant drew closer it seemed as if all hope was lost for the young pig-man. That is, until he hears a rather loud crack of thunder.. linklinklinklink

The Captain Cold

06/15/2019 05:45 PM 

This should be adressed.

If you are either sexist or homophobic, and you use your "I'm in character" excuses to bully people for no reasons, other than to show how stupid you are,do not continue, because you are missing the point of roleplaying,roleplaying is about a collaboration on a story, where two RPers discuss the events of the RP or brainstorm it,but since when bullying have to with roleplaying? do you feel superior? you may be inferior.. if you hate someone, you can easily leave them be, if you don't want someone, you can block them,addressing this because many here can be very stupid and unable to leave people alone, just because they need to start a fight for no reasons.This is also the LGBT month, if you are bothered by that, stop bothering anyone that play a character who is not straight, then again, if you are homophobic, i suggest anyone to stay away and do themselves a favor, minding their business and stop being a bunch of idiots, believe me, your in-character nonsense will not help you to not taking responsibilities about your acts and speech.


06/15/2019 04:19 PM 

Getting to know me

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