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Liam Walker

03/31/2020 05:55 PM 

Poor, Liam.

[1] Missing Shirt Tonight was going to be a night that nobody would ever forget, especially Liam. What you are about to embark on is the worse night of Liam Walker's life and it all begins at his residence in Anaheim, California. The plan was simple enough. Liam and a few of his buddies ; Elias, Haisley, Sawyer, Eva, Liv etc, all decided to meet up at the local pub, only a few miles away from his apartment. The time of day was early evening and Liam was just about ready to head out. He had done all of his daily hygiene, showered, brushed his teeth, did up his hair real nice — all he needed to do now was to select an outfit for the outing. And he had just the one in mind. His glittered turtle button up shirt, a favorite of his. Now half-dressed, Liam skipped into his room and headed straight for his walk-in closet where the top should be located. His eyes scanned up and down through the various pieces of clothing but the glittery top seemed to not be there. Huh? Liam said to himself as his eyes checked again. It had to be here. Where else would it be. He pushed his fingers through his ginger hair as he leaned his body back, so he could see into the dirty laundry hamper he kept by his nightstand, but it didn't appear to be laying there either. This was his favorite shirt. Half because of the shirt itself and half because his now deceased mother, Cherry Walker, thought it looked amazing on him. He had a special connection to the material and if he had somehow lost it or thrown it away by accident, he would be heartbroken.[1A] "No no no, it can't be missing." Liam called out as he now ran out from the walk-in closet, kneeling next to the teal plastic hamper. His hands moved each piece of clothing around angrily as he tried to find the desired shirt. But it was no use, the turtle attire wasn't there. And it wasn't in his closet either. A look of defeat crossed over his face as he realized that it was probably gone and at the hands of himself. He wanted to let his emotions take over at the loss of the item, but time was ticking and his friends and guy he was seeing were waiting on him. He had to pick out something else to wear and worry about the disappearance of the beloved shirt another time. Liam lifted himself from the floor and unhappily walked back into his walk-in closet. There he selected a new outfit, one he wore quite often, a thin red jumper, faded blue jeans and a pair of Nike Airs. After a few minutes of getting dressed and grabbing a few last minute things such as his keys, wallet and phone, he headed out for the evening. Truth be told, he should have just stayed in.(  Liam's Outfit  )   [2] Declined As Liam walked out of his apartment and towards his powder blue Mini Cooper, he tried to push the idea that his favorite shirt was gone out of his mind. He couldn't let that one thing ruin his night. Spoiler Alert: so many other things would ruin his night tonight, that by the end of it, a missing shirt would feel like a saving grace. Pushing the shirt to the very back of his mind, Liam hopped in his car and descended to the streets of Anaheim, in the direction of the pub. He was excited to see everyone come together for a night. All of them had been working so hard lately and the scare of COVID-19 made it hard to get everyone in one place. Thankfully, the area in which they were meeting wasn't a high traffic area, so they all felt comfortable meeting up. Only a few miles from the pub now, Liam realized that he was running a little low on gas. Most gas stations were still open and operating as it served as a needed business for drivers. While driving on one of the main roads, Liam noticed a 7-11 from the corner of his vision and decided to pull in to fill his tank.[2A] Liam parked his Mini Cooper at marker #2. He grabbed his keys, wallet, and phone and locked the vehicle after exiting it. He made his way into the shop and thought it might be a good idea to grab some water. Although the pub would have water, since he was already here, mind as well grab it at a cheaper retail price. Liam made his way to the back coolers and grabbed two tall bottles of water. There were a few other customers walking around slowly in close distance to him. As he carried the two bottles to the front counter, he made sure to keep at least a six-foot distance between him and the other patrons. Once the person in front of him was finished, he sat down the bottles on the counter and made small talk with the cashier. "Hey mate, $20 on pump #2 and these bottles, please." Liam said as he waited for the attendant to ring up the order. "$23.50." They responded in a dead tone. Liam nodded as he pulled the plastic card from his wallet and gave it a swipe on the miniature black card reader. "Declined." The cashier sighed out in a monotone voice. Declined? What? "Are you sure? This card should be fine!" Liam said back with sorrow and light hints of anger in his voice. The cashier voided the transaction and re-rung the items and gas in an attempt for Liam to try it again. Once more, Liam swiped his pale blue debit card through and once again the screen read declined. "Sorry dude, uh your card is empty or stolen, or something." The cashier said back lacking remorse, tapping their finger against the counter in annoyance. [2B] At this point, Liam was at a loss and all he wanted to do was to put his head between his fingers and scream. He shoved his plastic card back into the brown leather wallet as he was about to terminate the whole thing. He knew he had other means of payment, but that card should be just fine. It's the account he used for his direct deposits from Knott's Berry and Aurora. As Liam went to pull out another debit card to try, a patron behind him slipped forward a $50 note. The cashier annoyingly took the money and gave the change back to the male standing behind Liam. Rather than over-explain himself that he was going to try another debit card, Liam grabbed his water bottles with sorrow and thanked the guy. "T-Thanks man, I don't know what's going on with my card." Liam said woefully. "It happens, all good." The male responded. As Liam left the shop he gave a half-smiled grin to the male and thanked him once more before exiting. First, my favorite shirt and now my main debit card has been hacked, please nothing else. Liam whispered to himself as he finished pumping the gas into his tank. He closed the cap and re-entered his car, itching to get over to the pub where things might take a turn for the better. Spoiler Alert: they wouldn't.[3] Spilled Beer After a few more moments of driving, Liam had finally arrived at the pub — Paddy's Pub, a local favorite of everyone's. The drinks were pretty cheap and the bar itself was kept up very nicely. Liam didn't intend on telling his friends about the shirt or the faulty card, he didn't want to bring down anyone's mood. He was intent on turning the night around and still having an amazing time with his close friends. And honestly, after the events of the last hour, nobody deserved a frosty cold beer more than Liam did. He parked his car nearby and headed through the doors of the pub. He said his casual hellos to the owner and bar staff as he entered, soon spotting his friends nearby who had already started drinking. "Looks like I've got some catching up to do." Liam said with a chuckle as he waved over his favorite waitress, Molly. "Hey Molls, 2 pitchers on my tab please, mate!" Liam chimed as he got himself comfortable at the table, resting his phone and keys on the wooden furniture. [3A] It didn't take long at all for the pitchers to be prepared. It was a pretty easy order on Liam's part. However, Molly had become too busy to deliver them as the pub started to get more crowded with customers. Because of the stress of the bar, Molly handed Liam's order off to one of the new guys. Who has never done a drink order before, thanks Molly. Liam happened to peer back just briefly to see a male he didn't recognize working on the pitchers. Liam didn't know everyone who worked at the pub, so he didn't pay it much mind. If anything he was excited that his pitchers were almost done. As Haisley and Liam were rehashing a recent outing they had together at a campfire party at Sawyer's house, the new guy was walking towards their tables. A wide smile plastered onto Liam's lips at the sight of the elegant yellow-tinted substance that filled the pitchers to the brim. "JAKE!" The manager called from behind the bar. This call startled the new employee and caused him to jump, sending the pitchers flying in the air, landing guessed it, my lap. As much as someone possibly could, Liam kept his composure as he found himself soaked in the alcohol-infused liquid.[3B] Liam took a few deep breaths before standing up from his table. He exhaled sharply as Molly rushed to his side with some clean rags and napkins. "I-I'm so sorry, Liam." She apologizes on behalf of Jake. "It's alright Molls, just have someone refill the some shots and I'll try to settle this in the bathroom." Liam let out as he took one of the clean rags and headed towards the back of the pub, where the men's lou was located. Shaking his head in defeat, Liam did his best to get the scent of beer off of his jumper but it was to no avail. No matter how much he drank today, he was going to reek of the smell until he washed his jumper again. At this point with the clothing, Liam has done all that he can and decides to give up on the attempt to clean the thin layered jacket. He tossed the dirty rag in the dirty rag bin located next to the door and exited the bathroom. Still, on the optimistic side of things, Liam forced a grin on his lips as he headed back to his table of friends.   [4] Bloody Nose As Liam made his way back to the drinking table, his enthusiasm lost, he saw an array of drinks presented before him. "Molly hooked us up!" One of the friends yelped as he took one of the glasses between his fingers. A small but genuine growing smile rose back on Liam's lips as he took a seat in front of the libations. He let out a gentle pleasurable sigh as he took one of the cups into his hands and made a toast around the table. "Let's enjoy tonight!" Liam cheered as he downed the glass fully, letting the warm liquid rush down his throat. Before him, the following drinks were laid out ; several shots of Tequila, 3 glasses of rum & coke (Liam's favorite), 3 fresh pitchers of the bars finest beer, several shots of absolute vodka, a 1-liter bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey paired with 2 pitchers of Cola-Cola. As Liam's eyes took in the magnificent sight of booze, he felt a presence behind him. It was Molly. She laid her face down towards Liam's ear in a hushed tone. "Your tab begins after anything else is ordered, all of this is on Paddy's, enjoy champ."   [4A] The next hour was a blurred vision of clanking cups and somewhat spilled liquor between friends. Their laughter couldn't be heard over the music and loud voices that echoed throughout the bar, but needless to say, Liam and his friends were enjoying themselves. Everyone knew that the rum & cokes were made special for Liam and saved those for him. He reached forward and downed each glass, one after the other. With not much space of time in between. His face caved in slightly as if he was eating a sour patch kid gummy. The rum used in Liam's rum & cokes was Bicardi 151, one of the strongest rum's currently on the market. And the pure vodka, well, that was Everclear 190 Proof and one of Liam's friends didn't know the unspoken rule of Everclear vodka, never take a shot of it, always mix. As one of Liam's friend's eyes darted on the clear shot glass, he gripped it between his anxious fingers, ready to flip the glass upward towards his lips. "Wait!" Liam shouted out. "You need to mix that or it'll burn like hell." - "I'll be fine, it's just vodka." Molly couldn't help but cross her arms and watch in entertainment from afar at the know-it-all friend. Liam gritted his teeth as he watched his friend take the shot and instantly fall back on his chair, hitting the wooden floor hard. Molly stooped down next to the male with a plastic bottle of refrigerated orange juice in her hand. "Next time, if someone says mix it, MIX IT, BUCKO." She grimaced in pleasure as she rested the bottle on his chest before walking away. Liam and his other friends couldn't help but snicker at his defeat.[4B] Another hour or so went by in the bar and the team was running low on drinks, however, they still had most of the bottle of Jack Daniels sitting at their table. Liam stumbled his way up to a bartender to start another round of shots and added an extra bottle of Jack to his tab. As he waited with anticipation for everything to be presented he could hear yelling coming from his table. He recognized the female voices hollering in a somewhat angry tone. Liam furrowed his eyebrow at the noise as he grabbed the tray of goodies and brought them back to his table where a group of unknown guys were now holding their old bottle of Jack Daniels. "Um, the f*** mate?" Liam shouted as he put down the tray and stepped into the main guy's optics. "Come on man, you guys have so much stuff and we can barely afford a pitcher, you wouldn't mind donating this Whiskey to people in more of need of it, would ya." The guy scowled as his fingers gripped the top of the Whiskey bottle. "So your idea was just to steal the Whiskey from us? It isn't yours to take." Liam shouted back, standing more upright in front of the guy. "Go back to your loose girls and leave us the f*** alone." A comment that Liam would regret. For one, he would never say something like this, even in a fight, but he was heavily intoxicated and irritated that a stray guy tried to steal alcohol that was gifted to him by a friend. And two, he was about to get punched in the face. This statement struck high levels of violence in the male. He shoved the Whiskey into his friend's hand as he closed his fist and went full strength and punched Liam directly on the bridge of his nose, almost destroying it. Liam fell backward onto the table, causing it to collapse, sending Liam straight to the floor. The liquor spilled in every direction and the cups shattered around Liam's body. His nose leaked of ruby red blood as he laid lifeless on the ground, the broken table and drinks surrounding him.[5] Cop As soon as the crash happened, Molly's attention was grabbed from the back of the bar, she rushed over and found Liam's lifeless body with mass amounts of blood dripping from his nose. "Sh*t." She whimpered as she helped Liam get back on his feet and into a new chair. Over the next several minutes, Molly and all of Liam's friends helped clean him up and soon he was awake and conscious once more. "Sh*t Li, I love you but if the manager finds out this happened, I'm dead, you guys have to go!" Molly said frantically as she began to pick up the large shards of glass, throwing them away in a nearby trashcan. Meanwhile, Mr. PunchyA**holeGuy had since disappeared with Liam's old bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey, for anyone who really cared about what happened to him. Liam nodded as he finally stood up to his feet and collected his wallet and keys from the ground, shoving them in his jean pocket. "I'm sorry Molly." Liam let out in a half-sentence half-blech as he was still very drunk. "It's fine Li, just get out of here, everyone!" Molly urged as she continued to clean around the group. As Liam and his friends slowly started to exit Paddy's, some of them jumped in their cars and raced down the streets of downtown Anaheim, while others, including Liam, continued on foot to try to find some more booze.[5A] It was pitch black outside so lights were very easy to see and there was no mistake what these lights were. Bright red and blue flashes disoriented Liam's vision as the siren of the police car pulled to the surface of the sidewalk where Liam was walking. F***. He thought to himself. He was far drunker than he should have been and the time had to be around 1 AM at this point, so nobody was supposed to be on the street anyways. There was no way he was getting out of this. Liam was going to get arrested. Once the police car was parked, Liam stopped dead in his tracks. The officer emerged from the car and approached the unsteady male. "Been drinking tonight?" The officer snapped as he shined his flashlight directly in Liam's face. "U-Uh, yes sir." Liam softly admitted as he knew his bloodshot eyes were a dead giveaway of that. With quick thinking, Liam added to the admission. "I knew I would be drinking a lot so I walked, my apartment is just up the road." Liam's anxiety exploded inside of him as he waited for the officer to respond. "Is that so?" He questioned. His eyes looked around to see no car in sight and gave Liam the pass that he was being truthful. "It's late and it isn't safe to be out right now, with the Coronavirus and the recent developments in the Landry case, we need residence's to say inside as much as possible." The officer scuffed as he lowered his flashlight away from Liam's face, turning it off and clipping it back on his belt. "I know, I've seen the stuff about Landry on the news, I promise, I'm heading home now." Liam responded in a calm, convincing tone. The officer nodded as he patted his shoulder. "I hope that you do." With that last comment, the officer returned to his patrol car and raced off down another desolate road. A sigh of relief escaped Liam as he pressed his hands on his knees. Maybe Liam should go home, hasn't tonight be awful enough? Before Liam could make that choice, his phone rang off. It was Haisley. [5B] "Liam?" - "Liam where are you?" Haisley drunkenly shouted into the speaker of her phone. "Dude, I just got f***ing stopped by a COP!" He shouted in relief as he continued down the shadowy sidewalk. "Where are YOU?" She chuckled. "Uh..." Liam hesitated, his eyes looking up at the barely legible street sign. "I'm on Crest Av." He finally responded. "We're all at a bar on Crest, look for Cheers. It's f***ing nuts here, gotta go, see you soon!" After giving Liam uncertain directions, Haisley hung up the call. Liam shoved the phone into his jean pocket and could see a bright yellow florescent sign in the distance that had a big 'C' on it. That had to be it. While rapidly walking down the rest of the sidewalk, Liam made his way all the way up to the neon sign. It was Cheers all right. This place didn't look like Paddy's. It looked more rundown and the type of place that would still function even after they weren't supposed to. On his way to the front door, he could see a group of teenagers, they couldn't of been any older than 15 years old, lighting up a huge blunt and proceeding to cough up a lung with each breath they took in. While cannabis is legal in California, it's still prohibited for teenagers and nobody at the bar seemed to give a flying crap that they were doing it.[6] Bar #2 Before entering the bar, Liam was going to try his luck and approached the teens. As random as it was, the group of boys were stoned so he figured it would make the whole thing easier. "Aye mate, listen, I'm drunk as hell and have had a sh*tty night, you mind if I take a toke?" Liam asked in a slight hope. All of the boys laughed and handed him the elongated dooby. "Cheers." Liam said as he took a few long hits off of the Backwoods and handed it back to one of the boys. "Needed that, thanks." He said once more before entering the bar. It wasn't long before he spotted Haisley, Elias and some of the others. "Hey, Bleedy." One of the males said jokingly as Liam took a seat. "Someone get me a god damn shot, please!" Liam whined as he rested his head on the wombly table. "YO SOMEONE GET MY BOY AN LSD SHOT!" His friend shouted. Liam swung his head upward. "I'm sorry, a ls-what?" Liam questioned. "LSD shots man, they dissolve LSD tablets into the Everclear shots, it's so underground man, you have to try it." - "Wait, is that a unicorn, I'll be right back man." Before his friend could explain any further, he had run off to chase a unicorn that obviously didn't exist. About a moment later an unattractive barmaid slammed down the LSD shot in front of Liam, the liquid slightly spilling out of the shot glass. Her features were very...strange. She had dirty blonde hair yet it looked like it hadn't been washed in at least a week and she was unnervingly tall. Almost like...a bird, but maybe that's the pot talking. "Here." She growled out. "If you see ravenous spiders, it's not our god damn fault." She warned. "BIRD HAVE YOU SEEN MY SHOTGUN?" A short greasy man heckled behind her. "Not I haven't seen your god damn shotgun, why would I have your freaking shotgun, I'm trying to serve everyone out here and nobody is helping, where the hell why would I even know." Her voice trailed off as she walked away to argue with the stubby male. Liam's eyes stared down at the glass. The colorized tab still floating at the surface of the tiny cup.[6A] Was I seeing this right? Did these people really run the bar? Liam asked himself. He had taken the shot about 20 minutes prior and felt that his trip was kicking in through his system as his eyes scanned around the pub. His friends were all off doing different things. Haisley was talking to a guy at the counter. He seemed pretty fit as if he worked out daily or at least, attempted to. He was wearing a homemade tank top, a shirt with the sleeves cut off it appeared. "No, my mac and cheese is the best, Mac's famous mac and cheese." Liam could hear the conversation in the distance but was too far gone to focus on it. Elias was chatting with the bird-like waitress who was attempting to tell him a joke. "But you have to wait for the punch line, it's not funny if you just ruin the joke, you have to wait if you just let me finish the joke." Liam chuckled to himself but stopped as his eyes landed on the strangest character of them all. A tall, pale-skinned male who actually looked normal. Someone he might even talk to at this point but something was off about him. He was standing behind the counter and his eyes were fixated on a female who was sitting alone. His finger trailed around the top edge of an empty glass as he whispered to himself ; the implication, the implication. Before Liam could try to grab one of his friends to get out of this strange trip he was having, the same greasy stubby male appeared with a shotgun. "I FOUND IT CHARLIE, I FOUND MY SHOTGUN, WAHHHHOOOOOOO." He shouted in glee. Another small male appeared along his side, he was also greasy in appearance, but not as much. He also had a face covered in a short unevenly trimmed beard. He was munching on a milk-soaked steak as the two conversed about the discovery of the first male's shotgun. Liam quickly pulled out some cash and put it on the table and quickly exited the bar, feeling too overwhelmed by the people who were running it. Although he didn't really talk to anyone who owned the bar, it was an experience he wouldn't forget. As Liam reached outside, he found himself kneeling down against the sidewalk as he began to vomit, feeling much better afterwards. After letting out the giant hurl, he layed down on the cold concrete. Liam began to think, I miss my car.[7] Where's My Car? Liam stood up back to his feet, feeling much better after having himself a nice little puking session on the side of the road ; still very wasted however from the booze, drugs and now, acid-infused beverage. He decided that he was going to try to find his car, maybe listen to some classic rock on the radio before heading home. Liam toppled along the long road back towards the first pub. The walk wasn't long but in Liam's state of mind, he accidentally took the long way to get back instead of using the main road that he first took from when he got stopped by the cop. This back road was deserted, black and littered with timber trees. He could barely see where he was walking as he floundered along the private trail. Hazy rustling noises began to emerge from the forested area. This made Liam pick up his pace. As the noises grew, Liam's anxiety gripped and he started to sprint down the dark road. Now running at full might, Liam stopped abruptly to catch his breath. As he did, he exhaled in relief as he saw his powder blue Mini Cooper just a few feet away from him.[7A] I have never been so happy to see my car before. I've lost my favorite shirt, had my credit info stolen, got beer spilled on me, been punched in the face, got scared by a cop, been at a bar with complete nut jobs and now have freaking puked. As I said, I have never been so happy to see my car before. With all of his will power, Liam tried to push the events of the night out of his mind as he walked towards his car. Excited for the first time in hours. He unlocked his car with his key chain and slid into his vehicle, just resting there for a few minutes on the driver's side. Taking in the familiar scent of the interior which helped with his anxiety greatly. Before Liam could turn on the radio, his cell phone rang. NO! His mind screamed but he knew he would answer it. Liam groaned as he dug into his jeans and pulled out his cell phone answering it with a brash voice. "Hello!" He called out. "Heeeeey it's Haiiiiissssleey. Come over! We're still gooooing." Liam kicked his feet against the dashboard and banged his head against his steering wheel. "Be right there, honeybun!" Click. He hung up the phone and threw it on the passenger side, regrettably, turning on his car and heading towards Haisley's apartment.[8] Haisley Before getting back on the main road, Liam reached over to the passenger side and put his cell phone on his dash connecter. He opened up the Maps application and set the route for Haisley's apartment. He felt he was about half way there when something strange happened. The app began to glitch. At this point, Liam wasn't sure if it was his mind playing tricks on him or if the app was really crashing. Make a right turn. Liam ignored the thought and made the turn. Make a right turn. Liam did. In a quarter of a mile, make another right turn. Liam's breathing got shallow as he turned down an isolated trail. He knew this trail, he had just been here. This wasn't right, this wasn't the right way. He floored his foot on the gas but the road didn't end. It just kept going. The brush felt like it was closing in on him as the space in front of him appeared to get more ominous and more corrupt. All he could see was a small distance in front of him of a dirt path and thousands upon thousands of timber trees.[9] Wrong Turn The feeling of something being wrong showered over Liam as he continued to drive. The sky was pitch black and the only light source he had was from his brights. He was about to fiddle with his phone to try to find another route, but it was dead now and he didn't have a charging cable with him. Awesome. Before Liam could get too upset about his charger, something in his rear view mirror impaired him, it was another car. And it was racing at him. The more Liam drove, the faster the car behind him became. The vehicle behind him honked loudly as it gained more speed on the Mini Cooper. "LEAVE ME ALONE." Liam cried out. His anxiety turned to fear which turned to tears shredding down his cheeks. Mixed with his substance abuse of the night and the fear that this car was out to hurt him, Liam let out the loudest cry he possibly could. "LEAVE ME THE F*** ALONE PLEASE." He cried out again as he swerved the Mini Cooper off the road. His heart racing as he laid his head on the dash, letting the salt absorbed tears run down his face. Liam would have sat in his car, crying his eyes out if it wasn't for the noise. The noise of a knife softly running down the glass of his window on his left side. The faint sound of the glass scuffing under the knife was enough to get Liam's attention. He was frozen in fear. His watery eyes met with the knife and then with the man holding it outside of his car — it was Landry. When the police officer warned Liam of the Landry case he was referring to Landry Jenkins, a deranged serial killer who had been killing and carjacking locals in the area. Landry pulled back and went to stab the knife into the tinted window. Before he could, Liam floored the gas in reaction and sped out of the path as quickly as he could.[10] Driveway It seemed like hours before Liam reached a road he was familiar with again. In reality, it was only about 10 minutes, but everything seems longer when you are fleeing for your life. "That's it, I'm done, I'm going home, for real" Liam said to himself as he finally got back on Crest Av. He jolted the gear shift and drove as quickly as he could back to his apartment. He didn't care if the officer stopped him or if anyone did. He didn't care if Haisley called again. Liam was over this night. All he wanted to do was to be back in his bed with his dog Comet. He wanted to be safe again. Driving in the middle of the night, stoned and drugged out of his mind with a killer on the loose was not his idea of safe. Not before long, Liam was in his neighborhood and exhaled a sigh of relief. He parked his car in his driveway and gathered all of his belongings, including his keys, wallet, and phone. Making sure he had everything, he exited the car. As he reached his door he was grabbed from behind, instantly dropping his phone, wallet, and keys on the ground under him. The mugger took the wallet and phone, leaving the keys, at least proving that it wasn't Landry. Liam wanted to fight but he was so defeated from the night that he just sat at his front door with his silver key chain placed by his foot. Liam slowly brought himself up, grabbing the keys from the floor. He unlocked his front door and immediately relocked it once getting inside. He plopped his body onto the couch with tears rushing down his face. Comet soon joined him, softly licking his face, sensing the sadness and emotional toll taken on his owner.[11] Alarm Clock Liam laid in his living room, not wanting to move for anything. He didn't want water, food or even cuddles at that point. He just wanted to lay there. He wanted this night to be over. As he rested with his running thoughts of the missing shirt, drugs, serial killer and driveway robbery, he forced himself into a deep sleep. He never moved to his bedroom where he usually slept. Liam stayed in the living room the entire night, all through the morning and didn't awaken until the following afternoon-early evening. As he woke up, he yawned greatly and lurched into the kitchen, where he poured himself a glass of water. As he shut the fridge door, the cup he had been holding shattered beneath his grip as his eyes fixated on his work schedule. He was supposed to be at work at 12 PM, it was now 6:30 PM. Because of the stress of the night before, he never slept in his bedroom, therefore he never set his alarm clock which usually woke him up. "Last night was officially, the worse night of my life." Liam finally openly admitted to himself as he had been thinking about it throughout the course of the evening. He planned on dealing with work the next time he was due. Today, at least the rest of today, he was going to work on getting his phone and wallet replaced.   

ᴍᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ᴏf ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴs

03/31/2020 04:01 PM 


Jadis laid back on the grassy hills that were just outside of Hogwarts, starting up at the sky as her three Dragons rested in the fields amongst the warm coals of the earth. She had just finished training with the Dragons before closing her eyes as she drifted off, thinking about the past and her life at Hogwarts.[ It was their fourth year at Hogwarts, Jadis walking briskly across the courtyard making her way to a group of laughing students. She could see her brother, Lucius in the Shadows while she stopped next to Lily Evans who was her best friend in Gryffindor. "They're at it again?" She asked and Lily looked at her nodding. "They just won't quit picking on him." She whispered. Jadis stared at her, hearing the pain in her voice before she walked up. "Expelliarmus!" She said as she she used the spell to knock the wand from none other then James Potters hands. The laughter seemed to die down before James and Sirius seemed to turn their anger on her. "Don't you ever learn Malfoy?" Sirius asked and Jadis just gave a smug smirk. "What? Learn that picking on others makes me feel good? Newsflash it's not kind to pick on someone! And the things you were saying about Severus was completely uncalled for, James! Severus is a talented Wizard and you know it!" She said James looked at her before looking over at Lily and back to her again. "You should've been in Slytherin. You don't belong in Gryffindor." He said before he turned and walked away, Sirius and Peter following behind him. She shook her head and walked over sitting next to Severus and Lily. "Are you alright Severus?" She asked. Severus, despite house differences, had been her best friend since she had met him as a first year along with Lily. It wasnt long before Lucius had emerged from the shadows, looking down at his younger twin. "I understand well enough why you did what you did Jadis but if word of this gets to thebHeadmaster and then Father....he's already in a terrible mood because you weren't sorted into Slytherin." He mumbled. Jadis could only roll her eyes. "It's not the name that makes the House it's the people in it, Lucius. Besides Severus is my friend you think I'm going to stand by and let him bully him? Besides you know I can't stand James Potter or Sirius Black! You and Severus both know damn well that those two locked me in with the Devils snare on the night of the Quidditch Match between Gryffindor and Slytherin." She mumbled. "But we can't prove it now can we?" Lucius asked and Jadis sighed. "No but-" she was cut off again by her brother. "I know Severus is your friend and that you care for him but you need to be careful. You're a Malfoy and being put in Gryffindor has caused a lot of commotion and gossip between houses." He said. This caused her to scoff. "So the importance of our houses is more important then our friends? I think not Lucius!" She argued. She looked over at Severus and Lily who had been watching them since Lucius had arrived. "Look I appreciate the concern but being picked on by my own house is no worse then being kicked out of my own home because Father...I mean Abraxas has issues with me being put in Gryffindor instead of our family's house. I don't need to be the popular kid. I've got you, Severus, and Lily. That's all I need. Besides I've learned to use Transfiguration on myself. I can turn into a Dragon now." She said with a smile before turning to look at the school. "I'll teach at this school one day. I'll teach care of Magical Creatures. You don't understand I don't need to impress somebody to be happy. What I have right now, and whatever my future holds for me....that's where I find happiness. You can't find happiness Lucius when you're living someone else's life. I'll grow and graduate from Hogwarts and become a teacher here. I'll find someone just like you found Narcissa. I'll have my own family and I'll make sure they treat other young witches and wizards equally. It's not all based around Your-know-who' and I'm going to prove it!" She said waving to Severus and Lily as she made her way to the Potions classroom. Lucius could only watch as his sister walked away before hearing a small chuckle from behind him. He turned and noticed Lily was laughing and Severus had a small smile on his face. "What is so funny?" A young Lucius asked in disbelief. Lily just shook her head. "She's stubborn. She reminds me a bit of you, Lucius." She said causing both her and Severus to laugh to themselves. "Oh please. She's more stubborn then a Hippogriff. She's never been the cunning type and she's never been one to lurk in the shadows....she's always getting into some sort of trouble. But nothing I can do about that. We'll just have to see how it all pans out." He said. ]The memory had ended and Jadis opened her eyes to the evening sun, a small smile on her face. That memory had been one that had stuck with her all these years. "Not much came from it though. Lucius is probably thinking 'I told you so' right about now...." she sighed. "Who was I kidding teaching care of magical creatures." She said reaching over to pet one of her dragons which happened to be Hydra. "I might not be teaching the subject but I am taking care of Dragons....close enough." She said starting at the sky. "Wonder if I could conjure up some more memories?" She said as she stood up, her Dragons following suit. "One day maybe." She chuckles before climbing onto Hydras back as they took to the sky, heading towards Hogwarts.


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Headcanons “I had learned early to assume something dark and lethal hidden at the heart of anything I loved. When I couldn't find it, I responded, bewildered and wary, in the only way I knew how: by planting it there myself.” 1. What does their bedroom look like? -Helena’s bedroom is minimalistic. Mostly monochromatic and dark, she spends such little time at home that her room is void of personal effects. Her entire apartment looks like a staged photo from a Modern Living magazine. 2. Do they have any daily rituals? -She showers several times a day in an attempt to wash away the incessant feeling that she’s done something wrong. 3. Do they exercise, and if so, what do they do? How often? -She runs every single day. She also frequents two gyms: One for sparring and one for lifting weights. She’s at each gym several times a week. 4. What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy? -She rarely cooks, if ever. She is a master of takeout. 5. Cleanliness habits (personal, workspace, etc.) -While in the process of working [in any capacity], she’s a disaster. Once she’s finished with what she’s doing, Helena always cleans up to leave the space tidy. 6. Eating habits and sample daily menu -Her absolute favorite food is French fries, and she will eat essentially anything you can find at a diner. She always has a box of Cheerios in the house, and generally avoids things that are too sweet. 7. Favorite way to waste time and feelings surrounding wasting time. -Time is not wasted if it’s spent doing something you want to be doing, however unproductive. With that said, she favors her wine and movie nights with the girls. 8. Favorite indulgence and feelings surrounding indulging. -She takes comfort in a nice glass of Cabernet and doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with having a few drinks. 9. Makeup? -Generally light unless there is a special occasion. On a daily basis she’ll mostly just wear some eyeliner. 10. Neuroses? Do they recognize them as such? -She pops painkillers to numb the oncoming aches and pains of vigilantism, but does not consider this to be a problem or an addiction. 11. Intellectual pursuits? -Currently attending Law school with intent to master the system with or without a cape. 12. Favorite book genre? -Mysteries. 13. Sexual Orientation? And, regardless of own orientation, thoughts on sexual orientation in general? -Though she is heterosexual, she is not above appreciating the beauty of a woman. She is open and accepting of all orientations. 14. Physical abnormalities? (Both visible and not, including injuries/disabilities, long-term illnesses, food-intolerances, etc.) -Many of her fingers are a bit crooked at the joints due to being broken so many times. Her jaw clicks from being dislocated. Her body is riddled with scars from cuts, bullet wounds, and burns. 15. Short term goal? -Literally just to make it to see tomorrow. 16. Long term goal? -Graduate from Law school, pass the Bar, and secure a position with the District Attorney. 17. Preferred mode of dress and rituals surrounding dress. - Black. She is most comfortable in jeans, a tank top, her leather jacket, and a pair of combat boots. 18. Favorite beverage? -Coffee. Black. 19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night? -Everything and anything. She sees so much during the day that sleep escapes her at night, unable to turn her brain off. She is constantly replaying her greatest victories and defeats to overanalyze what she could have done better. 20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them? -None, just countless injuries from being both a rambunctious child and one in vigorous training. 21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs? -Turn-ons: Anyone she thinks her father wouldn’t like. -Turn-offs: The safe choice. 22. Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen? 23. How organized are they? How does this organization/disorganization manifest in their everyday life? -Not especially organized, just neat. She’s easily able to find things when she needs them. 24. Is there one subject of study that they excel at? Or do they even care about intellectual pursuits at all? -In grade school, she was always particularly good in English and History. She’d always taken to learning from history and other people’s mistakes, so to speak. Currently, her biggest interest is in Law. 25.Where do they see themselves 5 years from today? -Hopefully alive, but beginning her daytime career. 26. Do they have any plans for the future? Any contingency plans if things don’t work out? -Failure has never been an option within the Wayne circle, so Helena has never considered any alternate life options for her future. Finishing her degree, starting her career, and continuing patrolling at night are the only things on her mind. 27. What is their biggest regret? -Most days, being born. 28. Who do they see as their best friend? -She considers Dinah Lance to be her best friend and favorite confidant. 29. Reaction to sudden extrapersonal disaster (eg The house is on fire! What do they do?) -Calm and collected. Quick to respond appropriately and rationally. 30. Reaction to sudden intrapersonal disaster (eg close family member suddenly dies) -An internal explosion of bottled feeling and emotional distancing. Comes out in the form of rage. 31. Most prized possession? -An old 16mm film camera purchased from a thrift store when she was a teenager. It was the first thing she ever bought with her own money that she earned herself, not Bruce’s. 32. Thoughts on material possessions in general? -Fleeting. Because they come so easily to her, most material objects have no real value to her. 33. Concept of home and family? -Despite moving out, Wayne Manor will always be home. Though family is a touchy subject, it doesn’t end with blood. The Batfam are all her siblings and she treats them as such. 34. Thoughts on privacy? (Are they a private person, or are they prone to ‘TMI’?) -Generally does not share a lot about herself. She prefers to keep things, especially ones close to her heart, private. 35. What activities do they enjoy, but consider to be a waste of time? -She is a lover of photography, but doesn’t believe she’s any good and therefore it’s seen as a hobby that won’t further her as a person. 36. What makes them feel guilty? -Having to take someone’s life. She’ll go over it repeatedly after the fact, asking herself if that measure was completely necessary or could have been avoided. 37. Are they more analytical or more emotional in their decision-making? -Definitely much more emotional. 38. Would they consider themselves a Type A or Type B personality? -Type A. 39. What recharges them when they’re feeling drained? -The company of her friends. 40. Would you say that they have a superiority-complex? Inferiority-complex? Neither? -She is definitely harboring insecure feelings and emotions that stem from an upbringing where she never felt she was good enough.She’s learned to cope with these feelings by being outwardly cocky and arrogant. 41. How misanthropic are they? -Generally dislikes people, but is still very much a social person and intentionally puts herself in situations that require talking to people. 42. Hobbies? -Photography, reading, and running. 43. How far did they get in formal education? What are their views on formal education vs self-education? -Currently in Law school. She highly values a formal education in balance with self-education to make a well rounded individual. 44. Religion? -Does not follow organized religion. 45. Superstitions or views on the occult? -She’s seen so many things most would have believed to only exist in movies and on tv, she takes these things very seriously and believes with her whole heart. 46. Do they express their thoughts through words or deeds? -She will always be more for the show than the tell. 47. If they were to fall in love, who (or what) is their ideal? -Someone who doesn’t judge her or hold her to any expectations. She’s been searching her whole life for someone that will just accept her for who she is at face value and nothing more. All she wants is to be “enough.” 48. How do they express love? -As a hero, she expresses love by taking care of someone. Whether that be a shoulder to cry on if needed, or taking a bullet for them. 49. If this person were to get into a fist fight, what is their fighting style like? -Formally trained and highly skilled, she has learned to use her background in agility and gymnastics to make up for her lack of size. 50. Is this person afraid of dying? Why or why not? -Not at all. She goes into every day expecting to end up in a situation where her life's in jeopardy and has readily accepted that she will die sooner rather than later.

Judy Hopps

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Judy Hopps

Hey there!!! The names Judy Hopps and well most of you don't know the but I'm a police officer for the ZPD. Yea I know!!! Bunnies can't be cops but I changed all that and I'm the top in my department. So let's get right to case shall we? If I catch any of so much as look at a crime I won't hesitate to arrest your butt..and maybe put you in a cell with a polar bear. I'm sure you two would be great friends. But I'm also looking for friends whether your part of the series or your mainly through Disney I can do both crossovers. I'm a multipara writer so I hope that's okay


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Thank you (@ChoaticNeutral)

         It's been so long.Drabble - Prompt for @ChaoticNeutral  “I wanna take you somewhere.That is if you trust me enough to get in my car.”The smirk on his lip’s made her question if she should trust him or not,after all he had caused trouble for her in the past.But something deep inside her said |trust|.So without a second thought too it,she got in his car.It seemed like they had been driving all day,and suddenly she saw the ‘Welcome to Miami,Florida’ sign.Her head turned to look at him,a facial expression of surprise and disbelief.”Really?” She said looking her eyes still fixated on him.She could see a smirk form on his lip’s as he kept his gaze at the road infront of them. “Just wait Agent.You will Thank me later.”Angel had went along with him,why she did,she was unable to figure it out.Many didn’t know that the two had a history with each other,nothing big,just a short lived alliance.Before Damon disappeared,the two worked together on a case a long time ago,after that he had just disappeared.She had no idea why he had brought her there,let alone what he wanted with her,or why he returned to New York.Damon Salvatore was known for his playboy ways,his trouble making tendencies.He brought her to the beach,a beach where the waves made the most beautiful art against the sand and the rocks.A beach where memories took her back to her childhood.“I forgot what it felt like to feel this free.” Angel held her shoes in her hand as the sand wiggled it’s way between her toes.The salty sea air was a delightful greeting,something that she missed.Being in Miami,that was all she smelt,she could wake up in the middle of the night and go to the balcony and watch the angry waves crash against the boulder’s.Damon couldn’t help the smile that tugged at the corner’s of his lip’s.”I thought you would need a little reminder of why you are still here.” He mentioned,his hands tucked securely in his pocket’s.One foot infront of the other,Angel made her way to the water.A rush of adrenaline was sent through her pulsing heart as the water touched her freshly painted toe.Her eye’s closed as her child hood memories began to rush her mind,the small little girl she was,the water baby who never wanted to leave the water.It helped her remember who she was.Her eye’s opened,but this time something was different.There was a light in her eye’s,hues glazed over with tear’s ready to form.She looked back over her shoulder and smiled.”Thank you.”She said in a soft sweet tone.Thank you for helping me remember. credit: Angel Milani

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