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08/18/2019 09:35 PM 

You've got a friend in me.

Thank You For Being A Friend.1. Ray LaMontagne- Let it be me. x2. Gavin DeGraw- Soldier. x3. Rachel Platten- Stand By You. 4. Chris Stapleton- Friendship x5. Bill Withers- Lean On Me x6. Rascal Flatts- My Wish. x7. Jessie J- Flashlight. x8. Lee Ann Womack- I Hope You Dance. x9. Rascal Flatts- I Won't Let Go. x10. The Tenors- Anchor Me. x


08/18/2019 10:18 PM 

Tiamat The Lizard King Bio

Name: Tiamat Eazim SahaliaGender: MaleHeight: 7' 11"Weight: 398 lbsAge: Unknown. Possibly several thousands of years old.Appearance: Tiamat is a large, male humanoid lizard with green scale with a yellow underbelly. He has three horns on the side of his elongated head with rows of spikes that start on his spine, ending at his tail and sharp claws on his hands and feet along with sharp fangs. Tiamat wears armor that covers his shoulders, wrists and shins along with a loincloth, leaving most of his muscular body bare; his hard skin protects him from most damage, so he doesn't need to be fully covered in armor, mainly using it for aesthetic reasons.Personality: Tiamat has a proud, arrogant, and brutal personality, and enjoys combat quite a lot. He is ruthless, cunning and somewhat megalomaniacal, desiring to rule over all the known world. He has a very dominant personality, giving him good leadership skills and confidence, but also a desire to be greater than his forefathers. The Lizard King also has a fondness for women, often bedding multiple of them on a somewhat regular basis, especially to celebrate victories; he has a large harem of women usually awaiting t be chosen by him to bed with.

lizard bio scales scalie


08/18/2019 09:54 PM 

Henrik mikaelson

It was just after he had been ripped apart, Henrik had spent a few days in death with the ancestors. Henrik had magic abilities and being the strongest link to one of the strongest witches around, his soul needed to be preserved and his life becoming more sacred. It was the brief encounter with Dahlia - the ancestors managed to weave another chance to Henrik Mikaelson. His soul was put in a new body, however cast with a spell for 800 years in order to really let him rest; a slumber to help him settle, letting his mind, soul and further his magic abilities rest. There was one deal however. He could live, as long as he didn't become the abomination of a vampire. It was a time where Freya had fallen to slumber with Dahlia that Henrik had awoken. He didn't have much memory of his previous death, the ancestors wiping that part of his life. They didn't want that to affect his full potential. He did remember his siblings however. And there was suddenly an urgency to find them. But, he had to take time to recover himself from his many years of slumber. There had been another witch that had come to him, being in line with Dahlia. He had grown stronger and begun to work on his magic, promised that when he became a true witch, he would be reunited with his family. So he grew more powerful, years taken to train. Eventually, he met Freya and Dahlia for the first time, quite strong though not as strong as Freya. He didn't care. He simply wanted to see everyone else. But Freya couldn't come. So, he was released, given a city, New Orleans. Now, he plans to live his life to the best, and live for his siblings.


08/18/2019 08:37 PM 

Zevah Rodriguez

One of 4 original wolves, Zevah is perhaps the most loyal when it comes to war. Where Zephyr may falter at times, and her sister perhaps question, she tends to find her life beside Mars, glorifying in the gift of immortal youth in being a lycanthrope. Zevah (name given by Mars as was done to her sister and Zephyr) was like any, normal royalty. Her twin sister, two minutes younger than herself, fell in love with the royal life. But Zevah hated it. Always living to what people wanted, being the perfect person, expected to be flawless and preserved. Most days, it made her sick. And the longer it grew, the more she detested who she was to become. Queen. Like all siblings, she was close to her sister, despite their battles at times. No matter What, family always came first. However she couldn't understand the blind loyalty that her sister had to what they wanted. There were times where she wanted to give up the position to her sister and just run away. One night, it got too much. The day before the coronation, she took a palace horse, and fled. It was There, in the middle of no Where, lost and hateful, she met Mars. Except she didn't know it to begin with. She just saw a man, who came from no where. It was There, she found her answer. He didn't need questions answered. He was a God. He knew. He offered a gift in return of loyalty, training to then fight wars alongside the God's. They would become pets, loyal, but rewarded none the less with immortality and with youth. She wanted it. But she only asked one thing. That her sister would be included. Because she didn't want to live without her. Mars had vowed to talk to her sister. And then finalised the conversation with a meeting place and time. The time of the coronation. She went home, for once, feeling peaceful. She would become what she chose. And she could live forever. She turned up the following day at the place instructed, deep within a forest, also seeing another boy, and soon after, her sister. Mars had kept his promise and whatever he had said to her sister, had persuaded her to stand there then. Mars had again, appeared. Zevah didn't remember what happened. Mars simply said a few words, and then her world went black. She woke hours later, her sister and the boy beside her. She couldn't remember what happened. But she felt so STRONG. Mars was waiting, watching. Zevah was called slowly, and she rose, walking for him."Change." It was a simple instruction. Yet it was like another life suddenly pulled through her. And within a few seconds, before the God of war, stood a black wolf, Zevah more amazed than anything. Mars gave them all new names, her sister Zyon, the boy, Zephyr and herself Zevah. From that moment on, the lycans formed a bond, trained with mars to control their wolf, link minds with the creature. Many years flowed, and true to their word, they fought and won battles, wars with the gods. And Zevah never turned back. She currently has moved from Germany, their living home for a few hundred years, back to New Orleans with her sister and Zephyr.


08/18/2019 08:31 PM 

Zephyr Omelio

Zephyr is one of the first Lycanthropes successfully changed from the gods. It was the gift of transforming from a man into a wolf. He was hand picked as well as two others to serve as "pets" to the gods, their hearts ones thay attracted the God's to give the Nobel gift. What followed, Immortality, and youth. Zephyr had been approached by Mars, the God of war explaining the basics. He be given the gift and he would come at call to fight with the God's in any warhe was beckoned to. Zephyr agreed immediately. He had had a very hard start to life, his family having left him, since he was not concieved purely due to his mothers deceit against his father. So any form of relationship between any true sibling was lost, as was his respect to his parents, and furthermore, most of his trust lost to humanity. So the gods became his friends. His family. Mars became his father. His current days are spent being with two others, also gifted like him by the gods. Zephyr has a soft spot to kids, a deep love to grip him to anyone less fortunate than him. He has a close bond to Mars, and had a love for Venus for a while. He can be flirtacious, however, he is very cautious as to not give the wrong impression if he isnt interested in someone.

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