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10/13/2019 03:30 PM 

Lost in transition~ A Shadow Hunter nomadic

"Why would you want to go there, Charlotte? What good memory could you have of that place?""And what are these memories you speak of? The ones blocked from my mind? And don't call me that, Loralei"-Sighs; "Alright, fine, Charlee...when are you going to realize it was for your own good, you couldn't have been able to handle...."-Slashing her fingertips  towards the witch, prisms of light escaped her fingertips, dropping the others tone like a mood ring gone array; "Handle what? My mother destroying herself? Setting my fathers club a blaze and locking herself inside? Killing herself over a broken heart? I deserved the truth"-Surrounded within a glow of colors, she forces herself out with a flick of her hand now irritated and previously unaware that she could manipulate her visual emotion like that' "It's not a memory she wanted you to have sweetheart, the spell was for your own good and the last  request of your mother before she handed you off to me.""But you kept me away from my sister and the rest of my family...and all she asked you to do was block any memory of my powers till I reached age 16, not her, not my father!  I lost all that time. Enough is enough, I'm not a child and I don't need you anymore. I'm going home""Home? This is your with me. The castle is the safest place for you. You have so much more to learn, you don't understand your powers""This was never my home Miss. Baisahn, -squints her eyes, pressing her temples from the strain of colors and emotions around her; And I am no longer your experiment. If you follow, you will be sorry. I'm discovering more about myself every day that you have no clue exists."-Backing away and feeling defeated, the witch slipped her hooded cloak back over her face, slowly stepping back into the shadows and thick morning fog. It was then she realized that Charlee had inherited much more than unusual genes from her parents. Stubbornness she was and naïve in so many ways and needing to find her own path the century old woman could not help her along.         Charlee had been in New Orleans for just 4 weeks after having spent the few months prior in Washington with her sister Emma and brother Jay. A much necessary first destination for Charlee to decompress and discover every single thing about herself that only the two could enlighten her about. But New Orleans, god it felt completely like home from the first step inside. Quickly thou, she had learned that later hours were much more tolerable to her condition.  She had become comfortably functioning with the visual rainbow surrounding her with every sound and word spoken in small doses, but in large groups she could almost feel the nerves in her mind go insane. Added in with every single felt emotion mixing within it, the young woman felt like a schizophrenic mess at times. It would be truly one thing to be able to work on mastering two forces, the discovery of other additional aspects inherited from her lineage only added a bigger burden upon her. But if she was truly as stubborn as the woman of her mother's side were said to be, there was no doubt she would master it in time     Once again she found herself  at the center of an empty lot. No remnants  that would resemble at all what had once stood there, nor was there evidence of the tragedy that had occurred. Strange tales from local Voodoo queens and  witch doctors spoke of a curse upon the ground. How every time one would try to build upon it, it would be a simple pile of rubble the next day. Some told of hearing faint cries and the haunting music played upon a piano within the midnight air. But when she stood atop the area, Charlee disappointingly heard neither, just the strong scent of cigars and whiskey as well as lavender and fireflies that would seemingly come out of nowhere to swirl about her frame. Little did the  young woman know now, but what she was experiencing brought her closer to the souls of her mother and father more than any cry or piano keys.       Street lights above danced with her quickly moving silhouette of Charlee, her pace eager to meet the cemetery gates for the night. St Louis Cemetery was not one bit morbid. It was beautiful full of statues of stones of which were monuments of love created for lost souls. She loved the texture and even distinctive scent of the surroundings. Most of all it was quiet and peaceful to her mind. To tell you though that she did not pick up on lingering energies of  past lives would be a lie. Surprisingly she felt as much comfort in the apparitions as they did within her. As she climbed and settled upon a stone bed, the young woman closed her eyes and exhaled deeply....but it was not long before she sensed another.     As angry or frustrated as she should've felt in that moment, his energy just deterred the thought completely out of her mind. By then she had slipped off of the cold grey slab and curved into the tall pillars and stone trees of the cemeteries maze. Swirling hues of gold green and blue rolled in a swirl like water colors upon a pallet as she felt him nearer, a shade of deep amber...almost fire color appeared within her vision, tracing his form perfectly in each step her took. Pulling his melancholy energy away from his soul she gasped slightly when it nearly felt like flames against her own chest when absorbing the energy.       She had not yet felt emotions mixed with color like that before, but it only made her more curious of the stranger. She quickly  flowed a calming energy like a bow from an arrow towards him, flicks of her fingertips swirling within the air of emotions to sooth the heat he seemed to naturally exude from his pores and replacing it with a cooling aura of bliss. It was then and only then that Charlee emerged from behind a large mausoleum and into his view. Cautious she was of course, but not afraid, keeping her vibes neutral and calm till she was satisfied he himself felt the same vibe. Her eyes now a bright hazel and a slight smile covering her lips, she tilted her head towards the male. "Feel better?" She asked simply.

General Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

10/13/2019 03:18 PM 

The Return of Hydra

After being hunted down by his biggest enemy and threat Captain America, Johann Schmidt or 'Red Skull' by his enemies, stumbled across a time portal that has sent him almost 60 years into the future.  Now that his biggest threat is no longer around, he dreamed of a Hydra Reborn.  After spending at least 3 months working and rebuilding his hidden base of operations, it would be only a matter of time until the world fears Hydra once again, but it will start by creating the perfect Super Soldier Schmidt has always wanted for a long time

Angel of chaos

10/13/2019 03:05 PM 


Name (& pronunciation): Rae Deluca Nickname- Raebow (liz) Date of Birth (& age):unknown look 21 Place of Birth: Puerto ricoGender:female Sexuality:straight Species/Racial Origin:vampire Physical Description Height:5’4 Weight:120lbs Hair:black Eyes: blue Detailed Physical Description: see pic Personality/Attitude:sassy sweet flirty Skills/Talents:singing Philosophy of Life: life it to the full Attitude Toward Death: not scared Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable: remembers being saved by the duchess Additional Notes: she fell for donovan when he was human. But the duchess saved him and kept him away from Rae making her hate her ‘mother’


10/13/2019 02:54 PM 


1.) Detail one secret shame that your muse feels. Blair's biggest shame is the baby she lost in high school to her then boyfriend. At the time it was the one thing she had control over. Knocked into trying to split up a fight, she lost the baby and any will to have another one for guilt of never having been able to follow through with raising her first.2.) What is your muse's idea of perfect happiness? A life without secrets. Blair is so embedded in her web of discrepancies that it ensconces her and is the only place she feels safe. To trust someone enough to tell her tale in it's entirety and not be judged for her past would release her of a lifetime of guilt.3.) If your muse saw someone drop a large sum of money and knew they could probably take it without getting caught, what would they do? Debatable, she doesn't need the cash. She'd probably keep it and give it to those close to her.4.) Is your muse a leader or a follower? Having grown up as a pawn in her father's power play game, she no longer likes to take orders. From anyone. That being said, everyone has a weakness and she would back down if a situation arose with someone she would need to.5.) What are a few common phrases that your muse says often? Where did they pick them up from? "Pardon?" Normally paired with a raised eyebrow, Blair uses this both humorously when teasing her friends into thinking she's pissed at them. And in business when her girls at Absinthe talk back to her, they learn their place pretty quick. Also a nod to her Ivy league education, Blair is immaculately spoken and her turn of phrase is often a huge tell into her upbringing. "Silly Rabbit." NOT, a term of endearment, Blair has a funny way of making people feel quite small, beneath her when needed. Came from her obsession with her pet bunny when younger. Twisted woman she is. "Honey bunny." Affectionate, lets people know she actually has a heart. Not too sure where she picked this up.6.) What makes your muse laugh out loud? Blair is a giggle monster. Actually quite sweet when caught laughing - a smile to light up a room; she thrives on inside jokes and slapstick. Take her to a comedy night and pass her a cocktail and she's anyone's.7.) How would your muse prefer to die? Probably through drowning. If she had to answer. The euphoria supposedly associated with this way of death draws her to it. She has once walked into the ocean on a trip to California and let it take her just after she murdered Aiden, guilt stricken. There was a peacefulness attached to this moment in her life and she remembers it viscerally. The ice chill of the water on her skin, her dress sticking to her body. The waves washing over her face and the silence under the surface aside from a few gurgling bubbles. However she stopped herself, realizing it could be the start of her life, she closed the book on this chapter of her life and moved out to Nevada.8.) Who is your muse's first true love? Blair fell in love with Aiden Robert Kent when she was 17. She knew her father hated him, as his men were on her dad's payroll, his minions for want of a better word. She was Upper East Side Ice Princess, him a Brooklyn reject with a sh*t upbringing. He melted her, protected her, showed her a life outside the confines of her penthouse. He was her life. Until her father fired his friends and he sold her out for $80K to get back at her dad. She killed him in the end and her dad covered it up - forcing her out of New York.9.) What are some outside influences on your muse? Could be a person, or not. The older she gets, the more she realises she is a direct product of her parents' manipulation and money. She has grown up materialistic and jaded, sharp tongued. But not spoiled. She knows how to earn a buck. Her heart is vulnerable, mind.10.) What is your muse's spirit animal? Why? A tiger. In the kingdom of spirit animals, the tiger places a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. The tiger spirit animal symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust yourself. By affinity with this spirit animal, Blair enjoys dealing with life matters by trusting her intuition and acting fast when needed. 11.) Do they like to be outdoors or indoors? Indoors/outdoors. A social butterfly, she's not too much of a fan of the great outdoors as it were. But she is not a home bird by any stretch. She likes to be 'out out', a burlesque dancer by trade she enjoys being at her club, rehearsing. Alcohol and cocaine a vice, you'll find her in anything a little upmarket with a champagne glass or pornstar martini in her hand.12.) Does your muse have any pet peeves? If so, what are they? Hearing people chew. Makes her stomach turn. ASMR, beyond her understanding - a world gone bonkers. Lies - a lie in her book is far different from a secret. Never betray her trust, you'll lose. 13.) Has anyone ever saved your muse's life? How? Aiden. Her father. The first, for having at least a soul and passing her the gun that equally saved her and ruined her as she killed him thinking he was her assailants. He had murdered them and protected her father against her better judgement. The second, for right or wrong; she's a daddy's girl. Complicated as that gets. She knows they adore each other, but their lives are too disjointed to fit that family dynamic. He let her go, the kindest thing he could've and covered up her mistakes. 14.) What is your muse's most frequently used password? penelope2009, her first pet bunny as a child and her father's birthday. Told ya' she could be sentimental.15.) What is your muse's favorite day of the week? Why? Sunday. She used to admit she'd kill for a quiet Sunday back in New York. Preferably rainy. Her time. She'd curl up with a blanket and binge watch old movies; Dirty Dancing is a guilty pleasure. No cold, or rain for her in the desert, but she still tries to designate it as a day for her to recoup.16.) What is your muse's zodiac sign and do you think it fits them? Blair is a Gemini, the twins. You could argue this fits her perfectly as she can be known to have dual personalities; her harsh self preserving side and the gooey middle she only lets a select few see. Bloody good fun though in either light. The life of the party as in the traits of a Gemini, she is also nosy. She likes to play her cards close to her chest in case she is dealt a dodgy hand by someone. She has been betrayed before, after all.17.) What would your muse do if they won the lottery? Neither here nor there for Blair, after living under her father's rule for so many years. She had earned her trust fund by more than half; in blood, sweat and tears. Literally. A smart investor and owner of her successful burlesque bar, she'd at least learned how to be a stellar business woman. Master of her own life, she's comfortable where she is and could leave for pastures fancier if she wanted. However, seen as she's finally settling in, albeit in the desert butthole of nowhere - she’d give to those around her. Loyal to the bone, she's working on building a new family and wouldn't see any of them struggle.18.) If your muse had to call one person for help, who would it be? Why? Probably, even now, her dear old dad; Nicholas Collins. He was still powerful and an old dog doesn't learn new tricks. He saved her future once and she knew in her gut he'd come running in a heart beat. He has too much pride to see his family in a scandal, despite his distance.19.) Who is their hero? Herself! Immensely proud of what she has built on her own merit. Blair never wanted to be reliant on anybody for her lifestyle. She has made her trust fund twice over and considers herself an island. She owes no one anything and enjoys playing HBIC when it comes to Absinthe. When the time is right, she'll let you in, but only when she's ready.20.) What is your muse's favorite holiday? Why? Christmas. The holiday was the one time in the year when her family absolutely had to spend time with her. The one point in the year when they could be a proper family. The New York snow, ice skating with her father at Central Park. Though she is now estranged from her family, the holiday season still gives her the warm fuzzies.

Be back soon

10/13/2019 02:41 PM 


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