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𝐁𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡

03/31/2020 11:48 PM 

"This is our Home." FT Everyone

  Always and Forever…...I watched as my family gathered around the large family table in the dining room; it brightly lit by the many candles placed around the room, The table covered in a white linen with the finest china set that money could buy. Soft jazz music from My dad’s favorite time period quietly filled the room, it was hard to hear over the chatter of my family. I would have thought that an awkward silence would have fallen over the group, it had been so long since they all sat in the same room, but it was like the last 8 years apart had never happened. Like they had been together all this time. You could hear everyone as they spoke, they all laughed as they reminisced on their thousand years of living, they went into intricate detail about every moment shared. I turned towards my Dad and the look of worry and concern had left his face, he had actually been laughing as Elijah retold a story about how Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah would prank their Dad when they were children, always hiding his sword, until he lost his mind searching for it and then placing it back for Esther to find, in the same spot he swore it was missing from. Elijah teased how Niklaus was always the one coming up with the ideas, then Rebekah interjected that he was also always the one to get in trouble for it too and that after a while of prank, their mom had joined in on the fun, cloaking the sword before Mikael found it, only to enjoy in a laugh with her children when her husband left for the day.I watched as my dad’s cheeks turned red from embarrassment, as he remembered being a kid and being a careless human and not some mastermind vampire, when he was just a child and the wild things he got into. His hand reached for mine and with the other he pointed towards Kol; who had Davina in his lap, saying that he was the original trickster, but as they got older Kol had been more devious and clever with his pranks. The rest of the room was eating it all up, enjoying their stories. I was happy to be a part of it, to have this moment. My eyes moved from my Dad’s and looked at my Mom who sat beside Rebekah, she smiling wide with the stem of a wine glass between her fingers, unable to picture Klaus being careless and Kol not chasing after a skirt. It was a life none of us knew before, but only they did. This was what I needed, this was what I fought for. To have my family back in one place, under the same roof just reliving childish memories. No threats of the Hollow, no threats of a super vampire coming to end them. Just a place that they could come back to and would always be their home. They deserved this, we all did. My eyes scanned the table, moving to Freya, Marcel, Rebekah, Elijah, Davina, Kol, My Parents, Jackson and some family from the Bayou that a silent Jackson and not so silent Hayley insisted on coming, Hayley’s Aunt Victoria and a close family friend Vivianne. Victoria, who helped raise me in the absence of my father and Vivianne, who partnered with Hayley and Jackson in bringing the wolves together. ”I brought some pie, I promise it’s not poisoned, I had it brought it from a small bakery in the Quarter” I could hear from the kitchen as Camille and Harlow came out together, Camille held the apple pies between her fingers and Harlow helped her by bringing the dessert plates and the forks. I expected the jokes and laughter to settle as Camille served everyone but they only continued, this time they were aimed at Rebekah and how bad of a cook she had been and how that was a trait she must have picked up from Esther, apparently she couldn’t cook either. I watched as Rebekah tossed a napkin at Elijah, Marcel promising to get her some cooking lessons.This was my family, this was my peace, and this was our Home. ft My Family    


03/31/2020 11:28 PM 

An unwanted reunion ft. Kennan Claire (npc)

A father and daughter should have a special bond... s h o u l d. 


*daddy issues,

03/31/2020 10:13 PM 


okay. I decided to move this to a blog and put it where everyone can see, so everyone can smile + laugh. disclaimer:all in good humor, nothings meant to be offensive or triggering. I just figured to post some stuff that was relatable, that was funny, or just a distraction. Everything's meant to make everyone laugh or chuckle since everyone seems to be having a bad day, week, month and life. I've been really reclusive and only doing status play and sleeping a lot (but somehow not at all?) the last few days. So I understand all too well. I just wanted to hopefully make at least one person laugh/smile. It's a sh*tty time for those who are working really hard. Those who've had their intimate spaces invaded by now being bombared with work during their home lives and those of us who've been laid off. I don't know about you guys but we now also have a curfew? Lol... Everything's proper sh*te. But here, enjoy a couple laughs. xoxo.edit: i also removed a lot of memes because I have a dark sense of humor and even though I put a disclaimer I don't want anyone to be butthurt over something that's supposed to be fun. GONNA START ON A REALLY POSITIVE NOTE. Y'all feel free to dump memes below. LITERALLY ALL OF US.


03/31/2020 07:59 PM 


Will update this as I go. :)

ᴅɪɢ ᴅᴜɢ

03/31/2020 07:29 PM 


Trigger warnings include: blood, abuse, violence, homophobia. “What is that?”  Billy tried to look innocent by feigning ignorance but he knew. The fear in his eyes said he knew and the subtle swallow of salvia sealed it. “What’s what?” he asked, eyes blinking incredulously. “You know what, that stupid earring hanging off of your ear.” Neil gave the earring a mild tug and Billy tried not to flinch. Max sat at the table in the middle of eating her cereal until she heard Neil propose the question and she froze. Moments like these put her on edge as much as they did her step-brother and she hated it, she hated how he was such a jerk to her by taking out all of his pent-up aggression on her however at times like these, she couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of sympathy for Billy and as much of a jerk he could be, Neil was a bigger jerk. Sometimes Max wondered if he was even human, a monster in human skin seemed more accurate.  She had known for awhile Billy wanted a piercing since he had mentioned it a few times off handedly to her and it sort of surprised her considering piercings were considered such a ‘girly’ thing in their household. Hell, Neil gave Billy so much flack for merely growing out his hair so an earring seemed like a death wish and as much as she wanted to believe she was exaggerating, she might as well not have been. “What kind of a man wears an earring?” Neil cocked an eyebrow and Max saw Billy’s adam’s apple bob once more. As much as he wanted to retort with something snarky, he knew it would only further aggravate the situation. “A p**sy.” He said it as if he were quoting someone and he was, it was a term Neil often used to describe any man he deemed too “feminine” meaning too “weak.”  “Yes, a p**sy, Billy. Are you a p**sy?” Neil furrowed his brows as he anticipated a response. Billy lowered his head like a dog being scolded. “No, sir.” His voice was quiet as he mumbled the words but Neil was growing impatient. “I can’t hear you.” With a raised voice, he strained out the words giving her the cue to leave. Max slowly got out of her seat to get out of the room, she didn’t want to see whatever would follow next. Tossing her cereal in the trash, she left the empty bowl in the sink and scurried off to her room. “I said no, sir!” The words came out loud and clear. “If you aren’t a p**sy as you so confidently have proclaimed, then why are you wearing that earring, son? Women wear earrings, not men.” And that hair. God, Neil hated Billy’s long curls. Men didn’t grow their hair out like women. His own son was becoming a p**sy right before his eyes; a limp wristed pansy.  From her room, Max could hear everything and as much as she didn’t want to, it was like the fear and anticipation forced her to hang onto every word. The conversation followed with a loud noise, it sounded like a slap and Max jumped from where she sat on her bed. It was startling, it always was and try as she might, she couldn’t get used to it. She peaked her head out to make sure all was clear before heading back to the kitchen where she found Billy sitting on the floor with his hands over his face. There was blood on his fingers. “Billy,” she spoke his name in a soft voice as she approached him. “Go away, Max.” Despite his thorny facade he could be vulnerable. “I just..I want to help.”  He sniffled. “What the hell can you do?” When he removed his hands from his face, she saw his tear stained face and the blood pooling from his ear. God, Neil made her stomach turn and all this over some stupid earring.  “Well for starters I could get the first aid kit.” Rising off the floor, he brushed off her concern. “I can do it. I’m not a p**sy, Max.” “I didn’t say you were.” He stopped in his tracks. “I know.” His voice was low and gravelly. “Look, whatever Neil says, it’s bullsh*t. He’s full of sh*t anyways.” A soft snort left him as he wiped the blood off with a towel. Susan was going to lose her sh*t when she saw that but it didn’t matter right now. “Right, bullsh*t, so bullsh*t that I get punished for it.” Max swallowed. It was unfair and there was nothing either of them could do about it but she wanted to do something and not feel so helpless and if that meant forcing her so called ‘help’ on him then so be it. Leaving the kitchen she headed to the bathroom where she got the first aid kit out and coincidentally he was already there. “Come on.” Heaving a sigh, he began to oblige, maybe he’d humour her this time. Neil had already left for work so it wasn’t like he was around to witness Max playing nurse. He sat on the counter as she cleaned him off and disinfected the wound and as she did so, she could’ve sworn she saw him smile. Finally after a long period of silence, he gruffly thanked her before disappearing into his room. Max put away the kit, she just wanted to feel wanted, needed even. appreciated.  Whether she’d get that or not was another thing.

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