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06/16/2019 11:28 PM 

Fathers Day. // drabble.

And if you ask me, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird-- I'ma give you the world. I'ma buy a diamond ring for you, I'ma sing for you, I'll do anything for you to see you smile. I didn’t understand what happened. All I could see were these men in uniforms pinning my dad down and putting him in handcuffs. I was five years old, after spending hours making the fathers day card in my hand. There was lots of shouting, swear words being thrown out. My dad was bleeding from his face, obviously one of the officers hit him for resisting or whatever. My mom stood at the doorway, shouting at the cops; calling them every name under the sun because they were arrested her husband. Scum, pigs, bastards, c*nts.. they were just a few of the colourful words my mother used against them. My mom turned around, realizing I was peeking through the gap of the open door. ”Enya!” She exclaimed, rushing over to me and crouched down to my level. ”Get back inside! Up to your room, now!” Her voice was shaky, but stern. Tears welled up in my innocent aqua eyes, shaking my head. ”I just wanted to see daddy.” I whimpered, my chin trembling as I was ready to burst into tears. ”Go, now!” She ushered me into the house, stepping back outside and slammed the front door shut, locked. Then, the shouting continued. I didn’t go up to my room. I scurried to the large window in the living area, hiding behind the net curtains as I witnessed my dad being dragged off and shoved into the back of a police car.  As the car skidded off, I made a beeline for the stairs before my mom came back inside, running up the stairs. I let the handmade card fall out of my hand as I did. We were supposed to spend the day together, just the two of us. I was so excited. I loved being around him. My mom never had time for me, but he did, but he just got taken away from me.

Faithlynn Maria Mikaelson

06/16/2019 03:13 PM 

Introduction to people

✴ Hello,My name is Faithlynn Maria Mikaelson. I am the youngest Daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, as well as the younger sister of Hope Mikaelson. I am a Tribred, like my older sister, but no one knows why. Despite this, I ended up growing up with my Aunt and sister, in Mystic Falls, Georgia, later at the Boarding School that our Guardian Alaric Created to keep us safe and to help us learn to control our abilities. My Sister and I try to help others and our family, hoping to bring them all together again.I am a para to multipara writer, I don't accept starters right off the bat. I also don't accept oneliners or Semi-para Writers. I write in the Third Person. I hope to be able to get something started with you! ✴

Tokyo’s Han

06/16/2019 12:22 PM 

Tokyo Drift/Fast and Furious

m not just into fast cars. My women and money come first


06/15/2019 10:51 PM 

Welcome to Mistress, call to Riddle.

    Clung to the slender arms of the stair case sliding down, steps down if that were to go and had no reason to doubt it, it would take back to my present, ravenously savouring the sweet bitterness swallow it up, bring both oxford shoes at the ground level.     Breathing to a relief making almost a lighthearted to believe, brake out roaming restlessly about a left turn, the chain of my clock bounces from my pant's pocket. Rapidly move through the suspension bridge passing the black tower, tuck my heat for the glistering rain. "You treacherous!" Thought to myself with a sudden terrifying drop of sweat running down my neck, palmed with a dysfunctional idea. "There must be someone in the Slytherin areas whom could let me in."     If there was not a tempest, closely to an hurricane might correct, the breeze chanted with violence and fierce hatred, bits of particles could smell a difference emanating in the air, about to vanquish my hat hold to it, twitching my eyes try to see through the dark sparks surrounding a the aura of a fatale female.   "Mistress of all Evil!!!!" If to cry or laugh form the imbecility of wondering who might come the way to help me. She was still floating, rampant. Angered by the expression of changing her birchwood twisted staff to a wand. A faint smile, by spasms about to talk in an effort to calm down. Forced my mind, I guess that's precisely what it took me away from Riddle, that it would all be alright.   "Wellcome to Hogwarts... " The beastie weather was still abominable, stoping with much precision to effecting a consult my watch, o'clock. "You have arrived just on time, let me please escort you the highly popular House of the Slytherin,... any suitcases, a carriage un unload?"   Backing as possible from the insufficient memory, and what is not worth the  while, without the preparation, as had shaken hands with no one yet, this areas are almost as slippery as a slinger trap. "All right" Said grandly "the shall be taken care of."  Becoming frankly honest got to a closure "Could you commission any of the House to call Riddle for me, I need to see him right now. Immediately." Nodded to the sides avoiding further questions.   "Not here." As we came out onto the undergrounds found of a great importance of to admire the rough stone room, its lobby at large its entrance under the lake.  No less than by those whom they held in charge the password in Parceltone, stand by the studded spike lodge gates. "If to say, you will never catch them with any questions of my principals"    Cast my eyes in waking out the surface, each house at a realm of its own, everything was done that could be done. My relations to this walls became transparent. Where ever was him. Nailing a breath while I'm projecting slightly from the road maker. And still between being paralysed and scattering away in a degree in which repeated. It's my fault, it's all mine. If not now when I could retain the dream which has being banging to yield out. And there is always that adult in between, a ghost, an impediment. Can you see me Riddle, could you stand up.

­The Architect

06/15/2019 10:19 PM 

Male Mains

Male Mains:Sheamus-Bobby Lashley-Roman Reigns-Rusev-The Miz-Ricochet-John Cena-

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