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10/13/2019 05:45 PM 

Prompt: Do you think I liked hurting you?

Writers Note:  There are slight trigger warnings with hinted mentions of violent behaviors. Greg is not your friendly neighborhood spider man. This is the prologue to a mini-drabble series I will be doing for Greg called Monster's don't sleep under your bed series, they sleep inside your head. Summary: the original concept of Greg being in a mental institution was my idea a few months ago we were writing the idea of Greg disappearing without a trace or no real reasons why. Greg's finally discovered that he's got  dissociation identity disorder his doctor at Twin River's is trying to help him identify his personalities. He's trying to help Greg cope with all the demons and flaw's he's caged for so long before they destroy him or the ones he loves the most.  Prompt: Do you think I liked hurting you? Greg sat inside Dr. Benning’s office hands folded in his lap thumbs circled each other humming to Metallica softly to himself as Benning wrote down some notes on his pad. He was there to analyze him after a mental break down at the diner that happened the night before “do you remember anything of what happened the other night? Your friend Ellie said that you attacked one of the cooks with a kitchen knife.” Greg stared at the man his thumbs kept going but the motions were faster a bit more irritable now.  “The police spoke to Ellie and to Juan they aren’t going to press charges.” Greg was surprised Ellie wasn’t pressing charges she was someone he cared about a long time ago but things changed when he met Julia his emotions started to shut down and different personalities he knew were always there started to come out and play a bit more. The one calling himself the worst parts were when he couldn’t remember what happened when he blacked out. Before they happened only when his mother Cindy and Oliver were in the room never out in public. He stopped the movements with his thumbs then placed his hands down at his side and dug his nails into the palm of his hands so tight that he drew blood. Body trembled he felt beads of sweat form at the corner of his brow “She stated that you were beside yourself that you didn’t even know your name that you called yourself Sam.” Greg watched the other stare him down as if trying to get him to say something that was beside himself.  “Ellie has no idea what she’s talking about.” “Mr. Teufel you stated that you would be willing to be open and honest before w-” “I just want to go home.” Greg spat in a very bitter tone he got up and walked out of the room. The oldest Teufel boy paced around the halls his breathing felt rapid he let out a growl then slammed his fist against the wall he was tired of being in Twin Rivers Psychiatric Hospital. Benning promised that if he continued his sessions and treatments that Greg would get to go back to Englewood. Greg rubbed his temple trying to sooth the pain that he felt in the back of his mind it was the same feeling that he got in the basement. Benning came out into the hall he stood against the doorframe with his arms over his chest. “It’s Sam isn’t it?” It was the first time that Greg allowed the emotion or the other individual invading his mind be named. He’d come out a few times before he was dark and it wasn’t something that he liked “what is he thinking, this Sam that lives inside your head?” Greg’s mind flashed to back home where he was down in the basement he was no longer at Twin Rivers but he was at home. Not that it was much comforting since the Teufel children always joked that their mother Cindy was the anti-Christ or the devil incarnation. Cindy was a real piece of work who enjoyed tormenting the kids mostly she got a high out of beating Oliver. Cindy liked to use Greg as a weapon of choice when she was home. Greg tried to explain what was going on. “I’m in the basement at home.” Benning encouraged Greg to continue “My mom and Oliver are there but it’s not me I mean it’s me but it’s not it’s much darker. Mom knows how to push and twists things inside my head maybe she knows what she’s doing, or she doesn’t. I don’t know but it’s a sick game she plays so she can get me to do things I don’t want to.” “Do what things?” “Hurt Oliver.”  Greg could hear Benning click his tongue it was something he did out of habit he hated it. The tongue clicks made him a bit more squeamish. “I don’t want to hurt him.” Tears built up in his eyes “But I do because I’m terrified of what she’ll do to him if I don’t because the punishments, she makes me do is less painful then what she’s always got in mind.” Greg sniffled he didn’t like these sessions he just wanted to curl up and go back to solitary where they’d been keeping him on and off for the past month. They took him out on occasions to shower or bathing. Greg hated it there it was his own personal hell, but he supposes after the years of hell he provided Oliver rather than protecting him that he deserved to be tortured in return. He sniffled using the back of his hand to brush his tears away, but they built right back up. Greg tried to come out of his visual memory he didn’t want to take a trip down memory lane anymore he wanted to be home and curled up.  “Tell me what else you see.” “No I don’t want to go back there it’s dark.” Right then all he wanted to do was curl up and lay in bed or even in the dark room they would just bring him back to at least then he would be alone. After a while though the darkness would start to get to Greg and he could feel Sam clawing at his mind to get out like they were trying to unleash something bad that lived inside him just to see what Greg was capable of doing when he did break. It was weird and strange but, in that moment, he didn’t think about Oliver or Julia but the one person that came to his thoughts that calmed him down was someone that he’d never expected to it was his best friend Ethan. “Greg” Greg could hear Benning’s voice nagging at him again he tried to focus more on Ethan to hold onto something good thinking it would bring him back to reality but the more Benning spoke even though he couldn’t comprehend a single word uttered from his mouth he was pulled right back to the basement of their home. He hated the visual treatments and the scars they left behind for days. “Tell me what you see what is Oliver saying.” The brunette whimpered again this time Oliver was pleading at him he was saying things but he couldn’t hear him usually Greg never did when he blacked out the room got dark so dark he couldn’t see."Do you think I liked hurting you?" Greg could hear his voice ask Oliver even though he knew the memory wasn’t real “I don’t like hurting you, but you leave me no choice.”


10/13/2019 05:25 PM 

Nightmares are Real

“Kingston there is nothing you can do.” The words hit him like a ton of bricks. His heart beating was the only sound he could hear. His blood rushing through his veins at what seemed to be light speed. The room was spinning, was he dreaming? There was no way that this was now his reality. “H—How did this happen? Who did it?” Kingston had so many questions he wanted to ask and get immediate answers for but he knew he wouldn’t get them. He became enraged, his blood now boiling hot, feeling like it was about to come through his skin. “Who the f*** did this sheriff!?” He yelled across the table, shoving it with great force toward the officer. “I’ll let you know when I do.” The sheriff told him before walking out of the house, leaving him alone.Kingston quickly was engulfed in a mix of rage and emptiness. His mother, his own flesh and blood was ripped away from him without any reason. His heart ached, it begged for a hug from his mother and with his mind telling him it was never going to happen, he was physically in pain. “F*** this life, f*** it all!” Kingston screamed as he hit the wall, cracking the foundation. The feeling of release of anger caused him to feel a bit better, making him throw another punch, this time hitting the glass of the hanging mirror. Kingston looked at this reflection in the shattered pieces, all emotions leaving his body at that moment in time.Kingston let his body hit the floor in defeat. What could he do now? His father wanted nothing to do with him and his mother was gone not to mention his sister that just up and left the first chance she had. Kingston had been swallowed up and spit out by this cold cruel world and no one was even batting an eye. Kingston allowed himself to sit in his own self pity for about an hour before he picked himself off the ground. If there was one thing that he was taught, it was to always keep going. He took one last look at his reflection in the mirror and gave himself a determination look. This nightmare was now his reality and the only one who could change this fate was him….no matter the cost.

Llê Wh🔥

10/13/2019 05:07 PM 

One little heartbeat

One little heartbeat,Two little feet.attn: name, name, namemention: TheDorkeySpiderydisplay name /00000What started as her laying on the edge of a lake as the rushing waves pounded against her lifeless body,and the sound of a angels voice filled her head saying that she had 10 minutes before she was going to be dead.If she lived she was going to be putting the life of her lover and her daughter in danger.Traveling to hell knowing that either Lucifer or the Arch angel would have the answers that she sought out for.Being told that there was a little human forming in her stomach and that was going to be the curse that could either,rescue her,or end her.She sat on the couch laying back against the comfortable arm of the couch as she looked down at the small baby bump that created a small curve.Maybe it was the condom that was out of date,who knows maybe she didnt take the pills on time.Maybe it was the angels who decided that she needed something else.Who knows,but she had a baby to think about now.One whose future was uncertain.She looked up as she watched peter walk into the living room tossing down his backpack and removing his mask as he walked over to her,sitting beside the couch he kissed the surface of her stomach."How's out little mama today?"His smile,ohh that smile,the one thing in her life that she woke up looking forward too.His eyes lit up with happiness as she knew he had a rough day."I'm good,out little girl is with my sister today,so it's just me and peanut."Everly said with a smile forming on her face.What was this,this overwhelming happiness that poisoned the blood in her veins,the happy thumping of her heart.How could something so amazing be something so terrible.How could this unborn baby be a curse in her life when even she knew that all the demons in hell lived in her head,the ghosts haunted her room,the blood covered her hands,and she lived everyday wondering if she was died.Certainly this sweet little baby couldn't be something so bad,She supposed that was going to be something she was going to find out.One Little heartbeat,two little feet.Family of 3 and a promise ringcredit: james kriet

Angel of chaos

10/13/2019 05:07 PM 

TVD layla

Name (& pronunciation): Layla Salvatore  Nickname- Button (Damon and stefans nickname for her) Date of Birth (& age): looks 21Place of Birth: mystic falls Gender:female Species/Racial Origin:vampire Family/Friends/Pets/Etc The Salvatores  Physical Description  Height:5'4 Weight:119lbs Hair:brown wavy Eyes: blueTypical Clothing/Equipment:sexy classy  Personality/Attributes Personality/Attitude:feisty fiery flirt and fun She is a brat to her brothers. But kind to everyone else  Additional Notes: was best friends with Kathrine and then was turned by her the day before her older brothers. As met Elijah but didnt know he was an original

Angel of chaos

10/13/2019 05:06 PM 

Ruby gilbert

Name (& pronunciation): Ruby Gilbert Nickname- Rub or tiny Date of Birth (& age):18 Place of Birth: same as elenas Gender:female Sexuality:straight Species/Racial Origin:human Physical Description Height:5,4 Weight:120 Hair:red and brown Eyes: green Detailed Physical Description: see pictures Personality/Attitude:fiery flirty rebellious Skills/Talents:singing great dancer Philosophy of Life:live it to the max Attitude Toward Death: not scared Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable parents dying Additional Notes: she is the twin of elena and the doppelgänger of violet petrova Katherines twin and Delia the first doppelgänger of her. Best friend caroline

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