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08/19/2019 05:11 PM 


Bio~Name: Isabella NightingaleAge: 20 Years oldSpecies: Human, HunterGender: FemaleFamily: Mother Deceased, Father Deceased, Only Child or so she thinks.Faceclaim: Lyndsy FonsecaHair Colour: Dark Brown HairEye colour: BlueBirth town: UnknownCurrent Town: New Orleans Occupation: Hunter For the Shadow OrganisationSocial Status: Upper ClassSkin colour; Pale skinBody Build:  Petite but Strong Health: HealthyFavourite Holidays: NoneColour: BlueSeason: WinterRelationship status: Single Crushes: N/ABirthmarks or Distinctive marks: Scar on her left shoulder.Dislikes: Vampires, Sirens, Succubus, Werewolf's, Any supernatural.Likes: Guns, Fighting, Drinking, Killing. History:Isabella was born on the 6th of August, At least that was what her birth certificate said. Her Parent's Johnathan and Elizabeth Nightingale were Scientists for An Organisation Called Shadow.  At the age of 8 Isabella began to watch her father closely noticing the books he would read they were based on vampires and other mystical creatures Her interest  was dismissed as her mother would say she was being too imaginative and dismiss her father's odd behavior.  She never knew much about who employed her parent's whenever they went to work she would be kept in the dark about what they were doing. One night Isabella decided to go into her fathers study, trailing her little fingers over the big books on his desk she picked up a local report about some animal attacks that had been happening in town. The door of the study started to creak as she saw a shadow blur past her, the voice screaming loudly until it was gone. Her mother and Father came home to his study wrecked and to find Isabella in the corner. it was clear it was related to their jobs in her eyes. Years went on from then and she had learned not to question their actions because she would never get the answers she wanted from them. She wasn't even sure if they were her parent's she didn't look like them or have similar characteristics at all. On her 18th birthday, She decided to go out to drink with her Friends at a local bar to her parent's own displeasure of the idea.  Around 1:00 am she came home to find her home wrecked and her mother and father dead in the study of what looked like an animal attack they had marks on their necks and looked as if there blood had been drained. Her shoes stepped into the pile of blood as tears stun her eyes as it dripped down her face.  Blood was every where as she collapsed to her knees her hands coming up to cover her face.  Mere hours Later the police came and took them away her house looking like a crime scene out of a horror movie the police had told her it had been a wild animal it must have gotten in and killed them while they were busy unable to defend themselves Her parent's had defensive wounds on their bodies as if they put up a fight but the police refused her pledge for them to look further into this. The next Day she was approached by the organisation called Shadow, the employers of her parent's. They had planted people in her life to monitor her however she did not know this. they promised her answers for her mother and father's demise  if she joined their company. She felt she needed to follow the evidence in front of her.  She didn't know at the time they would be recruiting her for them which was their ultimate goal in the end. A month after she was recruited into their inner circle  She was told the truth about her parent's that they were murdered by Vampires tho didn't want to be hunted by her parent's that was what they did. they hunted them. Those books meant something to her parents. more than an odd obsession.  She was shown the other evidence for killings caused by the same two vampires.  Months after month  of training to fight and being bossed around as she watched the pair of vampires kill more and more people she urged her tutor to let her finally able to go out hunting without a team. The organisation wasn't sure if they wanted to take a big enough risk of losing their biggest asset. They had experimented on her when young her parents when making her genetics up they included a few abilities in there too. She was strong, stronger than most. she could withstand the strength of a vampire.  She had telepathic Abilities being unable to be compelled or be controlled by others and was able to communicate with others like her. She didn't learn of her abilities until her First mission with a team. She was sent in with her three other members to get rid of a nest who had been kidnapping young children for their blood as it tasted much better and wasn't as toxic to them.  When one vampire tried to compel her into killing her first in command. she refused shocked he didn't look out for the stake she lunched into his chest as he began to desiccate in front of her wasn't explained to her that she was created rather than being born based on her parent's attempted to create a hunter with little to no weakness. To improve their chances of not being killed so easily. they thought they would create super soldiers and that it would eliminate most if not all vampires in existence. That she would be there secret weapon however it didn't turn out like that and they grew empathy and began to love her more than they should it was the reason the organisation sent a pair of vampires to kill them off so they could get their claws into Isabella.  However after she found out the truth she used this against them to make them let her go out on her own and kill her parent's killers once and for all.Isabella is an experienced hunter she has been doing this for two years, despite being used by Shadow they provided her with money, weapons and a never ending supply of information on new kills or anything supernatural related. She didn't think she could walk away now considering it had become her life it had taken over and ate her up falling further and further down the rabbit hole that she couldn't get out. Connections:


08/19/2019 05:09 PM 


Bio~Name: Morgana "Morgan" LongshadowAge: 1000 Year's OldOther Known Names: Morgan Monroe(Current). Lilly Decker, Simone Rider, Eliza Smith. Rose Montgomery.  Species: Druid, WitchGender: FemaleFamily: Mother Deceased, Father Deceased, Brother Unknown.Faceclaim: Katie Mcgrath Hair Colour: Dark Black HairEye color: BrownBirth town: New OrleansCurrent Town: New Orleans Occupation: NoneSocial Status: Upper ClassSkin color; Pale skinBody Build Petite.Health: Unknown Favorite Holidays: NoneColour: PurpleSeason: SummerRelationship status: Single Crushes: N/ABirthmarks or Distinctive marks:little X shape on her shoulderDislikes: Naive People, Hates emotions, Rarely processes anyone's feelings or opinions. Likes: Drinking, Sex, Being Manipulative.Personality: Morgan can come off as insensitive or lack a filter, she often speaks her mind, however, unhinged it may sound. She fights for those she cares about with all her might. despite the cost to her humanity or soul in the process. She isn't one for weepy or emotional experiences.History: Morgan was born in the 10th century AD, to a tribe. She was the first daughter of Eobard and Sansa Longshadow, She was born into a high ranking family of druids and witches who lived among each other. Her mother came from a line of druids who believed in a higher power while her father coming from a coven of witches had been married to her in order to keep the peace between the tribe's people. When Morgana was born much to her brother Killian's disappointment. She was different. her powers grew more and more as she did. the first period of her life was fairly peaceful, she would help those in the village who needed it, the sick and the old alike.  She was kind and peaceful, loving even. she was known for her grace and her kind smile which could turn even the hardest man into an emotional wreck beneath her. But as she grew into the young women her parents dreamed of, she began to notice the changes in how people's perceptions of her changed. they feared her and her magic as it grew out of control the more she practiced and tried to save others the more magic took back in the form of fires starting, crops dying,  people were going missing and they blamed her. for practicing magic beyond their perception of their religion and their promise to the world. to never take advantage of the gifts given and never use them beyond our measures. She was no longer an innocent girl safe from their judgment. Her brother being trusted to look after her knew this and despite his effort's it didn't stop her from falling in love, with another, a boy his name was Caspian. Her brother often brought his friends into their home uninvited as he saw them as no threat to her.During childhood, Killian and Caspian were close however as they grew, so did Morgana and her beauty became more evident with each passing day. it was no surprise when she found herself falling for her brother's best friend, he was charming, could have any girl he wanted however, he would defend her to others and often showed her affection when not in the sights of others. from this friendship they formed a bond or so she thought, she was so madly in love with him she would have done anything. he could have made her do anything he wanted because she believed he loved her. One night Morgana was asked to meet him in the woods, where she was supposed to meet him alone, however, as she stood in the darkness of a great big old oak tree, she heard the laughter of several of her tribe, as she followed to find out what the noise. resulting in her brother finding her hours later half beaten by the man she had given her heart to, as punishment for being a monster he called her. After the shock of what happened, Anger took over her, she had been embarrassed, hurt, the youngest daughter of the leader branded from then on as evil. she felt betrayed, worthless, she tried to lock away her power, get rid of it or simply end her misery, none of which worked, her parent grew worried, however, they could not do anything to provoke the villagers it would be declared as war. So they made her join a healer coven which meant no harm to others and they preyed that in time she'd control her anger.  For a while her anger drifted anyway she wasn't battling the evil in her or so she thought they did good together or so she thought but she considered this coven as her family, they became her family. Her brother, mother and father dying caused her to have immense grief being overwhelmed but being a part of the coven helped her to not seek rage but rather be what she was a healer. Eventually she noticed her lack of aging she didn't know why she still looked so young despite being older than 200 years. She still looked like 20 at most. One night the coven was attacked, her stomach filled like a dark pit. She could sense nothing but pure evil. And that night the family she had grown to love were slaughtered no one alive except two other witches besides her.  She didn't know how she survived but she had. The rage inside her kept her alive unfortunately to her dismay.  As much as it hurt having to leave the three witches declared that they should part to make it less easier to be found and if they needed each other then they would know how to find each other.  She was worried about the younger witch however she knew they had to be apart she was old enough to care for herself  and the other two certainly were capable witches. So they did. They escaped into the night to make their chances of survival greater because they knew the darkness would be after them.  Morgana made it as far as a villiage a couple of miles she settled there for a while, However, it didn't take long before someone found her someone from her past or the darkness. Without the two witches left of their coven, Morgana became isolated. Villagers hated her they saw her as a distraction for their hard working men. Accused her of witch craft when she healed others and began to nurse those who were ill. This drawed unwanted attention. Her kindness caused others discomfort. They began to notice her lack of aging she then became more isolated in the years that followed her insanity dropping away they started to burn crosses in her gardens to scare her. It didn't work despite the paranoia of her mind building. One night the young witch was gathering materials to leave. She had sensed trouble and decided to cut her loses in the village after all she had overstayed her welcome. As she gathered the rest of her healing properties the witch felt a sharp pain as she collapsed to her knees she could hear chanting, as she tried to fight it screams escaped her lips as her consciousness faded. And so that was the night she was put under a spelling curse.  Her own coven the one she had been born in decided to hunt her for her mistakes, for being an abomination of their own making when they figured out she was alive and had not died they sent watchers and hunters to kill her or report back. However morgana had cloaked herself well. Over the next few centuries Morgana woke for a year the witches couldn't limit her life or power any longer. So they granted her a year of life in every decade she would wake up and live a year of life, a year of sorrow and sadness as punishment for being who she was and what she was. Darkness was buried deep inside her and they wanted to control it.  Then they would hide it, the tomb she lay in moved around as their ancestors took the responsibility of keeping her alive and miserable. Keeping her locked up. Unless she did what they wanted. Decades of being a slave to her own kind took its toll on her, darkness spread its way inside her further. She was just a girl who wanted someone to accept her but they could not. Centuries later, 2017 to be exact. However the witches did not know that because the link was destroyed  in New Orleans that they did not have enough magic to hold her, to keep her a prisoner. 2017  Was the year she would awake and when it came the ancestors of her coven did not expect her to break free. Bodies lay lifeless at the edge of tombstones within the New Orleans grave yard. Her heels clicked she tilted her head asking "  I was expecting more of a fight" she rolled her eyes softly  her voice cold as ice as she slit the throats of the last witch standing in her way a smirk formed on her lips as she yawned softly " A 100 years since I last you New Orleans. Let's see how much you've changed. " a vicious chuckle escaped her lips as her long dress trailed behind her. She was no longer the innocent girl who wanted to help others. She was something entirely different.


08/19/2019 05:05 PM 


Name: Aspen DiamianaAge: Unrecorded (2,000 years old+)Species:  Gemini WitchGender: FemaleFamily:  Her Mother was killed By a warlock. father is deceased. Her sister and younger brother are both gone.Hair Colour: Dark BrownEye colour: BrownBirth town: UnknownCurrent Town: New Orleans Occupation: NoneSocial Status: Upper ClassSkin colour; Pale skinBody Build: Petite, Fragile looking almostHealth: Healthy Favourite Holidays: Harvest Festival Colour: PurpleSeason: SummerAnimal: CrowsRelationship status: Single Crushes: N/ABirthmarks or Distinctive marks: Moon shaped birthmark on her Back at her Right shoulder.Dislikes: Stuck up men, Warlocks, Bullies, Spiders. Being treated as property.Likes: Roses, Fighting. Full moons. Werewolves. SnowHistory~ Aspen was born into a small Family she was the First Diamiana child later in years her brother and sister came along.Her Family belonged to  a community of people it consisted of various mixtures there were wolfs, humans and witches they all co-existed. it amazed Aspen however there was always the odd death upon a full moon due to the men turning. She was use to the supernatural as she too was a witch. She belonged to the Gemini coven it was early on and only a few selected families belonged to it. As soon as Aspen became of age she was betrothed to the son of the best warlock in the tribe bar her father of course. His name was Francis at first he seemed sweet and almost loveable. However as their courtship lengthened she began to notice the changes in Francis's behaviour if she had been speaking to another man he would get furious and nearly hurt the other.  At first aspen thought it was mere jealously because she was the eldest of her family and it meant the covens would be united as one. But as the years passed his grip on aspen tightened and her idea of ever loving him faded into the night. He was vindictive, he would forever torture her mind if she stepped out of line. Aspen loved to care for any animal she found she even thought Francis was redeemable until he killed a poor crow instead of letting aspen use her powers to heal.  After that full moon she realised she never wanted to wed Francis and if she did she would be condemned to a marriage of hell in its own making. As the time passed she tried to find ways to bear with the warlock and his egotistical ways. She was not a fool she knew he was horrid in every way. He was as if pure evil ran through him he showed no kindness to anyone not even her siblings or sick children.  As Aspen's favourite time of the year appeared it was the harvest festival. She loved it. It was the one day a year every creature no matter what species or what differences they had came together to eat and dance to music around a fire of their own making.  The one day aspen would not let Francis destroy.  The usual preparations were made a gown made to aspens size and her mask beautifully made. Her friends made the mask they thought it would help her hide from Francis and be able to enjoy the harvest festival. Night time fell upon the village as the loud music roared past the people and surrounded them making them merry.  It didn't take long for aspen to find Him. Jonah he had been laughing with other wolfs around another fire as aspen passed with her friends. She smiled sweetly under her mask. He was utterly Handsome words couldn't describe how her heart fluttered as their eyes met for a mere moment.  The celebration went on for hours it seemed. Aspen sat gazing around at the people dancing Francis was making a fool of himselve with another girl in the coven. Ironic. Her skin jumped as she heard the soft voice of the other" Would you like to dance? " he asked her. Instantly he caught her gaze before she offered her hand " it would be a pleasure. "  that was how it began one dance under the moonlight as the fire lit up their shadows. That's how she met Jonah. From that night she couldn't stop thinking of him. He was responsible he didn't like how his siblings were reckless and always treated them like children. She found it rather amusing hearing about all the times he had to save his sister Shay and his brother Zander from villagers or how he turned on a full moon.  She had even spent time with his pack however short it was She didn't care .  It didn't bother her that she was engaged or that he was a wolf. It didn't change anything. Jonah was different. He cared about her magical abilities and how she used them. He admired her love of kindness and how she wanted to protect others rather than destroy like Francis. They both knew that Francis would find out eventually about them but aspen knew she wouldn't wed him.  Months passed full of nights they met each other in the woods. Some were days were they would run around in a field far from the village to prevent them from being caught but those memories didn't last long. Francis grew to suspect  that something was going on. Following her to their meeting spot which lay between two great big oak trees in the forest. He saw them as aspen wrapped her arms around Jonah laughing. It was clear that she didn't nor would she ever love Francis. Her heart was already taken. By Jonah. The engagement lasted until Aspen was 18, when Aspen fell in love with a hybrid wolf called Jonah and decided to call it off. Her parents were supportive but the male Francis wasn't. Her fiance sought revenge and slaughtered her mother on the first full moon of that month without even so much as a warning as a punishment for falling for a wolf. He threatened that Jonah would be next and it broke Aspens heart thinking she would be the cause of his demise. Heartbroken and terrified, her family and the rest of her coven who could be trusted placed aspen into a tomb with a deep sleep spell lasted for hours once complete aspens sister sent word to Jonah that she was in hiding from Francis to save him. And that  he shouldn't ever go looking for her because by the time he did she'd be gone. Aspen didn't know that months after the spell jonahs pack tried to become immortal resulting in the desiccation curse placed on them as a punishment. The rest of the coven into hiding, only to be killed off by the warlock after finding out what they had done some lived and managed to continue the linage of the original coven without Francis knowing. He was too busy with his rage he was blindsighted by it. The warlock forever cursed aspen to meet his own doppleganger in time and be fated to be together once and for all.The spell that was placed on Aspen Diamiana would last 886 years long enough for her to be rid of Francis and his linage. That would be her escape.  Her tomb moved from places a lot until it stayed in a witch graveyard. Protected by the ancestors of fallen witches until she was needed again. She didn't have a choice about the slumber spell. Her coven neglected telling her how long it lasted  therefore tricking aspen into the tomb in which she still lays. Centuries later her body being protected by Gemini magic within a tomb in New Orleans grave yard. She remained there until one day. The day the whole remaining descendants of the Gemini coven died.  Unfortunately aspens ancestors did not expect one of their own (Kai) to kill the covens descendants in present day. This event caused Aspens tomb to shake as if  the ground was unstable it ran through the whole of her resting place stone was turning to rumble as her tomb door blasted open in one swift flick of tremor of magic enegry.  The spell around her body faded as her chest began to move again breathing her eyes flickered open as she gasped for air. Something aspen hadn't felt in centuries.  Her tomb was a vision of destruction. As her body racked jumping up.  Confused and dazed aspen tried to stumble off her rocky stone bed.  Her cream dress falling to the floor as her feet reached the ground. " Where am I? " she coughed the sun shined in through her tomb door.  Her delicate fingers reached up covering her eyes from the light as she adjusted to the surroundings she was awake and nothing looked the same was she really all alone? Where was her coven? Was Jonah still alive? All questions she wanted the answers too but wouldn't get them unless she left her grave. So she did she stepped foot out into the sunlight surrounding the other graves of fallen witches.  And this was how aspen became apart of the living again.


08/19/2019 04:59 PM 

Current mood:  awake

Rules:1. Do not harass me for Replies I do have a life outside of this site and I will be away with my family and friends before I am on here. 2. Don't add me unless you want to roleplay with my character I will not be another number on someone's friend list. if you don't roleplay with me you'll be deleted.3. To be clear I do not agree with any of Rebekah's actions she is meant to be a bitch and horrible to people but that doesn't mean I am in real life and I will not be held responsible for anything she does or says to someone don't take it to heart if you can't do that delete me. 4. I will not roleplay any rape or incest roleplays. I am not here to furfill anyone's desires therefore I will not go against any of my morals for your entertainment in a roleplay if you want that you'll be deleted and ignored. sorry but no. 5. If you are 16 and over I will roleplay with you as I believe in giving everyont a chance even with people who can not spell properly but if your under 17 I will not do any sexual roleplays with you i'm not here to furfill some little kiddies idea of fun. 6. Do not ask me anything personal unless you have known me for a couple of months or are apart of the little gang of friends I have on here, they can feel free to ask me anything. 7.If you don't reply to my roleplay or I haven't replied to yours I will not spam you or annoy you just like you shouldn't do that to me however if you haven't replied in two weeks I will terminate the roleplay and probably forget about it. 8. I can roleplay Multi-Para if the roleplay is detailed then I can do maybe three paragraphs. it depends on the storyline we have came up with together I expect each person involved to give their effort as well not just me. 9.Be Respectful I will not speak down to you if you treat me properly and are nice. I as a person in real isn't horrible Rebekah however is. so don't blame me or moan to me about her actions because theres a reason she's said it or done it.10. I don't care what happens to us between roleplay. But if you take it personal and start to attack me as admin I will not regret deleting and blocking your ass. i'm not here for drama and I will not put up with it. so if you don't like that leave.11. Do not tell me how to play my character or try to control her because it won't work. I will just block you or ignore you because you are not in charge of anything I do with her. she is my character. 12. All I ask is everyone to understand and be appropriate I'm here to enjoy myself and I don't like anyone who wishes to ruin it or burst my bubble because I have met a great bunch of friends on here and I will deal with it in a strict manner.


08/19/2019 12:35 PM 

Kol Mikaelson

[Kol is played as close to his character as possible. I tend to play him around the Vampire diaries stages, the anger and resentment. Below is a solo of his introduction:]Legends spoke of the famous Mikaelson family. One mention of Mikaelson was enough to instill fear into the hearts of men. Yet, alongside his brother, another sibling rose to the fear factor. His name- Kol Mikaelson. Relentlessly cruel. Evil some would say. Yet, did they know him? These legends of the wily fox were spoken with nothing but fear. He was famous for his smooth words, his cruel nature. He was never flirty, he didn't have time for that. He never thought on romance. He had one goal. Be apart of the family. Try and earn his place. Bit hard when one was daggered so often. How could one hold hope when over and over, any attempt for either good or bad, was rewarded with the dagger? Couldn't they see? He hated his Vampirism. His skills with his witch side were snatched, he didn't have a choice. All for the cruelty of the loss of Henrik. His hatred drove him down a spiralling path to his destruction. A need to take revenge. That will to torment as he was. And when he finally wanted to partake in the sacred code of always and forever, it was beyond his reach. Kol Mikaelson found himself lost again on the cold path of loneliness. Rejection. He went as far as trying to become Niklaus, hoping, hoping that this would be the key. But his hatred only deepened as he was daggered again. The black sheep. The traitor. The vengeful. The whispered tales of this man, that unforgiving sense of uneasiness in his presence. He had nothing. He was nothing. Just a weapon of death and hatred. No one to ground him. No one to control him. He dived into the richness of blood lust, never giving a damn to control the urges. Kol killed, a monster of the night. Every child's nightmare. His stare was cold, hinting to never challenge. To never test just what he was capable of. Because you didn't want to find out. How amazing, one man of heart and flesh, once able to fit so lovingly into a family during his mortality, became this lifeless creature with no hope at times. Lost. Alone. Craving belonging. Pain turned to rage. Rage turned to bloodlust. Bloodlust turned to death. This, this is Kol Mikaelson. A legend yet to be beheld.

© 2019 All Rights Reserved.