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~ℋℛℋ~ Empress Giada Reaper{RES}

12/05/2019 07:22 PM 

Giada's and Malachai's Christmas

As with Thanksgiving. This is Giada's and Malchai's Second Christmas together.Giada is so excited to be spending this holiday with her beloved Malchai.This Christmas is special not because of the beautiful decorationsor the twinkling lights.It is because this Christmas, the two are madly in love with each other.Giada is excited to spend a romantic and quiet holiday with herbeloved Malchai.Tucket away in their own private quartersDecorated and cozy..The HolidaysAre in full bloom.First they will start off with a sleigh rideThrough Gallendrell to enjoy the sites of her KingdomIn full Holiday Glory.


12/05/2019 06:31 PM 


001. Respect me & I'll treat you the same back. It goes both ways.002. Do not rush me for responses. I will reply at my own pace. I am clinically depressed so I'll take short time away from my profiles for my own mental stake. If you're not looking for this in a partner then I'm not the right one for you.003. This profile is single ship. If my muse is romantically involved with another character, they will be dedicated to that person only.004. Due to themes of violence, drug & alcohol use & other portrayals of dark themes, this profile will be rated 18+. For the sake of preserving my content from the banhammer however erotica is not permitted in any shape or form.005. I will write in both inbox, comments & streams. I keep regular & up to date copies of our threads on my drive so you don't have to worry about losing a thing. I expect basic literacy from my partners & tend to avoid conversations where it feels like I'm communicating with a brick wall.006. Please do not ask me for my social media unless we're close. I don't want to add anyone if I'm sure we're never going to speak again.

𝒥𝓊𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓉 𝒞 💕

12/05/2019 05:56 PM 

The fire

𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴: 𝗙𝗶𝗿𝗲 and DeathJuliet was starting to hate receiving phone calls because there was always bad news on the other end.  It was a phone call from the hospital when she learned her parents died. Today was no exception, so when she heard her phone start to ring, Juliet knew that something was wrong.  She didn't know what but she knew. When she picked up the phone and received the terrifying news that her studio had caught fire, the brunette immediately rushed out of the house and toward her studioThankfully, Camilla did not have a dance class today. Both of the children were with their father; knowing they were both safe puts that part of her mind at ease. However, knowing that the place she had worked so hard on could possibly be destroyed set the young brunette into a panic. Sure, she had other studios, but this one was her first. Aside from her children, it was her pride and joy. It helped shape Juliet into the woman she was todayWhen Juliet finally arrived at the scene, her golden hues filled with tears as she helplessly watched the flames consume her studio. She hated that there was nothing she could do but watch. Juliet walked over to one of the firemen, " did this happen?" she asked, her voice was shaking. The fireman looked at Juliet, "I assume you're the owner.  It seems as if someone poured lighter fluid around the building and threw a match. I'm sorry to tell you this Ms. Carrington, but someone was purposely trying to destroy your building". Hearing this caused her eyes to widen in horror. Why would anyone want to set fire to her studio?"Juliet!" she turned around when she heard one of her dance instructors yelling her name. Juliet could tell by the sound of her voice that something was not right. "Juliet! Bethany is still in there! I tried to get her but the flames were too big. I'm so sorry!" The instructor tried to apologize in a frantic. The building was now the last thing on her mind. When Juliet saw the instructors and dancers huddled together, she had assumed they all made it out safely. She rushed over to the same fireman she had spoken to before, "There is a little girl in there! She's only ten years old!" "Ms. We are doing the best we can," She could tell that he was trying to stay calm for her sake , however, it was not helping at all. There was a child in there.  The building no longer seemed important. A building could always be remade, but a life couldn't. Juliet felt as if her heart was going to drop out of her chest when she saw them place a small figure in the back of an ambulance.  She knew it was Bethany.  She watched as the little girl's parents jumped into the back of the ambulance with their daughter. Juliet couldn't help but feel pain for them. She wouldn't know what she would do if that was one of her children.  It had taken them a few hours to finally get the flames out, but Juliet's mind was still on the little girl. She would worry about the building later, but right now she had to make sure Bethany was okay. She drove to the hospital and rushed to the waiting room where she saw Bethany's mother sitting there with her face buried in her hands. When Juliet walked over to her, she knew that something was not okay. The woman looked up at Juliet with bloodshot eyes and tears, shaking her head, "Bethany is dead. The doctors said the injuries were too bad and there was nothing they could do"As the tears fell from her own eyes, Juliet pulled the sobbing mother into her arms. She felt guilty. If she had been there then maybe she could have prevented this. She could have helped get Bethany out before it was too late. The one thing she knew for sure was that she was going to find out who caused this and she was going to make them pay. She wasn't a violent person, but in this case, she would make an exception./I'm sorry if any of this made anyone uncomfortable. A long time ago my little cousins were killed in a house fire. It's something that's always haunted me. Of course, I wrote it differently to fit Juliet's character. I wasn't going to let the little girl die at first, but then I realized I wouldn't be staying true to the story.


12/05/2019 03:52 PM 

The Lego Batman Movie

the lego batman movieHarley Quinn is first seen driving Joker’s Notorious Lowrider whilst on a walkie talkie to the man himself. As she and Gotham’s other villains entered Gotham’s Reactor Core, she told her sugarplum that they were ready for him. He was airdropped onto the scene with a large unnecessarily bomb that was then attached to Gotham’s Energy Core giving the mayor five minutes to show onsite or else Gotham would explode, sending everyone into the eternal abyss below the city, forever.Luckily the Gotham, it seemed like the Mayor was airlifted into the conflict as she was circled by all the present vehicles, including the Joker’s Low Rider, and asked the Joker whether he had every played roulette. With his answer on occasion, the Mayor was revealed to be Batman in disguise as the Joker was offered advice to always go black. Commenting he’d written a song about how he was going to kick everyone’s butts Batman burst into song to the Joker’s disappointment. Harley jumped out of the car during this montage to engage into the hand to mallet combat and failed with Batman using her own mallet to also take out the Riddler. Disarming the bomb, he was congratulated by the city as they celebrated as Batman took a ride around the city in the Batmobile.She was seen again in a nurse’s outfit, comforting the Joker on his latest defeat as he was upset and annoyed at dealing with the ‘Human farts’ he hired that couldn’t seem to make a CD rack. Calling him ‘boo-boo’ she roller-skated into his eye line as she told him that he was too good for Batman, as he needed to open his eyes and see what it was like with him not around. The red- and black-haired female asked for approval on her comment, but never received an answer. The pair watched Superman talk about the Space Jail known as the Phantom Zone. As an example, list of inmates appeared including the Wicked Witch of the West both the Joker and Harley seemed to lean into the screen with smiles on their faces, the next plan falling into place.Deciding to crash Jim Gordon’s retirement party, and Barbara Gordon’s induction into the Commissioner’s seat, Joker came out with two guns with ‘Bang!’ flags attached to the barrels, Harley Quinn not two steps behind him. Pulling her in close he told her that she knew what to do as her outfit changed from a rollerblading practice outfit to a white coat, blonde hair in a bun as she donned her old personality of Dr Harleen Quinzel for operation take out the laundry. As she disappeared the Joker surrendered himself, already handcuffed confusing both Batman and Barbara. Things went another step further as the Joker also boxed up every other villain aside from Harley Quinn leaving Batman to have no crime to fight, and Gotham no longer needing a vigilante.Suspicions were raised even further as Phantom’s Own Laundry Service pulled up outside of the Asylum, holding Joker and the rest of the villains’ captive. Still disguised as Harleen, Harley jumped out of the side door of the vehicle to collect two undescriptive bags and wasn’t seen again. With Batman believing it was for the best him and Robin broke into the Fortress of Solitude to gain the phantom projector and then broke into Arkham to use it successfully against the Joker to Barbara’s disappointment who then proceeded to lock up him and Robin. Formulating a plan to allow everyone in the Phantom Zone a chance to escape he launched it to everyone including Gremlins and Voldemort and gained everyone’s approval. In the meantime, the Phantom Zone Projector was taken from Batman’s custody and held onto by one of Arkham’s workers alongside two security guards. The doors of the list were opened to reveal Harley as her former self. She was asked if she was going up, which was a resounding no as she twirled back into her roller-skating self with mallet in hand, claiming they were, in fact, going down. Engaging in a quick fight, she took the Phantom zone projector and with a giggle claimed they were in fact right as she was going up.On the roof of the building, Harley used the projector to release all the inmates within the Phantom Zone, aiming the laser at the sky as the city fell into darkness as Voldemort, King Kong, Darleks and others were released onto the streets of Gotham. Aiming for the Batcave with Harley by his side, Joker came to the conclusion that Batman was Bruce Wayne’s roommate before using Wayne Manor as his own Joker Manor, watching from the Batcave as Batman infiltrated his forces. Chasing him into an underground room, Joker demanded respect, which Harley believed he deserved from Batman. The Joker had never been told by the Batman that he hated him, not even once according to Harley. Batman agreed that he was feeling annoyed with him but that wasn’t the same thing as Joker pronounced his hatred for Batman aloud. Wanting him to say it back, Batman copped out simply saying ‘you too’. Telling Joker, he should simply shut it down, Harley encouraged Joker to fight for his own feelings. As Voldemort used magic to lift Batman into the air Joker pronounced Batman’s greatest enemy to be Batman himself before projecting him into the Phantom Zone. Using their collection of bombs the plan was now to circulate them throughout Gotham since Batman wasn’t there to stop them.Bombs in hand, Joker and Harley appeared on the balcony of Joker’s Manor as Barbara, Robin and Alfred attempted to rescue Batman from himself after previously being sent away. However, Joker ordered those working for him to go and get them as they were his last three reminders of Batman. He had nearly succeeded before Batman struck a deal with the Phantom Zone giving himself 24 hours to get every bad guy back into the Phantom Zone, including himself. With that the Bat-Family was back together, each with their own according Bat-Signals. Whilst Batman was devising his plan, Harley skated her way to the Joker’s side as he switched his bomb onto a ten minute countdown.At Joker’s take over party, Harley was having fun, dancing around and enjoying herself until Joker shushed the crowd as someone was laying down funky beats and it wasn’t him. It turned out it was Batman and cars of Gotham’s villains ready to take Gotham back alongside Barbara Gordon, dressed at Batgirl, D*ck Grayson, dressed as Robin and Alfred Pennyworth who also had a Bat costume on for fun. As the troops attacked the party, Joker told his evil army to get rid of them leading to an all out lego war. Batman was instructed to take out Joker’s bomb whilst he was busy leading his evil army with Harley at his side. One by one Joker’s army depleted as Voldemort, and then the Jurassic Park dinosaurs were slowly taken back to the Phantom Zone by Batgirl. Just as they were about to start defusing the bomb however, time ran out and it exploded.The whole city panicked as Gotham started to collapse, even the emergency broadcasters declared Gotham doomed as it became to split apart. As the good guys tried to rally a plan together, Harley and Joker simply revelled in the chaos. But it wasn’t to last for long as together the Bat Family came up with a plan to use their heads and shredded abs to quite literally pull Gotham back together. As the lego figures stacked up they believed they had stretched far enough but the other side of the city was just out of reach. Joker and his ‘bad guys’ were the group on the other side, as Batman asked for his help. Harley seemed quite solemn as Joker declared that if the city was destroyed he truly would be Batman’s greatest enemy, even if he would die knowing it. Batman simply told him to shut up as if there was no Gotham they wouldn’t be able to fight again. Joker seemed shocked, but Batman explained more as he stated Joker for being the reason he got up at four o’clock in the afternoon and work out until he felt sick, and the reason he gave up a life of being surrounding activewear models. He also told Joker that the reason he felt connected with everyone in Gotham, with him, was because of the Joker himself. Harley looked close to tears, but Joker wasn’t smiling as after all he still hadn’t told Joker he hated him. But, if he was help Batman save Gotham, he could help Gotham save the two of them. Although Batman hadn’t declared his hatred he had said something, which sparked happiness in the Joker as Batman labelled him and the Joker an ‘us’. Now it was Joker’s turn to nearly cry and Harley started to grin happy that in his own way the Joker had what he wanted. All they had to do was save Gotham.As the villains stuck together, to meet Batman across the divide, Harley even taking off her hair so Joker could hold hands with the Batman. In order to save Gotham they had to have an ab workout. Batman asked joker how his abs were and admittedly they were more flab than ab but either way everyone that was stacked up had to crunch in order to save their city. In a typical uplifting batman speech he managed to get all of Gotham to work together to literally snap Gotham back together, into the one City it needed to be. With the line of villains now stood next to the heroes, Harley was stood by Robin, who was balancing Batman on his head, just as she was balancing Joker. She did hear the words, however, that batman spoke aloud as Batman declared that he hated Joker. Joker gasped before responding I hate you too before it seemed to turn into a contest of who hated the other the most.The citizens of Gotham unsnapped themselves from one another as Harley used her rollerblades to roll straight into the Joker’s arms, causing the two of them to dance in celebration but things weren’t finished just yet. At least, Batman wasn’t finished yet as although all the villains were now back in the Phantom Zone, Batman had to join them. But Batman didn’t make it to the Phantom Zone as the portal shut itself to him, as he made a change in himself. So they could all celebrate and the criminals of Gotham, including Harley and the Joker set off back into the City. They could be released for now but soon enough Batman, and the rest of his family would catch them, at least that’s what they believed.back to verses

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The Alchemist

12/05/2019 03:47 PM 

Test post.

Just testing.

Still testing.

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