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lil curvacious butterfly🦋🐾

12/06/2019 04:18 PM 

Rp helper.


12/06/2019 01:51 PM 

Anastasia Black

Age: 18Gender: FemaleSpecies: Blood(Verdulak)Family: Unknown

中he Great Red Dragon

12/05/2019 10:43 PM 

Surviving the finale

It's said when you die you see the most beautiful scenes of your life. That's not true. I saw the night sky, a radiant full moon and millions of stars. I felt cold and tired but I forced my eyes to stay open. Death approached me: a silent ship on the ocean. I managed to draw my cell phone. To call for help. Speaking slow: "Been attacked, badly injured. Massive blood loss. 0 Pos. Dying." I described the place. I thought of my lover. I remembered our first time. My lids fluttered. I craved a cigarette. I longed to sleep. And I whispered my last words to the phone: "Save my life!"   Ambulance and Police arrived at the same time. My eyes were still open. The night turned to day with blue lights and headlamps. I felt hands on me. I saw faces. I heard sirens. I listened to voices; some yelled in panic. "Special Agent Jack Crawford. FBI. This man's a killer. He's the Dragon. His name is Francis Dolarhyde. He slaughtered two families. He killed four officers. Let me pass! Let me see him!" "Sir, this man called for help, he is in our hands now." "Jack... he will die. Let him die!" "No! No, he will suffer for this! Where is Will, you goddamn son of a bitch? Where is Hannibal?" "Mister Crawford, please..." "Ya, doc him up! Save his ass! He will get the chair!" "Sir, you know your state is more than critical. We'll intubate you now. We'll lay access to your jugular vein. Don't move, please. We have to do all the first aid here. --- Sir, can you hear me? Blink, if you..." I blinked. My lips curled to a smile. My face got covered by a mask. I took a deep breath. The reptile inside me purred. "I won't let you die", he cooed.

ℓเƭƭℓε ∂૨εαɱε૨

12/05/2019 09:51 PM 


01. My Character is taken by Mitch Rapp, so don't try to flirt or anything, I don't believe in a Multi LI, im a single LI, my heart belongs to Mitch and Mitch only! Don't try to be like "oh he's not gonna find out" no don't do that! I will block you!!! 02. If were friends lets discuss something, I DO NOT wanna be a number, don't be taking up space in my friends list. I don't wanna send a greeting and then waste my time on you if you don't plan on replying, IF your not gonna talk THEN DON'T ADD ME! Simple as that, if you don't plan on talking then delete me right now, it's not gonna hurt me none! 03. When I have Mains, I will only write with one, like I don't need two Derek's, or two Kate's, I see some people writing with multiple people of the same character calling them brothers or whatever like how many characters of one person do you need?? So once I find a Derek and a Kate as parents I will not write with other characters of the same, I don't need my Main Characters thinking I'm replacing them with someone else! 04. I like cute comments and picture comments, I like to feel like I'm wanted on here.. I'll do the same thing for you cause I wanna make you feel like your wanted like I appreciate you. 05. If you read this then send me something cute.

ᴠᴀɴɪʟʟᴀ ꜱᴜɢᴀʀ ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ

12/05/2019 10:01 PM 

TBT drabble - The Spirit of Christmas

“Merry Christmas, Rissa...I hope you like your present.” An eight-year old Aiden Farley handed his five year old sister a brightly colored wrapped box, adorned with a silver bow. Her bright smile as she took the box, throwing her barbie doll down on the floor on which she sat, now curious to see what her brother had gotten for her. She held the box up to her ear and let out a small giggle - the contents of the box jingled as she shook it. Her hands moved to rip the paper off the box and to tear the cardboard in pieces, revealing the cutest stuffed white dog toy she had ever seen, a little Santa had sat upon its head with a little jingle bell on the end of it. “Aw...Aiwen he’s so CUTE!!” She hugged the toy close to her chest then hugged her brother. ** 19 years later**A sigh leaving her lips as she moved her hair to one side of her neck, sifting through the contents of her closet as to what to keep, what to donate and what to toss. She was in desperate need of decluttering, as her life felt as though she were in a constant state of disarray. The female bit her lip as she tossed old tops and pants to the side, staring long and hard at each item to try and see if the items brought her any sort of joy, there were some that she just couldn’t bear to part with for sentimental reasons alone, but most she found were going in the donate pile. It was only after getting to the bottom of a box of her tops that she had heard the faint little jingle. A quizzed look on her features as she dug through tops, seeing a discolored paw that had once been white as snow sticking out from the clothes. “Bojangles…” She whispered as she pulled the dog from its fabric prison. “Bojangles!” She giggled, fixing the little hat on its head, the twinge of pain in her heart. Aiden had once been so loving -- so kind. She never could figure out just why or how he had changed -- how he could have done such an inhumane thing to their mother. Her thoughts had wandered off again, only to come back to the face of Bojangles staring at her. “ deserve a bath and a good home.” A manicured finger booped the nose of the stuffed animal, as though it could hear her. She was going to make someone elses Christmas merry and bright with her found friend.

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