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S𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔣𝔣 F𝔬𝔯𝔟𝔢𝔰

04/07/2020 05:39 PM 


coming soon


04/07/2020 05:28 PM 

Beacons Of Light


04/07/2020 05:06 PM 

A Sweet Dream

    "Last night I managed to sleep well though and it produced a wonderful dream. It was sort of Lord of the Rings meets the Chronicles of Narnia. Stop laughing! The strange thing about the dream was that towards the end it felt so familiar as if I dreamt Part 1 of the dream before.  In this dream I went from present day to a Narnia like world minus talking animals and Orcs. I did have some sort of powers though which were pretty cool. Anyway so I returned to this world to meet up with my husband, or at least I think he was. Either way there was this connection and deep love between us. The best part of it is this guy looked a lot like Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen). It was him meets Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes).  I traveled into this hotel with 2 present day friends in search of him. I knew he was in some kind of trouble and once he realized I came back he was upset because he was worried that I'd be captured or hurt.  I insisted that I came back to help him because it was my place to be along his side. He knew better than to fight that and so I traveled with him to a dark, abandoned castle.  This is where it starts feeling familiar. The moment we walk into the castle I realize it is our castle but for some reason it was taken over by some dark, evil spirit. He took me back outside and pleaded for me to return to the hotel to ensure that my friends were ok. I resisted but in the end agreed and let him go off into battle with some others. I returned to the castle at night and it was illuminated with bright lights. Beside me was a crowd, all looking up at the castle in awe. It was clear that they won the battle. My family even came up from behind me. I was astonished to see them there because they never believed in this part of my life until now. After a moment a guard comes up to me and says that I can enter and so I did with my family in tow. They were all mesmerized by how beautiful it was inside. I looked around but I was looking for "him". I started going up the stairs and this is where it all felt familiar to me again. I walk straight into this room where there was a large plasma screen (a large plasma screen in Narnia world- oooook) and started talking to it. I was thanking God for restoring good into the castle and around. (And I swear it was the voice of Liam Neeson because he does the voice of Aslan in the Chronicles). He spoke to me for a little bit and said that he hoped the family enjoyed the time in the castle. Then they walked in and he stopped talking so we all went to the balcony that was to the side and looked below. It was all present day people. They waved and I stood there confused because if I was in present day time then that meant 'he' wasn't around.  My family continued to walk around and I went back to the screen to talk to the voice. I wanted to know where he was...if he would appear to me like he had before (referring to Part 1 because apparently this was what always happened)  The voice didn't answer so I returned to the courtyard beside the balcony to see if he would appear to me. I looked at some statues to see if they'd transform and nothing. I closed my eyes to remember what had happened last time. (Part 1) I had returned to the courtyard the way I had just done and then turned to see him standing there. He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. I waited a second and opened my eyes, calling out for him but he wasn't there. And theeeen my mother woke me up and I was so mad because I didn't finish my dream lol. I tried going back to sleep to get back into it and couldn't. "


04/07/2020 04:13 PM 

The End of the Innocence

The End of the Innocence a drabble Lionheart /1606290 Sitting alone in his room, his mind was left in a drug induced haze. The pot had him in a relaxed state. The cold hard taste of reality kept drifting into his subconscious mind. He kept pushing it away with everything he had. Jeremy Gilbert had no desire to feel anything right now. He didn’t want to be reminded that his parents were dead. No one could tell him exactly why the Gilberts drove off the edge of Whickery Bridge that day. It was just a terrible awful accident. Elena was alive but they were gone.The smoke came out of his lips in a stream while he held the burning nub in his fingers. He had always been known as Elena’s little brother. They were the kids of a doctor, so they got everything they wanted. Jeremy still felt as though what he said or did didn’t matter. Elena was pretty, popular and a cheerleader. Jeremy was all things completely opposite of his sister. He sat in his room with a picture of his parents in his hand. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He wasn’t supposed to be an orphan at 15. He was so bound by grief he didn’t even hear the door open behind him. “Jer… you okay in there?” It was his Mom’s sister Jenna. She was just as lost as Jeremy and Elena were.He still had the marijuana in his hand. He didn’t even care if Jenna saw it or not. “Does it even matter anymore?” He mumbled. He was still sitting there a moment longer until he put the picture down on the bed beside him. He also snuffed out the smoldering joint in his hand. “I’m going out Aunt Jenna.” He didn’t bother listening to anything she had to say or even caring at this point. He just had to go.Fifteen minutes later he was bounding down the stairs and out the front door. He pulled his jacket up around his neck until the top of it reached his ears. His hands were shoved into the pockets. The only thing he could hear was the sounds of his feet hitting the pavement and his heart beating in his ears. He felt completely and utterly alone at this point. He just kept going. He didn’t have a specific destination in mind. He just needed to go out.It was fall so there was that slight chill in the air. He welcomed that cold because he actually felt something other than the deep sense of loss that came from losing your parents at such an early age. There wouldn’t be any more trips to the lake in the fall with bonfires and roasted marshmallows. There wouldn’t be any more weekend trips to Virginia Beach in the summer with volley ball and sunburns that made him feel like a lobster. There wouldn’t be any more birthdays with so much pizza it was coming out of his ears. What the hell was even going to happen at Christmas? It was all GONE.He hadn’t even noticed that his pace had quickened. Unspent tears made his brown eyes ache. Jeremy was so emotional right now, he tripped over his feet and fell to the ground in an unceremonious lump tearing his blue jeans in the process. The physical pain along with the emotional agony finally took it’s toll on the boy. Laying on the well manicured terrain of Mystic Falls Cemetery, Jeremy didn’t want to move. He finally gathered enough courage to stand up slowly brushing the dirt and the grass from his body. There was a superficial gash on his leg. He took out a handkerchief and tied it over the wound on his right leg to stop the bleeding. Jeremy turned his eyes to the sky. “Okay. I give up! What the hell else can you do to me huh?” His arms dropped back down to his sides where he felt his cell phone vibrating.Jeremy pulled out the device. With an angry look on his face. There was an unread message from Elena. What did she want now? Couldn’t any of them just leave him alone? He lost his mother. Were they trying to replace her? They just needed to back off and fast.Jer, where are you? Aunt Jenna is worried sick.The boy slammed the phone shut and slid it back into his pocket. He didn’t want to talk to Jenna or Elena right now. Jeremy needed to be alone. He was being smothered because he was the boy who lost his parents and almost lost his sister. He kept stomping through the cemetery past all the newer tombstones to find the old mausoleums. His temper was mounting again. Anger gave way to rage. Resentment, bitterness and despair all threatened to rip him apart on the inside. He stopped by a particular crypt where he and all his stoner friends used to just sit and do just about anything that any of them had in their pockets. Usually it was Jeremy who brought the goods so they all could just turn off their brains even for just a little while. This time he was alone. There was plenty of evidence of parties here and there. Jeremy just took a seat on a hickory stump and buried his head in his hands.The little lost lamb began to sob uncontrollably. Tears burst forth like a ruptured dam. He was for a brief moment a little boy who just wanted his mom and dad. The agony of loss and the end of innocence turned Jeremy Gilbert into a pile of conflicting emotions all at the worst possible moment for any human to endure. If this was what being an adult was like, he hated it already. He wished like hell that this was just a terrible nightmare. He would just sit up in his bed screaming having his mom just chase away all the monsters like she did when he was six years old.She was gone and so was his father. The monsters were here to stay. What was the young Gilbert going to do now?    None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive. credit: james kriet


04/07/2020 12:44 PM 

starter 3

All was calm and quiet that night at the Thorn residence, or so it seemed. Like usual Simon had fallen asleep sitting up on his bed with the desklamp on and still wearing his glasses. Almost every night he would fall asleep in some strange position mostly from staying up to all late hours trying to get papers for his classroom. It was rare for him to even get a good full night’s sleep. Being a full time high school teacher and being a full time father to two kids, and doing it all by himself, it was not easy. His daughter, Vada, had been the first one to doze off earlier that night. They were all in the living room watching a movie together when she had fallen asleep on his lap. Now, she was up in her own room, tucked in underneath her blanket tightly hugging one of her stuffed animals. For Ben, however, the night was not peaceful. While Ben’s eyes were shut, he kept twitching and turning in his sleep feeling rather disturbed. Strange images kept flashing in his mind as he tried to sleep. Almost like little film clips. It was an area he had never seen before. There were shelves with cans and bottles of chemicals on them and jars filled with strange things. The room was cold and damp and had this funny smell. Ben kept twitching nervously. He didn’t want to be there. The room was creepy. He wanted to go home. Then there it was again. A hand. A strange pale hand, holding what looked like a tiny knife. Then the hand moved very quickly and swiftly. Ben’s eyes sprang open as he sat up quickly in bed. “Just a dream,” he thought to himself as he took a deep breath. It was all just a dream. That’s what he kept telling himself as he took a look around his room. As he did so he came across a very tall dark shadowy figure standing in the doorframe of his room. Terrified, Ben quickly covered himself up with his blankets screaming in fright as loud as he possibly could. Hearing the sounds of a scared scream caused Simon to wake up rather quickly. Not even having to think for a second, Simon immediately sprang out of bed and ran down the hall to his son’s room. “Ben!” Simon opened the door to find his son hiding underneath his blankets and shaking. “Is he gone?” Ben asked underneath the covers. Simon sat down on the side of the bed. “There’s nobody here Ben. It was just a bad dream.” “No, he was here. He was in my room.” “Ben, take a look. I swear to you, there’s nobody here.” Ben hesistantly uncovered his eyes and took another look. Nobody was there except for him and his father. “It didn’t feel like a dream this time. It felt so real.” “I know,” Simon petted his hair trying to comfort him. “Those are the worst kind.” Simon spent a few more minutes in the room with his son. It took a little while, but eventually he got him to calm down enough to go back to sleep. Afterwards, Simon went back to his own room and went back to bed until morning.

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