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04/22/2019 11:36 PM 

Dean Winchester Family Tree
Current mood:  creative

Mother: Mary Campbell

Father: John Winchester
Brothers: Sam & Adam
Uncle: Bobby Singer
Current Lover: Cass E&L Dean
Exes: Lisa, Jo


04/22/2019 11:29 PM 

Harry Potter Family Tree
Current mood:  adventurous

Uncle: Vernon Dursely

Aunt: Petunia Dursley
Nephew: Dudley Dursley
Mother: Lily Evans
Father: James Potter
Godfather: Sirius Black
Cousin (Male):
Cousin (Female):

-Angel Grace;

04/22/2019 09:14 PM 

Angel Savoy - Writer needed
Current mood:  adored

When I first created Angel, she was to be written a specific way. At first, that happened, but she made the mistake of giving her heart away. Stupid girls do that from time to time. Now, her heart is closed to anyone who attempts to penetrate her trust. Never again! 

Angel is very much the submissive and she desires the guidance of a Dominate. This does not mean sex, just getting that out there. Sure, it can happen, but it's not fifty shades and she is not marrying anyone ever again. Once bitten, twice dead. Please understand that Domination is not humiliation. It is the exchange of power, not self respect. Angel has been celibate for about 9 months now, and until the writer feels safe again, she will remain that way. 

The Dominate may be in a committed relationship elsewhere, but he must not hide the fact that Angel is in his life. We will write in a group, and status. I do NOT believe in secrets. Angel will not put herself in a relationship with anyone else. She will remain faithful to the sub/Dom relationship. Sex is not my focus here. It's the mind f*** that makes me what to intensify my writing. I will not write sex with someone who bores me. Sorry, I am very twisted and that might offend some.

I will not rp with a Ryan Gosling EVER, nor a Lucky blue Smith. Sorry, but I can't. I prefer dark hair and 35 +. even though Angel is only 22. On a side note, she does have a daughter. The child is in no way a part of this commitment. The child has a father, but there is only friendship between him and Angel. 

On another side note. If you know that we, us, do not get along, do not try and become this as a joke. I have spent the last year in hell and I am not willing to risk my health again for it. I am only here to write. There will be no exchange of any rl information. 

LINE:  rip2018
Discord: available upon request

Anya Jenkins © (BTVS Selective)

04/22/2019 05:22 PM 

Need Mains :

( He's already taken by someone unrelated to our storyline )
  • Xander ( Might Be Closed )

Love Interest 


Xander or Giles 

:: must communicate and respond  to storyline regularly or as often as possible  with the same effort . . . .

same goes for any main roles filled :) trying to keep the verse alive and active :)

  • Buffy OPEN 

  • Dawn OPEN 

  • Willow OPEN 

  • Tara OPEN 

  • Etc ...

Tòmas Ian McCall (McCall's Son)

04/22/2019 01:13 PM 

My Mains

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| Sweet Sacrifice  | Davina Claire | Multi genre |


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