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holy honey.

12/12/2018 05:31 PM 

✞ [ NPC, 001 ] immediate family.


also known as beez, beezley, and bubs, june's cat is one of the only creatures in her life that truthfully understands her. she is named for how june thought the demon's name was spelt, chiefly to spite her parents and also because she is a monster. while she isn't sure of her breed, she is a burmese and essentially fully grown. sensitive, snuggly, and always waiting for her when she gets home from work, she makes her house a home, and refuses to sleep anywhere that isn't june's bed. she generally gets along with other human beings, though she doesn't see them often, but doesn't like other cats because she cannot chew on them.


the longtime wife of adam blair and june's mother, she hasn't spoken to her daughter in over two and a half years. a christian scientist who exposed her daughter to illness in an attempt to cure her with prayer, she is horribly emotionally disconnected from her only child, and hasn't made an effort to see her since she left their house, all while despising her husband for his minimal contact with her. charming and convincing almost to a fault, she has a tendency to unconsciously manipulate those who she comes into contact with, and is considerably selfish, putting her needs before those of her family nearly always. nancy, just as her daughter does, suffers from borderline personality disorder, but is dangerously unmedicated due to her beliefs.


june's father and nancy's husband, a major figure in the incredibly small christian science community despite making very few strides in his field. formerly lutheran, adam identified himself with faith healers until the early 90s, when he discovered works by mary baker eddy. unlike his wife, who has a genuine mental illness that affected her conversion to the church, he is relatively mentally healthy, and he doesn't attribute his faith to delusion, despite his daughter thinking otherwise. after his daughter left his care in 2016, he felt considerable guilt, though made no attempts to apologize or bring her back into the family home. he has visited her apartment once in the meantime, much to the displeasure of nancy, and considers their relationship to be strained, but not wholly negative. 


Abernathy Lane~

12/12/2018 02:16 PM 

All in a days work - Power Overview -1

All in a days work                                               11:00:PM 12/11/18                    

“Sins, sins, so many sins.”

 Who’s thinking that? Abernathy turned around and looked at the local bar and grill. The restaurant slowly started to fill as it was nearing dinner time. She looked around the room wondering who was thinking so strongly. Then she saw a corner table where it woman looked past her meal to the wooden table lost in thought.

“Why did I let him-” Abernathy turned away tuning her out. Whoever she was she was obviously experiencing so much emotional stress she was thinking loudly. Abernathy straightened her back and took a deep breath slowly exhaling as she closed her icy blue eyes. She knew better than to try to help her. If she even neared she probably would have just made things worse. She thought before letting her mind glow blank. Clearing her head, relaxing, letting the world pass around her. Listening to tiny bits of peoples verbal conversations instead of mental ones. She couldn’t help but hear the man sitting at the bar next to her.

“Alright, take it easy…going back to see the wife,” he said as he slid off his barstool along a plastic thunk sound. She swallowed as she slowly raised her eyelids and stared at the floor next to her, she noticed that man had dropped his credit card. She rolled her eyes and looked around quickly contemplating what to do with it. She could give it back to the bartender and let him return it to the owner. Maybe she should just let someone else pick it up. She looked around as a waitress passed by and did not notice the card walking quickly holding a tray of food. She waited for another minute. If he can waste his card on alcohol, he isn’t that much in a dire need. She suddenly stretched her leg out and placed her foot down on the credit card and slid it closer to her. She quickly bent down and picked up the card. It was a Discover Card, Platinum, Edward Byers, she read the name of the card. When suddenly she heard a loud crash a few feet away. She swallowed as she saw parts of a meal that looked like her steak and sides she ordered. She rolled her eyes before closing them once more.

Soon a plate arrived it was another steak dish, different sides, but she was too hungry to care. She immediately picked up her fork and knife and started to cut the tender steak. Two minutes later the waiter came back.

“I’m sorry was that your meal? I think I may have given you the wrong plate?” he asked. Abernathy looked up smiling her mouth still chewing the second peace she had just stuff in her mouth.

“Nope, you should have thought of that sooner, huh?” she teased. She looked down and smiled. “Does this garnish have nuts? I did say I was allergic to nuts…didn’t I?” she said looking down examining the garnish closely.


“Are you sure? I could have sworn I did!” she said strongly.

“She did I saw it,” an older woman came from behind. “This is the second meal you messed up this week!” she said to the waiter strongly. Abernathy looked down at her plate trying her best not to smirk.

Soon she walked towards a local bar carrying a brown bag from her free meal. She paused as she stared at the TV. Some images of some superhero off saving the day caught off someone’s cell. She stared at the pawn shop’s window briefly before moving on. She entered the bar and sat down and took out the credit card. “I’m starting a tab, it’s my boyfriend’s card,” she said sliding it over. The young bartender looked at briefly sliding it toward him.

“What’ll be?” he asked.

“Make me a Cosmo,” she said feeling lucky. After a few drinks, the bar picked up. An older gentleman sat next to her, he was well dressed, smelt good, he was wearing gaudy rings in every finger of his hand. She perked a brow as she placed her elbow on the bar and propped up her head, leaning against her hand. “Never saw you around here before. Come here often?” she asked with a small smile. After an hour of chatting with the older gentleman who owned his own contracting company and was usually not at this side of town, she listened to him. He was honest, his thoughts going along with his speech, only half a seconds apart it seems. She stared at him as she ordered him another drink of his choice.

“It’s getting late, I should go,” he said with a sigh.

“Na-ah-ah, this round is on me, come on, shots on me!” she said ordering two shots of bourbon.  She smiles waiting for the Bartender to serve their shots. “Can I see that one, I kept looking at it all night, is it real?” she asked innocently. The man smiled and showed him his hand full of rings.

“Sure is sweetheart,” he said proudly. She admired the gaudy rings and smiled as he took his hand back and grabbed his shot. “Bottoms up!” he said and they both drank their bourbon. “Alright pretty little thing I gotta go,” he said.

“No way, one more round, you lightweight!” she teased asking for another round. The man gave a hearty chuckle.

“I ain’t no lightweight,” he said strongly. She smiled brightly.

“Oh yeah, prove it!” she said picking up her shot. She stared at him as she prodded his mind slowly intoxicated, hers as well, but he had two beers, and three shots, she had one beer and two shots. She could sense the worry in his mind, the sound of a woman’s voice nagging came to her ears with brief flashes of the woman, arguing in front of a tv. She was in, liked a crack safe, she placed down her shot glass seemingly empty but a bit of liquid spilled out from the side and a few droplets could be seen on the wooden bar. A small illusion nothing more. She tilted her head as the man’s hand slightly shook as he pulled off the ring she had her eye on and slowly handed it to her. She smiled as she took it in her hand. “That one too,” she said eyeing the pinky ring.

“What?” a bartender who was scoping out the bar as she cleaned a small glass with a moist rag. She quickly glanced at his direction her blue eyes sharp when suddenly the glass slipped and fell shattering. “Sh*t,” he swore looking at the mess he just made. Her eyes were already back on the man handing her his pinky ring as well. She grabbed a hold of it, she felt them both in her closed palms.

“Oooh you’re right it is getting late, I better head home, thanks for the company,” she said grabbing her food and sliding off her bar stool and heading out.  She quickly pocketed the rings as she started to walk home, which was six blocks away but the side of town, city blocks, were actually a small walk. She walked down the street passing a few of the locals who knew her and greeted her. Some aware of what she was other’s not. She saw a tall black man with small braids eyeing her. Something was off she walked past him when she heard a click of a gun by her ear.

“Your money, your jewelry, your phone now,” he said. Abernathy turned holding her hands up dropping her food. She took a deep breath trying to sense his fears all the while grabbing her phone out of her pocket and handing it over.

“Here,” she said her mind racing. The thug grabbed her phone and opened it. She could hear the sounds of sirens echoing in his mind.

“A Tracphone? F***ing serious!?” he said angrily tossing her phone aside. “Your money now!” he demanded. Abernathy turned her head towards the street the sound of a cop car, giving its warning siren along with its lights blinking. It slowly turned to a stop. “F***,” was the last thing she heard as the man ran down the nearest alley and took off into the shadows. She took a deep breath as she watched him go for good and looked back at the street. Empty for a mere moment until a car made a sharp turn and drove past. She grabbed her phone and food before walking quickly examining the damage of her phone. She shook her head angry and bitter, wondering why she stayed in such a neighborhood. “Oh yeah it’s cheap,” she said to herself.

She walked up and placed the bag of food by her landlord. It took her weeks to convince him she was his long-lost daughter from a one night stand years ago. So the rent was even cheaper and when she was late he was more forgiving. Little gestures like stopping by and checking up or leaving him gifts like food or drinks seemed to ease him. She made it to her door and looked up, the protection wards eyed the protection wards that was by the foot of her door. Old magick tried and true. Whatever the case was it seemed to work. She unlocked the door and stepped into her studio apartment. She turned on the lights looking around making sure the window was secured as well. After a few minutes, she took out her rings and placed them on a small table by the couch and change into her PJ’s. She pulled out the bed from the couch, turned off the lights and hopped onto her bed.

She laid there on her back, feeling the coils from the thin mattress, trying to push away the events that happened during the day. She picked up rings and examined it. One of them would be good enough for the month’s rent. The other not so much, she placed the pink ring on her finger it was still too big. Too bad, she decided she’d pawn both of them. She placed them back on the table and turned to her side facing her window, the shade covering most of the light from the streetlight outside.  


1473376 Ron

12/12/2018 01:32 PM 

A storyline (first one btw her and me) NotWithinGroup plot. separate sl

Narrator Voice : School is back in session Voldemort has returned thanks to the death eaters with their dark magic spell castings and Dumbledore is alive again because he hitched a ride with Voldemort .... 

Harry looks at Ron "I can't do it Ron I can't kill Dumbledore " 

Ron looks at Harry confused Harry is in a bit of a haze 

Harry sighs a bit emotionally "They will both die if I kill Voldemort, Dumbledore will die too .." 

Ron pats Harry on the back letting him sob on his shoulder Ron looks up at 

Hermione who just entered the room with books on dark spells "We can possibly unlink them with the right spell but we must take extreme precaution no one knows the after affects of this because it's never been accomplished " Hermione sighs as she sits at the close desk opening the books. 

Ɠeɳtle Ɠiaɳt

12/12/2018 01:10 PM 

The Hunted

The HuntedSam Winchester/The Weasley
“I don’t like it Sam.  Not one little bit!”  The voice of Dean Winchester echoed through the other end.  Sam was alone in Salem Massachusetts following up on a few connections of his own.  “You’re right in the heart of Witch Central Sammy.   You better keep in touch.  You hear me?”   Dean’s voice was full of worry yet trying to reflect that he had confidence in his brother’s ability to handle anything coming his way.

Sam had the phone on speaker as he sat in the hotel room stocking up on his load of witch killing bullets.  He slid the clip out and shoved it back in again.  “I’ll be fine Dean.  I’m a big boy now.”  He had to poke at his brother just a little seeing that they were basically on opposite sides of the country at the moment.  “You enjoy the Pacific Northwest.  I’ll see you in a few days.”

“Enjoy WHAT?  It’s freaking cold and wet here Sammy.  All I gotta say is that is this lead better pan out.  It would be nice to finally find Kelly and Cas before any of the other sons of bitches do.”   It was clearly evident in the words and actions of Dean Winchester he didn’t like the separation from his brother.  “You’ll call me when you get something?”

Sam had his gun ready and in his right hand.  He stood up sliding it in his waistband behind the small of his back.  “Of course I will.”   He retorted with a slight condescending tone.   Dean had a habit of making him feel like he was that gangly kid doing research on a kitsune in the lore almost 20 years prior.  “Now go find Castiel.  You’ll have better luck with that than I will.”   He could hear his brother thinking of other things to bandy about in conversation to him as Sam tapped the phone app to turn off ending the call.  Pocketing his phone, he headed out of the hotel that he’d decided to make his hidey hole for now.

The town of Salem itself had a historical significance in the history of witches and witchcraft.  Sam was acutely aware of the history of the town because of all the lore he’d read.  He pulled his familiar tan jacket over his shoulders just a little tighter as he headed into the heart of Salem.  There were a few people there who took advantage of the history of the town and made money from it.  Sam was not surprised at that because he was acutely familiar with human nature.  The almighty dollar was something that would lure in just about anyone with half a brain.   He stepped inside a new age type shop with crystals and the such.   He tried to blend in with the crowds that were milling around looking for the latest way to cleanse their auras and all that sort of thing that didn’t amuse the younger Winchester in any fashion.   A casual glance upward caught a view of two boys that were in their late teens possibly early twenties.  They were identical twins from Sam could tell.  The boys were standing just outside of the door to the shop where Sam stood behind a shelf near the front door.   The two boys were so out of place.  Sam felt his more base instincts kick in, so he decided to watch over them as they stood outside.

He kept an eye on them from his spot inside the store.  They seemed as though they were lost.  The look on the boys was something that Sam himself knew all too well.  It was the look of exhaustion.  These twins had been to hell and back somehow by the looks of them.   If anyone could understand what it was like to fight for your life, Sam Winchester did.  He saw that same look in these boys.  Whatever they had been through,  he had no idea.  He started toward the door of the shop to follow after them at a safe distance.

It all happened so quickly.   The black limousine pulled up beside the boys.  The window was rolling downward with a steady hum with an electric locking device.  The morning sun glinted off the barrel of the automatic weapon that started to lift over the edge of the window.   Sam wasted no time in running toward the boys tackling them to the ground.   The sounds of the bullets whizzed over Sam’s head striking the building behind him.   The tires of the automobile squealed as the car raced off into the streets of Salem. Sam stood up slowly once he was sure that the boys were out of danger.   He offered his hands to them to help them up onto their feet.  “Sorry that happened guys.  You okay?”   He looked them over hoping that they weren’t seriously hurt.  Somebody pretty important took potshots at these kids and Sam wanted to know why.

Gentle Giant ~ Sam Winchester.

whiskey tongue.

12/12/2018 12:28 PM 


 it's trivial, to know all of these things.

to know how you like your honey in your tea, your favorite band, or the reason for the scar on your left knee. to listen to your favorite song and pick out which lyrics stood out to you the most, how you interpret their meaning. to know your sisters names, your brothers age. your fathers tastes and your mothers place of living. i know how one cheek will crease further when you smile, and the amount of dimples that sink into your features when you laugh and how it feels to have your breath coating my throat in a heavy fog while we exchange such sweet vocals in an orchestraic way that makes my chest feel tight even lingering on.

i know what it feels like to love somebody -
but i never thought that i could love someone,
and loathe them all the same.

i never thought that you could want to hold somebody, and also push them away.

i never would have imagined the hole that forms in my chest when i hear the familiar melody of somebodies favorite song. to understand that very meaning. to think of their brother, their sister, their father, their mother when hearing a strangers exchange. the way the whites in my eyes burn such a vibrant red as the mist threatens to fall as the pleasant memories that visit me in the middle of the night are simply washed away with pain in the morning.

i never knew,
and i wish it would go away.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.