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Dixie Mae

04/22/2019 05:27 PM 


last updated: 4..22.19

i owe you
- Bennett  4.22.19
- Ella 4.22.19
- Abel 4.22.19
- Jo 4.21.19
-Ainsleigh 4.23.19

you owe me
- Jax 4.23.19 
- name date
- name date

LTCMR Steve McGarrett

04/22/2019 05:13 PM 

Looking for role to be filled

Looking for an active Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five O who ships McRollins 

If I could get someone with an Alex O'Loughlin face that would make an effort. And actually stay for once. That is all I ask. Anyone out there willing to help...­čÖĆ I can even make the account if needed. 
Fc:Alex O'Loughlin 
Be active 
Be creative 
Some knowledge of verse 
Drama free oc 
Contact Lt.Catherine Rollins for info or questions 
┬░Thank you in advance┬░

Mariah Rollins

04/22/2019 03:04 PM 

Looking For Love interest
Current mood:  lonely

Faceclaim Required:Reece Hawkins

Things I look for 

*Message me to find out

Just looking for a guy that plays this faceclaim and doesnt abuse it.Doesnt make the person look like a bad guy.I want a real man not a child that is petty and cant even take care of himself.

Mariah Marie Rose Rollins

#LoveInterestNeeded #RealMan #Storyline


04/22/2019 12:17 PM 

Leann Family Tree
Current mood:  blessed

Targaryan royal here (Biological Son)

Harry James Potter (Son-in-law)
Castiel Novak Winchester (First Lover)
Dean Winchester (Second Lover) 
Bobby Singer (Family Car Repair Man)


04/22/2019 11:53 PM 

Current mood:  angry

1. Arwen undomiel ~FOS~

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