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Serpent Sorcerer

01/26/2020 10:05 PM 


I hate doing rules but sometimes they are very much needed. So, doing rules I shall unfortunately be doing. Disclaimer: I am not Jafar nor do I claim to be. I am a writer/role-player. I chose to play this character strictly because he has always been my favorite villain and my Emma swan asked me to play him for her. The pictures, and all material belong to ABC and the show Once Upon a Time or my talented Emma swan made them for me. I have not copied any material other than what is in the show and created by me, in my own mind. I am not the actor Naveen Andrews. I do not look like him in real life (I am female for one lol) nor do I have any attachment to him. Please read carefully my rules of writing and role playing below: which I did indeed steal from my Swan. Love you girl!1.) DO NOT GOD MODE me. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW THE DEFINITION OF GOD MODING IT MEANS TRYING TO CONTROL ANOTHER PERSON'S CHARACTER IN WRITING OR WHEN WRITING. DON'T DO IT. IT'S NOT BRAIN SCIENCE AND I WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED BY ANY OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN MYSELF. 2.) DO NOT RUSH ME FOR REPLIES. I'M VERY BUSY OOC. I HAVE PLENTY OF THINGS TO DO AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. RUSHING ME FOR A REPLY WILL TURN ME AGAINST YOU QUICKER THAN ANYTHING. I work at a 24/7 daycare in the office from 3pm to 11pm on Wednesday to sunday. monday and tuesdays are usually the days i get on if i don’t sneak on at work.  3.) SINGLE LOVE INTEREST. I'M A SINGLE LOVE INTEREST TYPE PERSON on this account because i found the perfect person to complete jafar: my emma swan. me and her ARe BEST FRIENDS OOC AND she HAs BEEN WRITING WITH ME FOR YEARS. jafar WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SOLID RELATIONSHIP WITH Her AND Her ONLY! sorry to those who thought they have a chance  4.) NO STEALING GRAPHICS. I did not create any of them. those brilliant manips and other stuff you see have been created by an absolute master at making graphics. if someone tries stealing her masterpieces for THEMSELVES, i will let her know right away so she can blacklist said person.  5.) NO STEALING MY STORYLINES. CREATIVITY MY DEARS! THAT'S WHERE THIS COMES TO PLAY. YOU HAVE AN IMAGINATION ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ROLE PLAY AND WRITE. USE IT. DON'T STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S HARD WORK. I WILL NOT STEAL ANOTHER PERSON'S STORYLINES AND BACKSTORY EVER!  6.) CONNECTIONS. I HAVE MAIN CONNECTIONS ON THIS PAGE THAT I'VE HAD FOR YEARS AND THOSE ARE AS FOLLOWS: white guardian and white flower. THEY WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN HIGH REGARD WITH ME AND WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST WITH ME NO MATTER WHAT. I WILL ALWAYS WELCOME CONNECTIONS THAT I DO NOT HAVE BUT DO NOT EVER ASK ME TO PUT YOU BEFORE I DO THESE WONDERFUL AMAZING PEOPLE!  7.) LITERACY IS A MUST. YOU MUST HAVE SOME KNOWLEDGE OF FAIRYTALES OR ONCE UPON A TIME BEFORE WRITING WITH ME. I DO WELCOME CROSSOVERS IF THEY ARE WITHIN REASON. YOU CAN CROSSOVER ANYTHING AND IT TAKES CREATIVITY TO DO THAT. BUT LITERACY IN WRITING IS A MUST. THERE IS A BUTTON CALLED SPELLCHECK. USE IT. i understand if english is not your first language so please tell me that before we rp that way i know.  8.) MULTI PARA TO NOVELLA. THIS REALLY IRKS ME. I'VE SPENT SEVERAL MINUTES DOING YOUR REPLY AND MY REPLY TO YOU WAS AT LEAST FOUR MAJOR PARAGRAPHS. I EXPECT SOME RESEMBLANCE OF THE SAME. I AM A WRITER, IT'S WHAT I CHOSE TO DO AND WHY I WRITE jafar. PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. NOT ASKING FOR NOVELLA, JUST SOMETHING TO WORK WITH.  9.) WRITING. I'M HERE FOR IT. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU PUT SOME CREATIVITY IN YOUR WRITING. EVERYONE HAS WHAT THEY CALL A WRITING MUSE. IF YOUR MUSE JUST ISN'T WITH IT, TELL ME. I WON'T BE MAD AT YOU FOR CUTTING OUR STORYLINE. JUST COMMUNICATE WITH ME! IT'S ALL I ASK IF YOU ARE GOING TO VANISH OR YOU WANT TO STOP WRITING A CHARACTER. IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO ADD CONNECTIONS TO A LAYOUT. DON'T DELETE AND REMAKE A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE DECIDING TO STAY.  10.) no drama. if you have an issue with me, my li or anyone else i talk to on a daily basis here that is all fine and dandy. just take that sh*t elsewhere. i am too grown (turning 29 this april) for the high school drama. if you cannot come to me or the people who you are having issues with then just delete me. i will always back up my friends. they will always have my back.

Athena Petrova Salvatore

01/26/2020 09:39 PM 

Athena Petrova Salvatore

The name is Athena Petrova Salvatore and I am the daughter of Katerina Petrova A.K.A Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore. If you must know I hate my mother with a passion. Not only is she the first vampire to give birth to a vampire but she gave me away and I moved around from foster home to foster home of witches. I know all about her and her games but I’m a daddies girl and I’m quiet the bitch. So if ya want to start a connection let me know


01/26/2020 09:22 PM 

Spoilers Something I found inspirational

heavenjadwigaFollowMaiden, Mother, CroneOkay. *Spoilers* So there’s a lot that happened in season 3 of CAOS but the scene that I am eager to speak on first is the one where the women of the coven are trying to bring back Hilda. I found myself so moved by it that I kept on replaying that scene over and over, and over. It was just so powerful. The acting being more than just taking on a character and changing of facial expressions but also the conviction in the voice of Miranda Otto as Zelda, a sister determined to bring her sister back from the dead. The entire scene of them calling upon the Goddess Hecate, being in a circle of womanhood- hands bound together while the males could only watch on the side- was nothing short of powerful. Roz being a part of that circle, while she is not a witch, she is a human with mystical gifts and it just felt empowering and emotional to me. The tears would not stop coming. It was a moment of sisterhood, motherhood and womanhood. This show has countless times referenced the ways women are not respected or viewed as capable as their male counterparts. *Zelda having to hide Leticia from Blackwood because she was born first, Sabrina having to challenge for position of Top Boy, Father Blackwood refusing to give Prudence his name, the vampire telling Sabrina she is beautiful and ordering her to tell him thanks as if he had any right in making her beautiful or him taking a bite out of her without her consent, etc. The times that women are challenged in this show is crazy. So for this scene to make the men unable to actually take part but freely give their support while they call on a female deity is incredible. I cannot stop going on about this scene but the lines “WE CALL ON…OURSELVES, THE POWERS THAT HAVE BEEN DENIED US.” The powers that have been denied us. The powers that have been denied to us. The. Powers. That. Have. Been. Denied. Us. All the while, as those words are freed from Zelda’s mouth, she shuts her eyes and motions her arms down in such a way that brings out frustration, anger, pain, lack of respect. She is calling upon this Goddess, praying to her and begging her not only as a servant but as a woman.It’s nice to have representation, in all aspects. Such as a person of color seeing characters that are depicted in positive un-stereotypical roles. Or as girls and women seeing other women in positions of power or as Goddesses. Without going in too deep on this topic, I just want to say how impactful it is to even have the thought of Goddesses. If I was a witch in that universe, I would wish to pray to one and not solely a male figure one. There are numerous times where we are united by the experiences other women have faced. “We call on ourselves”. Times when only we can understand and truly relate. Women are strong. I view this scene as a way of embracing and being fully aware of this strength. A coming togetherness that unites this strength. Again, that scene was one of the most powerful scenes of the entire show.


01/26/2020 06:25 PM 


Reality has no place in our world.People are particularly stupid today.I can be flexible as long as everything is exactly the way I want it.Think of how dull your life would be without me.I'm afraid once your heart's involved it all comes out in moron.I love you, you idiot.Oh my god, he kissed me.You jump, I jump, Jack!No men. Just lots and lots of Chinese food.It's my responsibility as your best friend to make sure you do exciting things even when don't want to.I am attracted to pie, but I do not feel the need to date pie.You have to sleep, it’s what keeps you pretty.Coffee, please, and a shot of cynicism.People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute.In Omnia Paratus - ready for anything.I'm sorry, I thought this was the uniform.I’m fine. I’m great. It’s a big, fat, happy, sunshine day for me.You’re breaking up. The house is going through a tunnel.A little nervous breakdown can work wonders for a girl.I smell snow.If you're going to throw your life away he better have a motorcycle!I hate when I'm an idiot and don't know it. I like being aware of my idiocy.Hey, I have a huge dilemma that I need your opinion on. Am I more beautiful today than yesterday?Oy with the poodles already!You gotta realize the only way out is in a body bag.Gnome kicking says a lot about a man's character.You have to tell me why we're committing a felony before we do it.Then give me a boa and drive me to Reno because I'm open for business!Well, I'll bring d*ck up on the internet and see what comes up.Cranking Metallica. Is that some sort of drug reference? It's not funny.This town is like one big outpatient mental institution.


01/26/2020 04:59 PM 

It's a dirty game [Drabble]

Fran felt as though she had been staring at the wall for what seemed like an hour – and in all likelihood, it was. She had spread samples across this one particular wall in the parlour of the soon-to-be Inn and tried to work out which would create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. She suddenly saw a hand drop in front of her face holding a mirror, startling her slightly. ”What the f***?” She blinked, her eyes drifting around to see who was responsible.‘Oh good, you’re still breathing. For a second there, I thought you were dead.’ She gave a half shrug, her face expressionless. ‘Thought I might have had to look for another job…although at the length of time it takes you to choose a colour for one room, one might as well already be on the job market.’ She folded her arms across her chest before turning to look at the wall. ‘Reconsidering leaving the DA’s office yet?’ She mused, her eyebrow raised slightly as she turned to look at Fran. Considering everything she had left the DA’s office for, Fran had no regrets. She was questioning the whole opening an Inn thing currently though, and also questioning why she brought her assistant from her last job here. ”Nope. Though I am reconsidering my idea to bring you here.” ‘Fran, you wound me. As I’m sure you’re well aware though, you’ll fail within a week without my business acumen to lend a hand.’ Fran cast her a sideways glance knowing the amount of bullsh*t that was coming from her mouth at that particular moment.  She would have protested to that had it not been for her phone ringing. Finally, someone to save her from her misery. ”Hello? It was not a number that she recognised, but the voice on the other end was. ‘Hi Fran. Chris is here, he’s a mess…I’d explain more, but I’m trying to make sure these thugs don’t wreck my bar. Could you just please get down here?’ Fran tossed her head back with a loud sigh before hanging up. Of course. Chris. Her eldest brother and the biggest train wreck she knew besides the person who had just called. ”Stare at the wall, see if you can’t pull some inspiration. I have to deal with a mess.” The bar in question wasn’t terribly far, but Fran had a growing feeling of unease as to what she was about to walk into. Her brother had been in bother with gambling for years, so it wouldn’t surprise her if the thugs in question were guys who Chris owed money to. She had various scenarios running through her head at that particular moment. Was he going to be beaten to a bloody pulp? Was he going to be missing any fingers? An ear maybe? Sure he could probably defend himself, but if he’d lost big; which she knew he would have – he would have hit the bottle. Now sober Chris would be able to handle himself pretty well, drunk Chris was an entirely different story. It took a whole lot out of Fran even setting foot in that bar. It tended to attract a certain clientele – the kind who knew exactly what went on in that back room. Some of the customers were cops, some from the same line of work as herself; and some rather unsavoury characters like the ones her brother had seemingly gotten mixed up in. As she entered the establishment, she felt eyes on her almost immediately, and not necessarily for good reason. She knew that the chances of her putting away at least one of the customers in here were quite high. It wasn’t as though the illegal poker game in the back was signposted, but you knew where to look when you tended to get wrapped up in this sh*t every now and again. Before she made it to the door though, a figure stepped in front of her, a hand held out. ”Are you sh*tting me?” She stared her down, only to receive the same glare back. ”I told you before, he rocks up here wanting to join in; you tell him to take a hike. How difficult is that for you to comprehend?” Of course, it was basically like speaking to yet another version of Chris. This was just one more person who just did not know when to quit. Sometimes life hit you hard in unexpected ways, but the way that the two of them had dealt with their own demons sent them on this path of self-destructive behaviour. ‘Well, you know him…he’s like a Pitbull on a pant leg. If it wasn’t here, it would be somewhere else. And I doubt that anywhere else knows who to call when he…well, you’ll see.’ Fran narrowed her eyes at her and shook her head slowly. ”How much is he down?” She was almost afraid to ask that question. He’d spent years squandering his trust fund or whatever else he could get his hands on. Sometimes he got lucky; but most of the time he ended up in a mess. ‘Eight grand.’ Fran’s eyes rolled back, and she could almost swear she’d passed out for a few seconds. It wasn’t even remotely the most he’d lost, but it still hit with quite a punch when Fran learned what had happened. ‘I mean, he had a pretty good run but…just got unlucky I guess.’ It was as though she could feel the wind leaving her. She shook her head slowly, her fingertips rubbing her temples. “Doesn't matter which way you spin this Lucky, he's a mess.” She cleared her throat before glaring at her again. “Mind stepping aside?” Walking in, she could see him leaned over the table, the top buttons of his shirt undone as though they had been in some way restricting his airways. His hair was disheveled, he looked like he hadn't slept for days…which made her curious considering how hammered he seemed at that moment. In all honesty with the phone call she got, she half expected him to be horizontal and bruised. Instead he was just broken, and the sight of him brought an incredible sadness to Fran. How did this get so out of control? “Hey big brother.” Instead of going in there ready to rage at him, she felt herself soften as she crouched slightly by his side. She eyed the other four guys sitting around the table, all still seemingly focused on their cards rather than on Chris. 'Franny, what are you doing here?’ He could barely keep his eyes open and his words were slurring. “Time to go.” She patted his arm gently before gesturing for him to get up. “Come on, I'll drive you home.” This was just met by a slight grunt from Chris, a barely audible one at that. “Lucky, could you please get him a coffee?” ‘This is a bar.’ The words left her as though no other explanation was needed. “Yes, and an impromptu casino. So I'm sure you could somehow find a coffee out there.” She bit back, grinding her teeth slightly. She was in no mood for her bullsh*t. “Please.” She repeated the word as though it was somehow a secret code to get what she wanted. What she really wanted was to just leave this place, but instead she was here trying to find a way for her brother to leave with her. As Lucky left the room with a huff and a roll of her eyes, a deep voice boomed across the table. ‘Well, he better sober up quick and get back in the game, he owes me.’ Frans face seemed to turn almost to stone as she looked at the man. 'I'm sure Lucky already filled you in on how down he was? Yeah well, that was my money.’ Lucky reappeared with the coffee and handed it to Chris, all the while Fran kept her glare on the thug sitting across the table. ”What is your point exactly?” Fran was never one to beat around the bush, and she wasn’t about to start now. Her scowl was fixed onto the man at the opposite end of the table from herself. ‘Well, seems to me that it is only fair that he find the money to pay me back.’ He eyed up the ex-prosecutor carefully, a grin tugging at the corners of his lips. ‘I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.’ Her eyes narrowed on him. That scumbag. ”Or I can settle this some other way. We play a round, I win; you forget his debts. You win…I’ll have the money transferred to you.” She cleared her throat. She meant business, but did she actually have that much money in her account to transfer across? Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. It didn’t always come down to the hand that you were dealt in poker, it mostly came down to who was the better liar. Scumbags eyes rolled back slightly and he turned up his palms in defeat. ‘Okay fine. Luck are you going to deal us in?’ Lucky looked tense, and was at a loss for words. She glanced in Fran’s direction who simply nodded her head in defeat. Fran let out a deep breath before composing herself. ‘You look nervous there lady.’ He wore a grin on his face, to which she returned a scowl. ”Not nervous. Just thought that dealing with trash like yourself was something I would never have to do again.” Her words clearly hit a nerve. He leaned forward and cracked his knuckles, any cockiness disappeared from his face in the blink of an eye. He cleared his throat, his eyes drifting to Lucky as she began dealing them in. Fran was nervous. There was a lot at stake here, and she wasn’t in the habit of gambling away her funds. Gambling wasn’t in her nature, she had way too much to lose and it wasn’t just about the money. She had spent so long building up her life and her livelihood; and here she was, trying to bail her brother out of another mess. Scumbag glanced at the cards he was dealt, his teeth gritted slightly before his focus turned towards Fran. He tossed in another couple of chips. ‘Raise…Maybe you can walk out of here with more than you actually bargained for.’ Fran glanced down at her own. A pair of tens and a pair of sixes…not the greatest of hands, but it didn’t necessarily matter. Her eyes fixed onto her opponent. Should she call his bluff, she could stand to lose a lot more than she actually had in mind. His teeth grinding together and the bead of sweat on his forehead was enough to convince her. She tossed in a couple of chips of her own, her face remaining stone-like. With that, he placed his cards up, a smug look forming on his face. Fran’s stomach dropped. She was almost too nervous to glance down to see the damage. But, being a bit of a glutton for punishment, she allowed herself a glance. A pair of aces. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Fran turned her own cards up. The fury on his face was almost instant. ”I’m sorry, but like I said; I have dealt with trash like you before. I’d like to think that working as a lawyer for so long afforded me the ability to read complete bullsh*t almost instantly.” She grinned widely. ”You can forget the extra bit. But my brother’s debt is now settled.” With that, she let out a deep breath and pushed her chair back. ”Chris, come on.”She put her hand on his arm to steady him slightly before heading out of the room. ‘Rematch.’ She stopped in her tracks, her brows furrowed slightly. Honestly, the thought of doing it again made her sick. The thought of what she could lose, how close she came to losing so much just to bail her d*ckhead brother out…yep, she could totally hurl at that. She turned to look at him, seeing slight desperation on his face. ”No…no thank you. I would rather not get sucked into this life.” She got Chris out into the air, almost instantly she felt as though she could faint, but her sheer willpower to get out of that place kept her upright. Making sure Chris was in the car and buckled up, Fran made her way around to the drivers side.  The drive was silent for the longest of times and she wasn’t that certain that he hadn’t just fallen asleep in the passenger seat. ”This has to stop Chris.” She managed to break the silence eventually. He cleared his throat and straightened up in his seat. ‘Relax Fran, it’s just a little bit of fun.’ A little bit of fun? Was he nuts? ”Fun? You call that fun?” She slammed on the breaks, stopping the car all of a sudden. ”Those people are not good people Chris. They are leaches. Do you even give a sh*t about what you could have lost there? What I could have lost there? For f***s sake Chris. I’m trying to get my life going here.” ‘Well no one told you to bail me out.’ His eyes were drooping slightly, maybe from the exhaustion, maybe from the drink. Who knew at this point? ‘It’s not like you had to. No one was pointing a gun at your head.’ God, sometimes she could really smack him silly. ”No they didn’t. But you’re my brother. You’re my family. And I’ll be damned if I’m about to let you destroy yourself like that.” ‘Family…You do realise you’re not though right?’ Fran looked at him in confusion. What the hell was he even talking about now? Was this some dumb reference to her being the black sheep again? ”What are you talking about?” He was slouched down in his seat, his eyes drawing to a close. ‘Not a Caldwell. Ask mom, she can tell you.’ He cleared his throat. Fran just sat there staring at him in disbelief. What did he mean she wasn’t a Caldwell? ‘Can we go get a burger?’ She was still processing the last bit of information when she heard a horn blaring behind the car. She put the car back into drive and began moving again, in a daze. Not a Caldwell?  

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