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06/17/2019 10:27 PM 


The FamilyFatherMotherBrotherThe PastFirst LoveEx-boyfriendNot Quite a FriendThe Possey

Demi Lovato E&L Alexandra Gomez

06/17/2019 02:32 PM 

About Real Life.

I am a 22 year old girl. I had 2 siblings. I lost one to a swimming accident. I don’t have a job or anything because of my anxiety that I was diagnosed with at early age. I have problems remembering things. I have a eating disorder. I have thoughts about it but I’m eating now. I was bullied very badly a year ago. My birthday is September 9th. I love the Backstreet Boys. I can’t have any drama or stress because it will make my anxiety bad. I have panic attacks a lot and chest pains.

POD Nate

06/17/2019 02:11 PM 

Homeless man with a sign inner mind

What is time but an hourglass, that never turns over? The sand only moves one way. Day and night until it reaches its last grain. Only if time felt the pain of death. What would it say or do? For there will be a day even death catches up with time.  But how do we know when? Since every decade has those saying these years will be the last.  Perhaps once death takes its hold on us. We all awake and it's done and over. Like one does from a long nights slumber.  For it truly would be dread if we all are like logs being processed to lumber. For the days of thunder that cause those to wonder. Seem to be lost and plundered from human minds.  As if entities can be bound to a place or object. They go where they desire. And only can be banned from that place. But trust in my words when I say, They can not be kept in a glass case. If only it were that simple.  Then perhaps there never would have been a flood in the first place. And all the abominations could have been slain. And the world would have left them with nothing to gain And as they say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled. Was making the world think he no longer existed. That is what he desires. For Faith alone. Stops all his powers. Science let our minds ponder. And technologies make our souls get lost in wonder.  What is the Bible in the world? But just an old dusty book that was written by men. And in this neglect man gets lost in his own intellect just as the Fallen. This is the game level after level. So what has changed now? Why does the once most beautiful being of them all desire the world to know unclean and familiar spirits are real?The deal is plain for those who know the truth to see. The time of the Beast is near. And most likely here. For he will rise in the guise of Christ. The savior who will make the world equal for the first time. Since it has turned. All will know what the one percent live like. As robotic droids fill the jobs the poor loathe but do to make ends meet.  And a socialism euphoria will sweep the world with no wars left to beat. And all will look into their black glass mirrors. And take his mark by their head and eyes or the fingers on the hand. And none without this mark and black glass mirror. Will be able to buy or sell goods. And know only sorrow and terror. And run to hills like a band of thieves. As the world seeks their heads. And burns down their homes even those with children asleep in their beds.But who are you and I? Just souls lost deep in this web full of more lies than truths. And the only time truth is spoken. Is to leave another shamed and left broken. Even the truth is used as a cruel act. My oh my how whacked this world has come to be.  Since the church and state. Served the last lands of the holy. To the Fallen on a dinner plate.  But is it too late? Only you will know. After reading this makes you think. Another crazy right winger is at it again. How on earth is this Sarah Palin lover my friend? Or will it pull at your soul? Making you realize the more you know. The better prepared you will be.  Who is this man? Who thinks these things? He's the old homeless man with the sign that says the end is near. Can you spare some change? Cause I need a beer.  


06/16/2019 11:49 PM 

hospites blog

welcome to my connections blog! if you're here that means you'd like to figure something out with me, and let me tell you, I'm so down. I'm going to try to give a few options, and I'll be open to taking maybe at least two of each connection, depending on what it is! I will have all my current connections listed at the bottom of this blog so you can see what I have and what I don't! these connections are completely open to customization. they're just basic connection ideas, and we can darken them up once one has been chosen! once we have discussed and come up with something, it will be added here if it isn't listed already!At this time I'm currently capped on these connections: (1) a friend with a secret.ex 1: This can be a male or female. Locklyn and this ex don't exactly get along. Locklyn's player ways concluded the relationship in a fairly nasty way. Y/N felt as if Locklyn had eyes for everyone except him/her. He was particularly bad at making Y/N feel like they had him and not someone else. This connection is filled with a lot of angst and temptation. ex 2: This ex needs to be a female. Locklyn and this ex dated for three years in high school. When Locklyn turned eighteen, this ex was still sixteen, turning seventeen. The two were sexually active, and upon Y/N's mother "finding out", she pressed charges on Locklyn for statutory rape. He went away for a year and a few months until a family friend helped Locklyn prove that the mother knew. The relationship between Locklyn and Y/N remains rocky, but the two very much still have feelings for one another but Locklyn still holds a grudge for Y/N allowing her mother to go through with the lawsuit. Y/N is also holding a grudge for Locklyn counter suing after being released from jail. This connection involves a lot of angst and arguments, but a lot of sentimental talks. This role is currently reserved and being turned into a wanted role. art lovers: Y/N is a struggling artist. Locklyn loves art, and will spend all of his available money on art from this person unaware that they are struggling to afford whatever art supplies Y/N needs for Locklyn to keep buying their work. Eventually Locklyn could find out about Y/Ns struggling and offer to help them. It could turn into anything you'd like. An unhealthy giving on Locklyn's side, manipulation on Y/Ns side. There are endless possibilities! jealous friends: Y/N and Locklyn have been friends their entire lives. After Locklyn went to college, he began hanging out with other people besides Y/N. Y/N tried to talk about this on numerous occasions, but Locklyn dismissed it. Now, Y/N is hanging out with everyone in Portland except Locklyn. He is now forced to see the way he treated Y/N and now the two of you have to try to come to terms with either having other friends or ending your friendship altogether. work friends: Y/N works at Fun Town (the business I own), and you're the most reliable staff member I have. Locklyn schedules you to work on the same days that he does, because the two of you get along really well. Y/N always makes him laugh. One day, Locklyn catches Y/N selling drugs out back of Fun Town. When confronted in the office you claim it was to help a friend who needed to get the money to his boss before they had him killed (The friend can be a NPC). Locklyn agrees not to fire you because Y/N is one of his best staff members. In return, he demands part of the profits of the sales you make out behind Fun Town. catfisher/catfished:  Locklyn and Y/N met on -insert website here- (the age/time doesn't matter). The only thing is, (one of you) was not truthful about who you were. The two of you developed great feelings for one another until the catfisher came clean about who they really were. The two of you are still friends, but there is no trust. You both just wish that everything would go back to normal. most hated: Y/N had a crush on Devyn, Locklyn's younger cousin. Locklyn is very protective of his cousin/best friend, and because of this, Y/N grew to hate him. No matter where Y/N would go with Devyn, Locklyn was always there at her request. The two would get into brawls and spit words of hatred back and forth until Devyn decided that she could not entertain someone who did not approve of her cousin and who constantly had mean things to say about Locklyn when the two were finally alone. The hatred grew into an obsession, and Y/N still blames Locklyn for Devyn breaking their heart. we became friends in school: (this will have multiple options)i- Y/N and Locklyn met playing football when you were kids. An unbreakable bond was built on the field that lasts for a lifetime. The two of you continued to play together and often discussed what would've happened if you'd never joined the team. (this can be added to!)ii - Y/N and Locklyn ran the school when they were younger. The two were extremely competitive and would often compete to see who was the best, who could get more school awards, etc. Because of the extended amount of competition, the two of you grew tired. Instead, you decided to team up and compete with the rest of the school. Now, you both have businesses and remain friends, but have gone to extenuating circumstances to prank each other in hopes of obtaining the better business. a friend with a secret: Y/N and Locklyn met in a group therapy session. The two of you run in different crowds, but have known of each other's existence since Y/N moved to Portland. The two of you never really spoke, but one night, the group went to a bar where Y/N had a few too many drinks. Locklyn took him home and now it's a re-occurring thing. Y/N and Locklyn have developed a friendship and now are inseparable most days. When Y/N stops showing up to therapy, Locklyn starts to visit him to check on him. What Locklyn doesn't know is what happens when he isn't there.taken connections:a friend with a secret - Tavyn Bello


06/16/2019 08:27 PM 

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thank you for all you did for me, Greg, and Dina. You let us be the kids we were supposed to be. You let us be happy and let us just be us. Thanks for the memories and everything in between. Hope you're rockin' out and doing more documentaries, wherever you may be.Thank you for the videos you took of us.Video #1Michael: *behind camera* Why are you laughing, kiddo?Greg: I'm not, you and Ollie are just.. weird.Michael: *gasp* Weird? Kid, you got the weirdness in ya too. Have you seen what you're wearing right now?A small "yeah!" is heard behind the camera, resulting in Gregory's actions.Michael: *laughing because of Oliver* I love you kid.Greg: *laughing and shaking his head* Love you too, dad.Video #2Down at the pier the boys were able to be boys. Just spending time together with their dad.Video #3Michael: Cindy, you tell them.Cindy: I'm not doing it, you tell them.Michael: Well.. boys, we found out what your mom's having..Cindy: It's a Girl!Michael: It's a Girl!Oliver and Greg look at each other and shout at the same time. "A GIRL?!", soon hugging each other with pure excitement.Cindy: *laughing* Yes, it's a little sister.Later that evening.Michael: What are you two doing?Oliver: Seeing who can drop their pants the fastest.Greg: Ollie says he can but I think I can.They both jump and drop their pants within seconds.Michael: *now with the camera, laughing* Looks to be a tie to me, boys.Cindy: You do realize, you can't do this when you have a girl around, right?Oliver: *groaning* Whaat?Greg: It's inappropriate to do around a girl. Not respectful either.Video #4Fourth of July celebration in Manhattan. The boys sending wishes to their friends and family.Video #5The boys doing a nerd skit for their show, resulting in Oliver getting stuck in Greg's fake braces.Oliver: Come closer... closer...He steps closer to the camera.Oliver: Closer...He gets right up on the camera.Oliver: Whoa, dad! Personal space!Michael: *chuckles, shaking his head at his son*Video #6Oliver finally learned how to play the piano. Something he'd dreaded for years but after his mother and father both insisted he try it out, Oliver fell in love with the piano, taking his father's camera and recording himself. Michael, of course, keeping the footage.Video #7The boys of course playing around during their sister's dance rehearsal, Michael having to get it on tape, as he usually had a camera on him 90% of the time. This was the last video that he'd ever taken of the boys together and even the last video he was able to take before he passed away.

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