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Carrie S&L

12/06/2019 02:53 PM 

Carrie Bradshaw Past Lovers
Current mood:  adventurous

Mr. Big"Mr. Big" (Chris Noth) appears in the first episode as a wealthy man who accidentally meets Carrie on the streets of Manhattan. Their relationship is a story arc running the length of the series. It should also be noted that her relationship with Big evolved throughout the length of the show. At the start, she was intimidated and awed by him. However, eventually Carrie and Big share a friendly and often passionate intimacy, yet Mr. Big remains (in producer Michael Patrick King's words), "always slightly out of reach." Mr. Big's name is never mentioned until the last episode of the 6th season, where it is revealed his name is John. His full name is given as John James Preston in the movie. Carrie and Big, in a business fashion, decide to marry. However, just before the ceremony, Big becomes overwhelmed by the media attention and the number of guests and changes his mind. Later, he comes to terms with his feelings and wants to marry after all, but Carrie, hurt and betrayed, blocks all communication with him, and unknowingly ignores his love letters and apologetic emails. Finally, after certain events in the movie, they unintentionally meet, come to terms with each other, reaffirm their feelings, and privately marry (the way Carrie originally envisioned). Aidan ShawAidan Shaw (John Corbett) is one of Carrie's long-term boyfriends. He is a sweet, good-natured furniture designer and Mr. Big's emotional opposite. At first, Carrie questions their seemingly perfect relationship, but over time accepts his sincerity. However, Aidan ends their relationship after her confession of an affair with Big. They get back together six months later at Carrie's urging, eventually moving in together. When her apartment building goes co-op, he buys the apartment and proposes. Despite her initial misgivings, she accepts his marriage proposal but then becomes panicked and feels suffocated by the relationship, and realizes he still does not fully trust her, given her past affair with Big, and they break up for good. It is later revealed that Aidan marries and has three sons with his wife Kathy: Homer, Wyatt, and Tate.Jack BergerJack Berger (Ron Livingston) is Carrie's intellectual counterpart, a sardonic humorist writer. Theirs is a relationship of witty banter and common thoughts, and honesty. Berger's advice to Miranda when she questions the lack of a phone call after a first date, "He's just not that into you," became a pop culture catchphrase. Berger's and Carrie's relationship is then strained by their career issues; a book deal of his falls through just as her columns are being published as such. He memorably breaks up with her on a Post-It note: "I'm sorry, I can't, don't hate me."Aleksandr PetrovskyNext, Carrie meets and begins a relationship with Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov), in the sixth season. He is a rich, successful, and older Russian artist. Carrie enjoys the relationship, but problems arise when she discovers that he already has a daughter in her twenties, and he doesn't want to have any more children. Carrie feels forced to choose between a long-term relationship with Petrovsky, and the possibility of having children. She decides to stay in the relationship, despite mounting evidence that he will never be able to fully commit to her emotionally, as he is very self-involved, and even at one point claims that Carrie is "not his friend, she is his lover." He asks Carrie to leave her job and life in New York and move with him to Paris. After some degree of convincing, she accepts but is disappointed and confused upon her arrival. She doesn't speak French fluently, and Petrovsky often leaves her alone in order to tend to his own career. In the An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux, Carrie leaves Aleksandr for "Mr. Big," and returns with Mr. Big to New York.

Reckless Paradise

12/06/2019 01:16 PM 

Points System

Group Activity –Each month, we do ask that you get at least 30 points to confirm your activity. Since we ask that you have 4 active storylines going, this means there isn’t much else for you to do when it comes to points. We do ask that you post 3-5 times in the status stream each week. Starters/Replies – On site, these are worth 5 points each. We require on site to be at least 3 paragraphs of at least 6 sentences per paragraph. Line/Discord Writing – For those of you who like to para via Line/Discord you can send in your responses for points. Each submission should have 2 of your responses and each response needs to be at least 1 paragraph (6+ sentences). These are worth 3 points per submission. Drabbles – We all know how scary it can be to post your writing for the world to see, but we want to reward you for putting yourself out there. If you post a drabble it will be worth 3 points and you can do up to 2 drabbles each week. Please keep in mind that we do want them to be at least 3 paragraphs of at least 6 sentences per paragraph. Status Posting – Posting statuses on site will get you 1 point per status and we will allow you a max of 10 points per week. We do ask that your statuses be spread out through the week as it shows that you’re logging into your page at least 3 days. Stream Activity – When we see you actively participating on the stream, we will award bonus points. Please keep in mind actively participating is done through commenting on various statuses and such. You can receive between 3-5 points each week based on how much you participate. Sending Love – If you send some sort of thoughtful comment that is original to another member, you will receive 2 points. You can do this for up to 5 members each week. We all know that the world can be tough, we want to encourage you all to spread the love around. Please do not repeat your submissions. Photo Comments – When you comment someone’s photos, you will get a point for each photo you comment. You can do up to 3 photos per member each month. Helping Members – If you help a fellow member with their layout or by making them defaults you will receive points. For layout help, you will get 5 points. For making defaults, it will be 1 point per default made. Recruiting Members – If you bring a friend, you will receive 5 points when they join. Please make sure that they let us know on their audition form that you recruited them. Group Chats – If you’re active in our group chats, we will reward you with points. Bantering will be 3 points per week, but actively writing will get you 5 points per week. Updated Owes – We will check this every Monday at 6pm EST, as long as your list was updated over the weekend you will receive 2 points. Profile – If your profile is complete when we check it on the 27th of every month, you will receive 5 points. Each week there will be a blog for you to post screenshot links for your submissions. This is needed for photo comments, sending love and writing proof. If you help a member, we need you to post links to the defaults that you made them or a screenshot link of what you did for their profile. We will count your stream activity, statuses and group chat activity automatically. Please keep in mind that we will be rewarding the top 5 points earners each month as well as those who are in the area with the most points.

Reckless Paradise

12/06/2019 12:12 PM 


Activity – Like most groups, we know that activity is what makes a group successful. We all have real lives and we understand that there will be slow times, but if everyone is working together? The group can be a success. We aren’t trying to be the largest group in the world, we are simply trying to be active and have a great time writing. Our activity is run through a points-based system that is centered around writing. Members are expected to have 4 active connections and 30 points each month.  To learn more about our points system, you can follow the link in the navigation. We do ask that you’re on your page posting at least 3 times each week. At the end of the day as long as you communicate with us and you’re making a genuine effort to be active? You’ll be just fine. Please remember if you need a hiatus, you can ask for one on the members page.   Social Media – We do not require any sort of social media outside of the site, but we do want to encourage it. There will be an active server for members who wish to write in a group setting or even banter with the rest of the group. Our main focus will be on writing in general, but the server for members will not replace site activity.   Writing – We give everyone 1 month to get their 4 storylines going from the date they join the group. There are a few different options for writing, all of which are listed on the points system. Please remember that on site, we do require 3 full paragraphs. A paragraph is typically 6-8 sentences, so keep that in mind especially when writing via Line or Discord. We do ask that you keep an updated owes list on your page that has all of your on site writing.   Characters – This is a create your own character group, but we will have ‘wanted roles’ available as current members create them. If you plan to audition for a ‘wanted role’ please reach out to the member who created the role first. We will not close a ‘wanted role’ without confirming with the member that they spoke with you. We will allow each member two accounts within the group, but if one page falls below activity requirements this can be a problem. When a member falls below activity on one of their two pages, we will pull the inactive account just like we would anyone else. If you lose a role, you will need to wait two weeks to apply for another role again to ensure that you can maintain an active account. Also, if you take a hiatus on one account it is required that both accounts are hiatus. It is not fair to hold a role for someone who just wants to be on their other page. Relationships & Families – We understand that these are things people want to do so that they can see their characters evolve. That’s perfectly fine, we simply ask that you submit the change(s) through the members page. As for these storyline progressions, we ask that you wait 2 weeks (dating to engaged, engaged to married, etc.) UNLESS it is for a storyline where you are eloping. Accidental pregnancies are also fine, we just don’t want to have half the group pregnant all at once. Twins will be approved on a case by case basis as they are rare and identical twins are an even more rare situation.   Drama – First things first, we want to talk about ooc drama. If you have current drama or have had drama in the past with another member, please leave that out of the group. We fully understand that not everyone will get along and that is fine. If a problem occurs between yourself and another member? Let us know, we are more than willing to help fix things or come up with a plan to handle the situation. If drama continues, it can resort to roles being reopened. You aren’t required to write with everyone in the group, so this shouldn’t be a problem. One of the things we want to address is harassment. Some of us have been in groups where people have been guilt-tripped over dating habits and in other groups where people have tried to force rape-like storylines. If you harass another member sexually or otherwise, you will be removed immediately. There are no second chances as we want all of our members to feel safe here. We want to encourage in character drama, because we love it too. BUT please remember that it should be within reason. When characters are stuck in dramatic or traumatic situations for too long it can be discouraging and cause you to lose muse. We also want to remind you that storylines must be approved by everyone who’s involved. If we hear that Nalani had a one-night stand with Jaxson and is suddenly pregnant without his approval, she could potentially lose her role.

𝑵𝒐𝒔𝑻𝒂𝒍𝒈𝒊𝒂 Mcrp

12/06/2019 12:21 PM 


1. It's my first time as a MCRP profile. Go easy on me please!2. List of characters from tv series or dramas I've seen during childhood. Once we're friends please choose who'd you like me to rp as.3. Discussions a must always! It can be based on the series or we can think of our own roles for the characters.4. AU is fine by me.5. No rushing me for replies as I'm a busy women in rl.6. Adult mature content must be discussed. It's not mandatory, it's just optional.7. Not here as a number or mute.8. I always do a paragraph or 2 when it comes to lengths in writing.9. Romance roles is part of the role play. 10. I'll always greet new friends in messages. Comments stays enabled unless I change it to disabled.11. I'm not on here 24/7, just heads up to all in my list.12. The characters from my profile can be older or younger. Just like we've first seen them on television. Ex: If someone wants to do one of the characters in his/her teenage years, I'm fine with it. No issues for me.13. Lastly, let's have fun enjoying nostalgic role plays.


12/06/2019 11:08 PM 


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