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12/12/2018 01:33 PM 

character stats.


character’s full name: catalina mylene kalista.

reason or meaning of name: her father, santana, gave her the name ‘catalina’ in honor of his late mother who passed away at the age of 25. her mother, diane,  named her ‘mylene’ is to honor her mother, lidia.

character’s nickname: cat, lina.

birthdate: march  25th, 1995.

age: twenty three years old.

how old does he/she appear: without all of the ‘theatrics’ , ex: colored wigs and makeup, catalina appears a lot younger than what some may think.

weight: 135 lbs.

height: 5 feet 2 inches.

body build: curvaceous / voluptuous.

eye color: brown.

glasses or contacts: during middle school, catalina was assigned to wear glasses, specifically for reading. after getting teased, the young latina grew a dislike for wearing them, even as she grew older, so, she decides not to wear them at all.

distinguishing marks: has a large scar on the side of her leg, mostly along her ankle, due to falling off a bike as a child.

type of hair: her ‘natural’ tresses are usually curly, it’s fairly difficult for catalina to straighten her actual hair.

usual fashion of dress: catalina likes to dress a bit ‘outlandish’, to specifically separate herself from everyone else. even at a small gathering, she somehow manages to create ‘eccentric’ looks. the only time catalina tones it down is whenever she’s with her family.

 -`. ✰ ❛ (   p e r s o n a l i t y   ) -`. ✰ ❛

good personality traits: outgoing, charismatic, amusing, independent, courageous, generous.

bad personality traits: impulsive, manipulative, deceitful, vain, self centered, impatient, short-tempered.

mood character is most often in: catalina has a ‘boiserious’ personality, someone can usually hear her voice from a mile away, she’s usually ‘on ten’, meaning, she is ‘bold’ and ‘improperly forward’ on usual occasions.

sense of humor: dirty sense of humor, catalina is a bit impulsive. she is the one that isn’t afraid to say what is specifically going through her mind, even if it isn’t appropriate.
character’s greatest joy in life: returning to her hometown of ‘queens, new york’, catalina
specifically likes to go to the beach, because her mother used to take her almost every day during the summer, performing, days at the spa, alongside with spending time with her boyfriend, now fiancé, giovanni.

character’s greatest fear: accepting her flaws, falling in love, letting people see the ‘real’ her, instead of this “public persona” she has developed throughout the years.

why? catalina has a fear of someone knowing who she really is, she feel as if people aren’t as “deserving” to know her that well, so she creates barriers from getting hurt.

what single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? something tragic happening to her mother.

character is most at ease when: when she’s back in her hometown.

character is most ill  when: she doesn’t get what she wants or things don’t go according to her plan.

enraged when: she doesn’t get what she wants.

priorities: pursuing her music career, gaining her father’s validation, learning how to open up herself more.

life philosophy: live your life to the fullest and as free as you can, regret later.

greatest strength: her way of being able to think logically, even though some of her motives may be manipulative, she manages to pave out a way for whatever she wants.

greatest vulnerability or weakness: her paranoia of thinking everyone is out to get her; creating barriers from her real self, getting lost in her public persona.

biggest regret: falling in love / entertaining a married man.

biggest accomplishment: scoring a ‘mega deal’ with atlantic records and signing to a major record label.

character’s darkest secret: as an exotic dancer, catalina grew very close to one of her clients, who just so happened to be married with children, the affair lasted for only two months, however, her suitor became obsessed with her. he followed her home, got in contact with her family members and practically stalked her social media. it was solely one of the reason why that she didn’t do ‘private dances’ anymore while working as a stripper. but also, she made the same mistake her mother did growing up.

does anyone else know? catalina has spoke slightly about her experience with this man in interviews, but has kept it very brief. no one knows the actual story.

-`. ✰ ❛ (    p a s t   ) -`. ✰ ❛

hometown: jamaica queens, new york.

type of childhood: catalina had a rough childhood. her mother, diane, was kicked out of her mother’s home at a young age, because of the way catalina was conceived. catalina is a product of infidelity. her mother had no choice but to leave home, due to “religious beliefs”. instead of living in a big house, catalina and her mother moved into a one bedroom apartment in the south bronx. out of all of the boroughs in new york city, the Bronx has been notably known because of violence.

first memory: going to ‘rockaway beach’ with her mother as a child.

childhood hero: lil’ kim.

dream job: rapper / musician.

education: at the age of eighteen, catalina received her high school diploma while attending benjamin n. cardozo which was a school in the bronx, new york. catalina was unsure if she wanted to attend college or not, however, the female still applied to borough of manhattan community college, which she was later accepted. After six months, catalina had to drop out of college, because of her mother urging her to get a job to help with her rent of their one bedroom apartment.

religion: christianity, although, as a child her mother didn’t attend church regularly, they still seemed to practice the religion.

finances: lower class.

-`. ✰ ❛ (    p r e s e n t  ) -`. ✰ ❛

current location: catalina is in between traveling from los angeles and new york.
currently living with: her fiance, giovanni de luca.

pets: catalina doesn’t have any pets, however, she has been hinting that she wants a dog for a christmas gift.

religion: catalina still practices christianity, although, she doesn’t attend church at all.

occupation: radio host-personality, aspiring rapper.

finances: upper class.

family: catalina has recently gotten engaged to her former flame, giovanni de luca, who is known worldwide as g-eazy. they are in the works of planning a family together.

mother: diane kalista - wilkinson.

relationship with her: there is a strain within the relationship, solely because of the lie her mother told her as child about her father. her mother told her that her father simply didn’t “exist”  because she was ashamed of how catalina was conceived. she is a product of infidelity. catalina grew up believing that she wasn’t as deserving like her other friends, to have a father.

father: santana kalista.

relationship with him: at first, catalina loved the fact of knowing who exactly who her father was, considering he has helped create a foundation for herself. however, catalina is slowly learning why her mother kept his identity a secret. her father is very controlling and manipulative, catalina see some aspects of his behavior, but still seeks his validation because of what he has done for her.

siblings: zackary wilkinson (step-brother)

relationship with them: catalina gained a younger step brother by the name of zackary wilkinson. due to her mother’s sudden engagement to his father, dominic wilkinson, after the death of his ex wife, the two didn’t get along at first, but managed to form a better relationship throughout the years.

children: none.

relationship with them: --

other important family members: esmeralda ortiz, cousin, who she recently has gotten in contact with again.

-`. ✰ ❛(    f a v o r i t e s  ) -`. ✰ ❛

color: pink.

least favorite color: green.

music: 80’s pop, but will listen to other genre of music.

food: guacamole, specifically likes for it to be spread on her sandwich or eat it with chips as well.

literature: fiction.

form of entertainment: television, performing / dancing (she misses being an exotic dancer at times), wine tasting and buying luxurious bags.

mode of transportation:  a pink jeep that she purchased after her first year of becoming an exotic dancer.

most prized possession: her engagement ring her fiance, giovanni, gave her. it symbolizes her growth, but also her love for him. he is the first man that she has learned to love.

-`. ✰ ❛(   h o b b i e s   ) -`. ✰ ❛

plays a musical instrument? used to play the the flute in middle school, but didn’t keep up with it after that.

plays a sport?
how he/she would spend a rainy day: binge watching episodes of martin and drinking wine.

smokes: has never smoked and doesn’t have the desire to.

drinks: socially, although, sometimes by herself. catalina has a love for drinking wine in the night time and mimosa’s in the morning, however, hennessy is her favorite alcoholic beverage.
other drugs: never.

what does he/she do too much of? worrying about what others think about her, validation from her father or making him proud, keeping up a “look” or a specific type of image to the public.

what does he/she do too little of? not being completely honest.

nervous tics: fiddling with her fingers, alongside with tapping her foot, and biting her fingernails.

-`. ✰ ❛(  t r a i t  s ) -`. ✰ ❛

optimist or pessimist? pessimist, especially when things don’t go her way.

introvert or extrovert? extrovert.

daredevil or cautious? daredevil.

logical or emotional? emotional, although she has a great way of hiding it.

disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? methodical and neat.

prefers working or relaxing? from a very young age, catalina has learned how to “grind”, due to being from new york city, she’s used to being so upbeat, so relaxing isn’t much of a thing for her. she likes for her days to always be constant and has gotten used to being on the road.

confident or unsure of himself/herself? feels a bit insecure when she hasn’t done her usual essentials, like getting her hair done, nails done or makeup, but confident for the most part.

animal lover? has a love for animals, even though she wasn’t able to have a pet as a child.

how he/she feels about himself/herself: catalina has accepted that she has created this “personality” that the world has fallen in love with, instead of staying true to herself, her “persona” is something that she wishes that she could actually be. she is learning how to grow as a person, but she knows there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

what does the character consider his/her best personality trait? her charisma, it is solely the reason why she’s able to ‘finesse’ and grow through the industry. not just her looks, but her personality has helped her create a path to her career.

what does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? her slick mouth / how she isn’t able to hold her tongue.

what does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? lips.

what does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? her nose.

how does the character think others perceive him/her: self-centered, vain, cocky and a bit “standoffish” due to her appearance.

what would the character most like to change about himself/herself: how insecure she is, how she bottle all of her “emotions” and feelings inside, instead of talking to someone and explaining how she feels.

-`. ✰ ❛(    r e l a t i o n s h i p s  w i t h o t h e r s ) -`. ✰ ❛

opinion of other people in general: even though catalina’s personality is ‘out there’ she doesn’t just let anyone inside of her circle. in fact, she has to scope someone out and examine them before becoming their friend. she is somewhat secretive and isn’t as trusting to everyone that approaches her.

does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? if she wants to hurt that specific person, then no, but other than that, catalina is great at hiding her true feelings.

best friend(s): isabella espinoza, josephine baker (josie), sebastian vasiliev, taylor marie jean.

love interest(s): giovanni de luca.

person character goes to for advice: her mother (whenever they’re not arguing), josie or isabella.

person character feels responsible for or takes care of: giovanni, her younger step brother zackary.

Emelie. 💕

12/12/2018 06:42 PM 

My Surrogacy Journey (So far!)

I decided to become a surrogate when I was seventeen. My family were struggling financially, and I did some research trying to figure out what I could do to help. I settled on surrogacy. 

First, two lovely men who had gotten married a little while ago came to me saying they wanted a baby, and I agreed to carry for them. They were the sweetest couple, they used to put headphones on my belly and play music for the baby. They had a beautiful baby boy who they named Jack, he is now a year old. 

Next, a single mom came to me and told me she couldn’t carry any more children of her own, but she really wanted her four year old daughter to have a sister. Apparently her daughter had been asking for a sister. So, I agreed to carry a child for her. She was very involved in the pregnancy, as was her daughter. She even let me suggest names for the baby, and she liked one of my suggestions so much that, when the baby was born, she gave her that name. 
Lila is now four months old. 

So, that’s my journey so far. ❤️


12/12/2018 12:17 PM 

character interview.


*stole this from bella, shout out to her for inspiring me.

-`. ✰ ❛ (    c h a r a c t e r  i n t e r v i e w )  -`. ✰ ❛

name: catalina mylene kalista.
nickname(s):  cat, lina.

:  twenty three years old.

place of birth
:  queens, new york.

spoken languages
:  english, spanish /catalina isn’t fluent in spanish yet, but she has learned throughout the years because of living with her father and it just so happens to be his native language.

sexual orientation
: bisexual.

occupation: radio host / personality, songwriter, rapper.

 -`. ✰ ❛  (     p h y s i c a l   a p p e a r a n c e      ) -`. ✰ ❛

height: 5 foot 2 inches.

weight:  135 lbs.

: curvaceous  / voluptuous, catalina is widely known for her curvy body, unlike most, she has been very vocal on the surgical procedures she has gotten in the past.

race: african american, hispanic / latina — catalina identifies as an “afro latina”.distinguishing facial features: big round eyes, long eyelashes and plump lips / often gets “teased” for how large looking her lips is, there has been many rumors going around if catalina has gotten lip fillers, however, in several interviews she has explained that she doesn’t get an surgical enhancements on her face.

hair color
: while pursuing her music career, catalina gained a lot of notoriety, due to the “colorful wigs” she has worn. her usual colors is blonde, grey or pink. however, she has been seen in other “bright” colors, such as, light green, orange, yellow and teal. when she isn’t performing or making appearances, catalina has learned to maintain “real” hair, which is the color brunette. it is slowly growing again after becoming so damaged throughout the years. catalina usually keeps it curly.

eye color: brown.

complexion (freckles, birthmarks, scars): catalina has a small scar on the side of her leg. diane was teaching her how to ride a bike. unable to use her newest bike without her training wheels, catalina attempted to ride across the street to return back into the sidewalk. While in the middle of the street, a car was speeding down the road, which caused the female to press the breaks, but also fall off of her bike. she ended up scraping her knees and her ankles while frantically running towards the sidewalk, sadly, her bike was damaged once a mercedes benz ran over the bicycle.

: had asthma as a child, but “grew out” of throughout the years.

  -`. ✰ ❛(       f a v o r i t e s       ) -`. ✰ ❛
color: any shade of the color pink, teal, lavender, and lime green.

entertainment: creating / developing freestyles, binge watching tv shows, wine tasting.

food: guacamole (specifically guac and chips), spinach, and chicken nuggets.

drink:  a glass mimosa or cranberry juice in the morning and a glass of red wine at night.

book: lolita by vladimir nabokov.

movie: 10 things i hate about you (what no one knows is that the ending makes her cry each and every time that she watches it), poetic justice, a streetcar named desire,and  cruel intentions.

television show: martin, scrubs, and that 70’s show.

music: late 90’s and early 2000’s r&b, alongside with 90’s hip hop, 80’s pop, and heavy metal (although, it has been kept a secret from most people) — as a radio personality, catalina has learned to appreciate every aspect of each genre of music, but those just so happen to be her favorite.

season: fall / the cold weather, the leaves falling from the trees and changing to certain colors.

candle scent: chocolate layer cake (yankee candle).

social media platform: instagram.


12/12/2018 08:33 PM 


full name:mackenzie elyse maddox
nicknames: mack, mackz, mick, mickey
gender: cisgendered female
pronouns: she/her
date of birth: june 14th, 1982.
astrological sign: gemini
place of birth: swansea, wales
nationality: welsh, english
education:nursing degree
relationship status:married
significant other: dominic xavier maddox
children: alys elizabeth griffiths, margaret elyse maddox (daughters)

current residence: london, england
past residences: cardiff, wales
family: jackson and elizabeth griffiths (mother and father), margaret griffiths (younger sister)
notable others: louise carney, alistair carney, harris o'doherty, leo haven.

bio:born the first daughter to jackson and elizabeth, she was the absolute light of her lives. the young couple had been trying for a few years to have a child, and after two failed pregnancies, she came along, and then two years later, so did her little sister. her mother was a nurse, her father an accountant. she was a lucky girl, to have such a loving family. life was going pretty well for them until 2011 when her father was diagnosed with a heart condition after having a heart attack.

she followed in her mother's footsteps, doing a myriad of odd jobs to help pay for her schooling, and became a nurse. it wasn't long after she got her certification that she met dominic, at a party her friends were throwing to congratulate those who had graduated from nursing school. the two hit it off immediately, and what started as a one night stand quickly became something more. they continued to run into each other around town, and not two years after they started dating - they were married.

things went well for the couple for a while until dom got promoted at work, and subsequently joined up with one of the local crime syndicates. their marriage turned rocky, and he turned into more of an alcoholic than he was previously. when she accused him of cheating on her after spending a number of long nights away from home, he laid his hands on her for the very first time. apologies and make up sex to follow, the pattern continued despite how many times he said he was sorry. eventually she wondered if she was growing to like the pain.

after lou caught wind of the abuse, she showed up at mackenzie's house to help her pack. mack then moved in with her best friend for a short period of time while trying to sort out the mess that was her life, and eventually, her husband went missing. of course, she was the first and only suspect, and after being questioned and having nothing to show for it - eventually mackenzie fell for a guy at work, though she hasn't made her feelings known to anyone just yet.

holy honey.

12/12/2018 05:31 PM 

✞ [ drabble, 001 ] carsick.

december, 2009 

"how the fuck did you let it get this bad?" she doesn't see her uncle often; he'd long ago spurned her tyrannical fuckface father by spitting in his eleventh birthday celebration's punch. such an evil man was lucky to walk the earth at all, let alone be kept in the family. JEEPERS, june's brain shouts, attempting to work fresh air back into her respiratory system, it was a surprise that he wasn't buried head first out back. "she's sick, adam, stop fucking around." it's not like she doesn't know, 

so why is he whispering?

it's almost insulting, keeping her own health so quiet on his tongue, but it's hard to lift her head. cold & flu season was hard enough for normal teenagers, for the kids who were actually PERMITTED to pop a sudafed, but for june, it was practically a death sentence. she hadn't seen outside in days, let alone communicated with someone who didn't have her last name. 

she's not joking when she says she can't remember what sunshine feels like, but like mom said, she's not missing much.

levelling her gaze at her steely-eyed father, the one she got her stare from, she opens her mouth to rip him limb from limb

and spills her guts in the backseat.


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