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04/01/2020 12:37 PM 

AC 167

Journal Entry4/1/2020 I often wonder about my mother, where she ran off to just days after I was born, what my life would have been like had she stayed, and how different things would be now. My mother was beautiful, so beautiful. I never got to see her myself, you know, just photographs, but she was beautiful in that heartbreaking kind of way. I got my eyes from her. My dad used to tell me that my smile was just like hers and at the time, it only made me smile more. Now, though, I see that he was wrong. My smile is nothing like my mothers. Her smiles are heartbreakingly beautiful, they never meet her eyes, they aren’t warm. I never knew why she chose to leave us and after awhile I stopped asking. Somewhere along the way my dad and me became enough.I can’t help but wonder what would be different, if I’d have ended up in Sloane at all. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly sad and emotional, I can picture it—my life with my mother. My childhood wouldn’t have been spent reading books and worrying my father would spend that month’s grocery money on his next ‘get rich scheme.’ No. I think, had she stayed, we would have had money. I would have played barbie dolls and dress up with mom. She’d have taught me about hair and make up and I wouldn’t have had time for my books. Her and dad would have fought, and often, but she’d have ensured he got a stable job and he’d never have became what I knew him to be. We’d have been happy, I think, if she had chosen to stay. Atleast for awhile, anyhow. Eventually, I think it wouldn’t have been enough for her, being with my dad. I believe she’d have left anyways but.. I think, if she’d stayed, atleast for awhile.. I think I’d have been different and my dad, too. I think I’d have gotten lost in boys and sex, instead of characters in my books, and I think daddy would have held a stable job and turned to something else to get lost in. Instead of his schemes and inventions, I think he’d have become a drunk and I think I’d still have lost him too.That’s what ironic about all of this, really, it’s that I think even if mom had stayed things would have been incredibly similar and yet so completely different, too. I’d have different vices, sure, and hell, I might be in the line of work Eden and Dollie are, I wouldn’t have my books but I wouldn’t have my father, either. Life would be different in ways that don’t matter, and similar in ways that do, I’d still be the girl who’s father died and mother left her. I’d still feel as alone in the world as I always have. But.. I wouldn’t have my books. I wouldn’t have my book store. I wouldn’t have Celeste or Eden or Spencer. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have love and lost Tom. I wouldn’t have ever found two sisters in Luna and Elsie. I wouldn’t have Sloane, my home.I often wonder what my life would have been like if my mother have stayed but, I never wish that she had. I am grateful for everything that I have, for how my life has turned out and for today, that somehow is enough for me. 


04/01/2020 12:04 PM 

When We Are Free


04/01/2020 11:25 PM 

It's us against the world.

It's us against the world "Whenever you're near there is no fear It feel's like there's nothing I can't do You make me feel stron'Cause it's here with you that I belong"   A night that felt like a terrible dream was finally over. Her friends and herself had been put in danger, at risk of dying. And the thought of anything happening to any one of them made her sick to her stomach. She realized how ill Cheryl's mother had gotten. It was like she needed the win. It was bad enough that she had to play a twisted game of spin the bottle with her best friend, but instead of fun makeouts in closets when she first met her best friend, it was a death wish. Poison lacing every glass, Veronica was taking the most to save Betty's life. Betty didn't know how she could ever repay Veronica for that. But she knew that she had proven she would do anything for her, and Betty would have done the same for her. She didn't even have to question it. A new day was dawning, and it was the end of their nightmare. The sun shining down after Cheryl came to the rescue with her arrow. Everyone was safe and accounted for. after everything was calming down. They talked to everyone they needed to The blonde sprung forward, wrapping her arms around her friend. She just needed to hug her, know she was safe, to know she was real.  "We have, V, and I love you." template created for (c) serpentjuliet

Axel @raisedbywolves

04/01/2020 11:19 PM 


<b>Birth Name & Etymology ✖ Nick name(s): </b> Axel James Blackwood<b>✖</b> Ax, Ax-man, Axel Rose<br><b>Date of Birth ✖ Astrological Sign:</b> He was born on <i>November 1st</i>. <b>✖</b> He is a <i>Scorpio</i>. <blockquote>stuff and things</blockquote><b>Gender:</b> Male<br><b>Place of Birth ✖ Hometown:</b> New Orleans, LA<b>✖</b> Manhattan, NY<br><b>Current Residence:</b> SOHO Village Manhattan<br><b>Parents:</b> James and Raven Blackwood<br><b>Siblings:</b> Piper and Draven Blackwood<br><b>Children:</b> none <br><b>Relationship Status:</b> taken <br><b>Past Relationships:</b> Annalise Blackwood (ex-wife), Marialena Quintanilla <br><br><br><br><b>Sexual Orientation:</b> Heterosexual <br><b>Children:</b> none <br><b>Education:</b> NYU <br><b>Hair ✖ Eye Color:</b> Blonde, Blue<br><b>Height ✖ Weight:</b> 6'2 180 <br><b>Tattoos ✖ Piercings:</b> Yes and Yes <br><b>Smoke ✖ Drink ✖ Drugs:</b> No/Yes/No <br><b>Languages:</b> English, Spanish, French, Italian,  Greek, Creole and Latin <br><b>Likes:</b> coffee, solitude,  his animals, good food, good drinks, great friends. <br><br><br><br><b>Dislikes:</b> inconsiderate people, the unenlightened, animal abusers. </div>


04/01/2020 10:50 AM 

Salvation I/IV

Salvation I/IV   duplicitous/1571078 Guest starring Ardent with special acknowledgement of Hex GirlThe whole thing stunk worse than Enzo’s feet. Damon Salvatore was sitting in a warehouse with a pretty trashy book in hand, just trying to pass the time. “Are you going to just keep sitting there like a bloody lump?” The English Vampire was pacing back and forth as his temper was becoming an issue. Damon just glanced over the top of his book. “Can we just get out of here?” The agitation in Enzo’s voice was like nails on a chalkboard to Damon.Damon slammed the book shut and dropped his book in his lap. “Dance on a fire ant hill or something?” The elder Salvatore brother canted his head to the right. “This is a really good book…” Truth was Damon didn’t like the idea of dragging poor saps back here to this rat hole so they could be torn to bits by The Armory’s pet project. He didn’t say anything out loud because he couldn’t. It took all the strength he could muster to keep some corner of his mind to himself. Images of his own mental torment in the bowels of hell had set ablaze nearly every functioning part of his undead brain. He had to have what little he could muster to stay sane. It was better off that no one knew the depth of his torment, not even Enzo.“The sooner she’s happy, the better off we’ll all be.” Enzo’s mind had a sanctuary too. In that sanctuary was a certain Bennett witch that had made him a better man. He had his demons, but his love for Bonnie was enough to overcome anything the monster threw at him. He barricaded his witch behind a door in his mind that he’d never let that monster break. Enzo would make it back to Bonnie no matter the cost. The thing that worried him most was that cost was likely to be his best friend.Damon left behind his book on the chair. His electric hues were clouded with the mental torment that he kept to himself. He couldn’t meet Enzo’s gaze for fear his best friend would see right through him. Damon firmly believed that he and Enzo both were buying their way out of eternal damnation. “You have any idea what I’m giving up here?” He prodded Enzo with a verbal barb.Enzo looked behind him to see the book in Damon’s chair. “FIFTY SHADES is not proper fiction Damon and you know it!” He started toward the door to the warehouse with a deeply furrowed brow and curses pouring out at Damon that sounded like he was being called a barmy git and a tosser.Enzo was sitting in the Camaro with visible agitation on his face. He pulled out his mobile. Hidden away in his phone were selfies from when he’d last held Bonnie in his arms. He allowed fingertips to brushed his fingers over the image there on the phone. When he heard Damon opening up the door, he slid the phone back into his pocket.The door opened and in he came. Damon didn’t have that mental discipline that Enzo possessed from all those years by the Augustines. Enzo could train his mind to do things differently. Damon should have been able to do that but he couldn’t. Turning off his humanity helped in terms of leading defiled lambs to slaughter, however it still didn’t sit right with him. The small internal conflict ranked right up there with indigestion on the Damon Salvatore scale of annoyances. He glanced over at Enzo with an uplifted brow. “Ready?” He muttered.“Just start the car Damon.” Enzo was ready to throw the first punch. “Let’s get this over with please?” Damon gave Enzo that spoiled brat gaze before finally starting the car.The Camaro rolled past this particular biker bar where Damon and Enzo often went to knock heads together. It would be fairly easy to find a scum nugget there to drag back and toss in the slime pool. Damon wanted a bit more of a challenge this go around. What was more challenging than a hotel full of conventioneers? He sat there a moment just watching the bus that was already parked in front of the hotel. The Camaro and its occupants were far enough away to watch the bus empty. “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”Enzo was watching the bus unload just as Damon was but not with the predatory gaze that the other was using. “You’re planning on snagging some bloke and using him as lunch for her aren’t you?”“Duh. What else? A whole bus full of lonely old guys from Wyoming hundreds of miles from home? Bound to have a few prize winners rise to the surface.” Damon pulled the Camaro into the back end of the parking lot before shutting the engine off. He cast another look toward Enzo before he got out of the car.Enzo followed Damon. The two were under a psychic barrage that put them both in this particular mess. He believed that he would be able to get away and survive this mess they were in, but something pulled at the back of his mind. He remembered how Damon crumbled under duress when they were Augustine Vampires. He knew Damon better than most everyone else did. Yes, Damon left him behind in that fire 60 years ago. He’d never forget that. Regardless of what happened in the past, Enzo was going to do whatever he could to get both of them out of there. Some things and some people were worth fighting for even if that other person was Damon Salvatore.Damon didn’t know what was going on in Enzo’s brain. All he was thinking about were the men that began filing into the hotel with wide eyed wonder and pallid skin. These yokels from out West were going to buy his freedom from Hell’s flames. He would do just about anything to make it all stop even if it meant being a bigger monster now than he ever was before.  “When people see good, they expect good.” credit: james kriet

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