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09/18/2018 01:10 PM 

Ring Segment
Current mood:  adventurous

Mike Rome:
"Ladies and gentlemen fasten up your seat belts we are here live from the city of wonders one of the best cities in the world Paris, France... We are here and our French fans are very excited tonight what a show it is going to be tonight we got so much tonight for our AUF universe tonight what a show we got for the fans tonight world heavyweight championship is on the line tonight, we got the new smackdown women's champion Queen Stephanie in action tonight a number one contenders match for the SmackDown tag team titles..."

Tom Phillips:
"We got that and also a number one contenders match battle royal who is going to face the world heavyweight champion at Super Showdown... We got so much potential superstars competing in the battle royal only one will get to face the world heavyweight champion."

Byron Saxton:
"What about the whole controversy what Daniel Bryan did to our general manager Christian last week, what's going with Daniel Bryan why would he take it out on the general manager tonight, guess we will hear it tonight."

"Need a Little Time" plays across the arena lights turned pink positive reaction for the wife of Christian, Torrie Wilson who emerged from behind the curtains looking both ways as she made her way toward the ring now as she high fives some of the fans on her way to the ring as she sported a cut short white dress with matching white heels as she continued her way toward the ring.

Greg Hamilton:
"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome SmackDown diva Torrie Wilson...!"

Torrie waves at the crowd as she made her way up the steel steps and then looks both ways steps through the bottom half of the second rope stepping inside the ring as she then looks both ways as she then walks toward where the commentary table taking a microphone and then makes her way toward the center of the ring now as she looks both ways now taking a deep breath.

Torrie Wilson:
"I guess for everything their is an explanation and some answers to everything that happens. I guess those answers only person has them, and why that person attacked the man i loved my husband... Don't know why, what were the motives for that hideous attack that left Christian not available to here tonight as he can't be here tonight so i have to be here tonight. Only one person has the guilt of it and his name is Daniel Bryan what he did last week was uncalled for it was devastating for me to watch what he did and tonight he is going to answer why he did that, i don't think was that about the whole thing he is not on the card... The AUF universe deserve some answers and so do the superstars and divas backstage want to hear it from Daniel so come on out here Daniel and tell us why you did it."
Torrie takes a deep breath standing confident in the ring as she stares at the ramp.

Daniel's theme does not play as they show him on the tron smiling

Daniel Bryan:
"Hey Torrie, thanks for the invite to the ring but i don't want to go out there and explain myself to them or anyone in the crowd... tonight i rather say it from here where i am at right now, you know why i attacked your husband? Do you want to know why... Let me tell you and everyone why did i attacked Christian... The only reason is because he always got the opportunities he is a two time hall of fame inductee, he got to the be the face of AUF when John Cena left the company, he was the top guy when CM Punk left, he became the alpha male when Rey Mysterio left... That makes me sick... I should of been the face because i offered so much more than Christian ever did in his career look at him now... That son of a bitch can't wrestle at all... His sorry ass is seating in his chair looking stupid and acting like his doing something special... I always despised him he is a complete nobody, he thinks he is something special... But he is not! I should of those opportunities given to him deserve all those accomplishments... I should of been  the face that runs this place... Not AJ Styles, me... Christian and him have so much in common but it is all about me.... What about Daniel Bryan the best wrestler in history what about him... OH no i forgot he is  an after thought... Playing second fiddle to many guys backstage including your sons... Briley, Jason and Mike get everything cause they are daddy's little boys.. It makes me sick that guys like me we don't get the moment but know daddy has to hold their hands... No more! I am going to make a statement now and show everyone who runs this show!" staring at Torrie as he looks both ways "Oh and i should tell you where i am at right now, the office of the general manager Christian what a nice place, and Torrie what a nice boy you got...." chuckled as he then picks up Christian and Torrie son "Look at him, innocent and has two parents who are selfish and greedy... He deserves much better parents than you too... Maybe i will take him... Christian, is not your daddy anymore... No you have a better father in me..." smiles as he holds Christian and Torrie son. "Christian and Torrie as of today you have no son he is mine!" chuckled holding the little boy close to him.

Torrie looks both ways 

Torrie Wilson:
"Daniel, you leave him alone please... He has nothing to do with it if you want a title shot you got it... Is that what you want?" looks both ways.

Daniel laughs as he nods his head.

Daniel Bryan:
"Maybe but i also want revenge... And payback is a bitch...!" chuckled confidently.

Torrie sighted for a moment as she looks both ways still in the ring a little bit concern over her son, Taryn is shown sliding inside the ring now sporting all matching black top and short black panties with a tutu that is pink attacks Torrie from behind taking down, Taryn looks both ways as she smirked both ways and then extends both her arms in the air as she looks both ways Taryn then picks up the microphone.

Taryn Terrell:
"Oh Torrie, i bet you did not see that coming? Did you huh? Guess what payback and you have so much in common you both are a bitch...And next week guess what honey i am going to expose you for what you really are... That's a fraud... and a bitch...!" drops the microphone as she then walks away..

"Everyday Nightmare" plays now across the arena Taryn then steps out through the middle rope and rolls her eyes at Torrie who stares back at her, Taryn made her way up the ramp looking both ways as she continued her way toward the ramp, Daniel applauded her from the tron.

Mike Rome:
"What was that all about, Taryn Terrell is back and attacking Torrie Wilson? But that's not all we have them next week competing in singles action what a match is going to be, also hearing from Daniel Bryan explaining why he attacked Christian... Wonder when our GM will return."

Tom Phillips:
"I hope next week or sooner things are getting chaotic around here and next week Taryn versus Torrie has been announced."

Byron Saxton:
"Next week live from Milan two beautiful divas will go head to head Torrie Wilson taking on Taryn Terrell, big question will Daniel Bryan be at ringside, wonder if he will we kicked off Thunder SmackDown so good tonight."


02/22/2019 09:31 PM 

Looking to Roleplay
Current mood:  bored


I'm new to the site and I'm looking for the opportunity to roleplay.

•I can roleplay multiple genres, fandoms, and universes.

•I am female and willing to roleplay with any gender or orientation.

•I and my characters are strictly submissive.

•I am a Little. I may ask to include a Caregiver/Little relationship in the roleplay.

•I have my own ideas, but I'm open to suggestions.

•Slow replies are to be expected.

•I'm okay with smut, or adult content.

•YouTubers are some of my favorite characters to play.

•OCs are welcome.

roleplay, OC, youtube, adult, romance, fantasy,


02/22/2019 10:31 PM 

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Guidelines

God-moding and autoing are lame. I’d advise against it.

Creativity is required. Laziness is unacceptable. If you can’t come up with original ideas as well, stop here and delete me off your list.

We’re all adults here; literacy is expected. This includes proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Keep roleplay and OOC/chit-chat separate.

Stealing pictures is lame. Don't be that guy.

1 love interest only. These things take time.

Keep your smut out of my inbox.

Mains are not a given, they are earned.

Roleplay discussions have to take place before a roleplay starts.

Roleplays have a 4 paragraph minimum.

Don’t waste my time.

They say patience is a virtue. *If my writer takes longer than 3 weeks to get back to you, ask what’s up.

Roleplay and real-life are separate. Do not confuse the two.

No RPGs.


09/17/2018 01:01 PM 

# Main Event
Current mood:  adventurous


Chris Masters
Randy Orton 

"Overdrive" starts playing across the arena now lights beamed red and orange flashing across the arena bringing out the masterpiece Chris Masters who poses on the ramp chuckled confidently as he marched toward the ring now continues his way toward the ring.

Christy Hemme:
"The following contest is set for one fall introducing first from Los Angeles, California weigh in 275 pounds... Chris Masters...!"

Chris continued his path toward the ring.

Michael Cole:
"Time for the main event here comes Chris Masters now takes on Randy Orton tonight who makes his return to Raw Zone."

Josh Mathews:
"A multiple time champion Chris Masters should not be overlooked this powerhouse means business."

David Otunga:
"Yes he does the masterpiece taking on the viper tonight what a match that is going to be."

Chris continued his way toward the ring as he reached the ring made his way up the steel steps and then grabs the top rope holds onto it as he stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring as he marched toward the center of the ring and flexes as he looks both ways at the crowd now awaiting for his opponent now.

"Voices" hits across the arena lights beaming blue first then to orange flashing across the arena bringing out the apex predator known as also the viper Randy Orton who emerged from behind the curtains posing on the ramp as he starts heading toward the ring now mix crowd reaction for the viper who continues his path toward the ring now.

Christy Hemme:
"And introducing next from St. Louis, Missouri weigh in 244 pounds... Randy Orton...!"

Randy continued walking toward the ring.

Michael Cole:
"Here comes the viper Randy Orton welcome back to Raw Zone."

Josh Mathews:
"Yes tonight he makes his return to Raw Zone, spending some time on the SmackDown roster now he is back on Raw Zone."

Randy made his way up the steel steps as he then stepped through the second rope stepping inside the ring now as he then comes face to face with his opponent of the night Chris as they stare at one another.

Referee for this match Scott Armstrong points out as he then motions for the bell to ring now.

Randy and Chris move from side to side staring at each other as they quickly lock up for a collar elbow tie up getting the action started right away both superstars trying to take control now Randy trying to take the upper hand in dominating Chris in the early start of the match the viper taking on the masterpiece singles match tonight Randy taking the upper hand dominating his opponent till pushing Chris toward one of the turnbuckles, referee Scott intervene breaking them up Randy backs up watching Chris leaning back toward the turnbuckle and backs away as he points toward Randy who stares at him and chuckles with a confident look on his eyes both superstars meet in the center of the ring now eye contact as they back up Chris throws the first punch Randy feels it as he then, Chris feels that punch and strikes back at Randy making him feel that one the viper strikes back at Chris making him feel that one as he then strikes one more time the masterpiece feeling the effect of that as he then looks back toward Randy who strikes with a backhand chop right to the chest and with another one with a good measure making Chris feel those right to the chest who felt those, Randy fired up follows with a clothesline takes down Chris who felt that one as he gets to his feet again Randy surprises with a dropkick and takes down his opponent with that one down goes Chris feeling the effect of that one, Randy grabs a hold of Chris holds onto him setting up for a Russian legsweep as he follows up with his plan and then lays down Chris with that one quickly floats for the cover now Chris down but manages to kick out of this one on time moving his elbow Randy looks both ways starts picking up Chris from the canvas who quickly wraps his arms around the neck of the viper strikes with a jawbreaker right to the jaw Randy feels the effect of it as he turned away favoring his jaw now, Chris getting to his feet runs behind Randy attacking from behind now as he took down his opponent with that attack on the back, Randy stumbling to get back up to his feet now Chris sneaks behind him and rolls up for a schoolboy roll up has Randy pinned down but the viper kicks out of this one as he gets to his feet, Chris does the same but Randy surprises with a jumping cutter nails the masterpiece with a RKO nailing his opponent with that one Chris was down feeling the effect of it after that was said and done Randy then covers his fallen opponent now and hooks the leg hooked 

referee Scott slides down and picks his hand in the air is about to slam now 

Chris did not kick out at all

"3....!" referee Scott motions for the bell to ring now 

"Voices" starts playing again big smirk on the face of Randy now who is declared the winner of tonight's match.

Christy Hemme:
"The winner of the match Randy Orton...!"

Randy looks both ways, while referee Scott tends to Chris and helps him exit the ring while Randy looks both ways and then climbs up the turnbuckle posing closing the show for tonight 


02/22/2019 08:49 PM 


I am Rexlan!
Call me Rex if you'd like!
I don't have much of a storyline because I honestly like to adapt to other people's storylines... Superhero? Maybe I'm an innocent bystander thrust into the chaos of a hero. Supernatural hunters? Again, maybe my aunt was not who I though she was! This kind of storyline makes it SUPER fun and keeps it interesting for me!
However, if you're not into that, I can give you the lame basics of my character xD

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