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𝕄𝕚𝕕𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝕊𝕦𝕟

01/27/2020 01:48 PM 


Forks CovenIsabella Swan/CullenEdward CullenCarlisle CullenEsme CullenEmmett CullenAlice Cullen (Taken)Rosalie HaleJasper Hale (Taken)Renesmee CullenThe VolturiAlec VolturiJane VolturiMarcus DidymeAroSulpicia CaiusAthenodoraDemetriFelixChelseaCorinHeidiRenataSantiagoGiannaNewborn ArmyRiley BiersBree TannerNomadsJamesVictoriaLaurentAlistairCharlesMckennaPeterCharlotte MaryRandallMexican CovenMariaLucyNettieAmazonian CovenZafrinaSennaKachiriDenali CovenEleazarCarmenTanyaKate GarrettSashaVasiliiIrinaEgyptian CovenTiaAmunBenjaminKebiIrish CovenSiobhanLiamMaggieRomanian CovenVladimir StefanShapeshiftersJacob BlackSam UleyQuil Ateara VEmbry CallPaul LahoteJared CameronLeah ClearwaterSeth ClearwaterCollin LittleseaBrady FullerHumansCharlie SwanRenee DwyerHarry ClearwaterBilly BlackTyler CrowleyLauren MalloryMike NewtonJessica StanleyAngela WeberEric YorkieEmily YoungSue ClearwaterQuil Ateara IIIRachel BlackRebecca Black


01/27/2020 01:50 PM 


First and foremost, welcome to my page! As stated in my headliner, I am semi-selective so if I've added you, please don't make me regret it! Messages are for OOC only. Like most of you, I'm here to have fun and forget some of the stress from real life. If you are one of those that are, "You're online, you need to reply to me", then please kindly delete yourself from my page. Triggering topics will be featured. Please read replies at your own risk. Messages are for OOC only. Yes. This is stated again. Thank you for taking notice. :) If English is not your first language, I DO NOT MIND. Let me love you. Let me love your characters. You're trying. And that's more than what most people can say! (And by that I mean those sh*tty ass 'americans' that think you need to speak proper english to live in america but they can't even differentiate they're, their, there. Comments are for in character interactions. Truthfully I'm not big on the whole, I honestly don't even know what they're called anymore, but like... intro posts? I'm also not big on plotting, because I love going with the flow. I don't like trying to force myself to write a certain way to keep up with a plot. Since my rules list is going to be available for everyone to read, I will not accept wrestler accounts, accounts of people using face claims that are no longer with us (I used to not mind but tumblr changed my opinion of that), anime, and children accounts. Thank you so much for reading my rules. I know some of these probably sound rude, but I am one of the shyest, most accepting people ever. And I just want to love on everyone. But for my own mental health reasons, I try keeping certain things off of my page. ♥I really hope I get to roleplay with some of you in the future!


01/26/2020 11:05 PM 

what's going on in that head of yours, buffy? (hc muse opinions)

•Morningstar /1509564 -- duty;Honestly, Buffy feels extremely conflicted when it comes to duty. Her duty to save the world, her duty to save others, and sometimes even her duty to put her life and emotions on the line, to do the right thing. She constantly feels the pressure upon her shoulders, weighing her down and pulling her under, although she always makes the right decisions in the end - despite her inner battle to be selfish sometimes, because honestly? Sometimes she doesn't feel like the people around her understand how hard her duties are. Sometimes she feels like they think that she's just some emotionless soldier - standing at the front lines to save them all. So, while she's very aware of her duty, and will always try her best to fulfill what she needs to do, Buffy wishes she could take a step back once in a while without getting judged and made out to be the villain.•here to win, bitch /714060 -- lollipops, vampires, destiny, lipstick;One of Buffy's favorite candies are lollipops; specifically the Blow Pop and Jolly Rancher brands, blueberry flavored! However, she's not a big fan of the gum that's on the inside of the Blow Pop, so she always throws that part away. Now, her idea on vampires? Well, it's complicated. As the Vampire Slayer, you'd think that she'd immediately jump on the vampire hate train, but honestly... despite what Giles and Merrick have told her about vampires, she's learned that not all of them are truly evil things, and that there are some out there that are actually capable of feeling human emotions, just not exactly in the same way a human would feel them. This would never mean that she'd stop hunting down vampires and doing what her job description needs her to do, but she really has learned to see a different side from the whole vampires are just soulless demons without any trace of humanity in them at all thing. She's even spared a few of them, as well as befriended and trusted... and has fallen in love with some of the vampire kind. She even knows one that she feels understands her a lot more than her human friends; never judging her for anything, no matter what... hell, sometimes she feels like he's the only one on her side. In some ways, Buffy feels like she could relate to being in the shadows.Destiny? Buffy never even thought she'd have one. At least, not one as important as being The Chosen One. Although she feels special at times, and has learned to be a little more appreciative of her gifts as the Slayer from Kendra - she can't help but feel like it was something that she never really asked for. Her destiny was just forced upon her, and she was pushed right into battle without choice. Why couldn't her destiny consist of something along the lines of marrying Christian Slater and traveling Europe? Or being a professional ice skater? Why did her destiny have to be this huge and stressful thing? A destiny that came with the constant fear of death at every corner... a destiny that was enveloped in darkness and constantly made her feel so alone, despite being surrounded by so many people. Being the Slayer was important to Buffy, but sometimes, she wished this destiny of hers belonged to someone else. Maybe someone better? Maybe someone who actually wanted it.As for lipstick? Buffy really likes make-up as much as most teenage girls her age do, but she feels like lipstick is definitely very important. The color, the application, the way you line your lips; and there should always be a bit of lip gloss on top to add that extra pop! Buffy thinks that when it comes to boys, you really want to bring attention to your mouth, that'll really reel them in and get their thoughts going about really wanting to kiss you - totally guaranteed goodnight kiss on that first date!Fun fact time! When Buffy was a freshman in high school, she stole a mauve colored Estee Lauder lipstick from a Macy's; not because she couldn't afford it, but because getting away with stealing something really gave her a rush. •[B]utcher /408071 -- me;James Kriet. Buffy isn't exactly sure how she felt about this one the very first time they met. She wouldn't exactly say that she disliked her, but she also wouldn't say that she liked her. I guess you could say Buffy feels neutral about James. Not in a bad way though, she just honestly feels like she'd need more time around her to figure her out, although Buffy doesn't feel like she'd ever figure her out. James is pretty difficult to work with, sarcastic (oh, stop being a hypocrite Buffy), bad attitude (out to annoy her constantly with her competitiveness) - the type that has been hurt by life in many ways; someone rough around the edges. She actually kinda reminds Buffy of Faith in some ways. And just like Faith, sometimes Buffy would say the two got along - heck, they even make a pretty good fighting team, if she had anything to say about it. Buffy thinks that James is pretty skilled in the whole Slayer thing, but there's this darkness inside of her... that Buffy can't exactly figure out - yet it makes her weary of James. Sometimes Buffy wishes James was more open and less shut out of the world... maybe they could talk and relate on the horrible things that came along with their destiny's as Vampire Slayers... because Buffy understood -- even if she acted like nothing really bothered her much at times (she was pretty good at pretending). Buffy understood the hard decisions, the sacrifices that came with the job. Buffy understood the pain and the darkness and the loneliness that could consume you. The the self-punishment, loathing... There was something about James, behind that gaze of hers that Buffy had caught a few times. But, Buffy just had this feeling that James wasn't interested in bonding. If Buffy was right in comparing her to Faith... she knew that she'd have to keep a very close eye on her. •Dark Lord Angelus /1583482 -- pain;Pain is something that Buffy genuinely believes that she deserves. Her mind works in very strange ways, and she's constantly being very hard on herself. Insecurities are always whispering at the back of her mind, telling her she isn't good enough, telling her that she deserves her friends judgment, deserves them being mad at her for bad decisions - her selfish decisions, her selfish thoughts. Although she has a superiority complex where she feels herself to be above them a lot of times, she does feel that she is as well, below them, undeserving of a lot of things - love, friendship; therefore, she chooses to punish herself for these bad decisions, by making even more bad decisions. Buffy's emotions seem to take the wheel a lot of times and she ends up putting herself on the line of doing hurtful and painful things to herself emotionally and to others. If it isn't her friends hurting her, it's other people that she loves - her relationships always bring her pain, life always seems to constantly punish her, when she isn't doing it to herself, and so that is why Buffy believes that she's well-deserving of this pain. These feelings, of course, are feelings that she swallows down and keeps to herself, but pain and being Buffy Summers go hand in hand with each other (or at least, that's what she thinks). In fact, she feels like she will never escape it and she will never truly experience happiness without pain following after. •Versifier /1570287 -- sacrifice;Sacrifice... now that one is deep. Sacrifice is something that Buffy feels that she's had to do a lot of times. Although, she has not experienced having to sacrifice having friends and family for her Slayer duties (because she refused to have to make such a choice over something that she didn't even ask for), she has had to sacrifice a life as a normal teenager, no matter how hard she fights that losing battle. She would never be able to compare herself to any of the other girls her age, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sacrifices. Buffy has had to sacrifice her emotions, love, and has had to sacrifice her very life in order to save the lives of others. She has had to sacrifice the person who was once the person she believed would be her forever, in order to save the world. She has had to sacrifice her pride, in order to do good and save people who may constantly bully her and come off as undeserving to her help. Buffy feels bitterness towards the word sacrifice - anger towards it, but she is learning, she is growing, and she is strong. She fully understands that in her line of duty, sacrifices must be made in order to do the right things. Buffy constantly fears these sacrifices that she must make, and fears the horrible thoughts about those around her someday having to sacrifice themselves in order to save her. She feels like this is an unfair thing, however... she knows that she must be brave and fight the good fight - even if she has to sacrifice her very life someday to save the ones she loves. In the end, these sacrifices would be worth it... even if sometimes she needs to repeat that thought to herself enough times to believe it.


01/26/2020 09:59 PM 

® Group news and changes.

Going forward from now on when two members have an issue with the other. It will be written in Illusia. Post anywhere else involving out character issues will no longer be tolerated.Olympus?Atlantis? or the Underworld?I was debating on which place we should focus on for the next group page?If we go with underworld lets focus on minor Gods. So if we are lucky we can get some others to eventually join us.Atlantis I thought would be an interesting plot to explore if we do decide to vote in QP and Velasca. Only account off-limits is Triton. Just in case Shirley is still out there somewhere. Due to the fact she had been my first crush. I would never want to step on her toes. And Xena killed Posiden so no worries on that one.If we go with Olympus I was enjoying the idea that we explore the route of Ares 100 children and they battle over which should now rule since he is no longer around. No matter which path we take. I am sure now we can get to actually writing again it shall be an amazing escape for all of us.And after much long debate, I have felt its in our best interest to make a discord for each writer. I am not making this a requirement. I just felt it would be good for face value. Just so others can know we are not all Pothos. He and I had a long talk about things. He's promised to never mislead any others going forward. He also wished for everyone to know he has recently found out he has Aspergers. Not that he is using that as an excuse. But look it up and read about it. It's quite interesting and certainly fits the bill when it comes to him. I believe I added everyone. So please do share your thoughts and desires on which place we should focus on.  And if we should accept QP and Velasca just write Vote: then yes and no. I know more than anyone how the two of them forever changed this group. So I shall respect the tally no matter which way it leans. 

Serpent Sorcerer

01/26/2020 10:05 PM 


I hate doing rules but sometimes they are very much needed. So, doing rules I shall unfortunately be doing. Disclaimer: I am not Jafar nor do I claim to be. I am a writer/role-player. I chose to play this character strictly because he has always been my favorite villain and my Emma swan asked me to play him for her. The pictures, and all material belong to ABC and the show Once Upon a Time or my talented Emma swan made them for me. I have not copied any material other than what is in the show and created by me, in my own mind. I am not the actor Naveen Andrews. I do not look like him in real life (I am female for one lol) nor do I have any attachment to him. Please read carefully my rules of writing and role playing below: which I did indeed steal from my Swan. Love you girl!1.) DO NOT GOD MODE me. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT KNOW THE DEFINITION OF GOD MODING IT MEANS TRYING TO CONTROL ANOTHER PERSON'S CHARACTER IN WRITING OR WHEN WRITING. DON'T DO IT. IT'S NOT BRAIN SCIENCE AND I WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED BY ANY OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN MYSELF. 2.) DO NOT RUSH ME FOR REPLIES. I'M VERY BUSY OOC. I HAVE PLENTY OF THINGS TO DO AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. RUSHING ME FOR A REPLY WILL TURN ME AGAINST YOU QUICKER THAN ANYTHING. I work at a 24/7 daycare in the office from 3pm to 11pm on Wednesday to sunday. monday and tuesdays are usually the days i get on if i don’t sneak on at work.  3.) SINGLE LOVE INTEREST. I'M A SINGLE LOVE INTEREST TYPE PERSON on this account because i found the perfect person to complete jafar: my emma swan. me and her ARe BEST FRIENDS OOC AND she HAs BEEN WRITING WITH ME FOR YEARS. jafar WILL ALWAYS HAVE A SOLID RELATIONSHIP WITH Her AND Her ONLY! sorry to those who thought they have a chance  4.) NO STEALING GRAPHICS. I did not create any of them. those brilliant manips and other stuff you see have been created by an absolute master at making graphics. if someone tries stealing her masterpieces for THEMSELVES, i will let her know right away so she can blacklist said person.  5.) NO STEALING MY STORYLINES. CREATIVITY MY DEARS! THAT'S WHERE THIS COMES TO PLAY. YOU HAVE AN IMAGINATION ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ROLE PLAY AND WRITE. USE IT. DON'T STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S HARD WORK. I WILL NOT STEAL ANOTHER PERSON'S STORYLINES AND BACKSTORY EVER!  6.) CONNECTIONS. I HAVE MAIN CONNECTIONS ON THIS PAGE THAT I'VE HAD FOR YEARS AND THOSE ARE AS FOLLOWS: white guardian and white flower. THEY WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN HIGH REGARD WITH ME AND WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST WITH ME NO MATTER WHAT. I WILL ALWAYS WELCOME CONNECTIONS THAT I DO NOT HAVE BUT DO NOT EVER ASK ME TO PUT YOU BEFORE I DO THESE WONDERFUL AMAZING PEOPLE!  7.) LITERACY IS A MUST. YOU MUST HAVE SOME KNOWLEDGE OF FAIRYTALES OR ONCE UPON A TIME BEFORE WRITING WITH ME. I DO WELCOME CROSSOVERS IF THEY ARE WITHIN REASON. YOU CAN CROSSOVER ANYTHING AND IT TAKES CREATIVITY TO DO THAT. BUT LITERACY IN WRITING IS A MUST. THERE IS A BUTTON CALLED SPELLCHECK. USE IT. i understand if english is not your first language so please tell me that before we rp that way i know.  8.) MULTI PARA TO NOVELLA. THIS REALLY IRKS ME. I'VE SPENT SEVERAL MINUTES DOING YOUR REPLY AND MY REPLY TO YOU WAS AT LEAST FOUR MAJOR PARAGRAPHS. I EXPECT SOME RESEMBLANCE OF THE SAME. I AM A WRITER, IT'S WHAT I CHOSE TO DO AND WHY I WRITE jafar. PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. NOT ASKING FOR NOVELLA, JUST SOMETHING TO WORK WITH.  9.) WRITING. I'M HERE FOR IT. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU PUT SOME CREATIVITY IN YOUR WRITING. EVERYONE HAS WHAT THEY CALL A WRITING MUSE. IF YOUR MUSE JUST ISN'T WITH IT, TELL ME. I WON'T BE MAD AT YOU FOR CUTTING OUR STORYLINE. JUST COMMUNICATE WITH ME! IT'S ALL I ASK IF YOU ARE GOING TO VANISH OR YOU WANT TO STOP WRITING A CHARACTER. IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO ADD CONNECTIONS TO A LAYOUT. DON'T DELETE AND REMAKE A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE DECIDING TO STAY.  10.) no drama. if you have an issue with me, my li or anyone else i talk to on a daily basis here that is all fine and dandy. just take that sh*t elsewhere. i am too grown (turning 29 this april) for the high school drama. if you cannot come to me or the people who you are having issues with then just delete me. i will always back up my friends. they will always have my back.

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