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Sunny Little Dragon

12/12/2018 10:07 PM 

Powers Abilities, and equipment

Powers and Abilities

Yang's fighting style is much more aggressive than that of her teammates. She uses a barehanded fist-fighting style and her Ember Celica. She is quite agile, able to dodge an onslaught of Ursai, and gunfire with ease. Since gaining her prosthetic arm, Yang has taken to using its armored surface defensively, shielding herself from firearms, and staving off attacks to gain greater ground on her opponents, incorporating its advantages into her improved fighting style following further instruction from her father, Taiyang Xiao Long.

She is also the physically strongest of the group. Her strength is displayed on numerous occasions, such as when her punch sent a fully grown man several feet into the air and through a glass pillar without the enhancement of her weapon, and in "Players and Pieces", where she was able to keep the mouth of a Nevermore open with one arm long enough to deliver multiple shots down its throat.

Like all Huntsmen and Huntresses, Yang has had her Aura unlocked, coating her body with a shield powered by her soul, which helps protect her, especially when her aggressiveness gets her into bad situations. Even with her Aura unlocked her durability is also noticeably high, as showcased in her doubles match with Weiss against Flynt Coal and Neon Kattduring the Vytal Tournament, where she withstood numerous hits from Neon during the bout's opening stages, and powered through the effects of Flynt's weapon, knocking him out and securing victory for her side shortly after.


V4 11 00020

Yang repaints her weapons - Ember Celica and the Robotic Arm

Yang's weapon is radically different compared to those used by her teammates, for theirs all include some sort of blade. Yang's primary weapon is a pair of gauntlets known as Ember Celica, which can retract into bracelets. Yang's fighting style involves combining her punches with explosive shots from Ember Celica for moderate or short ranged attacks. Ember Celica has powerful recoil, which can be utilized to augment the force of her punch and accelerate her movements, the force being able to launch her high in the air. She can also use her Ember Celica as a form of armor when defending against attacks in unarmed combat. After the events of "Heroes and Monsters", Yang only has one Ember Celica, due to her lost arm.


V3 0600051

Her irises turn red and her hair glows when she uses the power from her Semblance.

As Ruby states during the events of "Painting the Town...", Yang's Semblance lets her take the energy from every blow she takes and use it to make herself more powerful, showcased when Yang completely shatters the Atlesian Paladin-290 in a few hits after being battered by it; this seems to be a form of kinetic energy absorption, with Yang subsequently redirecting said energy against her opponent. After a sparring match with his daughter in "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", Taiyang states that the amount of energy Yang's Semblance grants her is equal to twice the strength she is hit with. However, she does still take the full force of the attack, meaning that quickly inflicting large amounts of damage is the key to taking her down.

As the combat becomes more intense or she is angered enough, fire appears around her hair. During the final state of her Semblance, her eyes turn red and her fire is capable of bursting out of her. Yang's Semblance does not make her angry, but anger has led her to want to use it.

Although a powerful Semblance, Yang is unable to power it up without taking damage first[6], weakening herself in the process. As seen in her fight with Neopolitan, fighters well-versed in dodging attacks can frustrate Yang, making her attacks predictable and easily avoided, rendering the added power useless. Her anger also causes her to unintentionally activate her Semblance, even if she is not in a battle. Examples of this include her frustrated outburst in "Players and Pieces", her moment of anger toward Blake in "Burning the Candle" and two times in her doubles round tournament fight in "Never Miss a Beat".

Yang's father Taiyang somewhat jokingly defines her Semblance as "basically a temper tantrum" and a liability against stronger and more experienced opponents; if they can evade or outlast the duration of her onslaught, she is left weak and tired and vulnerable to a counterattack. For this reason, Taiyang tells Yang it is best left as a last resort, rather than a crutch like she had been using it in the Vytal Festival.

Robotic Arm


The barrel

Yang's cybernetic limb possesses great strength. Its power is shown in "Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back", where a single blow sent her father, a fully trained Huntsman, skidding back several feet. It is also outfitted with a shotgun similar to Ember Celica's. In "Rest and Resolutions", it shows the arm can detach

from her bicep, and can even be fired like a projectile.


Although Yang gets stronger from taking damage, her frustration can be exploited by skilled opponents. This weakness is perhaps best expressed in her very brief confrontation with Adam, her anger causing her to recklessly charge him and lose her right arm in the process. However, this drawback is more or less under control due to her father's advice and he taught her how to use her opponent's force against him or her. Aside from that, knocking her unconscious before she can reach her final stage completely negates her Semblance. Yang is also noted to be weak against kick-based fighting styles, seen when she struggles against Neopolitan, Melanie Malachite, and Mercury Black.[7] As time progresses, however, she gains more control over her anger and has adapted to kick fighters. 

powers and abilities


12/12/2018 09:03 PM 

This Present Darkness II

This Present Darkness
JarPad/Texas Charm

Seeing Jensen climb the steps into his trailer did bring a slightest hint of a smile to the taller man.   He tossed his own phone back on the table with the picture that had been sent to him in a text message.  His expression always lightened when Jensen was around.  Jensen was the yin to Jared’s yang for all these years.   This had been an amazing ride for over a decade for both of them to which  neither of them was ready to stop any time soon.  “Yeah, I guess.”   Jared could see the concern that Jensen had for him.  One didn’t work together constantly for this long and form some attachments to the other.   Fans already liked to mention the subtext of the chemistry between the two of them and had brought it up at cons more than once.

He pointed to a chair as if offering it to Jensen to sit.   Jared kept stealing glances back at the picture of the boys and Odette that he considered his saving grace.   They were part of the reasons he didn’t just put a gun to his head and say screw the world.   He couldn’t leave the three of them with that legacy wondering what type of man their father actually was.   Jared was sitting up now looking at his fellow Texan with earnest intent.   A silent plea for help was written in the face of the younger man.   He didn’t know how to word it to Jensen without coming across as too needy.   He drank in a deep breath that expanded his lungs.  Jared grimaced when he realized that he trembled as he did that one simple act.   Jensen was going to see that without question.  Jared couldn’t believe he’d failed so much.

Jared dropped his face into his hands.   “I’m a mess.  I feel so alone.   I pushed Gen away to spare her this side of me.”   Oaken tresses that he was so known for covered his face as he was in utter agony within the depths of despair.  He clenched his hands tightly looking before looking into the eyes of Jensen Ackles.   He knew that Jensen had gone through a divorce with Dee recently so if anyone came close to understanding what he felt it was his best friend.

While emotional scenes like this took place on the show, reality was far more brutal than a scripted interaction between fictional characters.  Jared’s face was covered with tears that were a release.  He tried to stop them with heaving sobbing breaths, but he couldn’t.   He hadn’t been this broken in years.   He rushed into a relationship with Gen because he was supposed to be dating all these girls and be a good little boy.   She had been good for him for a while.  The births of all the kids had meant so much to Jared.  Now the three of them were getting older and moving around.   Tommy was in school.  Shep would follow soon.  Odette was Daddy’s little Princess just like JJ was to Jensen.   Being a dad was a highlight of his life, but otherwise, Jared felt hollow inside.

Gen saved his life.  She kept him from putting that gun to his head before the kids were born.  Now that faded away with all the business of being working parents and with Gen’s blog.   Jared’s head hung low again.   Digits interlaced as he stared at his hands.   Guilt wracked him.   He’d harbored these feelings for Jensen that he could never bring himself to speak aloud.   It was only with Jensen did Jared feel like he was complete.   His hearty laughter and his moments of clarity all came with Jensen at his side or in his immediate vicinity.   They were more than best friends if truth had to be told.   

It wasn’t Jensen’s fault that this didn’t work with Gen.  Jared knew that beyond any shadow of any doubt.  For that he fully laid the blame on his own broad shoulders.   Jared was in love with Jensen and couldn’t actually speak the words with his mouth.   The guilt for all this hung squarely on the man with depression as an old cruel friend.  He was in a pit looking desperately to the man he loved to save him.

Jared Tristan Padalecki.


12/12/2018 07:59 PM 

Moving Day

Moving Day

The hiatus between seasons was always an event when it came to the Supernatural cast and crew.   Jared Padalecki had returned home to Texas as he always did to spend time with his family.   Being in the off season, he couldn’t help but also spend time with his best friend and brother Jensen Ackles.   Jensen had just purchased a home in San Antonio and needed help moving.   Jared didn’t mind helping Jensen when he could.  It’s what brothers did right?

Dressed in a simple tee shirt and comfy jeans, Jared was standing at the door of the new structure in San Antonio that Jensen was about to call home.   The modern day giant of a man stood there with two days growth on his chin already already gearing up for the hiatus beard that the two of them would often grow.   Jared grinned because he liked to tease his brother that he was able to grow a beard faster than the blonde pretty boy could.   He lowered the sunglasses from his nose and into his hand as he rang the bell.    There was a moving truck there that didn’t seem to have anyone operating it at the moment or movers taking boxes inside.   A smirk crossed the lips of the younger male as a stark realization came to him.  Jensen wanted him to put some back breaking labor into this entire process.   He couldn’t help but laugh.  They were as close as brothers so that meant the two of them knew each other all too well.

Another car pulled up in the driveway when Jared was standing there.  It was a smaller truck that had uniformed men step onto the driveway.   They were wearing the logo of the truck that was parked there.   One man walked up to him and extended a hand.  “You’re Jared Padalecki aren’t you?”    He was a younger man with bushy blonde hair a set of black rimmed glasses in front of sapphire hues.

Jared flashed his slow illuminating smile before grasping the young man’s hand firmly.  “That I am.  Guilty as charged!”  He always did enjoy meeting the fans everywhere he went.  He often wished he could go to more cons but had crippling bouts of depression that kept him from venturing into public on occasion.   He tried not to let it get to him, but some times the beast was bigger than even a man of his stature could handle.

“My name is Jon.  My mom and sister really love you man.  This is a really huge honor.”   The young man was gushing a bit much.  He was already giddy because he was working for Jensen Ackles but to add Jared into it made it even better for him.  He let Jared’s hand go for just a moment trying not to be too much of a fan boy to a star like Jared Padalecki.   He rubbed the back of his neck.  “The guys and I were taking a lunch break.  Mr. Ackles told us to go on and take lunch that he’d be right back.”  

Jared always had a warm expression for his fans.  He remembered the days when he was the average joe making a living before acting.   “It’s alright man. Always good to meet a fan.   I’m glad I got here early rather than later. ”   The taller man looked around.  “Say do you have a phone?”   He wrinkled his brow faintly in a moment of thought as it passed through his mind.

“Well, yeah I do.”   He pulled out his phone and unlocked it.  The screen was open and had a screensaver of some anime that the young man watched on a daily basis.   He offered it to Jared.  “You can use it if you want to man.  I’m cool with it.”   His face was so brilliant with vibrant emotion that he was glowing.  This was such an amazing day already.  It was only getting better.

Jared took the phone and immediately pulled up the camera option.  He asked.  “You said your mom your sister were fans, right?”   He moved in closer to the younger man who was just shorter than Jared was.  Everyone, in all honesty was shorter than Jared was.    Jared leaned in beside the young man pulling the phone up for the perfect angle.  “SMILE!”  He grinned as the picture was taken.

The young man had a hard time keeping his cool.  It was the perfect selfie with Jared Padalecki.   After the picture was taken, Jared handed the young man his phone back.   “MAN that was awesome!  Thank you!”   He shook Jared’s hand and leaned in for a bro hug from one of the actors of the longest running sci-fi tv shows in television history.   

Jared lived for moments like this.  He hugged the young man back letting him head off to join his co-workers.  Each moment of sunshine he gave to others helped dispel the darkness that surrounded him on a daily basis.   He had the Always Keep Fighting charity because it was a reminder to everyone, including himself that this is a battle that was never over.  You had to share the light to drive the darkness away.   He listened to the young man with his friends and co-workers.  Jared’s smile was a half crooked grin, but it made all the difference in the world to one person.  Jared turned around to see if Jensen was there yet.  He walked toward the house with a more fully erect posture and a twinkle in his eye.

Jared Tristan Padalecki.

𝔰𝔦𝔩𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔴𝔫

12/12/2018 05:44 PM 

Guidelines and Disclaimers

I do not appreciate godmodding or metagaming. However things like kissing, slapping, hair pulling; things of that sort that would come within the natural movements of our characters' roleplay happens to be fine. If it steps too far, I will tell you. If I tell you something ooc that your character wouldn't be privy of, please do bring it up until your character knows it. Thank you.

As Celebrian is mostly a blank slate in the verse, most of what I have is headcanons for her. Please respect them and do not steal them. I am happy to share with everyone, however respect and politeness must be had before that. OCs and Canons are welcomed to interact with me! I do not judge based on your character's 'status' within the verse. 

My time is limited and active hours change daily. I have a spouse, a part time job and a home life to lead, so I cannot be attached to my laptop at all times. I also have other interests and roleplays going on. Just because I am slow, however, doesn't mean I've chose to ignore you. Everything I need to reply to is sticky noted and already started in my evernote. I promise I'll get to you as soon as my mind lets me. If you wish to know my other interests, merely ask me. I'm sure we can find something we share in common. 


12/12/2018 01:45 PM 


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