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12/07/2019 11:06 PM 

Top 5 Christmas movies!!!!

I love Christmas even if I hate the snow and cold!! But this is about the top5 hits on my movie list!! 1.      A prince for Christmas. Call me a sucker, a baby penguin as presh calls me but the movie alone is sweet. I love how it touches not just about a royal family but the struggles they have. The most touching of it all is 1. How the main character truly bonds with the little sister who is struggling with the loss of her mother and 2. Struggling with her personal illnesses. Like most Christmas movies there is love found but it’s the sweet and innocent way that it is found that draws me to this movie. It’s true and pure and the way the prince falls for the woman after seeing her with his sister. Though the woman is a report and lying her feelings for everyone she meets are true which you can see throughout the whole movie. This will always be my number one Christmas movie. The one I can watch all year round and it will always bring a smile to my face or even a tear. The sequel is also number one because you cant have one without the other.


12/06/2019 10:21 PM 

✩ ᴄᴏɴɴᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴs ✩

Being Discussed:-Damien Wolfe-Benjamin Joseph-Mason Davila -Alec-Giovanni-Julian 

Styx ⛄️🎄 Xmas Spirit

12/06/2019 10:16 PM 

Hardcore to keep Krampus (Sex)

  It was one of this days were the girls get ready, not average girl of course, when the woman close their doors and key down their self portray to reap the mask away from their p**sy. They massage their skins with perfumed intoxication dancing before the mirror halfway naked to keep the hit for the coming. "Yes, yes I'm Styx Sedna Mortificare of Hell and I get my demons, dark nymphs and any living woman who adores to have a never stoping orgasm to suck the d*ck of Hell around fires, no, no, not in the purgatory, please." With an almost visual transcription they pulled their panties up their waist, letting the thin thong part their hungry arses, entrails to their checks to hung smilingly for adventure. "I will give you the script to brake through, babes, I know how much you wish to scream it on the air!" My voice, penetrating with a final last breath, or the enraging hells. The travellers feared the stops wondering were their souls would stop as the dark nymph prepared their trip to be found in the upper world, the upper world of the Divine.   On the bank of a ditch, slightly the pussies slit their fingers parting their lips away from the discriminatory wet, engulfed by the profundity of having him again so deep and classic sliding in as the gentles fires of horrors to scream more, indeed, a little more, sharing him on not, if they shared him they would never stop, but they all got tired of waiting being pleased one by one. Directly in front of the river, tighten their heels to the dreamfull desires of their legs pray up on heaven upwards to be pulled off to be found by the flesh apart so as to display their innards, head down, zip it up, to be head down, beyond the confines of his horizons hitting on their walls, there was no more theatrical backdrop than having the everlasting climax  of his striding figure whose severe head as thick as the gates of hell pronounced his pass, clasped to enter as he pleased. Episode after episode, the only sin is to stop him. Slide your leg as an artist, turn that facial expression with disgust for more, let your long hairs grasp the floor, brunets and blonds, invite them all to your dance of hell. Zip tight the performance if you want to control his d*ck in your front door.    On the other shore, at the boarders of the living where such actions of most physical sense, the ladies made the practical goodness waiting till boredom, till death reaped them apart wondering what was that who immediately re-opened their legs for such manner of carved relief, now waiting as if it would give nothing to give, nothing new, the same limited mortal cause of death to the imaginary by fear, shame and basic.   No steps given further to test the waters of the river Styx, but hey this waters are not mine, every living lost soul submerge willingly with a permanent last breath, split in two, diving in with a sense of drowning to never belong to any hell or heaven, denial after denial, curling down again in the circles of eternity to simply flow again, to gasp again for a little last breath, that sense of living on the edge between life's trance and the deadly nothingness of the damned souls marching past every known land in the netherworld. Without ambition for how hanged you are by the flow of the river as in procession to catch the next death.     Meanwhile we watched those who claimed in seeing us, as if we hunted houses and building as if we remained there, perhaps the last memory we left back retained to the stage of those who knew us, we did walk in the upper world too entering reflections of an embodiment. Crocked our heads by the sword of Saint Michel bowed transfiguring into the path of the living... not for them to become eternal, that happens on each's own, but to give a damn hint for the rest of the living to get more soul. And still they held to their possessions as if it was of so much value to control and not let go.  Charon, Charon he was a brave man with a lover in each port, mmm, my ferry man, wind my hair back around and gently pull my leg across the other, forced to look up at him as he gazes at me. I gasp how can affect the waving river so much. "If there are no waves you can't go faster? Mmm...." I want to bite him get that sense of his bone, get distracted with his skull finding my pelvis seating on his boat as a stunning painting of the sea, obedient to his request. Waves, he likes the emotional waves.  "You shall not worry if they stop liking you because such waves make you crash, at least you got the wicked pleasure of the effects to make your travel all the way down there" You want him, you look around to all the slender woman in the universe, you want to shout, you want to push him and take him back, moan carefully to not scare him, tug the corners of his skin as if he really does exist, murmur against his mouth, let your blood rip in flames. "No Charon! Never Stop! Don't give it away!! AGhhh... Charon, how dare you!" Smack his jaw, holding his neck against my lower lip. And I put my hand on his lower head, he pulls me up and into his arms so I take a length of his punisher. "You wan't more! For how long can you sustain it if you really want it!" Squeezing tightly my thighs seat back on his boat, coaxing my p**sy to suck him to a long extend with some others. "Not now Charon, please!"  Tonight he was discussing hard limitations, runs his fingers around my neck because he needs a hardcore to get him going "Oh, Styx you dressed too tight, it will take too much to undo your dress, you don't wan't sex tonight?" I wasn't desperate. "You are freaking hot Charon I assume to have you hypnotised with the corners of my mouth to keep riding" Bounded my feet, we had to pick up a bunch of fatal fems in the way. "I'm going to do you, chill out, will yah?" Seeing him on his knees in front of me, pushing his staff on the deepths of the waters to pull the boat, requested to ferry man in a sudden pointing my finger up towards the horizon "Stop, stop there there is a woman sinking her feet wholly in the river, lets pick her up, she is ready Charon, Charon, please stop, I want to have to fun" I could feel his mental erection while got gripping his upper arms and splendid torso and strong wide shoulder, unruly, he groans, he eases the boat sliding out the staff away from the river into the shore arriving slower and slower, the lady gets in the boat shamelessly, she is not dead at all, she had glimpses of the afterworld in secretive portals and wished a sexual transportation to carry her wet elements forever. He languidly pushes the shores back with his stick, how surprisingly strong... muscular he is, my hips sit tranquil giving room, welcoming her to the ferryman's ride.Releasing the journey drops of Horney fluids travel down my waist and down behind. We stopped in heaven, his hand flexes over the backside, he is demanding, can feel every time his anger is about to erupt, it never does in the abyss but before arriving to heaven, the Elussyian Fields. Face to Face my body stands, grasping each side of the bridges who contained me to continue. Step out of his vessel, he is never prepared to enter the Paradiso a number of sketchily spirits blessed us, communicated latter onto him this levels for everyone who has unchained during their earthily lives. The Heavenly Paradise divided is between ten concentric spheres, in which the blessed duel with the deeds they gave in their recent past. The Heavenly Love contains a spiral stairway were my river cascades down. Charon must always wait down, he will come when ever he is please to let go of his boat and past, just as anyone. It's true that this eternity is giving to a communal state to those such as me who river it all with generous justice. Anything he wants he can have, but how easily this river is misunderstood. "My word is Gold, God I contemplate your command"When you think anything can push you down, when you think the pain in the past drops you to never try again, and you haul within your soul and shout gently to never step back in the ordinary world, down in hell were the ruminates walk in four legs, and you fear everything that was taken, then you must go again till you understand is all momentarily. A few of us, return to Hell as if it was Heaven without guilt or remorse, when you are a giver there is no fear but a solid preparation, the FerryMan always takes you, and I feel each side of the shore as he moves ahead."Of course everyone want's to be special, Charon, as if the orgasm is unique as no other." My horns grew as he went across the legions, too hot, too cold, sweat falling down, trailing kisses to the lines of the woman who entered into eternity, its almost painful to love him so much, and he runs his tongue along his genius lip, completely. "Each ride is so special, were you taking us?" "You fit my hand perfectly" Said to one of the fems in the ship, her toes so sexy, another laughingly mirrored her heels and runs her thumbnails up the instep of the new comer. We woman never stop an orgasms when is sooOOo "gooOOood, hum, ahhh, ahhh Charon, come on AggggammmmmgggmmmooOOOoonnnnmmmm hum hug.... oh, Ohmm, continue please, never stop, no, no don't end! PleasSsseee, hummmm, oh OH oh ooOOOOHHhh! Prrrr" Feet in the air screaming in extasis, as others pulled down for him touching eachother. Some times he took a little brake let the ride take off without his guidance, it got so humid inside he had to dry us all.   Charon, Charon between my ankles, quickly jerk in my p**sy, I am squirming with need for you in the other side waiting for your d*ck, other voices enjoying the multiple bliss, bracken their panties for more, some couldn't wait, over the thin lacy material of satin, slip their fingers to rub it while arching their arse to one another, kissing each other in murmurs want, wanting to kneel, so some did, other posed as Greek statues around him upraising our nipples to his altar ready to meet so he could admire their feminine narcism, they like to be watch, beautiful bodies like to be watch, could care less how others seem to be, really as long as the show goes on with the hardest top hit. I like to watch too, lean down to the side so they echo inside the caves of the Underworld till the confines of the last floor of the phallic tower, elevating. What a sweet sensation, violent to see in a zoom in the penetration going gleamy, hitting her blank ayes ready to gasp again in a last breath.When you make love in this ways, when you make it with hatred as well, all eyes become one.    Redundant or not the movement is taking no eyes off mine, lying on this ridding bed, standing look at the golden ladder who reunites in the last pit of hell as well give my binding Oath. "Your flat world will end down my feet, I swear by God." The spiral waves keept non still, they had to move, they had to shout out the freedom who hit their cell, to be reopened. Dwon the four rings before meeting Lucifer we passed the last 4 rings of hell known as the "Betrayal of Trust" Me a Binding Oath to the Gods and Motals and the Furies dedicated our flight to take.1- The betrayal of their won relatives2- The betrayal of political allies3- Betrayals of Guest4- Betrayals of the son of God and the Caesar (The hand who gives you always)     At this in the 34th canto of the 9th ring, transporting the transgressors, throw them down to the last pit, where Lucifer morns. Stood firmly holding my hands on each side of my pelvis with sentiment of infernos."The comedy of Patria is not a religion or philosophy but a state of mind!" Shouted as each one hit the floor with their faces. "Nor a passion or the indole of an author who has pass, the presented who has tempt the vice will progress by their experience into the new world were all others are involved!" Marked the fore of their heads with a burning seal between their eyebrows on the third eye, they could see past and present moving in their present action from now on, they could also see all others who surrounded God and Lucifer, who served the heavens and hells too, they understood sins and desires for recognition not as gifts, without forgiveness the couldn't move more.  More than cool, frozen in an open space beyond desires could see the whole humanity at large in their own skin. For the first time wondered if this given power was to be satisfied or to be given. "Let it be, at its pass, you will know when is time to move on" Said to each as the waves down my head, would bring them down home were they belong, but waited for this circle of eternity to end.  

Santa's lil Helper.

12/06/2019 08:49 PM 

Between a Laugh and a Tear

Between a Laugh and a Tearduplicitous/1571078God it hurt like hell!Damon Salvatore was bound to a chair using heavy chains.  He was sitting in the same room with a well dressed vampire with a nasty disposition.  The preppy vampire was bound and determined to get answers from him that Damon wasn’t exactly ready to spew out in any fashion.   “You’re going to tell me what I want to know or I will lose my temper.”   The vampire’s chocolate hues focused on Damon’s icy ones.   “I’d advise you to listen carefully, otherwise I will take my information from you in a messy way.”   His sardonic smile actually made Damon’s blood run cold.Sarcasm set in on Damon‘s countenance. He was a smartarse by nature.  That went back to when he was human and only got worse when he became a vampire. “I know a lot of things.  I doubt that what I know would interest you.  Who are you anyway?”   Damon was buying time even though somehow in the pit of his stomach he knew he was about to get the beating of his life.  He tilted his head to the right.   “Inquiring minds want to know.”The well dressed vampire pulled out his handkerchief with a flourish wiping his hands in the process.  His gaze focused downward on the handkerchief and his hands as he spoke.   “My name is Elijah.  Perhaps you’ve heard of me?” Pocketing the cloth, he decided to approach the younger vampire taking a step designed to illicit an uncomfortable reaction from him.  This game of intimidation was nothing that Elijah had not been used to doing before in the past 1000 years of life.   Maybe this young one knew of him.  It would make things so much easier. The sarcasm was starting to boil over once more.  “Elijah?  Elijah…  Um… no.  Can’t say that I’ve heard of you.  Is that supposed to be important?  Are you supposed to be somebody special?”   Damon had diarrhea of the mouth and he knew it.     His own attitude came back in spades to the other vampire who had an upper hand.   Maybe irritating the other vampire wasn’t such a good idea. Elijah’s face began to take on a condescending smile that remained coldly calculating as his right hand moved out with a blinding speed striking Damon across his face.   The strike brought about a desired effect with a cut upon the lip of the younger vampire.   A crimson stain appeared on the back of Elijah’s hand.  That satin handkerchief began to wipe away that blood almost as if it was an instinctive reaction.   “You young vampires.  Always so full of arrogance and contempt.   I am an Original.  Show some respect.”The speed and strength of the slap by Elijah had cut Damon’s bottom lip.  His tongue snaked out to run over his bottom lip tasting it as he pulled it back into his mouth.  His cheek was still stinging.  If he was human, Damon would likely have had a broken neck.  “An Original.  Got it.  An Original Vampire I’m assuming…?”  All he needed to see what Elijah’s brow lifting upward before he started to whistle.  “AH okay, got it.”Elijah started to lean forward.  “What do you know about Katherine Pierce?”   As long as the younger vampire kept complying with him, he’d not have to resort to much more extreme measures.   He knew that Katherine had been in the Mystic Falls area in 1864 where she met the Salvatore brothers.  That information had just been supplied to him by Trevor about Katherine‘s location, but it only come to him recently.  So it was time to track down a hundred and fifty years of history in this mudhole.  “My sources tell me that you and your brother know her a bit too well.”“Katherine?”   Damon rolled his shoulders as best he could as he was bound in the chair with a heavy chain.   “Yeah we know her.  Not a huge fan I’ll say.  She could go rot in hell for all I care.”  He had his emotions all over the place when it came to Katherine.  Spending all those years loving someone who didn’t give a tinker’s dam about him had tended to ruin his nurturing thoughts about her. The answer brought about a response from Elijah that sent mixed signals to Damon.   If he didn’t know better, Damon thought that there was a bit of infatuation going on there as the mention of Katherine.  He knew that well.  He’d seen it in the mirror for over a century.   “I see.  And of her doppelganger?”    Elijah didn’t like the fact that Damon was looking too closely at him. He took one step backward.  The fact Elijah semi retreated had not gone unnoticed by the younger vampire.   A slight smirk appeared but was suddenly erased when he mentioned the doppelganger.   “Doppel what?   Don’t know what you’re talking about.  You’re barking up the wrong tree pal.”   He was likely about to get another punch or maybe three for that attitude that just couldn’t stop. It was like blood in the water to Elijah.   The left side of his mouth curled upward.  “Oh really?”   He had to find this doppelganger before his brother Klaus did.   These young vampires would only get in his way and cause him nothing but precious time in the process.   Klaus had something that Elijah wanted.   If he could procure the doppelganger first, then he could actually bargain with Klaus.   All Elijah wanted was his family.  He’d not seen any of them in nearly 100 years and it was time to gain the upper hand on Klaus for once. “Yeah really.  Did I stutter?”   Elijah seemed like he was lost in another world briefly while Damon denied the knowledge he knew that Elena Gilbert was Katherine’s doppelganger.   He wasn’t sure what was all going on with this mystical tie between Katherine and Elena.  All Damon knew was he wasn’t about to let any mouthy bully vampires lay one finger on her.   Before he could further form another thought, a pain shot through his neck as something stabbed him.   Elijah was on him like an animal going in for a kill.  His neck was warm and sticky.   Elijah had stabbed him in the neck.  “I’m not in the mood for the attitude of a petulant child.  You will tell me what I want to know and willingly.  Do you understand?”   Elijah’s gaze lingered into Damon’s as the compulsion started.  Damon’s mind went blank and all control over his mouth stopped in a far more obedient fashion to Elijah. ====His head was throbbing.  Damon started to regain consciousness.   He had no idea where he was briefly.  His optics focused in the dark until he realized he was behind the Mystic Grill in a pile of trash.   He stood up slowly wrinkling his nose.  “EWW…  REALLY?”   He complained as he wreaked of two day old garbage.   He stepped into the alley under the street light so he could look at himself better.  Damon had dried blood on his collar and an impression of a dirty chain across his clothes.  He stopped for a moment trying to remember what happened to him.   The image of Elijah interrogating him filled bits and pieces of his memory.   That’s when it hit him.  Elijah had compelled him to do something.   Compulsion wasn’t supposed to work on vampires.   What the hell kind of vampire was Elijah?   He needed to find out more about him, but a shower first.   He was absolutely disgusting.“When people see good, they expect good.”credit: james kriet

Snow Angel

12/06/2019 03:11 PM 

The Magic Of Christmas

Angelica Dawn Milani,also known as Angel among the very few friends that she had,was new to Miami,Florida.Her and her mother yet again moved,not a surprise.They have been running from what had became their reality,ghosts.Their real,they aren't just part of some fairy tales that your told as a kid to scare the pant's from your hip's.Angel had longed to get away,to get away from the monster's in the closet's,or the ghosts in the haunted mansion's.What was even worse - - She could hear them.She was able to communicate with the long passed,with the lost spirits that haunted the earth,in search for whatever was their unfinished business.Exorcism's were the best way to get rid of ghost's,that or figure out what was their unfinished business,complete it,then set their soul's free.Some were grateful,other's - - Not so much.Aside from the fact that Angel was a Hunter,she also was a teenager.That meaning that she kept up with the real world.The Milani's have always been a rich family,their money passed on from one generation to the next.Valerie Milani was Angel's Mother,her father well,let's just say he isn't in the picture anymore.Angel was a Straight A student,not offering much time to the people around her,she was mostly contained in her own little world,in fear that if anyone ever found out what she was,and what she did for a living - - that she just might have more trouble on her hand's then she did before.December 6th,it was almost Christmas. Angel's mother was out on a job in San Francisco.Meanwhile, Angel was left home with her Puppy Riot,who was not what he seemed.That goes with the saying,never judge a book by it's cover.Angel ordered a Christmas Tree,along with a bunch of decorations.Her mother made a promise to be home for Christmas this year,she hoped with all her heart and soul that her mother actually kept that promise.- - The Milani Mansion,Located in Miami,Florida. - - "Their here!Their here!" chanted the little Siberian husky,hoping side to side allowing his tail to wag wildly as he barked at the front door.Sock's on,Angel forgot that the maid had just waxed the floor and that they were slippery,sliding into the main room she managed to make it to the front door.As the maid opened the grand front door,she was greeted with a elderly man's face,along with a couple younger guy's.Some carrying boxes - - the other's helping carry the huge tree."Take it all into the living room please."Said Angel with a smile forming across her young looking face.The men carried the thing's into the living room,paying close caution to the newly waxed hard wood floor.Angel and Riot followed behind excitedly as they did.The elderly man looked at Angel with a wide smile,"Thank you so much for buying these thing's,we don't get as much business as we used to,and we were afraid we were going to have to shut the whole business down."The tenderness in the Old man's voice was apparent.Angel was sorta saddened by the fact that such a beautiful time of the year,could drive so many people out of business because no one even cared anymore."You are so very welcome,Christmas is my favorite time of year."She said before she managed to pull over nine hundred dollar's from her wallet.Gently taking the old man's hand she placed the money in the callused palm."Merry Christmas,I hope all your wishes come true."As Angel looked back up into the Old man's eye's,she noticed a tear.One single tear,that tear brought her joy.She knew that she had just made that old man's day and that made it even more better."Thank you Miss."The elderly man said before him and the rest of the crew made their leave."It's time to get these decorations up!!"Angel said with great excitement,9 maids filed into the big living room before they all took a box,prying open the box's the Christmas decor was revealed.' the magic of Christmas exist's , if you only choose to believe ' Drabble Name : The Magic Of Christmas  - - Christmas Drabble - - /AngelicaDawnMilani

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