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Arianna(T&L) Dean

04/01/2020 06:54 PM 

Dean & Arianna's Wedding
Current mood:  loved

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04/01/2020 05:37 PM 

Jennifer Juliet Jareau Hotchner Memory File
Current mood:  accomplished

Legal Name Jennifer Juliette Jareau HotchnerMarriages 2Husbands 1st Deceased,  Current Richter AliveChildren 2 Deceased 1 Henry alive (bio dad deceased 1st husband) , Henry adopted by Richter, no others yet.Favorite Colors Blue, Light Pink, Bright Red , Dark Green

Jennifer Juliet Jareau Hotchner


04/01/2020 05:38 PM 


Kasey has always loved animals since he was little but he could really never have any until he moved out.  When he moved out he finally got all of the pets that he had ever wanted. This is Snickerdoodle.  Yes its a funny name but he was eating candy when he got his dog and it was the first name that came to mind and he stuck with it.  Snickerdoodle sleeps in bed with him and wakes him up witkh his sloppy kisses.  He is trying to get him to be a service dog for when his blackouts happen to keep him calm.Meet Sir-Mix-A-Lot.  This is the family cat his younger adopted brother named him and it stuck with the whole family.  Sadly Kasey doesn't get to see him all that often because he is with his younger brother but he does get pictures from time to time when his brother remembers to send them to him.Last but not least this is Loki.  He is the newest addition to his family.  After he fell off the ladder and forgot almost everything he needed something to help him cope.  He didn't want to talk to anyone else and it was bad but Loki has made everything so much better for him.  He is the baby of the family and is probably going to be with Kasey for a long time.


04/01/2020 05:02 PM 


Carter has so many pets that he can't keep track of, some he has had since he was younger and some he had just recently got.  But he loves them all with his heart and soula dn probably more then he loves Autumn but we aren't going to tell her that. Meet Scabbers.  Carter has just recently gotten him from the animal shelter.  He swore the he wasn't going to get another pet but when he first laid eyes on him it was love at first sight.  He is also his service dog, Carter suffers from anxiety and Scabbers is just there to keep him calm no matter what time of the day it is.  If it wasn't for Scabbers Carter wouldn't be here right now, he never knew that he needed a dog more than he did right now.This right here is Chairman Woof.  Yes it is a really weird name but I have had him since I was little and I didn't know what to name him.  He was sitting on an arm chair and he woofs.  He has been my best friend since I was 2 and we have gotten into a lot of trouble together.  But that is besides the point, I know he is going to die soon so that is why I pay the most attention to him than my other animals.  And he feels horrible for that.This is Fluffy.  This is actually my mothers dog and when I moved she didn't want to leave my side.  I tried to leave her but my mother called me and told me to come and get her because she was on my bed crying and not leaving.  I guess you can say she imprinted on me like Jacob did on Renesmee.  SO she now sleeps in bed between Autumn and I and it is the worst thing ever but I love her to not kick her out.And last but not least, this is Church.  She has been my cat for a long time.  I got her when I was with Maddie and she has been my companion ever since.  Though I really do feel bad that I kept Church as I got him for Maddie but I couldn't let him go.  He sleeps on the top of my pillow and licks my face with his sandpaper tongue to get me to wake up in the middle of the night.


04/01/2020 12:37 PM 

AC 167

Journal Entry4/1/2020 I often wonder about my mother, where she ran off to just days after I was born, what my life would have been like had she stayed, and how different things would be now. My mother was beautiful, so beautiful. I never got to see her myself, you know, just photographs, but she was beautiful in that heartbreaking kind of way. I got my eyes from her. My dad used to tell me that my smile was just like hers and at the time, it only made me smile more. Now, though, I see that he was wrong. My smile is nothing like my mothers. Her smiles are heartbreakingly beautiful, they never meet her eyes, they aren’t warm. I never knew why she chose to leave us and after awhile I stopped asking. Somewhere along the way my dad and me became enough.I can’t help but wonder what would be different, if I’d have ended up in Sloane at all. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly sad and emotional, I can picture it—my life with my mother. My childhood wouldn’t have been spent reading books and worrying my father would spend that month’s grocery money on his next ‘get rich scheme.’ No. I think, had she stayed, we would have had money. I would have played barbie dolls and dress up with mom. She’d have taught me about hair and make up and I wouldn’t have had time for my books. Her and dad would have fought, and often, but she’d have ensured he got a stable job and he’d never have became what I knew him to be. We’d have been happy, I think, if she had chosen to stay. Atleast for awhile, anyhow. Eventually, I think it wouldn’t have been enough for her, being with my dad. I believe she’d have left anyways but.. I think, if she’d stayed, atleast for awhile.. I think I’d have been different and my dad, too. I think I’d have gotten lost in boys and sex, instead of characters in my books, and I think daddy would have held a stable job and turned to something else to get lost in. Instead of his schemes and inventions, I think he’d have become a drunk and I think I’d still have lost him too.That’s what ironic about all of this, really, it’s that I think even if mom had stayed things would have been incredibly similar and yet so completely different, too. I’d have different vices, sure, and hell, I might be in the line of work Eden and Dollie are, I wouldn’t have my books but I wouldn’t have my father, either. Life would be different in ways that don’t matter, and similar in ways that do, I’d still be the girl who’s father died and mother left her. I’d still feel as alone in the world as I always have. But.. I wouldn’t have my books. I wouldn’t have my book store. I wouldn’t have Celeste or Eden or Spencer. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have love and lost Tom. I wouldn’t have ever found two sisters in Luna and Elsie. I wouldn’t have Sloane, my home.I often wonder what my life would have been like if my mother have stayed but, I never wish that she had. I am grateful for everything that I have, for how my life has turned out and for today, that somehow is enough for me. 

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