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Fleur S&L

06/17/2019 02:17 PM 

Blocked List

Quiana (Exclusively LESBIAN!)


06/17/2019 12:01 PM 

Owes List

With updates as more stories are written.Isabella 

Camilla Køta

06/17/2019 11:11 PM 


The petite young woman stared in horror at the bodies on the ground, a man covered in a thick, sheet of a sticky, room temperature, dark-colored substance. Her heart pounding in her ears, her breath caught in her throat, right in that spot where it hurts to swallow. There were weights gluing her down to the place she stood, making it hard to move. A familiar figure stood up, his eyes narrowed, a smug look played on his once handsome features, "You're late." *You know how they say girls always go after guys that remind them of their fathers? It wasn't always that way for little Camilla..."He's just having a hard time right now.""It's my fault, I said something I shouldn't have.""No, he's never like this normally, I swear."These are all the things she would say to defend the guy she claimed she was in love with. But we all knew they really were just excuses. Her friends would just roll their eyes, fully aware she would not take their advice. "This isn't healthy," they would say. "I never liked him." Another one would chime in. A year of this would ruin her emotionally forever. She knew he was wrong for her. But she just would never admit it. Carrie Underwood would call it a Cowboy Casanova. The devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes. She didn't see him coming. He was kind, patient, a gentleman. But that mask didn't last long. He was really obsessive, a cheat, jealous. And lastly, a murderer. Shocker, right?Would you believe he pretended to love her so much, he really just got off knowing how much he terrified her? He didn't love her, he pitied her. A vulnerable girl with a bad habit of never staying sober. He just wanted a little pet who did his chores and treated him like a God, She his slave. While he did whatever the hell he wanted. Truly, what it was, was this guy had a strong demeanor about him. Most would say that he's an a**hole, but that's what reminded her of her father. He was charming at first but he was a psycho. And so, she stayed. Thinking she loved him. But really, he was candy coated misery. 


06/17/2019 10:27 PM 


The FamilyFatherMotherBrotherThe PastFirst LoveEx-boyfriendNot Quite a FriendThe Possey

Demi Lovato E&L Alexandra Gomez

06/17/2019 02:32 PM 

About Real Life.

I am a 22 year old girl. I had 2 siblings. I lost one to a swimming accident. I don’t have a job or anything because of my anxiety that I was diagnosed with at early age. I have problems remembering things. I have a eating disorder. I have thoughts about it but I’m eating now. I was bullied very badly a year ago. My birthday is September 9th. I love the Backstreet Boys. I can’t have any drama or stress because it will make my anxiety bad. I have panic attacks a lot and chest pains.

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