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10/14/2019 07:59 PM 

lets talk.

i want to start this with, this is not meant to be petty. this is not meant to be a call out post. this is not meant to cause greater problems, this is meant to silence those that have drowned out my voice since January. i despise seeing posts like this in the stream and roll my eyes — but this is serious. this is me finally speaking against the psychological abuse and manipulation i have endured and i DESERVE this moment. if you are one of those people who aided in my demise and you are lurking now for something to report to your group chat with(yes, your group chat that you use to bash on writers all around the community and “ expose “ them) — then i hope you read this all of the way through. i’m embarrassed. i am embarrassed to have deleted my last account, to give up a muse that i have been building for two years. i am ashamed to have ran from problems that should have been silenced four months ago. i’m embarrassed that i did not stick up for myself sooner. when a friend has contemplated deleting an account over a failed writing partner, i have always been the one to coax them out from it. i tell them it isn’t worth it. that you shouldn’t let another person nor group of people define your experience on a fictional writing website. for the last ten months, i have been approached with brutal and entirely untrue rumors about me. this week i learned they were worse than i could have imagined. despite what those spreading them might have to say, i hate drama. i hate getting involved. i hate everything about starting an issue with someone you don’t know on a website where you don’t even know who someone is on the other end of the screen. so i stayed quiet. figured they were petty and trivial rumors that would fade away, as most do. i asked those telling me what they’ve heard to please pass back to their source they were misinformed, and let it die. only one of them held any remote hint of truth, and it was a miscommunication and something taken out from context. me and the person who spread that are fine now and arguably, are on very good terms and write together. WHY YOU'RE READING THIS: however, my last love interest came in January. New Year’s Day, to be exact. we hit it off instantly in AND out of character which was something i have never experienced so fluidly. she was my best friend. she quickly became someone i could open up to, which i don’t often do. we wrote together every day, our server still has nearly 30 threads FILLED with content. i had been multi ship for a while, and we decided together that we weren’t writing with many other people anyways, so we may as well single ship. that was a mutual decision. in May, i found out she had been a catalyst in rumors that had been spread about me. i will not say what they were because frankly, it was trivial and all a blur at this point and the main point here is that — i asked her, begged her, to please right her wrongs and to tell her friends that she had lied about me and to me. she told me she would, and begged me to stay with her as we had begun to develop a relationship out of character(which i will touch later, as she claims it never happened). i stayed and forgave her. my friends all hated her, they begged me to let them call out her actions. i protected her and told them i had it under control. i didn’t. i could ramble on and on about our on / off relationship ic and ooc, and tell you how that’s something i never dabble in and how confusing this whole situation was. how i begged her for months to tell her friends the truth as they all held very powerful voices on roleplay, and she told me she would. slowly they all told me she never said anything to her. she still swore until a few days ago when i blocked her that everyone else was lying except for her. but instead i would like to get straight to the point. a few days ago, one of her friends messaged me with hate in their mind, with misconceptions she had fed them. this was someone she always spoke very poorly about and someone that she had known for over ten years. it wasn’t until i mentioned she told me they were no longer friends that i was THANKFULLY able to get my say in. after hours of talking, she sent me screen caps of what horribly twisted and disgusting rumors were told to her about me AS this person was shipping with me, was speaking to me 24/7. i want to address those here, and yes, WITH screen caps to back my case because that is something Ellory could never provide to back up her claims.  whether you click on the links to the screen caps is up to you, she has abandoned both accounts mentioned in them as she often does when her lies are found out. not all of them will have caps attached as they aren’t the main rumors and weren’t worth posting, and the ones that had more grotesquely romantic nature are too inappropriate to post(though i have no reason to protect her any longer), or they are side ones I’ve had brought up to me over the months. ACCUSATIONS / PROOF i am a dangerous person, i have guns and she’s afraid i will hurt her.the fact i have to compromise my privacy to answer this is appalling, but she already shared my full legal name with her friends for no reason when we were very much on good terms - so i do not have any privacy any longer. my family collects weapons, as they’re a typical farm / southern living household. yes, i have some of my own. she expressed interest in that, sexualized the weapons, and inquired over photos of them on multiple occasions. what disgusted me most about this one, is that she took words that i told her my ex OOC used to slander me during a toxic breakup and said them as though they were her own. she coached me through my PTSD over my ex, whilst simultaneously quoting it to her friends and burying the knife deeper. i had no idea until a few days ago. it’s been NINE MONTHS. she’s taken my OOC trauma i have confided in her, and she has made it her own for some sick game or something to talk about. she claimed i was obsessed with her, that if she wouldn’t reply fast enough i would become suicidal.this one is truly puzzling to me, as i often left her on read or ghosted simply because i am not good at constant conversation and any of my friends can tell you that - or i would be focusing on affairs outside of roleplay. i loved talking to her, but she would often send me double messages when she was out with friends or when she needed attention. i never minded because i liked her, but as someone who contacted her AND ONLY HER when i chose to place myself in a mental hospital for suicidal thoughts at the abuse of an ex and other issues OOC, i’m a little insulted. though i guess i shouldn’t have been too surprised, considering she told me her ex love interests also became “ suicidal when not receiving attention. “ i don’t know why i believed i would be exempt from her incessant poor talking of other people. actually, once i even asked her if she talked sh*t about me the way she did all her friends. she told me no.  i have since sent screen recordings of our conversations to those who heard this rumor that visibly prove that her claims were bullsh*t. i could post screen caps where she's double messaged me, but what's the point. so here's a recent message when she claimed she didn't have discord anymore. TRUTH. she isn’t attracted to me, she’s afraid i’m going to try and meet up with her when she visits my state.i have met multiple people from roleplay, by MISTAKE. they all know i hate overlapping boundaries, and one of my biggest fears in us talking ooc was losing my favorite writing partner. only a handful of times did i say i might be cool hanging out with her, after SHE told me she wanted to hang out or wished i was there. this is someone who has sent me multiple private nude photos, who has sent very detailed and grotesque messages of all the things they wanted me to do to them ooc. i’ll leave this brief as i’m not a gross person and have no desire to expose her sexting me while simultaneously complaining about me, but i’ll leave a few screen shots here that quickly dismiss this claim such as her telling me the dates she would be in my state, and her saying how she wishes i lived there so she could photograph me and how attractive she thought i was after sending her a photo.ACCUSATION. | TRUTH. - TRUTH. - TRUTH. my personal favorite: she had to cut me off - pray for her, if she winds up dead you know what this, this one can speak for itself with screen caps FOR THE MOST PART - but a backstory. when we both admitted feelings for each other ooc, she was prepared to book a flight to see me immediately. i told her to slow down, that i don’t want to commit to a relationship as i don’t even know her ooc very well and vise versa and i had recently moved back in with family. she pressured me numerous times on if i could answer her or not, and when she sent the message in the screen cap on 4/20/2019 saying that - it was actually her messaging me basically saying if i couldn’t give her a solid answer on a relationship she couldn’t flirt anymore. ACCUSATION. | TRUTH. 4/20 - TRUTH. 4/20 - TRUTH. 4/30 - TRUTH. 4/30it blindsided me, because we had JUST had the conversation the day prior, about how i wasn’t ready to commit to an ooc relationship. she said it was fine, no pressure. then i was sent the message about uncertainty while i told her i was with friends and family. i complied, told her i didn’t want her to settle for someone who isn’t interested in a relationship. she immediately back pedaled because i didn’t give in to her request and began to compulsively message me claiming she was just drunk and didn’t mean it. a week later(4/30) i am the one who told her, with no exceptions, that we needed to stop talking how we were. it wasn’t fair to lead her into thinking we might be in a relationship when i did not want to commit and i did not want to hurt her. she begged me not to. back to the entire night after SHE messaged me(4/20) she sent me multiple unintelligible messages and brings me to my next point: arguably the most f***ed up one:i asked where she went last night because i didnt have service and i threatened to put a pistol in someone’s mouth. i think this one makes me the most angry. it makes me angry because i am not a violent person, but i am protective over my female friends when they are being sexually assaulted. this was the same night as the messages i referred to where she was drunk. she messaged me all night with the exception of when she fell asleep, didn’t lose service for more than a few minutes(maybe half an hour tops, but kept talking to me the entire time) and kept me updated with her night. the only time i 'freaked out' was after she said the dude was trying to assault her and she dropped off, because she passed out. i was SCARED for her life. she told me someone’s boyfriend was trying to sexually assault her. i asked where she was to pay for and send her an Uber and get her out of there as she was too drunk to drive. i threatened the man she accused of sexual assault. i won’t say much more on this because it’s absolutely infuriating to me and if the caps above from the same day don't taint her credibility, idk what else does. this was a series of messages of her being obliterated and i don't want to embarrass her, but here's the truth.ACCUSATION. | TRUTH. - TRUTH. - TRUTH( and this one breaks my heart (-: ). ---i have access to her private information, i have photos of her and videos and i have her social media handles, but i am NEVER going to give those up or compromise her safety outside of character - as she so carelessly has done to me(so please, if she’s given my info to you, kindly ignore it. we all have too much going on ooc to deal with this) and i STILL f***ing love her as a person, because it takes someone entirely ripping me apart for me to finally call it quits. however, i don’t mind leaving her discord handle uncovered because i do not mind her online persona being exposed, as no one should endure the abuse i have and maybe it will bring closure to others she has hurt. and - as i said, the moment i sent her proof of her actions she abandoned them as to avoid her problems. twice. i just want this to end. i’m horrified at the thought of any more misconceptions being spread and of them retaliating even though I’ve provided the utmost proof and patience. i’m scared that still, after discrediting everything that has been said, that it will never end. but at least i can say i tried. i haven’t named her friends, i haven’t named the accomplices - and i hope that if they read this, they see the truth. if they don’t, they’ll out themselves and there’s nothing i can do to prevent that. so if you are one of the accomplices, i hope you silently take this time to re-evaluate your choices. my discord is always open if you want to apologize and start over. for 10 months i have been slandered. i have had people angrily message me. people message me surprised i’m not this horrible person they thought i was. and i stayed silent. i have wondered what i have done wrong. i have wondered what’s wrong with me and beaten myself up. i have lost sleep and not eaten. for 10 months, i have poured all of my kindness and protection into this person. i have helped them through hard times, told them my trauma and listened to their own, listened to them continuously be the victim and complain about everyone surrounding them with no questions until the end. the last few months were distant, as i became irritated hearing her complain about people she chose to put herself around - but i realize now, if she can talk about them that way, how could i never see that she did that to me? the entire time. even now, i tried to reach out and give her a chance to explain and make it right so that maybe we could find her psychological help: again, I’ve been ignored because she ran away from the problem with no solution.for 10 months, when i did finally reach out for help i got reprimanded. when i needed someone to validate i wasn’t f***ing crazy, i got threatening and hate filled messages by elitist roleplay accounts who she kept whispering to.  that ends today. if you disagree with my including her characters name, i had no other choice. if you disagree with me posting this, i had no other choice. this is a dent in her reputation compared to the grief and torment she has caused me. to the way i have been exiled and written off by strangers who have never spoken to me. i do not wish her any ill harm, and honestly - i hope that she is able to find a new muse and may start over fresh. i hope that she never puts anyone through this again. please do not come for my personal life and please, i still ask of everyone, do not go for hers. it is time for this to die.jameson parker is my child, and i refuse to give this place up and stay quiet during psychological abuse and manipulation any longer. to those who read this all of the way through, thank you. to those who helped me stay strong when i broke down, thank you. to anyone who was confused when i started posting emo statuses with no context, thank you for baring with me. to Ellory and her friends who’ve tried to ruin me, thank you. i’ve learned now to stand up for myself.- Jameson’s mun.


10/14/2019 06:02 PM 

bullet points.


10/14/2019 06:01 PM 

full bio.

Vampire Princess Livvie

10/14/2019 03:01 PM 

Livvie Locke

Livvie originally went to Port Charles to reunite with her mother, Rachel. Rachel was less than thrilled to have her daughter in town. Rachel made it clear that she wanted Livvie out of town. Livvie lied that she had left, but she had actually stayed in town to investigate her mother's behavior. Ironically, Lucy befriended Lily, and Lucy invited the girl to stay with her at her hotel room.Lucy had no idea that Livvie was the daughter of her foe, Rachel, and Livvie had no idea of the tension between Lucy and Rachel. Livvie became friends with Chris, using the alias Charlie, which she used with Lucy too. Chris was interested in why Livvie was nosing around about Rachel, so he investigated and figured out "Charlie" was Rachel's daughter. Chris used Livvie for information on Rachel.Livvie was suffering from horrible nightmares in which she saw herself drowning. Lucy sought out Kevin to help her. Kevin and Livvie had a connection that made Livvie feel more at ease and comfortable. They continued their meetings, which Chris found out about, and he slyly told Rachel about Kevin's counseling sessions with Livvie, leaving out Livvie's name. Rachel decided to use Chris's information to destroy Kevin's career and told the board that Kevin was unethically treating a young girl in a hotel room. What Rachel didn't know was that the girl was her daughter.Livvie feared Rachel would find out about her being in town and refused to testify on Kevin's behalf. Chris also made sure that Livvie found out that Joshua Locke was not her father. Livvie burst in to the hearing, and the charges against Kevin were dropped. Kevin continued to treat Livvie and told her about her Aunt Grace and how Grace had died by drowning.Lucy and Kevin eventually started thinking that he was Livvie's father and Grace was Livvie's mother. Lucy secretly did a DNA test on them. Kevin told Livvie about his history with Grace, and Livvie was upset with Kevin for lying to her also. Chris saw the DNA test results and made sure Lucy did too: Kevin was Livvie's father. Kevin was angered by Lucy's actions, but she urged him to accept Livvie into his life.Chris made sure Eve saw the results, and during a confrontation with Kevin, Livvie heard the truth. Kevin was outraged at Eve. Rachel slowly became mentally unstable when she kidnapped Lucy and Kevin; Rachel injected Lucy with an experimental cure for a disease Estelle was suffering from. With Ian and Eve's help, Livvie created a distraction, which helped Rachel escape.Rachel wanted Livvie to leave town with her, but Livvie refused, so Rachel retaliated by knocking Kevin out at the docks. Rachel jumped in the ocean to drown herself. Kevin went after Rachel and rescued her, but she was sent to a mental institution. Livvie went to the river one night and was smitten when she saw a naked Jack emerge from a midnight swim. He later revealed he was a Ramsey, Chris's younger brother.Chris wasn't done with Livvie's life yet. He schemed to break up Livvie and Jack. Chris framed Jack for stealing money from him and edited a tape to make sure Livvie heard Jack saying that he had only been using her. Livvie ended things and turned to Chris for comfort. Livvie and a cured Estelle moved into Rachel's old digs, and Chris hired a nanny, Kim, to care for Estelle, but Kim was really a spy. Chris had Kim steal Livvie's diary and began to make all her dreams come true.Livvie shoved away Kevin and Lucy and changed into a wilder Livvie. Lucy found out Chris had the diary and broke into Chris's apartment and planted it, to make sure Livvie found it. Livvie did and dumped Chris. Jack and Livvie finally reunited, even though Lucy and Jack almost made love one night, and they were finally moving on in their lives. Livvie and Kevin grew closer, and Jack laid his roots down. However, Zach sent Sam, a trashy biker chick who was an old friend of Jamal's, to seduce Jack, one of Jamal's enemies. That failed.Livvie and Jack finally made love after a dip in the river. A while later, Jack and Livvie went camping in the woods, and later that night, Jack made wild love to Livvie. Livvie, Jack, Jamal, and Alison became involved with Motocross. Alison prevented Jamal from a dangerous race, and Zach forced Jack to ride by holding Livvie hostage. Livvie was devastated when Jack flew over a small cliff and died in her arms. Livvie buried her boyfriend, and the teens decided to keep quiet. Livvie was out for Zach's head on a silver platter while Lucy and Kevin began to suspect foul play.Livvie met Zach in an alley and tried to stab him, but he got the upper hand and was going to rape her until a mysterious man stopped him. That man introduced himself to Livvie as Caleb. Livvie had no idea that she was the dead ringer of his long-lost love, Olivia. Caleb began dazzling and enchanting her in order to have a second chance at love.At the same time, Jack miraculously returned from the dead. Livvie welcomed him back happily, but they had both changed. Jack was wild, violent, frenzied, while she was withdrawn, yearning for Caleb thanks to his mental trickery. As the summer drew to a close, Caleb made Livvie his lover and convinced her to marry him, even conjuring up an image of Rachel to comfort Livvie during the wedding. Soon after, Jack burst in, claiming to want to be a vampire. Caleb ordered Livvie to kill him, but Livvie couldn't, breaking Caleb's iron hold over her in order to be with the man she loved.Caleb wouldn't give up, and when Jack, Kevin, and many others plotted to kill Caleb at the hospital, Livvie had to be locked up. He whisked her up to the roof, where she offered to go with him if he left her loved ones alone. He told her he didn't want her love that way. Jack intervened before Caleb could harm her, and soon after, the Michael personality in Caleb caused a lightning bolt to crash down on Caleb, turning him to ash. The town breathed a sigh of relief at Caleb's departure, trying to pick up the pieces of the mess he had created.In reality, Caleb's spirit remained, and after manipulating Livvie through dreams, caused her to bring him back to life. He needed her help to regain full strength, and under his spell once again, she split the couples of Port Charles up with lies and deception -- including her own relationship with Jack. Desperate to win Caleb's trust, she even poisoned Jack's drink, but Alison knocked the drink out of his hand in time. Jack was devastated when he found out, and broke up with her.A few weeks later, Livvie killed Lucy with a crossbow and joined Caleb in his grand plans to destroy his enemies. At the Recovery Room, Caleb gloated as the fearful gathered, including Jack and Kevin. He asked Livvie to make love with him in front of everyone. Instead, she staked him in the heart, and revealed to the group that she had broken from Caleb's thrall and worked with Lucy to trick him.Lucy's death had been faked, which Lucy proved when she walked into the bar, alive and well. Livvie also told Jack that she had written on his bar napkin, telling him not to drink the poison, but the liquid had erased the message. Jack was hesitant to forgive her until Rafe trapped them at Ian's cabin, where they worked out their issues and reunited.In winter 2002, Livvie maintained a low profile. She had never liked Rafe, especially after finding out he was a magic being, as Caleb was. She was convinced that Rafe had used magic to lure Alison to him, as Caleb had done to her. She missed the old days of Alison, Jamal, Jack, and Livvie as best friends. She and Alison fought repeatedly, but called a shaky truce when Eve Lambert died. That truce was very brief.Alison began talking to the spirit of her ancestor, Rebecca Barrington, through Rebecca's portrait. Rebecca had made candles a few centuries earlier, and Alison gave Livvie one. Unbeknownst to her, the candles created wild emotional responses when inhaled. Livvie's candle was named TROUBLE, spelled on the bottom of the candle, and caused her to believe Jack and Alison were involved. Alison had told her about Rebecca, and Livvie saw Rebecca as a witch, as evil as vampire Caleb had been. Her paranoia increased to full-tilt psychosis when she threw the TROUBLE candle into the fire, breathing in the toxic fumes as she slept. Livvie began to become unhinged as she repeatedly warned Kevin of how evil the candles were and that Alison's candle shop had to be shut down. She even got into a near-catfight with Ali. Realizing no one believed her, Livvie spiked a candle with hallucinogens. Jack lit the candle and freaked out, imagining bugs crawling all over him. Kevin disappeared around that time, sending Livvie further into a downward spiral. She found his bloody sweater in the woods and planted it in Alison's car, causing Alison to be arrested for Kevin's murder. After that, and learning of Livvie drugging the candle, Jack told her she was no longer the woman he loved. Later, he pleaded with her for another chance, but she was convinced he was working with Alison to spread evil.Livvie traveled to the candle shop/barn to ask Rebecca's portrait where Kevin was. When the portrait didn't answer her, Livvie said she knew how to deal with evil, and slashed the portrait. While running away, she stumbled across an unconscious Rafe and assumed he was there to run to Ali's rescue, like Jamal and Jack were. She even considered killing him before deciding angels couldn't be killed. When he woke up, she quickly realized he had no memory of Alison or anyone else. More questions led to the discovery that he thought the year was 1991. Livvie whisked him away to Ian's cabin in the woods and began working on a revenge plan against Alison.

[𝙳𝚘𝚛𝚔 𝙺𝚗𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝]

10/14/2019 12:09 PM 

Unsinkable: Drabble

attention: | mentions: Steph didn't spend a lot of time in the Batcave these days. She didn't need to, what with the Firewall. But the cave also made her feel… inadequate. She sees the cases, everyone else's case, and is reminded that she's just reserve grade. Not real Bat Family. 'You have to retire, be murdered become someone else, or be shot to have a case' That was what Babs said when Stephanie was looking at the cases, at the suits in the cases, when she was trying to establish herself as Batgirl. But of course she didn't have a case. Her murder didn't count. Why would it? She was revived with medicine, and skill, not mysticism. She recovered with time, and pain, not a dip in a pit that cured all her issues, and brought her out stronger. No, no, of course it didn't count. Just like her being Robin. "Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too." That never counted either. She knew it. They all knew it. Give it enough time, and she wouldn't count as Batgirl either. And Spoiler? Pssh. Who the heck is that? Cluemasters kid? Who's that? Sounds like a Riddler wanna be. She had already heard it all. She grew up with it.Spoiler never counted. So why would Spoiler have a case when she moved on to bigger and better things. The times she had been shot didn't count for a case either. Why would they? She could still walk, after all. And even if she couldn't, it would only be Steph. What would they be losing? Nothing they didn't immediately move on from once before anyway. No. No she will stay over here. In the nice, brightly lit Firewall, where her inadequacies can eat her up inside, without physical representations, thank you very much. At least over here she could try to focus, to clear her head, to work on what mattered. They might not have always considered Batfamily, but while she had a cape, the city did. And Gotham was what mattered. You don't give up on her, she won't give up on you, as Nell told her. Words that truly stuck with her. She may not have been a real Robin, or even a very good Batgirl, but she had learnt how to be a pretty damn good Stephanie Brown. And that meant something to her, damnit. "I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie credit.

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