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Yellow Umbrella Girl

08/13/2011 05: PM 


Disclaimer: this is my First fanfic to the show "How I met your Mother" there is no real ship involved (except for Ted and the Made up Rebecca, I'm not quite sure which actress I have in my head to play her, she's Partly me due to the fact that well I think Ted is kinda cute and his quest for finding "the One" reminds me of my own quest shrugs since I'm told I look like a skinny version of America Ferrara and also Neve Campbell I'm thinking one of them , I'm leaning More Towards Neve since she Looks more like Colbie Smulders) a teeny bit of Barney and Robin are mentioned and of course Marshall and Lilly but it's nothing major this is mainly based on how Ted Meets His wife at any rate please be Nice to me I'm new to this. I do not own the Rights to the characters are the show Authors Note: this is how Ted Met his wife not how they hook up (though it's implied) or how they get married, if this goes over well I may write more to that effect later, again I do hope you guys like it,I realize that Robin might not have a sister let alone siblings at all but since I have just started watching the show I figured I was justified with making her a sister.  ....  ....  ....  .... How I Met Rebecca By Melissa  .... "well Kids" Ted Began looking at his children as he smiled "as I've already told You I met Your mother at a Wedding, what you didn't know was it was Your Uncle Barney and Aunt Robins wedding and that Person was of course your Aunt Robin's Sister,this is that story"  .... Flashback to 2010  Barney and Robin have just gotten married,the scene is set to their reception  ....  .... After the speech he had promised his two friends he sat back down the scene around him was rather unfamiliar, clearly most of the members were that of Robin,and most if not had been from Canada,in fact truth be told He,Marshall and Lilly were Barney's only guests and even they didn't count seeing as though they were friends with both the Bride and the Groom.  .... He continued to look around solemnly as he watched Marshall and Lilly swinging around the dance floor as well as the bride and groom, He never felt so alone in his entire life,he also felt like such a 5th wheel Before the Marriage happened He seemed to be okay with things,Marshall and Lilly were the only Married couple But now that had all changed, would his life ever be the same or would he be the one they never called any more now that they could do coupl-ey Married type things. He sat there feeling all alone Until he saw her sitting there from across the room, Just as alone as He was, He pondered walking over to her all night, she was beautiful in her own way and something about her reminded her of a younger version of Robin,this made him a bit curious ,who was she and why was she there, as he continued to Ponder he barely noticed as she made her way towards him.  .... "Don't you hate weddings"  .... the voice said from behind him,he turned around to see her there she was even more beautiful from up close. He nodded his head as he looked at her "it's not so much the wedding but the people getting married,they are My Best friends, I'm the only one Not married,I feel like I'm being pushed away" he shook his head as he looked at her and then said "I'm sorry ,I guess I shouldn't be spilling the beans to a complete stranger"  .... The Beauty spoke as she looked at him "No ,it's okay, I feel the same way and for the record" she winked "I've been eyeing you all night" she was clearly flirting with him and something about her made his heart rush  .... He beamed as he said "You have? Have you?" he raised an eyebrow  .... The woman smiled as she said "yeah a cute guy like you brooding all by himself who wouldn't find him sexy, I bet you're a Writer" she said only half jokingly.  .... Ted smirked as he said simply "No actually I'm a professor at Columbia Unversity, I teach a architecting class" he said with a grin  .... She raised an eyebrow as if she was sizing him up "THAT'S where I know you from I took that class" she said as she added "Ted right?"  .... He nodded his head for the first time since the wedding He was feeling happy "So you know My Name what's yours" He simply questioned  .... The woman in front of him lead him to the dance floor, it was a slow song easy for dancing and well flirting "Uh Rebecca" she bit her lip how would this sweet man feel once he finds out what Her relation to the bride is.  .... He looked at her spinning her around on the dance floor "Does Rebecca have a last name?" she looked at him quietly but this only intrigued him even more  .... "come on" he prompted "You know My name it's only fair to tell me yours"  .... She smiled as she nodded her head "alright,alright It's Sherbatsky, Robin's My sister"  .... For a brief moment in time Ted thought back to all the times that Robin spoke of her family ,she mentioned her little sister Becky but it hadn't registered to him that she might not be that little  .... "Wait You're Robin's sister??" he said staring at her  .... She frowned she knew this was too good to be true, she never believed in Love at First sight, Fate or finding THE ONE until she saw him sitting there and now it seemed as though she was right about it ,things never worked out for her. She sighed as she questioned  .... "is this going to be a problem?"  .... he shook his head, the moment he saw her he realized she could be the woman he was looking for, "The one" and he wasn't about to let her go seeing as he's been looking for her all his life "no" he simply replied "It's just when Robin mentioned her Little sister Becky I always  imagined some little kid" she rolled her eyes as she spoke "figures" she said "she still thinks of me as a little kid but I assure you I am NOT a little kid" she reached in giving him a small taste by way of a small peck on the lips  .... He giggled as he said "yes I can see that" he was enjoying her kisses,she didn't take things slowly ,something he wasn't used to but in a way he Liked it  .... She smiled as she took his hand "I would really like to get to know you Better Ted" she wrote down her number on a piece of paper and winked "don't lose that" He beamed realizing this could be the beginning of something special "Oh I assure  you Rebecca I won't"  .... Barney Raised an eyebrow as he looked into Robin's eyes "aww isn't that sweet"   Robin grinned staring into his eyes,she was definitely in the Moment, mainly because she never thought she'd get this far with anyone especially Barney, they were the two most Unlikely People who would have gotten married yet here they were.  .... "What?" she questioned ,grinning at him.  .... Barney was smirking as he motioned towards where Ted and Rebecca were  .... "Ted is flirting with your Sister"  .... At another time Robin would have been angry but right now she was happy ,she was in love and she was someone's wife besides she thought Ted and Rebecca were sweet,she however did make a joke as she said "he better not upstage me by starting a relationship with her on My wedding" She had no idea how true that statement would be.  ....  ....  .... THE END  ....

Yellow Umbrella Girl

08/13/2011 05: PM 

The Rules
Current mood:  accomplished

1. no One lines, because most of you don't know the meaning of para I will not rp with Anyone that one lines me Anymore  ,I am Multi/Novella only but I can Para with those of you that only do Para replies.2. please have proper grammar and spelling,I understand we all make mistakes but please no computer lingo (LOL,ROFL etc that sort of thing) its too difficult to RP when one does typing like that I also don't like when people spell easy words such as "Haft to" instead of Have to, "Shush" for Such and "Toda" for Today COME ON people we're all adults we should all know how to spellALSO huge thing Punctuation Don't give me an exclamation when you really Mean a Period something like "the two girls went to the mall." should be seen like that not like this "The two girls went to the Mall!!!"3. I understand we all have lives but please give me some kind of notice if you have to leave the account and please No ditching me what so ever Its been done to me in alot of other accounts and I  really hate it4. If I send you Pic comments please send some my way I enjoy PC4PC5. if I add you I'll try to send a starter (eventhough suck at them) if You add you send me one  6. Keep drama off my Page  or I will not only Delete you but I will block you as well  bare in mind that once Hayden has other characters to RP with family wise and a Ted Mosby she will be faithful to them and there will be no cheating on her Ted  once she gets one so don't ask her too7. Please do not steal Hayden's Pro or pictures, she has worked hard on it and I more then likely will tell you that you can take the Pictures I have if you ask for them I just don't like stealing it is not cool and it has been done to me on my other account a few times*honestly I got most of my Pics from Tumblr so if you ask I Might give them to you.8. this one is for any potential Ted Mosby's  out there ,if I choose you as my Love interest please don't God me and tell me what to do I will respect your  Ted I would expect the same from you ,certain things I'm okay with but things like getting me pregnant and then telling me to have the baby two days later is not only un realistic but I do not like Rping that way so please bare that in mind.I know all this makes me seem rather bitchy, I'm not really I have just dealt with a lot in the Past and I am a bit anal when it comes to Spelling, Grammar and Multi/Novella comments it's who I am *shrugs*9. I am NO longer accepting Twilight,Vampires or any other Super Natural shit, as a christian I do NOT like any of that and I refuse to RP any of that sort of thing not to mention A Hayden is a human she will ALWAYS be a Human and B the Majority of the Twilight,Vampires,Super Natural shit Rpers that I Have come across are Drama starters.10. I will Not Adopt a child NOR will I add any children, yes Hayden and Ted will have children of thier own later on but that is a part of MY story line not yours so don't come to me asking me to adopt you or Watch You until you find Parents because your Parents died I don't want to hear the sob story sorry.11. I Delete My Comments after I reply, Why? well because I've had drama on other accounts because of people who snoop on my comments, You don't like it don't add me simply as that and DON'T ask me to NOT delete your comments because well it just isn't gonna happen12. DO NOT start shit with me on my Statuses,comments, Bulletins etc if you have issues with me Message me we'll work it out DON'T ATTACK me because You don't like My Statuses or what not Hell Delete me from your Friends List I don't care and don't let the Door hit you on the Way out , I assure you that You will NOT be missed.Breaking any of these Rules will find You not only Deleted from my Friends list but more then Likely Blocked as well sorry if this sounds Bitchy but I'm Rather sick of People disobeying me 13. Lastly this shouldn't have to be said but I'm not Cristin Milloti Nor I am the Titular Mother because well Mother is Fictional and I doubt Cristin would come to a Rp Site and RP a character that she acts as in a tv show.Thanks so much for ReadingThe Writer behind Hayden™

Lucy Davis

08/10/2011 05: PM 


1. Don't send me one-liners. I am a multi-para RPer; this means that there should be more than one paragraph or at least one long one. Sometimes, when the mood strikes me, I write a lot. I don't expect you to write as much as I do. I tolerate Novella though I do not judge by quantity but by quality as the two are not mutually exclusive. In short, be creative, be at least mildly descriptive, use proper English, and we'll be fine.2. Spelling mistakes and typos happen. Occasionally I will mess up as well. Try your best to write coherent paragraphs and I will do the same. 3. I am an original character, that means that I have done everything in my ability to properly integrate my character into the canon world of Harry Potter and I expect you to have done the same. I applaud originality and new characters; however, if your character's existence is not possible according to JKR's books, then I will not be able to play with you. This means, no Hermiones marrying Tom Riddle, no slutty Ginnys trying to get in my pants, and absolutely no sparkling vampires!4. You are not a deity, don't act like one. My character is mine to control. No moving her, no killing her, no doing anything without my consent.  5. Don't bring drama into my life. Lucy can be a bitch but that doesn't mean I'm one. IC drama makes things interesting and I'm always up for that but start being an OOC drama queen and I will delete you!6. Messages=OOCComments=ICI don't need my stories littered with plans for storylines. 7. I don't keep to the "You add, you start" rule. If you want to play, message me and we'll start something. I'm actually very personable, and as long as you're not a complete git, I'm sure we can work out something. 8. I am mainly Marauder Era, however, I will play this character during Trio era and 2nd gen on occasion. Proper back stories will be up eventually, for now message me for more information. I'm sure more will come to me but that's all for now. Look forward to playing with you all,-Lucy's creator

David J. Bourne |x5-494|

08/08/2011 02: PM 


[Where Ever Home Is] Max, Alec [Wheel in the Sky]Springfield Missouri - All sorts of nine-miles distance high off discrete an local kruvitz (tighted assed) area. Limited allies provided an x-amount of coastal and solid ground granted in a mild public contaminated location - Alec states cause unlike New York's large ass crowds Springfield is redunant in forgotten cemented corners, it's a wise advantage for Division to utilized arcane (hidden) buildings. These apartments aren't available for an average curious wise-ass citizen who either will thrust themselves in the dead center of cross-fire or endanger a threat of exploitation against well you'd got the idea enough said. Milestones were wreckless scattered abundant against each-which direction possible. Rebellious or best said as maverick more of the idea stating the obvious micro rocks were detached therefore loner 'stones' stumbles weakened grunts underneath Alec's notorious readied-all battered beaten in leather masculine boot's rubber thick soles. Max prior disgraced-disappointed vast spill repeated in circulation rotation mode--as ifin hells bells a busted record boosted out in rockin' rythmns. --but Alec comprehended the actual underlined jacked-up concern due to legit obvious reasons of his immediate "leave of absence". Did he forget he had a team with Max? Not a damn second chance in hell. Did he forget the rest of their brothers and sisters in Seattle Washington [location of the Manticore transgenics aka Terminal City is.] -who yeah no doubt looked up an count on them? Again. Straight up? Hell no he hadn't forgot about responsibilites that also obide. A misunderstanding was definite in this whole ordeal--Alec's suffocated himself for a few months distant-discontent. Michael assigned Alec a specific task in terminating an evil son-of-a bitch masked under a spotted mole planted clues fixated on some random mojo inner dealings with a Reaper. Reaper? Ye'ah a reaper--it's not a coax Ames White has more then a damn share of hidden secrets stuffed up in a dark closet. Michael also insinutated haunted clouded questions contain answers that involve in the massacre of this weird might as well call it more of a hunt. It initiated the time David [Now Alec] migrated as Alec shallow flashbacks are as random as from the beginning but it increases more in the now. Unsettled blurr flashbacks status have intervene an unleashed seed and/or taunted truth.-----------[Where Ever Home Is] Max, Alec [Wheel in the Sky] 2Biological standards we're aware his birth name is [David] but it doesn't matter though--he breathes, exists and walks as Alec similar to the effect as Max a trained Manticore transgenic assassin escapee. A heightened "dangerous" quoted transgenic - except for he rather it he's called genetically empowered "Freak Nation." Brainwashed-slated cut clean of zero acknowledge of that past life--or does it? A pausible evidence there is minimal chance he's retained a stead-control handle has been an attempted series of questions as of late speaking now before weeks in Alec stumble across Springfield Missouri. Second month kicked-in his recruit process inside a damn mundane crucial governed ordered system, freakiest crap crashed havoc in obssessed pursuit of an obvious predetermined attention-as ifin fate had it's foul hand with a partner that allured him into Manticore. Imagine a ordane priest looking idiot cloaked. SOB obtained ugliest set of yellow hues. Manticore's brainwash convience BOOM! Never did that freak visited him again--or did it? Far as he is concerned meanwhile Manticore did a damn bang-up job there's a mishap in their malicious underground methods that was over-looked. --it is impossible to brainwash our DNA [genes] subconscious gut instincts gushed a rush each time Alec's been tested with a random supernatural hunt that's been involved in defending his current kind [trangenics like Max], or just about anyone. Samuel Campbell claimed in blunt informed words that under a predistined route integrated into who he's become forgetting that he obtains other obligations past on through DNA genes aren't gonna remain in silence. Those constant visions? Is what the hell those were--another words if Max an himself are going to keep up their bargain of protecting their kind--they've also got to hunt evil sons of bitches too everyone is effected. Suttle weak manifesting rockin' noise ached reimburst attention. An assumed muscular auto-shape disguised under a pressured piece of motor hoggish rag tarped over. Winter is here again oh Lord, Haven't been home in a year or more. I hope she holds on a little longer, sent a letter on a long summer day Made of silver , not clay. Ooh, I've been runnin' down this dusty road. Ooh, the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin' I don't know where I'll be tomorrow Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'. I've been trying to make it home Got to make it before too long. Ooh, I can't take this very much longer, no I'm stranded in the sleet and rain. Don't think I'm ever gonna make it home again The mornin' sun is risin' It's kissing the day. Ooh, the wheel in the sky keeps on turnin' I don't know where I'll be tomorrow Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'....Journey's beats were abit off.  A spontaneous broken record unleashed with each increased volume tapped that gravitated Alec's stead-fast awokened curious demeanor. Slained expression wrinkled against his manly forehead while his ocean blue hues an unknown covered vehicle until he swiftly peels it with a vast motivated suspense rush. You know the feeling at the drawn second your adrenaline triggered to that anticipation mode and wait isn't an option. Music stauls more or less phased as if the appeal is satisfied of obtained success in producing an attentive statement after grabbing at Alec's attention.[Where Ever Home Is] Max, Alec [Wheel in the Sky] 3 Re-introduced zooming in on those notorious vigorous manly rubber soles degraded distilled pavement isolated underneath a mega-hot sweet set of firestone wheels, so the hood could use some reinstalled repairs but man her engine will purr after he gets his hands under it. Identical zest for thirst in life a solid black Impala -don't get your panties in knots. It isn't the same but she'd pass for a twin. "Max..." Alec's full-toned notorious voice semi-echoed at initiated claim of Max's full attention adjusted towards his direction, just about a adjacent cock-eyed vacant right in about ten inches across of the two enlarge towered apartment buildings on the opposite side. " There isn't a whole lot for you to go on. What I am getting at as far as a referrence to you're trust in me after nothing spoken in months about the time after I had left. Hell...I can't even dig enough reasons not to blame you. It is important you understand that it wasn't me having zero interest in our team. Matter of fact to be open about it---it was more of an aim to protect everyone else around me until I figured out this none-stop burden that's been consistent inside my head for the past year. There is this man Samuel Campbell, he claimed when making himself clear that this life during an after the whole Manticore scenario wasn't going to be the one thing important or set in a "pre-destined" route. Protect other transgenics that are like us Max we're going to have do our business to eliminate all the evil sons of bitches as we possibly can." continued but brief he discussed in progressed explainations. Alec strains a vivid scatter of his broad-dark manly hues as he'd articulate semi stimulated straches abruptly against his upper left jaw-line with the stub edge of his middle finger.Stimultaneous motioned shifts staked about over his broad muscular left shoulder where his ocean blue hues claims Max's---he reaches out for a claimed handle of her lower region of her slender female arm, bout an inch below the rim of her petite elbow he was clever an slick in stealing her attention. " Your question earlier? Whether or not I wanted to be out of reach of you? Yeah...don't think so. It wasn't what I wanted either long as we're on a out in the open kick here. I'll be up front about being attracted to you but never did I thought I was "good" enough." Alec exhaled sighs escaped in sync with a blunt confession outta both ends his broad nustrils and manly folds. And as far as he is concerned Max has been his woman-a semi motioning mischief trademark smirk reserves in the dent of his manly folds corners while he invited Max's enticeable curvacious woman figure into his masculine textured manly arms.

ᵦᴸᵒᵒᵈᵧ ᴾ

08/07/2011 07: PM 


Disclaimer: I'm not James Potter, I'm NOT Tom Sturridge (I don't fxcking know him either), nor am I affiliated with J.K. Rowling. There, said it, move on. o1. I'm here to ROLEPLAY. I don't mind OOC chat. In fact, when I get stressed, I ooc chat more than reply to roleplays. When I reply, I take my time and put effort in it. o2: Don't send me a one-liner. That's crap and I will not reply to it. Put effort in it. I prefer Multi-para to Novella. If you write multi-novella, I will try to match it best of my ability. o3. Details are key. Don't put "bumps into him" that's ridiculous -- not like the charm either. Put thought into it. ANYONE can write multi-para. Just add more detail into it. o4. Maturity is a must. YES James is an immature prat, but he doesn't get grossed out by the thought of drugs, sex, blood, or anything else. The only thing that disgusts him are slytherins and Snivvelus' face. o5. Spamming my stuff: Don't spam my journal entries, status info, or anything else with bullshit drama. I delete people for that. Trust me, next to the maraurders and Lily, the delete button is my best friend. Got it? o6. Drama, obviously a NO. o7 I prefer discussing storylines. I, on occasion, will send out random roleplays for fun. But storylines are awesome, I love to know where we start and where we MAY go. o8. I'm not joining a rpg. I'm not against rping with people IN RPG's, but I won't join any. I understand a lot of RPG's are in need of a James Potter, but don't come to me for that. I am already a James Potter in an RPG, and this account is for my own style and storyline basis. o9 God-modding is a huge no. If you throw a hex my way, it will hit him, but he WILL throw one back and James is NOT known for missing his target. With this said: He doesn't get killed either. Only by Voldemort, and even then it takes THREE times before Voldemort kills him. At that, it was because he was playing with Harry and left his wand at the nightstand. 10. James is a prat. He will say mean things to anyone and won't care. However, he does care when Slyth's go around harassing muggles and calling people "mudblood." He doesn't care if he hated the person before, if he hears that, he will stand up for them. 11. I take pride in putting details in my profile. don't steal shit. Don't steal my pictures, don't try to give them to some other James either. I'll find out. I give credit where it is due. 12. If James is with someone, respect that. I will do the same in return. He, however, only has eyes for Lily. Take that into consideration. James does things to impress other girls, but he really cares for Lily. 13. These are subject to change, be aware of that.

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