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Sp. Agt.Jason Bourne |WSB/S.A.| (M)

08/22/2011 05: PM 

Treadstone: The Bourne Series, when it began

"From what I have been remembering I was or am a former assassin of the CIA's Operation Treadstone. I was the government's top agent until recently I became their number one target, because they are hiding something, and know I am going to find it..Anyway...during a stormy night, a group of Italian fishermen found a man, me; floating in the Mediterrean Sea off Marseille, with two gunshot wounds in my back and a device with the number of a Swiss bank account embedded in my hip. Suffering from retrograde amnesia, I find I am versed in several European languages and can perform uncommon tasks such as sea navigation, size shape and color of everything that walks , moves , stands still, numbers, and to things like tying exotic knots in the ship's ropes, but I could not remember anything about myself before that night or how I got there. When the ship docks in Oneglia, I set off for Zurich to investigate the bank account.At the CIA headquarters in Langley, Deputy Director Ward Abbott finds out about a failed assassination attempt on deposed African dictator Nykwana Wombosi.Meanwhile, hassled for sleeping on a park bench in Zurich, I find out I am curiously proficient in hand-to-hand combat and firearms usage when I subdue two Swiss police officers in an unthinking reflex action of self-defense. At the bank in Zurich, using the number embedded in my hip, I open my safe deposit box to find several passports containing my picture (under different names), large amounts of assorted currencies, and a 9mmm Sig Sauer SP2009 handgun. Still with no idea what my real name was , I assume the one from the first US passport, Jason Bourne. Which turns out to be my real name. When American and Swiss authorities attempt to capture me at the US Consulate, I offered this young girl who was in desperate need of money, $20,000 to take me to Parris, the city of the address on my passport.Meanwhile, Alexander Conklin, the head of the CIA black ops group Operation Treadstone, assures Deputy Director Abbott that he will destroy any evidence connecting them to the field agent, me responsible for the failed assassination attempt on Wombosi. I activate three "assets" to take down their fellow operative: Castel, Mannheim, and the Professor.When I arrive at the address on my passport, I immediately recognized by the building superintendent, and based on the contents of my apartment.Before remembering being an agent for the government, then I concluded that I was in the shipping business. In search of more clues, I hit redial on my phone and was connected to the Hotel Regina, who recognized one of my aliases from another passport, John Michael Kane. They had me under many other names. They told me that Kane was a guest who died two weeks before in a car crash. As I ponder this, Castel blasts through a window and engages me in hand-to-hand combat. After I subdues him; I attempt to interrogate him, but Castel jumped out the window, preferring suicide over interrogation by me for information. The girl who was helping me, Marie found wanted posters in Castel's bag with both hers and my pictures on them.I continue and advise Marie to leave me as I try to figure out who I am and why people were after me. I told her to go to the police and explain everything to them; but she chose to remain with me and encouraged me to figure it out with her help. I didn't have any relations with this woman so if your wondering, didn't happen. Anyway....After eluding the Paris police and spending the night in hiding, I went to the Hotel Regina to stay.-Jason continues with his long story-"Meanwhile, Conklin plants a body in the Parisian morgue to fool Wombosi into thinking Kane, his attempted assassin, is dead, but Wombosi recognizes that the body is not his assailant, and Conklin has Wombosi killed in his home by the agent known as "the Professor". I investigate the incident, the previous assassination attempt, and John Michael Kane's contacts, and concludes that I was the failed killer. Myself and Marie escape the city into the country to stay at the house of a friend of Marie's , where I decide that I no longer wants to be who I was.In the morning, the Professor tries to come to kill me. I use a double-barreled shotgun to blow up the home's fuel tank to distract the Professor (who was on a hilltop overlooking the home, armed with a SIG-550 sniper rifle) while he ran to the woods. I ultimately shoot the Professor twice with the shotgun and interrogates him briefly, revealing our mutual connection to Operation Treadstone. The Professor dies almost immediately from blood loss, saying. "Look at us. Look at what they make you give."Keeping $30,000, I sent Marie away with the rest of the money for her own safety. I use the Professor's cellular phone to arrange a meeting with Conklin on the Pont Neuf, which I use as a distraction to plant a tracking device on Conklin's vehicle to discover the location of Operation Treadstone's safe house in Paris.After following the vehicle to the safe house, I use an electronic device to trigger the car alarms of all the cars parked on the street, and when the noise distracts the guards, I climb into the operations safe house where Nicky Parsons and Conklin are.When I meet Conklin, I was holding him at gunpoint, I finally begin to remember my last mission. I had backed out of the (officially unsanctioned) Wombosi assassination after seeing Wombosi's children. And that is when I was shot by Wombosi while escaping the fast-moving boat and left for dead in the water.After this memory, I told Conklin that I was leaving Treadstone permanently and warned him not to try to follow me. I realize Conklin silently triggered an alarm and had backup on the way. I leave Nicky unharmed, had a shootout with several CIA agents, and escapes into the night. Some time later, I end up going to Mykonos.On my way to continue my attempt to learn more of my shadowy past as I am once more enveloped in a conspiracy surrounding the CIA and Operation Treadstone. This time come to find out Alexander Conklin is now dead and the CIA is my enemy rather than my friend. Two years after the previous events, time past. I was living away in Goa, India. I was having flashbacks of an assassination in a Berlin hotel. Meanwhile , in Berlin, a CIA officer under Deputy Director Pamela Landy is trading $3 million got the complete "Neski Files," documents concerning the theft of $20 million from the CIA, seven years earlier. They are to complete the exchange in an office building in Berlin. During the exchange, an assassin named Kirill plants my fingerprint on a bomb in the building's basement and proceeds to kill the agent and the source, stealing the files and money. He sells them to Russian oil magnate Yuri Gretkov.Kirill travels to Goa in order to kill me, but I spot him and flee, just as I was driving away, Kirill, armed with a sniper rifle, fires at the driver whom he believes to be me but in fact was Marie, killing her and causing the car to veer off the bridge into a river. Kirill leaves, believing that he had killed me, but I managed to swim away undetected. I leave for Naples, Italy, with money and passports in an attempt to learn why I was again being targeted, believing that Treadstone is pursuing me.I leave for Naples, Italy, with money and passports in an attempt to learn why I was again being targeted, believing that Treadstone is pursuing me.In Berlin, Landy's team finds the planted fingerprint and, upon running it through the database, finds that the identity of the person in question was part of Treadstone and informaton regarding it restricted by the CIA. Landy then flies to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia to meet with her boss and to find out about Treadstone and who left the print. She discovers that they belong to me and questions Ward Abbot about Treadstone. He admits that he had Conklin killed after a failed mission, but has no idea where I was. Landy tells Abbott that the CIA agent who stole the $20 milion was named in the stolen files. A Russian politician , Vladimir Neski, was due to identify the thief. Before he could do so, however, Neski was apparently murdered by his wife in a Berlin hotel, who had proceeded to commit suicide afterwards. Landy believes that myself and Conklin were involved in the theft, and , based on the discovered fingerprint, that I was responsible for the deaths of the CIA officer and source in Berlin. Both Abbot and Landy go to Berlin, hoping to find some trace of where I was and capture me.Arriving in Naples, Italy, I deliberately use a known passport under my name. Agents in Langley are notified of my arrival, and I am detained. I incapacitate an Italian Carabinieri officer and his CIA interrogator, copies the agent's SIM card on my own cell phone, then escapes. While driving, I listen in on a call from Landy, learning her name, phone number , and that I was suspected of the recent killings in Berlin. I steal a car and head to Germany. In Munich, I break into another Treadstone agent's house. Upon arrival, the agent , Jarda, tells me Treadstone was shut down following Conklin's death; he and myself are the only remnants of the project. As I realize Jarda has called backup, Jarda attacks, and I had no choice and ended up killing Jarda. I set a trap by opening a gas line and jamming a magazine into a toaster; the home explodes when backup arrives.In Amsterdam, Landy and Abbot intercept and debrief Nicky Parsons, Treadstone's handler in Paris. I follow them from a hotel to a CIA office in Berlin. Armed wit ha sniper rifle from a neighboring roof, I call Landy's phone, questioning her intentions. She tells me it is because he killed two people in Berlin. Although Landy was referring to the agents, I thought she was referring to Neski and his wife. I arrange to meet Nicky at the Alexanderplatz, where I use a crowded anti-capitalist protest to evade surveillance. I lead Nicky to the subway station and interrogate her, learning that Abbott was the head of Treadstone, not Conklin. My flashbacks of Neski's assassination at the Brecker Hotel return, but Nicky knows nothing about the Neski killing. Upon hearing their conversation over Nicky's transmiter, Landy begins to believe that I was being framed. To the surprise of Landy and Abbott, I let Nicky go unharmed. Back at the office, Abbott's associate Danny Zorn becomes positive that I was being framed after examining the basement where the bomb with my fingerprint was found. After revealing his belief to Abbott, Abbott stabs him to death, providing his involvement in the conspiracy.I revisit the Brecker Hotel in Berlin and remembers more of the Neski mission. I was sent to kill Neski on Conklin's orders; and when Neski's wife unexpectedly showed up, I shot him and then her, positioning the scene to appear a murder-suicide. The German police arrive after the hotel's lobby report I was wanted, which interrupts my flashback and forces me to escape via the buildings exterior. Having evaded them, I break into Abbott's hotel room and records a conversation between him and Gretkov that incriminates Abbott and Gretkov in the theft of the money. Abbott also confesses that he ordered me killed that my wife was not the intended target. Which I had recently learned that Buffy my wife, was the one with me in the car who I thought was killed just like I was suppose to have been dead. Neski's murder by me, the murder of the agents by Kirill, and the planted fingerprint at the scene. Out of respect for Marie's beliefs in non-violence, I spare Abbott's life. Zorn's body is discovered at the office and Landy, realizing Abbott killed him, goes to confront Abbott, who commits suicide. Landy later receives the tape that I recorded.I travel to Moscow, where i was shot and wounded by Kirill. After an extended high-speed chase through Moscow, I force Kirill to crash in a tunnel, critically wounding him. Gretkov is arrested by Russian police after Landy provides them with the evidence she got from me. I proceed to the apartment of Irena Neski, Vladimir Neski's daughter, where I inform her that her mother did not killer her father and then commit suicide; that I had killed them both on a mission gone wrng, and I apologizes for it.Not to much later, I end up back in New York City. I contact Landy by cell phone, asking why the CIA is still looking for me. Landy then thanks me for supplying the tape, which the CIA has used to settle matters concerning my frame-up. Before I hung up, Landy suggests that I come in to discuss the matter, I decline by simply stating, "Get some rest, Pam; you look tired."This is where it starts for me , when I had returned to New York where I had first met my wife, your sister Buffy. But before that......became to us finding each other again..........-Jason finishes up his story up until now.....-After receiving a phone call from me, Ross takes a taxi to Waterloo Station and is followed by the CIA, who believe him to be meeting his source there. At the station , I saw the CIA officers following Ross and places a prepaid mobile phone on himl through it, I instruct the frightened journalist on how to dodge the station's surveillance, whole knocking out the CIA agents attempting to kidnap Ross. However, Vosen orders their "asset", an assassin name Paz, to kill Ross and his source. Vosen's team identifies me on a security camera and recognizes me as the original Treadstone assassin, and assumes I am Ross's source. While Paz gets into position with a sniper rifle, I tell Ross to remain hidden, but Ross panics and steps out into the open, giving Paz a clear kill shot. In the ensuing chaos, I grab Ross's notes off his body, the notes reveal Ross' source to be Daniels.Deputy Director Pamela Landy is asked to help capture me. With Landy's help, Vosen and his team determine that Daniels is Ross' source. They decide to send a team to Daniel's office in Madrid, but I arrive first, finding only one photograph in an otherwise empty safe as Daniels has already left. I attack the CIA team when they enter the office and, just as I finish mopping up the CIA agents, Nicky Parsons enters the office. Nicky tells him that she was reassigned to Madrid after Berlin, and that Daniels has fled to Tangier. She helps me escape the CIA reinforcements by telling Vosen that I had already left the office. I call the police to report the sound of gunfighting , they arrive just as the second CIA team piles out of their vehicles, guns drawn, in fron of the office. While in Tangier, they realize the CIA has sent assassin Desh Bouksani to eliminate Daniels. Nicky uses her official clearance access to send Dash a message, telling him to met her for a new phone, thus allowing me to follow Desh to his target. When Vosen realizes Nicky's deceit he orders Desh to kill Nicky and my after terminating Daniels. Landy is outraged at Vosen's willingness to indiscriminately kill CIA personnel and quits operation.I follow Desh and is unable to save Daniels, who dies from Desh's planted bomb. When Desh returns for Nicky, I outrun the Tangier police and fights Desh, eventually strangling him with a towel. I accompany Nicky to a bus station where she begins her own separate life on the run from the CIA. At the Tangier morgue, I examine Daniel's charred papers and finds the address of the CIA station in New York City. I take a flight to New York City, and on arrival deliberately use a passport that alerts Landy to my presence. I call Landy while observing her and Vosen from across the street. Landy tells me that my real name is Jason Bourne and that I was born on 4/15/71, a code for the address of the Treadstone facility at 415 East 71st Street. I send a text message and follow Landy as she leaves the building. My meeting, however, is simply a diversion to allow me to enter Vosen's office and steal classified Blackbriar documents.Vosen realizes the diversion after a phone call from me to get a recording of his voice, the key to unlocking the safe. I state that I was in Vosen's office, and a desperate Vosen frantically orders CIA officers back to his office to capture me. I escape and enter into a car chase with CIA officers and Paz. Emerging victorious from my vehicular duel with Paz, I choose not to kill him. Just outside the Treadstone facilitym I meet Landy and gave her the stolen documents from Vosen's office before entering the building. Inside, I meet Dr. Albert Hirsch, who ran Treadstone's psychological conditioning program. With his help, I remembers that, once as Captain David Webb, I volunteered for the program and killed a man in the same room. Horrified by the memory of what I did to complete my conditioning , I tell Hirsch, "I remember everything.

Breanna Oliver Danvers™|M|

08/21/2011 08: PM 


Present August 2011 It had been quite a few years since the events that had happened in Ipswich, Pogue and best friend Kate's hospitalized, Chases' addiction to defeat Caleb Danvers, and try to use her as the bate moreso for ransome. Times changed since then, no one had heard anything of Chase, where he went, if he was still alive nothing. Breanna had gone off back to Boston for the summer after the turn of events that had taken place, but never returned back to Ipswich, she had lost contact with everyone she had met, and became close too. Still no clue on what really was going on back in the town she once grew close to loving, a place where she left her heart, to a guy she would never forget or could ever forget. Was it her right to just leave for the summer to visit her parents yes, but it wasn't fare to her new founded friends or for instance her boyfriend Caleb when she never returned for the next school semester. Maybe haunting memories? no one knew, Breanna had kept mostly to herself, during the time she had found out Caleb wasn't an only child, which was fine with her, she actually grew close to Caleb's sister and missed the hell outta her best friends. She missed Reids attitudes, Pogues protectivness, Tylers calm silentness, Tara's troublesome self, Kates apprehension to shopping, and Caleb's....well his everything. The entire group she missed, what was holding her back? She had reasons, she wasn't like them, she wasn't one to want to be a damzel in distress all the time, sure she would fight if she wanted to but she wasn't as strong as the rest of them. She had no powers none what so ever, maybe her reason for leaving was that? that she was a liability to everyone maybe? not even Breanna herself knew why she didn't go back. After her parents had found out about the incident in Ipswich they pushed her to go back to Boston for the summer. she did, mainly it was in Breanna mind her parents keeping her there and not letting her return to Ipswich.<br /><br /> Within the year and a half since Breanna had left and gone back to Boston she had found out about a cousin who was now going to Spencer Academy, her cousin's name was Skyler, her mother's sister's daughter. Breanna was so eager to meet her cousin not to mention get back into the town of Ipswich she'd do anything to get back there. She had gotten her mothers phone and secretly looked up Skyler's number and added it to her contacts on her cell phone that her parents had changed her number in order to not beable to keep contact with anyone. She felt alone, more like caged to the damn house. She knew that the school year was going to start up again in the fall, actually a month from now in September, one swift move she could be out there but then be disowned by her parents. Breanna laughed at the thought of that, her parents would throw a damn fit to say the least and by now she wasn't one to listen to them anyways, her mother always wanted her to be a debutaunt, not Breanna's style. Breanna's mother was what people would call a damn queen of the debutant ball.<br /><br /> Breanna didn't want apart of it, she wanted to be back in Ipswich where she was happy with her friends, the man she loved even if he didn't love her back in return now, and she could get to know her cousin a hell of a lot better there since Skyler was living in the dorms at Spencer. Breanna sat on her bed looking at her luggage as she heard her mother calling for her. Making a annoying sigh she stood up and walked over to her door opening it "What is it mother" she asked as she looked at her. "I have your dress for the ball, you'll look beautiful in it" her mother explained as she showed Breanna the dress. Just to be nice Breanna gave a smile "It's beautiful mother but I'm not going" she said as she looked at her "you took my life away when you kept me here and cut all ties along with my scolorship to Spencer. If you think Im going to be a debutaunt your sadly mistakened" she said as she turned and closed the door on her mother. She flipped open her cell and dialed the Academy where she reenrolled herself without anyone's approval. "Thanks Jane, it'll be good to be back there." she said as she hung the phone up and began packing all her belongings once again. When finished she grabbed her laptop where she went online to her bank account and transferred every single cent she had into a spearate account that not even her parents could get into. Once that was done she grabbed her bags and walked out her door getting stopped by her mother "where do you think your going?" she asked as she saw the bags Breanna carried. "Well I was thinking and I'm gonna go stay at my real fathers house since you know my half sister is famous at being a debutant,<br /><br /> I'll learn the ropes from her" she said as she gave her mother a smile. As clueless as her mother was she actually agreeded to it. "Oh that is so wonderful my little peach, now dont forget the ball is in a few months and make sure to call me every night and tell me how things are going" she said as she hugged Breanna and jittered off with excitement. Breanna shook her head "like taking candy from a baby" she said as she grabbed her car keys and went out the front door to her car, packed her belongings into the car and drove off. The drive wasn't long, as she turned down the old dell road, a smile spread across her face as she spoke to herself "Home sweet home". The road was long and narrow at points, she had passed the old burnt down putnam barn where it did nothing but give her goosebumps. She continued driving down the road past the large estates where she knew who lived in each one of the four of them, she then drove past Nicky's the old hangout place where she had her first date with Caleb, then past the road that turned into a dead end where the colony house stood. Pulling up to the Academy the place was like a ghost school, no students where around due to the fact that school didn't start for another month. Breanna pulled into the front of the school and got out walking up the steps and into the building down to the registration office. Lucky Jane was still there when Breanna looked in the office. She opened the door and walked in "Jane" she said as she smiled "Breanna Winchester it's very nice to see you again and to have you back as one of our students. I'm sure your friends would love to see you again" she said as Breanna just nodded her head "Here's your dorm key, it's a private room this time" Jane said as Breanna thanked her "Thank you so much for the last minute enrollment. I'm just going to go move my things in and I'll see you when classes start in september" she said as she turned and walked out of the office. Finally home at last Breanna walked down the eerie hallway and out the front door to her car where she got in and drove past the boys dorms and pulled into the parkinglot of the girls dorms. She got out and grabbed most of her belongings at once and went her way to her dorm room. She wondered what everyone had been up to since she'd been gone as she made her way to the dorm room and unlocked it. She opened the door and smiled "Holy crap" she said as she looked around "this place is bigger then mine and Kates room two years ago, i could throw a party in this place" she said as she smiled placing her things down on the bed and then walked back out closing the door keys in hand as she went to grab the rest of her stuff.

First of all,

08/19/2011 08: PM 

Lecture is a short-lived peace.

DisclaimerThis is not Hermione Granger, the fictional character created by J.K Rowling, nor the actresses Emma Watson and Hayley Atwell. Just a roleplayer who wants to write. Headline Ladies, Gentlemen, Magical-beings, everyone. I'm glad to see that you are actually reading my rules. The link in the navigation is visible after all. If it wasn't, Harry probably knows good shops ;)List closed: Not really. I am selective, though. Why? I don't doubt your passion and your talent as a writer.But a long friend list is not needed. A person cannot have 400 storylines at once, nor the desire and time to write with everybody.RPGs: Won't try to join any. Follow the Rules, Forget the Law Paragraph, Multiple Paragraphs. You can write as much as you like of course but you know my limits. Harry Potter is the verse written for although magical and fantastic crossovers can be accepted. No drama out of character. Mirrors and Hermiones aren't welcome. That "you add you start" rule won't be found here. Come on, adding someone doesn't mean you must automatically send a starter and vice versa, especially if one of us has 10 starters to be written already. My Granger will try to stick to the books and films. The basics, that is, such as her family, Hogwarts house, friendships with Harry and Ronald, and her personality. The rest? Imagination can decide. English is not my native language but I try my best and expect the same effort from others in return. As long as we understand each other clearly, we're fine. Do not steal anything. After the WarRose and Hugo, sweet children. They seem adorable but here's the thing: This Hermione will not be married to Ron Weasley. If a storyline requires this detail, then that's alright; there is no obligation to snog anyone after all. So, is it safe to assume they exist? Yes, why not. Roleplayers writing them are more than welcome; their parents will simply be divorced or something. Duty and Debts Note; Mutual respect is crucial. Treat me like your house-elf, and you'll disappear from my friend list.This is a creative outlet, not a job. Be patient or delete me, no hard feelings. I'm not a fast writer and won't pester you for a reply either, never worry about that. This is enough. Thank you for reading this blog.

Julia Maesa: Empress of Rome

08/19/2011 07: PM 

Laws of the Land
Current mood:  adored

This profile is for role playing only, I am not Gwen Stefani or Jaime Murray nor do I claim to be. This is not a Spartacus Verse page, I have honestly never seen the show. Julia Maesa was a real empress of the Roman Empire, I did not create her. This profile will have selective story lines and friends list because I do have other profiles that take up my time. (At this time, I am only available on weekends and will only take on a few storylines due to real life obligations.) Julia was an elite lady from Roman society and an empress but she did incite a rebellion to free her people, she also fought alongside her husband so, she's not a pushover. As I said, I have other profiles and have been roleplaying since 2006, I'm not a newbie. I will not automatically add anyone claiming to be a member of Julia's family just because you decide to make one. This is a multi para to novella profile. I can go super novella, but I won't unless I'm motivated. I won't be like those people who have fifteen novella profiles, all on hiatus because they can't keep up with my comments. Its stupid and it chases good rpers away because they get bored when no one is around. I reserve the right to send a paragraph or even one word. Don't like it? Delete me.Please watch your spelling and grammar. I am a bit anal on the subject so if your comment is really horrible, I will ask you to correct it. I know that no one is perfect but at least run your comments through spell check. If you don't know what a homophone is or how they are used properly, you really need to get off my list now.You may not kill, my character, maim, injure, etc. without my permission. If you have a storyline involving any of these things, message me and I'll consider it. You may not violate my character in anyway. Do not control my character, IE making her do something, go somewhere, say something, etc. I can do that fine on my own. Do not involve my character in one of your story lines without my permission. If you want to involve my character in a storyline, do not talk about it with other people as though its a done deal, I really hate when people do that. Exp: "Julia was doing blah, blah, blah and I think she might do this too..." I will delete your comments if there are any containing any of these things.Do not godmode with me, if you do, I will godmode back, kill your character and delete you. I do not want any ooc drama. I come here to get away from the stress of real life, I don't need any here. I won't deal with anyone's drama or tantrums. I don't rp with children, especially immature adults. They're worse than dealing with two year olds. If I say no to an sl idea, I mean no.If you add me, you send a starer. If I add you, I'll send a starter. Simple enough?  I won't keep people on my list that don't talk to me so if you don't contact me within a week of my adding you, I will delete you. Don't message me asking why because that's my right.You must discuss a storyline with me, all random starters will be ignored and deleted. Julia is in Ancient Rome. If you are in the future, you will have to find a way back there. Though since her main storyline involves Ares/Mars, she may travel back and forth within the Ancient Times. I won't add someone just because they have something to do with Rome, Roman Mythology, blah, blah, blah. I add because I want to and that's all. I will also not add anyone just because they are whored out. I may re post for people, then again, I may not. I don't want to hear any crap because I didn't re post your bulletin. Comments are for rp, ooc is to be done in messages. I will not rp in messages under any circumstances.Julia may or may not take a lover; per my character's background, she is involved with Mars. If you only added me for the purpose of writing out a sex scene then you can delete me. Sex will only occur if a storyline naturally goes there.Mature content: there will be some here. Violence, bloodshed, the whole shebang.I don't like being scolded. I'm an adult. I'll treat you like one if you do the same.Do not steal my pics or anything else from me. I spent a lot of time searching for, editing and tagging my pics. I will use both Gwen Stefani or Jaime Murray as it suits me..That's all for now, I tried to keep it short but just know that I probably will update these rules.

♔ Shooting Star.

08/19/2011 09: PM 

Rules & Disclaimer

I'm not Hannah Beth, nor do I claim to be.[Don't judge by the playby.  She wasn't overused by teenagers back when I created this char.]I'm not Zoey Deschanel (older Helea).I'm not Helea Louannor either, of course. ------> Helea Emeline Louannor is an Original Character which means I created all of her. Every single thing has been edited or written by me. I don't tolerate thieves... -> English isn't my native language.-> You may find out soon enough what my first language is because I may post journals & status that you won't understand. -> I do Multi-para. No One-liner, non non non. -> Proper grammar please. No chat speak or slang. I'm not a grammar nazi, but if your reply doesn't make sense...-> Do not hurry me for a reply. I can be long, that's just a fact. -> No godmoding, ever. I think I know Helea better than you.-> Wether he's alive or dead in the storyline we'll share, Helea loves Jack.-> Helea may be rude, she may curse, she may be mean to you. I guess that's what you expect, don't you? ... But she's not the average slytherin like they all flourish over here, so yeah it may happen. Or not. Her reactions toward you will depend of your house, your character, their connection,... She's not just mean for the sake of it. Keep in mind that Helea is an open-minded kind of Slytherin... with a bad temper.-> If you actually read this, try not to put "read&understood" on your comment please... We both know it means you didn't read anything.

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