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06/03/2011 08: PM 

Rules Blog

I've been doing this since 2006, so I pretty much know what I'm doing. Which is why I don't really find rules blogs a necessity unless there is something REALLY important you need to add to it. It seems to me that everyone follows the same rules. So that's why I think it's funny that people say, "Read and sign my rules." Oh, sure. Make them read something that near looks exactly the same as theirs. That makes TONS of sense. So... here's my "rules blog." Don't expect it to be fancy. I'm pretty much just going to take rules that everyone uses--including me--and poke fun at them. OH WAIT. But before I start, because this totally isn't obvious AT ALL. I'm not Candice, Hannah, and I'm not affiliated with J.K.Rowling. Man, it feels good to get that off my chest. Be literate. Though, if you're reading this I'm pretty sure you're off to a good start. Just remember, if you can't write worth a crap and I find a trillion plus typos, I won't reply and I'll probably delete you. Role Play length. NEVER SEND ME A ONE-LINER. They're horrible and rot braincells. Anything else is fine though. God-moding. You probably think you're a god... but you're more than likely not. If you can prove to me that you're an Olympian or something, then I'll let you control my character. If you really want to rape Hannah, talk to me about it first. I'll understand. Same thing goes with killing! :D WARNING: I actually don't like the idea of being raped, so your message will probably be ignored. Stealing = bad. I mean, it's not like I went to a fan site that clearly told me not to take off the tag THEY had and did it anyway! So why would you take those same pictures with my tag on it and use it as your own? I strategically place my tags so that it will be obvious if you take my stuff. Also, if you do, I WILL GET YOU DELETED. I have that many connections. You add, who cares. I don't give a flying rattlesnake about that "You add, you start," crap. I mean... really. If it's in your rules and I added you, but haven't said a single word to you then HA. Sorry I added you. Feel free to delete me. Rules. Don't tell me to read your rules. I'll probably just ignore you. Because HELLO... is this blog not about the fact that I find rules redundant or what? It's like traffic laws. It doesn't matter what country you go to, you shouldn't run a light if it's red, and you shouldn't hit pedestrians whether they have the right of way or not. (I have recently been informed that it is in fact perfectly okay to run over pedestrians in some countries.... Given a few circumstances.) In character. Always stay in character. I do not care what you ate for breakfast. Now... if your character just happened to eat the same exact thing you did, that's cool! I'd be more than happy to listen. Oh... and if you're reading this (see I put it along with another rule so that it would be hard to catch) sign this blog with "Read and understood," because most of you are going to do it anyway. No matter what I tell you to put. Relationships. Hannah doesn't cheat. UNLESS she's only going on a pity-date with you. Oh, and just because my character is all lovey-dovey with yours... does NOT mean that I want to get like that with you out of character. Please do not direct me to any inappropriate pictures of yourself. Maturity. I swear a lot. Like... a lot, a lot. If you cannot handle that delete me now. I don't care the age. Do not tell me how old you are, I'll probably feel really young if you do. Drama. No drama is permitted unless it is in character. I honestly do not care if your pet elephant has to be put on a new dietary plan because he/she is over weight! Also if I say anything to offend you, it's more than likely IN CHARACTER. But Hannah would never say anything mean about anyone. Unless you start it. >__>; Because APPARENTLY Hufflepuffs are nonjudgmental. Just a little side note: I did not mean to be offensive to anyone in this blog. It was meant to give a humorous twist to something that--like I've said--you've probably read a dozen times or more. You don't have to sign with what I told you to sign with. Heck, I wouldn't even care if you signed at all. Just... have a sense of humor and I'm sure we'll get on great!


06/03/2011 06: PM 


1. My role-play is fun so lets keep it going I want you to enjoy our role-play together as much as I do. 2.I will have sexual role-play with women only. Also if I am taken or like someone I will not cheat on them in role-play with anyone. 3.I am a nice guy my role-play sometimes suck so if you know this since you read my rules then be a nice person. 4. I role-play up to five lines and in some role-plays I bring the lines up or down so don't be mad if you see a one-liner here or there. 5. I will be searching for mains and also love in role-play my life on here stays out of my real life. 6.No autoing please unless were having sexual role-play. 7. More rules to come.


06/02/2011 11: PM 

A long writing...(read if you like, I don't mind.)

Vinson's story: Into Tor Valen; Ch.1 Of Vortex's and Prince'sYou all know what time is now and how it goes down. We all know the history of man and what has happened in the past, but not everything was told, not everything was ever held down the banks of what is in the history books. In fact a whole world and it's history was kept on the sidelines to human eyes by the humans. Two worlds that which live on other links of time on this Earth. One, was a heavenly place. It was considered a place of beauty. It lied in the clouds of the planet as the place between Heaven and Earth. Creatures made of the light lived there. However, it didn't mean they were al good beings. The land had been cocky of it's good fortune and it cost them their world. Today in lies in ruin do to a force they could not prepare for. Who it was and the cause is still unknown to time. Their great treasures and riches and lazy lifestyle lead to their demise.Then there is the other world, but before that, we should get to our story...On Earth, it was a sunny early June afternoon as school was about to let out. It was the last day and smiles were on the face of just about every boy and girl there. Whether you were the most popular student or the biggest nerd, whatever troubles you needed to deal with, they were over for a whole three month's. In the case of every 8th grader they were moving on to a bigger school. It all was coming into full view of joy into the sunshine.All but for one of course.He, didn't look like the normal thirteen year old that which would get bullied by many people would pick on. He was 5'8" inches tall, not overweight and if anything, he was the most fit kid in school. He might have been the fastest and strongest pound for pound. Still, that didn't stop the most popular kid in the 7th and now 8th grade from having him and his cronies from chasing him down. Everyday it was the same. In the morning they would wait outside trying to get the edge out of his house of his foster mothers. He's sneak out the back door and head through the neighbors yards to dash and best them to school each day. Then it was a run to school and each day he found his way to beat him there. It was a good workout to start the day, but then at the end of everyday he would run home the same way trying to best them out of the school.  It didn't matter if it shined, rained or snowed, they would be there always chasing him down. He seemed to be his favorite target each day. Maybe it was the exercise, whatever the case his bully always chose him.Now you might be asking yourself, why are we speaking of a person to which was being chased each day out of the classroom over and over again? Why would he be the character of desire? Well, he would soon be the hero everyone need, yet history would never keep.His name, Was Vinson Burns. By every look of him, he seems just like a normal human male like the rest of the world. Truth be told, he is one of six on this door of Earth that were anything but normal. Though there was no proof of that yet looking at him of the rest of the chosen ones. They were all important keys of the future.Today, though it were the last day of school, it was still the same for Vinson as his bully would chase him a mile and a half through the small town. He and four others, one being his younger brother would run after him. As they tried, only he and his brother really could really keep up. The other boys were outclassed in speed so they were used as traps as either he or the brother would chase him straight forward.Through the whole chase, they would always be able to keep an eye on Vinson almost the whole way and pretty much predict his movements. There were very few turns he took that caught them by surprise over the years. In the end though when Vinson got away one of two things would happen. The first was rather simple. Vinson would make it into the foster home and the chase was over. They knew where he was and there was little they could do to really track him down any longer. Now the second was much more tricky to the bully and his cohorts. In a alleyway other the other side of the street to where Vinson lived, Where Vinson's house was on the far north side of the block, he would disappear on the Southside of the block in the back Alley. If he was traveling him, he would still be seen running, however he was nowhere in sight every time. The Block next over started a little hood of project homes where very dangerous people lived. None of them dared to think to look for Vinson over there. They already knew themselves that Vinson would really not travel there as he was more than unwelcome over that way. Like everyday, they would have to give up. Four out of five were willing to let it go, but the leader was not going to let this down without throwing a fit himself. This was the last chance they had until late August.The leader, not quite as tall as Vinson as he stood 5'5" himself. He had brown hair that went to his neck. His face was fair as he had all the girls under his spell. He was the most popular kid in the grade after all. His Native American and Irish looks got both good traits as he considered on of the most popular boys in school. His name was Ryan. As much of a bully he was, he was really nice to most of the other kids in the rest of the school. Sure, he had his people he didn't like, but they were far and few between in the teen groups. He though in secret only had so many people he liked. So his true feelings for people never really surfaced. Right now, he was kicking dust in the air ticked off at what came about."Damn. We need to catch one kid and there seemed to be no way we can achieve that. How lame can we really get?""Sorry Ryan." One other the other boys said. His name was Reggie. A kid just as tall as Vinson but looked like your normal human. When you compare him to Ryan he weighed more than Ryan, but Ryan was already developing biceps. They weren't as big as Vinson's were.His brother on the other hand, was a year younger than him and didn't really have any muscle mass along him. He looked normal for a teen, he just was so fast. Still he didn't have the speed Vinson quite did. Against other kids, Shawn also did have an upper hand in strength. He was only about 5'1" in height as he was just starting his growth spurt. He had the same color hair and eyes. His face though was a bit more egg shaped compared to his brother's. He also had a paler skin tone. Still he was very popular with the ladies and in the sixth grade was considered the most popular male as well. His name was Shawn Joshi. Ryan Joshi being his older brother."Brother, there is always next year. Only Reggie will be moving to high school and I'm sure we can get more kids behind our movement to beat up Vinson for a change." Shawn said trying to perk him up. "When we are out at birthday parties and the pool, we can add to our forces. Even add some tough looking 6th graders. Promise them girls or something...""Beat up..." Ryan said with his mind trailing off hearing the words. To him, beating up would never be enough. He had never told Shawn or anyone his intentions of what he would do if it were ever possible to get his hands on the African kid. "Come on guys, we still have the day to look for him. Lets not give up that easy. If we don't find him, lets have a good summer and do Shawn's idea ok. As for you Reggie, have a good time at the high school." Ryan said with a smile pumping up the other four as the separated from Ryan. It was when they were out of sight did that smile fade away from him. Ryan would lean to a fence and think to himself as to what to do next year trying to best Vinson. If he fails, he will have to wait until high school which favored Vinson greatly. All he'd have to do was run in a straight line for about a mile and he would be home. 8th grade would be his only real chance to live out his intentions."Where would you go Burns? You have no friends in school, and I should know. Who on earth would possibly protect you?"He was much closer to who than he ever could expect.Right along the other side of the fence, there was Vinson walking away after hearing that most of them had went away. The fence was over six and a half feet high and surely kept Ryan from seeing him and safe from his wraith as he was on this property. Without a word Vinson would walk towards the home of the people who lived here. Outside was a Pit Bull named Bones to greet him as he had known Vinson ever since this family rescued him from the streets. Vinson was there the first day they found him. Two small kids were playing on there own  near the house making their own kind of noise. The girl was about to say his name but Vinson hushed her incase Ryan was within an ear shot. She didn't get why, she was just glad he wasn't angry as he rubbed a bit too rough on her head as she was use to him doing playfully. The person Vinson was seeking did come out those doors already expecting to see him. He stood atop on the porch. Which was about twelve feet high looking down upon Vinson with a smile. Someone was happy to see Vinson for a change today.What Ryan said was only partly true. Vinson indeed did not have a single soul that was a friend of his at the J.R high school. This kid though, he was in the 5th grade. When he leapt down from the porch, it was painful obvious that these two looked exactly opposites. Where Vinson was a chocolate Brown skinned, brown eyed and an even faded hair cut of a male, not to mention tall for a thirteen year old at 5'8", he was white, blonde haired, blue eyed and he only stood 4'8" inches. Sure you give him some benefit him only being 11, but he hadn't grown an inch in the last year almost. He and Vinson both were very concerned he'd never get taller. Both of his parents were south of 5 and a half feet. So growing that tall was a worry for him. But he was a happy kid whether he grew to be six feet or never another inch again. He went by the name Nick Sheeler.Nick was holding two cans of pop in his hand as he casually tossed the one in his right to Vinson."Wow, the whole year, and they never caught you. You sure they won't give up?""They are already planning for next year." Vinson responded back.Nick just patted his friend on the back and start to open his pop and took a quick drink from it, seeking out the real shame in all this for his bud. "You know, the real shame is that it's your birthday you know. You are now a teenager. How does it feel?""It feels like I'm going to have to go through the same hell I did as a twelve year old." Vinson said not really too amused with the idea of going through the same thing again all next year. He hated Winter most of all because he hated the cold and the snow made it less fun as he had a harder time avoiding people in it."Well be that as it may, we still need to wait for the others before we can have this be a real birthday celebration."Vinson, though he really felt no need to celebrate his birthday due to the fact that life was too much to take sometimes. He felt like more of an adult when we wasn't getting chased by people and driven up the walls. But it wasn't that, Nick's family was going to allow them to use the Link card to buy all the cheap soda and ice cream they could buy. A Link card was the state's version of food stamps. The family had six kids plus two elder folks to take care of. The Father had a job but that wasn't enough. The card always covered about 1,200 dollars a month. They had done all their big first of the month shopping, so there was still a good amount of money on the card to use for this. Knowing more than just Vinson and Nick were going to be here, they got a 50 dollar limit; five dollars for each kid. Nick lied when he said there would be ten kids coming total. Both Vinson's and Nick's families lived very poor lives. In Nick's case, there was at least a love aspect within the family, though there was always a lot of yelling. The mother doing most of it. It was these many feelings though that made him feel sometimes life was worth it. Knowing what it was to struggle, and man there was more to the struggle than Nick, or anyone that knew him knew, he felt a birthday would just remind him that there was nothing to celebrate. He had done nothing worth celebrating yet.Still, that didn't stop Nick and the others in question to give him something nice. For the first person to arrive, she felt he was a rather amazing person to do what he does. One this day she wore the outfit Vinson had bought her with his money which was black pants that fit her perfectly and a purple shirt which he picked out for her. She was only eleven, but her 12th birthday was just six days after Vinson's himself. She had long brown hair that was well maintained and edged down her back. She was about 5 feet even at this point in her life. She had light brown skin. If you looked at the two, you would never really be able to see that they were really brother and sister. It was true all the same. This was Jasmine Burns. The sister one year younger than him. You could consider her the most rational and conscientious of the cast. She might have the most intellect in the group as she had a strong fondness for books ever since she was young. She couldn't travel to the library on her own and none of the bigger kids would take her. Vinson as her older brother would take her almost everyday, then get a beating from it from their foster mother later... claiming that this was all him and she was home the whole time."Well we have our only female member of the team to join us now. Nick saw her come from the front yard rather than through the back like Vinson did himself. "No reason to leave right?""But didn't Vinson invite Mike as well? And get your brother Chris to stop asking me for a date Nick." Jasmine complained to the blonde. Chris being three years younger than her. "Happy birthday brother." She changed her tone rather quickly looking to her older brother at the time who was just staring at the other end of the yard where Ryan was still waiting for him."Thanks..." Though he was still not very proud of the fact it was his birthday, he wasn't going to ignore his sister at all. Nick had offered to fetch a pop for Jasmine herself which she agreed to have and Nick left them waiting in the yard. Jasmine had looked up to Vinson as more of a father figure than a brother. More than their foster mother, he had been looking out for her interests more than she ever did. He helped her with her homework more, made sure she had a bed to sleep in each night as he stayed up until midnight with a bat in his hand every since he was little to keep the bigger kids from taking it, by then they would give up. Vinson had even made sure she was fed more often than she ever did. Vinson had to do some underhanded things to make sure she had something to eat everyday, she never knew, though she had her hunches, but everyday he made sure she was taken care of normally before himself. When she looked to him, he was the father she and he were both missing. It was a shame there was no one like that for him so he could be a kid himself.It didn't matter to Vinson what happened to himself in the future, he had always promised himself that she would have the better future. Whatever he had to do to make sure she made it, he was going to make that happen. If she made it then he could worry about his own future. In that house, he was just lucky he grew to be a tall and big kid. Jasmine could be a huge target at her age and size. It didn't hurt that even at eleven, she was already looking like she would become a beauty and many others like Chris wanted to date her. Sadly, she wasn't into boys yet as it seemed."So you ready to have fun and be a kid for a change?""Somehow, today has been feeling like an odd day for some reason. I don't know why, but I this feeling, and it's not good Jasmine." Vinson responded back."You always have these 'feelings'. When you don't have these feelings lately is what I rather here. I just for a change want you to act like the kid you really are rather than the adult you feel you need to be." Vinson understood what she meant by that. But unless someone was one that foster mother's butt about taking care of her kids was when she would fed them everyday. Other than that she was concerned about the government checks she got for us and the money she got on the side. Jasmine didn't know, but Vinson had seen on more than one occurrence that she would sell her body for many sexual favors. It had disgust him that she did have all this money and wasn't using any for the other kids including him and his sister. When she was passed out drunk, he would steal 20-100 dollars from her when she never knew it. She knew her money was being stolen, but Vinson wasn't as ghetto acting as the rest of the kids. Vinson acted like this one purpose as he would always get a free look at where she hid the money. Vinson easily found it as the house wasn't all that big to begin with.The one nice thing she did do, was that every kid who did get good grades would get 20 dollars a week. Vinson and Jasmine always were one and two in that area. Better grades though got her more money for the kid from the government as it showed she promoted good work ethic.It was these things Vinson had to think about each and everyday. These were the things Vinson and Jasmine needed to survive on themselves. "Maybe your right. This should be a good day right? No more talk like that I promise." Jasmine beamed at the notice and was happy for a change for her brother. Each had about 40 bucks to there name and were expected to get 20 more each because of their report cards. Then Vinson gets another 20 for his birthday. They still need this money to feed themselves.

Rafael DeLacruz

06/02/2011 04: PM 

PLease Read***Rules..Disclaimer and shit like that..

The Character Gabriel is arrogant and a smartass has psychotic tendencies and does not scare,He is a very powerful Mutant, do not take anything he says in character personally,if you are a thin skinned rper he is not the character for you to rp with.My rules are simple  no DRAMA!! drama gets you deleted,No godmodding .....godmodding gets you deleted..I am currently not looking to hook him up in  stable relationship..feel free to bounce storyline ideas off me so lets rp. will add more here if warranted

Chris Steele

12/03/2015 04:20 PM 

Rules and Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I AM NOT Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker from the first three Star Wars movies) nor do I claim to be. I am only using his photos for my character. At the moment, this is my only account, though some time in the future I might make other accounts. If I do, then this will be my main account, though I will be spending time on those accounts, if and when I make them. Who I Roleplay With: I mainly add and roleplay with Heroes and roleplayers from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, I will add and roleplay people from the main Marvel Universe (Marvel Comics), along with the DC universe as well. I will sometimes add and roleplay with characters from other shows/movies (Crossovers). I will roleplay crossovers if we come up with a good storyline, it all depends. I will not change my character in anyway to suit any crossover needs. My Character: Chris is based off the show, Heroes. If you've watched or know of the show, great. If not, that's cool. Basically the show's about ordinary people finding out that they have super powers (super speed, flight, etc), and what they decide to do with those powers. So, Chris has super powers (all of my character's powers are listed in another blog). If you don't have a problem with that, then cool. If not, then we're not roleplaying. I'm also incorporating things from the show Sliders (mainly the travel through multiple universes), as well as some things from the animes/mangas, Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist (namely some of his powers). If you're not familiar with any of those, that's fine, let me know and I can explain them to you. Starters/Replies and Such: I am a Para/Multi-Para roleplayer. I will sometimes go below a paragraph reply, but this is rare. I simply ask that you at least give me a paragraph reply. Not that hard. If I send you a two or three paragraph starter and I get a one-lined reply, I will ask you to send me a paragraph reply. If you can't or won't send me one every time, then we will stop roleplaying. Starters can go either way, but I prefer to send them out. If you wish to send me one, let me know. Also, put some thought into your starter. Just don't send one out where Chris might not be at. I have no particular order when it comes to answering replies, so you'll get them when you do, but you will get your reply. Literacy: Please, for the love of God, be literate with your posts. This means NO text talk. For example, "hey can u plz hlp me?" If you send me stuff like that, I will instantly delete it and will wait for you to send me a literate response. I can understand if you're mobile and are at work, or busy. If you're at a computer, you can be literate, which includes proper spelling and grammar. If you don't know how to spell, there's a cool thing called spell check. You should check it out. If you continue to talk and roleplay like that, then I will delete you. Why? Because apparently you don't know basic English. However, I will understand if English isn't your native language, though I would suggest you use a translator for your posts. Also, if English isn't your native language, please let me know beforehand. As long as I get a basic understanding of your posts, then we'll be fine. Storylines: For the most part, I'm just winging it on replies until a good storyline can come up in my head. However, I would like help from you guys, the people I'm roleplaying with. If not, then the roleplay will become dull and I'll eventually stop replying. So, try to think of something. Hell, we can stop and talk ooc to come up with a storyline. Godmodding: A big no on my list. You can't know everything about my character unless I have it set up for our two characters know each other. Because my character and his family knows the Petrelli's (Arthur, Angela, Nathan, and Peter), those characters do know my character. If your character is a telepath, then you must speak with me in messages before you post saying that you know something about my character. This will only happen if I approve of what you want to do (for the most part, I'll say yes, but still ask anyway). I will allow some general godmodding, like if my character nods in agreement or if he's walking down the street with your character, then that's fine with me. I just won't allow any specific godmodding, like if you take control of my character and have him go commit suicide. If you do god mod, then except to first get a message from me. If you keep god modding my character, then you'll be deleted from my friends list. Friends (Mains, etc): I am not a number on your friends list. I will only have people on my friends list if we either roleplay or talk ooc. I can and will do friend deletions at anytime, though I will now be doing massive friend deletions (100+ friends) at least once a month. Afterwards, friend deletions will be sporadic, whenever I feel like doing them. Only new friends, my top friends, and people that I roleplay/ooc talk with are safe. If you're active, meaning that you regularly post status comments and/or comment other people, and basically ignore me, even after I message/comment you, you will be deleted. If I delete you, don't send a friend request, or message me to send you one, because I will deny/ignore you. I currently have no mains (except for my love interest) and don't plan on having any at the moment. I don't ask to be a main (if I do become a main of yours, cool), nor do I ask anyone if they wish to be a main. Availability: I will not be on this account 24/7. I do have a relatively new job and real life friends. My real life comes before this. I'm on this account everyday, though because of my job, which is psychically demanding and exhausting, I won't be doing replies everyday. I understand if you can't be on everyday to roleplay. I know that you have a real life as well. If you go on hiatus or something, just let me know out of character. Drama: I'll allow in character drama. Hell, that makes roleplaying more interesting. I will NOT tolerate out of character drama. I came on here to get away from drama and to relax. However though, it seems lately that drama has been following me around in the form of a specific storyline that I ask people if they're interested in doing. I won't go into any further details, though if you wish to ask about it, send me a message about it. Anybody that's involved with that drama, will be deleted, and possibly blocked and/or blacklisted, depending on their involvement. If I receive hate messages/comments from you about it (which I have gotten in the past), you'll automatically be deleted and blocked. Respect: This is the only thing I really ask from everybody on here. I give and treat everybody I add respect, and all I ask is that you give me the same. I also do this in real life, I treat everybody that I meet with respect. It's as the famous quote says, "treat others the way you would be treated". If you don't treat myself or my friends on here with respect, then I won't be giving it to you. The whole drama thing that's been following me around, has caused me to lose respect to many people, specifically in one verse (which won't be named). If you lose my respect and you want it back, you better work hard as hell to get it back. Love Interest: Chris is currently SINGLE. However, I will not have him be looking for another romantic relationship for the time being. If you want to be my friend (in character), then we can, just nothing romantic. For right now though, don't be coming up and asking to be my girlfriend, because it's not happening. Those are my rules. Luckily for you I'm not asking you to sign them with anything specific, or signing them in general. If you want to sign them, go right on ahead.

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