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Major Tierce -Black Guardsmen-

03/02/2012 04:09 PM 

A past that haunts (in progress)

Vera!- He screamed, his breathing quickened as he bolted upright in his bed. He ran his right hand through his hair, before resting his forehead against it. It was just a dream he reminded himself as his hand dropped to the edge of the bed giving him more leverage as turned his body slightly before getting out of bed. Glancing around his darkened room he realized he was completely alone; something that gave him at least some solace. It was 02:00, he had ten hours before he was expected to report for his next shift. He needed to calm down and shake off the effects of the dream he'd had if he ever hoped to be ready when the time came for him to return to his duty. Turning the light on as he entered the fresher he splashed cool water on his face, his hands resting against the sink as he stared into the mirror. Even after so many years it seemed he couldn't put her out of his mind. Was it her death that bothered him so much, or the look he'd seen in her eyes as they'd met his during her last moments? Death wasn't something that phased him, after all he'd seen more than his fair share during his long life. Between wars and his orders to silence more people than he cared to remember he'd become numbed to the sight of death. Yet hers had shaken him, sickened him enough he'd taken advantage of his mask to divert his eyes. It was the look of betrayal that Tierce had seen in her eyes as she begged him to help her that haunted him. It was the twisted enjoyment Sidious found in ordering her death as a way to spite him.Balling his hands into fists he allowed himself to be overtaken by a wave of anger. Vera had died because he trusted her enough to relax in her presence, to seem like himself when off duty... and above all because it had been discovered that she was his older sister. After all it was forbidden for him to have anything that might be seen as an attachment. All he was allowed was his duty, such was the life of an Imperial Guard.As his rage continued to grow his urge to lash out became uncontrollable. The sound of glass shattering forced him to snap out of his thoughts. Forcing himself to recall his focus to his current surroundings he noticed a slight trickle of blood running across his right hand. In his anger he'd lost his control enough to shatter the mirror with his fist, a cold smirk tugged at the corners of his lips as he took note of the injury. A quiet sadistic chuckle erupted from him as he once again cursed Sidious' Shadow Guards and their annoying persistence. They seemed to pride their selves on being a pain in his ass every chance they got. Even though he'd abandoned his position as a Red Guard he couldn't deny the rivalry still existed. After all they were created to try to keep the Red Guards in line through intimidation which much to their displeasure hadn't phased Tierce in the least. Every time they'd been ordered to try to break him he laughed in their faces, proving not only his strong will was unshakable but his training had allowed him to become a man few could match.Shaking his head Tierce shoved the nightmare and the memories associated with it from his mind. Regaining his focus he decided he was in need of a distraction in order to prepare his mind for the long day ahead of him. He knew once his shift started he'd need complete focus if he wanted to be able to carry out his orders of guarding his Empress properly.Making his way to the gym he found he wasn't the only one not resting well. Smirking as he nodded his head slightly to acknowledge the presence of one of his fellow guardsmen. He could tell they had the same distraction in mind, training. -

;αltгυιѕtε {gone}

03/02/2012 04:02 PM 

For My Baby~

~Will Write Soon

Major Tierce -Black Guardsmen-

03/02/2012 03:56 PM 

Character background and weapons

(Just to avoid the potential confusion I've decided to take the time to write out an informative blog about the rather closed, mysterious man behind the mask. If after reading your still finding yourself with questions about him then feel free to message me and ask. But know that if you ask without having first read this then I'll redirect you here before being so kind as to give you the answers to your questions. If I take the time to write up an informative blog I expect someone who knows little or nothing about my character to take the time to read it.)Military experience: Null Squadron (pre-Clone Wars)Red Guard (Clone Wars-beginning of the New Republic)Black Guard (Post New Republic starting with the creation of the Serinan Empire)Rank: Major (Commanding officer of the Imperial Black Guard and formerly the Red Guard)Sith Master/Sith'ari/Sith AlchemistRace: Near Human- Full blooded EchaniHair color: WhiteEye color: Silver, Yellow-red when embracing his Sith'ari sideHeight: 6'8"Weapons: Force Pike, Saber Pike, Modified Imperial issue blaster, Modified long range Imperial issued sniper rifle, Two Verpine Shatter pistols, Two Verpine Shatter rifles, Thermal detonators, Shatter charges (think explosive hand held charge that sends out shrapnel capable of piercing the armor worn by the guards), Smoke grenades, Echani twin bladed staff, Two vibroblades, Lightsaber (red), Echani Quarter staff, Twin vibrobladed staff. Parents: Takeia Tierce (Father, Echani General), Sania Tierce (Mother, Echani General, Shadow Guard)Relatives: Vera Rivers- older sisterChildren: Kaylen Tierce (Daughter, Black Guardsman)

;αltгυιѕtε {gone}

03/02/2012 12:57 PM 


~Coming Soon~Coming Soon

;αltгυιѕtε {gone}

03/01/2012 11:07 PM 

Rules & Tips

оо1. I don't like people controlling my character so don't do it.оо2. I don't edit for people so don't ask. (I do friend edits but only when I know you)оо3. I have other accounts other than this one all of which take up my time, so be patient. оо4. If your not going to talk delete me now.оо5. I want you to listen clearly to this fact I do NOT rp anymore. I'm sorry I have a busy life. College takes up most of my time and I'm not going to lie to you and start an rp and then take months to reply it makes me feel like a bitch.oo6. If you added me it's only natural to assume that you should send the first comment, otherwise what would have been your reason for adding me? If I add I always send the first commentoo7. Messages are for Privacy & Comments are for Chit Chat simple as thatоо8. Don't start drama, I am simply telling you things the way they are.оо9. I am an AU roleplayer. I am with an Edward. He was never with or almost with a Bella. Nessie doesn't Exist. and We were both born around the same era and changed around-ish the same time so we can't have children. Dun ask to be our child kk? kk thanks. (no nessie mains)оo10. Proper grammar is a must, it makes it easier to read and you'll get a much quicker reply from me.oo11. I am taken in real life by the person I'm taken by here and on every other page I have. (because we're awesome like that.) SCREW AROUND WITH OUR RELATIONSHIP AND JUST WATCH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. >:P oo12. Go ahead and talk shit about me if you want. You don't know me, but whatevers you wouldn't be worth my breath. Talk shit about my Elizabeth or make her feel uncomfortable or hurt her in any way your asking for a fucking war. I don't care if you disrespect me, that is bs to brush off, disrespect Lizzy though and you'll bring out the bitch in me. I'm really protective of my baby in almost an obsessed way and vice-versa for her. I'm not trying to troll or anything it's just my over protective side cause bitches always try to take her from me. I'm Just giving you all a fair Warning.I'll add more as I can remember them...Thank you for reading...

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