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𝓒𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓮 𝓓𝓲𝓸𝓷

03/03/2012 09:24 PM 

Rules of Wade

These are my rules, more or less guidelines of what to expect when you roleplay with me. I don't nessarily heavily enforce them, but I do at least hope you will respect me in some way to follow them to the best of your abilities.1) In regards to the "You add, you start" or the "I'm up for any type of roleplay", to me, that just screams. "I'm lazy, I don't want to start, so you do it for me." This kills me to no end because I hate coming up with more or less, generic shit. I like to discuss stuff with the people I roleplay with, get a feel for something they'd like to do to me. It makes it really, really hard when someone just says "I'll do whatever, or I'm up for whatever," Because how do you expect me to pull something out of my ass to start with? So for the record, if you OR I add, you discuss. That's it.2) Drama is hard to not avoid, it seems to be a bigger issue on SM than here. My only thing with 'drama' is that I don't want to deal with mean, cruel, or ignorant roleplayers who quickly think that A) They're shit doesn't stink B) They're superior in terms of whatever to other roleplayers or C) People who just act like immature assholes.3) Relationships. They're tricky. I don't mind them, but I hate when I commit and someone farts off and goes and does a character change or something like that. Or they disappear, cheat on, or generally are odd. For any reason, I am usually protective over whom I let Wade be with. So if you show your worth, then perhaps its possible.4) The only roleplay scenarios I will not do are most Weapon X storylines, bar, club, or strip club settings. I've had enough of these to deal with me for a lifetime. Enough said.5) In regards to a starter that you throw to messages, please, please, please at least say "Starter" in the title. I hate opening up a "No Subject" only to find a random starter has been thrown my way. Not that I mind, but if I'm not in the mood for replies, I don't like leaving it "opened" and having you think I am ignoring it. Thanks, but send a title or rather, discuss starter/story with me.6) I am adding this one mostly because I don't know why people do this alot lately, but I feel it needs to be addressed. I am a very busy guy. Real life comes first, and on Roleplayer, I am normally backed up on replies any given day. Being this is (for now) the last rule, if you are an UNPATIENT PERSON, feel free to delete me, now. Sometimes my replies can take anywhere up to two weeks to reply, and I hate having to work on a reply for about 15 minutes, only to click the "send" button and I get my favorite words in the world "Must be this users friend to comment,". It is annoying and obnoxious. If you serious cannot wait on me, I have no business being your friend. I don't believe in this "numbers" shit. In the same amount of time it takes you to literally, go out of your way to delete me, do you realize you could be the one to initiate the conversation and say hello? Any who. I am totally against these type of people. So if you cannot talk, if you can not attempt to roleplay, and if you get impatient and just delete people, have a nice life, because I don't need you giving me miniature rage fits because I worked on something and found out a minute or two later you left me in the dust.That's it for now, unless I come up with anything else. Which I did! Sign this bad boy with your favorite movie so I know you didn't skim.


03/03/2012 09:18 PM 


WANTED CONNECTIONSSister:�Elizabeth Collins [OPEN]Play-by: Julianne HoughSpecies: HumanAge: 25Occupation: TeacherElizabeth is the middle sibling of the Collins children. Noah being the oldest and only boy and Lauren being the youngest sister. Lizzie is only two years younger than Noah. Lizzie still lives in New Castle and she works as a teacher (grade level and subject up to writer), following in her mother's footsteps in education. After their father was killed on duty with the police, she was very distraught. She had been very attached to him and idolized him. So when Noah decided to join the force she was always worried about him and his safety. He was the last male of the family. The whole family is hesitant around vampires because of the incident with their father and deem them untrustworthy. Other species they don't mind so much. Sister: Lauren Collins [CLOSED]Play-by: Alejandra AlonsoSpecies: HumanAge: 22Occupation: Up to WriterLauren is the youngest of the Collins siblings but only 5 years younger than Noah, and 3 from Lizzie. She looks up to both of her siblings, especially Noah because he became a type of father figure to her after their father passed. Lauren was 13 or 14 when their father was murdered. Lauren is a recent college graduate (or can still be in school or have traveled abroad) and comes home to New Castle after being away at school. She is excited to be with her siblings again and spend more time with them though she is surprised how the town has changed in the 5 years that she's been gone. Ex-wife: Nicole Gallagher [OPEN]Play-by: Gugu Mbatha-RawSpecies: HumanOccupation: Human ServantNicole is Noah Collin's ex-wife who left him to work as a human servant for Alexander Scarticini. The pair first met when Noah stopped her for speeding down Main Street and the two met again later at the diner she would later find work at. Their relationship was brief and very much falling under the honeymoon phase until a few months into their marriage. She was often left alone for long periods of time and found herself bored and full of worry for Noah's safety. In her boredom she would read novels of the fantastical lore of vampires.� She would go out to Lace and other vampire owned businesses to taste the excitement of that life. Much to Noah's surprise, she soon requested a divorce. She realized that she truly felt alive under the bite of a vampire. If gave her the thrills that she desired in life and that being a housewife was not what would make her happy. Noah was of course upset by the entire affair. He still holds a grudge against her and Alex Scarticini and will not speak to her if he can help it. She now resides at the Scarticini mansion and works as a human servant for him and his family.Boss:�Evelyn Holmes [OPEN]Play-by: Katheryn WinnickSpecies: HumanOccupation: Chief of NC PoliceEvelyn is the current Chief of Police in New Castle. Evelyn is not originally from New Castle, writer can determine her previous location. She has been with the force for many years, serving from the lowest rank now to one of the highest. She as spent most of her career as a detective and is damn good at it. Her childhood dream was to be in the FBI, but life took her in a different direction. She is not a fan of the supernatural though she is patient and open-minded to those who don't wish to kill her or get in her way. She doesn't know that Joe Eames. one of her detectives, is a shifter. It is her goal to make New Castle a safer place. She is strong-willed and determined to get things done and do them right, even if she has to move around the law to do it.�Police Partner:�Joseph (Joe) Eames  [OPEN]Play-by: Tom HardySpecies: Shape-shifter, SkinwalkerOccupation: Police Officer/DetectiveJoe and Noah Collins both graduated from the Police Academy together. Joe is not originally from New Castle, but is from Wilmington. He moved to New Castle when they hired him to be partnered with Noah. As a skinwalker, Joe would have had to commit a cold-blooded murder in order to gain the ability to shift skin. This opens up a possibility for corruption or a multitude of other options for his writer. Noah and Joe were both the top in their class in the Academy. Since New Castle is such a small town the police there cover all the titles, officer, detectives, etc. Both Joe and Noah are in competition for the sheriffs spot. Joe also has a liking for their boss, Evelyn Holmes (human). Joe has done a good job at hiding his shifter side, no one knows but him and other shifters or anyone with a keen eye. Joe would have lost his original animal form scent after a while. Writer can choose what animal he would have become before being a skinwalker. Sometimes he uses his abilities to shift into humans to solve cases, but he does it carefully.Send me a message, or comment the blog if you're interested or want more information.

Star Lord

03/03/2012 04:14 PM 

RP Family

Girlfriend/Wife-------------------------------------------------------noneFather---------------------------------------------------------------noneMother--------------------------------------------------------------noneFather in law---------------------------------------------------------noneMother in law--------------------------------------------------------noneDaughters-----------------------------------------------------------noneSons---------------------------------------------------------------noneAunts---------------------------------------------------------------noneUncles--------------------------------------------------------------noneGrandparents-------------------------------------------------------noneSiblings.......................................................................................Ayame.

;αltгυιѕtε {gone}

03/02/2012 08:16 PM 


Elizabeth Cullen (Female Edward)Esme Cullen

Fox 'Spooky' Mulder-The- X-Man.

03/02/2012 02:14 PM 


The sacrifice of Angels.Georgetown, Maryland. 10: 15 PM.Thick Gray clouds unleashed sheets of painful, Chilling rain as Thunder rattled and echoed through the early morning sky. It's echoes reverberating with the sounds of a loud, Thrumming drum. Through the city's rain drenched streets, Rapid footfalls sloshed and splashed through deep puddles as a man clad in a waist length Nehru-collared jacket climbed a slick fire escape. From his shoulder length hair, Droves of rain ran down his Black locks, Saturating his pale flesh. With eyes widened with panic and fear, The man desperately tried to draw breath into his aching lungs as his inhuman eyes of Silver scanned the rain and fog covered landscape. From high upon the roof tops, So many scents of this world rushed into his senses. Somewhere, The foul, Pungent odor of gasoline loomed in the air as the aroma of perfumes, and colognes mingled with the more pleasant smell of the freshly fallen rain. Brushing his forehead with a slick hand, He tossed hair flush against his back as he slowly allowed himself to fall to one knee. Burnt deep into the flesh of his neck, A mark, A sygil identified him to those who knew of Angelic script. Azazel. A Fallen Angel who once served as in Heaven. His name, Now redundant for the most part, At one time meaning  "God Strengthens". But that was before the war. Before the time that Heaven's legions were parted. Nearly a quarter of Heaven's army fell that day. Lead by Michael, Lucifer's throne was torn from the walls by Michael, Gabriel and those Angels still loyal to the word. Those who found themselves fallen astray, Were forced to plummet to the pits of Hell...Or even worse; To forever stand upon Earth. Neither side claiming them as their own. Their one hope, Pyriel, "The Whiter Sepulcher", Had yet to awaken from his curse. In the meantime, They would serve Mammon. Aide him in the method of crossing the "bridge". To seek out the vessels he would need to cross through Purgatory, and into the realm of Humanity.His attentions so diverted to what lay ahead of him, Azazel's keen sense of smell feintly detected a scent that chills up his spine. "Sion." he whispered in a fear choked voice as he slowly lifted from his knee. Standing before him was a living, breathing Monolith. A warrior chosen by Heaven itself to seek out and destroy those who sought to bring any harm to the creator's favorite children. In an almost cordial, Respectable fashion, Sion greeted Azazel in return. "Azazel. I know what you're up to. You're searching for it. That piece of the puzzle that shall allow your master to fill the void; To cross over into this world.". Sion's own Silver-flecked eyes locked with Azazel's as a single brow quirked in disdain. "Do you really think you'll get away with it. I know you have it. Hand it over, And I'll let you return to your master.". A loud, Trembling roar of thunder split their ears as both men fell silent in a deadly, Unfeeling lock of eyes. Neither would back down. No mercy would be given. Nor was any asked for. With an unholy shriek, Azazel charged at Sion in a blur of Black and pouring rain. Tackling his mid-section, Both men sent sprawling through the worn glass of a Nightclub's skylight. Through luck--Or perhaps a twist of fate, Azazel found himself atop Sion. "So damned pathetic! Do you really think for one moment YOU can save them? Our creator poured all his grace into this world, And what have they made of it? WE can make it right--How it should be. Before their kind." Azazel spat spitefully as his long, Grey-taloned fingers struggled to tangle themselves around Sion's neck. Struggling with his might, Sion firmly planted the bottoms of his thick, Black leather boots deep into Azazel's sternum. With a strained grunt, He jolted his nemesis powerfully upward, Causing Azazel to flail aimlessly as his body careened before crashing through the thick glass panes of the night club. In an uproar, Those attended the club fled in terror as they witnessed the men struggle. From the 'ocean' of people, Cries of terror and panic began to fill the ears of Sion. Quickly climbing to his feet, Sharp shards of glass cascaded from Sion's body as he exited the club. Laying sprawled upon the street, Sion harshly entangled his fingers around Azazel's collar. "Give it to me, Azazel. I don't want to kill you.".Hoover Building, Washington, DC.7:25pmSpecial Agent Dana Scully was getting ready to leave her basement office after a long day of filing reports and filling out the final expense report from her last case. As she shut down her computer, she opened the top drawer of her desk, placing her pen inside when her fingers brushed against a name plate.  Such as many times before, she pulled it out and simply looked at the name, running her index finger across the letters almost in a sense of reverence.  This desk and most of the contents within it use to belong to him, reminding her of a time although not too long ago, seemed to have become as the passing of a lifetime.  Her thoughts drifted back to the first time she entered this office. Her assignment then was quite clear, although over the years her priorities shifted. She had come to trust her partner over time, his quest becoming her own. Even after he walked away, she remained, sometimes questions her reasons as to why she stayed, but she knew.  Biting on her lower lip, she carefully slipped the nameplate back in the desk and closed the drawer, releasing a small sigh.  She reached for her briefcase and stood to her feet preparing to leave this haven for another night, when her office phone began to ring insistently.   She simply stared at it for a moment before answering in her usual fashion.   "Scully" The Assistant Director's secretary was the one placing the call, requesting Scully's presence in his office.  "I'm on my way."  She replied before placing the phone back in it's cradle.  As she locked her office she made her way to the elevator, arriving at AD Skinner's office moments later.  His secretary motioned her inside and she stepped inside, taking a seat in front of his desk, her business composure in place as he began by handing her a case file.  There had been several missing persons reported within the DC/ Maryland area, all fitting a similar profile.  Although the police had found a few crime scenes suggesting homicide, there were no bodies found, that is until two nights ago.  As Scully opened the file, she began to read as Skinner continued.  Her assignment was to perform the autopsy on the man they found, and to take a temporary leave of the X-Files to assist VCU in the investigation.  Scully's eyes shot up from the file part in curiosity, another part in fear that this would be the F.B.I.'s way of shutting down the X-Files.  Instead of confirming her fears, she simply nodded.   "I will go straight to Quantico in the morning, Sir."  She stood as he dismissed her and made her way back to the elevator once again looking over the case file.  There were crime scene photos of the victim and Scully's attention was fixated on a small marking on the victim's neck region.   Placing an index finger against her lips, she pondered this with a sense of Deja vu she couldn't quite put her finger on.  Perhaps it would come to her later as she stepped off the elevator and headed to her car, making the drive to Georgetown and home.Georgetown, MD10:37 pmThe storm seemed to get worse the closer Scully got to home.  The heavy sheets of rain made visibility nearly impossible, the lightning her only saving grace at moments.  She knew this road like the back of her hand, and yet she still grew weary when the weather conditions turned ugly.  Some things never change as she entered Georgetown, thankful she was so close to home now.  As she turned onto the street leading to her apartment building she jammed on her brakes quickly, as a man ran out in front of her,  causing her FBI issued vehicle to slide slightly, barely missing the man.  She felt her heart race and tried to catch her breath, her first thought being to jump out and give this man a good piece of her mind.  It was then she realized she was near the new Night Club that opened a few months back and chalked up the man's death wish as simply a man that had possibly had one too many.  As a flash of lightning cascaded the sky, she noticed people running out of the club, screaming.  She moved her car closer to the curb and stepped out in the pouring rain, walking closer to see what the excitement was all about.  It was then she saw two men apparently fighting.  Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her dampened hair, pushing it out of her eyes to get a better view.  She instinctively reached for her service weapon and stepped closer, keeping her eyes on both men despite the rain soaking them.  Once she was close enough she aimed at the two men and spoke in a commanding voice that may or may not be heard over the thundering skies.  "Freeze both of you!  I'm a Federal Agent!"  Despite the demands of Scully, Neither Sion nor Azazel paid her presence any mind. Their conflict, Far deeper and far more urgent than a mere 'Ballroom blitz', Was far beyond anyone's knowledge. Slowly recovering from the powerful blow delivered to him by Sion, Azazel stood nearly statuesque in the pouring rain. The almost painful sheets of torrent rain pouring doing little to deter his focus from his nemesis. Rain water flowed through his hair, Drenching his clothing and pale skin in a cold embrace of rain from above. Slowly raising a long, slender arm, A lythe finger pointed at the rather muscular Sion whom slowly emerged from the nightclub's shattered window. Beneath his heavy soles of his boots, Glass shards snapped and crackled beneath Sion's girth. "You're a fool, Sion. When Mammon and Pyriel come to rule this--This killing field, You could RULE by their side. Be THEIR warrior rather than HIS." Azazel spouted in a loud, spiteful shout that nearly drown out the echoes of screams of the frightened crowd. For a brief moment, Sion's eyes floated to Scully's own. Reading deep within to her soul, Sion could feel that she was a woman of science, But also a woman of faith. Raising his own hand, Sion opened his palm to openly show the agent he meant her nor anyone else any harm. "Please. Dana. Lower your weapon. It will not prevail in this matter." he calmly asked in an unusual elegant tone rather unfitting of his muscular, leather clad appearance. His own Onyx locks drenched in the rains that poured from above, Sion stood fervently before Azazel; A Fallen one who had lost his way. "Tell me Azazel, When was it you lost your grace? Your belief?" he asked of his former brethren in a tone ladened with sadness. Scoffing at Sion's poignant question, Azazel's lips lifted into an aggressive sneer. "When? When he created these...These THINGS. He poured his grace into this world, Sion. Do they cherish it, hn? Do they HEAR the word any longer? No. They simply know the argument."Scully stood still, her weapon drawn at the pair, her only movement was reaching up with her free hand to push the wet strands of hair from her eyes.  She knew it would only be a matter of time before someone alerted the police but at least then she would have back up.  A bar fight wasn't exactly FBI jurisdiction, but it was happening in her own back yard and she had to do her job as a sworn law officer.  As the lightning pierced the night sky, she got a better glimpse of the two men in front of her, biting on her lower lip nervously.  They were both larger than her, and if they chose to she was certain she would have to put up one hell of a fight if they chose to turn on her.  The rain still came down in sheets as she drew a little closer, aiming her weapon at them as one stood to his feet.  She was in slight shock when he spoke to her by her given name, her mind pondering briefly how he could have known.  She tried her best to regain her composure, stepping closer. She could hear the exchange between them now, and their heated words seemed to strike a cord deep within her.  Some of the names they spoke reminded her of something she learned when she was younger and attending Catholic school.  She strained to hear more over the roaring thunder and rain unaware that she was inching closer to them. Momentarily lowering his head in shame of what Azazel had become, Sion shook his head as it became all too clear as to what had to be done. Azazel. Now a servant of Mammon and Pyriel could not be allowed to fulfill his master's demands. In a blur of Black, Sion mustered all his strength into a tackle that impacted the unsuspecting Azazel mid-torso. So powerful was the attack, Caught off balance, Both men crashed through a vacant apartment building sending a shower of concrete and dusty debris upon them. Balling a powerful fist, Sion struck Azazel in the jaw causing a cascade of blackened blood to pour from the Fallen one's mouth. Unforgiving, and unrelentless to those who sought to endanger this world, Sion tangled his fingers in Azazel's hair and hoisted him upward. Holding him eye to eye with but one hand, Azazel's feet no longer touched the ground. "I shall do what I must my former brother." Sion threatened as an immensely powerful knee met the gut of Azazel only causing him to spit a rush of blackened blood and foul bile. "It did not have to end this way. But.." Abruptly ceasing his sentence, Sion dropped Azazel to the debris dusted ground. Above, Thunder roared as a bright flash of lightning lit up the night sky with an eerie Blue explosion. "..Before you go. How is Mammon crossing over?" Sion demanded between gnashed teeth as it became apparent his patience with his fallen brethren was growing thin. Mocking Sion with a guttural, Blood choked laughter, Azazel spat his thick Black blood into the Sion's face. In disgusting, thick streams, The blood drizzled from Sion's face. Staring Sion defiantly eye to eye, Azazel's eyes began to shift in color. Pools of Reds and Yellows began to swirl and pool in his once elegant eyes of radiant beauty. As he spoke again, His voice changed to a snarling hiss. "I'll not tell, Mongrel. You'll die along side these talking Monkeys.". Unamused by Azazel's lackluster humor, Sion slowly dug deep into the inner pockets of his long leather trench coat. Retrieving what appeared to be a ragged, worn book, Azazel's eyes widened in horror as the sight as he recognized the book. Squirming beneath Sion's superior girth, Azazel attempted in futility to shield himself from Sion. "Wait. Wait. What are you doing?" Azazel pleaded as Sion casually turned the delicate, yellow stained pages. "I'm reading you your last rights." he muttered emotionlessly. "A Fallen one in the gates of Heaven. Hm. Michael and the others will have a field day with you, old friend." Sion's joke somehow ringing with a foreboding tone, Caused Azazel to flinch and finally scream in terror. "Alright! Alright! A virgin. He needs a virgin vessel. If he fails to find one, He may substitute such a thing with one of the masks." Azazel confessed in desperate hope. Shrugging his shoulders in contempt of Azazel, Sion pressed a golden crucifix against Azazel's forehead. Upon contact with the symbol of purity, Azazel's flesh burned and withered as the Fallen Angel howled in pain. Wincing in pain beyond description, Azazel quivered and shuttered as the pain swept through his body. As a servant of Mammon, Such a symbol was like venom to the astray Angel. His purity forever stripped from him, He was not but a servant of evil; An agent of darkness hell bent on destroying mankind--as his master demanded. Lowering his lips to Azazel's ears, Sion whispered slowly to his fallen brother."So you know, You have to ask for penance.". Without second thought or hesitation despite the fact that Scully's weapon was fixed upon them, Sion plunged a fist deep into Azazel's sternum. The sickening crack of bones and twisting of muscles and tendons sounded as Sion tore from Azazel's chest, A heart blacker than pitch. With a loud gasp, Azazel's back arched as his eyes rolled to a deep Black color.The physical fight ensued and Scully once again spoke in a voice of authority.  "Step away from each other immediately!"    She tossed her head to the right, trying to once again to clear her eyesight from the wet strands of hair that seemed to block her view partially.  She aimed her weapon towards the one reaching for something, releasing a small sigh as he pulled out a rather worn book.  As he spoke of reading the man's last rites, her eyes began to widen realizing all too well what that could mean.   The next few moments seemed to transpire in slow motion, a man pleading for his existence....and the other raising his fist to make it's mark, puncturing the man's chest cavity and removing what appeared to be his heart, only the coloring wasn't normal.  It was black, and still beating within the man's hand.  Shocked beyond belief, she aimed her weapon, almost shouting.  "Put your hands up where I can see them."  Training her weapon on the man she walked over and bent down, feeling for a pulse, and finding none.  Well what did she expect when the man's heart had been ripped from his chest?  She looked into the man's lifeless eyes noticing the strange color, once again shaken by what she saw.  Standing to her feet a little unsteady, her weapon hand shaking slightly, she looked up, her voice slightly quivering.  "You've just committed murder in the presence of a Federal officer!!"Georgetown, MD10:45 PMOn a lonely stretch of road, A solitary car traverses carefully through torential downpour of rain. The drops of water harshly splashing against the thick panel of glass that made up the car's windshield as the wipers shifted side to side with an almost hypnotic thrum. It's driver: A man used to the unusual. Ghosts. Aliens. Government conspiracies. Inhuman Bounty hunters. Monsters of every shape and size. All in a day's work. Or at least, It used to be before he excepted this deep undercover job. At first, He found himself reluctant. Hesitant to accept the position. The X-Files were his life's work. His drive..His motivation. Wait. Who was he kidding? It wasn't the job. It was her. It was HER all along. His anchor. His Touchstone. In his abscence, He couldn't even count the days and night he'd spent thinking about her. Wondering how she was. Had life granted her some sort of happiness? In his tenure away from her, Had she finally found normalcy in her life? Carefully steering his car, His eyes floated elegantly to an old photo taped to his dashboard. Taken so long ago, He could still remember the smell of her perfume. The clicking of her shoes. The sound of her voice as she entered their office. In how many ways did she truly save his life? Was there even an answer for that? Puckering his lips slightly as he stared at the picture at a fiery, Yet stern and determined Red head, His mind wondered to days long since past. In his favor, Skinner had covered for him. Deployed the act that he was no longer part of the FBI. In some sense, He'd hoped that would allow her to move on. In another, Much deeper realm, He'd hoped she too held on to those moments. Alone in silence, His solitude, So painfully quiet was brought to a sudden halt as the scanner crackled to life. Through the radio, A man's voice broke through the static announcing activity "All officers within the vacinity, Proceed with caution. Federal Agent on scene. Suspect is considered armed and extremely dangerous.". Slowly quirking a brow in interest, His gut and instinct tugged at him relentlessly. As the location of the crime broke through the static ladened barrier, A foot pressed firmly against the gas pedal.Arriving at the scene, The strobing flicker of Red and Blue lights heralded the arrival of local law enforcement. Slowly exiting his car, He tugged at his trench-coat as he approached the Police officers that had gathered. "Hey! Hey, pal! You can't go in there." a young rookie declared. Withdrawing a Black leather wallet from his inner jacket, The flap of the unfolded to reveal his FBI badge and photo "FBI. Step aside." he demanded boldly. His presence easily presiding over the Police, He slowly withdrew his Smith and Wesson handgun from it's holster as he leaned against the wall of the nightclub's exterior. Carefully peering around the corner, His eyes widened in surprise as an all too familiar face was sighted. Stepping into the nightclub, Broken shards of glass crunched beneath his Black loafers as a long arm stretched over Scully's shoulder. "You heard the woman. Federal agents! Hands on your head...Now!!" repeating Scully's command, His weapon became trained on the rather muscle-bound, Leather clad man that stood before them. Staring at the odd looking suspect, His stomach twinged as he caught sight of a Blackened, Still beating heart. "So." he muttered to the woman he stood directly behind. "What have I missed?"Scully wasn't certain which she was more in shock over.....Was it Mulder's return or the body lying before her, missing the heart that this man held in his hand?....She kept her weapon drawn, looking between the two men standing,  a thousand thoughts and questions filling her mind.  She noticed the sound of remorse within the suspect's voice and watched him curiously.  For someone that said it did not have to end this way, he didn't waste time in taking his life.  As he tossed the blackened heart at her feet, she noticed that it ceased to beat.  Her first thought was of the examination she would indeed be performing soon enough, her second was focused on Mulder himself.  Her thoughts were interrupted as the man offered to turn himself in, and slowly she reached for her handcuffs until he once again voiced not only both their given names, but her childhood fear of clowns.  She hadn't even told Mulder of this although she did know of his fear of insects.  His questions became somewhat un-nerving as she regained some composure.  How is it that you know so many intimate details about us?  How did you know our names?  And what did you mean when you said the victim had such promise?   Scully tried to keep her focus on the suspect in front of her as she placed the cuffs on him and yet she would catch herself glancing back at Mulder, knowing that since the suspect acknowledged his presence that she wasn't dreaming.  He was here, once again beside her, and as much she wanted answers to where he had been, she knew that this was not the time nor the place.  Other answers had to come first.Sion's brows slowly lifted in a show of surprise as yet a second Federal agent made his presence boisterously clear. Taller than his female counterpart, Sion's lips lifted partially into a coy grin. With Azazel's heart still held in his Iron grip, Sion's head tilted in the irony of this situation. Two partners--Nearly life-long partners at that, Stood side-by-side once again. Exhaling sharply with a hint of remorse as his line of sight detoured from the Federal agents, He could feel the uncertain eyes of the Red haired woman stare upon him and the grotesque sight of the Fallen body of Azazel. "It's tragic, you know." Sion muttered as he stared at the corpse of his fallen brethren. Taking slow strides towards the body, Sion's long Black leather duster swept across the shards of broken glass, And pools of Black blood that streamed in thick rivers upon the nightclub's floor. "It did not have to end like this. Not for him.". Shaking his head in disgust, Sion payed a silent homage to Azazel. Lead astray by lies concocted by Mammon, Azazel, Like so many others had chosen a path that was never meant to be traveled. Their hearts filled with hatred and darkness, They seemingly 'fed' off the despair and sufferance of humanity. Had Azazel only heeded the warnings given to him, His death would not have been a necessarry act. "It's ironic Dana, Fox. He had such..flare. So much promise.". returning his gaze slowly to Fox and Dana, Sion tossed the heart to Dana's feet. With her knowledge of a Human's anatomy, The heart, Along with the body would bring up questions--riddles that would plague the two almost perpetually. "There's no need for your weapons. I'll come along willingly. No resistance. No attempts at an escape.". Slowly and carefully extending his arms forward with his palms faced upwards, Wrists firmly held together, Sion stood ready for either agent to cuff him. "You'll have questions. Many of them. First--I think the two of you are going to need to converse,yes?".he questioned almost tauntingly as his gaze drifted between the estranged agents. "Tell me something, Fox."hoisting his rather broad shoulders to adjust his heavy leather duster, Sion puckered his lips in a moment of deep thought. "Have you learned to overcome that fright of insects yet? Or does that vision of that Praying Mantis still plague you to this day, hn?". Blinking his eyes rapidly, His silvery orbs transfixed upon Mulder. Both men nearly the same in height, Sion stood merely a few inches over the agent. "And what about you, Dana? Still terrified of clowns"?Trying to remain calm, and focused, Fox narrowed his eyes at this strange hulking man as he spoke. He knew things. Things that were not commonly known..Not by anyone save for Fox and Dana themselves. Keeping his Smith and Wesson handgun trained upon Sion Mulder stepped back in what seemed to be a disgusted leap as the heart was thrown to Dana's feet. Black and malformed, The heart DID seem rather different from any Human heart Fox had the misfortune of seeing. Than again, He wasn't exactly the expert on human DNA or genetics. Leaning inward to whisper into his partner's ear, Mulder could not resist to inhale the familiar scent of Dana's perfume. "I'll explain later." he murmured as he remained focused on the task at hand. Standing in front of them was this peculiar man whom had literally torn a heart from another man's chest with his bare hands. Not exactly the method of murder one would claim to see everyday. Noting the remorse in Sion's voice, Mulder's eyes traversed to Dana. She was always the religious one of the duo. Maybe, With any luck, She held an inkling of what this man spoke of. Even more odd, Sion offered to allow them to detain him..Willingly. Was he insane? Or was he simply planning something the moment either of them would attempt to cuff him. From outside, The blaring, Almost deafening cries of Police sirens and pouring rain thrummed in Mulder's ears. Through the shattered skylight, Rain fell in sheets, Drenching the nightclub's glass covered floor in slick rain."Who are you?" Mulder demanded. His voice stern. Refusing to yield just yet, Mulder's brow quirked at the sight of Sion's silver colored eyes. Were they contacts? A fashion statement perhaps? Carefully stepping towards Sion, Mulder's hand lurched around into his trench coat as he retrieved his handcuffs. "Cover me, Scully. This guy makes one false step...Nail him between the eyes.". Though typically Fox had the cool, calm, Almost stoic mannerisms down to a science, There were scarce moments such as this where caution simply over ruled such behavior. With this man's immense size, Should he decide to physically resist Mulder and Scully, They would find themselves with little recourse but to use drastic measures..I.E. The usage of their handguns. Oddly enough, Something in Sion's voice, Something in his eyes and words told Mulder's instincts that there was more to this. Much more. If they wanted answers, They would have but little choice but to listen to every damned word he had to say. "You're going to answer everything. Agreed? You try anything..Anything at all, And I will not hesitate to pull this trigger." Mulder warned as he cautiously slapped one cuff around Sion's wrist. Upon doing so, Mulder's eyes again narrowed as he noticed markings. Writings of some sorts trailing along Sion's wrists. "What the--". Baffled and knee deep in wonder, Mulder curved Sion's rather forebodingly muscular arms around his back as he clasped the second cuff, Restraining the towering Goliath. Peering over Sion's shoulder, Mulder offered a quirky smile to Dana. "My car or yours?".Asserting a rather calm, Stoic behavior that perhaps seemed out of place after the murder of Azazel, Sion's Silver flecked orbs danced elegantly between Fox and Dana as he stood calmly before the armed Federal agents. So many questions were asked between the two of them, That it seemed almost impossible to answer them all in their fullest terms. Almost. "What I meant Dana, Was Azazel did not have to perish like he did. If only he'd turned away from Mammon and the others--Denounced their ways, He'd be allowed back amongst us." he answered, The tone of remorse still quite obvious in his underlying elegant tone. "Instead. He chose a path that was that of evil; Of darkness and contempt." he added as he briefly turned his focus to his fallen brother. WHY his brothers had chosen such a path was beyond him. Their spiteful jealousy, A rather sickening, Twisted emotion filled Sion with disappointment. In their creation, Their hearts were once filled with adoration and caring for the habitants of this planet. Once, They guarded them. Guided them in their hours of need. Came to them when needed. "I fear many have chosen the paths of Mammon and Lucifer. Azazel is just one of many. There's more..Much more.". Shaking his in regret, and remorse for those who would follow, Sion's wavy Onyx locks trailed his head's motion. "Neither of you need fear me. I'm on your side." he added as both agents fumed with a stern attitude that radiated an aura visible to his kind. Here to help the Humans survive the onslaught that was rapidly approaching, Sion was quite eager to explain his story in full to those who would listen. Putting up no resistance and posing no sign of threat as Fox cautiously cuffed his thick wrists, Sion's head tilted in a fluid, serpetine-like motion as his eyes connected with Dana's. "The two of you should be rejoicing. How long has it been?" he inquired in a rather calm, elegant tone that resonated with a soothing echo meant to set the agents at ease. "Oh. Agreed. I'll tell you all you'd like to know and more." Sion promised as his arms were sternly held in place. If he truly wanted to, Making a quick escape would require little effort on his behalf. The handcuffs placed around his wrists would break quite easily should he so wish it. Instead, He would cooperate to the fullest extent. Allow these agents to perform their lawful duties. "I think you'll find some answers when you examine his body, Dana." he softly exclaimed as he notioned towards Azazel's lifeless body.  Scully listened to the man intently, his references to certain biblical names were not lost to her, in fact many of them she remembered briefly from Catholic school.  At the time of her earlier years, she thought these stories were meant to scare children such as herself at the time, hoping they would choose the correct path, the path of faith.  As science became more of a faith then her very own she had not forgotten the lessons she learned in her youth.  Raising an eyebrow she looked at him in curiosity. " Sir are you suggesting that the war you speak of, the one that predates mankind, is now waging on Earth?  That Angels both fallen and the ones of God are here leading to the battle of Armageddon? "   For the second time since his arrival she glanced over at Mulder, already she could almost see the gears turning behind his green eyes, as if he was somehow making some sense of this tragedy.  The man's words were once again hitting too close to home as he spoke of their seperation and how they should be rejoicing and yet Scully had too many questions floating within her mind, not only of what she witnessed, but of how this man seemed to know so much about them, and the biggest question of her mind lied within Mulder himself.  Where had he been?  Why did he leave her and would he leave again? She couldn't dwell on the last questions, no matter how much she desperately needed the answers.  She had to keep her focus on the matter at hand.  The truth always seemed to be the most important thing.   As Mulder placed the handcuffs on him, she was once again taken aback by his mention of her finding answers in the autopsy of the body.  Giving a slight look of shock and confusion she asked.  "How do you know so much about us?  About me?"    It was Mulder who spoke asking which car to transport their suspect in.  Reluctantly she said his.  She needed time to secure the body and have it shipped to Quantico giving instructions that no one was to touch the body until she arrived in the morning to do the autopsy.  She also needed time to come to grips with Mulder's return and her feelings.  She would be no good on this case if she couldn't focus on the task at hand.  She needed to distance herself and it didn't help that Sion knew of the bond between herself and Mulder. He had hinted to it in the very least.  She watched them as she spoke to the officer in charge. Once finished she walked over to her car and sat inside, pushing the dampened strands of hair from her face.  She pondered over all she had seen and the words of Sion, knowing she herself would be researching of what he spoke.  Right now she finally broke, as the tears streamed down her face, a mixture of emotions stiring deep inside her.  She couldn't let them see this and she once again quickly tried to regain a form of composure as she drove to meet Mulder and question their suspect, wondering to herself if she was indeed ready to hear the answers this man felt he had to give.  The drive and distance helped some, as Scully arrived.  She donned her professional facade and walked inside the building, taking a chance on where Mulder and Sion would be.  Her assumption was correct as she quietly stepped inside the interrogation room, her blue eyes gazing at Mulder first, then at their suspect.  " So do you have a name?" Willingly allowing Mulder to 'escort' him into his vehicle, Sion amused himself with the thoughts of how little Mulder understood at this juncture. But soon. Very soon. Both of these Federal agents would understand Sion's mission. Unlike any other before him, Sion was a unique creation of Heaven. Born for a purpose, Sion's mission included saving those who needed his aide. More importantly, His most dangerous mission was approaching all too rapidly. Shuffling into Mulder's backseat, Sion shifted as he attempted to fit his large, Muscular legs into the narrow opening between the back of the passenger's seat, and the very containment seat in which he sat. Glancing out the pane of glass, Sheets of rain drizzled downward almost peacefully with a rythym all thier own. Twisting his lips in regret, Sion's attention was baited as Mulder spoke. "It was necessary, Agent Mulder. Azazel had to be stopped." he briefly explained. His answer, Cryptic in it's own right was not such a mystery to those who had found themselves trapped in the 'cross-hairs' of this war. Leaning back to make himself comfortable, Sion tossed his wavy locks of Onyx causing a spray of rain to inadvertently immerse Mulder's backseat. Falling unusually silent, Sion simply gazed onward as Mulder drove. These cars as Humans called them, Were quite interesting vehicles. Simple enough to operate--At least for a Human. Ironically, Of all the miracles an Angel could easily perform, Driving was not one of them. That..was better left to a Human. "I know a lot of things, Fox. My kind always does." he again responded cryptically. "Question really is, Why do you have such a difficult time believing your own eyes?" he fired back with a question all his own.Again putting up no resistance as Mulder escorted him through the halls, Sion held a rather pleasant expression upon his face as several agents passed by. Awkward glances were offered in Sion's direction, Affecting his possitive stance nil. Slowly sitting in a chair adjacent to Mulder. His head tilted curiously side-to-side."So many questions. Tell you what.". Slightly leaning over the table that separated them, Sion found his movements restricted with his wrists cuffed to the chair. "Why don't we wait and see what Dana discovers after the autopsy,hn?". Quirking his brows as he and Mulder sat in what appeared to be a stare down, Neither showed any signs of breaking or giving way. Finally, The sound of Dana's voice was enough to divert both men's attention."Of course I have a name. Sion. Look it up...It's in the bible you'll find on Azazel's body.".Quite taken aback by Sion's blatant willingness to be brought under the jurisdiction of himself, and Scully, Mulder carefully escorted the tall, imposing man towards the exit of the nightclub. It could easily be assumed that the owner of this club, Whomever he or she may be, Would not be in the least pleased with the damage, Let alone the violent disruption Sion and his deceased counterpart had brought. Jokingly, Mulder chuckled beneath his breath as he urged Sion forward "You sure as hell know how to make an impact, pal." he mused as the shards of glass snapped and shattered beneath their feet. In sickening squishes, The streams of Black blood splattered as the two men's feet made a clear cut path through the scene of disarray. The torrent of rain, Still pouring down so violently began to pour over Mulder as he exited the nightclub. Drenching his hair in thick sheets of cold rain, Shivers ran up and down his spine. Yet, These cold shivers were not wrought by the cold alone. More so, The knowledge Sion spouted so freely regarding himself and Dana. How the HELL did this stranger know anything about Mulder's history, or Dana for that matter?  His ramblings of religion, Though somewhat logical, Left even more questions lingering in Mulder's already riddle filled mind. Wasting little time in opening the backdoor to his car, Mulder placed a hand on Sion's rain drenched  head as he ushered him into the backseat "Watch your head." he instructed as he allowed Sion time to shift and contort to allow his rather broad form to fit in the backseat. Slamming the door shut with a loud and resounding thud, Mulder purposely gazed towards Dana's direction. If HIS mind was teeming with questions, He could scarcely imagine all the thoughts, Ideas and worries flowing through her own. Not that he could readily blame her in any accord. His disappearance was left a mystery. During his absence, Though he was often tempted, No contact was ever made. Gnawing on his bottom lip, Mulder pondered if perhaps he'd made a dire mistake in distancing himself from Dana for so long. Maybe he should have contacted her. Maybe a phone call here and there would have sufficed. A letter or e-mail at least.Plopping almost lazily into the driver's seat of his car, Mulder started the ignition of his car. Leaning backwards into the seat for a moment, He glimpsed into the rear-view mirror. "Hey." he began. His tone softened. "How DO you know so much about Dana and I?" he asked of Sion hoping that the strange suspect would offer some sort of answer to the riddle. Shrugging a shoulder, Mulder carefully pulled away from the scene. With an awkward silence shared between the two men,  Mulder glanced over his shoulder now and again. Suddenly, The car's radio crackled to life. A familiar song began to play that brought a fond smile to Mulder's lips; "Walking in Memphis".Later, As protocol demanded, Mulder sat adjacent to Sion in the interrogation room. Their eyes locked as the awkward silence continued. "Alright..This silence. Whatever game you're playing, Ends here. Why did you murder that man? And don't hit me with that story you gave back there. In all my days, Of all the things I've seen, I've YET to see an Angel. So are you going to tell me that's what you are? An Angel sent to save us from what? Angels gone bad? Demons?". Testing Sion's resolve, There was indeed a part of Mulder that believed his story. There was something about this man. Something...different. Something..Not Human.The tension within the room was becoming thicker by each passing moment.  Scully walked over towards the table pulling a chair with her to take a seat.  She pulled out a notepad from her jacket pocket and a pen and began taking notes, looking up from time to time to glance at the men staring each other down from across the table.  Rolling her eyes, she focused on something Sion just said.  "Forgive me, but if what you say is truth and Azazel was evil, could you then explain to me why I would find a bible on his person?  And exactly what do you expect me to find in the autopsy that you're not telling?  You said at the crime scene that you were willing to cooperate and answer all our questions and now you seem to be speaking in riddles.  Or are you simply more interested in impressing us with your knowledge of how you seemingly know us so well? "  She laid her pen to the side and raised an eyebrow her gaze completely on him and it was then she noticed the markings on his wrist, making a mental note to write it in her notes.  She waited for a few moments before looking at Mulder sighing softly.~  Mulder we're wasting our time, this man apparently has no real information to offer in fact I think he's merely trying to save his own ass.  She picked up her notepad and pen looking back at Sion.  "You committed murder which is a capitol offense within itself, and it was witnessed by an Agent.  There's no walking from this unless you really are an Angel then I suppose you wouldn't have allowed yourself to be here in the first place.  Now unless you have something of value to share as to why you committed such a horrific act, I suggest you speak up now, because come morning I will be performing that autopsy and I know what I saw. The evidence I gleen from the autopsy will only confirm the cause of death at your hand."   Her blue eyes trained on his as she spoke her final words....waiting for his answer.  Finally she looked over at Mulder and waved her hand"Your turn G-Man......"Clearing his throat with a false cough, Mulder leaned back in his chair as he found himself silently disagreeing with Dana. The markings. The knowledge. Sion's complete cooperation. Something had to equate, here. Somewhere beneath the riddles and cryptic messages delivered by Sion lie the true answers. Once again, Just like old time, Mulder and Scully were chasing the truth--despite the fact that the truth could very well be sitting right in front of them. Placing his hands flush against the table, Mulder exhaled a long, dramatic sigh. Dana was correct in the fact that Sion had committed murder. Witnessed by Dana herself, The case would be a 'cold fish' if taken to court--Should it even make it that far. "She's right, Sion. IF that's your name. You're gonna' have to give us something more. No more games. No more riddles. I want the answers. WE want the answers." Mulder sternly demanded as he found himself growing weary of these cat and mouse answers. Pointing to Sion's wrists, Mulder's brows furrowed in a physical show of aggravation. "What are these? What do they mean?" he questioned in a volume that could be declared as shouting. Suddenly rising from his chair, Mulder paced the floor of the interrogation room. Walking back and forth as he ran his fingers through his hair, His Green eyes focused on Dana for a moment. Words unspoken between the two created tension that seemed to grow thicker and thicker with each passing moment. Neither receiving the direct answers to their questions, Mulder swept a hand across his lips as he turned a determined gaze to Sion. "Alright. Here's the deal." he began as he stopped his pacing directly beside Dana. "You're going to give us all the answers we want by the count of three." affirming his command with a firm nod, He slowly began his countdown. "One. Two.."Uncertain of just how far to nudge Sion, Mulder felt himself compelled to stare at the marking upon Sion's wrists. At first glance, One could easily misconstrue them as nothing more than fancy, Elaborate tattoos rendered by an artisan of the craft. Upon closer inspection however, It started to become clear these marking were not etched into his arms, Rather, Burned deep into his flesh. Snapping himself back into reality,Mulder readied himself for another wave of cryptic answers only to find that this time, Sion was becoming more open. More factual and punctual with his answers. Odd behavior to say the least, Mulder payed little mind to it. For a man who had witnessed life forms from other worlds, Nothing seemed too far fetched. Not anymore. Satisfied with Sion's answer to a degree regarding the bible, It still presented yet another question. "Alright. And what sort of Artifacts are they"? Mulder posed the question as his 'need to know' began to boil and fester inside of him. Leaning against the chair half-heartedly, Mulder's arms slowly folded across his chest as he listened to Sion speak. The proof they needed was important. This was a message they were at least attempting to convey whose stubborn nature seemed to match that of Mulder's and yes..Even that of Dana. Leaning closer to Dana, Mulder nudged her with his shoulder as he glimpsed a feint trace of a symbol through Sion's wavy Onyx locks. "Dana. What is that?" he whispered, Aware that she knew more of religion than he. As the inquiries continued, Mulder tried to maintain his trademark patience. Losing his temper with a man double his size seemed like a rather poor plan..Especially if he was all that he claimed to be."You see, The reason why I am here, Is to destroy Pyriel and the others. So long as they exist, Your kind will not enter Heaven. The war has reached a stale-mate. It is my duty to break that stale-mate, Recover the artifacts--Such as the spear of destiny, And bring an end to this destructive conflict once and for all."Sion declared boldly as he turned his gaze to Dana. She had witnessed the murder of Azazel first hand. Watching as Sion had torn his brother's heart from his chest. "Azazel was said to have found the spear of destiny. The others must not be allowed to find it.".his tone riddled with a sense of urgency, Sion's eyes narrowed as he gazed upon Dana."You know the story of the crucifixion. Christ did not die on the cross. He died by the hand of a Roman soldier. By a spear. That spear is stained with his blood.".Scully looked at Sion, processing the words he spoke within her mind.  "You've mentioned artifacts before.  What's so important about these artifacts?  How does it all tie in with the death of this....whatever he was?"   Scully was becoming more and more curious as to what she would find when she performed the autopsy. Apparently Sion hedged it would be of great importance or perhaps it was just so his story would become more believable....She looked up at Mulder who was already losing patience with their suspect.  The mention of proof escaped Sion's lips and once again Scully looked up at Mulder questioning his thoughts when she heard an incredible whooshing sound fill the room.  Turning her focus back to Sion her blue eyes stared in disbelief and shock as wings seemed to sprout from Sion's shoulder blades.  Startled she jumped up from the chair landing directly into Mulder as one of the wings touched her.  "Holy shit.  How the hell did you do that?"  Scully's breathing started to quicken not realizing she was pressed against Mulder's chest.  Turning to look up at him her voice was shaky as she asked him about a theory of what they were witnessing, before stepping away from him.   Reaching out she touched one of the gray feathers, it sure felt like the real thing and she carefully pulled one free.  She would indeed test it, but for now her mind was just trying to believe her eyes.  "I'd say that's a little elaborate."  Usually Scully was the harder one to sell on anything that couldn't be explained with science but due to her faith, she was beginning to sense there was indeed something about this man.~  If you're not the only one many are there?" Oddly, Sion remained strangely stoic. Calm. Cool. Collected. Gazing between the Federal agents with little to no concern in his Silvery eyes, Sion turned his attention to Dana for the moment. What she would find would answer so many questions. Ironically, It could easily raise just as many. The make-up of an Angel's body, So different from that of a mortal, or any other being was baffling in and of itself. As she explored the innards, She'd notice vital organs varied. Genetics differed immensely. All in all, Nothing would truly be the same as it would be for a Human autopsy. "You would find the details in such a bible Dana-- because it would show in detailed description the artifacts he was after." he answered bluntly. His voice somehow maintaining an elegant, polite tone despite the danger he was presently facing. "You two truly need proof. So be it." Sion muttered as he lowered his head until the flesh of his brow nearly lay flush against the wood of the table in front of him. Jolting his powerful shoulders backwards, Large beautifully colored wings of grays and deep whites sprung from his back with a loud whooshing sound. Flapping loudly, The feathers radiated a gracefully blinding glow. "Proof enough?" he asked coyly as he extended them to their full length. Nearly taking up the length of the room, Sion bumped Dana playfully with his feathered wing. "Go on. Take a feather. Test it. They are real.". "He waivered his rights to a lawyer, Scully. He...He made a song play. OUR song." he added as Sion's voice became determined in tone. Suddenly, A sight unfolded before Mulder's eyes. One read about in bibles, And portrayed over and over again in countless movies. Wings stretched as far as Mulder's eyes could see. Beautiful wings. With shock, Mulder stumbled backwards, Ceasing his fall as he crashed back first into the wall. "Holy sh--".Breathlessly, Mulder's mouth fell agape as he walked around Sion looking for strings or some means of attachment to these wings. Touching Sion's back, Mulder's hand quickly withdrew as he could literally feel where the wings connected to Sion's body. Slowly running his fingers over the feathers, His brows quirked in astonishment. "Um, Dana. You may want to check these things out."Completely awestruck by the sight unfolding before his own eyes, Mulder's doubt quickly began to subside. The wings stretching from Sion's back, So long and majestic could not be a trick easily pulled off. Were this a movie, Or a magic show, Perhaps strings could be found. But even that theory was put to rest as Mulder's own fingers felt the physical place where these wings sprouted from this Goliath's back. The wings. The markings. The mark on his neck, and the most baffling of all, Sion's intimate knowledge of the past relationship between himself and Scully all seemed to come to a head with a mere action. Nodding gently as he heard Dana ask to speak to him outside, Mulder's eyes blinked rapidly as his mind reeled for some sort of logical rationality to all of this. Gently closing the door behind him as he and Dana made their egress of the interrogation room, Mulder's fingers tugged at the knot of his tie. Loosening the deep grey tie, Mulder exhaled sharply in disbelief."So? What's your theory on those things?" he asked boldly. Wasting little time in getting to the heart of the matter. After all Sion had said, After all he'd witnessed, It was virtually impossible to not take Sion at his word. In his usual fashion, Mulder's belief in the paranormal surfaced in his Green eyes as he stared at Scully with intent. By now, Her scientific mind would be formulating a thought to counteract Mulder's own supernatural answer."Still not enough to convince you? What about that bible, Dana? Maybe we should cross check it. Obviously there's something in there he wants us to see. Something important." he theorized as he gazed towards the door. Much to his surprise, Sion still stood silently. No attempts had made to escape, or even harm the agents during the questioning. Granted his answers were at first crpytic. Suffice it to say his action of revealing his wings seemed to somehow satiate Mulder's need to know to an extent. In the same breath, It also served to make Mulder's determination and resolve to find answers that much more prevailent. "You're a woman of faith, Dana. You know better than anyone that every religion describes the end of the world in some form or fashion.."

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