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Kota Ibushi

07/13/2011 01: PM 

Me (as told in a wiki-article)
Current mood:  adored

Kota Ibushi is currently a mainstay in the DDT Promotion but has also worked for El Dorado and Big Japan Pro Wrestling. Ibushi debuted in July 2004 and immediately gained popularity due to a combination of his high-flying skills and charisma.He won the DDT KO-D Tag League in 2005, which led to his first KO-D Tag Team Championship, a reign that lasted nearly 5 months. This was followed by an excursion to Mexico where he competed in the Toryumon promotion and won the Young Dragon's Cup in 2006.Recently, Kota gained some mainstream exposure when he participated in Pro Wrestling Noah's Nippon TV Cup Jr. Heavyweight Tag League in June/July 2007. He teamed up with Naomichi Marufuji. The team made it to the finals, but he and Marufuji would come up short. Although Kota may have lost, many agree that he shined the most out of all the participants. On August 26, 2007, Kota defeated Madoka in a decision at an Indie Summit in Differ Ariake to revive the Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship. It was announced on January 26, 2008, that Ibushi would be competing for Ring of Honor in the United States. On April 11, 2008, in Boston he made his debut in a match against Davey Richards, a match in which he was cheered as a winner despite losing. During his brief tour of ROH, he wrestled against Claudio Castagnoli and teamed with Austin Aries against The Briscoes only to come up on the losing end. His last appearance of his U.S. tour of ROH ended with a singles victory over El Generico. Ibushi competed for ROH during the promotion's second tour of Japan, teaming with KENTA against Naomichi Marufuji and Katsuhiko Nakajima in a tag team match. It was announced on April 6, 2008, that Ibushi would be competing for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in Burbank, CA. However, Ibushi would end up injured before his scheduled appearance, and was forced to miss the PWG event. On March 27, 2009, Ibushi made his debut for Philadelphia based Chikara at the promotions annual King of Trios tournament where he formed a team with KUDO and Michael Nakazaw. After his team was eliminated in the first round by Equinox, Lince Dorado and Helios,he went on to wrestle in the Rey de Voladores tournament over the next two days. On March 29, Ibushi defeated Player Dos to win the tournament and become the 2009 Rey de Voladores. In May and June 2009 Ibushi participated in the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament held by New Japan Pro Wrestling. Ibushi fought the likes of Koji Kanemoto, Taichi Ishikari and Jushin Thunder Liger, before losing in the semi-finals to Prince Devitt.Ibushi was a participant in Pro Wrestling Noah's NTV Cup with tag team partner Atushi Aoki and advanced to the finals before losing to Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Kotaro Suzuki. On January 16, 2010, Ibushi participated in Evolve's first show, losing to Davey Richards in the main event. On June 1, 2010, Ibushi entered his second Best of the Super Juniors tournament. After winning his block with six victories out of seven matches, Ibushi defeated Ryusuke Taguchi to advance to the semifinals of the tournament, where he was once again defeated by Prince Devitt.On October 11, 2010, Ibushi returned to New Japan and teamed with his regular DDT partner Kenny Omega to defeat Prince Devitt and Ryusuke Taguchi for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, after Ibushi pinned Devitt.As a result of the pinfall victory, Ibushi was granted a shot at Devitt's IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at New Japan's biggest event of the year, Wrestle Kingdom V in Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2011.At the event Ibushi was unsuccessful in his attempt to win the title. On January 23 at Fantasticamania 2011, a New Japan and Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre co�promoted event in Tokyo, Ibushi and Omega lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship back to Devitt and Taguchi.On May 26, Ibushi entered New Japan's 2011 Best of the Super Juniors tournament. After losing his first two round robin stage matches, Ibushi came back with a six match win streak to finish first in his block and advance to the semifinals of the tournament. On June 10, Ibushi first defeated Davey Richards in the semifinals and then Ryusuke Taguchi in the finals to win the 2011 Best of the Super Juniors tournament and earn a shot at Prince Devitt's IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. On June 18 at Dominion 6.18, Ibushi defeated Prince Devitt to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship for the first time.


07/12/2011 03: PM 

My Rules

Hello and welcome to my rules! Here you'll learn a bit about me and my roleplaying so read and to the whole understanding deal because I know that's something most of you will put, so enjoy reading my rules, I hope you don't die from boredom. Also I'll continue to add once I think of more rules.Numbah One. The number one thing roleplayers want to know is how do you roleplay and mine is simple and short. I do para, multi para, and novella when I can. Most days I do multi para because it allows me to write a lot and even if someone sends me a one liner, I'll send you a freaking paragraph, just a warning to those who don't para. Also about one liners, I don't like them so please beware if you are one because I'll either ignore your ass or I'll roleplay with you, yes I know I'm mean, tell me something I don't know.Numbah Two: Please don't bring drama around me because I had enough of it! I don't mind drama around roleplay but RL drama is something I won't tolerate and I will delete you if you want to start drama around me so back off! So keep it simple, don't start crap with me and I won't start crap with you, its that simple.Numbah Three: This is something people have to get use to, I cuss a lot so if you don't like it then delete me know but if you don't care then that's cool. I love to make friends with everyone and I'm a friendly person and I don't like to be treated as a number and I try my best to treat everyone that adds me or I add to not fall in this number category.Numbah Four: Looky here people, I have a life which keeps me busy in the mornings and during the afternoon so don't expect me to get on every freaking hour of the day. At time what keeps me away from my replies is RL things so please don't think I forgot your starters or replies because I keep them all tracked and I don't forget, just know if I don't reply quickly its because of RL issues.Numbah Five: Currently Victor is single, also he is gay, don't like it then suck it! But in a serious note if he is taken then don't freaking flirt with him and don't try to flirt with whoever he is with because you'll find your ass in a world of hurt. Also when Victor is taken, that doesn't mean we are together in RL too, that is just plain weird if you think that!Numbah Six: I'm not one to write starters for those who add me because of the way I see it, you add me then I figure you want to roleplay with me but this isn't the case for some. Some people just want to add people because of what verse they roleplay or because they know this other individual which leads to more people being treated as numbers. Look if you talk to me and I think your awesome then I'll be the one writing the starter because in all actuality I love writing starters but if I don't have the time then you'll have to.Numbah Seven: Please don't steal my edits or pics, I work hard finding pics, scans, and screencaps for my character so don't steal from me and we'll be good. So anyways just don't take my stuff, not unless I made it for you which you can take of course. If you read this far into my rules, please post a funny picture when commenting my rules.Numbah Eight: I don't mind misspelled words, as long as I can understand what you're saying then that's fine by me but please don't use text talk while we roleplay, it annoys me to the point I won't reply to you. Please type out "How are you?" instead of "How r u?"....that is a big NO! I don't mind text talk during out of character time because we are talking not roleplay.Numbah Nine: Please don't ask me for my AIM, MSN, or cell phone number because for one thing I won't give it to you! I'm tired of people asking me for these things so I just want to say it now to get it out of the way. Again don't ask me for these things because I won't give them to you!Numbah Ten: I can't stress this enough people but I need to say it. I HAVE A LIFE, OKAY?! I can't be on 24/7 like some of you do, I have a life so deal with it. I'm a night owl which means I get late at nights and if you don't like that then screw you!


07/11/2011 07: PM 

Las Vegas Bachelor Party


07/11/2011 06: PM 

We don't like it, but it's the law.

Disclaimer.Sorry to say that I am not Miss Leigh, if I was it would be a miracle because I would be brought back to life! Not to mention also one hundred years old, so no the odds are very unlikely that I am her.I will take this moment to gloat, about being the first and only Vivien Leigh roleplayer ever!! Go me!Anywho, that is all I am a simple roleplayer, here for roleplaying only.Originality/Canon reliability.I roleplay as Abigail Marston, but due to such a vague description of her back story, I've decided to invent my very own.I'd say my originality and canon reliability is about 50/50, as I have incorporated a little essence of Scarlett O'Hara into her aswell (it just couldn't be helped because I love Gone With The Wind). If this bothers you and you only wish to roleplay with an Abigail who is 100% canon, please go find another one. Don't grief me about it.Relationships/Adult situations.I like to think that the people I am writing with are mature enough to handle and comprehend adult orientated situations, should they occur in our story. Abigail used to be in prostitution, so obviously sex will be mentioned and if you ever so desire, may occur with your character. But please, let's not have it as the driving force behind our role play, if so our story line will get dreary real fast.On a side note, my character is multi story, well for the most part. Basically if you choose to write with her before she vowed under God to be loyal to her husband, then anything can happen. If it's during her marriage then it's a big no.Writing Format.I'm not majorly picky when it comes to length, because frankly it's the quality of the writing that really matters.I've encountered people before who have wrote dozens of paragraphs, but after finishing their life story, they finally include a situation where my character is meant to enter but leave so little to work with.So basically I could care less if you wrote one or one hundred paragraphs, as long as you dish out a plot that my character can immerse itself in with ease, I'll be happy.Responses.I try to reply to at least one person a day, usually I can do everyone if I'm on a roll. I'm afraid I don't organize my replies in order of who posted first, it's favoritism, I reply to whoever is grasping my attention the most first. Although, those who are part of the Western verse do receive top priority over those who are not.Graphics.Please don't steal anything from my page - I don't care what your excuses for it are, you shouldn't do it! If you require the use of one of my images to reference a connection or the like, then ask me! I'm pretty sure I will say yes, just have the decency to ask my permission before you go snagging images left, right and center.Storylines.Firstly I would like to state how strict I am regarding the time period of my story lines.I will not write a story line with you if it proceeds past the 1920's - so unless your character lives during or around that time or you are willing to adapt your story just for our role play, we can not write together. Obviously situating the story line before the late 1800's is also ridiculous as my character would not even exist then.

Kismit (Nathan Sanderson)

07/11/2011 03: PM 

Rules are as Fallowd Read and sign

 1)   I am not and never clamed to be Cameron Bright.2)    No god moding, I controle Nathan  no one else. First sign of God moding, I will delete the person.  3)  Nathan is single, He will be staying single. Until he meets the right girl. Until then Do not come saying Your inlove with him because to be honest Love takes time.4)    I do not do the whole sex in rp its pointless, if thats all your here for take me off your friends list.5)    I mutlie para and up. I will send para but it will be a long para. I perfure keeping it to multie para. (And if you want para you will be requested to start. I do not do para or Oneliner starters I will not send out starters that are under 10 to 25 paragraphs long. ) 6)   If you add You send the hello's if I add I will If I forget Please remind me No need to be rude about it just ask and I will send a hello.  7)  My Mains Once and if I can find anyone that Rps from  hocus pocus will be The main cast of the movie. Not entirly sure if Nathan will be like the sisters or not. I may make him slightly different. And Bye Rachel The Lion Heart. you will be missed sweetie. 8)   If and only if you have read this fare which i don't think you have I want your Favorite Life Quote and the reason its your favorite or how it helped you.Also I want your favorite song, the singer and why its your favorite. As well as your favorite Poem by Edgar Allan Poe. Mine are  (Quote: Only Dead fish go with the flow. Song: Here I Go Again On My Own. Favorite Poe Poem: The Raven.) (reasons: Quote: its true they really are the only things that really go with the flow. Song: It was a song My sister's and I shared. We loved it. Poem: The Raven speaks to every one that reads it. It shows that someone can have feeling and be a little mad. and it shows that Undying love is possible for Poe loved Lanor (Spelling my vary) And his love never died.)   9)  IN time Nathan will tell a very few friends what he really is. Mind you till I chose he will just be Nathan Sanderson. Though I am thinking the Brother the sisters never new about. He was a plan old Witch till he was attacked one night kind of thing. He is not a killer like his sisters Winney,Mary and Sarah but he is immortal.  But It will be my chose to make no one elses.    More will come in time.

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