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✗Trent Fernandez✗

07/18/2011 08: PM 

Rules|modified for a new day|

-I am not Jeffrey Parrazzo or am I affiliated with Disney or saban in anyway.-Multi-para+ only, Anything less then that I will not respond. I want to be challenged when I writer because i love doing it. You challenge me, ill do the same with you.-If you add me, send starter or talk to me about working out a SL. If you add me and I do not hear from you in a week you will be deleted. If i add you I will work out something for you.-NC-17. I RP blood, gore, sex and violence. If you can't handle that then leave now. because I do go into details.-Drama, keep it in the Role playing, if you bring it into RL then you will be deleted without question.- Trent's family at this moment consists of his Brother Chris. That is it. *Subject to change at anytime and I am open to discussing Family SL's*-I know just about every season of Power Rangers inside and out, except for Jungle Fury. The sunglasses morpher is weird, The wolf ranger was pretty sweet though lol *2017 update* I HAVE YET TO SEE THE NEW MOVIE SO MY KNOWLEDGE IS LIMITED. -As listed before Trent's adopted father Anton has passed away in my SL leaving his wealth to Trent. He keeps Mercer industries ran by the same committee. * Does not mean I am not open to different story lines where Anton is still alive.*-Still hate Split accounts with a passion, Don't even bother trying that sh*t with me.-Comments-I may not always answer you immediately. If I don't answer you it is because of one of the following reasons: -I don't feel like roleplaying. -I can't understand your comment -I may be busy, I have several accounts and and it might take me a while to answer you, but I will. -RL stuff got in the way, again I will answer you as quickly as I can. -It got missed among other comments. NOW the point is, if I don't answer you quickly, DO NOT repost your comment, if I'm going to answer it, I will. If I don't answer you for 24 hours you can message me asking about it and I will give you an answer.-No God modding, You do it to me, I WILL do it to you..why? Because its fun. Then when the fun is done I delete you.I have free range at updating this when i see fit.Also, if you fail to read my blog and sign them within 4 days of  being accepted  you will be deleted, don't like it too badSo mark that you have read and understood them and just for kicks, whose your favorite Power Ranger and why?


07/17/2011 12: PM 

The rules

Ok, so ya these are my rules, if it's not too much to ask just let me know you have looked them over, or at least follow them when role playing with me. 1) Ok, guess I should use this to say what kind of role player I am, I guess to put myself at one of the lengths I would say like, multi-para, I've been told I'm novella, but honestly I would not say so because I get very lazy sometimes so there is rarely a set length. I mean if your para I'll do para with you, if you do multi or semi I'll do that with you to, I really don't care as long as you don't totally suck. 2) These are the types of role play I do: Fighting. Space (I.E Star Wars, Star Trek, space battles basically.) War (battles with army) Fantasy/Past (Pirates, knights, ect) 3) To the one liners. I'm sorry no more. I'm done. Go away 4)Make it exciting! The number one reason I stop an rp is because I am bored, I mean I come here because it's fun, just try to make it interesting is all I'm saying 5) As for autoing and god modding, look I know people will do it. Rather then yell at you for doing it, I'll just point it out if it gets out of hand and either go with it or just not and go from there. It takes two for that tango to happen.  6) I Don't care about pictures, you want to take mine go right ahead, don't care. 7)  I will curse in RP, so deal with that as you will8) Ok, my guy is a tad crazy, and likes shiny stuff, and taking stuff, it's his dragon side, so he's always out to scoop your stuff regardless of side

Eva Vu ~Modern Princess~

07/16/2011 12: PM 


2. I work 40 hours. I also suffer from Lupus(SLE). So replies will be slow. I'll let you know if I get sick. I also have other accounts. 4. Fair warning most of my replies will be from my phone. (But I will check for errors. I always do.) 6. F***ing OOC drama will be blocked. I do not tolerate it. Pull me in the middle (Like I was on this account) and I will delete both parties. KEEP. ME. THE. F***. OUT. OF. IT. Need I remind you I have Lupus and stress makes things worse. If me and another person has issues I am not going to broadcast it. I will not ask you to pick sides. That's all I have for now other than taken from another rper (This was a good idea to put up) those that post pictures of Dead animals or/and abuse to animals. I will go apesh*t on you. Only kind of drama you will ever hear from me because I will literally turn into a crazy person. I have a huge phobia of that type of thing. You have been warned. 


07/13/2011 06: PM 

Wedding Day


Kota Ibushi

07/13/2011 01: PM 

Current mood:  adored

Finishing moves Firebird Splash (450 splash)Golden Star Bomb (Sitout powerbomb)Golden Star Press (Corkscrew 630 senton)Golden Star Press '07 (Springboard corkscrew 450 splash)Phoenix-Plex (Bridging package powerbomb)Phoenix Splash (Corkscrew 450 splash)Standing shooting star press Signature moves Ankle lockBackflip kick, sometimes while performing a handspringBridging evasion followed into a roundhouse kickDropsaultFeint moonsault followed into a standing moonsaultMultiple suplex variations DragonExploderGermanNorthern LightsThree-quarter nelsonTiger Reverse frankensteinerStanding corkscrew moonsaultNicknames "Golden Star""Independent Genius"

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