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Ancient Times Verse

07/26/2011 12: PM 


destined for great and unfortunate things- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -CIRCA 2007, YOUR FIRST YELLOW BRICKED ROAD FOR ALL ANCIENT ERA VERSED ASSISTANCE:SHARING, REPOSTING, RR BANNERS, ADVICES, HELP WITH NAMES / PLAY BYS / RESOURCES, AND THE LARGEST DIRECTORY FOR ANCIENT TIME THEMED CHARACTERS, ROLE-PLAYING GROUPS AND HELP PAGES / PREMADES.ANCIENT TIMES VERSE            <br><center><font face="Tahoma" size="5"><b>destined for great and unfortunate things</b></font><br>- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br><font face="Tahoma" size="1">CIRCA 2007, YOUR FIRST YELLOW BRICKED ROAD FOR ALL ANCIENT ERA VERSED ASSISTANCE:</font></center><center><font face="Tahoma" size="1">SHARING, REPOSTING, RR BANNERS, ADVICES, HELP WITH NAMES / PLAY BYS / RESOURCES,&nbsp;</font></center><center><font face="Tahoma" size="1">AND THE LARGEST DIRECTORY FOR ANCIENT TIME THEMED CHARACTERS, ROLE-PLAYING GROUPS AND HELP PAGES / PREMADES.</font><br><br><div style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold; font-style: none; font-family: Trajan Pro;"><a href="59434" style="font-size:40px;text-decoration:none;color:=" "="" rgb(125,96,45)"=""><font color="7D602D">ANCIENT TIMES VERSE</font></a></div><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="200" height="20">&nbsp; &nbsp; <param name="movie" value="">&nbsp; &nbsp; <param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff">&nbsp; &nbsp; <param name="FlashVars" value="mp3=;amp;autoplay=1&amp;bgcolor=ffffff&amp;loadingcolor=303030&amp;buttoncolor=303030&amp;slidercolor=303030"></object><br><br><a href="59434"><img style='max-width: 600px' src="" width="600px"></a></center><a href="59434"><img border="0" src=""></a><a href="59434"><img border="0" src=""></a>

?Gotham's Narcissist¿

07/25/2011 03: PM 

Rules to follow

 I have been roleplaying since 2005.Here are some simple rules to follow by when roleplaying with me.1. I para to multi para roleplay. Novella has always been a bit out of my range. 2. I personally don't care about anyone's everyday life. That's why you have "real life" friends you can talk to or family. Unless you need advice that badly from me (which is not the best idea to do). Keep it to yourselves.3. Detective John Blake's character is from the upcoming Dark Knight Rises Film coming out in the of Summer 2012. My characterization of Det. Blake will soon turn into one of Gotham's Top Villains. "The Riddler" yet I will need certain "characters" to make that storyline go through. 4. Defaults...Multiple people playing one certain character. I am fine with. Det. Blake is not stingy at all.5. Replies will come whenever I get my brain flowing. Sometimes I run on empty and sometimes I can pull things out of my head in five minutes. 6. Roleplaying will be done in comments and ooc is for messages.7. Relationships will be set up for a specific female character down the road. More later on.8. I have roleplayed Riddler before from 2008-2010 so I know the character quite well.9. Overall RPG's are really not my specialty or interest. I've done some seasons in wrestling verse, not interested. 10. Finally. Just have fun and go with it....Please Read and Sign.Regards-Det. Blake ???????????????????????

Magnetic Heart.

07/24/2011 10: PM 

The Law

First and foremost, I am NOT Kristen Stewart nor am I Isabella Swan. She is a made up character from the brilliant mind of Stephenie Meyer. Also, I highly doubt Miss. Stewart has time to roleplay. If you ask me if I am either one, I will delete you.1. I am a literate roleplayer. Please keep that in mind. I'm not going to be grr about it, but ALSO keep in mind that what you send me, you will get in return. If you send me a paragraph, which I pray to GOD that you don't, that is what you shall receive. 2. I'm a veteran roleplayer. What that means is that I have been around since 2007. BEFORE Novella was cool, BEFORE everyone cared about their layouts and who was snooping around. BEFORE people cared about how their pictures were. What it boils down to is this: I know what I'm doing when it comes to roleplay.3. The whole you add you start rule is bullshit. 4. DO NOT STEAL MY SHIT! You'll be blacklisted with the quickness. Everything is tagged with my name and my user ID. Please. For the love of God do NOT steal. If you see something of mine and you like it, ASK and I will make you something if I have time.5. Twilight Verse is full of drama. We ALL know that. Don't bring that to me. I'm 23 in real life and will NOT get into an argument over the computer with a little 14 year old.6. Speaking of.. NO TEENY BOPPERS! At least 18 please.7. I don't mind accepting/adding other Bella's. NO, that doesn't mean that I'm going to steal your stuff. I add and talk to everyone. I ask that you please go over rule number four if you are a Bella or anybody else.8. I take my time with replies and starters. I also believe in quality over quantity. Please be patient when it comes to replies and starters as I do have a real life. Also messages are for sl discussion. Comments are for roleplaying. The only way I'll roleplay in messages is if it's with my Edward ;D9. Have fun. We're all here for the same thing. Please just keep that in mind. Regardless of what you think, we are all here to write. I'm not here to sit at a computer and make my layout better than other people's or my pictures better than others. We come to roleplay to escape real life. Roleplay shouldn't be filled with drama UNLESS IT IS STORYLINE MATERIAL. Again, keep that in mind with me. *Update*As I have stated, I do not like drama so please don't bring that to me. I'm literally Switzerland. Regardless if you're a friend or not, I like to hear both sides of the story. If I'm not there to actually see what has happened, I will NOT take sides. That would be wrong of me to do so. I will do my best to try and help in any way that I can for both sides. It's not because I'm being nosy or butting my head where it doesn't belong. I'm an old fashioned roleplayer. I like peace between everyone. Of course, that isn't going to happen but I like to do my part to assist in a calm and stress free environment for all. Now if you're my friend and you approach me saying block so and so or don't talk to so and so, don't expect me to do that. I talk to EVERYONE. I don't care if I talk to you and you don't like who else I talk to. Who I speak to has nothing to do with you. Unless someone is coming at me personally, I won't pass judgment. Please keep that in mind. I'm an adult in RL and I handle situations as an adult should. I just ask that you do the same ♥

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

07/23/2011 06: PM 

Don't do this!


â–ª Destroyer - Retired

07/23/2011 03: PM 


ROLEPLAY:Writing Style: I am, a Multiple Paragraph role player, and selective Novella. If you are not either of these then please don't bother adding me because I don't like to role play anything less. I find comfort and pleasure in the common ground of Multi-Para. It keeps things simple, with just enough detail while progressing the plot and keeping me able to produce efficiently.Starters: You add me, you send the starter. If I'm the one adding you, I'll make sure you have a starter in a maximum period of 8 days, soon after we discuss a story line. But there are some Storylines a certain person has to begin first to understand where they come from etc, so if that happens then we'll discuss what we can come up with. Ok Something unexpected might make me not be able to send it, then you'll hear from me explaining the reasons. Therefore, I expect you to do the same thing. Don't just drop a SL without letting me know first. I'll only reply to comments of at least two paragraphs (2-3 parts) of length. Why? 'Cause I'm a Multi-Para RPer. About starters, you gotta keep in mind everything I stated above if you want me to take you seriously Before sending it, message me with an idea, gimme a chance to discuss a SL, don't just bust on my page and shoot a starter at me 'cause it will be ignored. I enjoy advantage and elaborated starters, but please mention my character somehow. For a future reference, don't write a starter where your character walks into mine. Imagination and creativity are your tools, the rest only depends on your abilities. C'mon, gimme something to work with!Replies: No rushing, crying or complaining about this point, you'll get your reply when I'm finished with it. We all have lives and can't all be online as much as we would like, I understand that myself. So responding can be slow or fast just depends on Real life. Also Do well to give me time in returning replies once the storyline is well undergo, or the starter. Code word: ruthless. I will also give you a time limit in which I hope to give you a starter. If I feel as though I cannot follow through with the time for starters and replies, I will let you know personally through a message if you are the only one I owe. If you are not, then keep a look out for bulletins that will explain the situation and pose another time frame if I find I can give one that is more reasonable.DESTROYER OF NATIONS:I roleplay Xena as the vicious ruthless warrior (evil Xena) in the "past" world (destroyer) and as well in the "future", (conqueror) before she would have met Hercules and seen the light. Her life is in the alternate universe since she never went on the path of redemption. So be careful for those who think I'm the good Xena who has been making amends for her past.  The Destroyer of Nations is merciless using her feminine wiles in her unscrupulous treachery... and Xena succeeded in her masterly scheme to turn the two comrades against each other. Xena is very deadly, narcissistic  psychotic, cruel, deceitful, cunning, reckless, harsh, brutal, manipulative. beautiful. Hint: To the Gabrielle's because in this world I haven't meet you yet. Beware of the Destroyer's wrath she will seduce you into her way of thinking. So Don't have her charm fool you ... she will poison your soul. However I do roleplay Xena good for a few who's desires it or someone who just has an epic SL that  I want too. Sometimes with another character it's a must to be good for example I honestly don't see Evil Xena playing nice with Joxer, hell she would slit his annoying throat in seconds. So if you desire good Xena please state that before anything.  VIOLENCE & SKILLS:  There will definitely be some, such as violence, cursing and sex. If you aren't comfortable with any of the things stated above, then leave. 18 + On this note, sex can be sent through messages just depends on your preference.  Since Xena takes place in the Ancient Times & Mythology Verses it can get very gruesome ... Romans are known for their brutality. Skills and Abilities: Xena has many skills that she acquired during her extensive travels to many parts of the ancient world over a period of many years. These include: Master Combatant: She is a master swordsman. She has shown remarkable skill and prowess in hand-to-hand combat including numerous acrobatic tricks. She has been able to disable and/or otherwise kill multiple opponents at one time. Xena's signature weapon is the chakram, a razor-edged throwing weapon which she often uses for ranged combat. Xena can skillfully deflect the chakram off hit surfaces, allowing her to hit multiple targets in one throw. She is usually able to deflect the chakram back towards her, allowing her to catch it. Besides being a formidable weapon, the chakram has other uses such as distracting enemies or quickly cutting distant targets such as ropes. First Aid and Pressure Points: She is skilled in the use of pressure points - being able to cripple or even kill someone if she triggers the appropriate pressure point. Xena has a knowledge of first aid and herbal remedies that she has used on several adventures.Military Commander: She is a formidable tactician and strategic thinker. She has the ability to analyze her enemies' tactics and effectively formulate a response. In responding to her enemies' attacks, she shows a great deal of creativity and ingenuity; at times, she has worked with little or no resources and limited time. Xena is well versed in military tactics such as forming a defensive perimeter, building defensive fortifications, organizing and leading troops, and cutting an enemy's supply lines. Other Skills: Xena also has a talent for disguises, infiltration and codes. She is strong in the use of smaller weapons such as batons and daggers. Xena knows history, magic, and - on a basic level - philosophy. And in one rare instance, she used telekinetic and energy projection after she realized the truth in Lao Ma's teachings. Xena also once possessed the power to kill gods through her daughter, Eve. Xena also has a incredible singing voice ... a voice of a god some say.  LOVE INTERESTS:My Xena is currently Single. However my heart will always belong to Gabrielle: Potidaea Rebel she has my greatest respect as a writer and was my very first connection back in 2008 unfortunately she retired. On that note, Xena is Bisexual. I can see Xena involved with is Ares, Spartacus  Crixus, Saxa and Gabrielle. But it all depends on the storyline and the connection. Xena is very wicked - she's known for using people for her own personal gain. But, since Xena is drawn to danger, nothing is impossible and there is always a chance, but it must accompany a storyline. I can understand the request for a romantic plot, but I've always found it quite disappointing when someone asks you to be a love interest. I believe that love is incredible as it is spontaneous. There should be an amazing back-story to it, not an arrangement. A connection is something that needs to be earned, as is sex when acted on properly. It tests us as writers and adds spice to an already excellent storyline. We're all adults here, so in some instances it can and will happen. Once again, backstory is in order before my character will processed in a sexual act. As for occ sex outside of the actually storyline and onto a AIM or etc that will never happen! I will not mix roleplay with real life. Even if some still think they are in character! Sorry but that's not me. Also I will not marry a character or have kids. I'm not here to play house. I'm here to roleplay. Enough Said. DRAMA: No Drama period. I am here to roleplay and that is all. I do not want any drama on this page whatsoever. Nor do I want anything stolen from me! That's all I will say of this matter as I hope you are all smart and respectful enough to not indulge in such a thing. The rules may come off strong, But I am a nice person in general and easy to talk to. However, I will not be engaging myself in social conversations with anybody on this account, I only do for a few special people. It's not that I don't like talking to people, I do but I find that leads to too much drama. I don't mind helping you with your problems, but that is not ALL I am capable of doing. If you have a problem with me, then I wish you would message me and talk to me about it. If it doesn't concern me, then leave me out of it. Therefore, messages are reserved for story line discussions, comments only for roleplay. Unless you are one of the two special people I know, I do not want to see random 'thanks for adding, would you like to para'. NO. That goes in a message. Keep this in mind folks. I am here to roleplay and that is all.  A little warning do not message me  if your an canon character and say Hi I'm Ares ... no sh*t. codeword: chakram. Message me with an epic story line and empress me. Kudos for those who can bring some inspiration to my world of roleplay. Do Not Steal: I will not tolerate thievery, I copyright all my html/css codes (layouts) so I say this nicely if you wish to have something of mine or want something similar as for style on my page ask, most of the time I'll give you permission to as long as you give me full credit. But if caught taking without permission I will not be happy! Sadly people still steal so I do have to note this in my little set of rules. Enough Said. ADDITIONAL NOTES:--- Disclaimer: I am not Lucy Lawless I'm simply a fan and role player. --- If you don't know the show Xena the Warrior Princess and the character read my profile that's what it's for. Most people still ask about a  character when all the additional information is on their page! So don't ask who's Xena. But if you have questions about a certain thing about her yes I will give you all the follow you desire. As a roleplayer I do homework if I don't know there character. I'll read all their chronicles and watch episodes if I can. I truly believe that makes a great roleplayer and will always have a decent storyl ine of you know all the info.--- Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are necessary. But nobody is perfect and I'm far from perfect so I'm not big-on if you make errors just make sure I can understand the hell your saying and were good.  --- No God Modeling, No killing or raping my character, no exceptions! We can discuss ideas but I will not have my character killed off. --- I so love picture comments or any kind of love. It really makes my day when I see a lot of notifications. If you do I will return the favor. --- When it comes to bulletins I really don't care how many you post, I also post a decent number of bulletins, mostly to keep people in the loop about stuff. If You don't like that then sorry about you, it's how I run my game.--- Love Crossovers; Spartacus, Games of Thorns, Rome, Immortals, 300, (anything ancient times movies/tv)--- I spoil my mains, I love making little gifts.--- No need to tell me to hurry up on the comments. Just have patience. RL>RP--- Time Zone: Pacific - So-Cal--- Roleplayed Xena since 2009 on Myspace days. Congrats you're almost done reading theses long ass rules now after the code word place your favorite quote of either Xena or Hercules if you're not in the then just any ancient times. Do not sign these rules with read and understood, there is a code word within these rules so if you read correctly shouldn't be a problem, as well as answering the following questions below. I.   State your favorite ancient times movie or television show. II.  State an interesting fact about your character. III. Why do you think we would have an epic story line, tell me in detail. These rules can change at any time if I desire it so.

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