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Ancient Times Verse

08/23/2011 06: PM 

T | HTML Bulletins.

HTML BULLETINSHow to re-post HMTL codes in bulletins (now called as journals)? Well, it's very simple, actually and all you need to do is click on two buttons. We will show you the way of doing it with images (to make it more understandable).|I. First, you go in "POST NEW JOURNAL" and that's when most of all people make a mistake by posting the codes directly in the spot. Before doing anything, click on the little HTML button seen beside the smileys, just like on the picture.  |II.   Now you can clearly see that we are in the codes zone, since we see the code for the new line < br / > [just to say, the right coding of it always includes the / in the end, as in 'ending of the code', but it works without it also].That's when you write in your codes, BUT do not click on POST it yet, because if you do - you will have the codes appear in the field instead of the content.|III. After what, once all the desired codes are up in the text area, you must click on the little TEXT button seen next to the smileys (at the place where the HTML image was) to return to the view mode and see what you wrote down in codes.   |IV. As you can see, our code works perfectly; I wrote the little cute word "WOOT!" and linked it to this page (the links won't click, but you will see that they work). Now you can post the bulletin and enjoy the outcome. THE TUTORIAL WAS WRITTEN BY LIVIA.

Kota Ibushi

08/23/2011 03: PM 

Kota's Blog - My ECW match....

ECW Just Another Night.....Another night for ECW but for me this a new day for the Golden Star himself. Being in America has been good,wrestling many stars from around the nation and putting on some classic matches. ECW has given me an opportunity to show many more people that I can be extreme and agile at the same time. They didn't call me the King Of Anywhere for no reason back in my home promotion in DDT. Whatever the style is I hope you bring your best when facing me,because chances are I might blow by like a whirlwind. Speaking of which....>Randy Orton vs. Kota Ibushi>ECW World Television ChampionshipThat is just icing on the cake. My opponent though is a viper - a cunning breed. Randy Orton you might be adored as a viper by what are you gonna do when I come in all directions full force at you? Our paces aren't alike so I'm very interested to see whom comes out on top. I promised all my fans across the world I wasn't going to "half-ass" it in America. I'm no body builder and I'm no green rookie either. I've been trained by the best and have shown my skill in such honored promotions. From El Dorado to DDT to even me being current IWGP Light Heavyweight champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling...I have shown the naysayers what I can do. All I'm saying is this - bring your A-game and may the best win. The King Of Anywhere wants gold...American gold!Until then a little homework for you... why I'm EXTREME... then,may the fighting spirit live within all.-Kota


08/21/2011 02: PM 

Rules & Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I'm not Elektra nor do I claim to be the woman/model used to portray Elektra. I'm only a fan of both and use the look to portray my characters image. No copyright infringment intended. This is purely fictional entertainment purposes. All the original Images and Photos are copyrighted to the respective Photographers and Artists. (No profit is made from this profile.)  Well I hate too many rules but there are a few things I'm putting up here now, just because of too many misunderstandings and past issues which caused me to add to this list. Sorry for the length, they used to be Much shorter, but please take a few moments to read.  1: My character is NOT in anyway connected to the Elektra: Assassin nor MAX storylines. Come at me thinking I'll play that way and your comment will be ignored. Not playing the Skrull who posed as Elektra either.I prefer Multi Paragraph Roleplay,  one or so paragraphs are all right also so long as I can work with it. If you send me a friend request, please contact me,  if I have requested you I will contact you. I'm not strict on the "You add you start" thing so long as we come to an agreement on who starts. Multi Para is all right as long as it doesn't go past 10 or so paragraphs. I don't have time to reply to comments that long with an equally long reply, I'm busy in real life and just don't have the time for it, Sorry. Write what you are comfortable writing with no expectations of equal reply if it's past the previously stated amount. No one liners.I roleplay novel style, meaning a third person action. If I write a longer portion than you normally would write, please by all means don't feel pressured to reply with an equal amount, write whatever you feel comfortable with. I prefer Comments or Blogs for Roleplay. Groups, blog or forum for multiple character storylines.Note: I will not be roleplaying with mutliples of one character, meaning if I already have an established storyline and trustworthy connection with a Spider Man, Faith Lehane, James Bond, Bugsbunny, Catwoman, Bullseye etc, I may not find the need for more of that character. I will Not Add anyone using the same playby as I do, nor will I keep anyone around on my friends list who decides to use it. Monkey see monkey do doesn't go with me. Also if you have a friend playing the same character or using the same playby, odds are I won't keep you around, they steal through you, that is if your not stealing for them. Call me paranoid if you want, I'm not going through that issue Again.There are many people who create profiles of characters and only make these characters to try to cause a rift for others roleplayers who have been more established. It's a disgrace to not only the character they butcher, but also the people whose time is wasted by these "Butchers." If you are one of those types, by all means accept the fact you are for one, lame, and secondly need a hobby other than attempts on imitating people and causing drama. Do yourself and everyone else a favor, stick to characters you know and can actually properly portray. Of course there are always people who wish to play the same characters, not saying anything against them. So don't mistake what is written above.2: Don't godmode me in a fight, you take your hits and I'll take mine. Fight fair and I'll RP with you, otherwise don't bother with me. If an occurance of it shall arise, I'll give you a fair warning if I feel you are godmoding and an explaination as to why.  3: Please use proper grammar... It's not my biggest rule but no netspeak like ''Ur'' instead of spelling out ''You are'' in Roleplay.  The occassional typo or mispelled word doesn't bother me. It happens.  4: Love interest: When in a relationship, Elektra will be faithful to that man and him alone, I will not have more than one Love interest storyline. My character normally isn't much of the relationship type. Elektra is not a whore, so don't treat her like one.  Also, I do not play her as stuck in love with Daredevil aka Matt Murdock, she cares for him still but is not pining after him. I like to think outside of the box for unique character connections. Also, Elektra is straight, no female love interests. (Despite the recent MAX butchery of what is supposed to be Elektra.) Sorry ladies.5: I will Roleplay with anyone, it doesn't matter which verse or genre your character is from. I'm flexible on fitting my character into just about any verse. But if I don't know your character or setting, please just send me a bit of info on it. Also, I won't judge you're rp, so long as it isn't complete butchery, (which is a pet peeve of mine) meaning if you choose to have your character married, with kids etc, or even with it written in your name or whatever I couldn't care less. It's Your character. 6: If you are one of those people that flood the journals with repeated pointless messages to someone, you get deleted. Simple as that. I don't want to see one name across the bulletin board. It's annoying. 7: Do not steal my pictures. I edited them all myself to be different from the original version of the pictures, and they are tagged and watermarked. And for those who don't know what the numbers tagged onto peoples pictures are, they are friend I.D. numbers, same as tagging a name on it, for instance, mine is from SM is 16702 like on all my pictures along with my url name. If I find someone using any of my photos without my permission and refuse to remove them when I ask, I will report you for stealing my work. Since the pictures I have edited and or created have my tagged signature on them. Consider them my ''Fan Art'' meaning they're mine. Also keep in mind I know my own work when I see it.8: There are a few select exception on these two: Talking to me in OOC, I prefer not to with most people, I prefer to keep it at a minimum for the most part. Speaking in OOC to discuss storylines are fine. And lets just try to keep away from all the drama okay? OOC in messages only, RP in comments please.9: Do not copy or immitate my characters Story, Bio and Appearance. I am the original person to use this look as Elektra and have done so for years. Proof of it also. My story is mostly 'Based' off the Marvel character, the story does not exactly match to any one of the comics. It's my own original blend idea, kind of like a 'What If' story made by me which includes (sometimes) the movie verse. And don't go around saying you've just come up with the idea of look and/or story on your own that just so happens to be like mine, because we all know its a lie and that you're just a copycat thats too lame to get your own ideas.10: Rumors, lies, drama... Take it someplace else. Don't want to see it, don't want to hear it. 11: Not really a rule, but I regularly clean out my friends list. Anyone who sits around on my list for a very long period of time with no intention of rping with me I delete. It's not personal I just don't see the point of having a ton of unknown people on my profile for no reason. Also, if you've actually read all of this, when signing name your favorite weapon, like 9mm, sword, sai, knife ect.Have patients with me through the week, if I can't get to your comment or message right away it's just because I'm very busy during the weekdays,  I do have a real life I need to tend to. But I will reply to messages through the week. The weekends are usually my time when I can catch up on RP replies so you may have more than a few days before I get to your reply. Thanks for reading.   ----]-- Elektra. {The Original R.M. as Elektra Rper.}

Sp. Agt.Jason Bourne |WSB/S.A.| (M)

08/22/2011 05: PM 

Jason's old apartment.

Jason's Apartment      

Sp. Agt.Jason Bourne |WSB/S.A.| (M)

08/22/2011 05: PM 


Bourne Enterprises Main Head Quarters & Offices WELCOME TO  BOURNE ENTERPRISES  Bourne Enterprises (Formerly kept hidden falsely belonging to a secretive agency) Bourne Enterprises is owned by billionaire Jason Bourne and run by his business manager Lucius Fox. It was founded by merchant ancestors of the Bourne/Webb family in the 17th century.In addition to providing an income for Bourne, the various activities of the organization help facilitate his Bourne activities.Company HistoryBeginnings and Bourne CorpBased in New York City, Bourne Corp was found in the seventeenth century as a merchant house, eventually becoming a large multinational conglomerate. The company opened new subsidiaries, such as Bourne Shipping, Bourne Chemicals and Bourne Aerospace, while shutting down others, such as Bourne Manufacturing. BranchesBourne TechnologiesBourne Technologies, also Known as Bourne/Scorpio Tech , is the biggest division of Bourne Enterprises. It is involved in the retrieval and research of alien technology. Its main rival is LexCorp. The subsidiary is sometimes used by Bourne as a means to aquire new technologies or to use the medical facilities.Other subsidiaries of BourneTech include: Holt Holdings Inc., (the company formerly owned by Michael Holt, Bourne Biotech, Bourne Pharmaceuticals, and Bourne Healthcare, which runs New York City's healthcare system.Bourne BiotechBourne Biotech is the company mostly responsible for the New York City healthcare system. The company itself is a facility for researching and developing new medical procedures and systems. It also trains and teaches a huge number of people annually. Bourne Chemicals and Bourne Pharmaceuticals work closely with Bourne Biotech to develop medicines for different diseases.The current research at Bourne Biotech is focused on finding the cure for cancer. Since the human genome has already been unlocked, Bourne Biotech is studying cloning to produce organs for future transplants. The company is involved in research into brain surgery methods, the fight against AIDS and HIV , and reconstructive plastic surgery. Bourne uses Bourne Biotech as a research tool for finding medical information, patient histories and information on illnesses.Bourne FoodsBourne Foods is a little known subsidiary of BourneTech mostly baased in New York City. It runs farms and cattle ranches in Midwest United States, and imports beef from Argentina and other countries. Bourne Foods produces specialized products like ecological foods and natural lines with no additives and controlled growing. Bourne uses Bourne Foods as a means to keep tabs on the food produce market. In recent times, Bourne Foods has concentrated development efforts on organic produce, as a result of changing fashion and consumer demand.Bourne ShippingBourne Shipping owns dozens of freighters and handles three and a half billion tons of freight each month and is used by Bourne to gain ain inside view on smuggling and drug trafficking. In 1986 Bourne Shipping merged with PAAL Ship Corporation, creating the worlds largest commercial shipping operation for precious metals. The former PAAL CEO, Andreas Milanic, successfully floated Bourne Shipping on the New York Stock Exchange in 1988. The Bourne /Scorpio Family currently owns 57% of the company, with Milanics second son Dragoslav, owing 20% (with the remaining 23% in public ownership). Despite a lack of investment in Bourne Shipping since the merger took place, the company still remains an important player in world ocean transportation.Bourne SteelBourne Steel is one of the oldest steel mills and metal refineries in New York and supplies steel for shipbuilding. It also studies and replicates alien technology. This also led to Bourne getting priority on technology and alloys for him to study. Bourne Steel's alliance with the US Navy and the government has produced numerous contacts for Bourne Enterprises.Bourne ShipbuildingBourne Yards is responsible for the building of a large number if naval warships, commercial, and private ships and is currently building a Nimitz class aircraft carrier in New York. BourneSteel and BourneYards facilities repair a large number of cruises and destroyers and also has contacts with upper pylons of the Navy and the global maritime business.Bourne AerospaceBourne Aerospace builds luxurious and exclusive corporate and private jets and airliners. Its experimental aviation branch produces experimental and research planes built for the United States government and NASA. The military aviation branch designs and manufactures jet fighters and helicopters for the US military. The most notable models of these are the W-4 Wraith fighter and the Kestrel attack helicopter. Bourne Aerospace maintains competition with other aerospace corporations like Ferris Air and LexAir.Bourne Chemicals Bourne Chemicals controls Bourne Oil, Bourne Pharmaceuticals and Bourne Botanical. Bourne Chemicals also has a small percentage of ownership of Tyler Chemicals, based in New York City. Bourne Chemicals is primarily a research and development firm. Bourne Oil researches petrochemicals and alternative fuel sources. Bourne Chemicals is the first company to have created a power generator using algae. Bourne Pharmaceuticals is another one of Bourne Chemicals' research and development branches.Bourne IndustriesBourne Industries is a research and development company used for industrial purposes. The company studies, researches and develops cleaner, mechanical fission and fusion power plants and also owns many factories and normal labor units, from manufacturing cars to making cloth and so on. Bourne Mining is also a part of Bourne Industries, along with the few power stations the company owns. Bourne Mining mostly produces gold and some precious stones in Africa. 

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