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05/28/2011 02: PM 


These rules are short, but strict. Follow or be deleted. 1. Not JD or Jonathan Bristol. 2. Comments: Role-play. Messages: OOC. 3. Strictly Multi-para and Novella. 4. No God-Moding. Favorite quote? Place in comment. 5. Age doesn't matter. Just be mature.6. No OOC drama. IC drama is welcomed. 7. I honestly don't care who starts. But I don't do numbers. 8. Sex is on this page. But VERY rare. 9. Yes, my character is a vampire, remember that. 10. Do NOT have your character automatically know that Jon is a vampire after only knowing him for five minutes. UPDATES:11. (4-1-11) If you add me, I do expect you to contact me. If you do not, I shall delete you. Also, I delete three times a week. I prefer a short list. So, if you plan on writing with me, you should get to it and not dawdle. 12.(4-1-11) In the week days, I am extremely busy at times. Tuesdays are my worst. My replies can be slow, but I assure you that I will get to you. If you cannot handle that, then perhaps we aren't meant to role-play. 13. (4-1-11) Do not expect Jonathan to fall in love with your character or even remotely care for them. He is a cruel and closed off man. He does not care for anyone except himself. In order for Jonathan to actually gain a companion, he has to find that person extremely fascinating as well as tortured. He loves a torn soul. Also, we have to be close in OOC. I shall not have him be with anyone who I do not care for OOC or do not know. If you think your character fits this, still do not try and get close. I shall let you know if I believe there is a connection. DO NOT get your hopes up. Simple. Easy to read. Sign. -Jonathan Bristol

Genevieve Anastasio. |M|

05/28/2011 10: PM 


First and foremost, I am NOT Megan Fox. I highly doubt that she has time to come on here and roleplay a made up character with her own face. If you ask me if I am Megan Fox, I'll delete you for being stupid. As we all know, there are the basic rules that should be followed:No stealingNo godmoddingNo dramaNo OOC bullshitAnd so on and so forth. I've been debating whether or not to write this blog because I didn't know if I would have the words for what I wanted to REALLY say. Basically these are rules and some KEY factors that you should know and expect from my character. I've posted MANY bulletins and status updates about it because people sometimes get offended by how my character is. As stated, I am NOT attacking you personally. Please don't think that I am. Honestly, in my opinion, I shouldn't even have to worry about that because we should all know how to differentiate between real life and roleplay. There are still some who can't. Thus leads me to this. Genevieve is an interesting character. I used to LOVE coming on this account and roleplaying. Lately? Not so much. Why? Because of the fact that people have a hard time with how I portray her. There is a difficult back story to her and if you would like the whole thing other than what you see on my profile, then please message me. I don't mind going into further detail about her. She's a free spirit. She doesn't give a fuck what people think of her because she does what she wants when she wants. I have had this character for some years now and never EVER have I had any OOC issues with her until recently. It's gotten to the point where, like I said, I don't really want to come on here and roleplay as her. I find it sad. I don't expect everyone that I meet to like Genevieve. Genevieve isn't really well liked. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT HER. Whether it be status comments or bulletins or whatever. Friends of friends and shit like that. I don't like how people assume. When I roleplay as Genevieve, I stay in character as much as possible as do we all. If it is an OOC matter, then I say it is OOC. People have been taking things that Genevieve does to heart and I apologize for that on my part. I apologize because of the assumptions. Like I said, there is a difficult past with Genevieve. Please before you assume, come to me and we will discuss it privately. But do NOT make the mistake in thinking that you are going to sit here and bash on my character when you don't know her. I will NOT tolerate that shit. There are people out there that are TEN TIMES WORSE THAN GENEVIEVE IS. Shitting on my character is not a good thing. Why? I'm VERY popular in the RP world. Maybe not on here... BUT ON OTHER ACCOUNTS. I'm well known. VERY well known. If you start shit with me OOC, you will be sorry. I ALSO co-own a helpsite with 2000+ friends and I have another profile with 500+ friends whom ALSO have numerous help sites and Premade sites and RPG pages. Please believe that I am NOT afraid to take action. Again, that is only for OOC drama. If you come at me with it, then you better have the balls to handle the consequences. I am tired of repeating myself over and over. I have never defended a character of mine as much as I have defended Genevieve. It's fucking pathetic nor should I have to because WE ALL SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THIS. Roleplay is simply that: ROLEPLAY. We come here to escape real life. It should be fun. It hasn't been fun for me lately. I want to change that. But this is first. I hope you have fully read and comprehend this blog and understand everything before you even send me a message to discuss storyline. I know this is long but this had to be said. And it will be said for the last time. Consider this my rules. One more thing before I go. If you are only adding me to be a nosy fucking bitch, then kindly delete yourself. You're not Inspector Gadget. Enough said.One more thing: I know that there are A LOT of Megan Fox roleplayers out there. The one thing I ask is that you do not define me as a roleplayer because of the face I choose to have. Megan is beautiful, sassy, and she fits Genevieve to a T. I'm sure that when I add people, they are like, "UGH! ANOTHER Megan Fox?! What the hell." It's perfectly fine, but again... do not define me because I picked her. If you don't like the fact that I roleplay using her face, then simply don't add me. I have plenty of people on my list who I roleplay with who don't care. I'm not here for numbers. I'm here to write.Ciao-Genevieve's writer.

.Princess βяε ♏organ.

05/28/2011 10: PM 

It's Her Story

Hello All! Ok well lets start out by saying this. Ok now that we got that done with. -laughs- My name is Princess Breanna Monica Lila McCall-Morgan. I was born in Port Charles, New York to two wonderful parents, Samantha "Sam" McCall and Jason Morgan. I was born on August 10, 1993. So well you guessed it that makes me 16. My godfather is Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr. [hooker daddy]. My godmother is Jasmine Valachi. Alright well the one thing you should know is that, I am and always will be my daddy's princess. I get what I want, when I want it, -smiles- because  . I have alot of siblings but the ones that matter the most are Jason "JJ" Morgan Jr and Audrianna. I have alot of nieces and nephews, but some of them are Jillian, Hope, Jason Michael, Jason Morgan III (RIP) && Ella from my brother JJ. That was just to name a few. But anyway lets get on with MY STORY: So when I was 8 years old I had a boyfriend his name was Bladen Carrington, he lived in Pine Valley, PA. But we never really got to see each other besides the times when I snuck off and went there. -puts her finger up to her lips- Shhh that was a secret. Daddy/Momma never knew about that! But anyway I broke up with him because there was no point and besides daddy would of killed me if he found out, not to mention what Uncle Jimmy and Uncle Sonny would of done. I actually had my first kiss when I was in Pine Valley, but it was not to Bladen it was actually to his brother DJ. -smiles thinking about it- He told me to shut him up and the only thing that I could think of was to kiss him, so that is what I did. It really meant nothing he had a girlfriend I had a boyfriend we were both only 9 years old. Then one time when DJ was in Port Charles we actually kissed again and this time it was at Uncle Sonny's house, Uncle Sonny was upstairs so I thought I would take the chance and kiss him but my mistake Uncle Sonny was walking down the stairs and saw us. -laughs- Well Uncle Sonny didn't like it the first time we kissed but the second and third time he actually didn't say nothing. -smiles and laughs- But that was a while ago and well nothing is happening now. I actually think that DJ has had a crush on me back then and I actually think he still does. But anyway that doesn't matter anymore. Alright so lets see what else happened...well My Brother Ryan was married to someone named Melanie, she was really cool. I loved her like a sister. She was the greatest sister-in-law ever. -she laughs- And no it was NOT just because she gave me a GUN! She was the greatest. But anyway yes I still do have the gun! -she smiles and puts her finger up to her lips- But shhhh daddy or anyone else doesn't need to know about that.When I was 13:So, I am 13 years old && in the 8th grade. I like to hang out with my friends and check out the cute boys. -smiles- I love going to the mall and spending daddy's money. BUT again its all about the BOYS! Yes I loved to flirt with the cute boys but it was more about this one boy his name was Jayden Scorpio. He had this crush on me, and to tell you the truth i had a crush on him too. We hung out together, all the time. Sometimes with our friends sometimes by ourselves. One day he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes. It was good for about 2 weeks and then after that we stopped spending time together. I don't know why. But i couldn't handle it. So i broke up with him. And with him being Mac's son i think it was a good thing. Do i miss him at times? Yes sure. We used to be really good friends who could do anything together. But the minute we started going out i felt like he only did it to get closer to me so he could help his father, get information on my daddy and Uncle Sonny. I regret every saying yes to him when he asked me to be his girlfriend. But i don't regret being friends with him. We haven't seen each other till this day, and i think that might be a good thing. DumbassLucky, said I am a little skank. He said that it's no surprise since I look up to Auntie Lisa && Chelsea. But hey what can I say it's all about the BOYS -she smiles- I love them boys just as much as I love spending daddys money. When I was 14 & 15I am 14 years old. I am in the 9th grade. I had a best friend Jordyn Zacchara. His father was my father and Uncle Sonny's enemy. We were best friends for a year before anything happened between us. The day of my 15th birthday, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And to tell you the truth i couldn't be happier when he did. At the same time i knew it wouldn't work out with who his father was. But i didn't care, if i loved him why would it matter if our families hater each other? But that shouldn't matter if we love each other right? Well i guess it doesn't matter because it went right down hill really quick. It ended right when Claudia shot Michael, you see Jordyn knew about it and didn't do anything to stop it. How could i be with him, if his sister shot my cousin and didn't do anything to try and stop her? Well i don't know if he knew about it but i had this feeling that he did know about it and didn't do anything to stop her. So i broke up with him. I couldn't be with someone who had no problem with hurting my family. Do i miss him? Yes i admit i do. And it's not like when i say i miss Jayden. I truly do miss Jorydn, and i still love him. He was my FIRST true love. I don't think i will ever get over that. Do i think we can work it out? To tell you the truth i don't know. I wish we could but i haven't talked to him since the day i broke up with him. I don't know why, and right now i don't care. He must not of loved me like he said he did, if he didn't try and fight for me right? Oh well it doesn't matter... Right now i'm just trying to live my life and have fun while doing it. I like to have fun and hang out with my friends. I love going to the mall and spending daddy's money. && oh yea i still love to look and flirt with the boys ;) When I was 16I'm 16 years old. And i really don't know what is going on. I just know i'm not going to be stupid enough to fall for another guy like Jordyn. I think i'm finished with having relationships. It's just all about having fun. Yes i still like to flirt with the boys ;) but that is about all. I will admit this i do still love Jordyn and i'm not sure if that will ever change, but it just might. After all i do have a crush on Ethan Lovett. Let me tell you he is HOT. And i will do anything for him to notice me. I don't care about the age difference, after all age doesn't matter. -smirks-   When I was 17 and 18[What happened here... Gotta write it.]AND NOW:In love with Joker Ethan Lovett. :D

Christian Chwiendacz.

05/28/2011 06: PM 


I'm not  Evan Peters  nor  who  ever  i use  as a play by  i'm  just a  roleplayer  i'm not  Christain Salvatore  but he  is made  up by me.  1.  I'm a Para  muilt-para    i may   do  novella but  i'm not that good at it  i don't  do oneliners  they are   really  annoying and  they are  boring  so  don't sand them all just  delete  it   sorry  but that  how i  role   if  you   sand  a oneliner   give me a  good  reason as  to  why  you sent it.  2.  don't  steal anything off my  page  nor  my  pics  if  you  really  want some thing of  mine  just   ask me and all  give  you it or tell you  where I  got it.don't  steal my  info its  done by me  everything. 3.Spelling/ grammar   I'm not the  best  speller  out there I do  make mistakes  but i do  check my work   you  should  do the same  check  your  work. 4.Real life  don't ask me about my real  life its my life  not yours  I'm not on 24/7  so  don't  get all mad at me  for  not  getting  on  for you. I do  have things that I do  in real life that are   far more interesting then  role playing some times but I do  try to  make time for  this.  5.god moding   don't  do   it  that is that.If  you  do that then you  will  get  deleted.  6.Relationships Christian is  married  that is that  he will not cheat   I don't think I have  to say more. 7.Replies: I'm  slow  with my   replies  that   I can't  help with  you  I don't  always  site on the  computer  and  wait for  you to  reply  or  replies  back to you   if  you   message me  and tell me  that I have  not  replied to you  all  just not  reply at all  so please  don't  hound me  on relying  like I said all get to it  when I can. 8.No  real life drama  please  I've had  it  before  way back and would not like  that  again  leave  your  real life  drama  away from me.  rp drama is  fine at some point  but don't  make  a  habit  of it. 9.Message  are for  out of character  Comments  are  for  role playing   I do  ooc  talk in comments  but  I would  like it  more in  messages  10. I  will do any verse  but  I'm  a Original  Character, I'm  original the  vampire diaries(vd) character as well as I'm  Horror/ Physiological  verse, Since I like  doing that.   more  rules will be  up  soon    tell me  your  Favourite  Harry Potter  quote  or  any movie  /tv show  or  book.

☪Madame Nyx.

05/27/2011 10: PM 

Rules & Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: As you very smart people may already know. I am not the lovely girl in the pictures. She is merely used as the face for my character. 'Tis all roleplay entertainment purposes. Now, time for the dreaded rules. I shall attempt to keep them as simple as possible and to the point. I am sure you darlings would know most of these rules by heart already if you've been role playing for a while. I. This one has to be number one, since it's the most important; no out of character drama. Role play drama is highly acceptable because it makes everything interesting but please, if you cannot comprehend the difference between role play and real life do not add me or even bother to speak to me. All you'll do is waste your time because when you begin to stress me out you'll be off my list in a matter of seconds. II. Okay, now that that is clear (I hope) let us move to rule number two: you added me, which means I am sure you've seen my headline, which clearly states 18+ Novella - I'm sure I do not have to go much into the mature content because I'm sure we're all intelligent human beings here and we know what that means. As for the Novella part? I do tend to write A LOT - especially if I'm feeling inspired by the SL and your comment. I take time to write my comments and I try to give everyone my very best; and I do await the same from you. I never half-ass people and I do not like to be half-assed either. Take your time, don't rush to reply to me... I'm a very patient girl. I rather wait for a while for your reply, then receive it quickly and it's crap. III. While on this note - PLEASE for the love of goth, check your grammar: SPELL CHECK. If it's not English, and I cannot understand what in the world you're trying to tell me, there is no possible way of me replying to you. Do you see the problem there? I'm not the best speller in the world, but please make it understandable enough for me to reply. Thanks. IV. Godmode, automode. Whatever you wanna call it, do NOT do it. Unless it's something small and insignificant otherwise I'm capable of moving my own character. Plzkthnx. V. Oh, and before I forget, I must mention this - love interests? First of all, I'd like to say that although this character is multi-storyline; she already has a love interest, and she doesn't need another one. So- what I'm trying to say here is, that Karina will NOT be jumping in the sack with you. I expect you to cowboy-up and deal with it. I'm actually interested in having true genuine SL's. I'm sure your brain's can come up with something interesting for a SL that doesn't involve the characters' hooking up. VI. This rule I usually don't follow it but at times I do, so I might as well put it up. If you are the one who added me, you send the starter my way. If I added you then vice versa. Though like I said, I barely follow this rule. I sometimes have my creative juices flowing and I end up sending the starter whether you added me or I added you first. Just message me, discuss a SL (I expect you to have some sort of idea in that head of yours, being that you added me.) Brainstorm with me. I'm here to roleplay - not to look pretty on your friends list. VII. I speak on journals A LOT - if this bothers you, then feel free to delete me. As for butting into journals that have nothing to do with you? That's really rude. I am aware that journals are public, but if they're not directed to you - or if they're placed in a scenario and location that is entirely impossible for your character to be present at - it makes NO sense whatsoever for you to comment about what's going on within them. My word of advice to you? Mind your business. That's the polite thing to do. VIII. And last but not least; my things are MY things, you are not to steal them or use them without my permission. That highly upsets me when it happens. It's rude. I will castrate you. ♥ **Update: Make sure to read the blog titled "Welcome to Diablo" the link to it is on my page under "Navigation" and the link name is "More" This blog consists of banners that I've created with pictures, brief bio's (for some characters) and brief descriptions of NPC's (non-playable characters) that I will constantly refer to within RP. They were all created from my mind and therefore they belong to me. These character's consists of Karina's family and friends, both in the carnival life and in the normal life back home in New Orleans. You can mention them as well in our SL's and you can god-mode them if you please; as long as it's not something major... like dying and things along those lines... just make sure to run any drastic idea for these characters by me first and we can work something out. Please check this blog because otherwise you will not know who is who if I mention them in our SL. This will GREATLY help you. While on this note; if any of my NPC's happen to be the same playby that you are using, do not panic. That will not make an effect in our story line or any connection that we establish. -- Okay, I'm sure I covered the basics. If I'm missing something, I'm sure you all know the typical rules if you've been around long enough, as stated above. Read them and please abide by them. Merci. xoxo K && The Puppeteer.

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