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☪Madame Nyx.

05/27/2011 10: PM 

Rules & Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: As you very smart people may already know. I am not the lovely girl in the pictures. She is merely used as the face for my character. 'Tis all roleplay entertainment purposes. Now, time for the dreaded rules. I shall attempt to keep them as simple as possible and to the point. I am sure you darlings would know most of these rules by heart already if you've been role playing for a while. I. This one has to be number one, since it's the most important; no out of character drama. Role play drama is highly acceptable because it makes everything interesting but please, if you cannot comprehend the difference between role play and real life do not add me or even bother to speak to me. All you'll do is waste your time because when you begin to stress me out you'll be off my list in a matter of seconds. II. Okay, now that that is clear (I hope) let us move to rule number two: you added me, which means I am sure you've seen my headline, which clearly states 18+ Novella - I'm sure I do not have to go much into the mature content because I'm sure we're all intelligent human beings here and we know what that means. As for the Novella part? I do tend to write A LOT - especially if I'm feeling inspired by the SL and your comment. I take time to write my comments and I try to give everyone my very best; and I do await the same from you. I never half-ass people and I do not like to be half-assed either. Take your time, don't rush to reply to me... I'm a very patient girl. I rather wait for a while for your reply, then receive it quickly and it's crap. III. While on this note - PLEASE for the love of goth, check your grammar: SPELL CHECK. If it's not English, and I cannot understand what in the world you're trying to tell me, there is no possible way of me replying to you. Do you see the problem there? I'm not the best speller in the world, but please make it understandable enough for me to reply. Thanks. IV. Godmode, automode. Whatever you wanna call it, do NOT do it. Unless it's something small and insignificant otherwise I'm capable of moving my own character. Plzkthnx. V. Oh, and before I forget, I must mention this - love interests? First of all, I'd like to say that although this character is multi-storyline; she already has a love interest, and she doesn't need another one. So- what I'm trying to say here is, that Karina will NOT be jumping in the sack with you. I expect you to cowboy-up and deal with it. I'm actually interested in having true genuine SL's. I'm sure your brain's can come up with something interesting for a SL that doesn't involve the characters' hooking up. VI. This rule I usually don't follow it but at times I do, so I might as well put it up. If you are the one who added me, you send the starter my way. If I added you then vice versa. Though like I said, I barely follow this rule. I sometimes have my creative juices flowing and I end up sending the starter whether you added me or I added you first. Just message me, discuss a SL (I expect you to have some sort of idea in that head of yours, being that you added me.) Brainstorm with me. I'm here to roleplay - not to look pretty on your friends list. VII. I speak on journals A LOT - if this bothers you, then feel free to delete me. As for butting into journals that have nothing to do with you? That's really rude. I am aware that journals are public, but if they're not directed to you - or if they're placed in a scenario and location that is entirely impossible for your character to be present at - it makes NO sense whatsoever for you to comment about what's going on within them. My word of advice to you? Mind your business. That's the polite thing to do. VIII. And last but not least; my things are MY things, you are not to steal them or use them without my permission. That highly upsets me when it happens. It's rude. I will castrate you. ♥ **Update: Make sure to read the blog titled "Welcome to Diablo" the link to it is on my page under "Navigation" and the link name is "More" This blog consists of banners that I've created with pictures, brief bio's (for some characters) and brief descriptions of NPC's (non-playable characters) that I will constantly refer to within RP. They were all created from my mind and therefore they belong to me. These character's consists of Karina's family and friends, both in the carnival life and in the normal life back home in New Orleans. You can mention them as well in our SL's and you can god-mode them if you please; as long as it's not something major... like dying and things along those lines... just make sure to run any drastic idea for these characters by me first and we can work something out. Please check this blog because otherwise you will not know who is who if I mention them in our SL. This will GREATLY help you. While on this note; if any of my NPC's happen to be the same playby that you are using, do not panic. That will not make an effect in our story line or any connection that we establish. -- Okay, I'm sure I covered the basics. If I'm missing something, I'm sure you all know the typical rules if you've been around long enough, as stated above. Read them and please abide by them. Merci. xoxo K && The Puppeteer.

Dorian Gray

05/27/2011 07: PM 

Rules to consider

-1 I am not the actor Ben Barnes. -2 Literacy and creativity are expected. I view role play as a true collaboration between two writer that will hopefully result in an amazing story.  Naturally, that requires creative work on both ends; to move our story further along with your posts is expected. Surprise me, intrigue me, captivate! That's what I am writing for. That part of your writing that takes my breath away.  -3 I usually strive to match my post's length to my partner's. Although, I am very well apt of writing novella- if inspired- it's not required of you. However, I wont accept a two paragraph post, unless those are the stanzas of a poem ha! I love reading and writing. And yes! Of course, I wish to read, even devour your words and burn with curiosity to gain insight of your character's emotional depth. -4 I prefer to write with characters in the Victorian timeline or other historical times. Not sure how many of those writer I will find here on Sitemodel, so entice me and I shall be persuaded to step into those dreary mundane modern days.   -5I do not mind being or having you as a number on my list. Experience has taught me that sooner or later conversation come up and friendships are developing despite the lack of storyline. However, post that needy 'talk or get deleted message' and you will be off my list for certain. It's irritating and, to be blunt, just dumb to assume everyone would want to chat away mindlessly. -6 Do not ask me to explain my character. It does not make you look very knowledgeable. Google it, watch the movie or hey.... read Oscar Wilde's book! It's a classic. -7 I write mature stories, chances are darker themes, violence and sex will be part of our roleplay. Yes, Dorian is bisexual. And as many other bisexual writers I must say I prefer male characters to females. To explain this: Although female characters do tend to evoke tenderness and my romantic side love all around and a happy ending seems to be the expected goal. And Dorian just wont be up to par. Sure, he will find himself ecstatically smitten, perhaps even loving and adoring you to pieces yet he is much too damaged and detached to grasp the true meaning of love and will soon enough search for and find that one miniscule flaw in you that will excuse his cruel treatment that follows. Ask yourself, can you handle it? ...yes, then we have a deal.-8Please do not confuse the emotions of / or behind / my words. Those are meant for your character alone, not you. And no, I am not a conceded prick that thinks the world of himself, quite contrary. But I hate - hate- hate to lose good writers over misplaced attachments. So let's not. Needless to say, Dorian wont be monogamous, bound by marriage or father your children. All attempts to confine him will miserably fail. - 9Originals. Make sure you have a background story displayed on your page or blog for me to read. Failing to do so is perceived as lazy and ignorant and any attempts of connecting shall be ignored.-10I am very patient. There is never a need to rush your replies. Do not rush me as well.-11Messages are for OOC discussion, comments for IC posts. More rules will surely follow as I think of them. For now, please sign this with one of your favorite quote of book, poem, song, or movie to assure me you have read this. Thank you,Dorian Gray's writer

ѕea wιтcн.

05/27/2011 07: PM 

Calypso's Code of Conduct

1.  I am not Naomie Harris nor am I affliated with the actress in any shape or form.  (Other than rp'ing as Tia Dalma that is.)2.  I prefer para/multi-para role-plays.  As you can see by my page, one-liners are also acceptable but only tolerated by a select few and it does not take the place of a substantial storyline.3.  Godmodding is not acceptable.  Do so and you will be smited with the utmost quickness.   However, since my character is a mischievous goddess there may be instances where your character will be controlled or even harmed depending on the storyline.  But do not fear, I will not mutilate or kill your character.4.  Messages are for OOC purposes only.  All rp should be in comments or in a designated blog.  As a popular goddess one can imagine I receive quite a bit of mail.  Anything from "Dearest Calypso, I have this bunion on my foot, which causes great discomfort. Could you rid me of it?"  to   "Would you kindly be the mother of my children?"5. Correct grammar is important as is punctuation and spelling.  When in doubt utilize spell check before posting a comment to the goddess. No chat or text speak. For is for or four, not 4. To is two or too, not 2. Need I go on?6. Only rp accounts will be added.  No exceptions.7. I abhor drama.  Loathe it.  If you bring drama or insanity my way, know you will be deleted and blocked without hesitation.8.  Calypso is a flirtatious and seductive character.  Now this does not mean she will have sexual liaisons with anyone or everyone. First and foremost you must be a good writer and there must be chemistry between our characters for anything romantic to transpire. 9. Patience is definitely a virtue. I am active on other accounts and because of this, my responses will be slow.  However, if you are one of my favorites, responses will be returned at a reasonable pace. 10.   Last but not certainly least....  Rp'ing is an escape and a chance to display our talent as writers.  In closing, let's not to forget to have fun! 

Black Manta [IJL Founder/Retired]

05/27/2011 06: PM 

RULES (Read & Sign)

RULES..Don't do any auto-kills or you will be deleted...Don't be a jerk. If I add you and you turn out to be a jerk then I am deleting...I could be wrong people but, LOL if you have to RP all day every day, you don't have a life. Now don't rip my head off for that statement, but I got to question why someone would be on MySpace that much if you following what I'm sayin. You can expect me to not be around all the time just on days when I feel like it...I don't RP with anyone that thinks they are undefeatable. Even invincible immortals can be defeated by using brain over brawn, or any other strategy. I usually steer clear from anyone with godhood or higher, but if it shoud happen that I run into a god, I'm runnin' my ass out the gate like Usain Bolt! If you think I'm fighting Mandrakk or Doomsday h2h & shit, you crazy. When push comes to shove, only one thing matters to me. Staying alive...In a chain attack, 2 or even 3 combinations are fine with me, but if you start unloading the whole kitchen sink, I will stop the RP and give you a warning. Doing everything at once is godmodding, and saying that the attacks happened already before I could counter is autoing. I aint with either...I'll joke around and talk Out of Character sometimes when it is the appropriate time and place to do so but please keep it In Character when we rp...Black Manta KILLS. He's one of the most merciless, unrepentant killers in DC he's even killed an infant child. So expect a lot of killing with me and if you don't like that then don't roleplay with me. Add to that if any JL'er  wearing that wholesome good guy badge has the balls (or the guts, ladies) to come and kill me, I welcome him to try. I ain't afraid to die in RP. Though as Black Manta I will avoid it in any way I can...Yeah, I'm a Aquaman villain and 70% of the time I'm under water. That ain't gonna stop me from assaulting the rest of the League and matter of fact I hate all heroes, so you will all get a chance to see me eventually...I'm a legal adult, though a young adult but legal. So I have no problem with mature themes...I'll work with other villains especially if the money's right. You may know me from many villain teams like the Secret Society of Supervillains and the Legion of Doom. But if I choose to do things on my own on certain days, don't start pulling my leg. I'm nobody's slave and friendship only goes so far with me, remember the saying in the end there's no honor among thieves. Some villains don't trust me anyway, and they'd be right. I'm a notorious liar...Some of you may not know that much about Black Manta. Well he's intelligent, mechanically gifted, an excellent swimmer, criminal mastermind, has artificial gills, plenty of lackey-types & henchmen who call me bossman, and a huge collection of high-tech weaponry. True, I'm no Lex, but I got credentials, and even he would tell you that...Don't ask me to RP solely in messages, bulletins, statuses or any stupidness like that. I RP in COMMENTS, and I love to RP in BLOGS and GROUPS because you can have unlimited post room. You ever want to get at me out-of-character, click the message button and say your peace.ABILITIES..EYE LASER BEAMS - The large red eye lenses of Black Manta's helmet shoot destructive laser beams. The beams are of concussive force and are powerful enough to crater and bend metal posts, knock an average man back through several brick walls, and even mow down an array of trees but can willingly be lightened or boosted in blast strength. They are similar to metahuman optic blasts and have a long distance range capability...GENETICALLY MODIFIED GILLS - These were implanted into Black Manta and his henchmen. They allow him to be able to breathe deep underwater and out-of-water...SPECIALIZED DIVING SUIT - The suit itself can provide breathable air and withstand temperature extremes and high pressure in deep water. Two tubes made to look similar to 'antennas' connect to a built-in, backup oxygen tank behind his back. The suit and helmet is modified to be incredibly durable and underwater it can give him the strength to lift no more than 5 tons. The feet of the suit supposedly has functioning jet boots and the suit is colored in all black, hence the name...HELMET - It typically has Manta's ability to see and breathe through optic lenses, it also has a built-in radar & sonar sensor when someone approaches close. The two tubes at the back of his suit are connected to this helmet. It has decent durability but is not indestructible, as it was once even bitten off by King Shark...TELEPATHIC SCRAMBLER - Built within his helmet, it is used to effectively scramble telepathy causing TP interference & disruption...WRIST GAUNTLETS - Black Manta's wrist gauntlets can charge up electricity...FOREARM SHEATH SHOOTERS WITH MINI-BARBED HARPOONS - Located on Black Manta's forearms are sheaths that can shoot out mini-harpoons made of hard metal, and very sharp. Are capable of being poison dipped...TRIDENT - A long, three-pronged trident that he sometimes carries, and can wield fairly well in combat...GIFTED INTELLECT - Specializes in mechanics, cybernetics, vehicle and weapons technology. Also knowledged in Ecology, Geology, Oceanology, hydrological studies and marine life. Experienced in sailing and submarines. Can be clever, sneaky, and doesn't give too much away...BLACK MANTA'S SEA-SAUCER - A stealthy, swift, and heavily armed submersible vehicle. Advanced in technology, sonar, and is the Manta's primary way of getting around places in the seas...SKILLED HAND 2 HAND COMBATANT - Assassin. Kills without mercy. Very skilled undersea fighter. Has some overall decent fighting ability. Prefers stealth & usage of weapons over h2h...OTHER WEAPONS - Knives, blades, mini-torpedos, guns, harpoon guns, armored land rover (such as the one in Batman:The Brave & the Bold), mini-subs, snorkels, has access to missiles, demolition claymores, spiked floating mines, trigger bombs, etc.

Deeper Than Blood; RPG

05/27/2011 05: PM 

Regulations and Rules.

You must read and sign these rules before auditioning for a role. If you receive the role, our staff should be able to let you know within a couple of days. If you are rejected, you are always free to try again or audition for a different character. 1. Please make sure to submit all questions in comments. Messages are reserved for members with their questions or concerns. More so for auditions. If you would like to affiliate with us, please send us a comment as well. 2. We are a multi-para/novella RPG. One liners will not be accepted. Group members are required to send each other three decent sized paragraphs. Proper spelling and grammar is a must. Everyone makes mistakes, but try your best. No ** or - - will be accepted in serious roleplay. Group chats or silly comments are different. 3. We are a serious RPG. Members must be dedicated to us. Members must be on at least 3 days a week and replies must be sent at a steady pace. We are very lenient during the school year, so if you need extra time for replies just let the members know in a comment or in your status. We understand how much time school and extra curricular activities will take up. During summer vacations, we will expect more from you. If you will be going on hiatus for any given reason, send the rpg page a message and we will let everyone know. If you disappear for more than two weeks without notice, your role will be put up for audition again. If you have read this far, tell me which book is your favorite.4. If you are given a role, you have to add and roleplay with all members of the group and put the members banner and section on your profile. The code will be sent to you when you receive your acceptance letter. Due to the fact that both Lissa and Rose have mains outside of the VA verse, we will allow you to have mains outside of the group, as long as they are not canon characters from Vampire Academy. If they are original Vampire Academy characters, they can feel free to audition as an original when we begin accepting them. 5. Please make sure to audition for a character that you love. If you change your mind about the role you received, send the rpg a message and feel free to audition for another. It will save us a lot of trouble if you are sure about a character before you audition, so please be absolutely sure. 6. No OOC drama will be permitted. You will be kicked out of the rpg without hesitation, no matter how long you have been with us. IC drama is a must, it makes storylines more fun, but please try and work out any conflicts amongst yourselves. If it is desperately needed, you can contact Lissa or Rose and we will try and help you compromise. 7. Members, please make sure that you approve all comments and do not delete your replies. We will randomly check to make sure that you are being active with all members. 8. We are a mature rpg, meaning that there will be sex, drinking and violence. If you cannot handle this, please do not audition. If you can to an extent, don't hesitate to let everyone know what your limits are. We all have them. 9. Your profile has to look neat an organized. If you need help with your profile, help can be provided when you are accepted into our group. 10. Females may audition for a male role and vice-versa. As long as you are able to portray the character they way they were written and can keep up with their sexuality, there will be no problems. 11. Playbys are some-what negotiable. Do not ask us to change the playby until you receive your acceptance message. The actor|actress or model must fit the character. We won't pick them just because you like them. If you're still with us, Team Belikov or Team Ivashkov?12. We will try to have group chats in aim every weekend. If you don't have aim, please create a screen name or let us know so that we can have a chatzy instead when you are available. Group chats are meant to be fun, so that we can all get to know each other and fool around! 13. If you audition for a character who does not have a love interest, you have free reign to find one, if it is what you want. As long as this person can fit into the story, it will be acceptable. This person cannot be in another VA rpg and they can audition as an original if they are VA verse. 14. Last Addition: NO  OC'S! >.> Sorry we are working on a new plot line and the only OC'S able to join will be the ones we create for our storyline.15. NEW RULE: When you audition, please be sure to send the form and the writing sample in ONE message. It is more organized for us that way. Please read and sign these rules before Auditioning. Do not skim, because we will know!  Audition Forms:     

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