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Mystified Advocate´┐Ż

06/01/2011 07: PM 

Ashido Kuchiki(Bleach Character)

Ashido Kuchiki InfoBirthdate:March 31stAge:232(Shinigami form)Height:(5'7 close to 5'8)Weight:140.1 lbsAlias:The Noble Kuchiki,Heavens Butterfly,Noble Flash KuchikiGender:Male Species:A outcast of the Shinigami and VizardBlood type:O Partner:Jasime Zaraki,Saito Achiku,Takashi Sousuke(Presumed)Allies:RyokoAffiliation:O.U.T.C.A.S.TPrevious Affiliations:Agressor's,N.E.O,The Order and Gotei 13:Squad 6,Squad 5 Seat 1 Occupation:Shinigami OutcastFamily Ginrei Kuchiki(Grandfather) Byakuya Kuchiki(Brother)Hisana Kuchiki(Sister-In-Law,deceased)Rukia Kuchiki(Sister-in-law/Adoptive Sister) Karma Kuchiki(Ex-Wife/Deceased)Isebella Kuchiki(Daughter)Jasime Zaraki(Best friend)Yoruichi Shih˘in(Senpai)Koga Kuchiki(Uncle/Deceased)Zanpakutou Name:Its True name is Heavenly Moon GoddessUnreleased Form: A KatanaRelease Command:QuestionableShikai:QuestionableBankai:Unknown to many and only seen by Saito and Jasime


05/31/2011 01: PM 

Roleplaying Rules And Regulations

The rules for roleplaying with me are simple there are ten simple rules in which I will detail out in ten simple commandments break them and I break contact with you fair enough? Very well then I can assure you they are nothing bad so with that being said lets begin.I.Respect - I dont care if you like me or hate me in character or out of character I expect respect to be given if i give it back plain and simple im not the type of roleplayer who takes physical and mental abuse and asks for more of it nor do i dish it out I live by one simple code you fuck with me and I fuck you up. You respect me and I respect you back plain enough to read? Simple enough to understand yes? Basically what im saying is, I dont judge you so dont judge me I respect you you respect me.II.Roleplay - I roleplay however I want whenever I want with whoever I want. I dont discriminate between any RP'ers nor their types nor their preference. I find that shit to be the most immature form of bullshit to ever exist on this fucking planet. It's my personal belief that people shouldn't be discriminated upon period because of what they wish to do in roleplay so with that being said come at me with any sort of hate I'll drop your ass like a bad habit. P.S: I do all types of RP except one liners that includes 18+ Adult Erotic. Fighting Crossovers I dont give a fuck as long as its all good between both parties. {Selectively Though} III.Relationships - If thats what you want fine by me but know that im not gonna open my heart up to every person that tries your going to have to get to know me both as a person and as my character and i can guarantee you until that foundation is built you wont have a chance in hell of getting to become my ally and or otherwise. OOC I might seem nice but IC I'll look at you like you lost your mind. However theres the age old rule if you want something stick with it as im not a mean person at all I just want to make sure those I open myself up to as a person are simply worth the trouble allright?IV. Continuity - I plan on not being one of those Sephiroths that constantly blast one winged angel every time you see and meet them. I plan on Roleplaying every aspect of Sephiroth both Canon and Alternate Universe and otherwise granted it is a task of the grandest nature but thats what I plan to do. If you cannot handle that sort of comprehension when roleplaying with me say so and say which particular universe you feel more comfortable RP'ing with then I will gladly adjust to your specifications. Easy enough to comprehend right?  Then good cause its my intentions to make a solid impression on those I meet within my own personal style of RP'ing Sephiroth.V.Fighting - I plan on having my fights as Sephiroth based on every different style he has in each and every one of his appearances each version of this would be based on the continuity of the person im roleplaying with. Example. Kingdom Hearts = Sin Harvest  Dissidia = Scintilla Etc. Etc. This means as a fighter im going to study every single frame of attack and animation and use it to my best ability in roleplay. If you have any idea of how I was when I fought as my previous incarnations then you get the idea and as far as fighting goes I choose who i want to fight thats how it always was and is to be.  VI.Crossovers / Other FF Characters - I'll add whoever comes my way i dont see why not as long as they dont cross the line of respect I'll gladly befriend any who come my way as I feel its only natural to do so. Hell I'll even add other Sephiroths as long as they retain their own sense of originality and I retain my own as well. Respect is to be given where respect is due. Im open for whatever idea you want to float my way as long as its consensual between both parties im willing to RP it out. So yeah crossovers welcomed as far as stuff like that is conserned original characters also welcomed.VII.Regarding Real Life Information - Im famous in real life dont believe me? Ask within. ( Ive been on tv flown to California and everything. ) but I prefer not to give out my information like that just know im a single attactive down to earth guy who's actually known for something outside of RP im just using this profile as a fresh start outside of all of the crap that I get over having that sort of exposure so yeah while im not gonna be one of those RP'ers who's like dont ask about my personal information just know thats not the point of RP'ing with me to know more about the real me its to RP with the character so for arguments sake lets keep it that way until were both okay with it.VIII. Regarding Loyalties To Groups / Storylines - As of currently my Sephiroth is a free roaming character which means I'll have him associate with who I want and where I want. However I want though im not against checking out what certain groups have to offer I'd rather RP with the individual people within those groups rather than being immersed within the whole aspect of it all. If you understand where im coming from. Then you understand that I'd rather be me over anything else.IX. Regarding Roleplay Length / Style - I do Roleplay based on three different levels and each level is based on how amused I am when it comes to roleplaying with you. If its amazing i'll go full on novella with pictures. If im somewhat amused I'll do multi para with pictures. If I just want the reply done I'll do standard para with a photo attached. About the only time I will ever ignore anyone is if they come at me with a one liner or say something that I as a person do not agree with this is rare as im a easy to get along with person but every once in a while someone breaks my patience completely and everyone suffers so please dont be that person lets keep it interesting allright?X. Closing Words And Notices - I thank you for those who managed to read through it all you have my thanks and gratitude.  I do hope to meet a lot of interesting people and have worthwhile experiences while RP'ing Sephiroth and getting to know the many others that already have roleplay profiles within this down to earth community that is all P.S: no killing my character without my permission no god modding and finally no means no that dosent mean i say no but my body says yes. It means no.

Sephiroth , Final Fantasy , VII , Roleplay Rules


05/30/2011 10: PM 

Current mood:  adored

1. This is not a hentai page. No Erotic Roleplays or anything of the sort. I will not be your slave nor your mistress so piss off.2. I will work with all types of rps. If you are new and need help building up to para and multi-para I can work with you. I will not discriminate against you because you are not that good yet. Not everyone is gifted with detail, some have to learn and I understand that. I can work with you.3. I am not here to hook up with your character. So if you have S&L on your name then I will probably not add you.4. Do not bore me with your drama. This is rp not real life. No one cares who you are with on here or who said what. Its rp, get over it and move on. 5. No God-moding 6. Use spell check, I know we all make mistakes but at least try, 7. I don't believe in the you add you send rule, though if you do add me, you send the greeter.8. You have a week to make some sort of contact, then a week after that to either send a starter or reply to mine. If not then you will be deleted.  9. If you don't like my rules then delete me. Won't hurt me none. 10. Please don't add me just to steal my pics. All of them are credited so I will know.11. We must discuss a storyline FIRST! If I tell you to send one without discussing it first it is because I am bored and want to be spontaneous.


05/30/2011 10: PM 

Real Role Play aka Old School Role play
Current mood:  adored

See role play use to have common sense playground rules. No God modingDecent spellingNo personal dramaHelp those new so the rp community can become better.Keep role play and real life separate (this means no dating one another in real life.)Those were simple common sense rules. Not that hard huh? Complete no brainers. Also instead of auditioning to be part of a group you just became part of it over time by rping with someone from the group then with more people and so on. Do not bloody try to control someone else's character or do instant kills. Do not bring yourself back to life without a reason. You have to write it into the story, either through magic, science or something like that. You can just come back to life. This is called God-Moding and will get you deleted and blocked.Spelling and Grammar do not have to be perfect but please, by God, at least try okay? No one wants to see text talk. (Example: R U there). Also don't do little big talk either its not funny or cool. It is just plain annoying. (Example: HeY HoW ArE YoU?) Annoying isn't it?We also did not have GF/BF apps. We did things the normal rp way. You just randomly rped with someone not really looking for a mate for your character and oops your characters are together. But there was one rule to this. This rule is stated above in the matching color. See we never got over emotional if characters ended up breaking a part do to the simple fact that is is role play and it did not really matter. If you choose to put it in the group rp you could simply write each other out and still be in that same group because personal feelings never got in the way of creativity. See easy right? It is so easy to role play when you treat role play like role play and not real life. In other words, if you are with someone in one rp or rp group does not necessarily mean the same for the other individual rps. Do not treat your rp relationship like an rl. We come here to escape. This also goes for giving out your cell number and posting rl pictures. Don't do it. That is not what we are here for. Stick to the basics okay? stop trying to mingle your real life with rp. It will only make things more complicated which is not what people want.It was a lot more friendlier back then to. Now and days everyone hates on the newbies for no good reason. Instead of being asses why don't you help the newbie out? Teach them the ropes and help them improve. See that is what we did 6 years ago. These past 3 years role play has changed. Any old whore can pop up and say they are role players when they are just horrid and here for sex or dating. They make websites for those, go find them. If some one is turly here to learn then they will take instructions and be willing to listen to what you say. If they don't then they are here for attention and those are the ones we should ignore.So in all if you are one of those people that demand your rules be signed then please delete me now. I will not sign rules. I will ignore those with GF/BF APPs. Any kind of APP and you are gone. End of story. This is old school rp the way it is supposed to be. Without the popularity contest. Thank you and good night.

𝒢raceful ℐmmortal♥

05/30/2011 02: PM 


I am not the girl in the pictures.. so duh if you think i am. I am a role player, a person behind the character, playing the character. Keep this fact in mind: I AM A ROLE PLAYER! Please obey these Rules below that Ive made, I notice that many go against them, if you do I will be sure to delete you from my friends list and block you, so please respect me and obey the rules. THANKS! 1. Please try to refrain from one liner comments. Yes sure there are times when your busy and such, and cant spend too much time roleplaying but the constain ones will drive me crazy. So give me something to work with. 2. I will not tolerate, and i mean it.. will not tolerate drama. Im seriously over it.. I had enough of it. The sad part.. some drama makes the stories interesting that we write.. but the ridiculous crap some people do just to piss someone off or for just being heartless or mean, well forget it.. dont bring it here.. soon as it starts.. and it interferes with me.. see ya. 3. Don't add me for the sake of having more friends. If you add me, i will give you a week and a half to rp with me. Its reasonable enough time. 4. NO.Godmoding, auto moves and killing me off is not acceptable. Do not tell me what my character does, that is up to me to decide, not you. 5. DON'T USE STUPID LANGUAGE! By this I do not mean cursing because damn, we all curse. I mean no text talk. To say you, don't say "U" (or 2 for to, or sry for sorry.. Ect.) . Spell it freaking out. If a 3 letter word is too hard for you, don't waste my time. There will be an occasion when people misspell. but if its constant.. im sorry i wont reply to something i cant read 6. Theres alot of people who just dont plain like me.. because i speak my mind, i tell it how i see it.. I do what i want to protect those i care about. And mostly screwing with them gets you on the shit list.. that or not following my rules. If you dont like it.. theres a delete friends button in your friends list. 7. One thing i want to point out. People who roleplay and say you dont give real emotions out to those you roleplay with is total bullshit. No one can sit there and say whom ever you rp with either annoys you or have some attraction to whom you rp with.. given to some certain people it has know to carry outside rp. and those who are lucky enough to have fallin in love outside rp, or gain new friends, gain best friend. so dont deny that your emotions dont come to play, and i dont mean this to those who have more then one account and fall in love with all their character loved one... but i think you get the general idea. BUT IT IS STILL ROLEPLAY. Jealousy and shitty friendship problems belong in the drama section as well. dont bring it to me. or into the roleplaying. It ruins the whole lot8. PLEASE PLEASE dont ask me about talking about connections, except a select few who are part of my storyline and then only then is the talking about connections acceptable. otherwise, just send a starter, what fun  is there to set out a plan before hand. hardly none. just send the starter and see where it goes.

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