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Christopher Kaioh

08/27/2011 05: PM 


Coming Soon. 

Sinful Affairs

08/27/2011 12: PM 

Rules & Expectations
Current mood:  accomplished

Congrats, you have found the right place to start looking for ways to stay on my good side and to keep yourself from being deleted! Seriously, I am really glad that you had enough common sense to look for a rules and expectations blog so you and I can stay on good terms for as long as we role-play with one another. I constantly revise these, so check back every once and a while. No, there is no secret word hidden within the text, but I would like you to at least take five minutes to read these over and give me some kind of acknowledgement that you comprehend what I expect out of the people I role-play with. You can do that by either signing this blog, mentioning it right before we dive into plot discussion, or by simply never, ever breaking my rules. Anyways, without making you wait any longer, here are the things you need to know: I | You should know right from the start that I am actually a really fun and kind person to talk to out of character, so if you get intimidated by this blog, don't worry, it's just to help get my point[s] across. However, I am capable of being a huge bitch, so don't think I won't go off on you if you do something that pisses me off. Anyways, you should also know that I do not tolerate people bugging me for replies. I am in college, play soccer for my university, I have homework, friends, family, writing outside of role-play... I could go on and on. Point is, I'm busy, so don't pester me for things. Last thing you should probably be aware of is that I'm majoring in Rhetoric/Creative Writing; I write, edit, and revise all freakin' day, so I tend to run into writer's block often. Give me a break, alright? My brain isn't on steroids, it's normal and can only take so much stress. So, be patient with me, please. II | Next thing you should know is that I get very, very, very agitated when someone I intend to role-play with does not contribute to our plot discussion. I'm serious, this bugs me a lot. Honestly, if you don't help out with ideas, then I'm just going to assume that you don't really want to write with me. That's fine, I'll just delete you and move on. It doesn't make a lick of sense as to why two people would role-play together when the plot is full of one person's ideas. It's not fun and it's lame. III | You probably already assumed this from my headline, but I'll repeat it again here; yes I am a literate writer. My writing extends anywhere from multi-paragraph all the way through novella and whatever is beyond that. My replies have a tendency to jump around a lot. I've written a starter that was 14,000 words long, then my next post was 8,000, and my next was 3,000. It just depends on how much information that I intend to divulge as well as what is going on in the role-play. For example, if your character doesn't do much to interact with my character, then I obviously won't have a lot to work with. If you want a good, solid post from me then make sure your character does more than say "hello" to mine. That's dumb, and obviously you're a waste of my time. IV | So, this is going to be your only warning, because I shed no mercy on virgin ears. I am a very open writer. I will pretty much write anything into a role-play, which means that my writing would probably be rated "R" if it were a movie. I include intense language, violence, torture, crude humor, gore, sexual themes, etc, etc... You get the idea, hopefully. So, just beware. If you don't feel comfortable with a certain adult theme then you probably shouldn't be writing with me. Old habits die hard, and the way I write is how I've been writing for a long ass time, so don't expect me to bend over for you unless you're a good friend of mine on here. V | Stealing. This is a big issue, even though personally I haven't had a problem with it yet, but I know people who have. All of the characters I have listed were created by yours truly with the exception of one, which was made between myself and a close friend of mine. Do not steal anything. None of it is yours. Absolutely none of it, so don't act like it is and steal my ideas. Yes, I'm aware that the terms "Incubus" and "Succubus" are not original, but as far as the history of the species and what they are like? Hell yes, all of that is mine. The other species I have listed on my page--I only have a few, because I don't want to expose all my ideas--I have those protected under copyright. Not even joking. They are a part of my novel, so if you steal anything I will be on your ass so fast you won't even know what hit you. Still don't believe me? Then go ahead and type in "Poor Man's Copyright" into Google and that'll explain everything. Understand now? Anyone can do it. The reason I have this profile is to build my knowledge of characters that I've created for my novel[s], and for fun. That's why I risk putting my fresh ideas out there. VI | This is a drama free zone. I will tolerate none, zero, nada drama. I've had enough of this bullshit since 2005. I'm over it. If I sense that you are starting it, you're gone. However, in character drama or role-play drama is totally welcomed. I fully encourage character drama, because it makes things more interesting. VII | I don't exactly follow the whole "you add, you start" bullshit. Yes, I do expect that if you requested me that you send me some kind of initial message or comment to at least start up a plot discussion. Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not ask me if I'd like to discuss a plot. No. Shit. Yes, I'd love to; there's your answer. Message me with ideas and who you'd like for me to write as. Keep in mind that I don't expect you to start unless the plot calls for it. For those of you who don't get it, here's an example... why would you start if your character is going to be found by mine? Wouldn't it make sense for me to start off so my character can find yours quicker and we can have them interacting with one another from the start? Yeah, makes sense now, doesn't it? So, relax, just because you requested me doesn't mean I'll be up your ass demanding you start. Because most of the time, I purposely make the plot work in my favor so I start anyways [yes, all my starters are custom made just for you, which is also why I'm so picky about the role-players I write with]. Lastly, I don't really have a preference as to where we role-play; comments or messages... doesn't matter. VIII | Autoing is a big no-no. I don't even understand why someone would want to do that. Don't you want the suspense of knowing how a character will react? I mean c'mon, people, grow up. Don't control my characters, because no, you don't know jack shit about them or how they would act. Also, if there is a fight that comes up at some point, be fair about it. If I throw a few punches, I expect one of them to hit you, my characters do have good aim and all know how to fight, they aren't freakin' blind or stupid. IX | Obviously do not kill off my character[s] in a role-play unless you intend to bring them back somehow, which has been done before in a few different plots I've had in the past. But c'mon, if it isn't something we both planned, then what would be the point of role-playing with anyone if you just kill the other character? X | Keep real life and role-play separate. Why on earth would you take offense to something my character[s] said to your character? You aren't the one in the role-play, your character is. Duh. It's not real. Get over yourself. I'll probably just laugh if you message or comment me about it, because I don't care. XI | Holy hell, I don't know why I even have to put this, but I will. I am not any of the people in the pictures or any of the characters on my page. Why would anyone even think I was? Anyways, there you have it. Sorry if I crushed anyone's hopes that I was one of them, but even if I was, I wouldn't be role-playing. XII | Putting any of my characters in a relationship is not the goal of this profile. I only put a character in a relationship that makes sense, are with people I trust out of character, and we have been writing with one another for a while. I do have some characters taken, and I don't care who or what you are, but the characters that are taken will not be breaking up anytime soon with their partners. So, don't even try to get in the middle of things or you'll be sorely disappointed. XIII | You're probably wondering what kind of profile I have. It's a "book format" profile.  What does this mean? I have two main characters [Callix & Alyck], and supporting characters [listed on page]. You can either pick to have me write as Callix and/or Alyck as well as a supporting character, or you can treat this like a multiple character profile and pick one or more characters to interact with your character. Very simple concept. Hopefully these are all reasonable rules to follow and we are all on the same page now, right?

Alyssia Nicole ♥

08/26/2011 02: PM 

rules for the family:]

Rules:1: Have to change your name to the name your being if you dont like the name talk to me about it and maybe we can find something that we both like.2: you must add everyone in our family and talk to them once in a while.3: if you dont like the face we have picked for you, if you find a face you like send us a pictureand let us aprove it then you can change it.4:you have to put something about our family in your about me.5: NO DRAMA!!!!!!-love Alyssia, and  jade :]

Charlotte Hale M&L Derek

08/26/2011 12: PM 


IN NEED OF ALL MAINS  BONNIE AND KLAUS1.damon. 2.stefan 3.elijah 4.alaric 5.jenna 6.addie 7.preal 8.matt 9.tyler 10.caroline 11.mrs.lockwood forbes 13.ray mrs forbes mr lockwood Katherine all warewolves and vampires and all organials mines klaus

Davina (Retired)

08/25/2011 12: PM 

3 Years Have Passed Since She Vanished In The Night * Zachary vs Davina (An oldie but a goody)

Note Before you read: This actually started out in bulletins on myspace and finished in a blog. This particular story line started over three years ago and is still in play today on my myspace Davina.  This was just a quickie we did for the hell of it while waiting for the more complex responses to the real one still in play. Enjoy!D: Zachary! Hello Dear Love Miss Me?Z: Davina, You know I did. I've been lacking in the tormenting random slayers in churches department. Hehe.D: Dearest Zachary. Lack no more Love I have returned and have a rather disturbing craving for slayer. Even more so an undeniably and even more so disturbing urge to torment as well as indulge in a bit of priest.... ~Sadistic giggle~ Who the hell am I kidding it's not disturbing at all! Care to indulge the old flame of the cathedral once again Love?Z: Hmmm Davina...You always did have a way with words. I could use some time in the Cathedral again...have you been overly plagued by slayers? They seem to have been overly quiet in my neck of the woods. But then I've been preoccupied with the war among the Demon Kings to really bother with the mortals and their stupidity.D: Mmmhaha. My Once Beloved Flame Zachary being that most slayers are of the male sex, and considering that the Soul of my once Siren being that I still harbor enthralls in the destruction of men, ~Deviously laughs~ Indeed Love a plague of slayers swoons over me at the sound of such an enticing song...Z: Davina... Luckily I can't be considered a man in the sense of the word you're referring. Or I might wonder about the time we were together if you didn't have an ulterior motive in mind... *smirks* I'm kidding of course...although you still have failed to explain yourself and that whole disappearing act you pulled at the end of our relationship.D: ~Throws her head back in devious laughter~ Zachary...Me Dearest Love? Ulterior motives, for you? ~Devilishly smirks~ Never. My only motives were to indulge in the passions of such an intense lover. ~Eyes narrow~ Death for you lover was never on the agenda.... ~She laughs wickedly~ Oh Love must we dwell in past endeavors clouding the mind with the ' Whys, and Hows' of that situation? I prefer to let them linger in sweet torment.Z: Narrowing his eyes "Davina... You know I always did despise these little mysteries of your life that you seem to never feel the need to divulge. But I will respect your wishes...for now. But it is, of course, kind of you to ease my mind in letting me know I was never on the death list. Which I never did think was the case...I just think you enjoyed fucking over Annemarie. Hehe."D: ~Intense laughter fading into a smirk~ "My, My Zachary... How your words pierce me so. I ravaged your body simply because you enticed me so my love. Annemarie well that was a grand bonus. How I enjoyed her misery so.. ~Thinks for a moment~ You know your right I did really love to get under her skin didn't I? Any way Fuck your once cunt of a queen."~A devilish grin curls her lips~ Tell you what lover I will divulge my many secrets to you if you care to indulge me and my curiosities.Z: Yeeeeeeeah thanks Davina...Been there, done that. SERIOUSLY don't wanna fuck the cunt again so let's not even JOKE about Annemarie in that manner.*Shivers at the memories of the she bitch*But what's this now about indulging your curiosities? What sort of curiosities would you have, Mistress? I always thought I was pretty much an open book... *Smirk smirk smirk*D: ~Smirks as she closes her eyes~ "Mmmm...Zachary.....~A tingle climbs up her spine as she envisions a memory or two of their past encounters.~ An open book? You Zachary? Maybe you like to perceive as such to most but even I know you harbor just as many secrets as I.Z: Frowning slightly "Davina.""What sort of secrets would you have me speak of?" Crossing his arms, he huffed as he leaned up against the wall watching his dear friend and ex lover closely. "I can't guarantee I will be as free with all information, Davina. You make it a point not to tell me what I ask...what's in it for me to tell you what it is you wish to know?"D: ~A slight giggle. Her eyes narrow.~ "Zachary My Love...You wish to know what is in it for you? Well love use your imagination... Then maybe we shall both be pleased...Z: Hehe DavinaGiving Davina a smirk, clearing his throat then nodding his agreement. "Alright then, I'm game. Ask away and we'll see just how much you can get out of me. Color me overly gracious tonight, I'm in a fucking fantastic mood."D: ~Smirking~ "Alright Love...Lets start out this little game simply shall we? Tell me honestly how much did you miss me?Z: For fuck's sake, Davina"I thought we were doing real questions here! What kind of question is that?" Scowling at her, eyes ice cold. "Would you make me out to be just another pathetic asshole in your line of ex lovers that would pine after your loss? You disappeared on me, Davina. So you ask me now how much I missed you? Pfft...don't fucking start there, woman. I won't be another notch on your belt, I've since moved on and miss you only so much as a friend misses another friend." Scowl still in place, deepening if it were at all possible. "If this is the sort of questions you wish to ask me you can save your breath. I won't answer any more of these kinds of fucking questions."D: Hahaha Its about God Damn time Zachary...I was wondering how long it would take for you to regain your spine... ~She sighs and roles her eyes~ Fuck! If I really wanted you as a notch on my belt I would have counted you before you and Annemarie split Lover. Seriously did I expect you to pine over me? Well hell no! If you had you would be no better than those pathetic sappy ass mortals, and if that had been the case I would have had no choice but to end your pathetic existence. ~Smirks~Z: You bitch! *Laughs*Fuck you, Davina. Like you really could end my existence even if I had turned into one of those sappy ass mortals. You got me there though...hehe. Well played, you fucking minx. I was wondering what the hell was with all the weird questions, thought maybe you had gotten hit too hard in the head one too many times and thought you were one of those reminiscent, lame ass fucking mortals that pine over the good old days of yesteryear..."D: Ha! Yeah like that will ever happen Zachary...Me be as pathetic and weak as mortals? Please love spare me the agony of that thought. ~A devious smile graces her lips~ You know Zachary Dearest considering how long it took you to regain your back bone I strongly believe I could tear you apart. I honestly fear I have been away for far too long, it seems you have grown soft in my absence Love...Z: Davina...."I have grown soft in ways." He sighed. "Sadly even I can be prone to forgetting myself sometimes. Alot has happened in the three years you were gone. And with you gone I had no one to play with for so long, I think I forgot how to be an evil little shit for a while..." Lip curling up in a sidelong smirk. "I have since found a few others that do enjoy wickedness as much as I once new lover being one of them. Another fucking vampire though, not sure what it is with me and falling for women that like to suck my blood..."D: Boo Fucking Hoo Zachary Torvatus...Are you seriously whining about forgetting how to be an evil little shit? Never in my existence did I ever think you would actually ever go soft much less admit it. I see I am going to have my work cut out for me. So why put it off any longer huh Love? ~Her eyes haze over to a milky white and her fangs extent. In one instance she lunges attempting to sink her fangs into the delicate flesh of her once Lover.~Z: You go too far, DavinaEyes going icy blue in contrast with the flames that immediately dance across his skin as a shield to deflect her attack, he jumps back and snarls with his own fangs to bare. "I apologize, I thought I spoke to a friend for a moment...but instead I find another that would use my momentary lapse as a way to taste of my blood without consent." Snarling, eyes burning near white with their intensity, his claws extending glaring at his once lover."Or is it that you miss me a little more than you are letting on? Does my once Mistress maybe have a few soft spots of her own to nurture?" Zach laughed, straightening up but not dropping the shield encasing his body, flames harmlessly licking at his hair and clothing while it burned hot to the touch of any foolish enough to come too close. "For all the forgetfulness of my true nature do not for one second think me weak, Davina. I have grown stronger than you could imagine...I am simply not one to flaunt my powers needlessly."D: ~Claws extend~ "Come on Zachary...~She laughs~ Is that the best you can do? I remember when my sister lashed out at you, you made her bleed within seconds. Damn it Zachary! Is it our friendship that makes you hesitate? Or is it that you can't bring yourself to make your once lover bleed? Is that it Zachary still have a bit of soft spot for me? Huh lover? ~She glides her teeth across her fangs~Zachary Minos Torvantus I am pleased you find this amusing, personally I find it pathetic! You honestly think I have a soft spot to nurture? You are delusional Love. ~She closes her eyes concentrating with every thought, opening her eyes she watches as she attempts to drain the energy in Zachary's Shield.~Z: Zach glared in mute rage at Davina...Silence dragging out...narrowing his eyes as he felt the pull at his shield he finally broke that silence with a laugh. "Do you actually think I would have even the slightest of soft spots or HARD spots for that matter for you after the fucking shit you pulled on the very first night we could have been together without that CUNT Annemarie in our way? Blood left on my sheets and not a fucking word...nothing for THREE fucking years and THEN you start calling to me??? Fucking bullshit, Davina!"He intensified the level of the shield using his new heightened powers...smirked and flexxed his fingers longing to drag his claws through flesh...HER flesh...inflict the pain she had inflicted on him, or tried to...shook it off along with her attempts at his shield with a snarl, eyes burning with his fury that had been dormant too long."Stop fucking with me, know what I'm capable of and there may be enough of our friendship intact that I MAY not want to kill you even after all this."D: ~She yells~ "ZACHARY...GO TO HELL!! ~Stops for a second and laughs~ Oh wait damn you already live there. Fuck you Zachary you have no fucking idea what I went through that night what I have gone through for the past three God Damn years! ~Concentrating harder focusing more of her power on pulling the energy from his shield, She can feel the new surge of energy slowly flowing through her.~Z: Awwww now it's MY turn..."Booooo fucking hoooooo!" Zach laughed and shook his head. "I don't just LIVE there, Davina...I fucking rule the nine layers maybe you should stop trying to drain my fucking shield because it's not going anywhere!" He thrust more power behind his shield, morbidly curious to see how much she could take before the heat overwhelmed her."If you had let me in back then, wouldn't have had that three years of grief...maybe if you hadn't been such a secretive little bitch we might have been able to work something out where you wouldn't be begging for my help THREE years later after leaving me a fucking bloody DEAR JOHN LETTER!"D: ~She shouts at him~ "Zachary Minos Torvatus...I'd be careful of what words you speak, least you lose your God Damned tongue! ~She quiets her voice and forms a more arrogant tone.~ Big bad demon huh? No not you not any more, no now your are the devil himself. Pfft! You still don't scare me. You are just as weak as all the other demons in hell including your kings. You have become even weaker than you were THREE FUCKING YEARS AGO! Hell Three fucking years ago I left to protect you! I left because your emotions cloud your abilities. They make you fucking weak! ~She laughs~ Even now your emotions weaken you, hell you can't even make me FUCKING BLEED! ~She can feel the heat from the flames as they move closer to her being, the smell her flesh as it begins to burn is floods the air, yet she refuses to move.~Z: Zachary Minos Torvatus hated Davina at that moment.  He hated his father.  He hated so much he could barely see.  That this woman had thought him weak enough that she needed to protect him...that she thought him too EMOTIONAL?  Emotion was for the weak, he knew this...long had he been without emotion until THAT fucking cunt came into his life and fucked with the emotionless shell he had built around himself...then his brothers...and his father...his mother...and Annabelle...fucking Annabelle...Cain...Onyx Ice...he snarled, blinked back his frustrations that burned at his eyes threatening to melt them from their sockets.  Davina...had she ever loved him at all?  And why should he fucking care if she did or didn't?  When did he start to care so much?  But he did...cursing his father to Hell and back and then some because he KNEW this part of him came from Michael Torvatus...flexxing his fingers and snarling again.  "What is this really about, Davina?  What the fuck is this bullshit you're pulling now?"  He flexxed his claws, ached for her blood hot on his his mouth...smirked and kept his eyes locked on her angered features.  "When did our alliance crumble to this where you beg for me to shed your blood?  We never looked to harm one another before, Davina...why now such animosity toward me?  Why so eager for me to shed your blood as I did your sister's so long ago?" D: "Feel that hate Zachary? Feel it burning within your very soul? It boils through your veins, I see it now mirrored by your eyes." ~She laughs~ "You hate me now don't you Love?" ~She could see clearly in his eyes what was passing through his mind. She could sense that he questions her once admitted love for him. She laughed.~ "Did I love you Zachary? Tell me Lover did it ever really matter?" ~Her empathy allowed her to feel the very aching he held within, the anger he held for every one who had ever made him feel anything. The closer his shield burn towards her the more hate she could feel radiating off of it. She could feel the want he had for her blood to sizzle on his skin. For a moment she wondered if he could even remember the way she taste.~ "Tell me Zachary do you recall the warmth of my blood? The intoxicating taste as it once lingered on your tongue, the way it enticed you to indulge in more?" ~She inhales deeply knowing she is hitting more than just a few nerve with him, and unsure if the damage she is inflicting can be undone once she reveals the truth of her  insistent battle with him. She hated doing this but she knew it was the only way to be sure he would not falter~ "Still you plead with me for reasoning?" ~She laughs~ "Don't you get it? Our alliance is over!" ~Though she knew she would regret her next words, but it was the only way, though his trust in her would always be in question.~ "Your weak Zachary and once I have ended your existence, I will end hers, your new lover. I will take great pleasure in her screams, more so than any other victim including our slayer!" ~Her words cut deeply into her own soul, no turning back now.~~She began to chant in an unknown tongue and dark clouds began to form over head. First a light shower progressing into full thunderstorm. Using her manipulation power she forced the water from the forming puddles and that from the falling rain into a burst of extinguishing liquid, thrusting it into the flames of his shield.~Z: "Our alliance is over!" The words hurt more than he had expected them to. All at once afraid that he was as weak as she said...regret came crashing in and tightened his chest where he couldn't breathe. Davina had been the last one...the only one that he had never thought would betray him. Yet here it was...Zach's fists tight at his sides, the flames burning hot enough that even he might feel it. Eyes narrowed he watched Davina through the shimmering air that surrounded them...speaking of HIS weakness and threatening Atiyana...his Atiyana who had rescued him from near death when she could have easily drained him dry after the ambush of the demon slayers..."You speak of MY weakness when you were the one to beg out my name as you lay broken on the rocks from some unknown danger you have yet to explain to me." He growled, fangs he rarely ever let drop prominent now, eyes flashing icy cold in contrast to the heat that poured off him in thick suffocating waves. "I have risen out of the shit to the status of King of Hell, Davina. I have survived through more than you could ever fucking dream and you dare call ME weak?? You lose an important ally with your callous words, bitch!"He knew the chant...could not place the words but knowing what she was he knew what was coming. Puddles seeped upward...the moisture in the air collecting around her only to be thrust at his shield. Zach laughed, teleporting from within his own shield which went out with an angry hiss at the deluge of water that crashed into it, reappearing behind her with his lips pressed close to her ear barely touching her but to swipe her hair back that she could feel his breath hot against her skin. "Davina..." A single claw traced light against her neck, the sharp razor edge cutting a small line of blood upon her alabaster skin. "You would be the biggest fool for calling to me after so long to help you only to wind up dead at my hand. Have three years and whatever sort of beating you received dulled your mind this much? Or is there more to this little foreplay than meets the eye?" D:  "Yes I speak of your weakness. Because even though it was I who lay broken on the rocks, it was your weakness that compelled you to come to me. It was your empathy, your emotion, your weakness that lifted me into your arms and healed me in that bed."~His eyes so cold, so abusive to her soul as they stare with building rage. Bonds of seemingly broken alliance, of broken love, of broken friendship, of broken trust felt through his eyes piercing her to the core.~ "You believe my words to be so callous Zachary my love, you should know by now my words are never without intent." ~Her own words cutting deep within herself. The emerald color flickers slightly through the milky haze that consumes her iris momentarily divulging the suffering pain of her actions.~~The flood of the extinguishing liquid dissolved his shield of flames, as she knew it would. A steaming mist erupts in the wake of the quenched flames consuming her sight.~~The faint feel of her hair being brushed back brought forth a pleasant nostalgic sense, that was quickly dissolved by the heat of his breath on her skin.~ "Davina..."~She shudders at the sound of betrayal in his voice. Her body cringes at the sharp sting of his claw as he traced a line against her neck separating the fragile layers of her flesh and lightly piercing the veins. The cold warmth of her blood as it trickled past the untouched flesh gave way to relief. Her deceit could now end. He had spilled her blood, little as it was he still made her bleed.~~The milky haze that had formed over her eyes concealing her emerald green iris dissolved and her fangs and claws retract. Though she knows how enraged Zachary is she turns to him without defense, she smiles one of absolution.~ "Do you really believe me a fool Zachary? After all these years? In all the years we have been allied, we have been friends have I ever been foolish?" ~Her words spoken calmly almost in a whisper.~Z:  "You are a fool now." He took a step back at the first hint of that smile, the Davina he had known as his friend standing before him...or another ploy trying to get close. Zachary erected the walls...thick, hard walls that would shield his emotional state...his WEAK state as she called it, that had allowed him to give a shit when she had called to him possibly dying from wounds he had yet to find out where she had received them. He hated her smile at that moment, the way she thought he could forget what she had just said when she knew how much each word she spoke meant to him. Did she really feel him weak? After all they had been through, could she really think that of him? "I should have let you die on those rocks..." His words a soft spoken snarl and eyes ice cold betraying nothing of the hurt that he despised himself for feeling. Had he truly become so much his father's son that he could allow words to destroy him so? Could this woman's opinion of him matter so much? "I give you hospitality in my home and heal you...I would at one time given the blood in my veins just to see you open your eyes for me. I dared to think we were friends...maybe that was not the best decision given where we stand now. But I am not weak. And I will kill even you, Davina, if you really believed that." D:  "I should have let you die on those rocks..."~Her eyes drop to the singed earth and her smile fades at the depth despair in his words. Lashing out as he did by pain caused by her own deceitful and agonizing words, could she really expect anything more or less of him?~ "Perhaps you should have." ~She watches as her trickling blood falls staining the scorched soil beneath her.~  "Perhaps you would have saved us both from the pain." ~Her words barely anything more than a whisper. Though she could not see his hurt clearly, that was one thing he was always so good at concealing, still she knew him and could feel it radiating off of him more and more the longer his eyes fell upon her being.~~Her words must now be chosen so carefully in order to restore the broken bonds. She lifts her eyes to capturing the icy coldness of his within her view. Only a few moments pass, though it seemed like an eternity, still  her gaze remains lock within his.~~Images of their intermingled lives play over and over through his eyes, so many times she looked into those eyes but never before like she did now. ~ "I would at one time given the blood in my veins just to see you open your eyes for me." ~She knew that at any given time he would have done anything for her, just as she would do anything for him, even give her own life. That very reason is why she had to kill that bond between them. For him.~ "...I will kill even you..." ~Those words, though she intended it, pierced so deeply. She could barely breath all that she envisioned and held so dear, crushed. She had succeeded, perhaps better than she intended. The anguish she felt now embedded deep into her bones. She could not gather the stability to speak what needed to be spoken, to explain. All she could manage to say...~ "He is alive... Aireus is alive."Z: "Aireus." That name. Zach winced visibly from the name of the one that had forever been like a plague on what they could have been. Always she was running after the ghost of Aireus seeking what she claimed vengeance against what he had done to her sisters those many years ago. Too much emotion gripped him now to deal with this new information properly...he looked away from Davina's crestfallen expression knowing that the words he spoke had hit home for her as hers had done to him at the fateful start of this reunion."Well should go running after him again." He sighed, finding himself a smooth perch upon the jagged rocks where he raked his fingers back through his forever disheveled hair, letting his eyes lift to the night sky so blissfully docile when considering what occurred beneath the moon's watchful gaze. Zach stayed silent for perhaps too long...he didn't know...trying hard to gain back that cold indifference that he was so famous for...that cold indifference that was so hard to find when trying to deal with his impossibly frustrating but dear friend and ex lover, Davina."What do you want from me, Davina? Spell it the fuck out because I'm tired of your siren's games..."D:"Well should go running after him again."~The arrogant coldness of his demeanor, she was once so fond of now made her feel so hopeless. Did she cause break their bond so jaggedly?~ 'Go running after him...' ~She repeated his words in her mind. Now as he sits upon the rocks so smooth raking his fingers through his hair, she couldn't help but feel as if her efforts in his protection delivered by the broken bond they once shared had been all in vain.~ 'Perhaps it is for the best, the way this all played out... Perhaps indeed it is time to move on from this realm, this stage in my existence.' ~She thought to herself.~"What do you want from me, Davina? ~ What did she want from him? She new what she had wanted but now that seemed so unlikely. A barren smile formed her lips, her eyes fluttered lightly fighting back what was wanting so desperately to be revealed. Cautiously she moved towards him. Stepping so delicately until she stood before him. Knowing he still had no idea what was possibly to befall her. She lifted her hand and gently brushes her fingers through his hair as she speaks in a whisper...~ "I did love you Dearest Zachary." With a final sigh, a mist encircles her body and with a splash of salty liquid she was gone.  3 Years Have Passed Since She Vanished In The Night * Zachary vs Davin by SNE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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