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ęclαιяvoyαηcε [GONE

06/08/2011 07: PM 

Owes List

I Owe to... Starters; Replies;Hysterical SpidermonkeyRenesmeeDazzling Vampire Esme


06/08/2011 09: PM 

My Rules

Here is the way I do things...... *Rp is to be in comments unless otherwise told so.  *oocs are to be in messages.  *Comments and messages get deleted after I read them. *I don't rp according to the WWE. Storylines are on my own ideas.  *Once I am with someone in rp I DO NOT cheat. *I will not cyber. Basic "They had sex" is fine. Details on kissing and and basic touching is fine. After reading these please use the words title.

Guardian Reaperę

06/07/2011 01: PM 

Starter [[reply in messages with the last paragraph copied and pasted]]

The sound of thunder and lightning cracked along the sky. Rain fell from the skies in a mass of pounding and noise. The ground almost shakes with the force of the elements above. The night was black and the moon herself was covered by the feuding winds and clouds. A small town below was dark and what lights that were on flashed barley able to keep on. No one moved in the streets afraid of the things that crawled in the night and in the storm. This town was a haven for everything deadly and townsmen watched from there windows with rifles.Along a road entering the city was a figure dressed in a black coat. a hood covering his face. The flashed from above showed that the only feature that could be seen was his mouth and on it was a small smile. He walked into the town toward the center which made way to a small park. In the center was a canopy and the only dry part of the land. There he walked and when he was under the shelter he looked up to the waring skies and gave another smile. His gloved hands flexing to his sides and waiting for what he knew would come. He spoke, and his voice sounded angelic yet held power This is going to be one hell of a night


06/05/2011 07: PM 


Disclaimer first off - I am not Bonnie Wright, nor do I claim to be her. 1. Right off the bat, do not bring me OOC drama. I have had too many experiences with that. Role-play is not for OOC drama. It is about writing and being creative and even making some pretty great friends. I am all for in character drama, I love it, but OOC is a no no. Please don't come to me bringing me "He said she said" stuff. It will be ignored and if need be you'll be deleted. 2. On that same note, I don't blacklist people nor do I partake in it. I think it's childish. If you're having issues with someone, then hit the delete and block button. That's why they are there. 3. Now onto the love interest. I have one to whom I am loyal to. Therefore I will not have sexual relations with another male/female.  No flirting or anything of the sort. IE do not send me messages asking for sexual things and such. I find it annoying and disturbing. If you can't plainly see, I adore the person I am with! 4. My mains, I have them. That does not mean I will not role-play with other Hermione's, Harrys, Luna's ect.... I don't believe in shutting my character off to role-playing with other characters like that. My mains will come first though with messages and replies. The only character this does not apply to is Harry's. Due to the fact that I have a Harry as my love interest. Carrying out a role-play with another Harry [relationship wise] is something I cannot do. Having other Harry's as friends? Of course. - you get what I mean :] 3. That brings me to canon. Yes my Ginny is mostly canon, although I do make allowances here and there.  I love story-lines with twists and turns. Heck we need that or things would get rather boring. So I am all for anything fun and interesting, even if it's not canon. Now, second generations role-players I have difficulty coming up with story-lines with. That's not to say we can't. If we can come up with something interesting and fun then I am all for that. 4. Literacy, it's a good thing. We all make mistakes, I know I can from time to time. I'm not exactly anal on this subject. Just as long as you're trying that's all one can ask for. 5. Multi-Para and Novella is how I roll, but this is not a set rule for others. I prefer it of course. I love to write, but I also goof around in comments with people for fun as well. My outlook is this, I prefer quality over quantity. If you are role-playing with me I will not have a set length that you HAVE to do. I'm not that kind of person. 6. "You add, you start" This rule doesn't apply. I  have no issues with starting even if you added me. 7. Life can be hectic, we all have lives away from the magical world of role-play. Therefore my replies may be slow. I do apologize for that. I hope you all will be understanding of this as I will always understand it with you. I will do my best to get replies done in a timely fashion. I will never hound anyone for a reply. You can take as long as you need. That is one thing that will never bother me. 8. Don't steal. It's not very nice. If you want something, simply ask. I would be more than happy to give it to you or help you with anything. Those are the rules such as they are :] If you took the time to read them I thank you!

the remarkableϟ

06/05/2011 04: PM 


Disclaimer: I am not Daniel Radcliffe or Harry James Potter. I do not associate myself with Warner Bros, or J.k Rowling. Though I WISH I knew her, I do not. I am not some psycho who is disillusioned enough to believe they are a character from a book, or a celebrity they do not know. I am merely a roleplayer. I don't like it when people Godmode. It is ridiculous how many people do this. Why in the world would I want anyone to kill me? If I did I would have allowed Voldemort do it ages ago. But I'm not suicidal so I don't want you too. And if you hate my guts and want me dead, Get help. Or at least give me a chance to defend myself. Also no one is invincible. Nobody. And don't just throw spell after spell at me, and end the battle before I get a chance to respond. You'll find yourself off my list before you refresh your page.I Multi Paragraph Roleplay which is kind of long if you know what Multi (multiple) and Paragraph means. Which you should or else, why are you even on here? I only Para with friends If they allow it. One lining...ehhhh, not so much. Maybe when the Roleplay isn't serious and it's just joking around. Oh. PLEASE do not use computer grammar. If you don't know what that is it is this; 'hello harry how r u?' that's so annoying and overall, it's lazy. If you don't know how to spell, just try your best, but i won't accept less. I hate Auto-Role playing. Now I don't mind if you say where I am in the first roleplay unless I already explained that in which you have no right. Because it ruins the roleplay for me and like parents, it'll suck the fun out of everything. If you add me, I would appreciate it if you actually talked to me. I cannot tell you what i hate more than people who do not even attempt to associate with me after adding me. There is simply no point and I refuse to be just another person on your 'collection list'.Sod off you stupid muggles! I'm tired of you trying to add me! Or your stupid messages. No one cares. you're not funny comedians, and you can't sing you crackpot, amateur artists. >:[ I am a roleplayer and the sooner you learn what that is the better.Twins? I've done them before. Most people don't add characters that are the same as their own because of thieves. But I'm not a thief. I'm perfectly capable of editing on my own thank you very much. If you add me, or I add you, don't steal from me and don't assume I'm adding you to steal. I think having a Harry on my list to rp with would be awesome. But nowadays It's hardly likely to happen. Sex? Why not, it's natural, I'm not afraid of it. But don't expect me to just sleep around with anyone because I won't. I want NO OOC drama. It's completely idiotic. I don't want to hear it in messages either. It ticks me off. And its pointless. this is a roleplay thing, not some real life crisis.If you are the type of person who cannot make up their damn mind about who you're going to roleplay and continuously change your name and face, do not add me got it? its very confusing and I hate being confused. Anti-Randomist? *covers ears and blocks you out* I cannot stand dead-fish seriousness. Being mature and stuff is good yes, but you don't always have to sound so professional or be so stuck up. This is a place for fun people, not a job interview. Also, I am a random kind of person sometimes, so If you don't like that stuff... -shoots- No I'm joking...Maybe. Non Canon Characters-I'll roleplay with you, but if your character isn't fleshed out enough, and you just send me some random starter, It'll be harder for me to respond, and I might not even respond. So if you are non-canon, It would be better if you talk out a storyline with me and tell me a bit more about your character. You add, you start!!!!!! uhm, no. You added me when I requested, therefore you had some reason to, therefore you my friend can send the starter. I'm not refusing to start, but I'd much rather work out a storyline first. Random starters are stupid. There's no getting around it. They always lead to one thing: me not replying. Like the above said, I can get stuck, not just with non-canon though, canon too. I really like discussing first. Ginny is not my true love! Basically, I'm not just going to go for a Ginny simply because it's canon. I play Harry as best as I can, and I've been told I play him rather well so I'll just go off that. But my Harry isn't destined to be with Ginny. He can be with anyone I want him with; period.Oh first person, how I hate thee. Each time I read a first person thing I just think "ugh, Twilight style." First person annoys and confuses me. When you say "I" I think me? Makes me feel like I'm doing everything you say your character apparently is doing. I don't know why, it's just irritating when people use "I" instead of "he" or "she" or whatever. Not too many books (at least that I've read) use "I" and since I roleplay book style, that's just how I prefer to roleplay, a consistent style and for us to go from third person to first is just puzzling. Character Description: When has Blaise Zabini ever been Caucasian, peurto rican or a woman? Blaise Zabini is a black man. That goes for Dean Thomas as well. Seriously people, it's stupid of you to change them when you know what they freaking look like. And if anyone tries to add me and their character is any other race or gender than they are originally supposed to be, I'm not adding you. You know why? Because that's grounds for people f**king up this world with their nonsense. Did you know I saw the twins with a gender alteration? Yeah, don't even get me started on how wrong that is. For f**ks sake. But you know what? If I do happen to add you anyhow, and we do roleplay, I'll just describe them how they really are despite your default. And Don't tell me I'm wrong either because you're wrong. What's the problem with making them how they are? Yeah i get it that's how you perceived them to be, not J.K. But you aren't the author and it's not your character. You know what they look like, so don't you think putting in your biography if you're a Blaise for example, that you're Caucasian with blonde hair is uhm wrong? because it's incorrect? If that's the case, then I might as well make myself Asian or something. But people wouldn't add an Asian Harry would they? But they'll add a physically incorrect Blaise and Dean, that's just f**king stupid. I don't care how minor the character is, if J.k put time in to tell us their description why the hell do people go around changing it? If you read the books, you know what they look like, you know how they are.  Even if you haven't read the books, Dean is in all the movies, and Blaise was in HBP. You've read about them or you should have if you're playing them. It's not a matter of lack of photos because their are plenty of celebs in this world with all different races, don't even go there. So do us all a favor and play your character with their  looks and personality in tact.------------------If you read all of these, congratulations. you're a hell of a soldier for putting up with my long ass rules and reading them straight through. I'd give you a cookie but i probably like miles away from you sooo -gives e-cookie- If you didn't read my rules don't you dare take a cookie! >:[Signed: Kappy I have the right to change, alter, and create more rules. 

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