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01/09/2012 01: PM 

Char: Sean Eamon

Name: Sean Eamon.Alias: GhostSean Eamon, aka Ghost, was born in Dublin, Ireland. He is a world renowned inventor, a soldier, and a militant idealist. Sean fought against the British regime during the height of Bloody Sunday, joining the IRA, and working with a black ops team called The Saints. While in Austria during the late 1990's, Sean had a run in with a hit man, code named Wraith, who was ultimately revealed to be his father. Unknowingly, they fought and Wraith was shot in the head by Sean. Sean fell many stories from the chapel roof where they battled to the concrete below. He nearly died and spent six months in the hospital after the battle. While in the hospital, he met a woman named Aletha Mekshir, a wealthy aristocrat whom he fell in love with. The two were married a year later in Sicily. His son Cian was born somewhere in Austria in 1991. Sean had been part of a so called humanitarian effort to bring medical supplies to the natives of the city, but was in truth there setting up a drug smuggling arena. Sean and Aletha split up shortly after with Cian remaining in Austria with his mother and his father returning to Ireland. Having lost everything, Sean became the perfect soldier, cunning and deadly. His exploits caught the attention of the IRA, who offered him a spot in the governments black ops unit. He was one of the first people that were injected with an experimental serum that had been designed to increase strength and reflexes. Of the ten people that volunteered, only two lived, the other being another young man by the name of Regan Riley. The two became fast friends although they had totally different backgrounds and were assigned to the Saints leadership. The process however drove Sean to the point of psychotic with his work as an inventor being the only thing he could focus on. On a mission in America, Sean attempted to kill Clint Barton at Lync Gevoel's request. The was a bid for revenge on an incident that had happened a few years earlier when Lync's partner, Scream was brutally murdered by Niesa Smyth. Although it seemed his mission was a success, Clint Barton was rescued by Joel Masters and Sean was exiled to the United States. During this time, Sean became a prominent member in the drug cartels of New York. During a mission by Hawkeye and Powergirl to retrieve the documents called the 7 Day Theory, Sean Eamon was attacked and beat to death by Power Girl at his own safe house. His body was retrieved by Lync Gevoel and his mental imprints transferred to his son Cian in hopes of retrieving the information that was lost in the documents. However, as fate would have it, the time traveling old man Hawkeye returned in the past too warn Sean before his death could happen which gave him time to prepare. Arrangements were made with the Hand to revive him when his death occurred. His whereabouts now are unknown and only a few know of his new found life. Powers: Known superhuman abilitites: Sean is a mutant with a superhuman intuitive talent for inventing mechanical devices. His mutant ability functions as perception, as he possesses the ability to visually perceive "mechanical energy" (the kinetic energy and potential energy present in the components of mechanical systems) in action. This power allows Sean to instinctively know and understand the potential and functional operations of any machine or technological device in his visual range, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence allows him to conceive, design and build mechanical devices; and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for it. Sean's superhuman talent does not mean that he is a greater inventor than geniuses such as Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, or Anthony Stark, none of whom owe their talent for invention to mutation. But even a genius at invention must for the most part consciously work out the theoretical principles behind the invention and then the design of the invention itself through a series of logical steps. In Sean's case, however, many of these logical steps would be worked out by his subconscious mind. Hence, Sean himself might not be entirely aware of exactly how he figured out how to create an invention of his. His abilities with machines are not just limited to inventions however. Sean has also shown the ability of communicating and commanding any machinery. This includes but is not limited to cellphones, guns, telephones, watches, televisions, and radios. It should be noted that just because he commands or communicates with a machine doesn't necessarily mean that a machine will obey or tell the truth. Sean has also gained peak human strength and near bulletproof skin due to a super soldier serum that he recieved in an experimental project. Sean is also a very gifted marksman and hunter.


01/09/2012 01: PM 

Chance Industries

 Chance Industries:Chance Industries is the result of five generations of Eamon clan family investments and is owned currently by it youngest member, Cian Eamon. This company was created to be the worlds leading private developer of weapons technology. It is a government contracted company who works in conjunction with the government and has many other contracts with countries and global peacekeeping organizations throughout the world including the UN and NATO. This company falls under the Irish banner and also designs,builds,and funds the operations of several foreign organizations. It employs well guarded but respected research labs in various nations all over the world and allows them to bypass regulations and governmental oversight. In this manner Chance Industries broke technological barriers of most leading developers.Chance Industried was originally founded in 1752 by Ian Eamon as a Naval Gun Foundry. Until five years ago, it's head engineer, inventor, and CEO had been Sean Eamon until various mental disorders caused his fall from power.Over the years Chance Industries product line has moved beyond machine guns and tanks and now includes nano-scale technology, directed energy weapons, and force barrier defenses. This is a listing of weapons products which include:*AGP (Anti Gravity Pods)* Cloaking and Teleportation Technology * Networking Technologies• Time Dampeners* Molecular Reducer/Enlarger* Weapons Research and Production for Military


01/09/2012 12: PM 

((Characters I will be roleplaying...

....from this profile...this is a work in progress so please bare with me. ^_^ They will be written into story lines but I wanted people to know what the characters are all about and who they are. They will be added here as they are introduced. All of these characters are my creations in rp, just so everyone knows.))Name: Cian Eamon. Cian Eamon was born somewhere in Austria in 1988 to wealthy aristocrat Aletha Mekshir and Sean Eamon, one of the leaders of the IRA sanctioned organization, The Saints. Sean had been part of a so called humanitarian effort to bring medical supplies to the natives of the city, but was in truth there setting up a drug smuggling arena. His mother and father split up shortly after with Cian remaining in Austria and his father returning to Ireland. He was a normal child during this time until he reached his teen aged years. The first sign of his gift arising was when his mother caught him sleeping while levitating above his bed. Shortly after, she relocated with Cian to Ireland where she believed he could get the help she thought he needed.When they arrived, it was soon known that Sean wanted no part of Aletha although he was infatuated with Cian's gift and knack for electronics. This was the time when Cian learned of his father's loyalty to his country and Sean's image as a hero to the unspoken cause. Sean's numerous missions were kept a secret from Cian though. His mother only let Cian around his father in the workshop where Sean usually focused long enough on various projects long enough to keep his sanity. In the meantime, Cian was treated as Irish and was soon made a citizen due to his father's heritage and wealth. He was also considered the chosen one because of his gifts and a strange birthmark he had, one that many of the religious factions within the IRA considered the brand of God. His training was done by operatives within the Saints but his mother was always nearby to oversee his care.Sean Eamon was killed during a hiatus in the United States a few years later, and Cian, now of legal age was the benefactor of his wealth and inventions.  The actual murderer of his father has been kept a secret from him but during the funeral, his meaning and anger was evident in his voice although many did not understand his old Gaelic tone. Shortly after, he found out his father was not dead but in turn was in a coma and volunteered for a special process of his father's design, a dna transference to digital brain impulses. DNA was gathered from several historical figures, Napoleon Bonaparte, Grigori Rasputin, and Bennet de Paris to name a few. The process was a complete success and he picked up the experience and knowledge of the subjects. However, there was a catch as his father's mental implant was included as well at Cian's request. His thought was that his father would live on in a way through him. He was right but not in the way he wanted. Cian has been dealing with multi personality disorder ever since and it is being dealt with by hypnosis to keep his father's consciousness at bay.  Cian has said he is going to avenge his father's death and promised to focus on his training. He has taken over the business that belonged to his father and has made it a prominent name in technology again in a few months. Now, he is staying close to his new mentor Dominic Lyncoln and his personal instructor, Alana.Powers & Abilities:Cian is a psionic with unlimited potential but lacks the training. He is more instinct at the moment. However, he is a technological genious like his father and has all of his inventions at his disposal. The most important being teleportational devices and weaponry. He has a premonition ability that seems to be a second sense but allows him to see things a few seconds before they happen.

Akasha~The Divine

01/08/2012 10: PM 

|Connections Needed|

EnkilKhaymanAzimMaharet MekareMariusPandora - filled.Lestat

Andros™ -Red Space Ranger-

01/08/2012 02: PM 

Why I decided to not post any rules.

Those of you who do not know this about me, I started role-playing on myspace on June 23rd, 2006. Now that it's 2012, it's been near 6 years I've been doing this. Ironically, the first thing I did was Power Rangers as well. No, I am no stranger to the Power Rangers verse. I recently deleted another Power Ranger profile on this site, ending my time as another Ranger that I've played since 2007 on myspace.Anyway, there was a time where writing a rules blog actually meant something. Oh yes, it did. But over time, things became...bullshit. Having a rules blog up is one of them, sort of. Not completely, if you feel that it's needed, go ahead, post one. But one always include the following "NO DRAMA!" or anything in between those lines. Now, I know that not everyone does that. But think long and hard about it. Ever notice the people who keeps saying that stuff are ALWAYS in a shit load of drama themselves?I have found my ways around drama. We all know it's not always avoidable. But the people who mainly said NO DRAMA! gave that a bad meaning. Now, for rules blogs. I do not mind the "no god modding" thing. That's needed to be said. As well as other things. But the no drama thing has been shit on so many times, and guess what? YOU'RE HEARING THIS FROM A GUY WHO ROLE-PLAYS A POWER RANGER! But Power Rangers is not the only thing that I RP. Just started out in it and can't resist returning to it after I take a break from it. I have a lot of love for the show and this verse. But I can tell you, next time you see "NO DRAMA!" in a blog, it depends on how well you know that person. Other wise, ignore it. It has no meaning anymore.That is my take on it. And that is why I won't make a rules blog because that's the main thing stated in most of them. That is all.Want to chat? Here is my Screen Name on AIM - RedSpaceRanger1-Writer behind Andros.

Here to help make Power Rangers RP over the top and fun again

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