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07/04/2011 12: PM 

The Creed

Rule.[rool]-n & v1. a principle to which an action conforms or is required to conform.2. a prevailing custom or standard: the normal state of things.3. government or dominion (under British rule; the rule of law)First and foremost, I don't respond to those that delete comments after replying. I often need to see what I wrote last and cannot do so if my comment is no longer there. Also, my private SL with the other half is exactly that, my private SL. The rest of you can rest assured you will meet the Draco you all love to hate. And last but not least. I'm ENGLISH in real life, I know right, shocker. For that reason, I'll be using the ENGLISH spellings of words. Now, as a roleplayer, I really shouldn't have to write rules, however, in the nine years I've been roleplaying, some still cannot grasp the basic concept of roleplay etiquette. 1. I RARELY roleplay next gen. Playing an adult Draco hasn't appealed to me in the past, and it doesn't appeal to me now. Feel free to simply chat with me, but know that that's probably all it will ever be as I refuse to stray into next gen and adult Draco. If you're not satisfied, then feel free to delete me. It makes no difference either way.2. I tend to be a multi-para/novella roleplayer, however, I only stray into novella when a storyline has need for it, and things cannot be put into a few mere paragraphs alone. Do not feel as though you have to write me a 14-page essay to pass "inspection". As long as you can give me a few good paragraphs to work with, we're good. Quality over quantity. 2. Punctuation, grammar, and correct spelling are a necessity, there are no two ways about this. Now I'm not saying it has to be perfect. I, myself, am far from perfect. Mistakes happen, to be quite honest, that we may or may not have noticed until they are pointed out to us.In other words, if you, yourself, cannot understand a word you wrote, I cannot possibly be expected to decipher the cryptic enigma presented to me.3. Not so much a rule, but a pet peeve of mine, going back a few years or so on Myspace. Let's get this out of the way, shall we? Firstly, Harry Potter is set during the 90's, not the year 20whatever, unless you're roleplaying the next gen. You CANNOT Apparate on school grounds. The Patil twins are not both in the same house and both Bauxbatons and Durmstrang are not all girls/boys schools. Oh, as for joining in, for example, your third year, Dumbledore is not likely to whip out the sorting hat to cater to your character's needs. Potential pupils receive their letter during their 11 birthday, to which one promptly replies stating they will indeed be attending, or otherwise. You start from your first year, not any other. PERIOD! Don't even think about trying to work around that last statement. 4. Please try to remain as canon as possible. I understand small tweaks to help storylines along, but not to the point a character is no longer recognizable as what they once were. I've seen too many "sexy Death Eater" Hermiones, too many Voldemorts frolicking through fields of flowers (<--- I kid you not). Too many Emo Harrys, when they're not fawning over Voldemort, telling him what a beautiful, tortured soul he is. Don't take away from the core being of your character. However, apparently, I need to elaborate on this, as some still remain obliviously obtuse. We are only ever aware of one side of a person's emotions for the sake of stark contrast between the protagonist and antagonist. Your average being is not a one dimensional being and we all exhibit a range of emotions. If you're looking solely for a snobby brat, who has, to quote Granger: The emotional range of a teaspoon, then I'm simply going to tell you to go drown yourself fin a vat of boiling oil and gtfo my page.Non canon situations are a bonus. I adore them. I get bored of writing scenes straight out of the book, truth be told. A little creativity wouldn't go amiss, you know.5. Don't place me in some obscure location such as Timbuktu (yes it is a real location in Africa also spelt Tombouctou). HP:RPers know of all the likely locations. For everyone else, we can work something out when it comes to location. If you don't like that, then bite me. I really don't care.6. This goes without saying, no god-modding, or auto-playing. I'm a big boy now, and I'm perfectly capable of determining my own actions and what have you. 7. To those of you who only take up roleplay to seek a love interest, I simply have this to say "Godienaoplzkthnxbai" I haven't the time or the patience for those who only seek to roleplay as a means of bagging themselves someone to screw when the fancy takes them. 8. The bump, please don't do it. I hate being bumped into, having things dropped in front of, or even dropping down dead. It's uncreative. Do you bump into everyone you meet for real? I had more than enough knocks and bruises from my time spent roleplaying on Myspace. 9. Those of you who want replies instantly, you might as well turn back now. I get things done as and when they are done, not when YOU want them done. This is a hobby, an escape from reality for a while and if you don't like that. Too damn bad really. I don't jump to your demands and I don't expect instant replies. Whether reply instantly, in a week or even a month from now. I don't particularly care. If I can give YOU that common courtesy, do me a favour and return it.For the record, I don't make announcements when it comes to cleaning my friend list. If you suddenly wake up one morning and realise you're no longer there, then there's probably one of several reasons as to why. I don't want nor do I need to deal with those who suddenly decide to comment knowing there's a pending deletion taking place. Take the fickle attitude elsewhere, please.

H.Potter. ϟ

06/30/2011 12: PM 

Rulesss yeahh rules.

DISCLAIMER: I am not Daniel Radcliffe! Dan lives a very busy and awesome life, so I doubt he would roleplay as Harry in his spare time (if he gets much spare time). I am also NOT Harry Potter, seeing as it's not real -- shocker. If you believe me to be Dan Radcliffe or Harry Potter, please delete yourselves off of my friends list. Thank you!1.) I am a Multi-para/Novella roleplayer. This means I will not accept para's, one-liners, and whatever else you can possibly think of that are less than a paragraph. Please do not come to me for a roleplay and say that you're also a multi-para roleplayer and then hand me a half-ass starter that consists of three sentences. You have no idea how annoying it is, and I will NOT reply to you. Regarding novella...I rarely do novella though I have done it before. Your reply/starter must be BRILLIANT in order for me to get so much inspiration that I send you a novella. Don't count on it. Most likely, you will get a multi-para from me (which is four paragraphs up to about eight full paragraphs).  And please, if I send you something that's multi-para, I expect the same in return, especially if you said you were multi-para. 2.)  We must discuss a storyline first before we begin roleplaying. I hate getting random starters from people I've never even spoken to before. I'd PREFER if everyone messages me for a storyline rather than comment me. My comments are for roleplaying, so that I don't lose track of who I owe. Messages are for discussing storylines and some OOC stuff. Of course if you comment me about a storyline I will not ignore you, I'm not THAT mean. Just please NO RANDOM STARTERS. I won't EVER reply to them. 3.) As a continuation to number two -- Please don't comment/message me right when you add me and say, "Send me a starter." without so much as discussing anything with me first. It REALLY pisses me off. I don't like anyone commanding me to do anything, and no I will not send you a bloody starter! In fact, I hate it so much I'll probably delete you off of my friends list if you do that. It's demanding and rude. I once had a girl complain to me because I refused to reply to her after she demanded a starter; needless to say she was deleted and probably never gets any roleplaying done. I win! >:D4.) I take a while to reply. Get over it. I refuse to send someone a shitty reply just because they're waiting for it and want it quickly. Sometimes I take days, weeks, and even up to a month. GET OVER IT! If you don't like it then please, feel free to delete me. I've got plenty of friends, really. :) On that note -- do not message me asking why I haven't replied to you yet. If you do that then I'll ignore you and NEVER reply to you. Ouch...burn....your loss. Not to mention, I've got a thing called a real life and I take pride in that. I'm not on here 24/7, but I am here a decent amount, whenever I have time. Don't complain, or you'll be gone.5.) I DO NOT tolerate drama of any sort. So please don't start any with me, trust me, I always win when people decide to start shit with me. I'm H.Potter, and that's how it works. I win, drama starters LOSE. I promise you when I say I'm BOSS. So don't complain to me about your real life drama, your roleplay drama, or ANY drama for that matter. The only drama I accept is roleplay drama. That's all. So if you post annoying bulletins every five seconds about someone else, I will delete you. If you start shit with any of my friends, I will delete you. If you start drama with me, I will delete you after ruining you for starting shit. LEGIT.6.) Do not steal anything off of my page! I took the time to find the pictures and edit and all that jazz, so I expect you to keep your hands off. My page was done by one of my best friends and she would NOT be happy if you stole anything. Unless you want both of us on your ass, you better back off. It's called ORIGINALITY and you should probably get some. That's what roleplay has been lacking lately - originality. I've come across so many people who think it's okay to steal others layouts without asking, as well as stealing their pictures. COME ON PEOPLE. Either ASK or get the FUCK out. I don't tolerate it, and I will get you deleted if you steal from me. I've done it before. End of story. 7.) I am CANON all the way. I will not roleplay with Harry's "long lost sister" or "the child he never knew about". I also refuse to roleplay with people who have long ass names such as "Hermione Granger *raped, lonely, sad, suicidal*" I mean what the fuck is that shit? I am not afraid of going a bit AU with some storylines, but I will not stray far. I love new things, and no I don't roleplay the book word for word. I love adding new   things and making stuff up, but I won't get TOO crazy. So no, Harry doesn't have any love children, he doesn't have any long lost siblings, his parents AREN'T still alive, Voldemort is not really his father, and Draco is NOT his lover. Don't give me that kind of CRAZY SHIT. >:( Needless to say, I won't reply.* Just for clarification, I DO roleplay with original characters. 8.) Absolutely NO  God-moding. I hate it. Never ever control my character or  I will stop replying to you. In some cases it's OKAY, but they must be previously discussed if you want my character to do something in your reply. Please ASK ME FIRST before you send it to me. More than likely if you ask I will agree for that ONE TIME thing. Got it? Don't make a habit out of it though if I allow it ONCE. Seriously. I'll delete you!9.) I do need mains as I am no longer apart of any known RPG, Please refrain from flat out asking me to be mains - I'd much rather we talk, discuss a SL, and get to know each other before we establish such connections. **Updated 12/29/14. Subject to change as I see fit.**- H.Potter


Danse Macabre

06/30/2011 06: PM 

A slightly informative blog

Since I seem to be up and fully alert at the ass-crack of dawn, I figured I would post some information that would better explain Tamora, and the way I play her. This will be great for those who have no idea what the Anita Blake book series is, or has never seen Supernatural, because I incorporated a bit of aspects from both when making her.  Important Terms: ( Master Vampire-A vampire who has gained enough inner power to be able to raise themselves from daytime death. (I don't do the whole death at daytime thing, so pretty much just think really powerful vampire of any age.) Master of the City-A Master Vampire with enough power to hold a large group of vampires and the territory they hold together. A Master Vampire who is strong enough to control other vampires in a territory. Lesser Master Vampires must be granted permission to stay in the city. This vampire is answerable to the Vampire Council.  Is Tamora a Master Vampire? Yes. She believes that Draven being the one to turn her may have had something to do with it. Sharing power, so to speak. She just tries to hide it as well as she can, so that Jakob doesn't have her marked for least until she can find a reason to kill him, or enough proof to go to the council regarding his part to play in Draven's murder.  Could Tamora be Master of the City? Possibly, but she has no interest.  Vampire Council(For True Blood related roleplay, they'll be the Authority...they're pretty much the same damned thing)-The governing body of the vampires, and as a court or police. The council is made up of some of the oldest, and most powerful vampires. They thrive on torture, using what you fear most and using it against you, and are feared by most vampires. Their primary purpose is to rule and pass judgement over the actions of all vampires. They punish and destroy any vampire that draws unwanted attention to their kind, if the Master of the City does not do it first. (They are usually only mentioned in reference to Tamora's inability to prove Jakob's hand in Draven's death to the council, and how they don't take kindly to vampires killing each other...especially due to lust for power) Some Facts: 1. Sunlight-It will not make vampires sparkle...or look like they're sweating profusely like in that movie that made me want those two hours of my life back. Sunlight will do nothing short of making a vampire extra crispy. 2. Garlic-It goes great with almost anything.  3. Staking-Only one of many ways to kill a vampire. You could take out the heart, or even the head. Burning alive is no fun, either.  4. Blood-It is merely like water to humans. It is what sustains a vampire, keeps them not so corpsey. They do enjoy other food and drink.   5. Procreation-Impossible. 6. Being turned-No, a simple vampire bite will not turn you. You have to die with vampire blood in your system.  7. Will Tamora turn you? No. She does not want or need some fresh vampire following her around like a little lost puppy, just because she turned them. That's too much of a liability. She is more likely to kill you in some graphic manner, than turn you. 8. Feeding on humans-England's city Masters felt that the constant attacks on humans was drawing too much attention, so feeding on humans was outlawed. Tamora feeds off of blood from vampire-owned blood banks, though she does miss the thrill of the hunt...and the kill. 9. All things Twilight related-Forget it. I use nothing from that book that makes me want to tear my eyes out. I have read the first two, and it made me cry for all vampires whose reputations went from being scary and blood thirsty, to sparkley and just all around creepy (i.e.: Edward: "I've been sneaking into your room and watching you sleep for three months"). 10. Oh my gawd dude, like vamp blood is like crack maaannn-Don't even think about it. Tamora would be more likely to tear your throat out with her bare hands and bathe in a shower of your blood, before she would ever consider letting you drink hers.  -More to come-

Chris Steele

12/20/2013 04:02 AM 

Character History (Volume Six: Brave New World)

2010-2013 Post Season 4/Current: After witnessing Claire reveal her powers to the world, Chris attempts to lead a normal life in New York City. Getting a job as a paramedic, he works alongside Peter, saving lives. However, he eventually decides to show his powers to the world, like Claire. This causes a rift between himself and Peter, who wants to be as normal as possible. With all the focus in New York on himself, Claire, and others who revealed their powers, Chris finds the spotlight difficult and eventually gets fired from his job as a paramedic. Wanting some sort of direction with his life, Chris meets up with Mohinder, who was about to return to India. Mohinder tells him that he was put on this earth for a reason. Realizing that this was to help people, Chris thanks the good doctor and copies his enhanced strength. Eventually running into his brother, who is trying to reform, he copies his fly power from him. In 2010, Chris is approached by Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D., an anti-terrorism government agency. Coulson explains that after Chris revealed his powers to the world, S.H.I.E.L.D., especially their director, Nick Fury, has expressed interest in the young man, and that he was there to invite him to join the agency. Chris however, declined the offer, and after a brief attack by a rogue mutant, said that he would think about it. Chris and Coulson part ways on good terms and Coulson reports to Fury, that even though he isn't interested, they should keep an eye on Chris. In 2012 though, New York City is attacked by an alien named Loki, and his alien army. However, New York and the world is saved by the team calling themselves, the Avengers. While saving people after the destruction, Chris is dubbed, "Hero of the People", by the citizens. He then saves a man who is revealed to be Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Grateful and partially pestered by his assistant and girlfriend, Pepper Potts, Tony invites Chris to meet him and offers him to work for Stark Industries. Chris agrees, though what his exact job is, is unknown. After working for and with Tony for sometime, Chris is introduced to the other Avengers, namely Steve Rogers aka Captain America, Dr. Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, and Thor. After staying with them and gaining their respect, Chris is approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. director, Nick Fury, who states that S.H.I.E.L.D. is initiating "Phase Two" of the Avengers, and asks if Chris would like to join. Tempted, the young man declines, but states that he still needs to find himself, so to speak, before joining. A few months later, Chris is back in California, working odd jobs, trying to make ends meet. During this time, Chris witnesses an attack of alien origins and intervenes. While trying to fight off the aliens, Thor arrives and the two quickly send the aliens back. Grateful that Chris helped defend innocent citizens, Thor invites Chris to return to Asgard in a celebration, in which the young man agrees and travels to the homeworld. During the celebration, the aliens attack once more and Chris helps Thor defend Asgard. During the battle, Thor gets knocked unconscious, and Chris, determined to help at whatever cost, picks up Thor's hammer, Mjolnir (who has deemed Chris worthy of its power). Using Mjolnir with all of his might, Chris helps defeat the aliens, but at a cost. After defeating the aliens, Chris' powers and life force leave him, as using Mjolnir took all of his energy. Being the son of Asgard, Thor convinces his father, Odin, to bring Chris back to life, which the king does so. However, in doing so, Chris is stripped of all his powers. After being healed by the Asgardians, the young man returns to Earth, powerless. However, his arrival didn't go unnoticed, as S.H.I.E.L.D. was aware of his heroic actions. After recuperating, Chris is approached by a man who claimed that he could give him his powers back. Tempted, Chris goes with the man. It is revealed that the man has created a way between parallel dimensions, and that the man works for S.H.I.E.L.D. The project, which is code named: Sliders, uses the travel between dimensions as a threat-assessment, for what threats could possibly come in the future, or from another reality. He convinces Chris to travel with him with the promise that they could travel to a world in which he could get his powers back. After traveling for a while, the two land on a world similar to his own world, in which Pinehearst had perfected a formula which can give people powers (similar to the Fugitives volume in Heroes). Injecting himself with the formula, Chris regains his base power. Being nearly killed by an explosion, which kills his traveling companion, Chris is saved by Hiro Nakamura, who teleports him out of the way. Copying Hiro's power, Chris leaves that world. Arriving on a world very similar to his (Earth-616), Chris's device to travel between parallel dimensions is stolen. In order to get it back he teams up with a very reluctant, James "Logan" Howlett aka, Wolverine. During the course of their "mission" he proves to Wolverine that he can be a valuable ally. However, shortly after retrieving his device, Chris was fatally wounded. Before he could die though, Wolverine allows Chris to copy his power, allowing him to heal. Unbeknownst to them, Chris also gains Wolverine's enhanced strength and senses, along with a few other things. Getting another version of his sword, and parting ways, Chris continues to travel the multiverse.

Lara Ray Dunn

06/29/2011 05: PM 

roles to fill

this blog is out of character  no rp, lets keep it safe.   anyways here is the roles i need specificly, i always need roles and can fit things in but these are the two that are on the boosk right now as needing to be filled.   the first role is that of Mieka, if you have read any of my work latley then you probably have seen this name before. i was always hoping to have another person play her. shes a russian female that is laras closest friend and the one that is with her fior most of her jobs. please only inquire about this role if you are interested in the ggritty side of mafia life as the way lara and her is was taken from accounts of mpobsters on the low end of the chain as opposed to bosses and high ranking positions. and their will be plenty of opertunities for this as i like to try and do something at least every other week just to stay sharp. this isent a freelance spot, Meika is considered a part of the santagelo family as she would be in the crew of miss Dunn. the second role is that of ehr 4-5 year old son Roderick. the father is not around anymore and i have a good idea of all the backstory just havent got around to writing it out. if your interested in hearing more about whatt he role would entail or the story behind it please let me know, as i will be very carful on giving this out(more carful then meika anyways).

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