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12/24/2011 02: PM 

Rules of Survival

Disclaimer : I am not the lovely Tiffani Thiessen, nor do I have any affiliations with her. I am a roleplayer, nothing more. Also, I am not Ariana Williams, she is a fictional character created by my own imagination. 1. No God-Modding! I can control my character, I don't need anyone else controlling her actions for me, thank you. 2. No Drama! Unless it pertains to the storyline. If you start drama with me, you're gone. Simple as that. 3. Relationships If I am in a relationship, I WILL NOT cheat on the person I'm with! If you try to make me I will delete and block you. Also, I don't RP relationships with anyone under the age of 18; I myself am 25 in RL. 4. Replies Please be patient with me regarding replies. I do have a very busy RL and sometimes I just might not feel up to replying. I will get back to everyone in due time though.5. Grammar All I ask is that you do your best in trying to spell the words you type correctly. A few typos here and there is acceptable, it happens, but if I can't even read what you sent me because of all the spelling mistakes then I won't reply. Chat type is prohibited on this account; i.e. U, Wat's up?, etc. Leave chat talk to text messages please.6. Killing off my character Please don't attempt it without my permission first, I would greatly appreciate it. That's all I can think of for now. If I think of more I will add them to the list. The main thing is to have fun! RP is supposed to be an escape from reality, so enjoy it! Hope to RP with you soon!

Guardian Goddess.

12/21/2011 08: PM 

Rules and Disclaimer. [As of 12/21/11]

Disclaimer:I am not Katie McGrath nor do I claim to be. I am just a fan of her work. I am also not Sarrai, the Guardian Goddess. Sarrai is a fictional character. Rules:1. PARA-NOVELLA. This account does a wide range of Roleplay styles. However, I will rarely do one liners. If you are a one-liner, your replies better be good and enough for me to work off of, otherwise take your business somewhere else. I do not need non-creative people on here. 2. TALK. If you are a friend on here, I expect you to talk and preferrably roleplay. However, if you are one of those people that would like to discuss storylines before sending a starter, send me a message and we'll discuss it there. Feel free to send starters. If you want me to send a starter, just ask for one. I have no problem sending it. 3. REPLIES. We all know that everyone has a life outside of the roleplaying world and it is accepted. 4. DRAMA. Drama for roleplaying purposes only. This is a OOC Drama-free zone! No real life drama or well the delete button will become my fast friend. As i said though i love drama in my roleplays, the more drama the better. So, lastly, not much more to say, except bring it on, if you dare. 5. MATURE ROLEPLAYERS. Do not add unless your okay...sixteen and over. If you are younger than you have to be mature kids. This account will roleplay various mature situations [sex, drugs, drinking, profanity, gore, etc.], therefore you, yourself, must be mature. 6. CROSSOVERS. This character is an immortal and a goddess. Therefore, all crossovers are welcome as well as all time periods. 7. STORYLINES. I do multiple storylines and timelines on this account. Nothing is set in stone. Except that she's a goddess. All the info on the page varies depending on the RP and who I'm RP-ing with. 8. All in all, just have fun. Thank you!

τwιsτεd ιron

12/20/2011 02: PM 


Need a role filled?Looking for a role?(This will work just like the whore train.) We will post a role whore journal once a week, we will try to have it done every Saturday but if time is scarce it might go out Sunday. In order to be posted on the journal we require the following submitted no later than Friday at 9pm PST. 1. Name of Character2. Verse3. Playby [Negotiable or not.]4. A photo of the playby. 350x2005. The account url people can contact if interested. Please note that we will also whore out roles without photos but the picture links will be posted first, then the links.ALL WHORING WILL BE SEPARATED BY VERSE!

✘Orig Optimistic✔

12/19/2011 03: PM 

Current mood:  adored

1. Not Kelly Monaco, Or The character Samantha McCall-Morgan This is strickly a roleplaying site.2. Original Optimistic Samantha Morgan Since MS December 2, 2006.  I clame the name PERIOD.3 As Most of you see her jason left soo she not dating no one at the present time till she finds one she open fall all men4. Comments are hidden, Hmmm Why? You ask, lets see It's none of your damn business as to what go's on with my Comments, And Yes by the way I know how you can read hidden one.. So Go for it read and see what happens to you!!5. All Comments are for Rping, And Ooc go to messages, Unless I know you outside of rping other then that Please fallow and we'll get along.6. Don't jack my pics, I have them tagged and Duhh They have my roleplayer ID on them Duhh comment sense, you get busted I got after plane and simple.7. I have my On Screencaps Site  if you would like the Link to them all you have to do is ask Everysingle one of them are all update on GH to present date.. I will not post the link here..8. I have NO Mother at the prsent moment till I get one.. till then she has Alaric Saltzman as father9. I'm easy to talk to, and willing to make friends but don't be two face with me and DO NOT BRING DRAMA to my Pro either Not happening no matter how close we are friends soo be careful what you post, and don't bad mouth my friend you will get  a peace of my mind.10. I do Love Scene's Very graphic, but that's only for my jason and jason on ly to worry about not you.. 11. You Must Be Semi para/para ABSOLUTELY NO ONELINERS Can't stand them.12. Do Not ask me Ooc Who My people are outside of rping that will be by there choice not mine. don't ask that just beng plane noisy to me.13. Yes I have help with a few people on making there pro's nice, I'm very selective of who I will and will not work on there pro, If I don't know you Please don't ask me to help you.14. Orphans, Will not adopt or add to my pro, the annoy me after a while soo yep not doing it.MORE TO COME IF I THINK OF ANY""People that don't have to fallow are the fallowing.Kevin, Rosa, and A Few other's don't have to follow them.xoxoThanks much for reading theses

ѕpαяκpluɢ♃ {GONE}

12/18/2011 11: PM 

My Farewell to you all...

Well as it turns out the rpg I originally made this account for decided to start overand with my life as busy as it is I don't really see use in re-auditioning and keeping this page.As much as I would like to stay with the wonderful friends I've made,I don't see it fair to them that I cannot talk as often as I would like...though I found time to come online as often as I could,it just was never enough I guess...I may bring this account back next year, but I make no gaurentees...if you would still like to keep in touch,you can find me at my siteInto The Twilightyeah not a SM site and not even an anime siteJust ask for Maybelle though <3I know you don't have to use the services,it would just be nice to keep such friends...I wish you all the best of luck in the SM verseand I will promote SM rpers as much as I can...I'd really hate for the verse to die out...):well I guess this is goodbye then...

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