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Fievel Mousekewitz

06/21/2011 05: PM 

Fievel's Toontown Case File

Full Name: Fievel Bernardovich MousekewitzNicknames/Alias: Filly/Philly, Fie, FievDate of Birth: November 21, 1878Place of Birth: Vladovostok, RussiaCurrent Residence: A mousehole in a dirty back alley in New York.Other Known Residences/Past Residences: Shostka, Russia; Green River. Age: 11 ....Photo Identification:(Actual Size)Current Appearance: A small mouse with dark brown fur, and light brown fur on his face, chest and abdomen. Has a long tail and big ears, and is often seen wearing a big poofy blue hat, a red sweatshirt that is too big on him, and baggy blue pants. Sometimes wears a cowboy hat and a yellow neckerchief. He also has three horizontal scars along his back after being burned at the hands of Warren and an electrified bird cage.Criminal Record (If Any):Wanted for: assaulting a police officer (multiple times), murdering a police officer (multiple times), resisting arrest, associating with and aiding criminals, escaping imprisonment (multiple times)Known Past Occupations: -Artist for the Daily Nibbler. -Partner to Dr. Travis T. HippocratesCurrent Occupation:- StudentAccomplishments of Note:1. Came up with the idea that rid Warren and his Mott Street Maulers from New York via the Giant Mouse of Minsk.2. Helped protect a tribe of Native American mice from the greed of the Cheese Factory Owners and the mouse NYPD.3. Helped Nellie Brie solve the mystery of the Manhattan Monster.4. Brought Wylie Burp out of retirement and ran Cat R. Waul and his thugs out of Green River, saving the lives of its mice.5. Has successfully foiled (and survived) many of Warren T. Cat's schemes since joining the Toon Patrol.6. Voted Mouse Magazine's Mouse Of The Year in 1986, 1991 and 2007.  Family:-Bernard "Papa" Mousekewitz (father)-Mama Mousekewitz (mother, first name unknown)-Tanya Mousekewitz (older sister)-Yasha Mousekewitz (younger sister)-Sophie Mousekewitz (Aunt)Noted Friends and Acquaintances:- Tiger-Tony Toponi-Bridget-Cholena-Nellie Brie-Teresa Brisby-Jerry Mouse-Digit-Elizabeth CorleoneEnemies: -Warren T. Cat -Cat R. Waul -Digit (the bug) -Psycho Weasel- Rikia Blackboot (tragically she was his friend once)-Fidget the Bat-Cats in general Weapons:  - Cork guns, maybe the occasional slingshot. Fears: -Cats-Humans unless they prove to be friendly -Anything else that's really big and looks like it could harm himQuotes: ·  "Never say never!"  · "Somewhere...out there..."  ·  "You're not a rat, you're a CAT!" ·  "I'm talkin' to YOU furhead!"  ·  "Never fear, Filly the Kid is here!"  Bio:                Fievel Mousekewitz was born in Vladovostok, Russia, in 1878, the second child of the Mousekewitz family. Soon after they moved to Shostka, where during Hanukkah 1885 the village was attacked by Cossacks and their pet cats, and burned to the ground. Homeless and penniless, the family decided to take their belongings and journey to America. But, along the way Fievel was washed overboard at sea due to his curiosity about fish. Thus began an extraordinary adventure in which he searched for his family through New York, making new friends and vanquishing a cat gang in the process, before finally at long last being tearfully reunited with his family. He went on to have lots of subsequent adventures, like finding and protecting an underground tribe of Native American mice, cracking a big case and saving the mice of New York from a fake monster alongside legendary reporter Nellie Brie, and moving out west to help his hero Wylie Burp take on the affably evil Cat R. Waul and his cat gang.           But, it is after this that things began to change for Fievel. After the city of Green River, a town out west which had formerly been a mining boomtown, dried up and the humans left, the Mousekewitz family was forced to move back to New York. And one day, Fievel's parents and his younger sister Yasha, went out shopping and never returned. Fievel now lives with his older sister Tanya, alone as she tries to support the both of them with her young and blossoming career on Broadway. But it got worse; an old enemy came back from Hong Kong, the former gang lord Warren T. Cat. Soon he made friends with a crooked police organization called the Toon Patrol, and most of the occupants of Fievel's microcosm in Toontown learned that they were toons (except the humans in Fievel's section of Toontown, they were always quite stupid and oblivious to everything around them). Since then Warren has blamed everything that happened to him in Hong Kong on Fievel and has obsessively pursued the poor child for years; the worst time being when Warren forced Fievel's own friend Rikia Blackboot to kidnap him. But through the help of friends such as Jerry the mouse, a magical girl from the Real World named Digit, and others, Fievel has always managed to escape. Currently he is living peacefully in New York, attending school and helping Tanya run the household; though he misses his parents and Yasha dreadfully, and will sometimes wander off for days on end searching for them, refusing to believe they've been eaten by cats, or worse.

RP toontown case file


06/19/2011 10: PM 

Real is better than fiction for those who wish to know.

Let there be no misunderstanding before you ask me first and foremost I'll clear up a few misconceptions with you all first and foremost. I was not Sephiroth on Myspace or Sitemodel only This Sephiroth is exclusive to you will not find me being him anywhere else. Sephiroth was chosen here particularly because I could not get my old URL so your in luck. I love Final Fantasy to death so it was a easy translation between the series. Now enough with the small talk one last thing before I show you the RL me the real is better than fiction but it should not be the reason you add more nor should it be the reason you chose to roleplay with me I was not that sephiroth from x site or x realm im new to this role which means your rp'ing with a fresh slate character not your sugar daddy from any other site and now that you know without further ado. Yes Im a black guy that roleplays Suprise Suprise we exist its just few and far in between and now the basics just so you know plain and simple. I collect swords. Im single. Im Tall as fuckAnd I collect Asian Antiques. P.S: I'm famous I was on this tv show back in the day dont ask it was a small stint to get the fuck away from the roleplay realm and what was bogging down my life regarding it it was a fools gamble that paied off now im here trying to enjoy RP as a different character from the norm yeah yeah yadda yadda yadda and here we are now. If you need a name sake you can call me Terrence Seph Sephy whatever your little heart desires if your a dude call me Teddy and I'll drop kick you. But yeah ^^ hopefully that will explain the whole omg video games in between roleplay im a gamer its what I do deal with it. P.S: I take the Sephiroth role seriously so you wont see me fucking around when it comes to him like many others have.

Louis -

06/19/2011 09: PM 

Aquarian (credit Beckett's page)

Aquarians basically possess strong and attractive personalities. They fall into two principle types: one shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; the other exuberant, lively and exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the considerable depths of their character under a cloak of frivolity.  Both types are strong willed and forceful in their different ways and have strong convictions, though as they seek truth above all things, they are usually honest enough to change their opinions, however firmly held, if evidence comes to light which persuades them that they have been mistaken.  They have a breadth of vision that brings diverse factors into a whole, and can see both sides of an argument without shilly-shallying as to which side to take. Consequently they are unprejudiced and tolerant of other points of view. This is because they can see the validity of the argument, even if they do not accept it themselves.  They obey the Quaker exhortation to "Be open to truth, from whatever source it comes," and are prepared to learn from everyone.

™Shane McMahon.

06/18/2011 11: PM 


1) I am not the Real Shane McMahon/Ted DiBiase Jr./Randy Orton/Steve Burton/Vince McMahonnor  do I claim to be them. 2) NO DRAMA! You cause drama, you're automatically deleted. 3) My pics are private. If you want to see them, send an invite. 4) I rp Para/Multi-Para/One-Liners. I'm not too picky on how people reply. 5) Very Important! I've got alot of profiles, so replies will be slow. However I always reply. So if you can't handle that or you're going to bitch at me for being slow, then you're deleted. 6) If you need a Dad, I'll be your Dad. If you have a set storyline and my replies aren't cutting it for you, please let me know instead of me finding out the hard way. 7) I am not here to be another Jason/Shane/Ted/RKO/Vince on people's lists! I can't stand that! People might be obsessed with them, however that doesn't mean you have to add every single person who rp's them! So, if ur gonna add me for the purpose of being another Jase/Shane/Ted/RKO/VKM on ur list... Say hello to the delete button. 8) Also, I rp Jason as he normally is on the show. Except, I'm going to have Jake alive. 9) Regarding pictures. Yes, they're private. For those I give access to, if you see a picture you like Please ASK me if you can use it. I work my ass off to find rares, and I really don't like when I see someone else using it. 10) If I'm doing a storyline with someone, please do not butt in. If you want to be a part of it, ask me and I'll tell you what's going down and whether or not I'll let you into the storyline. Because having random people join in, fucks it up horribly.

Ghost Spartan SHIELD|UNSC

06/18/2011 04: PM 


SPARTAN-001|Stealth PatriotFull Name:(Classified Information) Service Number: 56327-91200-KS Affiliation: UNSC-Army, SHIELD, Black Ops Unit: SPECWAR|ODST Recon Unit-The Ghost, SHIELD Strike Force Unit Enlistment Date: Conscripted the day he was born Location:(Classified Information) Gender:MaleEye Color: Dark Green(Original Eye Color)-Blue (Changed during the Augmentation)Identity: Secret Identity Bio: Female Subject X giving birth to a healthy baby boy in the O.N.I Medical Facility on Earth the child name is Kyle giving him the designation 0-0-1. Kyle was kept a secret from his biological father know as Tony Stark, Kyle stayed in the ONI facility but supervised and cared for by an Army officer name Max Hawkins even any Smart AI at the facility. At the age six Kyle was moved off world to the Planet called Reach with other children from other colonies around controlled UNSC space, do to Kyle being a secret he never had a flash clone to take his place like the other child because they were taken from there homes and replaced to look they died naturally because of Kyle was secretly born and raised by the Office of Naval Intelligence it wasn't required. Getting conscripted into the military to be part of a super soldier program called the SPARTAN program with the other children meeting with a civilian ONI named Dr. Catherine Halsey and the military instructor Chief Petty Officer Mendez at the Reach Military complex. During on Reach Kyle started Spartan training it was harsh and extremely complex in there young age. Also doing class time inside there instructor was a dumb AI name Deja the teaching instructor learning about the ancient Spartans of Greece during the Persian invasion by Xerxes I from Deja. At age twelve Kyle getting biological augmentation procedure changing his body but the experiment formula that Dr. Halsey created was a different from the other chemicals to make him a supersoldier but the procedure was extremely painful but the wounds he had from augmentation formula gave him a healing ability but the other Spartans went through the procedure survive didn't have this extra ability it was just him. Dr. Halsey examined him closely and keeping a close monitoring of Spartan 001 in further of his training on Reach with his new super soldier abilities also told Halsey about every time he went to sleep he been having these weird dreams like he was in someone eyes seeing there life even seeing his biological father Tony Stark that he never knew about if felt disturbing to Kyle. Once finally full active and better understand to use abilities in the training, Jamie-027 another survivor from the augmentation and close friend to Kyle-001 when they both meet on Reach in the SPARTAN program and trained together. Kyle pointed Jamie to be the second in command of a SPARTAN Unit also Kyle getting a rank of Lieutenant becoming the unit leader getting there first assignment to suppress a terrorist rebel faction and capture a priority one leader target in the Procyon System completing the mission a success with no Spartan casualties but a whole lot casualties on the rebel side. Returning back to Reach they learn that an alien force attack the colony planet Harvest leaving a message on who they were calling themselves the Covenant, month later on board the UNSC Frigate Commonwealth en route to the Damascus Materials Testing Facility orbiting Planet Chi Ceti 4 there getting MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor the most cutting edge technology the SPARTANs the armor suits created by Dr. Halsey and her scientist team the only thing that Kyle said about it 'I call dibs on the black one.' Over the year Kyle been modify MJOLNIR Armor for his personal needs in the war having his share fighting the covenant forces with the spartan unit then one day the unit was disbanded and transferred because of the critical of the war Kyle was transferred to Earth under the command of Max Hawkins the he knew for six years before moved to Reach now becoming a four star general. On Earth doing lone wolf missions killing small pockets of terrorist cells on Earth like the ten rings and hydra organization even assassinations attempts being the protector of Earth. General Hawkins told Kyle a little about his family more on his biological father Tony Stark known as Iron Man given files on him the DOD and SHIELD  well as ONI even learning about his associations like Captain America even villains along with learning about some family member he didn't know about. One day someone found out about him gave Kyle a gift it was suit of armor similar to the Iron Man suit making some modifications on the armor with some stealth coating on the suit getting a promotion becoming Captain. Kyle was becoming the new Captain America|Iron Man but didn't want to be called like that instead the codename Stealth Patriot came in mind so it was stuck with that it made public of a new armor super hero better known as the Stealth Patriot what was kept secret was the person who's flying in the armor, people claimed it was Tony Stark or Steve Rogers in the armor but there was a little confrontation between Iron Man and the Stealth Patriot but it was proven wrong about Tony Stark or Steve Rogers flying in the Stealth Patriot armor. Worked part time as a SHIELD agent having a fight against an alien force called the Skrulls destroying two of there ships by boarding one taking over the command bridge of that ship and using that ship ramming into the other ship even escaped as both ships were destroyed. All files about Kyle are sealed by ONI nobody allowed to access his files not even members of SHIELD they need special clearance from ONI to gain access to those files.

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