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Grαcιoυs ♔

12/28/2011 07: PM 

Roleplay Rules

Please, respect my rules. 1. I roleplay para, and multi. I do go down to one-liners, if I must. But I will only ever do it when it comes to a chat, like chatzy. And I will do novella, rarely, if you wish. But it will take me even longer to reply. It takes up more of my time, and yours as well.2. Please, do not view my profile like crazy. I don't want anything stolen, and I do not want to see you stalking my profile. I do watch to see who all views it. And please, I do have it turned off so it does not show when I view your profile. I expect the same in return. 3. As I said before, do not want to see/hear/think/etc of anyone stealing my things. I've worked hard on my storyline, even though not all of it has been put out to the public. You've got a mind of your own, why don't you try using it sometime. Don't steal my pictures either, not only have I worked hard on them, so have others. Besides, they have my logo all over them, so it's just a waste of your time.4. When you roleplay, use proper grammar. Spell things right, there is a dictionary you know. Don't use stupid shit like, "u" "yeh" "weez", etc. And use proper punctuation. There is a difference between "your" and "you're" I do realize we're all humans, and we all make mistakes; but you can sure as hell try.5. I've been roleplaying for years. I don't want bothered with your idea of a roleplay being where I meet some random person while I'm out shopping. No, that's not interesting at all. I realize my character is Narnian, but I am open to other roleplays as I choose so. Don't bother to complain if I choose not to roleplay with you, or if I don't want to roleplay what you want to. It needs to be interesting for BOTH of us. 6. I do not accept and/or roleplay with anime or cartoons. It's just a ridiculous thought to me, and things will never feel right. If I get close enough to someone, they will more than likely show up in my pictures, and I don't want pictures of Miley with cartoons or anime...7. While roleplaying Miley, I usually don't swear or get a temper. It's not in her nature. But if you personally do not like swearing, for whatever reason, please, COMMENT this blog post, letting me know! 8. Do not kill or rape my character. It's just ridiculous, and immature. If we are in the middle of a roleplay and you suddenly do this, I will not respond to the roleplay again, and the chances of us roleplaying again will go down tremendously.9. Lastly, DO NOT assume yourself as a part of my family or close friends. Don't even assume yourself as a friend! I am picky, and it will always be that way. Miley is a married character, and I expect you to respect that. I'm faithful, as is Edmund. Leave it all alone. And no, do not assume yourself as one of my mains, because chances are you're not one of them.  Don't ask me to make layouts/pictures for you. I'm getting sick of being asked. And don't steal anything from me. I make the majority of the things on my profile. -_-Thank you for taking the time to read this! I really do appreciate it! I won't be silly and make you sign this blog to prove you've read it. I'm just going to mistakenly assume you have, indeed, read it.-MileyAs stated earlier, please, comment this blog post telling me if you have any issues with swearing. I hear it everyday, and do in fact, swear myself sometimes. When roleplaying Miley, she only swears when you are really making me angry. Please, know that beforehand.

John Marelli Sullivan|Sotto Capo|

12/28/2011 06: PM 


05-07-2011 Epidermal invisible natures torn tunic natural cells were distributed through the swollen freakin stimulis of an unleash lurkin'--a dark crimson woodland reminiscents a capsule corall its' bitter corrupted outskirts forrest either/or eerie condemned vivid challenging corn-crops opened it's shuttered dirt executed path's mouths, at it's initiative beginning at the tunic stomach of the Bonfire's prior where-abouts staged it's rebellious quenched thrived 'party'. JJ's men's wear maverick sportin' rugged, dark bronze Timberland boots are slushed in mudd mounds thus indicates the action activities throughout the entire raw, rough events stamped it's random distributed unafraid noticeable tracks. Vivid swift maverick semi motion involved shifts of his brawny, possible copper tint of his man hues departs off one Fitzhane woman frequent brief attention to each one. JJ is damn set in gear in hunting down this Voorhees bastard, grind his legs off with one harsh blow at the limbs so he doesn't get back the hell up. What the hell is he gonna do after that? Crawl..a'bit muse vague imagination of that image of the dumb-ass crawling across the grounds with a hockey mask hiding his maggot infested rotten face underneath. Listenin' to these two woman, speakin back 'n forth in terms as ifin he wasn't standin' in front of them. ' What the f--...uh hello' comprehended expression explores his strong, manly face wrinklin' a 'bit an brief of his broad bronze brows; "Uh...hello..Amelia...Landa..Woa ladies. Over here, I'm JJ standing righ in front of ya'll." used a manly hand gesture grabbing both their attentions. Stifling hot as hell out whils't over one hundred degrees splashed even though it is over the midnight junction---unless it's an underlined reason for this random submerged symptom. " All we know is Voorhees is either still unconcious on the ground still where I last released a double doce of bullets in the back of his skull or managed to awake again." gusts a thrusted sigh outta his nostrils whilst initiating a walk forward down a cornfield concrete path. 05-08-2011 Decapitated snap snarl bestowed a weakened surrendering of a severed twig limb--at the width thickened size of a damn dead bolt, penetrated an combust a crush. Underneath JJ's over-sized left foot's ass, a motivated aggressive hunt on the damn strong minded urge in executing the maggot infested flee-bagged bastard. Crusted dried leaves cluttered raw an clustered a layer over random areas suffocating the corn-crops path hard compressed soil, pulverized at the turmoil of walkin'-movin' action forward at the mosh of a leading route. Prosecuting liquid unleashed a slick diluted shed abrupt against the freakin exterior masculine main layer of JJ's male flesh---at the swift swipe of the back of his left over-grown hand prob. slapped up more mud scrapped against his broad forehead then reducing the fever inducing fluid that came and went ignored. " Five minutes at the damn most, til the opposite side where his maggot flee infested live...dead..." thrusts a sigh, narrowing his bronze brows semi an brief burrowed whilst he increased adrenaline thickened wrinkles against his manly forehead. A minute serious manhunt expression, sharply decreased--also spoke back over a hunch a'bit over to his abrupt left for short second as Landa is on that side; thus he answered her back. Vivid tundra taunted winds dusted against the sultic tainted turmoil tempature at the naked manly flesh of his broad neck whilst in the event of them walkin keepin up the whole march right into combat action. We've got the terrain expedite woodland derailed in detour motion collaberated as a blended diversion is blunt, bold, rebellious at random--meaning the moon reduces a whale distance hidden without a matter of the fact choice as diminutive swollen clouds sail move claim in front of it. Decomposed bodies blunt stunk freakin worse when they're torched. Bacteria manifests inside the organs--starting with intestines and the pancreas---reproduce and release methane byproducts here in the middle of wilderness so we don't have all that shit in stoppin' that corpse ordous stench. Decaying body growing swollen steam build with foul-smelling burning smoke; releasing that noxious stink--yeah no argue there it was f.ucken disturbing. At the alarm guess of it---wasn't alone in the atmosphere, was it? How did JJ speculate guesses? JJ reflex instincts react, respond at Landa's small woman hand grabbing his mid-area of his muscular manly arm thus he stopped. Shifted his dark brown hues attention banked an semi motioned evolves on top of hers; a demanded cause for concern for Lt. Horatio. JJ sighs..." Your Lt. Horatio is fine...his cell is back inside the car. Your town sheriff has him there, where there was another freakin murder that broke out. It was a repeated on the scanner I heard earlier..." released a drop of his arm against his thick manly waist with another exhaled thrusted sigh..." It's like I said earlier, we hack-torch the s.o.b alright. You'll be brought back to your Lt.boyfriend. Me I'll be shipped off to Statensville for life for all these convictions, murder on top of it..see good news right? We stop these two, ya'll are safe get your man. Me you wont have to hear or see for good long ass time...and the world is thrilled, jollier then a fat kid addicted to chocolate cake." he stopped..semi tilted his head at the now distraction retained his attention lookin' around the bare corn stalks standing five feet over their heads. JJ retains a retrieved gun, chokes as the casing echoes. " where the hell is the shit coming from? "..........KA-PLUNK Sh-sh-sh-Ha-ha-ha shuffle noise submerged through the shrubs; wham! it's as ifin it never freakin happened------dead silence again. " We're gonna come up with a different plan. We keep on feeding his ass with bullets; all that is going to happen is the bi.tch is gonna come back. We need serious sleepin toxins--as strong as taken out an elephant to just knock his ass out." JJ started moshing through the same trail leading back where the cars are--trunk is still cracked open, he throws an axe back inside it thus caused it to latch shut. Out into the darkness--middle gut of what sustains as the aftermath silence from a prior Bonfire. It wasn't the fact those flames were gone; where the hell was the body- 05-09-2011 Uncensored f.ucken demonic brutal gore,description details the damn raw up-close maggot flea manifestation image that derails Voorhees rotten face. Skeletal crusted bones exploitive through gouge rotted muscular flesh that maggots continued a live feast. Gore ooze discoloration indicates it should be freakin blood; but it's a slime puss in replacement given the facial features looks as if the bastard got his damn face shoved into a microwave and it provoked hard on high tempo---all the bubble blisters snarl in semi poppin' movements involved at raw sight. --also looks as ifin the disturbed brainless shit got his face f*cked up by a sledge hammer hard hit by a coffee pot all in the same turn.Damn that is one ugly s-o-b. Decapitated crusted consumed flesh melted embedded into his head as plasma oozes a sewer color river down his torn open veins punctured in exposure whilst maggots burrow hives and/or thirst for dead meat. Mildew death scent ruptures a vomit gust at the same vast abstract of his mask; dead maggots are vomited or roll outta a mouth choked up in disincorporated seaweed shit up in there--ya might as well debate sniffin' cow-patties are better to take a wiff at compared to the crap Voorhees is stuffed with--straight up ole horse's corpse's ass dudes. Haunted stalked suspense swift move of the machete scringing an isolation of prior blood drippin' off it's ass sharp point. Destraught terror stares Amelia--Voorhees decides a victim Sh--Sh--sh-Ha-Ha-Ha..terminal tormented lurkin' noise intervenes... Plymouth's black steel bumper's ass is a vagues studied a few steps in the gist of the distance, back where JJ prior had moshed through the disturbed crop-field hard soil. Just 'bout determined to just throw the damn axe back inside the cracked opened trunk; except for those reinburst unleashed russell--shuffles in the cornstalk shrubs at near rear end. JJ dominant instincts spasmed to warn the threat popped outta of hibernation---crushed metal is ruptured with a retrieved vast force of the hatchet's hardened end piece in sync of the action process as Sullivan catches that Jason is standing right on top of Amelia without his mask; DAmmmmn is he one ugly Serious wrinkle rushes against his determined expressed manly forehead; shiftin swift from Landa then Amelia a second before with a bruted aimed forced hacks Voorhees head OFF-BOOM axe shards through the brittle bones; blade pierced through a fleshie pop sound echoed off as if it was an overgrown meatie balloon. THUMP-THUMP severed hand bounced sorta like a discombulated basket ball rollin' vast until it keels over an explodes. As ifin it was a freakin coconut it cracks open, instead of brain fragments it's maggots vomitting out. THUD! --the body tumbles over. JJ muscular physical image is provoked-taunted under a significant sheet of infected sweat; thrived penetrated severe head-ached unleashed penetrated a reflect on the pre-advanced infection broke out as hard as the strong-minded typical 'cave-man' battle this time JJ wasn't able to control it..." Someone has to burn him while he is decapitated." (now that Landa just posted and jumped in to conclusions) Landa hadn't assumed JJ is a jealous horse's ass; when all in all he was determined on saving them both from the damn foresaken hideaous night-mare reguardless it's obvious he should have had medical attention due to the infection he has had throughout the entire night. Instead that need was thrust aside inorder keepin' a focus retained hunting Jason or Krueger. Earlier at the time JJ moshed over to his car throwing his axe into the trunk wasn't the end of the hunt. Now I guess doing this himself since now Landa had just pulled out with Amelia along with her; he had a headless horror killer motionless on his back. All that was seen in the distance was an EXPLOSIVE combust flames arised in the center of the bonfire, thus burning Voorhees. Was it the end? Not quite--Krueger remains and JJ? A proximite motion creeps to adjucent left a inch or two near the outside of the path another couple inches from his car, unconscious as contaminated blood puddles brief underneath his muscular gut....... 05-10-2011 05-12-2011 Obsessed unsconsciousness established to a damn habitat unleash targetted symptom that an aggressive infection produced as a unresisted threat that broke---terminated Sullivan outta his own broad minded manageable sense prior to the unchained horror elements they've all experienced at the brutal Bonfire's damn out-rage turmoil of terror. Unafraid tormented wound collashed riptides at claiming a unfighteable war that landed JJ into this unconsciousness high graded sultic temperature induce fever into a caused condition forbiddened him in being responsive and/or coherent to people and the environmental stimuli out-poor of all the aftermath action involved---includes bein' transferred inside Landa's homestead, into her over-sized estates bedroom-----and exploited just about half-assed naked. Masculine-soild detailed man vivid imaged upper torso, all except for those pair of black maverick sported boxers clamped around his thickened man waist - as the one source of clothin' he's left wearing after just 'bout being stripped. Sullivan's body struggles fighting without sensible-quite though unmanageable to do that on it's own at the moment of this battle of an infection that called the shots at being the ring-leader or claiming ownership JJ's body--as an idea of it pudged into the mud the hypothalamus (a part of the brain) triggered the body temperature at a higher stake level.Compenstating for this by moving blood away from the skin so the amount of heat lost through the skin is reduced. Solid muscles repeated contract at attempting to keep the warmth, thus causes random brief ass shivers. JJ suffocated in a comatose-unconsciousness, caused at a massive scouraging river flow of blood outside and inside immense damn pressure that decreased the oxygen supply to the brain---oxygen that reproduced a vast increase to the brain as a function reaction intervened recovery whilst Lanada's Force abilities unleashed a blunt surging healing penetrations that kicked those damn dead serious infection injuries that also retained JJ back into being coherent, out of being unconscious. Bandages strapped a snake around both gushed injuries that are now repaired, unbreakable hard man skin--coldness seeped a moisture stained claim, abruptly against different areas that Landa applied those drenched rags against now JJ's undestructable muscular chest---that semi picks up the vivid movements whilst inhaling intoxicated woman flesh soaked into the thermal in Landa's bedroom and of course it is her addicting scent he claimed. Sullivan's opens his dark brown hues that at first studied the colossal wall ahead but not for seconds long though---nope he diverts the full unrestricted attention to his abrupt left where he reclaimed over the valid drop dead sexy, smart , steadfast Landa. Prespiration swelted a rupture against the addicting female, features of her forehead thus he had indications she had all to do with it--with him being alive.She kicked what serious injuries combust claim over him earlier--she destroyed it's ass. Landa's small hands, that were claimed on his upper broad manly chest were unexpected -reclaimed over with JJ's left over-grown manly hand. " Landa. Damn straight babe, it'll take all the fight in the world - not even it has the brass nuts to keep me from coming back, or to you. I'd never leave you....for that matter." detour climb that he trailed his left broad finger's stub tips against her arm until he, collashed a clamped-claim under her discrete sexy, small woman descrip. chin at leadin' her craveable blue hues to look at the detail reflection of his that he is grateful to her saving his life--but with the hint although unconscious sometimes we are capable in hearing those words whispered to us, JJ picked up Landa's soothing female voice that spoke into his ear. JJ is not scared addressing the point that he's been ate-up with her. @ A disturbed vague detailed, gore vector illustration promoted a death-blood bath havoc soiled--scattered brutal throughout the damn bonfire scenes' carcass. Voorhees severed impalled gruesome gut spillin' erupt skull, evident slanted a slained angle against a eerie freakin shit deranged lookin' landscape with a hollow horror viewed shallow barked, tree burrowed hard into the damn quick-mud habitat for-warned ground attached collashed underneath the ruthless soil to livid roots beneath. Dusk fearless menacing descriptive tree suffocated under a precised overcast midnight rebellious skyline. Voorhees erupt skull pukes massive clomps of freakin maggot infested brain fragment tissue--as ifin it fu.cken was a rotten over sized pumpkin with one forced sledge hammer whack! all of it's plantation origin orange guts would poor out with a vengence--well same disturbed image but this instead was closer to a corpse's meat. Oozing corrupted hatchet's jagged blade, dripped Voorhees prosecuted plasma--stained it. Sludged a side-ways position. Prior of it's use it is discovered slidded underneath Sullivan's retained obedient parked Plymouth grounds at cocked left on the semi inch apart of the cornfield path's beginning. Unconscious muscular over-grown physical weighted ass JJ semi absorbed over his own contaminated exhalin' out blood pool that is leakin' underneath his muscular six pack compressed torso. Radiation temperature scourages a massacre coat with a rage over his manly broad flesh--toxic boiler room sultic mist crawled a threatenin' lurk. Nightmare instrument noise aggrivatin' no doubt echoed, but unseen to where the hell it's coming from. 'All around me are familiar faces. Worn out spaces worn out places.' sterlin knife scrapes are heard in the depth of JJ's damn head or was it real? Krueger's devious amused kackles revived an echoed --and the jack ass freak is not a chance in hell to be seen. Meanwhile a backseat's plushed produced material is crushed under JJ's masculine rear ass end is claimed into it as a resort of the after fact Landa struggled but managed with all the immense strength she contains. JJ's lower man abdomen his belt is strapped a snake around the infected muscle flesh opened wound, pressured whilst her shirt is used to stop the nagging blood. 05-13-2011 Frederick Charles Krueger full disturbed isolated letters are violent crudded an engraving carve into the solid metal contents that combine into a hard-cylinder muffler's nose -- underneath an abandoned Sullivan parked Plymouth, adrenalin thud of liquid flushes a river flow into the mucked soil. Nightmare on Elm Street no damn sense of the meaning 'over' with not for a long shot - JJ destroyed ole Krueger's lap dog Voorhees, does not go unpunished when a deed is crossed and challenged. Unmarked man cloaked in a long tan trench coat is crunched forward spattering blood over a dead body. A set up trap as it's relocated an positioned underneath the front of the car as if the target was victimized outta JJ's doing. Logic sense since he is mafia bred therefore setting him up for a conviction, rid him off the streets or out of Krueger's is an advantage he will take. Eerie Krueger's villain kackles strain a violent urge through the distance, as the prosecutor turned around it was another hand-man for Freddy. " Good boy---ya" evil laughter he vomits out of his dead mouth then without reaction set in motion on the poor fool who had no idea his fate would end. Catalpult throw through the condenmned midnight air's habitat spleen and impala with a pointed branch through his gut.....and that was at the bonfire. Medium sheet layered blanket is strutted a tumbling fall, off the rear assed-end of the over-sized king size bed that JJ guessed it is Landa's bedroom. Sullivan's durable strength was restored back to it's strong-hold health---and even without use of her supernatural powers were there to heal him, still Landa had shared here energy powers with him which means she still had involvement inorder for him to be coherent to this extent at this point. JJ is grateful for that---had no choice, Freddy is going to be the cause for his conviction. Rent is cheap in Prison but it is not what JJ wants to do for the rest of his life or be charged for murders he did not commit. Sullivan is going to go out and hunt, take care of what the hell he needs to do clear his name for one and take down this bastard all in one--even if he has to do it alone that wasn't going to stop him. Semi clank noise is readjusted at the extent of his belt buckle clamped shut whilst he tossed on all his clothes. Recognized smirk images a fact that he acknowledges Landa and her mother Amelia had enough, they've been forced into the underground of hell in the Bonfire's unexpected ending. " It's fine ya don't need to explain Landa. Wash Check in on your mother, make sure she is alright...." adjusting his leather jacket up over his muscular tone upper torso, after Landa exit out of the bedroom he wasn't far behind. Jogging down the main stair case of the huge ass Mansion initiated a tilt at the handle he claimed a'bit with a contained forward tamed thrust he manages out the door. " Eight mile walk.." he grunts a muse mumble, starts walkin' down the hedge of the drive-way his vehicle is still a literal eight mile distance at foot at the Cropfield where it all happened. 06-05-2011 And this is the next Morning: A Nightmare in Bailey's Canada: Freddy, Landa, John Jr. Mattresses plushed upper-over sized double flap, surrenders an attributed semi indent due to physical masculine or stoic---man weight motioned involvement added. An abrupt quenched seized rest re-claimed against the protected cushion underneath satin sheet. John Jr's raw-naked introduced solid in detailed undestructable strength, and physical muscular descript.shape of his backside's shapened flesh induced a condemned claim into obvious comfort material underneath applied an surrendered. --you are like my own blood family to me Johnny. Our families knowing each other and us growing up somewhat together. Love you like a brother. Exhausted mumble Landa spoken her ground terms on the view-point of how JJ is subscribed an/or seen in her eyes--a different out-look or aspect on his general blunt obvious at the Bomb-fire JJ was blunt when he spoke how he felt 'bout her. Restless grunt grumbled inside JJ's cranium's instinctive core as he'd inhaled what he'd hear. Landa is damn right 'bout one issue though---ifin the tables would've been turned, yeah no doubt he'd do the same without debated questions or restrictions limited for how far he is reliable to go. Sleep is a no-go as far as he's concerned, reaction he'd dodge a short-ass hours worth that remains left for possible sleep. Bite the bullet instead he refuses arised up off the edge of the bed reducing unleashed strength bombarded into it a second prior--thus relieves the mattress of added weight. "Not afraid!" unrestrained raptured cell phone unleashed it's effected ring-tone. JJ respondingly wrinkles an expressed 'what the f--' rebuttled without blunt verbal spat out of his mouth, but the reaction staked against his face echoed it. Brief JJ haunched forward, a loose grab handle at his roughed-up jeans in order for him to succeed retrieving his cell he had cocked it's razor thin flap open between the order of his manly stub index finger. " Yo--" re-checkin' the center bar where he'd find out that the caller is unknown. Who the hell it is better have a damn good ass excuse calling. As a bold result as follows on the opposite end a voice was disturbed without a trace evidence for someone to even familiarize it's voice. " Hello Johnny Sullivan Jr.." it cackled. Aggrivatingly JJ bolts a broad wrinkle abruptly against his manly forehead. " so..jack-ass you know who the hell I am. I'm calling you bluff dude--too scared telling who the hell you are." he demanded, hedging a glimpse over to where Landa remains asleep he prosecuted his huskied voice to keep it silent enough for her sleep. " Poor..Johnny Sullivan. It sucks being you--you know what I want? I want to play a g--a--m--e. " voice taunts and tanked a cut-off as the cell phone went dead. JJ crushed his cell into the pits of his over-sized manly hand into a fist as he walked at what he witnessed outside parked in the drive-way. 70 Plymouth dominated claim as it parked in it's brought spot? What the fuck--JJ dark hues broadened defense aggression at a balls s.o.b standing-swaying tilted near the driver's side. Random dude cloaked in black semi torn material flapping brutal against the rare Canadian rushed breezes. Unamused a white-mask reveals to look freakin superficial but it was a ghost-face mask waving a butcher knife in his right hand. " Ok..ok jack-ass I've got weapons too." thrusting his bulked roughed jeans on man-handling a firearm. 06-07-2011 And this is the next Morning: A Nightmare in Bailey's Canada: Freddy, Landa, John Jr. Distributed nourished draft, curried through splintered cracks that'll use for slits for cool mid-northern Canadian breeze to accept an invitation inside sultic-contained shelter. Landa couldn't protest or even felt John Jr repositioned on her opposite end of the bed without stealing her outta being comfortable: and content to irresistible quenched acquired rest. Draped a fraction of the lose double knotched sheets--it's hot in the rooms gigantic spacious habitat. Patted underneath in splattered mud glotched an attached nag against his retrieved up off the floor, levi jeans he tossed on. Vivid steel latched echoes a replica of a brief stern hindge locked--indiciates a sound involved in motion as he snapped shut his belt's buckle, as a final ware to dress up with 'cause his short sleeved shirt was tossed on a second prior. --JJ is gonna do Landa a self-less favor, instead of acting on his own intendicies of repeatingly bleeding his deep and personal heart out. A ship of red-blooded American women, can attempt to fight a battle over for his attention, but they'll figure out it ain't gonna happen. A written enveloped paper he found on her night stand he made, with a thornless single pink rose still on it's stem and with a final move he left it on her covered stomach so she'd spot first thing come dawn. JJ claims a resource of instinctive, natural manners especially focused on the female species: he had never allowed himself out there, on the deep level of expressing emotional feelings unleashed out on to the surface --until he admitted to Landa. No JJ hadn't lost his respect for the female race or mankind--this so-called 'favorite' word assumed to be his favorite wasn't out of being upset or mad if considered the situation on the whole horror problem with Nightmare on Elm street that threatened not just the entire town, but also Landa and her mother who he rescued was respectful towards them.Any sane person, would react out when it's detected one's they care about and give up their life for is threatened . I guess I just got lost, bein' someone else. Accurate semi-motion control is converted underneath the retained handle at the steering wheel, under-covered of JJ's left manly hand. Stereo restored into the middle console barked a vague attribute to some music. Matter of fact ironic a '3 doors down' Let Me Be Myself song timidly echoed at it's medium volume.I tried to kill the pain nothing ever helped. Somewhere along the way, hoping to come back around to find myself someday.Lately i'm so tired of waiting for you to say that it's ok, but tell me please, would you one time just let me be myself. So i can shine with my own light, let me be myself would you let me be myself. I'll never find my heart, behind someone else ...I'll never see the light of day, living in this cell. It's time toe make my way into the world I knew. Take back all of these times, that i gave in to you -- 'clip' reverse as a knob is swiftly jolted so the music recieved it's shut off. Landa is not falling head over hills in love with JJ Sullivan because her writer refuses to allow her to see what a out-standing character John Sullivan Jr is. JJ is not a bad guy! Come on he willingly choose to give up his freedom if that is what it took to save residents in Bailey Downs from Freddy K. If everyone was hoaxed in believing that it was JJ Sullivan instead of remembering Freddy, thus preventing him to have the power to submerge into the real world. Now when the one person Johnny has loved and trusted the most is taken away then he swallows the depth of his deep heart and real soul---he did fall hard for Landa. She tells him that she needs him, and then she goes and cut him down? Want to know how damn deep it is? He'd take another chance, take fall, take a shot for her -and he needed her like a heart needs a beat. He loved her with a fire, and now it's turning blue...' motion is evidence of the crumbled back roads leading an exit out of Canada, into the United States New York border. JJ believes that he isn't good enough for Landa, that she's the type of woman who deserves better--it didn't matter what his pride wanted, his feelings it's something he's got to deal and live with on his own--and he will do that because he loves her that much. @ 06-14-2011 Jamie, John Sullivan Jr. Xavier Institute best cut-throat known for obvious purposes served under Professor X's creative hand for Higher Learning --provided for 'Mutants'. Original construction was prosecuted on a deceitful sorry excuse for an idiot who unleashed a diminutive 'foul' dealted deck. Meaning the original building was destroyed in ten years tops prior to tonight. An attorney out for a hunt adventure for this damn culprit? Wasn't the exact reason or prime intentions brought on to JJ for short initials for John Sullivan Jr. (JJ). 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center in Westchester County, New York reinstated it's claim for a second construction for the well-'X-Men' institute again but this time it was tumbled on top of John Sullivan Jr.'s derailed attention to take on business responsibilities now that ole' Professor X retired! Retired? Imagine that random unexpected decision -and what was his motive for this bull dropped on top of JJ's masculine shoulders? Gr.Nana Lauretta wasn't your typical 'Mafia Wife' or mother of grPop Ray Sullivan nope she had secrets of her own so it seemed as Professor X bluntly applied at a brief recognition reminded about a roughly two weeks ago. A motioned in relieved release, swift bulk leather material that pertained to an over-all giovanni brand, navarre black leather jacket. Retained a lay over the upper edge of Att.Jamie Bourne's office chair she offered him that his husky jacket claimed comfortable over as he'd pivots sharp around the half-width length broadened briefly in reverse for him to get around it and anchor his weighted manly rear end into it with respect he slanted backwards abruptly against the cushion.Mild coy smirk broadened, a mutual responded note that it's definitely nice to meet her also. Business? Personal? Family? Great getting down to business -as the recovered discussed question earlier was brought up whether or not this was personal it was half and half. Business was more valid for right now. An imagine of his late great grandmother who was forced into the terminating fire in the original facility? He doesn't have much to go on--one image as evidence. "Well..Ms.Bourne, let me make an appoint that this is appreciated. Taken time out of your busy schedual." adjusted vividly, of his broad manly backside abruptly haunched forward claiming both arm rests with his broad forearms. Remaining his medium bronze/lightened brown hues focused with expression aimed ahead at Jamie. "A few weeks ago, I've got bombarded with some awkward news that has just about everything to do with my family and a business that was dropped into my lap." JJ started explaining meanwhile he dug out documents he provided her with of the Institute, handed over to her. "Xavier Institute. Original owner backed off leaving the responsibilities into my hands. I've discovered that he hadn't had legal protection, my guess is maybe he couldn't trust outsiders considering he was a mutant of his kind, himself. It is what I want is for you to be my attorney. Ms. Jamie I have done homework on you...and believe me I made a final decision that it is you who I want protecting the business. If you'd accept." 06-14-2011 Jamie, John Sullivan Jr. John Sullivan Jr. semi-validated a vague backwards subsided claim against minimal, but yet unlimited comfortable in relax mold cushion. Professor Charles Francis Xavier aka Professor X so the ole bald individual acknowledged himself to be called as. Supposed leader and founder of the X-Men. Xavier is paraplegic, although his body houses one of the world's most powerful mutant minds. For a random idea the old professor called it quits are subjective as far as JJ is concerned off his own lucrative volunteered and forced observation. Att.Jamie who reached across her desk, she collected a handed folder of sufficient documents. Sullivan frequented diverts examing attention that he'd rested across at Ms. Bourne permit her cobalt blue hues scan the papers - meanwhile determined 'sledge' hammer throbs were brief but violent inside his craniums habitat as a clear decided echo of an invasive an' random revive flash back unleashed inside the mind's core. ......silver iron thrusts a severe mass-destruction, steel shards torn with an attacked head-on collision conjunction. Layers underneath concrete layers implicated taunted aftermath communications at an unsettled near threatened fatal accident at the ledge rear of the Canadian and New York State border I-97 intersection. It's as if fate had an upper-deck a motivation hand at what the hell happened to him in recent raw events? Lauretta Sullivan submerged a retained recovered focus again, basic instincts claimed Jamie Bourne as the one who can help him through this. Headache disappeared as if it was never an issue: weird. John agreeable nodded, understanding the whole legal process in order for her to give him legal protection. " X-Mansion Institute for Higher Learning, it is what I need. There is one more thing...right here and now isn't the place. I'll agree meeting you here around 4:30 to sign these papers, but afterwards can you clear added time set aside?" he rised up off his chair, maintained eye contact with those gorgeous cobalt woman hues. 06-17-2011 Jamie, John Sullivan Jr., Landa: Westen Hills Asylum Nightmare on Elm Street scenario apparently hadn't comprehended a freakin meaning in retirement. Matter-of-the fact John Jr. Sullivan (JJ) noticed this obsessed fascination, either Krueger or these Canadian inconsiderate bas--officers he has perceived he must have some kind'a invisible velcro attached. Ever! since crossing those parallel state and Canadian border-lines the most ridiculious weird or more blunt damn insanse bull consumed luck has managed to slab some sort of attachment. Now where the hellllll was he?? Last thing JJ remembered was his appointment that involved Att. Jamie Bourne. Important business they were conducted with an additional agreement that she would accept an extra thirty minutes added to his 4:30 return."Welcome Sullivan." unbeknown serious voice performed off to an adjucent right, Sheriff showed but not alone he had his side-kick sporting off a white uniform. " What the hell is this? Are you serious Sheriff? Get outta here, I don't need no therapist." annoyed expression, thickened wrinkles abruptly against his masculine forehead whilst observing them on skeptisim. " You are in Westin Hills Asylum. Where it all began." doc initiated he had no emotional expression embroided in his face when he explained. Westin Hills Asylum meant one thing JJ figured out quick that he is back in Bailey Downs Canada. Meantime inside his active mind he plots for an escape without it acknowledgeable for either one of those idiots. Obvious to him as citizens of Bailey Downs they are doing their duties what ever it took to keep what is left of it's citizens isolated or from unleashing another Nightmare round--but this is an unnecessary move locking him inside a condemned isolated psych-ward's cell. Where's his cell phone? What the hell did they do with his personals? "In the 1940s Sullivan, Amanda Krueger a nun going by the name of Sister Mary Helena was a common volunteer at this hospital. Before the Christmas holiday, two hospital guards in a rush to get home accidentally locked Amanda in an upper floor of the asylum's predominant tower...along with hundreds of mentally unstable inmates. As a result she was repeatedly attacked and raped by the patients. Days later, she was found barely alive and brought to a hospital. She was impregnated by the hundred patients and gave birth to one child, Freddy Krueger. Short after his birth, Freddy was put up for adoption and taken in by an abusive alcoholic who was also partially responsible for the influenced evil of Freddy. After Freddy was burned to death by the parents of Springwood for killing their kids, also here in Bailey Down's Amanda Krueger hung herself. Amanda Krueger was often found in the Asylum in many people's dreams. You see for decades we've managed to maintain this Nightmare havoc in our town by isolating several individuals who either experienced or remember the name. We don't want word or rumor 'he' exists not until we can stop him. Right now our town, citizens do not know he has arised, causing brutal massacres as it is in the past months. People are lead to believe it was a murderer who was arrested and prosecuted. Amongst the others here in Westen Hills, you will be require to take Hypnocil, a drug that suppresses dreams." Pyscho physician Arnold quit his dimunitive explaination, blunt. JJ was scoping out his locked-down area without it being obvious to those two, he was accumulating for a exit strategy once the entire staff is knocked out. " I'm not taking no Hypnocil. I get it ya don't want me to go around blabbering my mouth of. Trust me I'm trying to get this crap into the past -- so guess what no problems on this end you need to be concerned about. I can be more of a damn use out there, then caged up in this wack-o joint. Besides I gotta make a phone call..if neither of you don't mind. You see there was suppose to be an important business matter I needed to meet with someone in about an hour." thrust an aggrivated sigh, shaking his head because he was getting no budge from neither of them who decided it was that time to run off with their tails behind their legs. Would be awesome if he was granted mental abilities where he could communicate to the outside world, but that isn't at hand's reach now is it?? JJ grumbled rebuttles inside his own head, paced back n forth. 06-17-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa, Joshua. Westen Hills Asylum engraved those supsicious, mysterious cryptic letters wounded a permanent claim into solitude iron gates - sported on the exterior of the Asylum. Institutionalized in-patients a few taunted shouts echoed a vomit spill throughout the crucial penalized, dark far-fetched halls.Awkward assed Sheriff Goodwin? Goodwin, JJ rebuttled sarcasm at the false idea in the whole 'underline' meaning of the whack job who is everything on the opposite of 'good'. Come on! John Sullivan comprehends he's mafia bred but it doesn't mean he is whacked outta his gorge or a dick. Attorney Jamie Bourne is going to be on hell bent, thinking he might of stood her up because he is suppose to be just about heading back to Bourne & Associates Law Firm to continue signing legal documents. JJ hadn't acknowledge Landa was accepted and/or announced position as CEO of Bourne Enterprise Records. No doubt JJ also compliments on her well-earned success, he should be out there taken her out to celebrate! Nope. Can't do that now can he? "" abrupt swift stop in his dominant track, JJ pivots sharply to examine brief at how equipped those hindges are. If the horror incident unleashed out in weeks ago are still a happening deal then hell no he is not about to take cover inside this Institute while his...while Landa is out there. JJ repeatingly thrusts at the bolted knob until with his extra werewolf strength impounded it enough to cock open--but now the spotlight question remains, how hard or how much of a challenge is it going to be as far is this place on strict lockdown? 06-19-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa, Joshua Welders disguised as unknown guards that were a damn blurr. Death and derelict nightmare derailed an Asylum with a presumed diminutive disturbed past. Westen Hills hospital complex remained a primitive effected lock-down section. Where he John Sullivan (JJ) snuck around in the obedient and lucrative silence sustained a sufficient lurking invisible sound cloud -invading on random through the urban width of isolated dark halls and/or white-consumed painted incarcerated facility corridors. Insane adventurers on frequent occasions walked passed JJ without so much acknowledging his hidden presence -suspicious demanding expression was blunt whilst investigating weird havoc--rotten bedlam of massive Westen Hills Asylum and it wasn't a difficult problem for it's sources intentive vibe to be nothing less of being questionable as in to what purposes are conducted on inside this far fetched dump? What is the underlined motive or heightened standard reason that these superiors decided on lugging his ass here in the first place? For what? Protect Canadian residents of learning Krueger submerged weeks prior? "Landa. Listen to your gut instincts...damn-it!" he gassed out a disgusted, aggitated sigh outta frustration. Not towards Landa of course not --if those igits hadn't stripped his ass clean of useful contact electronics, meaning his cell then his girl would learn where he is. If only she knew that he was nothing short of a quart of a mile out of her reach. "Wait..." he rushed under-cover over to an abandoned or un-used counter where office supplies were laid out on top of it's dull upper surface this includes a valuable appliance---a phone. One call transferred to Landa's cell would reveal the name of Westen Hills on her caller ID logical enough. 06-19-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa, Joshua Westen Hills Asylum notorious reputation reamed a crucial scare bought into the whole obvious: Nightmare on Elm Street remaining victims. One damn specific victim is none-other then freakin Krueger's foresaken mother Amanda Krueger who was a nun going by the name of Sister Mary Helena. Sister Mary Helena aka Amanda Krueger was a common volunteer at this ludacris hospital--ludacris is a definitely 'light' blunt term going about it. Westen's hidden truth for mis-treatment techniques became more aggressive with an increasing population. In addition to lobotomies and electroshock therapy, doctors at Westen violently induced patients into comas using large doses of insulin and metrozol. So when that 'far fetched' Sheriff put it out there earlier that before that Christmas holiday, two so-called hospital guards in a rush to get home "accidentally" locked Amanda in an upper floor of the asylm's predominant tower...along with hundreds of mentally unstable inmates were. JJ didn't have all the time in the damn world to attempt cypher an investigation process at this second - he needed Landa and she had to be alarmed as to where he is for one thing so she isn't jacked up in 'concern'. Although it is gonna be difficult given what Landa is about to discover of his where'abouts. Rustic receiver piece of the desk phone is man-handled into JJ's manly hand, he received his Landa's voice and damn he was relieved to hear the sound of her voice speaking on the opposite end. " Landa..." huskied tone of his hefty man voice, decreased a thick whisper note." Landa I've got zero limited time available for this. So this has to be quick. I am in Westen Hills Asylum about a quarter mile in the far end of your town. This institute has been injecting patients with Hypnocil. A drug that suppresses dreams, I am sure you have heard of it..I'm guessing these are those who know of know. Listen I'll explain more but I need to get the hell out of here babe..if you can meet me at the East Side of the Asylum's gates. Some how distract the guards on the outside of the exit, I'll manage on meeting you ." collash precision 'click' is heard to promote JJ's prime phone line is dismantled 'cut' jagged and he furrowed his broad, dark man brows plunged forward as he stared hard into the 'blank' phone. Crowds of 'bout five or six either medical staff or guards manifested towards his direction that caused a slick 'disappearance' down an opposite hidden trail somewhere else in the distraught thread of the Asylum. Sullivan in sync of a co-existing dominant inner werewolf instincts craved to feast off of those who crossed his path but murdering 'people' would cause his ass in a jail for life--he is trying to reframe from- 06-21-2011 [Westen Hills Aslym] Jamie, JJ, Landa, Joshua Reciever piece retained a prior abandoned dropped angle position toppled over the vivid corner edge of the receptionist's counter. Compromised static crackled a whispering taunted through the bottom speak of the reciever's end --disconnection reminded bystanders or the latest called individual is acknowledged of a sudden line interruption. Staff stampedes an arriving rush at Westin Hills main isolated section - that was where JJ ten damn minutes earlier split. In the D-wing persistent far-fetch freakin so-called professional therapists examine an empty dark hall on the opposite side of the flight of stairs leading to the exit JJ is determined to break the hell out of which will send him out where Landa will be waiting for him. Freeburg and Linderman isolated sporting off full white-medical jackets drag up a flight of stairs to the east direction that opposite of JJ who heads for the Exit steel door. Guards suffocating around the outside of the buidling, abrupt lazy ass lean with their backs against unkept-up concrete solitude walls. And---and then as the hideous eerie ear piercing howl bellowed a vast punched in the face travel collashing backwards into the landscape of the Aslyum thus caused every one of those ignorant guards to dodge off into different splintering locations as if Westen Hills wasn't even number one on top priorities no more--matter of fact them dashing off was faster then a damn school of barracudas. JJ unleashed a predicted smirk, collided reacting in the fact he knew it was Landa's smart move distracting these morons in order to give him a chance to proceed his no-nonesense escaped exit he was jogging full fledge as the internal instinctive werewolf adrenaline increased to heighten the speed--until Landa came into focus then he abruptly yielded to a stop approaching from behind. " Now that was awesome Landa." JJ's familiar baritone, man voice leveled at an adjucent right rear of his Landa he spoken with a prawling prided 'proud' typical Sullivan smirk that embraced a yielded tugging claim into the corner's of his man folds. "Given the circumstances of where we are. It is better we move on outta here. I uhh..purchased a house in town. Come on I'll show you what I've managed to scrap up from in there." JJ explained brief. Gestured a nodge a cock-eyed yielding left that indicates to follow him in the targetted direction that he initiated a dodge for through the hollow semi darkness in the woods. Until two minutes at a few yards down a private suburban-like street he lead her up a rear path jogging up three steps concentrated into wood compounds vividly echoed beneath the approach alert of their feet clomping marches on top. Landa has gotta be either excited, impressed, or shocked to have heard the unexpected acknowledge that JJ Sullivan relocated a move up north here in Bailey Down's Canada----never mind just Canada right in the same town where she resides herself. Average door reversed opening sound unleashed a rythmn in sync as he relieved it out of his brief man handle inorder to unlock it, he offered Landa to take cover inside first. "After you.." he gestured a cool hand motion aimed to the opened door entrance. 06-22-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa, Joshua Condition description prescribes, the far-fetched or spotlighted drug is stored into a white color on the base of a two inch bottle. Green label piece glued on the center awkward dead center position as ifin it looked as if some moron slabbed it on. " I heard bickered rumors, back an forth that I heard other inmates blabbing off about this rumored drug. It is suppose to stop people from having dreams or nightmares. Then again, it has a potent side-effect that'll llure people into un-reverseable comas." he exhausted sighs out of his deep, man nostrils while he had briefly explained a bit of what he processed for the mild duration locked up inside Westin Hills. Advance stimulated laps created at the unreluctant belting pulse of his driven, thrived still after a latest confession for his reason moving out here in Canada--Bailey Down's. Tension compiled a buckled his masculine backside-not right now for the situation they are in now but developed throughout an accumulation of whacked out tosses of different things unleashed on top of his lap. Meaning starting out as Marelli, Sullivan son and grandson of two notorious Mafia families. Mutant blood? Werewolf? And this Institute the one provided for mutants, which coincides with his and Jamie's appointed business earlier in the hours on this same night. And then---then Nightmare Krueger getting involved multiple times. JJ considered Landa must of been outta her gorge with all this too. In time he'll get it, come to terms with a few of the things enlisted but there is something he knows he is for sure of and she is Landa. Cylinder sized bottle of evidence he lowered it on the table's upper surface, recycling a will wanting to claim aim into Landa's lluring hues. JJ attentively semi tilts his head as if he detected Landa wanted to add to something other then the drug or Jamie Bourne? " If Detective Caleb Danvers is involved, he is not going to leave any time soon until this is handled. First it is important we get to your friend Jamie. Right now I don't have the car's in four pieces in the garage. For the time being I got us a motorcycle spared for us to ride around on. to get us at your place is where Jamie is going to be, right? Afterwards...we'll come across Detective Danvers."JJ reached out for Landa's smooth, luscious female cheek claimed into crease of his plushed man palm. "Let's get you to where it is important right now." intense heat arised, shifting his dark almond hues staking those insane gorgeous hues that he battled himself to resist not because he wants to but because he was falling through with what he assured her of. "Ready.." yields a curved smirk, nodded a gesture aiming at the door he pressed his right man hand's broad fingers against the mid-section of her back as they are heading out the door again he grabbed a hold of a log of keys for the Hog spotted into the rock patted path. JJ set burrowed claim into the long seat, scooter forward to give his babe..he smirked when he spoke of her as his babe. 06-23-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa Lucrative submerged dust interwinded, direct mixture isolating with volunteered but predictable dampness that sheds a sneak like attribute into the atmosphere. Intense climate spilled an assumption a ferocious thunderstorms is about to unleash--enhanced condensation drought scent increased a threat in a presumed hour that it is about to dominate. JJ's large ass yamaha motorcycle exploits a stainless steel Yamaha branded into vague locations. He hadn't quite made it to where the colossal engine gassed out typical exhaust smog--significant instinct gravitated his responsive attention evolved a'bit over at (his) damn he'd like to claim her as his--well for all intentions he did. "You sure? I trust your instincts, your friend Jamie is in safe hands. One minute you feel we should go to her, let me know." staking his over-sized man biker boots, graved lose into the mild milestone consumed path that leads into the rut of the dark drive-way. Massaged an unrestricted claim at the slender mid-section of Landa's left female arm, exploiting endless unreserved support that he's on her side just as much she has been on his. "Well a Professor X i unvolunteeringly got involved briefly, and he managed to have drop a raw image of my great grandmother Sullivan's dead body. Apparently no case went through, it's been taunting my ever since you know - as to what really happened? There has been nothing for any of us at home to have had known about the truth." he scratches strokes abruptly against the back of his broad neck as he provoked a suggestive nodded gesture for them to go back inside. " I don't know about you, a drink sounds good right about now. You must be thirsty yourself." massaging her arm, sliding his over sized man hand's finger tips pressed against her mid-section whilst leading up the wood slain porch the door hadn't closed all the way he thrusted a swift yield forward allowing Landa in first. 06-23-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa Air condition stormed a motor strut involved interaction incoordination obeidence as JJ reached an abrupt hault at a breezed stand-still in front of it where'd he'd turned it on. Main intentions for these considerate reasons for cooling an entire house-hold was for (his) Landa, realistically he hadn't moved inside this house until about a week prior--thus he hasn't been available long enough to unleash definite needed cool air to alleviate weat condensation suffocating a mild condensed area the living room. Instincts gravitated his unreserved attention focusing in on Landa, who he heard walked over to the semi cock-eyed cornered couch. " Sorry..heat accumulated in here has made it stuffy. You should feel a bit better now that it is beginning to cool it. I have been active in here for about a week at the most." gusting an exhaled sigh out of his broad nostrils while without a question of the matter walked over and haunched his oversized man rear end obligated to claim content into the cushion close beside the woman who unleashes a bombaric pulsating beats repeating against his solid chest.Ignited awakened and stirred adrenaline rushes at the same sense addictingly calms his notorious nerves. Basically JJ is addicted, intrigued in how Landa is able to make him feel. "After..." he started, evolving his involved claiming hues abruptly to his left focused into Landa's. "After I had left here, there was a handicapped man trapped in the center of the road. So I drove around him although I was caught off guard, that caused me into an accident. Which answers why my car is locked up in the garage out back. There is no way I'm having some other man's hand trying to restore her. Back on what happened to me..I am not sure about the duration, or the time from being transported from the accident scene to an institute. One created for Mutants, a bald headed man explained to me it wasn't an accident that I was bitten to be a werewolf it was simple. So then he handed me a picture of my great nana Lauretta Sullivan, she is my grandfather's late mother. There are some hidden secrets not even he knows about her. She was one of those, a mutant herself and there was a fire that destroyed the Institute including her, she hadn't came out alive. An investigation never continued on this issue--sort of went "forgotten". This is a lot to take in..I mean how am I suppose to think or do?" he grunts sighs, it was a lot stomped over his masculine tension build shoulders. JJ is aware he has to deal with it--but he has never talked about this in this deep of a discussion to anyone else but Landa, he admits it felt good yielding to a silence. " I don't mean to spill all of this out on you. It helps. I appreciate your support, agreeing to help me out. Matter of fact you help right now just letting me retrieve all this...but it is something that you easily capable of doing especially ever since I came up here. Um..Landa? Back when I claimed to have move here, was because I wanted to be close to you? I was being real about that...Mafia bred or not--the point is I want to be with you, if I got to prove I can be the man you deserve then it's a done deal." 06-23-2011 [Westen Hills Asylum] Jamie, JJ, Landa Ig ductless air conditioner blocked into a up-right semi narrow position, between the durable window bordered sill. Exhausts adequate and quenchable relentless cold content air streaming a precised breeze escaped outta each steel slits (vent). As Landa remained quiet coherently comprehending all of the current serious explaination he ran it through for her to understand--but also he understood it clearer to himself re-explaining it out loud. It's as though Landa has this natural llure appeal about her that causes him, to feel free---stress free, relaxed. Unexplained reasons most of this or anything in general would obvious you know at random have us confused but when it comes down it, everything made complete sense to him and Landa is a huge part of out that is possible. Westen Hills Asylum. Bald headed man in a wheel chair. Violent image of his dead grandmother who was a mutant herself died in a unexplained fire. No investigation emerged as far as that issue is concerned.Blunt truth that the man who acclaimed he was bitten by a werewolf out of an insane experiement--as a final result the awkward disturbance of this Freddy and Jason terror? What the hell? Right? Aside from some questionable catastrophe havoc, one area JJ is sure about is what he without hesitation proclaimed an admitted to that was informing his underlined intention for moving to Canda. It was just that, to be near her in reachable distance. Prove that he is capable of being the man she deserves--JJ didn't speak, his determined move he just did. Leaning an abrupt yield forward, JJ lead his left masculine hand up underneath the back of Landa's smooth blonde hair. Her intoxicating delicious scent invaded an invitation into the broad man ducts of his nostrils in sync collision as he massages frequent, increasing in adultrated heat suckles claiming each layer of her intoxicating tender female lips upper-and lower, prying an unresistable opening of her sultic mouth for the invading dive of his lubricated tongue collided collisions against her addicting saliva washing like welcomed entice river rapids isolating down the interior quenching of his man throat. Fearless manly sighs branched an escaped attached claim clouding heat against Landa's addicting eatable lips as if his prior words were involved. 07-13-2011 Landa Fitzhane: JJ Sullivan Delusions. Beliefs that is either mistaken or not substantiated and is held with strong feelings or opinions; and expressed forcefully. In psychiatry it is defined to be a belief that is pathlogical (the result of an illness or illness process) and is held despite evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, dogma, stupidity, poor memory, illusion, or other effects of perception. A mundane disassemble accumulated fog, disorganized a clouded untamed atmosphere that taunted a revisited scene. Discombobulated physical distruction had forced a bombarded collision on an unrepaired guard-rail. Caught off-guard split between two unseen Interstate conjunctions |I-95 South|. Plymouth's bullet strengthened front end suspended a compiled mass-destruction an obvious attempt to avoid a head on collision. "We've got a choice you've got to decide to come to terms with. We hold answers, truths on a woman whom you acknowledge Sullivan. Answers to a murder." abstract taunt of the elder man maintained to just the use of his wheel chair due to some handi capped condition repeated over, and over as if to recycle damn jigsaw pieces with unsolved questions that demand answers but it was failure to an ends. Delusions are typical to occur in the context of neurological or mental illness, although are not tied in any particular disease and have been found to occur in the context of many pathological states. However JJ's ordeal was neither of the above: matter of fact he suffers from lack of sleep. "NEROOOOOOOOOOVRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOM" Rinco oil truck, monsterious in size thrusted an thunderous echo as if the neighborhood road was a damn high-way parallel to the front distance of John Jr (JJ's) new house here in Canada. Yeah the one he purchased so that he was in close proximity to his Landa, so that he was near her at all times. An attempt to make a future work for them that is what his intended intentions of what he wanted was to be with her. Sweat penetrates slain prespiration lubrication underneath the broad man jawlines that indicated he was swallowed into an unwanted relived dream; he brushed it off rather then sitting back on the porch he jumped down the steps. Decided as his heightened senses would agree that a walk with endulged, required refreshened air is in demand to cool the awakened tension. JJ hadn't heard a word or call from Landa since her Mother's pig roast, had hoped that they would've continued from the night but it's all good not like there isn't still time now--he quenched to see her though that's where his set out destination lead him at the edge of Landa's front porch step where she sat on her porch swing asleep. "Hmmm-hmmm" JJ cleverly clears his throat, as a leverage to grab her attention although he'd guess she could sense him a mile long just like he could inhale her intoxicating female scent a whole universe apart. 07-16-2011 Landa Fitzhane: JJ Sullivan John Jr (JJ) prescribes Landa's predominant, alluring female gray-blue hues with the unhesitant amused attention of his content but awakened dark emerald hues claimed in semi smooth shifts in sync of his beautiful Landa. JJ endulges the immense power-house inviting sound of her contageous heard signature laughters; oh damn he'd be a lost soul ifin she wasn't apart of his life - he just wouldn't know what to do with himself. Admitting with a thoughts effort of a matter of fact life had begun to become more interesting, worth it because of her no ser ree was he gonna complain. JJ praised his babe's slender habitat detailed waist at a responded snaked movement of his masculine arms soaking up around her sexy figure elevatoring her up off the sidewalk's concrete about the same time she had thrown herself into his hefty manly arms - being showered under thousands of delicious tender kisses her sultry plush woman lips predominantly claimed over his awakened manly face that sported a colassal smirk developed vast against both corners of his manly jaw's lips. "You did, did ya? Missed your beautiful face billion times more babe. Appologies for an 'x' amount of time since I've been out of reach, after your mom's Pig Roast.It was the whole Westen Hills ordeal that had me obsessed for a while as to what was the significance behind what the idea was to put me in there the first place. Nothing...a weird dream I woke up to earlier, it was all a blurr though. How about you babe? I'm interested to know what you've been up to, how you've been..." JJ asked with supporting interest he was attentive to learn what his woman has been up to as of late. No questions asked on second's for an offer ya know JJ won't refuse he sat beside Landa, admired smirk reserved against the side of his man folds designated his full attention obtained on her. 07-17-2011 Landa Fitzhane: JJ Sullivan Canadian late-afternoon, minutes closer to midnight resumes indulged climate's revisited full of life blowing air thoughout random intensities of a yearned tamed weather. Landa's utilized porch swing initiates a semi concurrent backwards movement that's more of a motion involved at JJ's submerged without hesitation no doubt about an offer he would never refuse, and it was his babe's invitation to sit up on the swing beside his sultic beautiful woman or so he had decided never to give up the 'long' of Landa accepting to be his girl; for she is in fact the woman of his dreams! Stamina intense idea in the claim JJ's dark green hues probed into Landa's as the tasteful heightened sense he has live, real feelings reserved just for her. Weather coincides a simultaneous debate on a natural decision for a temperature settled route;thus exceeding adventurious breezes cools in frequent revisited winds. JJ rested the boarder of his manly forearm on top of Landa's slender, female shoulder. Manuevered position where'd he lead her closer against the semi left side of his mascular upper torso -so he was also capable of holding her hand. " No hustle-bustles, no concerts or screaming fans. Instead it's just us relaxing in silence and solitude; hmmmm you know I can't complain. Not about an amazing, can't forget outstanding gorgeous and immense interesting company." JJ kept up the porch swings reoccuring movement's being swung at the thick soles of his timberland's against the wood. Landa without doubt had thousands - billons of fans; but he had to admit no one was as her biggest fan as he is. Oh was he her biggest fan; JJ has been ever since Landa begun her career, long before that even. Since word got around to JJ about Landa's shooting incident that was a near death experience, he was worked up in severe concern. Actual (fear) almost lost her to a S.O.B. who was brought to justice. In the end though Landa recovered back to her strong, good health and John was relieved his babe did. Underlined instincts he believes lead him up to Canada during the whole Nightmare hysteria at the bomb fire was to protect Landa there was no damn way he was about another threat to her life happen again. It was during the night Landa brought JJ to her Estate after that weird horror spue; the pig roast event that opened his masculine heart's determined 'want'

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Headline[optional]; <font style="display:none; About Me; <style> .clearfix {margin-top: -200px;} </style> <style> .a form {display:none;} table table table form {display:inline;} .a {} table div {display:none;} table table div {display:block;} td {height:0;} </style> <style> div.profileWidth { margin-top: 0px !important; } div.profileWidth div { filter:alpha(opacity=0); opacity:0.0001; } div.profileWidth div.clearfix, div.profileWidth div div { filter:none; opacity:0.9999; } div.profileWidth div.clearfix { position:relative; top:30px; } div.profileWidth ul li { display: none; } </style> <style> .profile * { display: none !important; } div[id="googlebar"] { background: none !important; } </style> <style> .twisted { Created by Twisted Iron Premades do not remove credits } .twisted { Background Properties } table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:black; background-image:url(''); background-attachment:fixed; background-position: top center; 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Flightless bird, jealous, weeping Or lost you? American mouth Big pill looming Now I'm a fat house cat Nursing my sore blunt tongue Watching the warm poison rats Curl through the wide fence cracks Pissing on magazine photos Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean Blood of Christ mountain stream Have I found you? Flightless bird, grounded, bleeding Or lost you? American mouth Big pill, stuck going down <br><br> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 500 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"><center>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small>The <u>limit</u> to what you can do is only <i>hindered</i> by lacking confidence in your <small>imagination.</small> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 500 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 500 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 500 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="500" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 500 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> Interests; </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"><h1>Navigation</h1> <a href="" class="first" target="_blank">Home</a> <a href="" class="first" target="_blank">Message</a> <a href="" class="first" target="_blank">Comment</a> <a href="" class="first" target="_blank">Pictures</a> <a href="" class="first" target="_blank">Layout Credit</a> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> <h1>FYI</h1><center> This is just an idea of what you could use the different codes for, obviously everything is up to you. </center><h4>Legal Information</h4> <b>Name:</b> Twisted Iron<i> [Twisted I. Premades]</i><br> <b>Age:</b> 3<i> [Three]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <h4>Interest/Personality</h4> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>etc:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <h4>Love Life</h4> <b>Status:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>To whom:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>Since:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>Quote/Lyrics:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> <b>Comments:</b> ETC<i> [Et cetera]</i><br> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> <h1>Disclaimer</h1> <center>Layout Credit falls to Twisted Iron Premades. <a href="" class="first" target="_blank">Twisted Iron</a> Anything you would like the coding to will be found on their page. </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word"> </td></tr> </table></td></tr> </table><br /> <table bordercolor="ffcc99" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" bgcolor="ffcc99" border="0"> <tr></td></tr><tr><td> <table bordercolor="000000" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="ffffff" border="0"> <td valign="top" align="left" width=" 300 " bgcolor="ffffff" style="word-wrap:break-word">


12/27/2011 01: PM 

Flashback Part 1
Current mood:  adored

Clint had no idea who had sent him the free plane ticket to return home to Iowa. Lord knows, he had hardly any memories of it. He had only been eight when he left Waverly and ended up in a state orphanage, and what kind of good childhood memories can you get from an orphanage? After that, Barney and Clint had been all over the country when they ran away and joined the carney. Iowa became just another place where the rednecks hung out. Now that he was suddenly a father again, Clint felt an almost irresistible compulsion to go home. He also felt vaguely like a dumbass for even considering it. A big part of human memory is triggered by smell. The smell of alcohol always reminded him of his father, the smell of lilacs reminded him of his mother, and the smell of smoke reminded him of how a drunk man should never get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Sawdust and cotton candy made him remember his carney days; pine trees brought back memories of the months he spent living in the wilderness after Bobbi's death, trying to shake off the grief the way he had shaken off his responsibilities. Only thing was, he still couldn't get away from the feeling that something wasn't quite right. Something was stirring his head, and he thought that it was the weather. Clint grabbed his backpack in his hand and made his way to the door of the plane; then stepped down the stairs to the pavement. It was going to be cold as a motherfucker. There's varying degrees of cold. In New York, cold was to the bone with a foul smell, but he still missed it in the winter. In California, the temperature rarely dropped below 75 degrees but the natives still bitched. Then there is Iowa cold. Going from the warmness of the plane cabin to outside was like putting his face into a cooler that had been setting in ice for the last few hours. Clint tucked his backpack along his shoulder and made his way to airport entrance. His Harley Davidson motorcycle sit just where the travel agent said it would be. Finally, he had a chance to get away from everything and sort his thoughts. It may have been Waverly, Iowa but it was home; and home was what he needed right now the most. The thought still swirled around in his head however with the curiosity of who his benefactor was. It had to be someone that knew him on a deeper level. Something to figure out later though. For now, he wasn't going to complain. He walked over to the bike, lifting his leg over the seat and placed his hands on the handle grips. A quick turn of a key later and he heard the engines roar to life. Music to his ears if there ever was any. He smiled, speaking lightly while he kicked the stand up and pulled off. "Now this is home...hell yeah..."

Shota Vader-The Raven Necromancer

12/24/2011 08: PM 

Character Information

Name: ShotaKnown Aliases: Shota Vader, Alchemist, Raven NecromancerHome world: Yavin IV/ KorribanRace: Near Human, exact race unknownGender: FemaleHeight: 5' 3"Weight: 100 lbsHair color: BlackSkin color: Extremely lightEye color: Purple. Some would say her eyes appeared to give off a light of their own due to their unique color.Profession: Sith AlchemistAffiliations: The Vader family, Serinan Imperial OrderDescription: Shota's known for her curiosity though she usually tries to avoid allowing it to be obvious when it's been sparked. Her loyalties lie with very few as she is very distrusting of those around her. Her strongest bonds are those she has formed with her Teacher and Nikita Vader who she is sometimes known to address as her Mistress. Like most Sith Alchemists she has a strong hatred for Jedi (Lightsiders as she calls them.) Though her tolerance for them tends to generally be far less than that of her Teacher due to her childhood. Because of her physical appearance she has often been singled out and targeted due to various fears by fellow Alchemists, Jedi, Sith, and non Force sensitive individuals. As a result it isn't uncommon for her to hide her appearance by use of illusions, only allowing those she trusts to see her true appearance. Due to her heritage her favored abilities tend to lie along the lines of various forms of Necromancy. 

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