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Michael Van Helsing.

02/04/2012 12:52 PM 


First and foremost I think it should be obvious to say that I am Hugh Jackman for lets be honest he is a celebrity. Chances are slim that he'd be writing on a roleplaying website. Also I am not Michael Van Helsing. He is a fictional creation from my own ideas taken from various movies that I like. And through experiemnting with different ideas and storylines.  1. I have wrote on various roleplaying websites. Beginning on Myspace and then going across to Sitemodel and then finally here. So I have wrote for a long time. I expect all storylines to be of a mature nature and for the storylines to be different. We are here to write. So lets make things enjoyable for myself and yourself.  2. You have your character and you have mine. So please do not control my character. However if you feel that your reply is a little short and you wish to move things along. Or have something happen with our characters. Like them beginning to run down an alleyway to chase after a vampire. Sure, but I request that you message me before hand.  3. With my starters I have two paragraphs which are pre-written. To give you an idea of my character for lets be honest. Did you actually read my bio, or did you look at the pictures and then along the left hand side for the bullet pointed notes? But then I actually write something to set the scene between our characters. Which comes to my next rule.  4. Storylines are to be discussed in messages before we write in comments. If it is me who writes the starter then I will custom-make the starter. However I do like the old rule of "You add, you start" if you do not like it then let me know. If I think you're friendly enough and I'm not too busy then I may write the starter. Or I'll simply say that there's no rush.  5. In terms of length of replies/starters I am somewhat flexible. I enjoy writing roughly three paragraphs for a reply and anything from four to six paragraphs for a starter. If you write two paragraphs that's ok. But make them detailed and not half-arsed. One liners and one paragraph replies shall be ignored and deleted.  6. All storylines shall be of a mature nature. I am not here to write that vampires are sparkling teenage-loving idiots. There will be bad language, there will be violence and there will be blood. I am not here to sugar-coat what I want to write. My character is a killer. And a vicious one at that.  7. Right when you sign these rules I want you to tell me. What your favorite character is from your favorite book. And also tell me what band you like the most. And so its fair: Abraham Van Helsing from 'Dracula' and my favorite band is AC/DC. I want to see who actually reads these rules.  8. Scenes of a sexual nature. Alright if it happens it happens. Simple as that. I won't just jump straight into bed with your character. My character can be flirty from time to time but thats the nature of how I write. But if you think because our characters have slept together that they're in a relationship. You'll have another thing coming. If however my character does end up in a relationship, which I highly doubt though. Then he shall be faithful.  9. This is one rule which I am putting up because I am fed with a few things. I am not writing as 'Van Helsing' from the movie 'Van Helsing' yes I use some of the pictures and I use the name 'Van Helsing' but my storyline is that Michael is the great-grandchild of Abraham Van Helsing.  10. Drama. To be honest I'm not interesting in exactly what's happening in your out of character life. I don't really care if someone you know is sleeping with your roleplay partner. Now drama in a roleplay sense. If your character is a supernatural being. There I do expect there to be drama. For my character's goal is to hunt yours down.  11. I do have a life outside of roleplay and this is what this life is like. I work monday to friday. 8AM to 5:30PM. Two of those nights I go to the gym. Saturday afternoons are quiet for me so I most likely am around. Sundays I go to the gym and then in the afternoons I may be around. But real life comes first people.  That's it to begin with. Now let's see who actually read these rules. And let us begin a storyline.


02/03/2012 08:01 PM 

The Real Me.
Current mood:  adored

Hey there. I'm not one of those people who come on here, just for roleplaying (although, that's the main reason). I also come on here for meeting new people. Well, not really meeting them, since I probably wouldn't meet any of them. I'm not from where most people on here are. I live in a little country called Australia. Perhaps you've heard of it?I am a girl. Yes, a girl roleplaying as a gay boy. Got a problem with that? If you do, delete me. If not, then by all means, keep reading. On July 21st, I will in fact be 20. Yes, no longer a teenager. I'm not looking forward to that. I currently only work at my local McDonalds restaurant, but in a few weeks I hope to go back and study. In Australia we have this school called Tafe. I hope to go to that and study Child Care. I will then continue onto University and get a teaching degree. I want to become a primary school teacher. I will also write stories in my free time. I mainly write Glee or Harry Potter fan fictions, but I have a few originals I'm still writing. The best review I got on a fan fiction told me I have the talent to make up my own characters and publish a book. I always remember that when I'm having trouble believing in myself. I couldn't stop smiling when I read that review.My favourite show is obviously Glee. It's about the only show I watch. It's what helps me through when I'm feeling sad. My favourite book series is Harry Potter. If I had to go the rest of my life reading the one series it would be Harry Potter. I know what it's like getting bullied your whole life. I guess that's the best way I connect with Kurt. He held his head high through it all though. I didn't. There were a few times I cried at school. The only friends I had were ones that were two years younger than me. I spent my class time either doing classwork or writing. Back then I was into writing The Jonas Brothers stories. I would escape into their world instead of staying in mine. I guess that's why I only just graduated. If I had my chance to do it all again, I would study. I would have thrown myself into study instead of story writing. Sure, all those hours I spent in class writing, helped my writing develop, but didn't help my grades. In English I would hope for a writing assignment and when I finally got one, I was so happy. It was year 11 (second last year). I wrote 8 pages but my English teacher turned around and said I had to shorten it. It was too long. Back then I was better at writing longer stories than shorter. I wasn't sure how it turn out, but I had to. I can't remember the grade.Anyway, I think I've babbled on enough tonight. Message me if you want to know more :)

Real, Me.

.Kay Layouts.

02/03/2012 03:41 PM 


You must sign the rules first or you will be listed as a jocker. This is your first and only warning. You must comment what you take or you will be black listed. Trust me I will find out if you don't comment. Do Not Use For Any Profile Besides The One You Commented With Or You Will Be Listed As A Jocker!DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDIT.Third Generation:BlackPreview | Get CodeSecond Generation:Candy LayoutPreview | Get CodeReal or Not Real? Preview | Get CodeThe Hunger Games 2 Preview | Get CodeEffie Preview | Get CodePurple Rain Preview | Get CodeAnchors Away Preview | Get CodeSwimming Salmon Preview | Get CodeFirst Generation:Zebra PrintPreview | Get CodeDark PurplePreview | Get CodeGreen With EnvyPreview | Get CodeHot PinkPreview | Get CodeOrangePreview | Get CodePretty In PinkPreview | Get CodeRedPreview | Get CodeSky BluePreview | Get CodeBluePreview | Get CodePreppy School GirlPreview | Get CodeThe Hunger Games Preview | Get Code

The Unknown Shahbanu

02/02/2012 06:17 PM 

Maniya's Combat Style

Maniya uses her superior agility and flexibility in moves that are not very violent in nature. She does not attack her opponents with weapons, instead she prefers to use evasive tactics, to escape her aggressors and disarm them when necessary. She does not kill for pleasure and when needed she renders her opponents unconscious. Rarely she actually goes as far as killing them. As such, the modern fighting technique that bears the greatest resemblance to the sort of acrobatics that Maniya performs is Capoeira, inspired by old African practices. Technically this is not actually a fighting style but rather a game meant for pure entertainment, a form of dancing in many ways. ~ CAPOEIRA ~ The game: The game is marked by fluid acrobatic play, feints, subterfuge, and extensive use of groundwork, as well as sweeps and kicks. Throughout the game, a player must avoid a sweep, trip, or kick that may knock him or her on the floor. Less frequently-used techniques include elbow-strikes, slaps, punches, and body-throws. Capoeira does not focus on injuring the opponent! Rather, it emphasizes skill. Each attack that comes in gives players a chance to practice an evasive technique. The ginga (literally: "rocking back and forth; to swing") is the fundamental movement in capoeira. It is accomplished by maintaining both feet approximately shoulder-width apart and then moving one foot backwards and then back to the base, describing a triangular 'step' on the ground. This movement is done to prepare the body for other movements. The rest of the body is also involved in the ginga: coordination of the arms (in such a way as to prevent the body from being kicked), torso (many core muscles may be engaged depending on the player's style) and the leaning of the body (forward and back in relation to the position of the feet - the body leans back to avoid kicks, and forward to create opportunities to show attacks). ATTACKS: Capoeira primarily attacks with kicks, sweeps, and head strikes. Punches and hand strikes can also be used, but they are not as common. One probable explanation for the primary use of feet is the common West African belief that hands are for creation and feet for destruction. Elbow strikes are commonly used in place of hand strikes. Knee strikes are sometimes seen. Capoeira also uses acrobatic and athletic movements to maneuver around the opponent. Cartwheels, handstands, hand-spins, hand-springs, sitting movements, turns, jumps, flips, and large dodges are all very common in capoeira. Fakes and feints are also an extremely important element in capoeira games and the setting of "traps" or illusory movements are very common. DEFENSES: Capoeira defenses consist of evasive moves and rolls. A series of ducks called esquivas, which literally means "escape", are also staple of a capoeiristas' defensive vocabulary. There are typically different esquivas for every step of the Ginga, depending on the direction of the kick and intention of the defender. A common defense is the rolê, which is a rolling move that combines a duck and a low movement. This move allows the defensive player to quickly evade an attack and position themselves around the aggressor in order to lay up for an attack. It is this combination of attacks and defense which gives a game of capoeira its perceived 'fluidity' and choreography. Other evasive moves allow the capoeirista to move away or dangerously close in an attempt to trip up the aggressor in the briefest moment of vulnerability (usually in a mid-kick). The Wonders of Capoeira

†Dracul† Legacy of Darkness.

02/02/2012 12:35 PM 

Monster Hunter's survival guide.
Current mood:  adored

Introduction to Monster HuntingFor as long as Humankind has inhabited the Earth we have fought against that things that go bump in the night. As children we are told that the sights and sounds that haunt us are simply nightmares, Our imaginations run amuck. But not all shadows in the darkness that force us to call out for our mommies and daddies can be so easily explained away. The soothing words that help us fall back into slumber also fail to prepare us for the true dangers in the world.Monsters are real. They have been without throughout history and even before. They are responsible for countless deaths, Killing us one-by-one or wiping out entire civilizations with the swipe of a claw. Those of us who answer the call to defend our brethren against these vicious beasts carry on a rich tradition that can be traced back centuries. We are the unsung heroes. We are what evil fears. We are what makes those monsters retreat back into the shadows.We are 'The Brotherhood of Light'.Today's 'Monster Hunter' does not lead a glamorous life. We are not held in regard like our predecessors, the ancient heroes of world mythology. Quite the opposite. It is in our best interest to keep Monster hunting a clandestine activity to avoid widespread panic among the populace. In spite of this existence, Monster hunting is one of the most rewarding callings available. But it is not a lucrative career. Certainly one does garner riches or wealth. But the undertaking does have it's rewards. At the end of a hard day fighting-or a month long siege-One can rest secure in the knowledge that evil has been destroyed, Lives have been saved, And the world as we know it continues to exist.It's been said that Monster hunting was born in that moment when the first Cave man killed the first Dinosaur. I know "Cave men" and Dinosaurs did not exist at the same time, But that's not the point. In truth, Man is relatively young on this planet. Monsters pre-date us. Evil has been around since before we crawled out of that primordial ooze. That is the reality of the challenge we accept. The battle for this planet is monumental and unending..Just ask the Slayer.Before the advent of modern travel technology, The random Vampire hunter or Zombie killer focused on a specific form of evil. When travel took weeks or months it was pretty unlikely that these hunters would encounter more than one or two kinds of Monsters. Knowing how to fight Sea Creatures was worthless for a person that never saw the ocean. Once technology advanced, It was only logical to be prepared in all areas of Monster Combat. It takes rigorous training and devotion to ply this craft. Only the strong survive. The rest die horrible, gruesome deaths.Members of the order, The best recruits are often chosen at a young age, Sought out by older Monster Hunters who mentor this apprentice until they are skilled enough to venture out on their own. It is strongly suggested that, Unlike the ill-advised frat boy in the earlier example, anyone wishing to pursue the art of Monster hunting seek out the advice of an expert before entering the field. But even years of battle may not be enough to prepare them for battle, As was proven with the virtual downfall of the Brotherhood. Many insisted they were ready in spite of the elders' objections."Monster" is a generic term that describes all manner of creatures no matter their origin or intent. It is important to understand that not all Monsters are created equally. They have a wide variety of strengths, and weaknesses. Some are deadly adversaries indeed, while others can be nullified without even breaking a sweat. Some possess intelligence and can be as cunning as the smartest Human. On the other end of the spectrum, Some wield supernatural abilities that can render hand-to-hand combat nearly impossible.Another crucial fact is that not all Monsters are necessarily evil. Some, Like the Sasquatch, Are for the most part docile (Although even they can be dangerous if provoked.), Others look like hideous freaks of nature but post no threat to humans. Some of those that are evil, like Vampires, are indistinguishable from normal humans to the untrained eye (Though this is sometimes not the case.I.E. Dracula and his brides.). This distinction makes the job of a Monster Hunter, or Slayer all the more important and difficult in a society that is ready to attack anything perceived as different. One must know when it is proper to raise our weapons and when to back away! When battling those Monsters that are evil, The very best weapon one can utilize is knowledge. But this is not limited to the comprehension of what weapon is best used to destroy said evil Monster(s). No one knows exactly when the first Monster attack occurred. Ancient civilizations are filled with supernatural tales of Gods and Monsters, But it is unclear which of those stories are fact, And which are merely tales created by fertile minds. What we do know is that evidence of unusual beings has been found in every country on the planet and every point in recorded history. As for the origin of individual Monster species, I have divided them into three main categories: Natural. Supernatural, and Scientific. These groupings cover a broad spectrum of rational explanations on the existence of these Monsters. In some situations, the cause of the Monsters can straddle more than one form of origin. Zombies, for instance, were once creatures of magical, or supernatural, origin, but a new breed of the walking dead can be attributed to directly to a scientific fiasco.Natural Monsters are those that have been born out of some isolated trait in Human or Animal development. A rogue chromosome or a unique strand of DNA exerts itself, Giving birth to a being with no precedent. Oftentimes these Monsters are merely a little known species that is simply misunderstood, like the Sasquatch. But in some cases, their status as an evolutionary anomaly impacts theirs personality turning them quite vicious.Supernatural Monsters are somewhat more tedious to define since there are so many varying explanations for their existence. Their origins are debated on par with questions regarding God and the Devil. Fallen Angels and Demons could fall into this category.The Scientific cause of Monsters needs no explanation. These wretched devils are the result of man's egotistical inability to accept his place in the universe. One would think that after creating Nuclear bombs, Science would cease the creation of any more Monsters. Your so called "Politically correct" scientific defenders will argue that creatures developed through this research have "helped" in dealing with the issues of man. But those same advocates are the first to flee in terror when confronted by their creations. Ironically, Some of these creations while monstrous, Are tragic and innocent in their own right.

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