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Eranshahr *~ [Historical RPG]

02/06/2012 09:35 PM 

ERANSHAHR - Affiliates (The List)

            ~* Affiliates Share Train *~     Ancient Times Verse   Historical Connections ~*~ The Magical World of Roleplay Imagine RP Magazine Nocturnal Nightmares | Whoring | ~*~ τwιsτεd ιron ✯ ᴡᴇ ᴛʜᴇ PEOPLE ~*~ The Official Greek Pantheon | GROUP | Uncharted Lands | GROUP | One Hundred Kingdoms RPG | GROUP | мagic яєigиs | GROUP | Magnificent Kingdom | GROUP | мagιc ιѕland. | GROUP | Silent Torture | GROUP |                                                      

The Horror.

02/06/2012 07:57 PM 

Punk Fought the Law and... (Magazine article)

Blood Pact is a post-hardcore punk band from Sacramento, California. Two members are originally from Las Vegas, Nevada (frontman and drummer), leaving the bassist; who's originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. The band consists of lead guitarist and vocalist Lars Vargas (middle), bassist/background vocals Matthew Irons (right) and, drummer Johnathan Morris (left.)----FELIX ALEXANDER VS LARS VARGASAnd of course, those who know about Blood Pact, definitely know about The Cursed - who in my opinion, need no introductions whatsoever. Both bands are fairly known within the surrounding boundaries of their city, but of course; there's always the good ol' feud on who's better than who. Then we have the bands verbally (and physically at times) attacking each other - throwing fire to the flame. But, we're all humans, and we love the juicy drama between our punk rockers in the underground scene. It wouldn't be such an exciting scene if it didn't have it's raunchy and out of control moments.In late 2010, lead singer of Blood Pact decided to throw a little jab at the band, directly calling out the members of The Cursed; specifically their lead singer, fearlessly calling him "cauliflower d*ck," in respects to the frontman's promiscuous behavior with the fan girls. In which Felix Alexander had replied with his honest opinion on the comment and ended it with a "Whoever is talking smack could suck my d*ck. Plain and simple. Have a problem? Y'know where to find me."This sparked a bigger problem with the two; leading Lars to write a letter on his personal blog to Felix, apologizing for everything... not really; this blog post was meaner than ever!"You say that I'm f***ing jealous? That I'm not as good-looking as you? Ha, you make me f***ing laugh. I get the girls you wish you could f***ing get. And thanks for the offer, but I'm good. I wouldn't want your d*ck anywhere near me. I'll leave the d*ck sucking to your band mates - you're so big to talk; why don't YOU come find ME instead? No? Then shut the f*** up.XO L.V."And of course, the frontman of The Cursed wasn't taking that sh*t - he immediately took some action, and followed Lars' orders. That very night Felix was arrested for slamming Lars' head into a wooden counter and released the next day on a $500 bail. A new video was posted on his youtube channel, addressing the problem to the fans and sending another message to the opposing lead singer:"I never thought this sh*t would escalate to this... but... now I can see it... you want a f***in' battle? Then it's on, motherf***er. That chick you were kissing on last night - yeah, I f***ed her before you did. So tell me... how does my d*ck taste? Must've been pretty rad... you might as well get used to it. Keep it up, faggot. I broke your f***in' face once, I'll do it again. I ain't scared to face you. A storm is coming, and you can't stop it."Here's where the trouble starts. Many fans took Lars' side, (some fans continued to like both bands, despite the drama - a high five to them!) but many fans also stayed loyal to Felix and started bitching at Blood Pact fans and the band alike - and vice versa for those who took Lars' side.Now there's this whole team Felix and team Lars sh*t between the fans (sounds like twilight to me.) What do you fans have to say about this ongoing situation? I mean, both bands are greatly talented - and no one could deny that.Would this feud ever cease? Would it only escalate?Are you guys on team Felix? Or team Lars?I personally think that we should all just stop the hate. Whatever happens between the bands shouldn't really be our problem. Music is music! And if both bands are great - why hate on either of them?-Ross Grammer; Punk Fought the Law and...

Eranshahr *~ [Historical RPG]

02/05/2012 05:46 PM 


DOCUMENTARIES The Persian Empire, Babylon, Zoroastrianism and other MOVIE Videos Trailers and clips from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time GAMES Videos Trailers and clips from the Prince of Persia Game Trilogy (The Sands of Time, Warrior Within, The Two Thrones)

Fox 'Spooky' Mulder-The- X-Man.

02/05/2012 02:20 PM 

Rules of the game.

1. Pay no attention to the porn videos in the left drawer, And pay no heed to the rather abundant mess of Sunflower seeds, and pencils stuck in the ceiling tiles. (Even I get bored from time to time.)2. No Godmoding. What's this mean? Simply put: You control your character, I'll control mine. Thanks.3.No pornographic material left on my page. I know. This sort of contradicts rule number 1, doesn't it? Well, Let's look at it from a certain point of view. Just because I've been caught by certain persons (Scully) with Pornographic tapes, Does not mean I wish to be left Pornographic material on my page. Pretty easy, huh? Great. Knew you would agree.4. Need/Want to use me in a Story-line? That's great. Message me. Let me know what the story entails. Give me details. A lot of details. No, You don't have to supply the ending...That would make solving anything boring. 5.NO killing this character off. Yeah, that's uh, Pretty self explanatory.6. I will Role-Play in almost ANY verse. That means if you want to have a Predator trailing me, Sweet. Though let's be honest, here. Who the hell wants one of those guys hunting them?7.Regarding Story-lines. As you've probably noticed by my page (If you haven't, Not a very astute observation on your behalf.), I prefer ALL Story-lines to be discussed in thorough detail AND, Dana MUST be involved. We're a package deal. 8. In accordance to canon of the 'X-Files', Samantha, William (Mulder's father), and Teena Mulder are deceased. That's right, They won't be back.  As for other characters? Well--This IS an 'X-Files' Role-Play after all. Sit back. Relax. And enjoy.9.If you need a better concept of what the Role-Play is like, Consider it Season 10. As stories progress, It'll become season 11 and so on. You get the idea.

Ƀlind ʛoddess

02/05/2012 04:37 PM 

Rules To Be Followed

1: Please Be Kind And Courteous 2: Don't Mess With Me Or My Friends 3: All OOC Is In Comments 4: All Roleplays Is In Messages 5: I Don't Want To Be A Number, If You Do Not Reply Back To My Hello In Three Days I Will Delete, If You Do Not Return Roleplays Within A Week Without Having Giving Some Notice, I Will Delete. 6: Para Or Multi-Para I Do Not Do One Liners At All, I Refuse To Do Them And If I Get One I Will Ignore You. 7: I Do Not Do Real Life Relationships All Relationships Are In Roleplay And That Is It, If I Am In A Relationship Then Do Not Try And Break Me Up With That Person If You Do I Will Give You A Warning Then Delete Your Ass. 8: I Will Add More When I Need To So Be On The Look-Out

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