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Col Cameron Mitchell

03/05/2012 02:29 PM 

Background Information about Col Cameron Mitchell.
Current mood:  adored

Background information.Cameron Mitchell was born in 1970 to Frank and Wendy Mitchell. He grew up in Auburn, Kansas, and had at least one brother. He also had a grandmother, who was a very devout Christian, and was described by Mitchell as a "Bible thumper"; she often taught him several religiously-related stories, though Mitchell often just nodden his head until she gave him macaroons. His grandfather was the Captain of the Achilles, which transported the Stargate from Egypt to the United States in 1939, to prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on it at the brink of World War II. His father was a test pilot. However one day, one of the tests cost Frank both of his legs and almost cost him his life. He later began using prosthetics. Cameron decided to become a pilot, just like his father. (SG1: "Origin", "Collateral Damage", "Line in the Sand", "Continuum")During High School, he was very infatuated with a fellow student, Amy Vanderburg. She was unaware of this, while Mitchell was unaware of her infatuation for him, even being oblivious to some signs, including dumping her boyfriend so Mitchell could ask her out to the prom, so he ended up not asking her out. In college at the Air Force Academy, he took fencing, but flunked it. He also learned to speak some Mandarin at some point. (SG1: "Avalon, Part 2", "Ripple Effect", "The Scourge", "Bounty")He then became a pilot. While he was only a Cadet, he made friends with Bryce Ferguson, and both of them wanted to eventually join the Space Program. However, in 2002, Ferguson saved Mitchell's life, but Ferguson himself was injured, as a piece of shrapnel was lodged against an inter-cranial artery in his head, which would later turn into an aneurysm. While Mitchell was Captain, he was flying F-16s over the Middle Eastern desert. In one mission incident, he thought he was targeting insurgents, but due to an error by local allied intelligence, he mistakenly bombed a vehicle full of innocent refugees rather than the enemy, this incident would haunt him with guilt and he even considered resigning his commission but in the end decided against it. (SG1: "Collateral Damage", "Stronghold")Eventually, he joined the Stargate program and became an F-302 pilot and leader of Blue Squadron on the Prometheus, where he was assigned the callsign "Shaft". (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1")2004Mitchell in the hot seat for the Battle of Antarctica.Mitchell led a squadron of F-302s to hold off Anubis's forces during the Battle of Antarctica. His primary concern was the protection of SG-1, who gained access to the Antarctic outpost, where they found the weaponry powerful enough to destroy Anubis and his fleet. However, in the process, his 302 was hit twice by Death Glider and Al'kesh fire, the second time knocked out his co-pilot Lt. Adam Banks, and the 302 made a crash landing on the Antarctic ice, with Mitchell gravely injured. He was out cold when a swarm of Drone weapons destroyed Anubis's fleet. He was eventually found and was given the best care Earth had to offer. During his long recovery, President Henry Hayes awarded him the Medal of Honor, and he was promised any position in Stargate Command by Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. His chances of walking again were slim, but against all odds, he was able to walk again and eventually made a complete recovery. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 2", "Avalon, Part 1")2005Commanders of SG-1Jonathan J. O'Neill (1997-2001)Robert Makepeace (2001)Jonathan J. O'Neill (2001-2004)Samantha Carter (2004-05)Cameron Mitchell (2005-Present)Cameron Mitchell looking at the Stargate for the first time. After his full recovery, he requested to join SG-1, which Major General Jack O'Neill granted. Mitchell managed to read every mission report that the team filed, as he was given the highest security clearance. However, O'Neill didn't tell him that the rest of the team had moved on; Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter was transferred to Area 51, Teal'c chose to leave SG-1 and become a full time member of the newly formed Free Jaffa Nation on Dakara, and Dr. Daniel Jackson requested to travel on the Daedalus to its next journey to Atlantis. He tried to convince the old SG-1 to resume their activities, but failed to do so. He realized that to lead SG-1 he would have to choose new team members, despite wanting the old team back. However, after the arrival of Vala Mal Doran caused Daniel Jackson to miss his flight, Mitchell managed to persuade Jackson, Teal'c and Vala to follow Vala's clues for Ancient treasure on Earth, and Jackson traced the clues to a cave underneath Glastonbury Tor, England.Mitchell fighting the holographic Knight. After arriving there, Cam was trapped in a chamber with Teal'c, but solved a puzzle before the ceiling could crush them. He pulled the holographic Excalibur out of a holographic stone and managed to defeat a holographic Knight and uncover a mass of treasure, including a Long-range communication device, which later caused Jackson and Vala to have their consciousnesses transferred to the Alteran Home Galaxy. However, when the Ori found out about Jackson and the Milky Way Galaxy, Cam was ordered to assist SG-12 on P3X-421 to retrieve a Prior, and later found out the truth about the Ori and exposed the Prior, before the Prior set himself on fire. Cam later had Teal'c help him carry the communication device and destroy it by throwing it into the unstable vortex of a Stargate, which saved Jackson and Vala's life, as they were in the process of being burned for "heresy". (SG1: "Avalon, Part 1", "Avalon, Part 2", "Origin")After Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran collapsed again, even after the Kor mak bracelets were detached, Mitchell and the two needed help from Arlos Kadawam, but because of Vala's history, they had to take back Arlos' mother's necklace, by getting back a power coil from Inago and bringing Caius his Tel'tak back from the Lucian Alliance, where Mitchell posed as a bounty hunter. (SG1: "The Ties That Bind")After a Prior attempted to get the humans of P8X-412 to worship the Ori, SG-1's attempts to denounced them failed after the Prior unleashed a plague, and Mitchell was one of those who was taken ill and almost died, if Dr. Daniel Jackson didn't convince the Prior that his team would leave. (SG1: "The Powers That Be")After the loss of Vala Mal Doran, who was transported to the Alteran Home Galaxy after destroying the first Supergate at the Battle of Kallana, Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter eventually returned, and Mitchell managed to convince the team that since a new threat had arisen, the team reunited.(SG1: "Beachhead")The first mission the newly reunited team had done was to track Ba'al, who was secretly hiding on Earth after the defeat of the Replicators and Anubis at the Battle of Dakara. Their hunt ended after they find cloning equipment, and Ba'al has disappeared from the face of the Earth. (SG1: "Ex Deus Machina")Mitchell fighting with Jolan on Kel shak lo.He was once captured by the legendary Sodan on P9G-844, after he managed to have wounded Volnek, one of the strongest Sodan, though the rest of his people assumed he was killed. During Mitchell's recovery, he was trained for Kel shak lo, to fight another Sodan to the death. However, unknown to Mitchell, Jolan, his trainer challenged Mitchell after finding out he was Volnek's brother. Meanwhile, Mitchell discovered that the Sodan may have embraced Origin after a visit from a Prior named Damaris. He convinced Jolan enough that the Ori were not Gods, and so Jolan managed to drug him during Kel shak lo to give the illusion that he was killed in the fight. Jolan took him back to Earth, and since then, he still kept most of the Sodan fighting techniques on future missions. (SG1: "Babylon")He and his team uncovered Khalek on P3X-584, after Stargate Command experienced trouble in actually dialing to the planet. After discovering that Khalek was not a prisoner, but rather an experiment of Anubis, he proposed killing him, or sending him back to the Stasis pod. However, the International Oversight Advisory wished to study him for a way to defeat the Priors somehow. Eventually, Khalek's power gained so much, that he escaped and planned to return to 584 to finish his evolution on the DNA resequencer and become the "second" Anubis. Fortunately for the Tau'ri, Mitchell and Dr. Daniel Jackson were able to kill him despite his powers. The little time spent studying Khalek actually provided the team with a means to fight the Priors by building a Prior disruptor. (SG1: "Prototype")He was investigating an Ori plague which seemed to have infected two SG team members. He led the investigation, and discovered that containment has been breached, and the cases in the US grew rapidly. However, after learning that the same Prior from P9G-844 arranged this, he convinced the Sodan to help them, since they ignored the Prior's order to exterminate a peaceful civilization. After capturing the Prior, he was forced to kill after the Prior disruptor no longer had any effect on him. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1", "The Fourth Horseman, Part 2")2006Mitchell being hooked up to the mind altering device.Added by Matthew R DunnHe and his team traveled to Galar, the homeworld of the Galarans, who created technology to manipulate people's memories. He had a relationship with the head of the project, Reya Varrick. However, after he woke up, he found blood on his hands and discovered she was murdered. He also confessed to the crime and was arrested by Galaran authorities, but due to diplomatic relations, he was released. However, he chose to find the real murderer, as his memories were faked so the authorities would not turn to the real murderer. By using the same mind altering technology, he eventually found out that Marell, a member of the project, and Reya's ex-husband was the real murderer. However, the Galarans chose to ignore this, by altering Marrell's memories, believing Reya died in an accident. Mitchell was angered that there was no real justice to the murder and left, after his memory of Reya's murder was deleted. (SG1: "Collateral Damage")After various SG-1s appeared from several Parallel Universes, Mitchell of this reality, as well as the team, particularly Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter eventually figured a way to stop more SG-1s from traveling to this Universe by using closing the breach responsible at a black hole. He worked with one alternate counterpart onboard the Prometheus, who was revealed to be responsible. He and his team managed to trick the alternate SG-1 before they arrived in Atlantis to steal the Zero Point Module and protect their Universe from the Ori. (SG1: "Ripple Effect")He later had some time off, and decided to see his old friend, Bryce Ferguson. However, despite being given the best possible care, the doctors could not remove the aneurysm. He caught up with his time with his friend, but after Bryce went suspicious that Mitchell is "fighting aliens", he decided to use the Galaran memory device to allow Bryce to see what he had been through since he joined the Stargate program. Mitchell apologized that his actions caused Bryce to slowly die, even thought Bryce himself told him not to be. He then left to participate in a mission to P2M-903 and rescue Teal'c, who was captured and may have been brainwashed by Ba'al. He found Teal'c and discovered that he was not brainwashed at all, and killed the Ba'al clone. (SG1: "Stronghold")Mitchell posing as "Shaft" to learn more about Kassa.While investigating Kassa, a heavily addicted crop engineered by the Lucian Alliance, he and the team went to P6G-452, one of the major suppliers of Kassa, where he posed as a "drug dealer" known as "Shaft" to make a deal. However, after Worrel attempted to kill him, he and the team tried to escape, only to get captured again after Ba'al inconveniently stole the planet's Stargate. After a day of torture, he and his team were rescued by the new Earth ship, Odyssey the successor of the Prometheus, which was destroyed by the Ori satellite over Tegalus. They tracked down Ba'al's Ha'tak and retrieved all the missing Stargates, and escaped through one of them before the Lucian Alliance destroyed the ship. (SG1: "Ethon", "Off the Grid")He and his team was later forced to look after a group of International Oversight Advisory delegates to the Gamma Site, where the R-75 bugs the personnel had been researching began taking over the surface. He managed to hold them off until Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter worked out a way to leave the planet alive, by contacting the Odyssey. (SG1: "The Scourge")Both he and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter were sent "out of phase" after accessing Arthur's Mantle, one of the devices from Avalon. Not being noticed by anyone else, He recalled the mission report on Dr. Daniel Jackson and the Crystal skull and attempted to talk with him, but Jackson did not notice them. While Carter tried to find a way back, Mitchell followed Teal'c to P9G-844, where he discovered the Sodan had been wiped out by a ravaged Volnek, who is using a Sodan Invisibility device to remain hidden. With the cloaking device, Teal'c was able to see Mitchell, and then thought of a plan to kill Volnek, by using A-M18A1 Claymore mines and lure Volnek to the location. However, in the process, Arthur's Mantle deactivated, though Teal'c assisted Mitchell from being killed by Volnek, before he was killed by the explosion. (SG1: "Arthur's Mantle")Mitchell narrowly escaping the Korolev's destruction.After Vala Mal Doran returned to warn that the Ori were coming to the Milky Way via building another Supergate, SG-1 found Camelot to acquire a weapon capable of destroying ascended beings, (later known as the Sangraal), their attempts activated Merlin's security system, another holographic guardian. Mitchell attempted to dispatch it like he did with the one on Avalon. However, the guardian was more lethal and would have killed Mitchell, but was saved when Dr. Daniel Jackson had to shoot the control crystals that disabled it. After discovering that the Sangraal was nowhere to be found, Mitchell and Jackson were beamed onboard the Korolev, a Russian 304 and was sent to the second Supergate, where the Ori went through and wiped out most ships defending the Milky Way. The Korolev was destroyed, but Mitchell narrowly escaped by flying an F-302, where he was soon picked up by the Odyssey, he piloted the ship to retrieve Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, and went with her, Teal'c and Bra'tac to stop the formidable Ori warships from taking Chulak. However, their attempts failed, though they were beamed aboard the Odyssey, including Jackson and Vala, who were on one of the ships and escaped. (SG1: "Crusade", "Camelot", "Flesh and Blood")After Dr. Daniel Jackson discovered Vagonbrei, he took his team there to hopefully find the Sangraal, only to find it empty and everyone dead from a sleep parasite, which the locals called "Morgan's curse". The parasite infected the team including Mitchell, who was with Teal'c, looking through the caves. They are able to hear a lizard, which was unaffected by the sleep parasite, being the only known creature on the planet. They trap the lizard to find a cure for the parasite, but Mitchell was too fatigued to continue. After a hazmat team found Teal'c outside the caves, they found Mitchell, who was later cured, as well as his team, after examining the lizard. He then welcomed Vala Mal Doran to the team, as she was given clearance to do so. (SG1: "Morpheus")Mitchell and John Sheppard in Atlantis.A clue to find the Sangraal led the team to Atlantis, where he was onboard the Odyssey, along with Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Rodney McKay to use one of Pegasus' black holes and a Stargate to dial a connection to the Supergate to prevent any more Ori warships from getting to the Milky Way. The mission was a success, and was given news by Teal'c that not only was a Hive ship was destroyed, but an Ori ship was destroyed as well. However, Dr. Daniel Jackson failed to find the Sangraal after Morgan Le Fay was taken by the Others. (SG1: "The Pegasus Project")When Ba'al arrived on Earth via Al'kesh, he offered to help find the Sangraal in exchange that SG-1 kill his clones, who had apparently turned against him. SG-1 decide to capture them for information instead, and Mitchell interrogated one, where he claimed to have found a way if he is the real Ba'al or not; the real Ba'al wouldn't care about the guard while killing him. After a brainwashed Agent Malcolm Barrett freed one of the Ba'als, who held everyone on Levels 15 to 17, Mitchell led a team to free the hostages while Dr. Bill Lee planned to use canisters of symbiote poison, though most of the Ba'als escaped with all the Stargate address they have to find the Sangraal to defeat not only the Ori, but the Ancients as well. (SG1: "Insiders")Mitchel plays poker with the rest of his team.He later spent his time off with Major General Henry Landry alone in O'Neill's cabin. However, at the same time, interdimensional parasites from the Sodan Invisibility devices, which were used by The Trust to spy on Mitchell and Landry, terrorized the local hunters after taking the Minnesota wildlife as hosts. Fortunately, through tracking them, Mitchell and the team were able to dispatch them through plenty of firepower. He and his team found enough time to play several rounds of poker at the end. (SG1: "Uninvited")He and the team were later asked by Martin Lloyd and Major General Jack O'Neill to overlook the script for a supposed movie version of Wormhole X-Treme!. Mitchell originally planned a zombie sequence, but after Lloyd thought that no one does this anymore as "zombies have been done to death", Mitchell lost interest in it, but still went through the meeting until he was able to celebrate his 200th trip through the Stargate, including leaving Earth, returning to Earth, and other times stepping through an event horizon. (SG1: "200")Afterwards, he and his team went undercover as simple villagers on a planet enslaved by the Ori, and encountered an adult Adria, Vala Mal Doran's daughter. Suddenly, the planet was attacked by the Dakara superweapon, and they were beamed out before they were killed. He then led his team to recover the Ori warship on the surface, until discovering it was a Jaffa plot to commandeer the ship and use it to fight the Ori. Mitchell was stunned and captured by Bo'rel. When Adria was revealed to have survived, both the Jaffa and Mitchell worked together in a futile attempt to stop her and was beamed back onboard the Odyssey before Adria destroyed the Dakara superweapon. (SG1: "Counterstrike")Mitchell pursuing Vala's captors on a freeway.When Vala Mal Doran was captured by Athena and The Trust, Mitchell and his team went to find her. He commanded a team to storm one of several known Trust-operated warehoused, but his was empty. They discovered her in a Police station, but she was extracted by a Trust member posing as Carter before they arrived. Mitchell commandeered a motorcycle and pursued on the freeway, and found the car crashed by Vala. He was shot by one of the Trust members before he was killed, and was captured by Vala. Mitchell was held at a motel, trying to convince her she's one of his, though she doesn't believe him. He was later found by his team, who caught him with his pants down a second time. Eventually, Dr. Daniel Jackson convinced Vala, and welcomed her as part of SG-1. (SG1: "Memento Mori")After the Lucian Alliance captured the Odyssey, and Vala Mal Doran and Dr. Daniel Jackson were also captured on a separate mission by the Alliance, Mitchell planned on posing as Kefflin, a close friend of Netan and get inside his circle. He used the Reol chemical to make Netan believe he was Kefflin, and since no one else saw his face, he went undetected. He discovered that Anateo has captured the ship for his own benefit. When Teal'c was captured, he also posed as his torturer, until he let him escape. When Netan and Tenat found the Odyssey to get Anateo to surrender, he also made Tenat believe he was Netan in an attempt to get the two Ha'tak vessels to fight each other; Tenat lost the battle. He was beamed onboard the Odyssey, which was retaken by Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and the crew. (SG1: "Company of Thieves")When Adria gave Vala Mal Doran dreams on the location of the Sangraal, he and the team traveled to the Sangraal planet, but were quickly followed by Ori soldiers. He used the librarian Osric, who was Adria in disguise and a trapped Ba'al. When they found the mountain, Adria forced him to get the Sangraal, after passing Morgan's puzzles inside. When they unleashed a dragon, Mitchell planned to use C-4, make it swallow it, hopefully destroyed the dragon; Teal'c took his place, but it didn't work. It was stopped by Dr. Daniel Jackson saying "Ganos Lal" (Morgan Le Fay in Ancient). After they returned and experienced through Morgan's planetary circuit, Jackson sacrificed him mind to build a Sangraal, with Merlin's memories, compared the physical resemblance between Mitchell and Perceval. Mitchell confronted Vala and lectured to her that being a member of SG-1 is not about taking chances with their lives, but to witness fellow members doing it, and remarked that Vala was finally member of the team. When the Ori finally caught up, thanks to Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter and Ba'al's help, they were able to return to Earth, though Jackson was captured by Adria. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 1", "The Quest, Part 2")

Col Cameron Mitchell

03/05/2012 01:44 PM 

Work, family and friends

My Sister is     Mafia Queen. Scarlet Vendetti S&L                                       

Iron Man [SI]

03/04/2012 07:45 PM 

12 Step Program (Rules)

1.  I try to be the best I can at as many things as I care to, but I am human.  And it is human nature to err.  If I err, I will seek to make amends. 2.  I will seek to be a fair and good RPer, to avoid God-Modding, autoing, ect...  Because I choose to be. 3.  I understand that this is a virtual, fictional world.  It is not real life.  And I engage in this virtual, fictional world purely for my enjoyment and benefit.  4.  I understand that, as this isn't real life, no one can hurt me unless I allow them too.  5.  I understand that drama needs at least two people, an instigator and a perpetuator (often mistaken as the victim), to survive.  I volunteer to be neither. 6.  I am the driving force behind myself.  No one can make or break me more then I can.  I am responsible for myself.  No one else is. 7.  I will not judge other genres or styles.  Just because I'm not into something doesn't mean another person doesn't have the right to enjoy that type of fiction. 8.  I have a right to and will RP with whomever I want, whenever I want, whichever way I want, on whichever site I want.  So long as it does not violate the rights of others. 9.  I will put serious effort into portraying my character(s) in accurate and creative ways.  As a writer and actor, I want to do justice to my character. 10.  My OOC or RL business is my own.  11.  There is a higher power. 12.  I challenge you to re-write your rules, too... As of Nov 24th, 2012, I also recommend you stop by my Hall Of Armor blog to review how I use the armors in RolePlay.  Special thanks to Loki for blog design help.

𝓒𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓮 𝓓𝓲𝓸𝓷

03/03/2012 09:24 PM 

Rules of Wade

These are my rules, more or less guidelines of what to expect when you roleplay with me. I don't nessarily heavily enforce them, but I do at least hope you will respect me in some way to follow them to the best of your abilities.1) In regards to the "You add, you start" or the "I'm up for any type of roleplay", to me, that just screams. "I'm lazy, I don't want to start, so you do it for me." This kills me to no end because I hate coming up with more or less, generic shit. I like to discuss stuff with the people I roleplay with, get a feel for something they'd like to do to me. It makes it really, really hard when someone just says "I'll do whatever, or I'm up for whatever," Because how do you expect me to pull something out of my ass to start with? So for the record, if you OR I add, you discuss. That's it.2) Drama is hard to not avoid, it seems to be a bigger issue on SM than here. My only thing with 'drama' is that I don't want to deal with mean, cruel, or ignorant roleplayers who quickly think that A) They're shit doesn't stink B) They're superior in terms of whatever to other roleplayers or C) People who just act like immature assholes.3) Relationships. They're tricky. I don't mind them, but I hate when I commit and someone farts off and goes and does a character change or something like that. Or they disappear, cheat on, or generally are odd. For any reason, I am usually protective over whom I let Wade be with. So if you show your worth, then perhaps its possible.4) The only roleplay scenarios I will not do are most Weapon X storylines, bar, club, or strip club settings. I've had enough of these to deal with me for a lifetime. Enough said.5) In regards to a starter that you throw to messages, please, please, please at least say "Starter" in the title. I hate opening up a "No Subject" only to find a random starter has been thrown my way. Not that I mind, but if I'm not in the mood for replies, I don't like leaving it "opened" and having you think I am ignoring it. Thanks, but send a title or rather, discuss starter/story with me.6) I am adding this one mostly because I don't know why people do this alot lately, but I feel it needs to be addressed. I am a very busy guy. Real life comes first, and on Roleplayer, I am normally backed up on replies any given day. Being this is (for now) the last rule, if you are an UNPATIENT PERSON, feel free to delete me, now. Sometimes my replies can take anywhere up to two weeks to reply, and I hate having to work on a reply for about 15 minutes, only to click the "send" button and I get my favorite words in the world "Must be this users friend to comment,". It is annoying and obnoxious. If you serious cannot wait on me, I have no business being your friend. I don't believe in this "numbers" shit. In the same amount of time it takes you to literally, go out of your way to delete me, do you realize you could be the one to initiate the conversation and say hello? Any who. I am totally against these type of people. So if you cannot talk, if you can not attempt to roleplay, and if you get impatient and just delete people, have a nice life, because I don't need you giving me miniature rage fits because I worked on something and found out a minute or two later you left me in the dust.That's it for now, unless I come up with anything else. Which I did! Sign this bad boy with your favorite movie so I know you didn't skim.

Noah Collins

03/03/2012 09:18 PM 


WANTED CONNECTIONSSister:�Elizabeth Collins [OPEN]Play-by: Julianne HoughSpecies: HumanAge: 25Occupation: TeacherElizabeth is the middle sibling of the Collins children. Noah being the oldest and only boy and Lauren being the youngest sister. Lizzie is only two years younger than Noah. Lizzie still lives in New Castle and she works as a teacher (grade level and subject up to writer), following in her mother's footsteps in education. After their father was killed on duty with the police, she was very distraught. She had been very attached to him and idolized him. So when Noah decided to join the force she was always worried about him and his safety. He was the last male of the family. The whole family is hesitant around vampires because of the incident with their father and deem them untrustworthy. Other species they don't mind so much. Sister: Lauren Collins [CLOSED]Play-by: Alejandra AlonsoSpecies: HumanAge: 22Occupation: Up to WriterLauren is the youngest of the Collins siblings but only 5 years younger than Noah, and 3 from Lizzie. She looks up to both of her siblings, especially Noah because he became a type of father figure to her after their father passed. Lauren was 13 or 14 when their father was murdered. Lauren is a recent college graduate (or can still be in school or have traveled abroad) and comes home to New Castle after being away at school. She is excited to be with her siblings again and spend more time with them though she is surprised how the town has changed in the 5 years that she's been gone. Ex-wife: Nicole Gallagher [OPEN]Play-by: Gugu Mbatha-RawSpecies: HumanOccupation: Human ServantNicole is Noah Collin's ex-wife who left him to work as a human servant for Alexander Scarticini. The pair first met when Noah stopped her for speeding down Main Street and the two met again later at the diner she would later find work at. Their relationship was brief and very much falling under the honeymoon phase until a few months into their marriage. She was often left alone for long periods of time and found herself bored and full of worry for Noah's safety. In her boredom she would read novels of the fantastical lore of vampires.� She would go out to Lace and other vampire owned businesses to taste the excitement of that life. Much to Noah's surprise, she soon requested a divorce. She realized that she truly felt alive under the bite of a vampire. If gave her the thrills that she desired in life and that being a housewife was not what would make her happy. Noah was of course upset by the entire affair. He still holds a grudge against her and Alex Scarticini and will not speak to her if he can help it. She now resides at the Scarticini mansion and works as a human servant for him and his family.Boss:�Evelyn Holmes [OPEN]Play-by: Katheryn WinnickSpecies: HumanOccupation: Chief of NC PoliceEvelyn is the current Chief of Police in New Castle. Evelyn is not originally from New Castle, writer can determine her previous location. She has been with the force for many years, serving from the lowest rank now to one of the highest. She as spent most of her career as a detective and is damn good at it. Her childhood dream was to be in the FBI, but life took her in a different direction. She is not a fan of the supernatural though she is patient and open-minded to those who don't wish to kill her or get in her way. She doesn't know that Joe Eames. one of her detectives, is a shifter. It is her goal to make New Castle a safer place. She is strong-willed and determined to get things done and do them right, even if she has to move around the law to do it.�Police Partner:�Joseph (Joe) Eames  [OPEN]Play-by: Tom HardySpecies: Shape-shifter, SkinwalkerOccupation: Police Officer/DetectiveJoe and Noah Collins both graduated from the Police Academy together. Joe is not originally from New Castle, but is from Wilmington. He moved to New Castle when they hired him to be partnered with Noah. As a skinwalker, Joe would have had to commit a cold-blooded murder in order to gain the ability to shift skin. This opens up a possibility for corruption or a multitude of other options for his writer. Noah and Joe were both the top in their class in the Academy. Since New Castle is such a small town the police there cover all the titles, officer, detectives, etc. Both Joe and Noah are in competition for the sheriffs spot. Joe also has a liking for their boss, Evelyn Holmes (human). Joe has done a good job at hiding his shifter side, no one knows but him and other shifters or anyone with a keen eye. Joe would have lost his original animal form scent after a while. Writer can choose what animal he would have become before being a skinwalker. Sometimes he uses his abilities to shift into humans to solve cases, but he does it carefully.Send me a message, or comment the blog if you're interested or want more information.

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