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Nomes Beauty

10/17/2011 01: PM 

Pokemon Characters

Name: Xue Fang Types: Fire Species: Fox Pokémon Abilities: Flash Fire National: #036 Height: 3'07" Weight: 43.9 lbs. Level: 80 Trainer: Raiden Mate/Lover: Flame Attacks: Flamethrower, Hypnosis, Nasty Plot, Grass Knot(Bread From A Stantler)  Catch Rate:75% Evolves From: Vulpix Gender Ratio: 25% Male, 75% Female Making Males Rarer Then Females Pokedex Info: Its nine tails are said to be imbued with a mystic power. It can live for a thousand years. Gender Differences: None Physiology: This fox-like Pokémon is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur, as well as having nine tails, each of which is tipped with orange. They also have a fluffy crest atop their heads and a similar ruff around their necks. Ninetales have gleaming red eyes that are said to give them the power of mind control. They can also live up to one thousand years. Special Abilities: Ninetales are based on the kitsune of Japanese mythology, giving them abilities to wield Ghost-type attacks such as Confuse Ray. They are also very vengeful Pokémon and have been known to curse those who mistreat them. Ninetales are highly intelligent Pokémon that understand human speech. Many legends surround this Pokémon, one of which stating that Ninetales was born when 9 saints were united and reincarnated as this Pokémon. Behavior:This Pokémon's extreme intelligence lends to what most consider Psychic-type characteristics, though Ninetales has never officially been described as anything other than a Fire-type. It also seems to hold grudges very easily and will curse humans and Pokémon alike if they touch one of its tails.

Nomes Beauty

10/16/2011 07: PM 


Name: Ophelia CrescentNicknames:Age: 16Date Of Birth: Feb 14thGender: FemaleHeight: 4"10Weight: 60 Lbs.Body Type: CurvyRace: Human With Wolf In HerHair: Blue/GreyEyes: Blueish GreenishSkin: PaleVillage: Village Of BloodHeadband: Worn Around Her NeckAbility(If Demon)/Talent: Her Talents Are Singing, Dancing, Jutsus, GenjutsusHer Powers Are Shadow ControllingPersonality:Shy, Quiet, Kind, Can Be Blood ThirstyStatus: SingleSexual orientation: StraightMother: DeadFather: DeadFamily To Her: Her Demon ChaosHistory: When Ophelia Crescent Was A Child Born Into A Village Of Death, It Was A Small Village None Which Was Well Known. It Was A Close Guarded Village One That Despite It Being So Small No One Ever Wanted To Go Into Or Get Into War. Ophelia's Parents Died After She Was Born, Being Sent On A Suicide Mission She Was Left To Be Raised By The Village Leader. She Was Not A Normal Girl The Fact Was, She Was Born With A Demon In Her Thats Why She Was Trained More Harshly. Raised To Be A Tool For her Village, She Became A Anbu At The Age Of Thirteen, She Wonders Out Of The Village Whenever She Wants. The Village Symbol Is That Of A Bloody Crescent Moon, The Village She Is From Is The Village Of Blood.


10/15/2011 05: PM 


Read, sign (if you actually read them). Didn't think I would have to post some rules up but I see there are still some problems occurring sooo yeah please take a look over these guidelines and sign. [: -Yes! I am an original character. I made up Griffyn Alexander Faron myself and wrote his bio. However, I am NOT Andy Biersack and do not claim to be he is a great musician and inspiration I am simply using him as a playby. -I made all my pictures unless stated otherwise. I would appreciate if they remained on my profile and mine only. I'll be glad to edit pictures for anyone (if you like my style) just ask and if I feel like, it I will. -Do not request to view my hidden images if we have never spoken before. If we have, then feel free to leave any picture comments, and I will be sure to return the favor.  -Roleplay is to always occur in messages. I cannot stand for roleplay to be going on in my comments, I'm disorganized enough. Also, OOC talk is just fine, just make sure to specify -I am mainly multi-para or around that range. I can do novella but usually I just do not have time for it. If we are doing a 5+ para-roleplay, then it's going to take me longer to get to it. Just remember, quality over quantity. One-liners are a big fat N-O, though. I find them boring and worthless. Mini-roleplays, such as the one's that occur through Skype or text are alright and accepted [: -This one is BIG. If you add, send me SOMETHING. An intro, a starter (with warning beforehand of course), even a simple 'hi' will do. If I add, I'll will send you an intro sometime after you accept. We need to have something going on though. I'm not going to have any numbers on my list whatsoever. Talk or face deletion. Simple as that. -Give me a quote from your favorite song (or a song you like) if you've read this far. [: Just to see who is actually looking over these and reading. -I will do dating but if a relationship happens, it will have to start in the roleplay. I will not just randomly decide to be with someone because they ask me. Love takes time to form and I believe it will create a stronger bond if it occurs that way. -I'm not gay, I'm not bi. I like women and will only be with a woman. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homosexuals. I just don't want a guy coming up to me saying "You get me hot in the sheets". (Has happened before -.- ) With that, I'm not an erotic role player. If intimacy occurs during the roleplay, that is a different story. However, that will never be the roleplay to start. -Save the drama for your llama. ;D No need to expound on that. -On my profile you will see a list of people. Most of them I am very close to and they have well-earned their spot on my profile. Do not ask to be put on my profile unless we have a storyline going or a connection role already discussed. -I do NOT have a cell phone right now. So no I cannot text you. -I have an AIM and a Skype: inhuman.diveristy I may or may not respond immediately, either because I'm sleeping, working, or I'm somewhere that doesn't provide wifi. Skype works better for me, so I'll usually respond to that sooner.-As stated above, I have a job that usually requires my 40 hours a week, so I can't always be on, and will usually not be able to respond to role plays if I've had a long work day. Please understand ~Thanks for reading. That will be all for now. -Last updated on: 05/05/15-


01/14/2011 03: PM 

Q - Original Fleet Admiral Janeway RP

 Boredom having amassed over the rest of the multiverse, I sighed, PONDERING who to go pest--er, I mean entertain. I sat in the Continuum for AGES, creating little viewing orbs of al my old favourites. That's not what took so long, mind you, it was trying to decide exactly who I was going to pop in on. Jean-luc was always fun... But he'd been sooo down since his little pet android blew himself up for him. And since I wanted something exciting and fun, I tossed his orb of to the side, As it fled my hands, it blinked out of existence, as if it had never been. There were a great many others, I'm not going to waste time talking about here. But, out of all the exciting and adventurous places I could have gone... I decided on my old explorer friend, Kathy. She was always good for a lark, and fun to flirt with - she got so flustered. There, that settled it - finally - I was visiting Kathy. A smile passed my lips as I snapped my fingers, blinking out of the Q Continuum, and into a nicely furnished office, complete with a (probably replicated) wood desk. "Kathy!" I addressed the lovely ginger sitting before me at said desk. "Didja miss me?"

Nomes Beauty

10/13/2011 06: PM 

Emilie Autumn

Name: Emilie Autumn Nicknames: None Yet Age: Around Thirty Date Of Birth: September 22 Gender: Female Height: 5"2 Weight: 90 Lbs. Body Type: Curvy Race: Human Hair: Multi Eyes: Different Colors From Contacts Skin: Pale Ability/Talent: Her Talents Are Singing,Drawing,Dancing,Poetry, And Playing Several Instruments Her Abilities Include Making Poisons As Well As Healing And Herbs Personality: Sadistic, Strange, Different Status: Single Sexual orientation: Bi Family: Mother: Unknown Father:Unknown History:  At the age of four, Autumn commenced her training on the violin. Six years later, she enrolled at the Colburn School of Performing Arts where she began to experiment with improvisational playing, inspired by the renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy, By Age Fifteen She Was Well Known For Her Music Although Highly Criticized By The Public For Her Taste In music And Clothing   Stuff You Need To Know: *She Is A Singer As Well As Song Write *She Loves Blood And Is Somewhat A Bit Psycho *She Is Protective Of Her Family And Pets *She Has Several Pets That She Loves

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