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09/09/2012 02:59 PM 


First and foremost, Im not NINA BEAUTIFUL DOBREV . I use her to rp. Meaning..? PlaybyxD Asshole, So don't ask me my number :PSo, if you think Im This Amazing Woman, you're  fucking stupid and need to have yourself checked. [Rehab] 1. Do not god mold me. I will block your sorry ass. 2. Dont cause me drama. Ive had my fair share of it. I will post a bulletincalling you out to others, then Ill block you.3. Respect me and my friends. Ill respect you.4. This is my page, dont tell me how to run it. I have my own mind.   NEXT PART.5. I have feelings and will express them.This means, I have a temper. Dont like it, oh well. Dont like it, delete me now.6. I do cuss , so get over it.7. I have an attitude and Im not afraid to use it . 8. I do have a rl. So, dont bitch to me if Im not here all the time. It doescome first.9. Dont ask me about my rl. I will only talk to the ones about it that I feelI can trust.10. Im loyal and faithfull. Which means, I hate cheaters. If I catch you, I willsay my peace, then block you. SORRY I HATE IT -.-     11. STEALING: I'll find out, And shit's is gonna get real so please don't don't don't steal from me if you want something picture edits or layout help ASK.12. I rp anything. Just discuss your perfect storyline with me and That's ALL.13. If I dont understand your comment, I may not reply. I know Im not perfect, but at least try to send something I can understand, so I can respond to it. YES IM EVIL,AND SHIT DON'T LIKE IT DELETE ME NOW... NEXT PART: 14 . Please no messages, unless its about rl and you dont want anyone knowing your business. I wont rp in messages. If you have a rl issues you want to talk about, then I will talk there. Otherwise, comments please. 15. SLOW REPLIES: ALL THE TIME, SO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT SORRY DELETE ME NOW :D If I think of anything else , Ill post more rules. I LOVE YOU STRANGER :D have a nice day/Night ;D Bye Bye :DXOXO. [Sign Beautiful THANKS]


09/09/2012 02:47 PM 


Hola RP! saludos a todos por igual bienvenidos a mis reglas en spanish por que las hago por que quiero que mi punto quede biiien claro en los dos idiomas en los que puedo hablar.No quiero preguntas estupidas debajo de esto; esto sera rapido,facil & sin anestesia no la nesesitan. --NO QUIERO CARITAS TAMPOCO! ;P LOSERS: Primero que quiero que quede claro es que NO soy  NINA DOBREV creo que ella tiene cosas mejores que hacer que estar aqui haciendo RP! NO me llamen POSER o algo asi por que en serio estaras borrado en menos de un minuto. GAME ON! [Y VAN CONTANTO 3 2 1 YA]DRAMA:  NO quiero ningun tipo de drama en mi pagina,status o ect. si tienes ganas de joder a alguien ocupate de enviarle un mensaje,comment o algo asi a mi no me vengas a joder con cosas que YO no tengo nada que ver; Yo no busco problemas con NADIE aqui para que NADIE joda conmigo. Si tienes algun tipo de drama sin resolver conmigo no vengas a poner indirectas en status soy lo bastante cuerda he itenligente para darme cuenta que me hablas a mi NO SEAS ESTUPIDA [O] Todos nos damos cuenta al menos algunos que tengamos dos dedos de frente, TE BORRARE. [LO SIENTO NESESITO ASESINAR A ALGUIEN..]  ROLEPLAY:  Igual puedo hacer RP en ingles que en Español pero todo toma tiempo si en dos dias no contesto tu comienzo de RP es por que tengo cosas que hacer fuera de eso no envies un nuevo mensaje preguntandome por que no te he contestado,TENGO una vida fuera de esto,Universidad & Trabajo asi que no me apresures & Tampoco vengas con un mensaje a preguntarme si me llego tu starter o Reply si lo ves en mi lista de comentarios es por que asi es DUH!. COQUETEO:  Por su puesto puedes decirme lo HERMOSA que es Catherine o cosas similares pero si mi personaje esta TOMADO,tiene novio o esposo o lo que sea por favor no lo hagas no soporto los INFIELES por lo tanto JAMAS haria una cosas similar con algunas de mis parejas. Se respetar & me gusta que me respeten. [VAMPIRE AND PROUND. ;D]HOMOFOBICOS:  Mi personaje es BISEXUAL Asi que si eres Homofobico Tienes un problema BIEN SERIO CONMIGO! OKAY? Asi que please no vengas con que odias los gays & stuff por que estaras BORRADO EN UN MINUTO. Cuando hago a mistades no me interesa con quien demonios duermes o te gusta asi que no vengas hacer lo mismo conmigo tu no tienes que decir como vivir mi vida vive la tuya. CYBERSEX:  Claro siempre & cuando sea por mensajes no tengo sexo en comments por que obviamente todo el mundo los lee asi que para cyber sex nesesitas enviarme un mensaje & claro tener una relacion sentimental seria conmigo antes. Soy promiscua pero si eres un hoe, o una whore conmigo no tienes oportunidad de ninguna clase. DERECHOS: Profile & Fotos estan hechas por mi asi que si alguien roba algo de mi historia estara borrado & primero insultado por mi NO SOPORTO EL PLAGIO! yo no robo para que nadie lo haga conmigo. Otra cosita uso Photoshop cs6 tengo cs5,Photofiltre y Photoscape son buenos PROGRAMAS. NO ME ROBES OKAY. BYE BITCH XDBueno esto seria todo gracias por venir a leer mis reglas ;DBye bye.


09/08/2012 01:01 PM 

Braiden IRL.
Current mood:  nervous

Hi guys. :) I decided I should make one of these to introduce myself, and just so I can get a little more comfortable about being here.My name's Shannon. Gasp! Yes, I am a girl roleplaying a guy. It's my first time actually, since I'm taking the role for a friend. I've been super hesitant about joining an RPG because I'm just not that type of roleplayer. I'm kinda a loner. Womp. But hey, don't knock it until you try it, right?I'm seventeen and I'm starting my senior year of high school, so my time on here will sometimes be very limited, but I'll give a heads up if I will not be on for a long period of time (a long period being a few days, five days at the most.). I'm taking school really serious this year, and I'm taking two college classes along with an AP. So, school overall is going to be my first priority, just a warning.I've been roleplaying since 2006. I was a wee little one who had no social life and found solace in roleplaying. It used to be roleplaying above everything, but as I got older that obviously changed. Doesn't mean I love it any less. :)It will take me a little time to get used to all of this, and to be honest I'm kinda scared shitless. Like I said, I've been a loner when it comes to rp, only rping with one person at a time, so it's gonna take a little adjusting. Hopefully if things don't get too hectic with school, I'll be around for quite awhile. And...yeah. That's me. Yaaaaaaay.

Beyond Birthday

09/07/2012 06:56 PM 

Updated Rules
Current mood:  annoyed

As I am tired of the general bullshit I have encountered here, I have decided it was about time to update this shit. If you can't handle what's written here, get the fuck out and stay away from me. I will not deal with you and your ignorance any longer.Eventually, these will be posted in my profile. I need to figure out how to adjust the size of the location first.The Rules;1. I don't add numbers.2. You pick a character you want to roleplay with.3. If you are a multi-character account then YOU pick one of your characters that you want me to rp with.4. If you add me, you speak first. If I add you, I'll speak first. I get rid of people who don't speak or respond to me after a weeks time. If there is something I should know about that would prevent you from speaking with me for a certain time, you better be damn sure to tell me if you want to stay here.5.OOC goes in comments, Roleplays go in messages. You send me an ooc in messages without previous discussion of it and I get rid of you. Simple as that.6.My roleplays are multi-para to novella. Rarely will I do anything else. Can't make the cut? Don't roleplay with me.7. Can't follow these then fuck off.


ℳia Chiva

09/07/2012 06:10 PM 

Family Meeting

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