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Russell Edgington

10/07/2011 08: PM 

The Royal Rules

Rules, yes you must follow the rules of my Kingdom. You break them and you shall suffer the consequences.   (I am not associated with True Blood, HBO or anything dealing with the show, stories or characters. This is a role play page and I do not claim to be Russell Edgington (he's not real) or the talented Denis O'Hare who brought the character to life. I am a role player and have been role playing for 10 years. Don't sue me!)  1. No Drama plain and simple. You start any drama on my damn page or drag your personal shit into role play. I will get up close and personal with the delete button.  2. Any role play styles if fine with me. Para, multi-para etc. what ever you wanna do is fine. I'm not a fan of one liners and I despise them like I despise the AVL. Fuckin' pricks. So with that said NO ONE LINERS!  3. I do my best to get back to everyone quickly, however I do have a life outside this site. If I don't get back to you within a week then yes I will give you the right to bitch at me. I tend to over look some replies thinkin' I've gotten back to the already. 4. Discuss SL's with me don't be all 'SEND A STARTER EVEN THOUGH YOU DON'T KNOW MY CHARACTER' pain in my ass. (originals only)   5. Please send me starters if you add me. I add you I'll send you one... possibly. I can't keep track of people these days so I'd prefer you to send a starter.  6. Love Interests. I stick to the books and tv show depending what verse you wanna do. I'm not going to marry Eric or Sookie. Frankly Eric is an asshole and Sookie annoys me (no offense RPers I like both characters dearly) If I'm going to be with your character it better make sense. Talbot of instance, no shit I'll be with him but doesn't mean I'll hook up with every one of them. If I have one then I have one. Enough said. I'm not here to pimp out characters. My character for the most part is gay but depends on the storyline, only characters I'd consider as a love interest are Talbot, Steve Newlin, or  Sophie-Anne. I favor the boys though. Deal with it. If I have a love interest already then I'm not looking for another. 7. Don't try to kick my ass, you can't. I'm 3,000 years old and the oldest most powerful vampire you'll ever meet. YES I'm full of myself but as King I have a right. This doesn't mean if I get into a 'fight' with your character that I'm just goin' to kick your ass and be a dick about it. I'll work with you decently. However if Sensitive Bill 'main streamin' Compton or Eric 'mono tone' Northman have it where they beat the shit outta my character, there will be hell to pay.  8. What someone does in their roleplay is their business. If you get so concerned with what I'm doing in my roleplays it's pathetic. Focus on what you're doing not what I'm doing. Frankly people  can kiss my ass. If you're not involved in the storyline don't involve yourself and concern yourself with it. If you're not roleplaying with me then you really need to check your shit and get the fuck off my page. My shit is my shit. What happens in one storyline doesn't concern another. 9. Please have fun. Don't be haters because you don't like someone's RP style or character. I know for one that a lot of people hate my character but that's fine with me. I'm not here to be all cute and cuddly and eat ice cream with you on spring break at Disney Land. Russell is a mean, sly, cold man and I will play him as such. Don't take it personal.   10. i luv Vamipres theeyyy rox <- you write this like or close, I'll make fun of you, enjoy a good laugh and then delete you.  11. Stay out of my personal life and I'll stay out of yours. Easy enough? 12. If you want pictures I have ask and I'll give them or just give you the links and you can hunt em down yourself. Still ASK. 13. Don't copy my starters or SLs... step outta the box and be freakin' original people! Steal my shit and you'll highly regret it. 14. NO DRAMA... again I can't stress that enough. 15. Don't try to control my character. You try to control me and things will get nasty very quickly and I'll have your characters head mounted above my fireplace. If you're really reading this, upon signing, describe the season five final using one word. 16. Cussing / sex / violence / it's the American way please feel free to do so. It's True Blood so of course Mature content is going to be involved. All sexual situation must be done in messages and follow a storyline. Lets all  be professional. If your characters hook up don't run around and tell everyone. Is this a teenage after school special? People who do that can't handle it and need to be gone already. 17. I'll only hook up with a character ONLY and ONLY if it fits the SL. Don't just be like, 'Hey, old men are sexy. Do me!' ..... o.O WHAT!! I'll delete you if you're only here to cyber. I like being a world dominating prick then I do fucking in storylines. 18. Lets not treat rp like a war. Like it's some sort of competition with those who rp the same character or anything of the sort. I hate that. Everyone have fun. Respect each other and mind your own business. 19. First rumor I hear about me on this site, I'm going to hunt down the person rip out their spine and remove your spleen and feed it to my wolves... or just report you / black list you and make sure your rep is destroyed. Usually the ones who start rumors are already destroyed by the rep they've given themselves. I've been doin this for 10 years, been in some of the best professional  groups out there. I know what I'm doing. Be respectful and keep your shit to your self. If you do hear rumors odds are their false since I'm not really social ooc. Ask anyone. Hear anything bring it to my attention please. 20. Mains, I do mains but only with some characters. Sookies it's hard for me to because I have at least 2 that are amazing writers. Eric is sorta the same  since I have two that are just as good.  The ones I do actual (mains) with is usually Book Verse,  or Talbot (of course!), Tara, Steve, Bill, Sophie-Anne, Debbie, Jason, Roman. These are usually my single mains, no multiples. However if we are in the same group and we actually rp then group mains come first.    21:  Have some fucking fun!!! AIM has really sparked and these rules apply there as well if we're doing a rp there. It's sorta like Vegas. What happens on aim should stay on aim unless someone wants to move the SL there because they can't get on here or if they want to do a fast pace moment. I'm not a hard ass, I'm just done with online drama so I have to be blunt. I'm really a nice person. Have fun!

Daydream {MCRP}

10/07/2011 05: PM 

C.G.D. #6

Name: C.G.D. #6, Alexander Sauer Alias(s): None Sex: MaleRace/Species: Human/Machine Age: 36 before assimilation into mechanical body.Birthday: December 22nd Sign: Capricorn Family: DeceasedBirthplace: Pheonix, ArizonaOccupation: Law Enforcement Officer Height: 7'2" Weight: Approx. 2,000lbs Eye Color: None Hair: None Weapons/Equipment: Missile launcher, grenade launcher, photon cannon, electric dynamo, GPS transponder, jet booster, grapples, cryptographic sequencer. Attributes: Former U.S. Marine, body made of steel, infiltration, hacking, master marksman, expert combatant Bio: Alexander Sauer, was once a well known, respected, loyal, and greatly admired U.S. Marine. That was before the accident. In the year 2214, Alexander was reported dead when the base of operations he was posted at was blown up by a radical terrorist group. The real truth is, Alexander managed to survive the explosion but barely and was taken to a secret hospital owned by the C.I.A. His body was severely burned and even if he was able to continue living he would need to be in intensive care for the rest of his life. One day the C.I.A. came to his room and made him an offer. Alexander would be able to continue serving his country and be given the tools to do so. Alexander, being a valiant U.S. patriot, eagerly accepted. The next day Alexander was signed onto the C.I.A.'s new project to create the ultimate peace keepers, the unit known as the C.G.D., Cybernetic Guard Dogs. They removed Alexander's brain and heart and integrated them into a mechanical body that would act as his peace-keeping weapon, and life support system. Alexander was the sixth subject of the project and now, in the year 2224, serves his country as C.G.D. #6.Theme Song: Iron Man by Ozzy Osbourne

Daydream {MCRP}

10/06/2011 11: PM 

Rules & Guidelines{Please read if you intend to rp with me}

I welcome any and all that would like to rp. I ask only that you follow my rules and guidelines while doing so.~Make sure your spelling is correct. I won't rp with you if you type like a grade schooler. I don't care so much about grammar since I sometimes struggle with it as well, but if your spelling and sentence structure is bad then don't expect me to rp with you.~I like rps that have a sense of fantasy to them. This means elves, ghosts, angels, vampires, lycans, etc.. I'll do a real world rp, but I tend to do a little better with fantasy ones because it increases the amount of story devices I can use.~No god-modding. This one should be pretty obvious. Don't go making your character invincible if we fight in our rps. It isn't fun and I will not bother with someone who can't play fairly. I've had an experience with an rper who did this. I axed him from my friends list and blocked his ass.~I will do a sexual roleplay as long as it's tasteful, no overly vulgar language is used, and as long as it's not the only thing we do. If there's no plot than I won't bother. I'm not here to sex chat with anyone.~Do not try to control my characters. For example, one rp I was in: our characters were fighting and he has the nerve to say that he completely cut off my character's arm and that I ran away in fear. Don't do this. No one likes it.~Do not try to completely dominate the rp. The rp is meant to be shared by two people. Each one should have an equal amount of control over what happens. If you try to take complete control over the rp and leave nothing for me to do but simply respond to only your rules, I will end the roleplay, delete you, and block you.~I do not do homosexual romance rps. I am not homophobic, I'm actually an avid supporter of gay rights. I say this specifically because I'm not gay and in the past some of my gay rp friends have gotten the wrong idea.~No one-liners. They are a sign of the rp going stale. I want at least 3-4 sentences in every reply I receive while role playing.~I will do a roleplay that takes place in any universe. I may have a character I tailored to a specific universe, but I am more than willing to use them outside that universe.~I will reply to you when I can. Do not hound me for replies. If you see that I am online and I am not replying to you, I am probably away from the computer and forgot to sign out.~If you get bored with the rp and want to drop it, please tell me so. Do not just stop replying and ignore it; I find that to be very rude.~ If you add me, then my expectation is that you did it to rp with me. If not, then whatever. If you want to be just another number, then that's what you will be, I have no problem with that. Just expect me to do some subtraction at some point.Follow these rules and we'll get along just fine and I promise to make rping with me an enjoyable experience.


12/31/2016 11: PM 

Because I'm feeling generous, and it's been asked of me: My rules.

Yes, I AM the great, omnipotent being known as Q, and there's a whole species of us gods just watching the universe in UTTER boredom.And if you believe that... I'll sell you a bridge, dirt cheep. Some assembly required (sorry).Now that THAT's out of the way (if you REALLY didn't get it, I'm not Q, but you ARE an idiot), the rules themselves...I'm not REALLY omniscient (unless you believe that top bit, in which case, to you, a dog has god-like knowledge. Go ahead, ask Fido for help on your homework... you MAY pass the third grade sixth time 'round). As such, don't expect perfection, though I'll try my damnedest. I, as the writer behind this Q profile, am at least part human (so far that's confirmed), so I'll make mistakes...But, as I'm trying my best, I expect the same of you all. I'm not looking for perfection, but give it your best. I hate seeing good talent go to waste! Some people have such interesting ideas for storylines, but only write ... well, less than these rules... and call it novella. REALLY? There's no excuse. Give DETAILS, some depth to your stories, your characters... And for the love of ... well, ME... CHECK YOUR WORK. A typo or two is one thing, but if you're constantly putting 'your' in place of 'you're' (your shows that you own something, you're means you are), or any of the other myriad of common mistakes... I'll just think you're too lazy to look it up. When in doubt, grab a dictionary (I do all the time!)...Relationships? PROBABLY not going to happen. We Q are above such copulations. Ask my mate, Q, we have our own ways of doing things... Don't ask, a simple human mind couldn't BEGIN to understand the complexities of Q mating ritutal... (Though I'm not above flirting. It's fun, when the humanoid gets all flustered. SO entertaining.)Length... Bigger is better. Ask Junior, who managed to turn an entire galaxy into a giant (relatively speaking) Billiard's Table. Pissed his mom off, obviously. I THINK that was when she disowned him... But I digress. The longer you write, the more I'll love you. And who DOESN'T want to be in the good graces of a god?As for storylines, I'm up for ALMOST anything. Like I stated before... not big on the erping, but besides that, the more fun we can have, the better. Message me for storylines, I'm sure we can figure something out. I am, after all, Q.I don't really go by 'I start, I add/You start, you add' thing, mainly because you never know when the story starts. Let's discuss things, if only to say you're interested... If you add me and are an OC or a non-Star Trek-verse character, I may ask you to start, since I MAY not really care enough about your verse to know who your character is. Otherwise, since I AM the god here, I'll be nice and write the starter, unless I'm lazy or you have a specific idea in mind.Time limits? Yeah, forget them. I don't care about them. I'm not the most patient person, but I won't delete you just because you're gone a while. This isn't homework, it's FUN. (Look it up *CoughJean-lucCough*) So don't make it a chore by adding deadlines. You do that, I'll put your RP to the end of my to-do list, just because I can.Drama/blacklisting/blah-blah-blah... Just DON'T. Simple as that. I was on myspace... for a LONG time. And the drama there made me up and leave for months (and sometimes YEARS) at a time. I don't plan on doing so now. So you start with that crap, I'll delete you. Problem solved - for me at least. If you have a problem, talk it out with them. You want a mediator, I can assist. But don't go airing your dirty laundry out in bulletins/journals/whatever.On the topic of journal/bulletins/etc... DON'T SPAM them. It's really annoying when I see PAGES of "ADD THEM, They're cool!" Seriously. If it's your best friend, or an alt account you're just starting up, that's one thing. But don't whore. There's a reason most places on your planet make it illegal... it's stupid.OOC/IC. Well, simple solution to that. I'm pretty much ALWAYS IC. Don't take anything I say personally, I'm Q, I talk how he does. If it offends you, sorry. And if you're looking to know the person behind the profile, and the RPer behind the awesomeness... Well, can't. As far as you're all concerned, I AM Q. Unless some OOC emergency, that's all there is to it.As for Messages/Comments: Messages ONLY for OOC (you can IC in them, too... but ONLY put your OOC in messages and out of sight), please. If you HAVE to ooc at all. Personally, I would prefer a 'thanks for the add' from the character's perspective... show how THEY would welcome me. It's more fun that way! And introduces me to your character in an open, chatter manner.I DO have other profiles, but they have no correlation to this one. I have a myspace and a sitemodel for Q, so if you think those pages ripped me off (or I ripped them off), nope, I'm the same. I've been Q for ... over half a decade now. And that's just as far as online RP goes. I've been Q as long as I can remember (if only wishful thinking... the imagination gives power, too), so I think I have this character down. I may not be on every day, but when I'm here, I'm Q. I play him how I play him. Don't like it? Tough.Most importantly, have fun. Can't stress this one enough. Mon Capitan doesn't get it, I hope you all can. This is for recreation, to unwind and enjoy ourselves in a non-judgemental forum where we can embrace our idosyncracies and just relax. Even if I tease you - it's how I act, don't take offense - just take it in stride, and don't let yourself as a writer get upset over something my character does... Keep the character separate in your own mind, and immerse yourselves in the fun....

The Cursed

10/04/2011 02: PM 

Rules of The Cursed

Disclaimer:Oh dear, it would appear that I am not Scarlet Johansson, regardless of my picture. I am merely a roleplayer who uses her to portray the amazing character of Xannon Hilary Everard, who was created by Catherwood Academy. I give them full credit for creating a character such as her. If you like her, and plan on trying to steal her then I shall skin you, decapitate you and give them your head on a platter. Don't do it. If you like her so much, audition and get your own character.Rule OneI'm not going to harp on about how I roleplay, or even who I will roleplay with, but I will say that all Catherwood Academy members I am expecting nothing less then multi-para. I auditioned and I received the role, just as you did so I think that it's fair to say you did too and have shown that you can multi, otherwise you wouldn't be here now. I'm not going to bitch too badly if you don't; not really at least, but I think that it's common curetesy at the very least to respond with you received from me in the first place. I will roleplay with people at Hogwarts, if you go there however we must roleplay away from school, and if you send me a starter where you randomly seek her out in the halls, or merlin forbid, the Great Hall, I will delete it and refer you to these rules all over again. It's a fairly simple rule. Xannon goes to Catherwood Academy, which is located in Ireland. So, make sure that you know that before you begin any sort of storyline with me.Rule TwoStealing is wrong, so very wrong. I hate it, C.A. hates it and I know several of other people who hate it. Just, don't do it. I make my pictures...yes, I do and I don't appreciate them being stolen just because you are far too lazy to make your own; or even find your own. It isn't that hard you should check Google, they have plenty that may interest you. *shrugs* I find most of mine there, and so why you wouldn't have the Rule ThreeComment hacking...just don't do it, promise? I mean, if I were to read your comments and found out that you were bitching about me, and how much you hate me I would go nuts, and I would confront you. It saves alot of time, and energy if you don't even attempt to go through my comments. Also, I think that I'll be deleting them after I reply, to make it easier for me, so there is no point in even attempting it my dears.It's not so much that I don't want you reading my replies, but if you go through them, and find that you're mentioned in one, and then bitch to me about it, what does that say for your maturity? Nothing.Rule FourI have mains...and, well my mains will be C.A. members. Even there though, there will be a few who get their replies first. It's nothing against the rest of you; not entirely anyway, but I just truly enjoy roleplaying with them and I have been doing so for quite some time so it makes it easier on me. Heck, who knows, you may find your way snaking into my favourites list.Rule FiveShocker here, but I have a life *gasps and dies* I go to school, and, well as much as I hate to admit it, but roleplaying isn't my first priority. My real life comes you know what that means? It means that if I'm going through hell in real life, I won't exactly be here. I will be, we-ell, I may not be trying to deal with it...but, I will be doing my best to attempt to deal with it.Also, there are very few people that I talk about my real life with. They are: Myleen Dael, Opal Harenson, April Cross, Emily Lynch and last but certainly not least, Lukas Laurence. There is probably one or two more, but the point is: if you aren't mentioned, then you most likely will not be able to understand what the hell I'm on about half the time.Rule SixI don't care who starts, as long as someone does so. I mean, if you want to roleplay with someone, you add them, sign their rules and work out a storyline before doing so. Is that clear, darling? Though, can you not bump into me? I'll burn you to hell and back before you can stop. Either that, or I really will crucio your rear end; and that is a promise; not a threat.Rule SevenI am not a number for you to collect. Is that understood? It's in bold so it ought to be. I love the delete button, we go way back to times when it was used less and less. Now, we've become so close that I tell it the secrets of my life. *rolls eyes* You want me to use it, go ahead and break these rules. If you don't: FOLLOW THEM CAREFULLY! Rule EightNo drama. None at all, I despise it. IC drama is welcome, encouraged actually because that's what makes the storylines flow. You want to attack me in our roleplay? Sure, but be sure to expect the Cruciatus Curse coming your way. If you attack me out of character and try to start drama, I swear I will slap you stupid and throw you into a cactus patch until the spokes make you bleed to death and scream in agony. After that, I might give you to Catherwood because, well, we all know that's what you wanted originally. After all, their pain will pretty much destroy you. Point is: just don't do it.Rule NineDon't even attempt to godmode me. I'm a big girl, I know how to move and talk...and get this roleplay. *gasps* It may be a shock to some of you, but to me it's the truth. I don't like being told that I'm doing it wrong. Unless your name is Avery Malone, or Sian Strauth (the creators of Catherwood) then don't even think to tell me that what I am doing is wrong. I'll bitch you to hell and back if you do. Trust me, you really don't want to hear what they can do to you if you tell me how to roleplay. They both have tempers, and they're loved by all members so, watch out.Rule TenI have several other accounts, so I won't always be here. I shall comply with the RPG's rules however, so be patient with me until you get your damn reply. Besides, I refuse to send shit so, if you can stand to wait just a little bit for a reply, I will guarentee that it has actually been thought through carefully.I feel that more will come if you insist on driving me insane, so be sure to sign these with something...something interesting. Something that is going to make me want to shake my head, and burn you to within an inch of life.

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