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Natural Born Leaderâ„¢

09/27/2012 08:15 PM 

latest Gremma Fanfic

that was written from my tablet (saved to another website and then I borrowed someone elses computer in order to send it on here)   Disclaimer:I in no way shape or form own the rights to Once upon a time and promise to put Jennifer and Jamie back when I'm done with them.Authors note: this is loosely based on the season premier of Private practice as well as some scenes from the show "Reba" ,also Due to me having to write this on my tablet All Spelling and Grammitical errors are my own.THE LITTLE WOLF CUBBY MELISSAEmma frowned Deep in thought as she pondered her current Situation. It wasnt so much the fact that she wasnt Happy because She was No it was more or less confusion. She bit her lip wondering how the hell this had Happened,They were so Careful but Still She wound up pregnant and in a way that notion terrified her. She smiled a little as her Hand Grazed her Stomach,completely over looking the fact that her Pickle-laden Ice cream was melting and That the Woman She recently discovered was her Mother had walked in to the Apartment they both sharedMary Margaret Blanchard looked at her daughter a worried expression on her face "You ok Emma" She questionedEmma shook her head as if trying to clear her head "Huh??..Oh Yeah...I'm fine Really" She easily lied"That Melted Ice cream says other wise" She raised an eyebrow as she pointed to Emma's concoction and added "and Gross" Suddenly it hit her as she realized exactly what Emma was going through "Oh My God Youre Pregnant!!"Emma looked at her a Shocked look in her own eyes "How did you know?" She questioned worried that her pregnancy was already obviousMary smiled as she touched her lightly as if to soothe her "You forget I had you plus it all makes since,The odd food cravings,the mood swings,The morning sickness" She paused briefly to sip her cocoa and then Spoke again "How far along are you""A couple of weeks" Came Emma's ReplyMary Smiled at the thought of having a new Baby Grandchild as she spoke "What Does Graham have to say about all this" Emma's hands shook as she answered her "He doesnt know yet"Mary raised an eyebrow at her wayward daughter "You are going to tell him right""Yes I'm going to tell him Tonight actually" Emma admitted a smile on her perfect face as Mary wrapped her in a hug.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AT THE STATION A FEW HOURS LATEREmma had not been sure if her emotions had been due to her currently out of whack Hormones or just the sheer terror of being Pregnant again all she knew was now as she Stared into Grahams big blue eyes she had an uncontrollable urge to punch him hard So She had done just that.Graham looked at her as he mocked a pout "Ow! What the Hell was that for??!!!??"She glared at him as she replied "For Knocking me up"A shocked expression appeared on Grahams face as he backed into the desk "Youre??...We're gonna??" He stammeredEmma sighed and glared as she answered him "Yeah no thanks to your over active Wolfie Sperm!"He chuckled as he slowly got back up getting his bearings "Uh Emma,You do realize I'm not an actual Wolf right,I was just raised by them"She stared at him,her arms folded across her chest "Yeah well they taught you well"Graham reached for her hand as he spoke with seriousness "Lets go tell your Parents"Emma gazed into his eyes feeling her heart race "Mary already knows" She offered nonchalantlyOnce again Graham Mocked a pout "You told your Mother before you told me?!?"She shrugged as she answered him "I live with her,shes gonna figure things like this out...She was the first to know I loved you"Graham's hand reached down to Emma's still flat stomach as he softly whispered "Well Does anyone else know?"She shook her head as she answered him "You were the first to..." She drew in a breath then amended herself "Well Second to know" She smiled and as she noticed the tear slowly falling down from Graham's Eye,She couldnt help but realize just how drastically her life had changed in a year and a half.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3:00 in the afternoon the following day At Henrys SchoolYoung Henry Mills sat on the lawn reading his book barely paying attention to the surroundings and certainly not noticing The Sheriff's patrol car drive up that was until young Grace spoke "Hey Henry" the young girl blushed clearly having a slight crush on the 10 year old boy."Hi Grace" He replied back politely, now that everyone remembered who they were He simply called them all by their Fairytale names, Well almost everyone.Grace grinned as she sat down next to him but then quickly got back up when she noticed the Patrol car "Hey isnt that your moms boyfriend?"Henry closed his book long enough to see Graham coming his way a slight smile on his face,the 10 year old got up and raced to him, when he got to him he was out of breath as he spoke "I thought My mom was picking me up" He questioned with his youthful innocenceGraham smiled as looked at the young boy he'd grown to love as if he was his own "Shes feeling a bit under the weather so I told her I'd come get you"Henry shrugged looking up at him,Truth be told his real mom dating the Huntsman was kinda cool in his eyesGraham continued to smile as if harboring a huge secret which of course he had been.He looked up to see The Mad Hatters Daughter staring at Henry "She like you,ya know" He said ruffling the young boys hairHenry crinkled his nose and gave Graham a look "ew gross" He shuddered at the thought but deep down he kind of liked her tooGraham chuckled as he spoke again "She could come over if youd like"Henry shrugged he knew Graham was only trying to help but He kind of liked being a loner "no thanks" He simply respondedGraham looked at him wondering if he should broach a certain subject "Doesnt that ever bother you, being alone all the time?"Henry raised an eyebrow, ironic that he'd be asked that by The Huntsman "did it bother you?" He questioned backGraham gave him the look he usually only reserved for the young boys mother "Fair enough" he shrugged, but then continued further "Ever think about having a sibling?"Henry shrugged honestly the thought never crossed his mind until His mom magically brought Graham back to life and the two started dating "I guess you and my mom could adopt another kid" He offered nonchalantlyGraham once again ruffled his hair as he looked at him "or we could just have one"Henry shuddered a little he knew his Mom and Graham were having sex, he was after all a smart kid but he certainly didnt want to think about it.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later in that eveningEmma sighed crying over some random commercial.She dabbed a tissue on her wet eyes and removed her candy wrappers so that her mother could sit by here.Mary chuckled as she looked at her "So what are you watching?" She questioned wondering what could turn her otherwise strong 28 year old daughter into a blubbering idiot.Emma sighed as she wiped yet another tear "dog food commercial"Mary raised an eyebrow causing Emma to shrug as fresh tears fell "Its a cute Dog" Emma replied with a poutOnce again Mary raised an eyebrow as she spoke "I think I'll bother someone a little less pregnant"Emma shook her head as she flicked off the tv "no Its ok I wanna spend time with you"As if on cue Graham walked in with Henry a huge smile on both of their faces. The young boy racing into his mothers arms "Hi Mom" he beamed loving the fact that he no longer had to live with the evil queenEmma smiled as she ruffled his hair, slowly getting used to him calling her mom "Hi Kid"Henry continued to smile as he embraced her "feeling better?" He questionedEmma took a brief moment to look up at Graham then looked back down at her son "yeah, I'm just a little tired right now" she softly admittedUnable to wipe the knowing grin off his face young Henry raced over to Graham engulfing him into a hugGraham raised an eyebrow "What was that for"Henry beamed as he hugged him tighter "For giving me a baby brother or sister"Emma turned to face them a shocked expression on her face "You told him??!!??!"Graham shook his head but it was Henry who Spoke "I figured it out on my own,Grandma Snow smiling at me all day at school" He offered as he looked at Mary "Then Graham asking me if I ever thought about having a sibling,plus well youve been different, more emotional.." He once again sat down next to her on the couchShe smiled as she kissed his head "Youre one smart kid,you know that Henry"He shrugged as he snuggled into Emma's chest.Graham smiled as he sat down on the other side of Emma sighing happily, for the first time in his life he had a family that didnt consist of wolves.Emma contently laid her head on his shoulder taking in the scent of his cologne, one hand reaching for her stomach,the other wrapped around Henry. She smiled as she realized for the first time in all of her 28 years of life she was Happy.TheEnd

Tank ™

09/27/2012 12:39 PM 


The Doctor

09/27/2012 01:54 PM 


I bit of a note before I begin. If my profile appears strange, the culprit would mostly be because you are using Internet Explorer and IE is every browser's retarded cousin. My profile is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome, because those browsers make sense. Thanks.1. I am a Novella writer- To me that means I write, at the very least, ten paragraphs per comment. I prefer quality however, so if you know that yours dwindles after a certain point, don't go on boring me with fillers just to make the cut. Send me what feels right and all should be fine. On that note I will not write with anyone who has a policy of READ WRITE DELETE. I did not just send you twenty paragraphs for it to be deleted in a few days. 2. I have an 18+ rating- This character deals with very adult themes. I believe that is self explanatory, but if you need it spelled out for you, it means I write:  Death, gore, sex, drugs and rock and roll. This also means that I am not shy about these things. I RP in comments and discuss in messages. I will not switch to messages when a sex scene comes up. I will fuck in journals and in comments. If that is something you do not want to see then don't read them. I believe that sex is necessary for character development in a story and I have no problems with people reading my storylines which includes any possible sex. Switching to messages when a sex scene comes up and going back to comments when it's over just seems like cyber-sex to me and is fucking retarded. 3. Don't steal- I know that The Doctor is a character from a television show and therefore not my property, however please refrain from copying my writing or any AU information I may include upon my page.  Do not take any photos/gifs or navigation links I may edit from my page, as I have worked on them for a long time and it's just rude. 4. I don't do RL drama- Unless we become close and you're informing me in messages (or aim) I don't care what your boyfriend, or best friend, or mom has done to you. I also don't care about your issues with other roleplayers which are not my concern. I'm not here to protect anyone who starts fights who I just met over the internet, and if you start that kind of shit, I will kindly see my way out of it. RP drama is a must, but I draw the line there. 5. I am a Multi-Storyline account- I am no one's husband, unless I state otherwise. I am not cheating on anyone. Every storyline is unique.  I will roleplay any Doctor you may prefer as well as an AU Twelfth Doctor (with Gerard Way as plaby) for entirely new adventures. 6. Be creative- Don't let these rules intimidate you. I like to think I can be a pretty nice person when you get to know me. So don't be afraid to speak to me. I prefer to discuss storylines so please message me and talk to me about any ideas you may have, and I will do my best to work with you to create a good connection. I would prefer it if I wasn't sent premade starters, because it just reveals that you may be unable to reply with a comment of the same quality after I've taken the time to give you a unique reply. Every storyline is different. Nobody meets the same way every time. 7. If you showed interest send the starter- For the most part, I believe that if you've added me you should send the starter. Sometimes I may break this rule if I'm feeling creative and truly long to write with someone and I may write the starter. I have a tendency to write a lot (which ranges at about 8-20 paragraphs, but I have done much more.) So I don't want my time to be wasted on someone who won't reply accordingly. If you cannot handle that, don't bother. I'm definitely not here to one-line, or talk in text speech. 8. Use proper spelling and grammar- Do try to speak English. I am not perfect and I will make mistakes, but I at least attempt to be coherent. Use spell check, it is readily available on just about every writing program. Re-read before sending comments to me and edit them. It is greatly appreciated. -Now I understand that for some people, English may be their second language, and for cases like this I will not complain so long as I know that what they've sent is the absolute best they could do. In short, don't half ass what you send to me and all will be fine. 9. No Godmoding- I believe we should all try to be as fair as we can. I know that this is hard to do with a world full of bloodthirsty vampires, lazer gun wielding aliens, animalistic werewolves, terrifying demons and powerful gods, but it is possible to write with each other without always trying to one up one another. Fighting just goes on forever otherwise and I'm very picky about choosing fights. I won't rip out your spine (I may blow you into space however) and I expect the same courtesy. On that note, don't write for my character, it's fine and dandy to write out responses to actions my character has done, or even to say you watched me do it, but not until after I've done it. In other words don't say you watched me dance around in a chicken suit when in my last comment I haven't even put the suit on yet. Small things like pulling me in a certain direction by the hand are fine though. I mean how else would we get anywhere? 10. No butting in where you don't belong- I post a lot of journals, but they're not necessarily for everyone. I understand that journals are much more public than messages or comments, and I really don't mind people reading them, so as long as I don't address anyone specifically they are free game. However if I express that a journal is for someone else, please keep from throwing in your two cents. If it is written that I am speaking in the privacy of my own room with another character, there's no way you could ever see the conversation even if it is in journals. So move on, and don't respond unless you're called upon, no matter how the journal may make you feel. Feel free to laugh or respond to any random banter you find amusing however. 11. Be patient- Did I mention I hate people who complain? That includes people who rush me for replies. I answer people as quickly as possible, but I do have a life outside of RP and several other characters that demand my attention. I also like to take my time, because I refuse to send people crap. If I am taking longer than usual, I will message you and tell you why. Don't rush me, don't posts statuses saying things like, "Comments people!" "I'm bored!" "Pay attention to me!" "No one's talking!" It is annoying, and I will delete you. I can't stand attention whores. 12. I am here to Roleplay-I am on this site because I long to role play, so don't ask me stupid questions like "Do you want to roleplay?" I will delete you. This is a Roleplaying site, what the bloody hell do you think I want to do? Catch my interest, send me a storyline idea and I will add to it. Send me an interesting starter and I will reply. That is what I'm here for.-The Doctor.


Grαcιoυs ♔

09/26/2012 08:44 PM 


This will feature locations in which Miley is involved in one way or another. It will also include the basics, such as who is King and Queen, etc. of people in Miley's connection list. This will be updated periodically. NarniaAslan is the highest ruler of Narnia, as he created it. He rules above the Kings and Queens. Kings: High King Peter, King Edmund, King Rane Under Queen Susan, King Arthur Under Queen Felicity, King CaspianQueens: Queen Rose Under High King Peter, High Queen Susan, Queen Miley Under King Edmund, Queen Lucy, Queen Felicity, Queen Lisnia Under King CaspianPrinces: Prince Rilian Under Caspian and LisniaPrincesses: Princesses Darcia and Rhema Under Peter and Rose, Princess Corinna Under Edmund and Miley, Princess Gabriella Under Susan and Rane, Princess Amia Under Felicity and ArthurMiley is Queen Miley, The Gracious under her husband, King Edmund, The Just. She came to Narnia when she was 17, thanks to Peter. She permanently resides in castle Cair Paravel, with her family, along with King Caspian and his bride Queen Lisnia, as well as various un-housed staff. Miley has made many new friends since coming to Narnia, and values each and every one of them. Miley has picked up on her horseback riding skills, as well as her fighting skills. 

Grαcιoυs ♔

09/26/2012 08:13 PM 

Tennessee Vacation

When Miley and Edmund went to Tennessee, they brought back home more than Corinna Yani. They brought back notice that some of Miley's family was still alive and well, coming across her aunt, uncle, and cousins. Miley's Uncle Jack took it in his own hands to go to Narnia, taking his wife and kids with him.When Jack Riordan and his family came to Narnia, it was then that Miley first found out she even had a lost twin sister. After Oceana, Lilianna, and Rick had passed, and after Miley had been left on her own, Jack received noticed that his brother had passed. He hadn't known that he had beaten Oceana or Lilianna, he didn't even know they were dead. He didn't know Miley had left either. While he was in that empty house, he took what few possessions he could think to take to remember his family by, and he came across a dark kept secret. When the couple rejoyced over the birth of their twin daughters Miley and Luna, something terrible happened shortly after. A wicked woman came, and took Luna for herself and her husband. The dark secret had been shared with not one sole, not until Jack found those birth certificates, and the awful diary entry of the day she had been taken.Peter left one cold, dark evening to go back to the 'normal world', where the Pevensie's, as well as Miley and Corinna had come from. Periodically he went back there, for various reasons as King. While he was walking through the crowded town of France, he ran into a familiar face, too familiar for comfort. At first, he thought Miley had left her world in Narnia, left he new family. After closer investigation, he realized the girl had a very different attitude than his sister-in-law. He learned that the girls name was Luna Bronwyn. He knew the chances of Luna being Miley's lost twin were greatly high, so he took his chances and got Aslan's blessing to bring her back to Narnia with him. **Taken aspects of Luna and Peter's roleplay**

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