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Poison & Wine

10/01/2012 03:17 PM 

John's Letter

Elena,It's no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extraordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I am haunted by how things might have turned out differently if I had been more willing to hear your side of things. For me it's the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It's for that child that I give you my ring. I don't ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this: whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same, as I've always loved you and always will.Love,John

Poison & Wine

10/01/2012 03:13 PM 

Elijah's Letter

Elena, Today I did things I abhor to protect the one thing I value most, my family. If anyone can understand it, it's you. Your compassion is a gift, Elena. Carry it with you, as I will carry my regret. Always and forever, Elijah

--black sheep.

09/28/2012 09:43 PM 


FC: Max IronsName: Ivan VetrovAge: 25PurebloodDurmstrang GraduateBetrothed to Cadence Flint--since birthBeing that Ivan is the firstborn son and would eventually gain the majority of the family fortune, he has a look to uphold, and Cadence Flint was the only eligible female his mother would allow him to marry. Her parent's knew the Flints back in the day, so they wished to see that bond continue.Personality: Charming and Flirtatious, Connivingx- Funds some of the NDE efforts, but doesn't partake in the actual events. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty.x- Holds a grudge on his sister, for choosing what he believes to be the wrong side.x- Has not spoken to his sister in 5 years, since she entered the Auror training, and is only seen with her at media functions, much to his dislike.FC: Eric JohnsonName: Ryland ForresterAge: 28Family: Tanya Morris (mother) Stewart Forrester (father) Damien Forrester (younger brother)Occupation: Cop / Paranormal Investigator*Order of Non Veneficus- Sector 2Blood Status: Muggle/ knows about the magical world due to his brother and his job.Ryland has always known what he wanted to do in life, he wanted to help save people, so he set his life on the path to becoming a cop. He joined the training camp right after senior year, and became a rookie at his first job at age 22. At age 25, he was recruited into a special division in the Order of Non Veneficus, called Sector 2, a division that looks into the murders and disappearances of Muggles caused by Magic. They have been working on a case for a long time now that they may have just picked up a hint on, which leads Ryland to track down a brother who hasn't talked to him in five years, since their lives are on two different tracks.x- Ryland is a family person, the only reason he stopped communicating with Damien, is that Damien stopped talking first, so he took a hint that his baby brother didn't want to be bothered by Muggle things.x- Hasn't seen Damien, since Rookie graduation, when Damien stopped by to see the parentals.x- Has met Artemis once.x- Very into his job, he isn't married and doesn't have kids so it's easier for him to take on a few extra hours of work. To say he is obsessed is an understatement.FC: Lyndsy FonsecaName: Katya VetrovAge: 23PurebloodDurmstrang GraduateAuror Partnered with Emma DobbsPersonality: Headstrong, Sneaky, VindictiveHer family fortune is only ⅓ while her older brother retrieves the rest, but she doesn't want it, she likes that she can make her own way in life, it gives her a sense of freedom, she has given most if not all of her money to St. Mungo's to help further medicine research. She feels as if she can redeem herself by giving her family's "blood money" to good causes. She tries to stay out of the media for the most part, unless she must make herself known for her family which she hates, she's a bit of a loner, but Emma's dorky personality keeps her on her toes. That girl is just everywhere. x- Has noticed that Emma gets gushy around a certain male.x- Has also noticed that Emma has been giving the more dangerous "files" to unauthorized individuals. She hasn't said anything yet, because in truth, she believes the Auror's need to step up their pace, it's embarrassing that one hit-witch and two rogues are doing a better job than the officials.x- Hangs around Jay a lot. He's fun, and totally breaks all the rules she was ever taught. x- Her love for her brother has simmered down quite a bit, he's not the boy she grew up with, he's the man her parents made him be, and she hates that about him.FC: Tyler HoechlinName: Henri Gaston MontagueAge: 20Slytherin GraduatePower: Blood Bending; he can control/manipulate/torture a person by tapping into their bloodstream with his mind, he can move them against their will or even drain them if he focused enough.*Note: Extremely DangerousFamily: Father Montague, Ysette Montague( mother), Klarissa Montague (sister, but it is unknown that she is only half), and Gessica Montague. Distantly related to the Borgins.Personality: Can be charming with the ladies if they prove useful, otherwise he's a douchebag. Is seen as unloving but holds a high respect for his family. Bipolar, you can never tell if he wants to be your ally or is trying to kill you, so watch your back.x- helped torture Jace Todd during his 7th year, Jace's 6th, to teach his sister Klarissa a lesson. Theodore Nott(her mentor) was also there to help.x- is an NDE at large. There are several wanted posters located around various wizarding sites, especially the Auror Most Wanted Wall. x- Klarissa wants him dead or tortured for what he did to Jace. He finds the whole ordeal that an NDE such as herself, would break just one rule for a stupid half-blood out of love.x- Has been secretly communicating with his younger sister Gessica Montague as a way to keep an eye on things as well as get intel.x- likes to work mainly alonex- eyes turn red when using his powers.x- helps out at the blood transfusions on half bloods and muggleborns, his power is highly valued by Crockett, and he calls on him frequently when he has a large amount of patients. *Note that Blood Bending is very painful but its quick, you're having your blood ripped from your body, so just imagine the agony it causes.FC: Saoirse RonanFull Name: Cadence Fiona FlintNicknames: CadyDate of Birth | Age:February 23rd/ 19Species:Pureblood WitchGender:FemaleOccupation: UnemployedParents: Marcus Flint and Isobel MacDougalCurrent Residence:Flint ManorHair color | Eye Color: Dark Blonde/ BlueHeight | Weight | Body Type:5'6"/ 125 /SlenderDistinguishing Features: Bright blue eyes, Flint sometimes wonders if his wife cheated on him, but dismisses it.Accent | Known Languages:IrishPersonality: She's always been known as a sweet tempered soul. ORIENTATION: StraightSTATUS: BetrothedBY WHOM: Ivan VetrovSINCE WHEN: BirthMET: On her 5th birthday, the Vetrov's attended the party, and that was the first time she laid eyes on Ivan.FIRST KISS: Hasn't happened yet.FIRST 'I LOVE YOU': Hasn't happened yet, there's not really love in their relationship, it's more of a respect between one another.ENGAGEMENT: She's been engaged to Ivan since birth.


09/28/2012 02:39 PM 

= RULES to the GAME

I am a mature Roleplayer.   1. I like having the ability to challenge myself. In simpler words, I enjoy having the opportunity to bring my ability to the fullest. Therefore, I will not allow any Auto-Roleplaying or God-Modding. 2. Do not steal my pictures or accuse me of stealing pictures. I will eventually become upset and report you or blacklist you. I will also like to add, my pictures have been  taged , don't ask me if you can have them it took me awhile to find manipulate them for myself.3. I consider myself a Multi-Paragraph roleplayer, I will not tolerate one-liners or just crappy Paragraphs. DO NOT REPLY to me with [ hi mulder ] or [ looks up and says hi] Not only will I ignore you but delete your ass off my profile.4. I will not tolerate any idiots that try to act the fool. I will eventually block them, and if you choose to block me that that is your opinion and I stand by that 100%. I doubt I needed you as a friend anyway.5. I do have a life outside RP, if I do not respond right away don't message me about it I will get to you when I can.6. If you do not receive a reply to your starter then it can be one of two reasons:     1. I am behind on comments and I will eventually catch up.     2. I just don't like your style or how you started off so I refuse to reply7.  I am here to RP X-File Story lines, will RP with other characters if it leads to  an X-File type of a story.8.  MESSAGES are for OOC and setting up a Storyline.     COMMENTS are for RP 9.  RELATIONSHIPS - I will RP Mulder true to the show, he did not date anyone nor did he go off and have sex with every chick he met, Mulder has a partner in which he got close to after 9 years, so with that being said we all know what that means...Get it, Got it , good!   10. Feel free to add yourself to the group page. Storylines are always open for discussions. 11= My AIM if ya want it.             agent.mulder

ℒois ℒane

09/27/2012 11:23 PM 

Rules For This Lane

1. No Drama. You want to start it go somewhere else. RP is meant for escaping the real world and to have some fun.2. . Comments are for roleplaying and messages are for discussing storylines. If you'd like to ask me how I am that is what my aim is for. Unless you're special, like Bianca and my Beyonce. Discussing storylines are for messages. 3. No god modding. I don't like that. 4, I've been rping Lois for a long time and I've been rping in general even longer so I know the ropes to rp. I require minimum of para, not that hard. I go up to Novella depending on the rp. I don't like one liners.5.  If you change your face to someone that I do not think Lois can interact with I will delete you. Nothing personal, but I'm not a number. 6. I have a busy off rp life. I'm a full time college student, I work part time, and I try to maintain a social life. Sometimes it takes me awhile to reply, I try not to make it any longer than a month. But if I do please do not bitch because I give you the same courtesy. 7. This is to see if you've read the rules. Post a gif with your comment. Bonus points if it's a gif of a celebrity I love off rp or an elephant. 8. I don't judge anyone by their profile, I judge them by their rp skills. I don't care if you're profile is so fantastic that it is on the welcome video or if it's naked. 9. I rp Lois mostly from the Smallville storyline, but since I know comics and the movies I can rp all of them. I will mostly lean towards Smallville though. 10. If you're interested in being my mains then rp with me first. I don't automatically accept you unless I've rped with you back in 2009-2011 on myspace. 11. There will be violence, sex, crime, and other kinds of mature of storylines on my page, so if you're not mature go home.12. I don't rp with anyone without discussing a storyline first. I do this because one, make sure I know your character and two, I know you're just not sending me a random starter you send everyone else. Usually when that happens I can't respond to it unless it's a Clark rper. 13. If Lois is in a relationship she is faithful to this person. She will not cheat. 14. If you disrespect me or one of my friends you are automatically off my page. Calling myself or my friends, mean, a bitch, etc. does not pass with me. I think that's it for now....more might show up.

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