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Raven De LionCourt

10/09/2011 11: PM 


please,please dont bother adding me if you don't actually intend on roleplaying with or even ooc talking to me.i don't want to just become a number upon your friends list.

Daydream {MCRP}

10/09/2011 06: PM 

Gabriel Wolfheart

Name: Gabriel WolfheartAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: Flame LycanAge: 24Birthday: Doesn't rememberSign: Doesn't rememberFamily: Doesn't remember.Birthplace: Doesn't rememberOccupation: Jack-of-all-trades workerHeight: 5'10", 10'(in wolf form)Weight: 174lbs, 586lbs(in wolf form)Eye Color: AmberHair: AuburnWeapons/Equipment: Two revolvers and a chain whip.Attributes: Werewolf, pyrokinesis, marksman, hand to hand fighter, tracking expert, enhanced strength, agility and senses, free runner.Bio: Gabriel's past is a mystery to him. His first memory is of waking up naked in the middle of the forest with claw and bite marks on his body. When he wandered into the nearest town for help, he was shunned and abused. That same night was the night of the full moon. The next morning Gabriel woke up in the town square covered in blood and with bodies of the townspeople strewn about the streets. Shortly after Gabriel discovered two things: he was a werewolf and he had pyrokinesis. He had no idea what the connection to the two was until he researched the history of lycanthropy. Turns out, there were more to werewolves than getting hairy and howling at the moon; some had special abilities. Gabriel discovered that he had been bitten by a Flame Lycan, a race of werewolves that were said to have total control over fire. Knowing what he was and fearing what might happen, he set out to try and control his new powers. In time he opened up a jack-of-all trades shop and did odd jobs for a living. He does his best to lead a peaceful life, but every so often, trouble finds him and when the full moon shines, Gabriel makes sure he is nowhere to be found.Theme Song: Monster by Skillet

Daydream {MCRP}

10/08/2011 08: PM 


Name: ZanmatoAlias(s): The Demon Warlord Sex: MaleRace/Species: Greater Demon Age: As oId as time Birthday: None Sign: None Family: NoneBirthplace: JapanOccupation: Warlord Height: 10'11" Weight: Unknown Eye Color: None Hair: None Weapons/Equipment: Cursed katana and wakizashi. Attributes: Master of Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Batojutsu, Summoning, Shape-shifting, master strategist and tactician, master swordsman. Bio: An age old demon spirit of war and destruction, Zanmato has become a name all who wage war fear. As the daimyo of his own village in the mountains, the village of Kurotsuchi, he raised his own army for one purpose: to unite Japan under his banner. Now, in the age of warring states, Zanmato and his army marches against the armies of Tokugawa, Toyotomi, and Nobunaga.Theme Song~ Signal To Noise by Peter Gabriel

⟨ satan in heels ⟩

10/08/2011 10: PM 


I usually don't do this but i feel like it's a need now. So please read this, i will know if you didn't.1. Disclaimer: Sad that i have to put this up but here we go. I'm not Katherine Pierce or Nina Dobrev, i don't have any contact to anyone of the cast so don't ask me if i'm her or not. Katherine2. Grammar: People please... i know that we are not perfect and that we make mistakes but i expect from you that you at least try to look at it. And there is one thing in this world that i hate in roleplay, don't talk to me like this : how r y? or anything like that... it's damn annoying. Pierce3. Drama: Don't start it on me, drama in roleplay is completely fine with me because only being happy and peacefull with each other sucks after a while. But please don't start any drama on me or i will delete you, pretty easy. And this is roleplay people not real life, don't ask me about my real life or tell me about yours. is4. Roleplay Style: I do Multi to Novella which means i like to write, i have my days where i feel lazy and don't feel like writing. When i have replies and i don't feel like doing them i wait, so if you don't get a reply from me right away that's why but don't think i ignore you. I like to take my time for replies, fast replies suck mostly so i take the time to reply and make it good. Also starters, i would like to discuss the storyline first before you just send me a starter. And please if you send me a starter, at least try to write a bit more, i don't expect you to write as much i do most of the time but at least three paragraphs. the5. Mains: I have mains, like everyone does. I will have just one main of each, means only one Damon and only one Stefan and so on. The replies to my mains always go first then everyone else. You will find my mains and connections on my page, i have a little part about it on there. coolest6. Love Connection: We all know that Katherine is a heartless bitch but i decide that she will be able to have a lover. I'm not sure if Katherine is going to be with Stefan or Damon but at the moment i prefer Damon. There is one thing that i will definitely never do, never in the time that i roleplay her she will date Edward Cullen. bitch7. Profile and Pictures: Don't steal anything from me. If you like my layout, add TVDPremades because i got the layout from them. The pictures are all done by myself and the story is from Wikipedia. I'm going to say this once and only once! saтaи ιn нeeℓs was MY idea for a display name, believe me you will regret stealing it. People please be creative and get up with your own ideas, because that's definitely mine. around.There is a sentence hidden in my rules, right it down after you have read them.And now after you have read my rules, let's start roleplay.-saтaи ιn нeeℓs

Daydream {MCRP}

10/07/2011 10: PM 


Name: NightAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: SpiritAge: Over 600(looks to be around 20)Birthday: October 11thSign: VirgoFamily: Master(deceased), adoptive brother(now his enemy)Birthplace: UnknownOccupation: ShinigamiHeight: 5'9"Weight: 165lbsEye Color: SilverHair: WhiteWeapons/Equipment: Scythe, crucifixAttributes: Combat expertise, intense spiritual power, master of light magic, expert in all other forms of magic, ability to ferry souls of the dead.Bio: People always wondered where they went when they died. Truth be told: they didn't really go anywhere...not right away. The souls of the dead need a guide to help them to the other side. The living call them angels, and that would be pretty close, but they prefer to be called Shinigami. Since the dawn of time, the Shinigami have led the souls of the dead to their respective places of eternal rest. For the last six hundred years, Night has carried on this same duty. Trained in the Shinigami arts by his now-dead master, Yojimbo, Night is considered one of the greatest Shinigami in Paradiso. His only equal would be his adoptive brother, Kane, who some time ago, betrayed his brother and left Paradiso to spread chaos. To this day, Night still ferries souls from the world of the living while still trying to stop his brother's reign of destruction...and hopefully save him from himself.Theme Song: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins

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