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02/20/2012 06:05 PM 


Jason.Morgan{Dad}: Jason Morgan. |M|

Brenda.B.C.M.Corinthos{Mom}:  O.κ.αssБitchBreηdα.B.M.C 
Sam.McCall.Morgan:Jolly Rancher Sammie|M&P|
Kristina.D.Corinthos{Cousin}:Kickass Kristina 
Alexis.Davis:O.Natasha Cassadine
Carly.B.C..Corinthos{Aunt}Gangster Carly M&L Sonny
Carly.C.Jacks{Aunt}Kickass Carly M&L Jacks
K.J.Mikaelson{Aunt}K.J. Mikaelson M&L John
KC.Mikaelson{Aunt}K.C. Mikaelson 
K.K.Cummings{Aunt}K.K. Cummings |M&L| Kane
Channing.Morgan{bother} OBBBChanningMorgan
Lulu.C.Falconeri:{Aunt}lulu Cummings Falconeri Tea.Alexandra.Cassdine{Grandmother}Tea Alexandra Cassadine
Brooke.Cummings{Aunt} Brooke Cummings.
Dwayne.Cummings{Uncle}Dwayne [M]

Geegee Rose Capone-BOSS

02/20/2012 04:17 PM 

Mafia Ranks

he Mafia Ranking SystemThis is a featured page

Don- This is the head of the family.The boss makes all the decisions to lead his family to high wealth 
Consigliere - Consigliere is an advisor to the family. They are often low profile gangsters that can be trusted. They often keep the family looking as legitimate as possible, and are, themselves, legitimate apart from some minor gambling or loan sharking. 
Underboss - The Underboss, usually appointed by the Boss, is the second in command of the family. The Underboss is considered the Captain that is in charge of all of the other Captains, who is controlled by the Boss. The Underboss is usually first in line to become Acting Boss if the Boss is imprisoned.

Captain (or Capo)- A Captain is in charge of a crew. There are usually four to six crews in each family, possibly even seven to nine crews. Each one consisting of up to ten Soldiers. Captains run their own small family, but must follow the limitations and guidelines created by the Boss, as well as pay him his cut of their profits. Captains are nominated by the Underboss, but typically chosen by the Boss himself.
Soldier - Soldiers are official "Made" members of the family, and can only be of Italian or Sicilian background. Soldiers start as Associates that have proven themselves. When the books are open, meaning that there is an open spot in the family, a Captain (or several Captains) may recommend a up-and-coming Associate to be a new member. In the case that there is only one slot and multiple recommendations, the Don will decide. The new member usually becomes part of the Captain's crew that recommended him.
Associate - An Associate is not a member of the mob, but more of an errand boy. They're usually a go-between or sometimes deal in drugs to keep the heat off of the actual members. Non-Italians will never go any further than this(but exeption can be granted by the don)

ᵉᵐᵖᵗʸ ❦ habit

02/20/2012 12:11 PM 


My mains are in order of when i got them 


02/20/2012 02:49 PM 

Facebook Adventures part1

Hey there. A while ago, I started writing a Facebook/Glee crossover. I'll admit, I'm not too keen on the first chapter, but the rest is better. I promise you. 

Now I am a massive Puckurt fan, which you'll notice in this chapter. Enjoy :)


Kurt Hummel Just joined Facebook

 Noah Puckerman Just talked my lovely boyfriend into making Facbook.
Mercedes Jones: It's about time, after what, months of telling him to.
Noah Puckerman: Shhh, don't tell the whole world.

Kurt Hummel
is now friends with Noah Puckerman and 14 other people.

Kurt Hummel
Is still learning the ropes of this facebook thing.
Noah Puckerman Luckily he has his boyfriend helping him.
Rachel Berry Oh your such a helpful boy, Puckerman.
Noah Puckerman Well, I do try.

Kurt Hummel
Is in a relationship with Noah Puckerman.
Artie Abrahams Finally.
Kurt Hummel About what?
Artie Abrahams You two are finally in a proper relationship, bro.
Kurt Hummel What do you mean? We've been in a proper relationship for three months now.
Mike Chang No, but your finally facebook official. That's really what counts in this generation.
Kurt Hummel I don't see how being facebook official would change anything.
Artie Abrahams It just does, dude.

Santana Lopez
to Kurt Hummel I guess now you and Puckerman are official, that cancels our make-out session later, right?
Noah Puckerman and 7 other people like this.
Kurt Hummel What make-out session?! Santana! We never planned one!
Santana Lopez Yeah, don't you remember? We had one for this afternoon.
Noah Puckerman Oh Kurt. If you liked Santana you should have told me. We could organise a three-some if you want?
Santana Lopez and 3 other people like this.
Kurt Hummel Dead to me.

Noah Puckerman
Has anyone got any advice on how to get a stubborn teenager to talk to you?
Quinn Fabray Well, not suggesting a three-some might help.
Noah Puckerman Is it my fault if I thought he might like it?
Rachel Berry You don't honestly think a gay boy would like a three-some with his boyfriend and their FEMALE friend!
Kurt Hummel likes this.
Noah Puckerman I was trying to expand his boundaries.
Mercedes Jones I'll expand your boundaries in a minute.
Brittany Pierce Puck has boundaries?

Kurt Hummel
Is still not talking to two people.
Mercedes Jones and 14 other people like this.
Noah Puckerman Aww, come on, babe. You love me anyway.
Mercedes Jones Don't make me go all black girl on your ass.
Noah Puckerman No thanks. My ass is for one person only ;) Right, Kurt Hummel?
Sam Evans Whoa dude. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.
Finn Hudson and 13 other people like this.

Finn Hudson
I feel like I should I should give my bestfriend the protection speech, since he's dating my step brother.
Mercedes Jones and Kurt Hummel like this.
Noah Puckerman Dude. No need. I wouldn't hurt your step brother. Besides, I'm sure I could beat you in a fight.
Santana Lopez Not from what I remember about last year. I'm pretty sure Finn beat you into the ground.
Noah Puckerman That's because he had the surprise advantage.
Sam Evans What happened last year?
Santana Lopez Finn kicked Puck's ass because Puck made Quinn pregnant.
Brittany Pierce There's a fight happening?
Kurt Hummel Is bored.
Noah Puckerman Wait there. I'll bring Santana Lopez with me and we can start that three-some.
Santana Lopez Likes this.
Kurt Hummel Still dead to me.

Noah Puckerman
Quick, how do you get into someones house without getting arrested?
Rachel Berry Well, generally people ring the door bell or knock on the door.
Noah Puckerman Funny Berry. I mean if they aren't answering.
Mercedes Jones You better not be where I think you are, white boy. I will cut you.

Kurt Hummel
Quick, how do you get rid of someone who keeps knocking on your front door?
Noah Puckerman Well, most people answer their door.
Kurt Hummel I'm not most people.
Noah Puckerman I'm not leaving until you open the door.
Quinn Fabray Well, I know how stubborn you both are, so this should be a fun filled night for you two.
Rachel Berry Don't forget you guys we have an early Glee practice in the morning. We have to practice for sectionals.

Kurt Hummel
Thinks I should just give up and let Noah Puckerman in.
Kurt Hummel What the?! I don't remember posting this.
Noah Puckerman You didn't. I helped you create your account, remember? I know what email you used and your password.

Noah Puckerman
I knew he couldn't stay mad forever. I have finally been let into the Hudmel home.
Kurt Hummel Only because I know Rachel Berry would skin you alive if you weren't properly rested for Glee tomorrow.
Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray like this.
Rachel Berry That's true.
Kurt Hummel Screw being stubborn when it comes to Noah Puckerman. I like my cuddles too much.
Noah Puckerman and 16 other people like this.

Facebook, Glee, Puckurt, Fanfiction, Kurt, Puck

Geegee Rose Capone-BOSS

02/18/2012 05:07 PM 

Mafia Rank

Mafia Rank Repost if you want, these are all my own words and swear it is the truth as I know it. I am not posting this to argue...but only to inform of Ranking and Respect. If you have a bitch or grievance with anything I have stated here call your mom, because I have been reading my ass off done my homework.....with that said I am NOT stating I am 100% correct on every detail, but if you wish to argue with me please know facts and don't talk to me about fictional movies....because I don't watch mafia movies lol ~Jane Smith~ I think a lot of people have some misconceptions of the chain of command when it comes to Mafia. First there are different types of Mafia throughout the world. Italian-American, American, Sicilian etc etc.....This means chain of command can be different And ultimately it is up to the boss of each individual family to decide who is of more importance, but it is never up to another family to decide who is of importance in another family because if you are not in that family you obviously do not know how it is ran. I have done so much research about Mafia over the Year and a half I been playing the game, but most recently is when my knowledge has really grown with my desire to go out and find answers. I live in an area where we don't even know what flippin Mafia I had to go out and do the research, I never lived with it. I know Jane is no longer Mafia but I want to share with everyone things I have learned and give you all a little insight on how you have ranked your families and of course will help me with my family as well Italian-American Mafia (This is just a basic draft as there are more levels I suppose if you add top capo and Associate Boss Underboss................Consigliere Streetboss Capo Soldier Underboss and Consigliere although both have very Different rolls in the Mafia family. Neither are considered higher ranking then the other. The Underboss is the actual man beneath the boss. He is whom controls and make decisions for the family if the Boss has delegated so "OR" is unable too due to sickness, hiding or prison and so on. Your Consigliere DOES NOT RANK BELOW an underboss nor does he rank above. A Consigliere is the boss's Advisor along with the Families. He is also a mediator between families if need should call for one. This man is very important to the boss, almost like a right hand man. The boss will choose this man because he TRUSTS him like no other. Most of you believe a Streetboss is in fact a higher rank then an Underboss. I use to think so too. You are very Mistaken as I was and this term (Streetboss) is completely over used in this game. There were in fact only a few families in the US that actually had Streetboss's. Its not even considered an actual ranking. Now out of the few families that DID have Streetboss's only one family's Streetboss actually ran the family when the boss could not and I am guessing although I do not know, but I believe there was no Underboss at the time anyway. I am understanding by what I have read that a Streetboss would be more of a Top Capo, someone in charge of the "workers" so to speak.....out on the streets and not IN THE family. If that makes sense Capo's are so important to the ranking and in the name alone means "boss'. Capo's usually run their own crews of ten or more soldiers Soldiers are the workers, the intimidators and knee breakers. Enough said Ohh Also I have learned that at a set location and time the Soldiers along with the boss and UB and Sometimes Consig would meet for payment....Soldiers paid the boss directly, There was no exchanging money through many hands for example the Soldiers paying the Capo and the Capo paying the UB....It was direct payment....its just a interesting fact RESPECT IS EARNED NOT AUTOMATIC Anyway there is so much more information but one more thing that I think is very important for our family's on here is respect...What I mean by this is a true and good boss does not speak out like a maniac, they are usually calm and collective people. For example....A BOSS, UB, CONSIG does not walk up to someone else's soldier and call them out, call them names, even approach them at DO NOT TALK TO another families members with disrespect because you feel they rank below you. Because you call yourself a boss you still have to earn respect, do not assume you own the respect because you title your name with BOSS. Now on the other side a soldier should never disrespect another family or be prepared to loose your head and I am not kidding....People should take the time to research there STORYLINE before actually playing Family Boss's have been known to kill their own blood if they go out on their own...freelancing. And YES, if members of your family does go out freelancing then the boss is still responsible or considered a weak boss....So when you are called out on your soldier persay, you better have answers and not say "I don't know" Or "they are on their own on this one" IT NEVER works that way..... I am sick and tired of Boss's walking around saying "respect me because I am a boss" It's funny do you think rl boss's got respect because they said so? No because of their actions. It is insane for a boss to act out like some of the people on here...*raises hand* I have been guilty of it on my Boss....but lately it seems quite insane.....just remember...earn respect while demanding it, but don't go insane over it or you will end up loosing your head. Here is some research links just for when you have time.....just put them in your favorites till you have time to read them You all have to read through each of these's worth it thank you all

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