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|City Hunter.

10/03/2012 12:28 PM 


1. I am a Novella writer- To me that means I usually write at least ten paragraphs per comment. I prefer quality however, so if you know that yours dwindles after a certain point, don't go on boring me with fillers just to make the cut. I will make an exception if the writing is worth it. Send me what feels right and all should be fine. I would rather my partners be comfortable and I match what they send, then force anything upon anyone. If five paragraphs is all you can feel confident about then so be it. On that note I will not write with anyone who has a policy of READ WRITE DELETE. I did not just send you twenty paragraphs for it to be deleted in a few days. 2. I have an 18+ rating- This character deals with very adult themes. I believe that is self explanatory, but if you need it spelled out for you, it means I write: Incest, death, gore, sex, drugs and rock and roll. This also means that I am not shy about these things. I RP in comments and discuss in messages. I will not switch to messages when a sex scene comes up. I will fuck in journals and in comments. If that is something you do not want to see then don't read them. I believe that sex is necessary for character development in a story and I have no problems with people reading my storylines which includes any possible sex. Switching to messages when a sex scene comes up and going back to comments when it's over just seems like cyber-sex to me and is fucking retarded. 3. Don't steal- I was inspired by a various number of things so I see no issues in drawing inspiration from something especially in RP but please refrain from copying my story or taking any photos/gifs I may edit from my page, as I have worked on them for a long time and it's just rude otherwise. 4. I don't do RL drama- Unless we become close and you're informing me in messages (or aim) I don't care what your boyfriend, or best friend, or mom has done to you. I also don't care about your issues with other roleplayers which are not my concern. I'm not here to protect anyone who starts fights who I just met over the internet, and if you start that kind of shit, I will kindly see my way out of it. RP drama is a must, but I draw the line there. 5. I am a Multi-Storyline account- Although this is a multi-storyline account, I am no longer seeking out love-interests. Anything I write and or do with any other writer on this site is of a separate universe and therefore none of your concern. 6. Be creative- Don't let these rules intimidate you. I like to think I can be a pretty nice person when you get to know me. So don't be afraid to speak to me. I prefer to discuss storylines so please message me and talk to me about any ideas you may have, and I will do my best to work with you to create a good connection. I would prefer it if I wasn't sent premade starters, because it just reveals that you may be unable to reply with a comment of the same quality after I've taken the time to give you a unique reply. Every storyline is different. Nobody meets the same way every time. 7. If you showed interest send the starter- For the most part, I believe that if you've added me you should send the starter. Sometimes I may break this rule if I'm feeling creative and truly long to write with someone and I may write the starter. I have a tendency to write a lot (which ranges at about 8-20 paragraphs, but I have done much more.) So I don't want my time to be wasted on someone who won't reply accordingly. If you cannot handle that, don't bother. I'm definitely not here to one-line, or talk in text speech. 8. Use proper spelling and grammar- Do try to speak English. I am not perfect and I will make mistakes, but I at least attempt to be coherent. Use spell check, it is readily available on just about every writing program. Re-read before sending comments to me and edit them. It is greatly appreciated. -Now I understand that for some people, English may be their second language, and for cases like this I will not complain so long as I know that what they've sent is the absolute best they could do. In short, don't half ass what you send to me and all will be fine. 9. No Godmoding- I believe we should all try to be as fair as we can. I know that this is hard to do with a world full of bloodthirsty vampires, animalistic werewolves, terrifying demons and powerful gods, but it is possible to write with each other without always trying to one up one another. Fighting just goes on forever otherwise and I'm very picky about choosing fights. I won't rip out your spine or blow you into space and I expect the same courtesy. On that note, don't write for my character, it's fine and dandy to write out responses to actions my character has done, or even to say you watched me do it, but not until after I've done it. In other words don't say you watched me do a funny dance when in my last comment I haven't even stood up yet. Small things like pulling me in a certain direction by the hand are fine though. I mean how else would we get anywhere? 10. No butting in where you don't belong- I post a lot of bulletins, but they're not necessarily for everyone. I understand that bulletins are much more public than messages or comments, and I really don't mind people reading them, so as long as I don't address anyone specifically they are free game. However if I express that a bulletin is for someone else, please keep from throwing in your two cents. If it is written that I am speaking in the privacy of my own room with another character, there's no way you could ever see the conversation even if it is in bulletins. So move on, and don't respond unless you're called upon, no matter how the bulletin may make you feel. Feel free to laugh or respond to any random banter you find amusing, however. 11. Be patient- Did I mention I hate people who complain? That includes people who rush me for replies. I answer people as quickly as possible, but I do have a life outside of RP and several other characters that demand my attention. I also like to take my time, because I refuse to send people crap. If I am taking longer than usual, I will message you and tell you why. Don't rush me, don't posts statuses saying things like, "Comments people!" "I'm bored!" "Pay attention to me!" "No one's talking!" It is annoying, and I will delete you. I can't stand fucking attention whores. 12. I am here to Roleplay-I am on this site because I long to roleplay, so don't ask me stupid fucking questions like "Do you want to roleplay?" I will delete you. This is a Roleplaying site, what the bloody hell do you think I want to do? Catch my interest, send me a storyline idea and I will add to it. Send me an interesting starter and I will reply. That is what I'm here for.-As a side note I'd just like to say again that I am here to write. I understand that we are here to have fun, but to me actual role play comments are fun as well.  I want a storyline in between all the random bullshitting. I don't want to lose that. Thank you. -Prince Song

rules, laws

Multi characters

10/01/2012 08:04 PM 

Cavra Izumi-Offlimits-

Name: Cavra IzumiAge: Looks 21 but is really about 700Gender: FemaleSpecies: Wolf Demon GoddessHair Color: Long black hair with red bangsEye Color: RedSexual Orientation: Bi but leans towards females more then malesStatus: SingleOccupation: Bounty HunterHome Town: Wolf Pack Island (Germany)Tattoos: under her right eye is a black tear drop and on her forehead under her bangs is a red crescent moon.

Multi characters

10/01/2012 07:59 PM 

Soubi -Offlimits-

Name: SoubiAge: Looks 21 but is really about 700Gender: MaleSpecies: Wolf DemonHair Color: Long blond hair with purple streaksEye Color: Light PurpleSexual Orientation: Gay/SekeStatus: SingleOccupation: Doctor / ArtistHome Town: unknownTattoos: His whole back is covered by two large coi fish looking like they are swimming up his back with a few lilly pads and flowers.

Multi characters

10/01/2012 07:53 PM 

Akemi Tsukino

Name: Akemi TsukinoAge: Looks 25 but is really about 850Gender: MaleSpecies: VampireHair Color: Long black hair with red streaksEye Color: Red but to hide what he is around people they are graySexual Orientation: Gay/SekeStatus: Love's SeverusOccupation: History TeacherHome Town: unknownTattoos: A large golden,emerald,black dragon covers his whole back and on his right upper arm is a black rose.

Multi characters

10/01/2012 07:45 PM 


Name: AngelusAge: Looks 28 but is really about 1,000Gender: MaleSpecies: DragonHair Color: Shoulder length gray hairEye Color: RedSexual Orientation: Gay/SekeStatus: SingleOccupation: Was a prince till his father banished for being a vegetarian but now is the guardain of a nearby forestHomeTown: unknownTattoos: big black dragon wings on his back.

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