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05/23/2012 09:13 PM 


      Hello Everyone, Welcome To Dane's Rules. 1. First i'm Not Mr. Ian Somerhalder, I have nothing to do with him, So do not ask for his cel number, Official e-mail and shit. 2. I'm not the zodiac killer people. So please no cops around here. 3. My first language is spanish and french so excuse my grammar. I am still practicing my English.// I'm not perfect either. 4. I'm 18 in real life so i rp sex, drugs,murders, Alcohol EVERYTHING.//so 18+. 5.  NO I don't care about your real life, You don't care about mine either. Lets get this point clear. 6. Cheaters? I hate them. I'm Taken and I FUCKING LOVE IT So Bitchez back off ^^ 7. Drama No tolerated Here. Sign and GTF  Thanks:) Dane Justin Collins.

Grαcιoυs ♔

05/22/2012 09:57 PM 

Random Questionare

1. Last hug: Corinna ♥2. Last phone call: Susan, Rane, and Gabby3. Last letter: Luna4. Last song you heard: Sky Scraper, by Lisnia singing it in the castle!HAVE YOU EVER:6. Dated someone twice: Not because of a breakup or anything.7. Been cheated on: Not relationship wise.8. Kissed someone & regretted it: No.9. Lost someone special: Yes, my mother and sister.10. Been depressed: Yes, up until just before Peter found me and brought me to Narnia.11. Pulled an all-nighter: Many times.LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS:12: Lilac13: Rose14: Light yellowTHIS YEAR HAVE YOU15. Made a new friend: Yes, more than one.16. Fallen out of love: No, thank God.17. Laughed until you cried: Many times.18. Met someone who changed you: I suppose19. Found out who your true friends were: I guess you could say that.20. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes.21. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Obviously.YOUR LIFE.22.How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Ohh, 4 or 5? 23. How many kids do you want: Only 3 or 4.24. Do you have any pets: Yes, horses. And Corinna's kitty, Sparkles.25. Do you want to change your name: No, I'm perfectly happy with my name.26. What did you do for your last Birthday: Spent it with family, ♥27. What time did you wake up today: 5:00 AM.28. What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping....29. Name something you cannot wait for: For my little nudger to be born.30. Last time you saw your mother: Many, many years ago.31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: The fact that I have trust issues. And what happened in my past, change the fact that my mother and sister are gone.32. What are you listening to right now: Corinna humming while she's reading.33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Not that I recall...34. Who's getting on your nerves right now: No one, really.35. Most visited webpage: Webpage? 36. Whats your real name: Miley37. Nicknames: Miles, Mi38. Relationship Status: Taken ♥40. Male or female: Female44. Write w/e you want here: Hmm, well.....45. Long or short: Hair, long...46. Height: 5ft 4' maybe...47. Do you have a crush on someone: Edmund? If you decide to call that a crush....48. What do you like about yourself: My eyes? 49. Piercings: Ears50. Tattoos: None51. Righty or lefty: RightyFIRSTS:53. First piercing: Ears54. First best friend: My mother....55.First sport you joined: Racquet ball, when I was still a child.56. First vacation: The beach, away from the city.RIGHT NOW:59. Eating: Nothing, at the moment. Chocolate eclaires was the last thing I ate though....60. Drinking: Warm tea.61. I'm about to: Get ready for bed.62. Listening to: Corinna humming. We already covered this.63. Waiting for: My little nudger to keep growing ♥YOUR FUTURE:64. Want kids: Already have one ♥ And one on the way. ♥65. Get married: Already am ♥66. Career: Keep being the best Queen of Narnia that I can be....WHICH IS BETTER:67. Lips or eyes: Eyes 68. Hugs or kisses: Both!69. Shorter or taller: Taller70. Older or Younger: Older, just not too older....71. Romantic or spontaneous: Both73. Sensitive or loud: Both, at times.74. Hook-up or relationship: RelationshipHAVE YOU EVER:76. Kissed a stranger: No77. Stole something for someone: No. 78. Lost glasses/contacts: Yes, actually.79. Hurt yourself: Not on purpose.80. Broken someone's heart: I hope not...82. Been arrested: No83. Turned someone down: Yes84. Cried when someone died: Yes85. Fallen for a friend: NoDO YOU BELIEVE IN:86. Yourself: Sort of...87. Miracles: Yes.88. Love at first sight: I suppose.89. Heaven: Yes90. Santa Clause: Yes, if you ask me when Cori's around... Otherwise, no. It's Father Christmas.91. Kiss on the first date: On the cheek, if you barly know the person.92. Angels: YesANSWER TRUTHFULLY:94. Had more than 1 boyfriend at a time: No! How wrong and disgusting!95. Did you sing today: Yes96. First person in your contact list: Lucy.97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go? I don't really know, maybe back to my wedding day. Re-live a great memory.98. The moment you would choose: My wedding.....99. Are you afraid of falling in love: No, I Already Am. ♥My apologizes. Whomever made this did infact number it wrong, not I.


05/22/2012 04:25 PM 

Boating, Flattery & The Volturi Ruins.
Current mood:  overstimulated

Kil: -pets and tells you about my boating experience today;EV: I wanna hear!Kil: Well...we hooked the boat to the back of the truckKil: And we drove around the yard.EV: LMAOOOOOKil: then parked in front of the garageKil: and got drunkтemρesтuous яαge: I think Mel has left us.. I feel.. better about life now.-degenerate;: o.oтemρesтuous яαge: Don't you?тemρesтuous яαge: It was like seeing a unicornMel Gibson: <--- DUN DUN DUNтemρesтuous яαge: yeah, your mum died because the flu.тemρesтuous яαge: Sooo... fuck you.-degenerate;: And I'll fucking kill you.тemρesтuous яαge: I've got nothing.-degenerate;: Nobody survives the EV.тemρesтuous яαge: I miss Melтemρesтuous яαge: u.uтemρesтuous яαge: She was actually admiring me.тemρesтuous яαge: I do that to women.Ciara!: >​_>​-degenerate;: ...I can appreciate that you do that to womenтemρesтuous яαge takes her handтemρesтuous яαge: Its okay to stareKilian.: -.--degenerate; slips between them both-degenerate; just blinks o.oтemρesтuous яαge: o.oCiara!: <_<-degenerate; swings their hands all happily n.n-degenerate; whispers about the good times to be had-degenerate;: I need a second wife!Kilian.: u.uKilian.: NO!Kilian.: GTFO!-degenerate;: The boy is good looking he can find another!-degenerate;: SHUT UPKilian.: -drags Ciara out by the hair;тemρesтuous яαge: ...Wait, excuse me.Ciara!: -gets dragged- where are we going?Kilian.: Away from my parents.тemρesтuous яαge: What did you just say?тemρesтuous яαge: Another wife?Ciara!: Oh I see. -gets up and moves away--degenerate;: DX-degenerate; paws at the air where she just wasтemρesтuous яαge just fucking falcon punches himCiara!: I wanna get intoxicatedCiara!: <_<тemρesтuous яαge: Well who's fault is that?тemρesтuous яαge: I'm drunk, thus easy. What more do you want?Kilian.: -shoves some beer at Ciara;-degenerate;: No...this isn't the fun intoxicated it's the oh god if I don't hold onto the couch im going to fall off typeKiki sits with her pb&j sandwich and icee.Kilian.: o.o-degenerate;: o.oKilian.: -smacks everything out of Kiki's hands;-degenerate; smacks it out of her hand-degenerate;: fdhkgjhdfgjkhfdkjg-degenerate;: DAMN YOUKilian.: <.<-degenerate; curb stomps it at leastKiki: asdnaskldklasdljklтemρesтuous яαge: So.. Bella, yes? How are you liking this weather?Awkward Albino.: Its hot as fuck.Awkward Albino.: So not very liked by me.Kilian.: -throws ice in her pants;Awkward Albino.: -.--degenerate;: o.o-degenerate; spots her pants-degenerate; wonders why nobody else is commenting on her wetting herself-degenerate; so just stares uncomfortablyKilian.: -thinks they were waiting for you to do it;тemρesтuous яαge elbows him and hissesтemρesтuous яαge: don't stare.-degenerate; thinks thats usually the caseKilian.: -knows;-degenerate;: I CAN STARE ALL I WANT IM OLD DAMN ITтemρesтuous яαge: OH NOW EVERYONE KNOWSтemρesтuous яαge; (Not to ruin the moment but def read that while scratching my back with my ruler at work. Oooh yeah.) Kil: Life Ruiner (noun): someone who is unbelievably perfect; ruins your image on how most people are; makes you believe that most people are unworthy because there is someone like him/her around. EV: Ah, so this is about me.Kil: DX. I was called a liferuiner.EV: Well your perfection is undeniable!Kil: I know this.тemρesтuous яαge: EV brought home the wrong kid once.-degenerate;: He was better lookingWellImAfraidThatI: i love youWellImAfraidThatI: you're beautiful WellImAfraidThatI: and funnyWellImAfraidThatI: and bitchyWellImAfraidThatI: and big headedWellImAfraidThatI: and stubbornWellImAfraidThatI: and mine.WellImAfraidThatI: and I love you so much.Anya: You're the funniestAnya: You're hard to fight againstAnya: You're so good lookingAnya: You're so smartAnya: You're a lush equal to my lushAnya: You're poetic, don't deny itAnya: You're logicalAnya: You're a realist to my dreamerAnya: you're mental which makes you realAnya: You're my past, present and futureAnya: You're -mine- so mineAnya: And I love you so much, I am waiting to burst.WellImAfraidThatI: ...I'm not opposed to making you burst.WellImAfraidThatI: For the record.Anya: ..... Why do I flatter you?Anya: After all that, you muff dive into sexual jokesAnya: Good day SirAnya: I have grown fed up with youWellImAfraidThatI: prowwww I like when you get feisty!Anya: Rejection is not feistyness, its just rejection! I say no and you confuse it with foreplay!Anya: What's wrong with you?Anya: Get off!Anya: Go!Anya: Shoo!WellImAfraidThatI: I've played EV too long, took the masochistic bit to heart.Anya: .... Well... We are gonna need counseling. Is that in our budget?WellImAfraidThatI: Negative. You putting out however, is well within our means.Anya: I imagine it is youAnya: Its wonderfukAnya: FulWellImAfraidThatI: That was very classy.Anya: Or is that how he spent his nameWellImAfraidThatI: thats how he spells itWellImAfraidThatI: spelledWellImAfraidThatI: he deadddddddAnya: HmmmAnya: Deeeeeaaaddddddddd

Tιмeless Eventιɗe (CLOSED)

05/21/2012 12:17 PM 

Lyt Request

This is where we'll have the layout requests.1. MUST BE TWILIGHT VERSE REQUESTS(i.e. we don't do harry potter layouts with the houses & such. RPG layout requests must be for twi-verse rpgs only.)stuff will be added here soon-ish when me and my co-owner have come up with some requirements and stuff...Request form:Name on Layout:(optional)Layout Type(RPG Div, Character Mock Div, Ect)Layout Style:(i.e. Mock Div, Div,Simple, ect.)Layout Colors:(Basic color scheme)Layout By:(Do you want it by Eve or by Valeska?)Extras:(Do you want specific photos used for the layout? specific styles you'd like us to incorporate?)Layout map:(If you are requesting a DIV [example1|example2] Yours doesn't have to look like this you can make it in paint if you want just give me something to work with [PLEASE HAVE SOME CREATIVITY DON'T JUST AST FOR A LAYOUT LIKE THE EXAMPLE BECAUSE I WILL NOT USE SOMEONE ELSE'S MAP FOR YOUR DIV IF YOU DO NOT GIVE ME A MAP I WILL MAKE YOUR DIV THE WAY I HAVE THE PREVIOUS LAYOUTS])*ONLY REQUEST HERE IF THE COMMENT FEATURE HAS BEEN DISABLED THEN LAYOUT REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!*Note if a name is not placed on the layout it may be subject to use by other rpers

Tιмeless Eventιɗe (CLOSED)

05/21/2012 11:51 PM 

Lyt Rules

1.DO NOT ALTER OUR CODING IN ANY WAY. unless you have knowledge in HMTL & CSS you could mess something up. *If you want any additional boxes on a div layout please ask EVE to add more sections.2.PAY ATTENTION TO THE IMAGE SIZES WE HAVE LISTED!some layouts are highly temperamental if you do not follow the listed sizes for banners and images you may ruin the quality of the layout.3.DO NOT REMOVE OUR CREDIT LINKS!This is original coding that has been created and tagged by Eve Corvin and Valeska Krol. Stolen and non-credited use of these layouts results in an AUTOMATIC BLACKLIST ON INTO THE TWILIGHT4.You have to comment this blog if you are going to use our layout and you must comment it on the page you are using it for!if you use our layouts without siging the blog we will consider this theivery and will ask you to sign our blog. Refusal to sign + removal of credit links = BLACKLISTING5.DO NOT GIVE OUT LAYOUT PASSWORDS TO ANYONE.We alternate passwords for each layout every week tiresome I know but it keeps people from taking multiple layouts without commenting.comment this blog and also list the layout you're requesting(i.e. forest 1 div, wolf 1 mock div, Bella C. simple)if you do not specify the name/number/type when you tell us you will end up getting the wrong layout I cannot stress this enough and I know there will be those of you who skim this over and if you are one of them and then blame us for your receiving the wrong layout don't bitch at us that we gave us the wrong one it's your own fault.*Rules are subject to changeIF THE COMMENT FEATURE HAS BEEN DISABLED LAYOUTS ARE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE

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