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02/26/2012 10:26 PM 


1) I am not Hayden Panettiere nor do I claim to be and I don't know her so don't ask.2) I will date only one person and one person alone. I will not cheat on that person I love3) Do not steal my pictures unless you ask4) Don't message me if I don't know you5) Don't call me sexy unless you are dating me6) If I don't respond right away, I do have a life so don't bother me7) I will block you if I feel the need to8) I have a life outside of rp, Im not on here 24/7 even though I would like to be9) Don't tell me how to rp10) No one liners..I will delete them and ask you to redo them. I will only ask once and if it doesn't get done, I will delete you11) Don't ask me my real name and age because I won't give it to youThat is all for now...I'll add more later


02/26/2012 02:35 PM 

For Friendly Edits

LULU COLOR CHARTLULU BRUSHESThese brushes are for friend use only when they edit pics of US together.The use of my brushes for any other characters is considered stealing.

Let Live MCRP

02/26/2012 01:48 PM 


1. I am a LITERATE role player. Please don't send me a role play with text spelling or gibberish. I will delete you.2. I don't appreciate people stealing things off my account, if you want something, just ask.3. I do one liners, but only for certain people on my account. I am no longer doing ANY oneliners for anyone else. So. If you want to roleplay, then send me at LEAST 4-7 lines, or you will be deleted.4. If you want to rp with one of my guys, you also have to roleplay with one of my girls. Its called doubling, people. Get used to it, because this is the NEW main rule.5. If you've read this far, comment my profile saying that you've read and understood, along with a quote from a book, movie,  or song.6. Once my characters are taken, they are loyal to that person, unless said otherwise. 7. Yes, the vast majority of my characters are bi. It makes it so that NO ONE feels left out. If you have a problem with that, then GTFO my profile! and if you've kept reading, add your favorite color and cartoon character to the signing comment.So! This are some simple rules to live by, not hard, now are they?Reasons for not replying:- Sometimes I just get WAY too tired, so I might just check in and see who replied and what not, but  not actually do so back. -If I think you need to send me something longer, I'll ignore you.-I DO have a life outside of Role Play. So if you  have a problem with that, well, I'm sorry. But I also am in highschool still and have shit to  do.- Number one MAIN reason I won't reply, I just get bored with the role play. So, let's keep it interesting.Please comment the profile. This will insure that no one can cheat. ALL people I am roleplaying with must do this. 

Smartass Dean Winchester

02/25/2012 09:14 PM 


1. I am not associated to Dean Winchester nor do i play Supernatural.2. I have a main rule and that is respect. So respect me.3. I olny do mature rp here, but i do what i want here in my rp depending on if its not Supernatural show episodes you know.4. I do have 1 main person to rp my Girlfriend here, and I remain faithful here. I do not cheat at all. 5. I do have other accounts that i rp on but i will keep on this one also.6. I do have a Rl as i am in school also, so I might not reply right away.7. I do Para rp to Multi Para rp my way. So i don't judge how long others write.8. If you decide to make a page and be with me on any of my accounts, do not up and leave and change characters. Shows no respect at all. Been through it to much on this page.More to come if nessacary

žam ▀. Winchester

02/24/2012 11:56 PM 

Black Winged Demonic Rules

Discussed Storylines- Quite abit of Sam's background & info is in his info box on page. I'm really not that picky with where the two Character's meet up though. Though my Verses of Interest are Resident Evil, Supernatural, The Covenant pretty much combined into one big combo verse. It's just not one or the other with me. If someone would like to know about the verse. It's called look it up..I'm sorry but i am not explaining of what that verse is about.Starters: - I can be a tad selective when it comes to sending the starters, yet just means that i won't send one every single time. Not that I'm lazy or anything i just get writter's block from time to time. I also play quite abit of video games on my ps3 or watch a movie to get the creative juices flowing again.Replies: Do not hound me for quick Replies, I do infact have other pages here on & I do infact take my time on replies so they are well thought out before replied to. Do Not Rush me. If a non main rushes me then more then like it will be longer for me to reply back to that someone.Picture Edits: I use quite abit of varity or picture editing sites, Photoshop CS5 & 6, Gimp, a picture editing site I won't give the url link to. & on and off Making Software: I've upgraded to the Sony Vegas Pro 11, I've used Windows Movie Maker for a long ass time. Then Seeing the Kick ass effects that Sony Vegas could do, I thought omg i need to upgrade to this software, I know how to do some effects & still learning other effects & Tools on Sony Vegas so no bitching if my Video's are not master perfect.                                 More Rules Coming Soon When I seek fit.

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