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09/22/2007 07:58 PM 

Wiccan demon Bleeding for Juan Boy and Pearl

*In a dark room with only candles to light your way you will see Trapper Ace Getting ready for the Wiccan Demon Bleeding that is done be the Leading female in the Ace pack* Welcome one and all to the Bleeding of Juan Boy and Pearl two Soul that found their way here with us. all we need is the Mother and Fathers Blood and theirs


09/07/2007 09:56 PM 

The Ace Family

(Trapper) What are you up to Skin.? (Skinner) Well I thought that All are friends will like to know more about us.(T) Us?(S) The Aces Family.(T) What are you going to do show them our info?(S) That it.(T) No way, That is crazy.(S) It be Fun *Hugs Trapper* Please, you know you want to.(T) Fine.(S) Here is Trapper(T) Oh Goody I'm First...._____________________________________________________________Trapper Aceage: 25date of birth: 12-10-81Sex: FemaleFather: BloodLust AceMother: Rose (Died 12-25-90)Mate(s) : Jervis Tetch (Died 8-27-07): Emperor Typhon Legion (Present) Offspring: Alice Tetch (Female)Lewis Tetch (Male)Skinner Ace (Female)Shadow Ace (Male) _____________________________________________________________(T) Well That is not bad.(S) See Now who is next?(T) You.(S) Why me.(T) Why not?_____________________________________________________________Skinner Ace (R.I.P.)Age: 26Date of birth: 1-24-80Sex: FemaleFather: Bloodlust AceMother: Rose(Died 12-25-90)Mate(s): Emperor TyphonOffspring: none______________________________________________________________(T) Two down and four to go.(S) Next______________________________________________________________Hunter Ace (Not A Real Ace)Age: 22Date of birth: 4-18-85Sex: MaleFather: BloodLustMother: Hell BellMate(s): NoneOffspring: None_____________________________________________________________(T) Ok, Next is Repper.(S) Right._____________________________________________________________Repper Ace Rita DentAge: 21Date of Birth: 5-18-86Father: birth: unknow Mother: Birth: unknowInfo: Trapper took her in.Mate(s): Two-Face Harvey DentOffspring : Alexander Dent_____________________________________________________________(T) Hey, Only two to go.(S) Next is Killer_____________________________________________________________Killer AceAge: 24Date of Birth: 6-6-82Father: BloodLust AceMother: RoseMate(s) : Bad SantaOffspring: None_____________________________________________________________(T) The Last and Youngest Ace.(S) Stalker ______________________________________________________________Stalker Ace (R.I.P.)Age: 17Date of Birth: 7-24-90Date of Death 1-25-08 Father: BloodLust AceMother: Pearl (Mermaid)Mate(s) :White Warlock(Missing)Offspring: Juan Boy AcePearl Ace ____________________________________________________________(Trapper) Ok Now for Dagger _______________________________________________________ Dagger Ace date of birth ----- date of death 1-21-08 Father: Bloodlust Ace Mother; Eve Mates: Maiku Children: Gone Back to their Father _____________________________________ (T) Well thats not bad.(S) See And now other who read this know a little more about us.(T) Fine is was a Good Idea,(Both) Thanks for reading.


09/18/2012 05:34 PM 

Tetch International

Tetch International in a giant multinational and multitrillion dollar conglomerate which operated privately as a major international player in a number of markets; including pharmaceuticals and medical equipment along with top-secret operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological research. The company also has a benevolent public face for the mass public, producing cosmetics, consumer products and foods.   A subsidiary of Tetch International called SoS Brigade operated as a paramilitary organization. This division of the corporation maintained a highly trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and paramilitary operations. They used a variety of communications satellites and vehicles, including HUMVEEs. Complementing this security force was an air wing, which maintained a fleet of AV-8B Harrier jump jets, UH-60 Blackhawks, C-130 Hercules water-landing capable cargo planes, CH-53 Sea Stallion cargo helicopters for transporting prisoners and Hughes MH-6 'Little Bird' attack helicopters. The corporation utilized these resources in order to secure and protect its assets, as well as its high profile employees.   History of Tetch International Founding (2003- present) Tetch International was founded in 2003 by A mysterious woman known only by Oracle; Ayame Tetch and their daughters after the discovery of the cure to the H1-N1 virus the previous year. Another starting member, though not considered a co-founder, was Ayame's brother Lewis Tetch, who was with Oracle and Ayame when they first discovered the Stairway of the kingdom flower. Shortly after Tetch International founding, It brought controlling interest in several major computer and communications companies. then the former top level ex of these companies where effectively-exiled to the Tetch International Africa Laboratory, where they spent their time doing research in a newly built research center. In 2003, Lewis Tetch began the construction of the Antarctic Base, attached to which was a research centre where he began development of his "Phoenix" project. This was his research into the gene that controls intelligence. (no public records found)   Home office pictured below (In Italy)  

Queen of the Gods

09/15/2012 10:39 PM 


I have decided I will only have 3 simple rules I expect to be followed while Rping with my characters :)   NUMBER 1- No god moding or auto killing. NUMBER 2- I am in a greek mythology Rp,NOT XENA if you are I don't mind Roleplaying with you just don't expect me to know much about it. NUMBER 3- If your character adds me I expect a starter or at least a message about a storyline or asking a starter from me. Thanks everyone!

☪~Vampire Selene {T/L}~☪

09/14/2012 10:34 PM 

Please Read & Sign My Rules.

Alright i don't really like to wrtie these but seems like i really need to for some people don't really understand how things work really. 1.) No taking my pictures i will make sure to block and black list you if you do i work so hard on my picutres and i don't need lazy ass people taking them. If you really need to get one or want one just let me know i will think about letting you take it. 2.)No Drama please i have enough at home and i don't really need to deal with it here so please don't start shit with me i won't put up with it i will delete you from my friends list and block you i don't need to deal with little shirt on here or waste my time on people who loves Drama. 3.)I am fine with Good morning and talking in messages i don't mind but please don't bring your rl drama here if i ask what is wrong then i really want to know so if i don't ask please don't tell me. 4.)Yes i do tend to take my time on getting back to the rp seems like i need to think a lot so don't worry if i do take forever i am either away from my laptop or i am on another site so yeah i will take my time. I also tend to post a lot of my status so if you don't like it them please delete me. 5.)Once i get a man that is all i won't be flirting with anyone i stay true to my guy and i don't need others messing with me on that. So don't try to get me to sleep with you i won't do it. 6.)If you had read this far please sign with your name and your fave movie & song. 7.)I do rp in messages and comments but if you wish to send me pics please do it in comments i don't like getting them in messages. 8.)I do have a life and i won't be on here all day i tend to be out most of the day so if you are waiting on a repond i will do it once i get on. Please don't rush me on getting them out i do get some what a lot of things to answer. 9.)Please don't send me 3 or 4 messages asking me if i got the rp this really pisses me off so much i will get to them when i can and i don't need people telling me if they got it. If i don't get it i will let you know. 10.)I do rp any kind of rp i do para or one-liners but i tend to go either way but please don't make it really short i do like to keep up with the rp here once i get bored that is it i won't rp any more. I am sorry but i don't go Novella i don't have the time if i wanted to write a book i will but yeah i don't have time for that. I do rp with just about any one for i have seen TVD,Trueblood,X-men and others if not you can tell me a bit about who you are rping. 11.)Alright i am not good at spelling but i do try my best other than that i don't like to rp in text kind of talk that is just too hard to understand here i am not on my cell nor do i do that while texting so please don't do it. 12.)Don't try to control my person i so hate that very much i feel like i have no part in my rp if i don't get a chance to rp her so don't do it alright and also i know Selene is a vampire don't try killing her she is good at staying alive. 13.)I don't always go by the movie for i forgot how most of the movies go so i will either go off by the movie or just rp the way i want Selene to be so don't try to tell me how to rp her i so very much hate that. 14.)Please don't tell me if i need to add more to my rp because that does piss me off. Now i will make it either 3 or 4 lines the most but don't try to say i need to add more because i just will stop rping with you all together. 15.)Alright last one i guess if you don't get a rp from me it is either i forgot or don't remember if i sent it to you so please let me know because rl is crazy at the moment and i don't remember a lot when i come on here. Thanks for reading my rules and i do hope you all understand them.

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