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12/07/2009 08:03 PM 

Calling all my Clan!

My family, it is time for us to follow our be what we was meet to be since the begining of time. Demons, Mean, evil, bloodthrusty, demons.We have gone soft. I have gone more. I was once feared by both demon and look at me. nothing.....I use to paint my home in blood, that I got by killing men for looing at I buy real paint....*wrinkles nose*I once fought the Batman, superman, and any goodie goodie just for fun.Now I try to help the weak.So my Family, I say we take this human world and turn it into the next hellfire.....*eyes gleam like fire* Enslay the humans, Kill the Heros and crush anything that stand in our way.


08/14/2008 08:02 PM 

The War Beginnes

The Door of Old Open into the World Trapper Has Nightmare about. The Land that is Covered in blood and bodies. where all you see is Death.... The Castle Lay just ahead as The Rest of the Aces Family and Friends come into this world. "Everone this is HellFire, every thing here is a not your Enemy If we Kill Bloodlust the Rest will bow in defeat to you" "The ones that get into the Castle Keep a Eye out for the Nesting Room, that is where you'll find newborns and children, please save them if you can"


08/11/2008 08:02 PM 

Family Meeting

In Ace Castle, in one of the Largest room of the Castle is the Meeting Room. with a Larg Table, that have a endless number of chairs. at the Head of the Table Sets two larg Chairs for the Leaders/head of the Clan to Set in one Set Trapper as she Looks over her Plans and Maps. She is waiting for the Rest of her Family to show up. For they Had to come up with a plan to kill BloodLust her long Hated Father and Ruler of Hellfire Her Home World..... Just What will happen at this meeting...something that no one would have ever thought....


02/08/2008 08:01 PM 

Trapper’s Past....and the Tale of BloodLust Ace.

Ok, You want to know about my Past well here it is...... Most of you know Skinner.....well she was my twin..... So I'll start with the day we was born...... We was born on 10th of Dec. Skinner first.......Her black hair and fur was showing like cole......will I was born next.......with White hait and fur......That was a sign that elders told my father......That I was the one to take his place. Well My Father is a proud man, to be told that a female was to take his place was not what he wanted to from that day on my life became Hell. First few years of my life the only ones that came near me was My mother and grandmother.......other left me alone afraid that my father may think that they was helping me become stronger. At the Age of Five, Father started to bet and skin me........every mother tryed to stop him.........but he just killed her......with out even blinking......That is when I relised that he hated I hated him. he took my mother away from me....... from that day on I was bet and skinned.......then lated his men........after they payed him....... All my life I was hurt....tile I ran away.....At the age of sixteen. After my grandmother died. I ran as fast as My Legs could go. I had every little time to play. but when I did it was with Hunter, Skinner, Killer, Stalker, Dagger, and Rita. Hunter was there more then the others. He tryed to hide me from my Father. He wanted to Save me from Father. I came across a looking glass, that took me into other worlds, so I ran into it......... After some time I ended up in St. Canard where I meet all kinds of peaple and made some friends......Like Foxglove, and Big Cheese. and I became a part of a team called V.I.L.E. and boy that was fun......... Then Later I found another City to go to.....called Gotham....that is where I found my first Love, Jervis Tetch Aka the Maddest HAtter....We soon got married and had two Children Lewis and ALice. but like all good things in my life Jervis was tooken away from me. He was Killed............My Heart broke........And my world just crashed........ Well As Time usely does It went on.......And Soon I had me a new mate.......and children Legion and our Kits Shadow and Skinner. So their you have my storie..........I know Long. Well that is what happed. My Father was Greedy, Cold-blooded, and all he cared about was himself........


01/21/2008 07:59 PM 

War in the world of Darkness.

It is time. To Fight..............Who is with me..........For The Death of my Sisters and son........and the Rape of my Daughter.........they will Die.

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