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10/31/2012 12:45 PM 

December PWI Awards

Wrestler of the Year * Briley Pierce 1st Eddie Edwards, 2nd Roderick Strong, 3rd Antonio Cesaro Tag Team of the Year * Alex Riley and Chris Masters 1st Epico and Primo, 2nd Roderick and Eddie Edwards, 3rd The Miz and Brett Jr. Match of the Year * Davey Richards vs Antonio Cesaro Feud of the Year * CM Punk vs David Otunga 1st Johnny Curtis vs Briley Pierce, 2nd AJ Lee vs Alison, 3rd Brett DiBiase vs Daniel Bryan Most Popular Wrestler of the Year * Davey Richards 1st Roderick Strong, 2nd Eddie Edwards, 3rd Mike Bennett Most Hated Wrestler of the Year * Dolph Ziggler 1st Wade Barrett, 2nd Heath Slater, 3rd Jillian Hall Most Improved Wrestler of the Year * Leah 1st Davey Richards, 2nd Roderick Strong, 3rd Adam Riley Most Insperational Wrestler of the Year * Daniel Bryan 1st Justin Gabriel, 2nd AJ Styles, 3rd Christian Rookie of the Year * Jason Payne 1st Richie Steamboat, 2nd Adam Riley, 3rd Roderick Strong Comeback of the Year * Ted DiBiase 1st Cody Rhodes, 2nd Davey Richards, 3rd Alex Riley Woman of the Year * Layla 1st Alison, 2nd Leah, 3rd Natalia

Boomerang Beauty ™

12/28/2012 12:46 PM 

Rules; Read and Sign Please

Basically, I am not picky just;1.) Write properly, we are all adults her or at least should be, so please use your elementary school grammar education when you write.2.) I do all lengths except, One-liner, I feel like roleplaying needs context and descriptions, without it, it's pointless.3.) I do all my own edits, (Except for a few from Miroku) I can do edits for you or give you the originals, please do not steal.4.) I love making friends, and I'm really nice, so don't be afraid to shoot me a comment ^^Any questions? Ask below ^^


10/31/2012 11:01 PM 

December PWI Female Top 20 List
Current mood:  adventurous

#1 Alison #2 Natalia #3 Eve Torres #4 Layla #5 Maria #6 Raquel Diaz #7 Beth Phoenix #8 Kelly Kelly #9 Candice Michelle #10 Kaitlyn #11 Leah #12 Maxine  #13 Audrey Marie #14 Aksana #15 Melina  #16 Torrie Wilson #17 Caylee Turner #18 Brie Bella #19 Alicia Fox #20 Jillian Hall


10/31/2012 10:44 PM 

December PWI Male Top 35 Season List

Male Top 35 List #1 Briley Pierce #2 Justin Gabriel #3 Cody Rhodes #4 Johnny Curtis #5 Dolph Ziggler #6 Brett DiBiase #7 Roderick Strong #8 Davey Richards #9 Michael McGillicutty #10 David Otunga #11 Sheamus #12 Christian #13 Wade Barrett #14 Evan Bourne #15 Mike Bennett #16 Jason Payne #17 Tyson Kidd #18 Santino Marella #19 Brad Maddox #20 Richie Steamboat #21 Adam Riley #22 Primo #23 Epico #24 AJ Styles #25 Mike DiBiase #26 Curt Hawkins #27 Jordan DiBiase #28 Chris Masters #29 Harry Smith #30 Mason Ryan #31 Zack Ryder #32 Daniel Bryan #33 Alex Riley #34 Brett DiBiase Jr. #35 Ted DiBiase

♟Storybrooke's Lucifer♟

10/21/2012 09:56 PM 

"I like small weapons, you see. The needle; the pen; the fine point of a deal---"

Contracts, deals - well, they're the very foundation of all civilized existence; and with that being said, a few words from your sponsor, ME---1. Before you write me to discuss a storyline, you need to read my biography on my page, and if you really get ambitious and want to see how different I am, read just above my bio, "Prequel: A Requiem For Rumpelstiltskin." While I use the show "Once Upon a Time" as the backdrop, my story is quite different--- If you have to follow the show, there are MANY Rumpelstiltskins out there in in cyberspace growing daily, so I'm sure you would have no trouble finding one. 2. In case you missed, or did not read my three small disclaimers on the bottom of my page, this rule is for you---I am a writer; a very good writer; I come on here for two reasons: one being an escape from the mundane and morbid hassles of RL, and the other being because I LOVE to create new and exciting perspectives on the already existing. It is in my ability in which to create that has earned me MUCH popularity in the past with other RP I have done on Myspace. Pay attention dearys, for here it comes---EVERYTHING you see on my page in writing form is MINE! It is ALL copy written for that just in case factor later on. If I happen to come across your page in other form (meaning another character), and see anything of mine, or anything that resembles my hard work and creative genius, then you will be infringing upon copyright laws, and I will have to dedicate my already thinned time to hunting you down in RL and slapping you with a lawsuit. Of course that would be just the beginning because then I will make sure your RP life quickly becomes non-existent. If I am the Alpha and Omega in Storybrooke knowing what I am capable of, just think of what I can do on here, so think VERY carefully before you decide to steal. 3. I am para- and multi-para ONLY! No novellas, short stories, or books, don't have the time to take a short nap in between chapters. 4. OOC: IM or Message, IC: Comments---If you want to discuss a storyline after reading and signing, please do it in message and not comment. I use comments strictly for RP. If you really get ambitious and curious, you can IM me; you can find my AIM on my page. On a side note, you will notice on my page a section that has chapters--- well, given I am starting a new perspective on the already existing, the main story will be in blogs according to the progression of my main storyline that I have created and am about to establish. 5. NO DRAMA!!! This should actually be my first rule; but I digressed slightly as you could see. If there is ANY drama on this page or in my storyline I have with you, I will automatically delete you! No warnings, and no chances. I have been doing this for over five years now, I am an adult, and am too old for the high school crap that goes on here on the occasion when "idle hands become the devil's workshop." 6. Spelling and Grammar; we have all attended high school, yes? Good! If I can't understand what you are saying to me in a comment, due to your poor sentence structure, spelling, or word usage, I will either ignore it and move on, or delete it and you right there on the spot. Also, no one liners; if I take the time to give you a proper response, then I expect the same in return. Also, if you DARE delete my comment that I worked hard on to give, I will be VERY upset! Occasionally, I do have to look back at my last comment in order to see where I was that brought me to the point I am in the present. You delete my comments, and I don't write with you because it shows me you don't appreciate my hard work and effort.  7. No, and I repeat, NO God-Moding! You dictate my actions, or words and I will do the same simply by deleting you; I will be a gentleman and at least tell you why I am deleting you so you are not left wondering once you see I have suddenly disappeared. Okay, and that was just off the top of my head that you needed to know before hand. If I think of others, they will be added at a later time. With that being said, make sure you read carefully before signing on that dotted line, and when you do, to let me know you really read my rules, and with comprehension, do list your favorite quote thus far from any of the characters from the show. Also keep in mind that my deals are always honored, with the price of magic going up in inflation, you break our deal, and you will be sorry--- Until we shall meet again, Dearys---

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