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CV Members Page

05/27/2012 01:38 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 3 (Charity, Wendi)

Characters: Charity, Wendi  Location: Their home, car, hospitalTime of Day: Dead of NightBLOG START:  Wendi and Charity are husband and wife with their child due at any time.AU ROLE CHANGES:Charity: HumanWendi Human This is a loose outline.  The blog participants are free to expand on the points and add to it as they wish.  The blog is done when they have met all the points.-  Wendi is setting the table for Alec as he comes in the door from work and greets her, commenting about her beauty.-  She mentions how she's been having light contractions all day and thinks that today could be their lucky day.-  They sit down to have dinner together.-  Wendi's water breaks.-  Alec goes into full father mode, grabbing bags and supplies, rushing Wendi to the car.-  Wendi tries to remain calm.-  Alec has road rage and is short with everyone as they arrive at the hospital.-  As they get settled, Wendi starts blaming Alec for her pain, but quickly apologizes.-  Alec says it is his fault and he doesn't deserve such a wonderful woman.-  Labor!-  Baby is born.  They celebrate.

CV Members Page

05/27/2012 01:37 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 2 (Wrath, Valerie, Ben)

Characters: Wrath, Valerie, Ben Location: Wrath's HellTime of Day: Mid- AfternoonBLOG START:  Ben and Valerie have become a couple, and Wrath does not approve at all.  He has called ben to his hell to 'negotiate'. Valerie has been hanging around, and does not like the idea of her boss killing her man.AU ROLE CHANGES:None-  Ben arrives in Wrath's hell, knowing better than to ignore the summons of a demon. He thinks he knows what this is all about, but is unsure-  Wrath sits him down, obviously holding himself back from fully exploding. He mentions how far this 'relationship' has gone, and says that he wants it to end-  Ben says that they're past that point, that Wrath knows why they can't just split-  Valerie yells something from another room, telling Wrath that she told him not to be mean to Ben.-  She comes in, holding a three-month-old in her arms-  Wrath says that he hates that thing and to get it out of his sight-  Valerie cooes to the baby and says that "Uncle Wrathy" didn't mean anything by that. She goes and hands the child off to Ben-  She says that he really should be more appreciative, at least now she won't be stupid enough to get herself killed-  Ben takes his daughter and holds her, habitually stepping away from Wrath as he does so. He asks Valerie how she's been holding up-  Wrath gags and makes a comment on the irony of Ben being the angel of Chastity-  Valerie says that Emma rather likes the baby, and she actually facilitated their meeting-  Wrath again says that he doesn't want that thing in his Hell, and for Ben to take it away-  Valerie can sense that Wrath is moments away from snapping and doesn't want her daughter anywhere in the vicinity. She tells Ben to take her, and that she'll catch up later-  Ben tells her to be careful and takes the baby away, presumably back to Heaven-  Wrath tells Valerie that she has one messed up child, being raised in two feuding worlds-  He tells her to go make him dinner-  She obliges, knowing that food might actually settle him down. She comments on how he's like Gluttony, and walks off.

CV Members Page

05/27/2012 01:36 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 1 (Pride, James Dorian)

Characters: Pride, James, and DorianLocation: Lafayette CemeteryTime of Day: TwilightBLOG START:  James has been pining after Pride for years, and she has turned him down every time, though she has never told him why. Recently, he has been prowling around her Hell too often, and it has annoyed her to the point of needing to have him taken care of. She brings him to the cemetery under false pretenses, intent on showing him just why she is too good for him. Dorian is there waiting. AU ROLE CHANGES:James: Reaper of Wrath- James and Pride have appeared at the cemetery behind one of the mausoleums. He has assumed that she has brought him here so that they could be alone. -  James asks Pride why they have not gone to her Hell instead, not that he particularly cares-  Pride ignores James' questions and walks out in front of a statute, stopping to 'admire' it-  James asks her again what she's doing, getting a bit closer to her than he should-  She asks him why he thinks she has never yielded to him before-  Before he can answer, Dorian steps out from behind the statue, a sword drawn. He does not attack as of yet-  He grumbles about how Pride is late, referring to their meeting as a 'date'-  James realizes why Pride has never given into him, he makes a snide comment-  Pride says that she was held up by James' stupidity, and tells James to watch his tongue-  James realizes that he's been set up, and asks Pride how she could do such a thing. He draws a smaller weapon to defend himself-  Dorian openly laughs at James' choice of weapon, using a sarcastic threat against him in the process-  He swings at the younger reaper, deliberately going easy on him to make him more confident so he will fight-  James dodges the strike and fights back, managing to gash Dorian's arm-  He creates an illusion around the three of them, distracting Dorian long enough so he can turn and run.-Before he can get too far, he runs nearly face first into Pride, who has been able to get in his way. She sends him back at Dorian, destroying the illusion-  Dorian has caught up, and swipes the tip of the sword across James' neck. -  James falls, and knows that this is his end. he chooses not to fight anymore, and resigns himself to death. -  After James dies, Pride says that it will not be long before Wrath makes his appearance, and suggests they leave-  Dorian agrees with her, claiming a kiss before the two depart together.

z'ѕ тeѕтerô

05/26/2012 10:34 PM 

If you plan to survive me.....

....then you should probably sign and abide by these rules.#1- First of all let me start by stating that if you think you know me from myspace, you probably do. I have had Corin as an Amy Lee face since back in 2009. So, I am definitely up for getting old connections back from any of you that find me. #2- I am not, nor do I claim to be Amy Lee. I am not the real Corin and there is no real Corin because Corin is a fictional character. #3- Corin is reckless, careless and above all violent. If you are squeamish or you do not like violent role play, then do us both a favor and delete me now. #4- I am a mature role player. Therefore, there will be mature content. So please, let me know if you are under the age of 18.#5- I am an AU Twilight originating character. However, I love to dabble in crossing over with TVD and any other supernatural verse that I have knowledge of. Because I am AU I have altered a few things about my character. First, her eyes are red because she was so reckless that a witch in Italy, after many failed attempts at Corin's life, cursed her with frightening crimson eyes so that all would see her as a threat. Secondly, Corin does not sparkle in the sunlight, she will burn alive as any normal vampire would whom dare enter the sunlight without a day ring. #6- The layout I currently have up, is called 'I'm too fucking lazy to make one'. So, a big thank you to the owner of the late and great SinfulMisfortune for making this epic layout. However, all writen content and the photos that you see were all done by me. Jock any of it and consider yourself blacklisted. #7- That bullshit about 'you add, you talk' <---#FUCKTHATSHIT! If you want to discuss a story line, then let's get the ball rolling. But don't sit on your page feeling high and mighty as if you are too good to approach me first. It's not only rude, but it also says volumes about your personality. #8- I play Corin as a complete and utter bitch. So, if you seek a BFF relationship where we can LOL and OMG together, then you have come to the wrong place. Corin will have associates that she 'tolerates' but tolerating is as far as she goes. Corin trusts no bitch and fears no man. Humanity is a complete waste of time for her. So, don't think that you can be a dreamer fairy and sprinkle some fucking magic dust on her that will make her love the world. It won't happen. So, if you can't handle 'hateful' role play relationships, please state so when signing these rules.#9- I prefer multi-paragraph role play and up. Idle chit chat doesn't work with Corin, she'll get bored with your ass and snap your neck. If you can't handle that, delete me. #10- Don't be afraid to approach me! I know that the context of these rules makes me sound like a total bitch but that is just the Corin in me talking. I adore role play and I am obsessed with playing this character. So, I am always in the mood for an epic story line discussion. #11- The most important rule thus far; LITERACY IS A MUST! I get it if you make a few mistakes, we all do. However if you send me a reply that I have to decode to read due to lack of quotation, punctuation and capitalization use, then I will delete that shit and ask you to rewrite it. Microsoft word is a brilliant program and it tells you when there is a grammatical error. So, if you have doubts, use that shit!

◢ unruly sass.

05/26/2012 07:36 PM 

Read & Sign.

If you want to roleplay with me, then read my rules and sign them. **I hate to break it to you but I'm not the lovely Rutina Wesley nor am I Tara Mae Thornton. Tara is a character on True Blood that I roleplay. In no way, shape or form am I the real Tara.** #1 - Adding: This whole "If you add, then you talk" is bullshit to me. It doesn't matter who added who, we're gonna talk regardless. #2 - Spelling/Grammar: I prefer that you be a literate writer so that I will know what you are talking about. If you can't spell or use proper grammar, then our roleplaying days together are over. I also expect that you spell the names of the character correctly.#3 - Connection/Mains/RPG's:  I'll keep a list of all of the connections that I make. I'm currently not a member of any RPG's. I have been in Just A Taste and Club Dead. Both groups are no longer active. #4 - Storylines/OOC/RP'ing: I like to discuss storylines in Messages rather than Comments. Also OOC discussions in messages. Comments are for the actual roleplaying only.#5 - Status updates/Journal Posts: I will update my status only to tell you guys who I owe. Journal posts are also to tell you who I owe and if I will be on hiatus or on a break anytime soon. #6 - REAL LIFE: I hope everyone reads this part. I do have a real life, therefor, I probably will not be on everyday. I'm a 21 year old college student. So If I don't reply in 2 days, it's most likely because I'm busy with school. --------------------------I will update this blog if I experience any changes.--------------------------So I hope that you all have read this and understand my rules. Now don't just comment this blog saying that you read and understand my rules. Leave me a funny gif!  --------------------------LAST UPDATED: 05/31/2013❝--ғeιsтy тara.

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