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Lord Vader

11/01/2011 03: PM 

Path to Redemption: Vader's chapter

"Make peace with him... for me."Her request for him to make peace with Skywalker echoed in his head as he sat alone in meditation. The Darkside of the Force surrounded him, comforting him, protecting him as he reflected on the second chance he'd been given at life. Never did he expect to be able to have the freedom to be with his family again. Though he had an odd way of expressing his love for them by most people's standards, he loved them none the less. Nikita was one of the few people in his life that truly knew him on a personal level... she knew the man behind the monster so to speak. She'd been at his side with unwavering loyalty since the fall of the Old Republic.A coy smirk tugged at his lips as he focused his thoughts on those he cared for, that he trusted to never betray him. Vader could see the image of his wife in his mind, a woman that to him was the perfection of a Darksider. While he surpassed her in brute strength she made up for it with speed, stealth, and at times an unsurpassed viciousness... something that caused him to love her all the more. She was just as cruel as he was, just as guarded, making them a stronger team in his eyes. Drawing in a deep breath he shifted his focus slightly to their children. His anger flared, his smirk faded as he reminded himself of the fact that their mother had given them over to the Jedi. It had been his hope that they would train their children together in the ways of the Sith.Just as his anger flared he could hear the Force whispering to him of Aaron and Allana's destiny. She was meant to become a Greysider; a path that in Vader's mind was the most deadly, and he was meant to return to learn from Vader himself. To him Greysiders seemed more dangerous than the Sith or Jedi, as you dealt with an unknown with a Grey that didn't exist with any other path. While he knew his daughter would always have a soft spot for the Sith he knew she'd never return to what she once was. Though this didn't please him he released his anger. He knew it was pointless to hold onto it when the Force whispered that what he desired for his oldest children could never become truth.Calming himself again, his focus shifted once more. His vision was filled with the image of his wife once again. Even though she was six months along with their second son she carried on with her normal tasks in a way that made it hard to believe, save for the slight stomach she now possessed. This would be his third child, his second chance to learn to be a parent. He swore to himself that he wouldn't fail any of his children again. Centering himself within his current calmness he opened himself further to the Force. As he felt it flow through him he allowed it to direct his mind as it wished, no longer controlling his focus he welcomed any vision the Force wanted him to see.(His vision)- Massive fleet converged in an unknown location. Their numbers bloated with huge obsidian colored capital ships, some of them appeared to be larger than any ship Vader had ever seen. There was no doubt all of them were armed to the teeth with top of the line weapons and defensive systems. Upon a closer look one would see small shuttles and frigates transporting supplies from a station to the various ships, fueling, arming and stocking goods the crews would need once underway. -To one who'd seen as many wars as Vader he knew instantly it was a fleet assembled for one purpose... the destruction of an enemy. The question was who was behind the massive build up, and who was their intended target? The answers to those questions eluded him, distressing him further as he could feel the Dark Side of the Force radiating strongly from the fleet... It radiated in a way that felt familiar to him, it reminded him of the aura that surrounded a Sith'ari. Sighing as he opened his eye he ran his hand through his hair briefly. It worried him to think a Sith'ari could be lurking among the crew of one or more of the ships he'd seen. And what if they were planning on attacking the Empire? Who would Nikita side with? Would he be forced to turn on his love?"No never! She'd never turn against me. She's been at my side through too much to abandon me now." He thought to himself as his stair settled on his saber hilt. She would fight alongside him just as she always had... but who would he side with? This unknown foe or Skywalker's ever growing Empire? Though he and Skywalker didn't get along he knew at the end of the day Skywalker would have his back if he found himself in more trouble than he could handle. He also knew if he sided with him no one would ever try to control his life nor Nikita's ever again.

Spanish Editor

10/31/2011 10: PM 

Roles Needed

In the order that I need themDaniel Meade (play by Eric Mabius): He is Betty's Lovie interest. Known each other for years but didn't realize how he felt until she was leaving for London , He followed her there, professed His love and have been together ever since (now they live in NY)Alexis Meade: (play by Rebecca Romijn) Daniel's Sister ,Tyler's Half sister, Claire's DaughterClaire Meade: (play by Judith Light) Daniel ,Alexis and Tyler's Mom.Amanda Tannen: (Play by Becki Newton): Betty's Best Friend , is fashion stylist for ModeHilda Suarez Talercio: (Play by Ana Ortiz) Betty's Sister, Bobby's Wife, Justins mom.Bobby Talercio (play by Adam Rodriguez): Hilda's husband, Justin's Step Dad, Betty's Brother in lawJustin Suarez (Play by Mark Indelicato) Hilda's Son, Bobby's step son, Betty's Nephew)Marc (Play by Micheal Urie) Wilhelmina's assistant, He looks up to her thinks of her as his Mother, he also works at ModeTyler Meade Heartley (Play by Neal Bledsoe): Daniel and Alexis Half Brother, Amanda's Boyfriend.(these roles above are Non Negotiable as they are Canon Characters)Made Ups Needed for the Second Generation charactersDakota Meade (Play by Cody Simpson): he is the Youngest of the future Daniel and Betty's children and is the Most like Season one Daniel. This Play by is Non NegotiableAlso needed are Amanda and Tylers Kids, Hilda and Bobby's Kids, Older Justin and Older DJ Play bys for these are Negotiableas a side note I RP this the way the show ended so keep that in mind if you are taking on the rolehere is a Banner for more info. *It should be noted the Role of Daniel has been filled If interested contact Betty Suarez

Daydream {MCRP}

10/31/2011 08: PM 

Benjamin Crowe

Name: Benjamin CroweAlias(s): NoneSex: MaleRace/Species: HumanAge: 19Birthday: December 15thSign: SagittariusFamily: Nathaniel Crowe(father, deceased), Lily Crowe(mother, deceased)Birthplace: The CaribbeanOccupation: PirateHeight: 5'10"Weight: 172lbsEye Color: GreenHair: Crimson RedWeapons/Equipment: Cutlass, flintlock pistol, flintlock rifle, blunderbuss, dagger, granado, boarding axeAttributes: expert swordsman, master sailor, explosives expert, unparallelled knowledge of the sea and it's myths and legends.Bio: The son of one of the most famous and respected pirate lords, Nathaniel Crowe, Benjamin was literally born into piracy. From the time he was able to walk, Benjamin was taught everything he needed to know about being a pirate by his father along with the support of his mother, Lily. Things didn't stay peaceful forever. The British Royal Fleet had amassed an armada created for one purpose: to purge the seas of pirates once and for all. They started with the pirate lords. If all the lords were disposed of, the pirate world would lose structure and fall swiftly. Nathaniel's pirate haven was the first one to be invaded. On the day of Benjamin's eighth birthday, they stormed the small island and killed any that resisted and imprisoned any that surrendered. When they finally made it to the Crowe manor, they forced their way into the estate and hunted down the family. Nathaniel fought them off and told Lily to take their son and escape. Lily ran out of the manor with Benjamin and hid him in a fox hole and told him not to make a sound before sealing him inside. By the time Benjamin managed to break free of his prison, it was morning. His home had been burned to the ground and mother and father were dead. Over the next ten years, Benjamin sailed the seas on his ship, The Nightmare, making a reputation for himself as a pirate in honor of the family that was taken from him. He became one of the ten pirate lords by the time he was eighteen and created his own pirate haven called World's End. But while Benjamin was building his empire, the Royal Fleet was assembling a force unlike any that had come before; an army large enough to cover every span of the globe. Benjamin challenged this army to avenge the deaths of his parents and to protect everything all free pirates stood for.Theme Song~ Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly 

Gordon Freeman λRebel Leaderλ

10/29/2011 09: PM 

RULES read and sign before associating with me

It seems I need to post these rules STILL. Read and sign before associating with me1.Don't add me unless you intend on rping with me. I am not a number.2. Don't god mod its unfair, annoying and extremely noobish.3. Don't add me start a rp or do one with me then proceed to say what I am and am not doing wrong. I have been rping Gordon for 15 years now and like the way I rp him. If you don't then so kindly remove me.4. Please no drama. I dealt with it on myspace then facebook before coming here and it gets annoying. Plus it is a mood killer.5. You add me you contact me first. I add you I contact you first. So....if you add me then decide to send me a nasty message or randomly delete me because I didn't contact you you will either be deleted or never accepted on my friends list again.6. No killing off my character unless it is agreed it happens which will probably not happen. You kill my character I stop replying simple as that.7. I am completely aware that not everyone has played Half-Life and may not know my character, I will provide information a few times. But I can't do it for every single person on my list who has not played it yet. If you are too lazy to wiki it then it isn't my problem.8. Gordon is single, only ship I will accept is Alyx and Gordon. Sorry ladies...9. I will accept most crossover. NO PONIES!!! I hate to sound like a complete a**hole but. I mean mlp was meant for little girls 5 to 8 years of age, not grown adults. Plus there is no place for ponies on my profile. Any pony request will be denied and any accounts changed to ponies will be deleted.More will be posted later if necessary

Daydream {MCRP}

10/29/2011 04: PM 

Edward van Cross

Name: Edward van Cross Alias(s): None Sex: MaleRace/Species: Vampire Age: 256(looks around 25) Birthday: September 21st Sign: Virgo Family: James van Cross(father, asleep), Elizabeth van Cross(mother, asleep), Evangeline(godmother)Birthplace: Vienna, AustriaOccupation: Lord Height: 5'11" Weight: 177lbs Eye Color: Red Hair: Black Weapons/Equipment: Rapier Attributes: Immortality, super-human strength, endurance, speed, and agility, ability to transform into giant bat, expert swordsman, expert horseback rider Bio: Descended from a long line of royalty within vampire society, Edward was only one hundred years old when he inherited his family's castle. Though born of noble blood, his family had fallen from grace when his father began opening his large home to the less fortunate. His father, James van Cross, had begun adopting various creatures and allowing them to live within his castle. Slaves, orphans, and homeless creatures all found refuge in van Cross Castle. When both his parents decided it was time for their centuries long sleep, Edward took up his father's station as lord. Deciding to continue his father's charitable work, Edward frequently visited the slaver's market, and used his family's infinite wealth to buy the freedom of elves, golems, fairies, hobbits, werewolves and many others. Still, even though Edward inherited his father's home, fortune, and title, he also inherited the hatred of the vampire nobility. Edward had refused the marriage proposals of every lord's daughter and has unintentionally made himself, and his greatly extended family of mystical creatures, a target. Theme Song~ La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid' No.6 Op.30 by Luigi Boccherini

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