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05/28/2012 02:13 AM 


Rulebook. DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Alicia Keys in any way, shape or form. I have simply chosen to use her photographs for the character she portrayed in the film, Smokin' Aces.I have edited aspects of the characters life for RP purposes i.e. giving her a background story as the film didn't do so and added onto her life after being an assassin.Rule #1: This is a mature multi-para/novella RP page. Therefore there may be things that others could possibly find offensive and 18+(language, sex, alcohol/drug use) depending on the storyline and this is why I have chosen not to display comments. Hack at your own risk. Rule #2: Multi-Para/Novella comments are the only ones that will be accepted. Absolutely no one liners as they will be ignored and the person who sent it will be deleted. Rule #3: No chat speak (g2g, ttyl, n2m, etc) within comments please. If you speak to me like that in OOC messages or comments, that is fine but I don't want to see it in replies/starters that have been written to me.Rule #4: I know that we all mistakes but it would make things easier if the spelling within comments was correct. It is easier for both you and I if I am able to understand what has been written. Rule #5: No auto/godmodding please. My character has a mind of her own and she will be able to do things without you trying to help her along. Rule #6: Comments will not always be replied to in a prompt manner as some things just have a way of popping up and causing distractions, and there is life outside of the RP realm. Rule #7: RP is a place for creativity and it took time and patience to do things such as graphics, pictures, etc. So, it would be appreciated if nothing was taken from my page without permission. Rule #8: This character is open to connections (love interest, friends, enemies, etc) and if a connection interests you, it should be discussed within messages and details will be worked out. Side note: If it is a love interest connection being sought, Georgia will still have to get to know the man first as she is very guarded. She doesn't want anyone to know much about her since it could risk her job and life. So, she's not just going to fall in love with him in one night. It will have to be worked on and if the man isn't willing to put forth some extra effort, don't bother messaging about a love interest connection, unless the love was in the past or something.Rule #9: I would like for this page to remain drama free unless it is drama within a given storyline and not out of character. Rule #10: If you are interested in developing a storyline, please read and sign these rules.

Brandon DeVera

05/27/2012 03:12 PM 


THIS SHIT IS OUTDATED MY NIGGA.I'll update this from time to time.Basics:- My name is Jeric.- I'm Filipino.- 17.- Senior x Class of 2013 what's good!- I swing both ways.- I like to have fun and shit.- I love Starbucks.- Bay Area, CA.- Dancer x Choreographer.- Determined.- Ratchet.- RP game since 2008, fucks widdit.- My RP name has been and always will be Brandon Sanchez.- I don't take RP seriously.- I take random breaks because of real life.- I type the way I talk in rl.- Get to know me!Pictures x Videos:#1.) When I used to dress formal and shit. (2011)#2.) When I used to wear glasses and shit. Oh and my boys. $4V4G3 (2011)#3.) Random (2012)#4.) Decade x Battlefest (April 21, 2012)#5.) Class of 2013 x Step-Up Rally 2012 (May 18, 2012)#6.) Senior Year and shit.

CV Members Page

05/27/2012 01:40 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 6 (Patience, Dligence)

Characters: Patience, DiligenceLocation: Cardiff StationTime of Day:Mid morningBLOG START:  Patience has taken up fighting alongside religious extremists, believing in their cause. She is aboard a train in England, waiting to get off to meet a contact. Diligence comes to find her and warn her of her ties- but he has ulterior motives. He is actually working with Scotland yard, to thwart her plans that he believes to be evil. The two have a long, rocky romantic history, which may or may not affect the circumstances.AU ROLE CHANGES:None- Patience is sitting in her seat, knowing that she is running late to meet her contact in the city. She stands up to wait by the door for her stop, getting slightly nervous about what she is planning-  Diligence comes up behind her and asks where she is going, and what is in her bag-  He has caught her leaving the sight of what he considers to be terrorist attacks before, and knows that that is probably what she is up to now-  She whips around and is shocked that he has been able to find her after she covered her tracks the last time they met-  Patience tells him to go away, that this does not concern him-  He says that her motives usually involve explosive devices, and therefore yes they do concern him-  She sidles up right against him, telling him again that he really doesn't need to be concerned. The doors open behind her, and she steps off, trying to dart through the crowd-  Playfully, he grabs her by her ponytail right as she starts to get away from him and pulls her back, taking her off to the side.-  She swats him off, telling him never to touch a woman's hair-  He says she isn't a woman, she's a minx, and that he needs to either know where she is going or go with her to her destination-  She asks since when did he become her father, and again tries to leave-  The doors to the station lock tight due to Diligence's power, and Patience cannot escape. Again, he demands to know what she is carrying-  She reluctantly opens her bag for him, revealing nothing more than a wallet and a few inconsequential papers-  He is forced to let her go, swearing that he will catch her next time.

CV Members Page

05/27/2012 01:39 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 5 (Lust, Desi, Katie, Chastity)

Characters: Lust, Desi, Katie, ChastityLocation: New Orleans conventTime of Day: Early morningBLOG START:  Desi has been a devout girl since childhood, and has been trying to be accepted as a nun for as long as she can remember. She has recently been having lewd thoughts about Katie, a girl from town. She knows that this is wrong and has come to ask for forgiveness from the resident priest, Father Richard Devine. Katie has been having similar thoughts and has come for a confession as well, of her own accord. Emma has come to corrupt these potentially damaging souls. AU ROLE CHANGES:Lust: Virtue of Chastity/PriestChastity: Demon of LustKatie: HumanDesi: Human-  Desi has been in the sanctuary praying, waiting for the priest to arrive so she can confess her sins. She is worried about the thoughts that she has been having, and what they might mean for her soul.-  Ricky shows up, and asks her worriedly how long she has been there-  Desi says that she needs to make an urgent confession, and expresses her fear-  The two enter the confession box near the altar, and speak quietly with each other-  Katie arrives and sits in one of the pews in the back. She is not aware that Desi is in the confession box, and is not a regular churchgoer.-  Desi exits the confession box, sees Katie, and walks right back in, shutting the door-  Father Devine asks her why she has made such a quick re-entry, and reminds her of her penance-  Desi takes a moment to collect herself before leaving the confession box again, and rushes from the sanctuary-  Katie notices Desi leaving and blushes, going in to Father Devine shortly afterward, confessing the same sins that Desi has just admitted to-  Father Devine knows that the two have been seen together outside the church but says nothing. Instead, he assigns her the same penance that he did Desi-  Meanwhile, Emma has shown up just outside the doors. She knows that Desi is too far gone to be easily corrupted, but Katie will be easy prey.- When Katie comes out, Emma catches her, and puts ideas into her head about the church, and how it has been proven wrong time and time again over the years- Katie agrees, and says that it shouldn't be up to them to decide who she can love. She runs off to find Desi. - Emma walks back into the church, intent on playing with her Virtue. She makes a comment on him forcing his will on other people- Father Devine says that she is one to talk, and that he only makes sure that the good get what they deserve. He comments on her standing on sacred ground, and asks her to leave.-  She does so begrudgingly, knowing that her work is already done.

CV Members Page

05/27/2012 01:39 PM 

Interim AU Blogs - Chapter 4 (Greed, Envy, Rebecca)

Characters: Greed, Envy, RebeccaLocation: Bourbon street, back alleyTime of Day: Early morningBLOG START:  Greed's empire has fallen. He has lost everything to his siblings and his rivals, and now he is left no better than a homeless man on the street. Envy, who gained a considerable amount in her brother's downfall, has come to say hello. Rebecca, on the other hand, has taken pity on the elder demon and has brought him offerings of peace.AU ROLE CHANGES:None-  Greed is gathering his cardboard box-du-jour and has just dumped the old one (now wet and gross) in the dumpster, when he sees Envy approaching. He is immediately defensive and asks her if she's come for the rest of his things-  She laughs at him and says that she isn't in the market for a ripped box, she has a home... his home.-  He growls at her and sarcastically asks where she put one of his prized statues, but secretly hopes she hasn't actually done anything to it-  Envy says she recalls seeing the statue as it was snapped in half when Katie and James knocked it over in one of their romps-  Greed is visibly affected, having lost most of his resolve when he lost his Hell. He is downtrodden and tries to divert the subject-  Rebecca shows up with a blanket and several other effects in her hands to give to Greed. She is startled to see Envy there, but believes that Greed needs her help more than she needs to be wary of Envy-  He gladly takes the things from her, spitting out a quick thank you while trying to look nonchalant-  Rebecca says a quick hello to Envy, and asks Greed if he needs anything else-  Envy ignores Rebecca and kicks the blanket that Greed has aside, wondering just what he actually still has to his name. She finds a crumpled up picture of Pride-  She asks him if he seriously kept that, out of all things, and picks it up-  Greed is quick to try to get it back, saying that Envy has no use for that, and that she wouldn't want it anyways-  Rebecca snatches it away from Envy and quickly hands it back to Greed, saying that he doesn't have much, he deserves that one thing if he wants it-  Greed, ironically, says that he's not a Charity case, but thanks her for the picture. -  Envy laughs at how far her brother has fallen, and disappears-  Rebecca is quick to vanish as well, leaving Greed alone.

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