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03/08/2012 11:01 PM 


*Gabrielle sat gazing up at the statue of her little girl, tears in her eyes. She spoke to her gently, knowing that she could hear her.* My sweet girl, I miss you so much! I know you're happy now, and I'm thankful for that. I wish I could see you again.

*Just as she spoke, a young woman approached her, inquiring about her identity. As soon as Gabrielle confirmed it, the young girl traded words with her, then slapped her hard. Gabrielle sat confused, until they finally figured out that the young girl was Gabrielle's daughter, and that she had been stolen from the artificial womb in which she had been placed. Gabrielle was overjoyed to have her daughter back, but her daughter was not as excited. Gabrielle had to find her best friend, to tell her that the girl they both loved was not lost, but found, and back where she belonged, at least for now.*

DEAN CHASE. ~TheMisfit~

03/08/2012 03:12 AM 

Love Letter To Salsa
Current mood:  adored

So I had wrote this a few months back and just came across it again. So for those that didn't get to see it when I first sent it out to people, enjoy.

Dear Salsa, I know maybe you know this already, like, you feel it too, but I just really need to tell you because I'm normally too scared to really admit this because I don't like committing to anything, Salsa, let alone a real, genuine devotion. I'm totally roller-coaster-stomach-dropping in love with you. And it's not just the way you look even though I love your soft red, the whites and greens throughout you, the speckled black when there are beans in you, the light yellows when I use yellow peppers-you are super beautiful, colorful, delicious.

You are the way food should look Salsa, you are what all food should aspire to be. I'm embarrassed. I didn't want to do this in a letter, I wanted it to be special. I wanted us to hang out all night with some movie I don't really want to watch but am watching just to see what other people are talking about. Just you and me and you listen to me when I talk about how dense the female character is and you totally agree with me Salsa because you are fucking liberated and you understand what it's like because you've been there, and you don't really see the point of that scene with her in the shower either.

Maybe it gets late and I stop eating you because I don't like how much sodium you have in you but I really, really want to tell you how I feel. But it's hard because tortilla chips are always there but to be totally up front and honest, Salsa, you are, like, so much more than just "chips and salsa." I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate you with tortilla chips and I understand that is how you are classically served but fuck, you are so delicious with so many more dishes. You are perfect on any kind of taco especially chicken tacos because even though I really like chicken it really needs something extra to take it to that next level, you know?

What am I saying, of course you know. You're SALSA. I'm retarded, I'm stupid for even writing this I'm totally off base in even putting you in a position where, like, you'd even consider... When I started making you I didn't give you much thought. I sliced the onions without heart, I added too much seasoning carelessly, I used way too much cilantro, I always under salted. You were nothing more than a simple topping for the pork-which was really what I wanted. I didn't see you in that way, I only wanted pork, & corn torillas, I WAS BLIND.

But now creating you is like making love. Maybe not so much making love as it is like making a vegetable medley in a tomato sauce of desired thickness. Look, I know this is out of nowhere and I know you have this really great thing going with Tortilla Chips, I mean, seriously, you guys are awesome together and no one would deny that. In reality, nobody would fucking dump you on my face and take a bite out of my cheek, right? I get it, I know where I stand. Yet I can't help this feeling. I can't help wanting nothing more than YOU, a really good song, a bottle of wine that costs more than 20 bucks and no work the next day. I get it though. You're Salsa. You're fucking Salsa. You're salsa and I'm just a human being. A really fucking hungry human being. I'll never stop loving you, even the jarred shit.

Love, Dean.

P. S. I hope this is not weird now.

P. S . S My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants.


03/08/2012 02:53 PM 

From the Journal of Jack Smythe

I promised myself I wouldn't let it get personal...

I had every intention of just doing my thing, watching this guy and keeping him out of trouble and away from the things that could cause a whole lot of people more grief than the bloke was likely worth.  I was around day and night, watching who he spoke to, where he was, what he was doing, hoping that he didn't find anything that might make me have to cancel him out.

I tried basics.  I worked the same job and shifts with him, we hit the bars and gym together, and had the occasional cookout on our days off.  I kept him distracted, and made sure he functioned as if everything in his life was normal.  I suppose that was my mistake, though, because after spending all this time with him, we've become like best mates and all, being as I've come to like being around him.

I didn't want a friend, or to even like this guy, but here I am, after knowing him for years.  I got to see the person he is inside, and at the risk of sounding all touchy-feely, I started wondering if I could actually bring myself to take him out, if it came to the clinch.  He's a good person, and despite my best intention and effort, he's now become my only real friend...

How did I let it get this fucked up?

Damn you, Ben Kreager...


03/08/2012 02:52 PM 

A basic starter

Jack Smythe was having a rough time of things...

Sure, everyone had issues, once in a while, but after getting tossed out of the bar, misplacing his cell phone, forgetting where he parked, and losing the guy he'd been tailing for the last four hours, he'd just about had it.  Spitting a gobbet of phlegm out into the overcrowded lot, he trudged along between the cars, trucks, and SUV's, looking for his Dodge Challenger, and hoping for favorable results quickly, just so he could head home and get a few hours of shuteye before the alarm ripped him out of bed at 5am...

"Fuck."  He muttered aloud.  It seemed crude, but it just seemed to fit the situation.  Fumbling around in his pockets for a few minutes, he drew out a rumpled pack of Parliaments, lighting one with his cheap disposable lighter before shuffling on to check the next row.  It would have been simple enough to just hit the panic button on the car's remote, but it seemed he'd done enough drawing of attention for one night.

The bar was overly crowded, with barely enough room to stand, and Jack had spent the better part of his night making sure a good friend from work didn't get drunk enough to do anything particularly stupid, when this witless lump of a guy knocked a girl that was about a third of his size to the floor.  The man stood a full eight inches taller than Jack, and outweighed him by about eighty pounds or so, but the steel worker had no tolerance for a girl being mistreated.  With a snarl of utter outrage, Jack let the big fella have it with a straight shot to the groin, followed immediately by a horrible abuse of alcohol as he smashed his half-empty bottle into the guy's temple.

It wasn't until after the monolithic man crumpled to the floor that the bouncers arrived to escort Jake to the door.  He didn't put up any resistance, but was less than thrilled when the head thug informed him that he was banned from the establishment until further notice.  It didn't really matter, as the place was a bit too crowded, loud and catering to a younger patronage, but the principle of the situation stuck in his craw.  

After trolling along through four rows of cars, his eyes finally settled on the chrome-and-black work of art that was his beloved Challenger.  Unlocking the doors at twenty paces, he closed the gap quickly, smoke billowing from his nostrils as he pulled the door open on well-greased hinges, settling into the comparable comfort of the leather seat.  As if on blind instinct, his hand snaked around the wheel,  slipping the key into the ignition and turning it, the roar of the eight-cylinder engine making him smile in spite of his circumstance.  Rolling down the windows, he allowed the sound to wash over him as he settled back in the seat, his face relaxing with contentment...

Yeah.  Life wasn't all that bad, after all...

Fleet Admiral Janeway *original*

03/07/2012 04:18 PM 

The Forge

Dr. Ben Thrace

The shuttle was comfortable as Benjamin Thrace and Kathryn Janeway moved about the interior. Ben hummed slightly to himself as he adjusted their course and updated their ETA. Kathryn shuffled around in the rear of the cabin, checking their travel items. The two were on holiday, finally taking a break away from the hustle and bustle of their busy professional lives to spend time together. It was more than just a simple vacation for them: it was their anniversary. Three years together, a long time by any career officer's standards. Somehow they had weathered the long distance, being at odds with one another, and all around lack of inclusion in certain circles (she DID out-rank him after all) to hold onto a lasting relationship. The scheduling had been difficult, but both senior officers had finally gained the clearance to get away and spend nearly two weeks together. Two weeks on Vulcan. How Ben had convinced her even he wasn't sure. Ben loved deserts and was particularly partial to Vulcan's, a latent image from his days on the planet years ago romanticized to mystical proportions. Though he had spent nearly three years on the planet almost fourteen years ago, he had never ventured into the deep desert the way he and Janeway now planned to. To take the ancient path through the Forge and to Mt. Seleya was a path traditionally sought only by Vulcans attempting the Kolhinar. It wasn't expressly forbade to outsiders, but it was something none actively sought. Most took the terrestrial transport to the mountain, and in recent years a transporter platform had even been installed to allow dignitaries immediate access. But for Ben and Kathryn, they would be doing things the hard way, the way Vulcans had done for nearly two millenia before.

"ETA in four minutes." Ben called out. The planet loomed before them, a massive orange ball dwarfed by it's twin suns in the background. Various ships and satellites could already be seen in orbit, and Ben couldn't wait to leave all that behind and strike out with just the ceremonial pack. Ben had read nearly every story he could get his hands on about Vulcan's deep desert. Though majorly anecdotal, all the stories had one thing in common: the intensely personal and intimate and awe-inspiring reverence the desert instilled in those that traversed it. While vague on their experiences, all those that chose to talk about it spoke of a deep revelation about themselves that only the heat and drought and space of the desert could show. Without ever really realizing it it had been what Ben craved, something that cleared the murkiness from his being and allowed him to move on with his life. He didn't believe that he was holding back anything, but lately his darker thoughts roused him late at night and kept him wondering. He hoped the Forge would prove to be a crucible for him as it had been for so many others, and burn away the darkness and let him be.

Swiveling in his chair, he turned to Kathryn and watched her as she tucked the last of their rations into their respective packs. They would be traveling light in order to honor the path, but he had promised to at least bring an emergency kit just in case something went wrong. He watched her pack it carefully, smiling at her all the while. Kathryn was a scientist at heart, just like he was, but he knew she wasn't truly comfortable unless there was a tricorder nearby. At least that kit would carry everything conveniently.

"We are all set. I have distributed or equipment and rations as equally as I could, and our desert fatigues are ready," Kathryn said as she rose from her hunched position and placed her hands on her hips. "Time to suit up."  Ben smiled at her again. She looked great, better and better each day. There had been a time for the both of them that neither thought she would ever be healthy again. She had been sick for so long, so close to death, and though their time together had it's moments of fun, there had always been the unspoken promise of better days....once she recovered. Unspoken because at the time neither could be sure she would ever recover. Now it seemed they were both intent of fulfilling that promise, and this trip would be the beginning.  

Ben stood and crossed the small space to be nearer to her, and without ceremony began stripping off his uniform. 

"Not bashful at all are you," She asked him as she moved to give him space. Now wearing just his green undergarments, it was his turn to place his hands on his hips. 

"I see no reason to be. It's not like I am totally naked and it's not like you haven't seen it before," he continued to smile at her, hoping his voice would maintain its even delivery. He knew he probably looked ridiculous, but he didn't care. They were on vacation and it was supposed to be fun. Besides, he was absolutely excited. 

Kathryn sighed. "You would think you have never been on shore leave before," she told him softly, but he could see the grin creeping into the corners of her mouth. She was excited too. It had been a long time since she had had a break, and longer still that they had had a break together and could actually enjoy it. This was truly something...for the both of them.

"The shuttle is programmed to land just outside of Shi'kahr, where the journey begins. They have the paths out of the city gates marked for foot travel or for conventional transit. The foot paths out of the city are all the same, but after about a mile they stop. It will be up to us to choose our own path through the Forge and to the mountain after that," Ben explained as he put on his desert fatigues. He turned his back to her to allow her the privacy to change, and headed back to the pilot's chair to bring them in for a landing. As they entered the atmosphere, Ben readied himself for what was to come. This was a long time coming, and he knew that he and Kathryn deserved this time together, to learn about one another and to re-connect. He hoped the desert could restore all they had lost and then some....

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