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Cr rkℓghtr Lightning GoD

10/16/2012 07:28 PM 

Chandrila: A Difficult Lesson

Cara DarklighterAge: 9 Standard Galatic YearsHeight: 1.0668 Meters::18:00 hours, local time::"Amber! We're so close, I know they were here!" Cara exclaimed excitedly, nearly jumping up and down with excitement as she and her Master/guardian left the hotel. The receptionist had informed them not a minute ago that Caiden and Caleb had left the hotel earlier that morning. Cara had been so absorbed with the joy that she had failed to hear the receptionist inform Amber that they had been kicked out of the hotel and informed that they would never be permitted within the premis again.While it lightened Amber's heart to see Cara singing and dancing for joy, it did little to absolve the steadily darkening presences in the Force. There was little doubt in Amber's mind that Cara's older brothers were just as Force Sensitive as Cara. While Amber preferred to tell Cara everything, she knew that this was something Cara would need to see first hand; Amber's word would simply not be enough to convince the girl otherwise.Amber followed Cara as she danced to and fro, smiling slightly. That smile however, dimmed as she felt the darkness nearing them, far more than what they had experienced thus far. It was very feeling that Amber had dreaded: it was the confirmation that the twins were not only on the planet, but within visual range. While she could look obviously for them, she dared not. Cara would take notice and start running off on her own to try and find her idolized brothers, and Amber did not fancy running off after the child. Best prevent the chase before it can begin."Cara," Amber called out softly, getting the short blonde haired girl's attention."Hmm?" Cara sounded back as her caretaker called her name. She stopped her spin, facing Amber with her head tilted slightly to the right. Cara blinked grey-green eyes at Amber, her eyes bright with the innocence granted to all children. Cara watched as Amber knelt and opened her arms wide, smiling. In Cara's eyes, there was no deceit from Amber, only warmth, love, and everything good in the world."It's really starting to get late Cara. What do you say we get some dinner and then go back to the ship for the night, huh? I'm sure your brothers will still be here tomorrow."Food! Cara thought excitedly. Food was definitely a good thing, and Cara ran full tilt towards Amber's waiting arms. She threw her hands wide and jumped into Amber's arms, wrapping her small arms about Amber's neck. Cara giggled and nodded her head, chittering excitedly, "Food! Can we get nerf dogs? Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top?"Amber wrapped her arms around Cara and held her as she rose, fitting the child so she rested on her hip. Smiling genuinely, Amber replied to the joyous bundle of light in her arms, "Yes Cara, we can get you a nerf dog.""I want two!"Amber chuckled and began moving away from the dark presences, nodding her reply to Cara. "We'll see Cara. If you're still hungry after your first, then we'll look into getting you a second." Cara squealed in delight and bobbed up and down in Amber's arms."Thank you Miss Amber! Thank you so much!"Amber could only smile at the delightful child and say, "You are more than welcome." As they walked towards the nearest nerf dog stall, Cara calmed, now simply smiling and chattering away about random adventures she had had with her brothers before their parent's deaths. Cara paused only long enough to tell the vendor she wanted ketcup and mustard on her dogs, before plunging back into her story telling. Amber paid the man, taking Cara's two nerf dogs and heading back to their ship.As the ship came into sight, Cara started bouncing up and down in Amber's arms, exclaiming, "Look Miss Amber! It's the ship!" Amber nodded and set the bundle of energy down.Cara needed no instrucions nor prompting for as soon as her feet hit the ground, she was running for the ship. Going as fast as her short legs would carry her, Cara made two laps around the ship before Amber arrived to unlock the ship, at which point, Cara bolted up the ramp and into the ship.After about an hour had passed, Cara had begun to wind down for the night. After a quick bath and a bed time story, Amber tucked the sleeping Cara in for the evening before turning in herself. The stories and the impressions she had recieved in the Force worried Amber. Something had happened to Caiden and Caleb after they left the orphanage. The question was: had someone found them and helped them to discover their abilities?There was no way to know until Amber came face to face with the twins...something she hoped was a ways off but deep down knew that it would happen much sooner than she would be ready for. With these not so comforting thoughts, Amber fell asleep...::Cara's Dream::Cara was singing and dancing in the meadows when she heard their voices."Where are you Cara?" Caleb called out and was echoed by Caiden who was calling, "It's us Cara! Come on out!""Caleb! I'm here! Over here Caiden!" She started jumping as high as she could, waving her arms above her head. She was so short and the grass was so tall, it was easy to lose sight of Cara. "Here! I'm here!" she kept calling. If they couldn't see her then they could follow her voice until they could see her."Come out to us Cara!"::Just After Midnight::Cara blinked her eyes open with the echoing voices of her brothers. Why did it feel like they were so near?Cara! she heard inside her head. Sitting up, she looked around, puzzledly. That sounded just like Caiden...Outside...we're outside Cara...She threw the blanket off of herself and slipped from her bed. "I'm coming," she said in a sing-song voice even as she slipped on her shoes and a coat. She walked quietly through the ship, her feet making no sound for she was as light as a feather. Overline: Start in the city, work way out to the forest/fields, find the boys without Amber, nearly killed by Caiden and Caleb, Amber rescues Cara, and on they go.

Cr rkℓghtr Lightning GoD

10/16/2012 07:26 PM 

The Story {Forever In Progress}

Early LifeBefore the JediBorn on the distant world of Lianna, a world formerly controlled by the Empire and permitted to remain neutral, it is a wonder how a Force Sensitive such as Cara Darklighter remained undetected by the Dark Force users that frequented the planet. While the Imperial Empire was no longer in control of the galaxy, there was without a doubt a well known presence of Sith running about. The third and last child, Cara was raised in a loving home, relatively free of conflict. Her parents, Ciara and Caesar, had always known since the day she was born, Cara was destined for something great. Even as an infant, her eyes seemed to shine brighter than her older twin brothers, Caiden and Caleb.Growing up, Cara was given only the best and finest money could buy. She began her education at the early age of two. Even at that tender age, Cara showed signs of incredible intelligence, catching on quickly and taking everything to heart. It was in that respect, that she emulated her older brothers.Pure of heart, honest, kind and caring, Cara often found herself the victim of her peers' teasing. If it weren't for her older brothers, she'd have allowed her 'peers' to drag her down and taint her heart. A Less Than Perfect LifeThere came a day, shortly after her fifth birthday, when she instinctively knew that something was wrong and out of place. She was at school when she felt it...her parent's deaths, however she didn't know. Crying suddenly, she was taken out of class and not long after, the school received a call saying that her parents had been found dead.With no known aunts or uncles to take care of them, Caiden and Caleb, who were roughly ten years older, found themselves taking care of Cara. They had managed a year and a half within the orphanage, Cara having had numerous offers to adopt but her unwillingness to leave her brothers kept her there. It wasn't until she drew near to her seventh birthday, when Caiden and Caleb were deemed old enough to leave the orphanage.Caiden and Caleb did their best to try and take Cara with them but the estate that had been their parents had long since vanished. Sad and lonely, Cara fell deep into depression. Her brothers moved on, promising to come back for her when she was old enough, or when they could afford to take care of her. DiscoveryNearly another year passed, a year of disappointment for Cara no longer received offers to be adopted. It was when all hope had faded in young Cara's mind that a Jedi Master named Amber found her. Initially, Cara refused to speak, instead choosing to look out the window. For well over a month, Amber sought to reach Cara, a child who she knew held great potential.Finally, there came a day when Cara began to talk. Her voice had been small, and distant with remembering. There was fear as well, fear of the unknown. As she began to cry, Amber took Cara into her arms, hugging the petite girl gently. They left that day, Amber having officially adopted Cara. "Death comes to call, you cannot hold water in your hands for long, it leaks away, goes where it's meant to go. To the soil, to the sky. To ions then space, where stars are born." - Amber to Cara A Difficult LessonIt took time before Amber got Cara to open up fully. After learning about her older brothers, Amber took Cara and together they sought the twins. For nearly three months, young Cara and Jedi Master Amber traveled the galaxy, searching every planet that their leads had led them to. It wasn't until Naboo that there began to be the stirrings of real hope. Instead of hearing from people who had heard from other people, they heard first person accounts of the twins. While some of the tales they heard troubled Amber, they seemed not to phase Cara one bit. Skipping from system to system, Cara and Amber seemed to rapidly be gaining on Caiden and Caleb, something that thrilled Cara but unnerved Amber. There was an exponential growth in death and danger, something Cara had picked up on but refused to associate with her brothers whom she held in great respect. Instead she saw it as someone harassing her brothers, forcing them onward. It wasn't until Chandrila when Cara finally came face to face with Caiden and Caleb.Initially, they appeared unchanged, but that facade would quickly disappear and Cara would find herself in a difficult position. She could either submit to her brothers and remain unscathed, or she could resist and risk injury or death. Before the impressionable young girl could make a decision but after the damage had already been done, Amber arrived. A duel between the Jedi Master and the twins was inevitable and upon it's conclusion, Amber left the twins for dead to console the heartbroken Cara. "Your own death you do not fear, but the death of others is hard for you. It has never been easy for you to let others close; feelings can mean pain. Instead, you take refuge in your intellect. That has always gotten you in trouble." - Amber to Cara after the presumed deaths of her brothers.{Note: see blog for specific details.} Life of the Jedi Initial TrainingThe departure from Chandrila was difficult for Cara. Despite the difficult position her brothers had placed her in, she still did not want to leave them. It was then that Amber realized Cara had been raised in a household where she got what she wanted. Her time spent in the orhanage didn't seem to supress this demand, rather it increased it. And ever since Amber had whisked the child away, she had merely been feeding the gundark.Forcibly, however in a still gentle manner, Amber and Cara departed Chandrila and went to Roon where Amber could begin instructing Cara. However, Amber soon found herself going head to head with the very much stubborn young girl. It was with the assistance of other Jedi Masters that Cara was broken. "To walk the path of the Jedi, one's spirit must be strong. That requires discipline." - Master Serenity to Cara.It was weeks before Amber could begin her instruction for with the breaking of Cara, came the reclusiveness Amber had first seen in the young girl on her homeworld of Lianna. It readily became apparent that Cara was very much fragile, despite how tenacious and stubborn she was. It was only when Cara found peace within herself that she truly began to learn and flourish with the Jedi.In her studies, Cara wasn't at the top of her class, as one might have expected from such a brilliant child. Instead, she lingered somewhere in the middle, an 'average' student. Upon the conclusion of her first lightsaber dueling class, it became quite apparent that Cara was still quite scarred by the events of Chandrila several years later. Not only had the flash back paralyzed her, but being such a tiny person, weighing as light as a feather, she found she could do nothing more than attempt to retreat. "A Jedi's greatest power comes not from size or from physical strength. It comes from understanding the Force. As part of your training you will learn to build your confidence and belief through practice." - Amber to Cara after her first lightsaber duel. She was quiet as a mouse in all her classes, never speaking unless called upon and even then, few could hear her. If she weren't so pure of heart, she might have been a disaster for the Jedi. Regardless of her academic progress, it was apparent to the few who paid Cara any attention that she had a great love for any and all life. When she was not in class, Cara could often be found in the Temple Gardens, either singing or humming softly to herself as she danced by herself.However carefree she was on her own time, however she behaved in class, few could refrain from reffering to her as 'Crazy Cara.' Not only did she frequently day dream and keep to herself, but she was known to have fainting spells, to talking to herself, and to be quite forgetful. While she was aware of what her peers called her, she did not let it get to her and bring her down for she was a bubble of light, joy, and happiness. Building A LightsaberYears passed and while Cara appeared to be the same as the day she first set foot on Roon, she had come a long way. Though her studies showed that she disliked, even feared lightsaber dueling, it was the iconic symbol of all Jedi to build their own lightsabers. Still under Jedi Master Amber's guidance, Cara managed to retrieve all the parts necessary and assembled her own lightsaber. "The crystal is the heart of the blade. The heart is the crystal of the Jedi. The Jedi is the crystal of the Force. The Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined: the crystal, the blade, the Jedi. You are one." - Amber to Cara just before Cara builds her first lightsaber.Upon it's completion, Cara was filled with a sense of awe and held a new respect for those who continually worked at and mastered the art of lightsaber combat. In particular, she admired, respected, and even fancied one of her peers, Ramius Gryph. From a distance, she would watch and observe, entranced by the beauty and grace with which he moved. For the first time, Cara began to push herself harder, to do better and to reach for the stars. Test of FaithIt was in secret that Cara pushed herself to do more and to be better. To her instructors, and her peers, she was still 'Crazy Cara' who wasted away the day, day dreaming, singing, dancing, and talking to herself. To her Master, Cara was as she had always been: brilliant and a wonderful student. "Learn to recognize when speed is not important. Race when being first is important; move at your own pace at all other times. It is not necessary to always strike the first blow, to provide the first solution, or to reach a goal before anyone else does. In fact, it is sometimes vital to strike the last blow, to give the final answer, or to arrive after everyone else." - Amber to Cara regarding her sudden change in behavior.Cara was now nearing her sixteenth birthday and had not left the Temple on Roon in nearly seven years - since her arrival. However, the time had come for Cara to accompany Amber on a mission: locate and apprehend the culprits responsible for an uprising. Dispatched to Chandrila, the Master and Apprentice would soon find themselves face to face with a blast from Cara's past: Caiden and Caleb Darklighter. ReunionIn the years Cara had spent on Roon, the twin brothers had been up to no good. From robbery to murder, from kidnapping to assult, the twins had gained quite a rap sheet. Furthering their chaotic madness, was a Sith named Kody. Frighteningly enough, he physically resembled the twins and very well could have been part of the family.Almost immediately upon arrival, both Master and Apprentice were filled with a growing sense of darkness. Amber readily and easily maintained her sense of balance - despite the vague familiarity of the situation - where as Cara struggled to maintain her composure with the overwhelming sense of terror and hatred. Amber and Cara met with the central government on Chandrila where they were brought up to speed on the situation with the finer aspects of what had transpired over the past few months. Before the briefing could be concluded, however, an explosion errupted through the chamber, nearly killing the Jedi and those with them. All present landed in the hospital, rather than the morgue due to the quick thinking of Amber and Cara.None were so greviously wounded as Cara. As Cara recovered from her injuries, Amber began to investigate the explosion. As her investigation progressed, Amber realized what she should have all along: Cara's older brothers were alive and well. So alive and well were they, that they were the ones responsible for nearly having taken their younger sister's life. Amber left Cara in search of Caiden and Caleb, seeking to correct her mistake from years prior. It was not vengance that drove the Jedi Master, not even fear...but love and a sense of duty to the Jedi Order...and Cara.Over the years, short as they may be, Amber had come to see and treat Cara as if she were the daughter she had never had. As any true parent, Amber would do whatever it took to ensure that her 'daughter' survived to live a happy and fulfilled life - even at the cost of her own.Amber quickly located the twins and a confrontation and engagement soon ensued. Initially, Amber moved with the surety and confidence the Force always granted her, but when a third appeared, with an unconscious Cara in his (Kody's) arms, that surety and confidence rapidly deteriorated. No longer was just Amber's life at risk, but so was Cara's life and future... "It is all that is left unsaid upon which tragedies are built." - Caleb to Cara.Together, the twins were able to disarm Amber of her weapon and soon held her at their mercy. It was not long before they enlightened Amber on what had transpired since she left them for dead and what they now planned to do. The twins were consumed by the dark side, filled with hatred of not just Amber and the Jedi, but Cara as well. They were no longer motivated by love and the desire to take care of their sister. They now wished to destroy her life, to make her suffer and share the pain they had before taking her life.As Cara began to stir and regain consciousness, Amber acted in desparation, refusing to submit to Kody, Caiden, and Caleb. For Amber's words and actions, Cara was punished. With the young girl having regained consciousness, they were allowed a few moments to themselves as the local authorities had showed up and provided a distraction. It was here that Master and Apprentice shared their last few words, where Amber encouraged Cara to go on, to be strong and to be the radiant beacon of light and hope...and where Cara pleaded with her master to not leave her, to not die.The twins and Kody returned, cutting their conversation short. Amber retrieved her lightsaber from Caleb and the duel ensued: Amber versus Kody, Caiden, and Caleb. It was in her last moments, defending and protecting Cara, that Amber began to become one with the Force. Her body took blow after blow and yet she still fought on. First Caiden fell, then Kody and lastly, Caleb. They were on the brink of death when Amber collapsed. The last moments of Amber's life were wasted away in Cara's heartbreak and confusion of who she was o go to: her master or her brothers. Crawling to her master, Cara was too late to hear her Master's last words. The Path of the LightNight soon fell and Cara had not yet moved from her master's body or that of her brother's and their master. Grief stricken, she was willing herself to die for how could she live with her brother's and her master dead? As she drifted somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness, Cara was discovered by another Jedi Master who had been sent to investigate after the death of Amber. It was General Hoth who rescued and willed Cara to live a little longer for her fate was not to die on Chandrila, but to live on in service of the Light side of the Force. "To walk the path of the Jedi, one's spirit must be strong. That requires discipline." - General Hoth to Cara during her recovery.Cara spent the following week in the medbay back at Roon. While her physical wounds seemed to heal, it was undeniable that the mental wounds, both recent and past, were far from being healed. Cara was suffering fainting spells and memory loss at far greater intervals. Instead of several times a month, she was up to several times a day. Into darkness she fell, despite the brilliant light she radiated and felt.Two years later, Cara had only marginally improved. She was still without a Master and her grades had dropped even lower. Despite her encounter with Ramius Gryph, and their confession of love to one another, Cara knew deep within her heart that she would one day soon be whisked away from Roon and the Jedi Order. DepartureThat day came, though it was not as she thought it would be. General Hoth invited Cara to his chambers in the Temple where he divulged his plan to leave the galaxy to seek out and enlist the aid of other combat the Sith and to restore peace and justice to the galaxy once more. Cara was hesitant, for it was widely known that she was 'Crazy Cara' and was barely scraping by in her classes. Many questions arose to his proposal, questions like 'why me?' and 'what about Ramius?' She lacked the strength of will and the courage to strike out with General Hoth. When the day came, for Hoth and his chosen to depart, it was a sorrowful day indeed for the young Jedi.Despite the General telling her to choose for herself, Cara was paralyzed by fear as she so often was, and did not part with the Jedi who followed the General into the wormhole, hoping to find and finish the reign of the Sith Lord known for his reign of Destruction. Engulfed by sorrow and despair, the young Jedi remained in Roon, unintentionally nearly drowning and killing herself. When she awoke, however, she found herself aboard General Hoth's flagship, already in the wormhole.


10/16/2012 11:31 PM 

The Hopeless Quest for Answers {Closed}

Leia sat in the cockpit of her personal heavily armored ship, a determined expression upon her face even as she gazed stonily out the viewport at the streaks of stars as the Alderaan III whipped by. She exhaled sharply as she leaned back in her seat, back straight as could be.There was much to see, much to ponder, and much to figure out. Things were not how she remembered. In fact, she couldn't even figure out which universe she was in anymore. She had been jumping from one universe to the next, trying to find the one with her arch nemisis and most beloved brother, Anakin Vader. Yet everywhere she went, there was no trace of him. Not even so much as a whisper. In fact, it seemed almost as if the Phoenix Dark Side had simply vanished. In fact, Leia found herself utterly alone, unable to find any of her contacts.The sound of a baby crying got her attention, and within seconds, a second cry joined the first. Okay, so maybe she wasn't completely alone, Leia thought to herself as she rose and retreated to her cabin. When she had awoken several weeks ago, she found herself with two children. Twins it looked like. They both bore some semblence to Leia, yet she had no recollection of being pregnant or even giving birth lond had it been since the quadruplets? A century?As she endered her sparsely decorated cabin, her features softened as she went first to the boy, picking him up and cradling him in her left arm, before turning to the girl and cradleing her in her right. The girl had deep emerald eyes which were very distantly familiar but she couldn't think of who or when she had seen such vivid eyes. And the boy...his eyes were just like her own.The twins cooed at her, recognizing her even if Leia herself didn't. Leia bounced them gently in her arms, talking softly to them."I still don't know what I'm supposed to call you two. Any ideas?" she asked, arching her eyebrow and looking almost expectantly at them for an answer. Of course there was no answer, at least not one Leia could understand, as they just babbled at her in baby talk.She sighed softly and strolled out of the cabin, headed for the galley where she had some food for the twins. She took a seat at the small table with the children still in arm. Once settled, she turned her attention to the fridge which she used the Force to open the door and then levitated two bottles of milk to a pot of water on the stove, setting them in gently before flipping the heat on with the Force.She returned her attention to the twins, wrinkling her nose at her son before rubbing her nose with her daughters. For several minutes, she simply sat there with them, smiling and seemingly happy. Shielded from the twins, were Leia's deeper inner thoughts and emotions.Who was the father? Was he alive or had he died? Was he a good person? Was he a normal person like Han was? Or was he a Sith or a Jedi? What had happened to everyone...and everything? How much time was missing? Why couldn't she remember anything?No, it wasn't that she couldn't remember anything, it was that there were things she couldn't place her finger on. Things that were like words on the tip of her tongue yet when she tried to speak them, they disappeared. And while it troubled her to know that at least nine months of her life was missing, she was strangely content. Perhaps it was the effect of the two children.Leia had never thought she would ever have children again, and yet somehow, someone had given her these two precious children. But they also presented more concerns. Like, what should she tell them when they asked about their father? What if she never learned who their father was? They were obviously gifted with the Force, for they fairly shined with an inner light. Should she raise them to be Jedi? Sith? Or more neutral, more well rounded? And there was still the matter of naming them.She shook her head softly and reached for the bottles of milk with the Force, turning off the stove as they bobbed towards her. Grabbing the bottles with her hands, she tested how warm the milk felt inside. Satisfied it was warm and neither cold nor hot, she up ended the bottles and began feeding the twins. They drank the milk eagerly and when they both had finished, Leia turned her attention to burping them as she made her way back to her cabin with them.After they both had been burped, she laid them down and took her time changing their diapers. When they were both fresh and clean, Leia wrapped them in blankets and carried them back out of the cabin once more, asking them softly, "Who wants to go see hyperspace, huh? We're almost to Alderaan..." Hopefully, she finished mentally. The last few Alderaan's she had come across had been destroyed...nothing to call home.She really hoped she could find someone who knew her and might help her...if not...well shit. Leia kissed her daughter and son's foreheads, more to comfort and reassure herself than either of them.By the Force, please let someone guide me.

Shadow Lurker.

10/16/2012 06:52 PM 


Roleplaying - -;Semi-para, para and multi-para are the lengths I will accept. One-lining is only acceptable if it's just goofing around in comments. As far as novella goes, I do not care to write it, nor read it--so try to refrain from sending me more than 10 paragraphs--and I'm talking lengthy paragraphs.Starting a Roleplay - -;A discussion of a roleplay is preferred, however, if you are of a zombie verse then a random starter would be acceptable. I barely initiate roleplays, though even when I am the first to add someone. I just have a difficult time writing them, so if you're willing to start then it would be much appreciated and if it's any consolation you may send me a pre-made starter or recycled one you've sent to someone else.Patience - -;Patience is a virtue. I do not like being rushed and I will not rush you, so please do not do it. You are more than welcomed to refresh my memory if you don't hear from me for awhile but do not constantly nag me--a reply will come eventually. Please note that I do have a few accounts on this site AS WELL as running a few roleplay blogs over on tumblr. I am more than lenient on replies, and I don't care how long it takes you. Please have the same respect towards me. Real Life - -;This is roleplay, you are not to cross the boundaries into real life. You don't need to know my name, my facebook, personal tumblr or any of that, so please do not ask. If we have found ourselves becoming well-acquainted over time then perhaps I will tell you.Roleplay Dating - -;I am pansexual both in real life as well as making Zane pansexual in roleplay, this means Zane will date anyone within the L4D/TWD verse or perhaps a entirely different verse--who knows. It may sound weird that a zombie character would have an LI but I have in the past (although he may be of the undead, he still has human characteristics). I am completely faithful to the individual I am taken by and will not write smut with anyone else other than my significant other. With that being said, if  I am not taken and someone is interested in writing smut then I am fine with that.Stealing - -;Don't steal my things. I don't believe I need to do into depth of what that means. Just don't do it--plain and simple.I am not going to put some question hidden amongst my rules to know whether or not you have read them. I will only hope that you have the respect to actually read and not just sign below, stating you have when actuality--you have not.

🎸I Bite..🎸

10/16/2012 05:17 PM 

Rude Awakening

OOC: Archive Storyline:IC:LOCATION: PAX'S HOTEL SUITE --  KING RAVEN: Once again Raven invited himself into the private quarters of Pax Erris. Like usual, he used the portal and came through in the bathroom so not to wake him. Raven grinned from ear to ear as he made his soundless approach to the bed. Dragonfly wings sprouted from his back so he flew up, hovering over Pax. And began to sing, "Last night, I had this dream about you, and in this dream I was dancing right besiiiiddde youuu." He continued to grin like a Cheshire cat. The rest of the song he hummed loudly but in perfect tone.  PAX ERRIS: Pax didn't stir for several seconds. He had a habit of drifting into a deep sleep and so he didn't wake right away at the sound of someone singing over him. It was slowly that Pax returned to consciousness, up until a point that he realized someone was there, which suddenly brought him back all the way. "Raven? What the hell are you doing in here in the middle of the night?"  KING RAVEN: "What you consider the middle of the night, I call the golden hour." His blue eyes twinkled. "I'm nocturnal by nature, most Unseelie are. Anyway, I thought I'd come to serenade you." Raven settled himself on the edge of the bed, making his wings disappear from human sight. "Don't stop come a little closer, as we jam the rhythm gets stronger, There's nothing wrong with just a little little fuuunn." He finished singing and bounced the bed. "Get up! Come dance with me!"  PAX ERRIS: "Wait a minute? Serenade me?" Pax groaned into his pillow. "It's the middle of the night and I've got a show to do tomorrow." Raven came and sat on the end of his bed and tried encouraging him to get up and dance. Continuing his song. Pax shook his head. "Raven we're not even the same species.."  KING RAVEN: He -always- had a show in the morning. The man never stopped to have senseless fun. Raven believed him to be a workoholic. Which couldn't be healthy for the rock star. Pax's response to his overturns was quite typical. "So? Many species interbreed. Its a new galaxy out there with more species falling in love with those from a different species. I can't even keep on top of it." Raven smiled and bounced again. "You work too much. You ought to take a break. I could show you a good time without spending much money. You just have to have imagination. Or, as we call it, glamor. That's how I make these." He summoned a ball of light and blew it at Pax. Tons of tiny little firefly like things fluttered around the musician's face before dissipating. "They say fun keeps the heart young." He waggled his eyebrows.  PAX ERRIS: Pax rolled back over onto his back and glanced from under his arm at Raven whilst Raven tried to tell him that he worked too much. He probably did, he conceded to himself, at the same time he felt happiest when he was working. There were few greater feelings than being on stage and taking in that electricity of an adoring audience. He was almost a junkie for that feeling, even if his lifestyle left him exhausted more often than not.  Money was never an issue with Pax, he had more than even he knew what to do with. Money had never been a motivation for him choosing his current career path. "Look.. I doubt anything would come of the prospect of a relationship between us.."  KING RAVEN: That simply made the Fey tilt his head back and laugh. It wasn't discouraging to him; quite the opposite, it made him want to try harder. He felt he could show the mortal a few things about love and fun together. "But we're already in a relationship. I work for you as security, have you forgotten? I'm just trying to add more spice to our relationship . Its not every day a man or woman holds the fancy of the King of Fairies." He was tired of watching how exhausted Pax was after every concert. The man was digging himself into an early grave. "If I sing another song, would that change your mind?" His eyes became large as moons as he pouted in Pax's direction. In the moonlight his eyes appeared almost silver.  PAX ERRIS: Pax sat up a little, propping himself on his elbow and studied Raven's expression. To say Raven was persistent was to put it mildly. Slowly, Pax sat up. "Working for me, is different.." Pax answered, he just wanted to flop back in the bed and pull the covers up over his head. The 'why me?' attitude seemed to have kicked in totally by that point. Pax regarded Raven's question with what appeared to be certainty about whether or not another song would change his mind. "I doubt it.."  KING RAVEN: "It's still a relationship."Raven pointed out gleefully. He watched Pax looking miserable at having been woken up so late in the night...or early morning, rather. Time didn't exist to Raven in the same way it did to humans. Time. Never ending. He started to sing slowly. "Never thought you'd make me perspire, never thought I'd do you the same, never thought I'd fill will desire, never thought I'd feel so ashamed. My sweeet prince..." It was a low, unsettling song, almost hypnotic. Raven really was good at singing, he just had a different style from Pax: a darker style. He ran a hand back through his hair and inched closer to Pax. "My sweet Prince."  PAX ERRIS: "Well there are lots of different kinds of relationships Raven. They all don't necessarily lead to romance. You're on my pay-roll but then again so are thousands of others.." Pax pointed out, sitting up fully. He sighed when Raven started singing a new song and flopped back in the bed, grabbing the empty pillow he put it over his head.  KING RAVEN: Raven ceased his serenade and tipped his head to the side in askance. He knew the difference between being paid help and romantically involved. He just didn't see a reason for them not to be romantically involved with one another. They both had talent, good looks, and the power to charm an audience. The King Fairy considered another song. "A friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better, and when he's pressed he will undress and make for boxing clever." Raven's teeth flashed white in the moonlight.  PAX ERRIS: What was it going to take to shut Raven up? That was what was going through Pax's mind at that point when he launched into yet another song. He groaned. He had to get up early in the morning and travel to his next appointment. His days were long and tiresome and Pax had come to rely on what little sleep he did manage to get, which averaged about four or five hours per night. At least when he couldn't be bothered with company. Finally he just threw the pillow at Raven's face. "I need to sleep."  KING RAVEN: The pillow hit him square in the face, nearly causing him to fall backwards off the bed. Instead of being indignant and cross, he held the pillow in both hands as if measuring his next move. It didn't take long. Without warning he grabbed one end of the pillow and smacked Pax in the head. "Pillow fight!" He dove on the other man, smacking him repeatedly with a pillow. Rolling off him, he grabbed the second pillow on the twin bed and started to playfully beat him with it. "So you ARE into foreplay."  PAX ERRIS: After throwing the pillow, Pax dropped back into the bed and pulled the blankets up over his head. He just wanted sleep, but how could he get that point across to the persistent King of the Fairies? His attempt at sanctuary hadn't lasted more than a few seconds though and soon Pax felt a sudden hit in the head with the pillow he'd thrown at Raven earlier because he just wanted to sleep. Much to Pax's irritation Raven saw being hit in the face with a pillow as an attempt at foreplay. "Argh!" He threw the covers off and jumped out of his bed. He'd had about all he could stand. "Raven... I'm a human. I. NEED. Sleep."  KING RAVEN: That got his attention. "Oh yeah. You're human. Sometimes I forget. You're such a beautiful human it easy to forget your needs. Very well. I shall leave you to your rest and will see you bright and early for the concert! Tata!" And with that, he disappeared into a golden hole shaped like the sun.  ~~ END~~ 

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