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--basically, run;

03/14/2012 06:05 PM 


This is my family. We look pretty happy, don't we?This isn't a rant on how terrible my life was growing up; no. This is a story about how you can still change your life, no matter how far gone you are.Growing up, I never understood my parents. My mother left when I was only nine years old. Then, four years later, my dad left. I never could quite grasp the fact that these parents supposedly loved us, and then walked away and never looked back, never contacted us, never showed remorse for leaving. What kind of parents would do that? What kind of parents boast about their loving children, and then act like they never existed?You see, from that point on, I learned to depend on no one else, but I still held my family values quite high on my list of priorities. I learned that Ellie was the only person I could depend on other than myself, and she proved that to me every day. For heaven sake, she was sixteen when she had to raise me. That's not fair to her.The only other person I ever depended on was Morgan Grimes, but I think it was more him depending on me. Morgan got it. He didn't have to even speak for me to know he got it. When mom left, he sat with me and played games with me all night, trying to remind me that life doesn't always suck. He took me in on more than one occasion while Ellie was in school and I wasn't.This is my support system.Through them, I grew up to be the guy I am now.With or without parents.I learned through surviving on my own that I am my own family, and no one else. Morgan Grimes, Devon, Casey, Sarah...they're my family now. There's no changing that, no going back, there's no even questioning it. No, I don't doubt for a moment that these people would do anything to save me or they've proven time and again.This is the portrait of a happy family.Because we are happy.We're a family, with or without the people who left us.This is who we are.We will never have the education that we should have had or the mother and father that we wanted, but we will always have each other. In conclusion, these pictures are to remind us that we are happy, that we are still alive, that we lived though a lot of shit, and that in the end we are a family that loves each other... most of the time.

Anakin Skywalker

03/13/2012 02:45 PM 

Specter of the past

The Serinan Rebellion was drawing to a close at long last. Millions of lives had been lost even with the quick response of Imperial and Republic forces. Those deaths while unavoidable still caused those who'd survived to be laden down with guilt and grief. The very weight of the numerous deaths weighing heavily on their shoulders as they attempted to pick up the shattered peace that had become a common place since the Empire and Republic had agreed to work together instead of trying to undermine one another. Though some hard feelings were still harbored by both sides, they were largely overlooked allowing them to co-exist without bloodshed. It was yet another testament to the political prowess possessed by Kida and her Council of Advisers.The war hadn't taken them completely by surprise as the Senate's behavior had given the dissenting member's intentions away. Countless hours of negotiations failed, leaving Anakin and Kida with only one choice.... dissolving the Senate completely in order to consolidate their power in hopes of restoring peace quickly. After a short patrol in the outer rim sectors held by Imperial forces, Anakin asked Padme to act as his informer within the Senate. His goal was for her to be able to attract those of like mind who still remained loyal to the royal family, giving them a foundation for rebuilding later. Within three months she'd managed to safely lead the loyalists to a secure location hidden beneath the surface of Dantooine. It had once been a military base used by the Old Republic during the Clone War, then the Rebel forces during the war against Palpatine's forces. Though it had undergone a vast restoration it still maintained several tale tell signs of its original purpose. The underground facility had been rebuilt with comfort in mind for the civilian population, and function for the military forces stationed there to defend the planet should it fall under attack. The western section of the base was split into two sections, the larger portion being utilized as a hanger bay and a secondary repair hanger for damaged fighters. The smaller portion housed briefing rooms and offices for the higher ranking members of the four squadrons. The eastern two sections housed offices and living quarters for civilian personnel. The northern part of the base was off limits to civilians as it housed fuel, munitions and the emergency shield and power generators. The base's southern sector was open to all living there; housing, recreation, mess halls, and a few above ground observation areas.It was early in the morning when an urgent distress call was received by the Serinan forces. Piett glanced at the time, 01:00... He knew Anakin and Kida were still asleep, the thought of waking them was enough to make his blood run cold but he knew what would become of him if he didn't. Swallowing his fear he took a deep breath before keying in the access codes for his Emperor's private quarters. The Admiral knew he'd be safe as long as he didn't enter their sleeping quarters, provoking the Empress to attack due to sensing someone too close.]"R2, if you don't mind it's very important that I speak with them right away. We've...""What's so important that it can't wait a few hours, Firmus?"[He looked up to see Anakin leaning against the doorway with his arms folded across his chest. Piett hadn't expected him to wake up before R2 could pass on his request to speak with the Skywalkers. Feeling his fear growing again he finally found the courage to answer him after a few minutes.]"I'm sorry for disturbing you, mi'lord. We've received an urgent distress call from the Dantooine Base... it was initiated with Senator Amidala's personal encryption code. I thought you'd want to know sooner rather than later that the Rebel forces were already beginning to bombard the surface. According to the reports they have yet to land ground forces."[A low growl could be heard coming from the dark room behind Anakin, causing Piett's blood to run cold once again as he knew the Empress was awake and furious. Keeping his eyes on his Emperor he could imagine how concerned the man was for the safety of every life on Dantooine, especially the lives of his family members that were hiding there.]"Set a course for the base right away, maximum speed. We can't afford to lose the that base.... and I won't allow them to endanger my family any longer."[Anakin could feel his anger seething, simmering under his skin as he gave Firmus the order to change course. He couldn't wait to see the end of this blasted war that had cost so many lives and caused those involved so much stress. Watching the Admiral leave his quarters he turned his attention to calming the rather dangerous levels of anger he felt assaulting him in repetitive waves from Kida. He'd already been lectured about how he needed to control her stress levels if he hoped to reverse the damage the war had caused to her health. Sighing heavily he returned to his place in bed, allowing the door to slide closed once again. Hesitating briefly to collect his own thoughts before addressing his furious wife.]"Calm down. Your anger isn't helping anyone, Kida. Remember what Arexia told us about pushing your stress tolerances past their limits. We all have our breaking points my love and your dangerously close to passing several of yours if your not careful."[ His voice remained soft. His words spoken so quietly that most people wouldn't notice he'd said a single word to them. He knew she would pick up on everything he said though as her sense of hearing surpassed that of any human, and most alien species Anakin had ever encountered.Listening as he spoke her growl began to fade into a heavy, strained sigh. She knew better than to push her luck when he was worried about her. On the rare occasion she did it usually ended with him keeping her under constant heavy sedation until he felt she'd learned her lesson.]"I remember so you can stop reminding me so often. I know your worried about me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to back off so much I begin to ignore my duties."[Within a matter of hours they'd reached Dantooine to provide reinforcements. Immediately upon arrival Anakin gave command over to Admiral Piett and headed to the hanger to join his squadron in preparation for launch. As he did so he glanced across the hanger with his usual smirk as he saw Kida preparing her squadron for launch as well. He knew with both of them launching the tide of this battle would shift in their favor... He didn't envy the Rebel forces once they joined the battle.]

Anakin Skywalker

03/13/2012 02:44 PM 

Path to Redemption- Anakin's Chapter

[02:00, Anakin groaned as he'd barely managed to get more than two hours of sleep. He'd been lying awake for at least three or four hours now mulling over things, figuring out where he wanted to go from where he currently was in his life. He found his thoughts focusing mostly on those who meant the most to him, his angels as he called them. Sitting on the edge of his bed he rested his head in his hands sighing heavily. Seeing their faces as clearly he would if they were standing before him was torturing the elder Master. He kept trying to push the images out of his mind only to have them return moments later even more vividly and forcefully.Growing irritated he found himself torn from his thoughts by the sound of R2 screaming as he triggered Anakin's door. Rolling his eyes he knew something had to have gone wrong if his droid was trying this hard to get his attention.]"Calm down R2 you've got my attention."[Trying not to show his irritation he listened to R2's report silently cursing himself that he didn't think to keep the Executor operating under stealth as it entered Republic held space. He sighed heavily as he left his quarters to return to the bridge. His dark robe billowing behind him as he made his way through the corridors. Though he'd spent most of his life fighting wars and barking orders he never felt comfortable on the bridge of a ship.... it was too safe for his liking he decided.Pausing a moment as he heard his commander step onto the bridge, Admiral Piett bowed his head slightly as he dismissed the Lieutenant he'd been speaking with in order to turn his attention to Anakin.]"So far they have made no move to attack us my lord. They've hailed us several times wishing to speak with you in order to verify your intentions. The Republic forces seem to be willing to stand down and allow us safe passage."[Folding his arms across his chest Anakin felt pensive after hearing his second in command's report. It was rare the Republic allowed Imperial vessels to cross their space without being hassled in some manor. Pacing silently as he considered his options for a moment he decided it was best for now to avoid anything that may provoke hostilities between the two fleets.]"Return their hail. If we can avoid hostilities by explaining our intentions so be it."

Anakin Skywalker

03/13/2012 02:42 PM 

The Return of Skywalker

[Anakin had been missing from the galaxy for nearly twenty years, spending time in isolation focusing on himself. Though he'd withdrawn from the world around him he'd kept his eye on the day to day events of the Republic as well as the Imperial forces. Seeing disorder beginning to arise in both convinced him it was time to step in, making his presence known once again. Contacting his small fleet he alerted them to have his ship ready for his return as he wanted to set course for Coruscant immediately. Hoping to find a few of his former allies, hoping they hadn't given up on him. Gathering his belongings he quietly packed them as he tried to plan his first steps. He was aware that he was seen as a traitor by both the Republic for his actions during the final days of the Clone Wars, and the Empire for numerous transgressions against the various power holders over the years. Reflecting on his past caused a heavy sigh to escape his lips as he realized he was a wanted man by those he'd once proclaimed loyalty to. His thoughts also drifted to a family he'd long ago left behind; a daughter he'd walked away from in order to protect, a wife he'd given his heart to at a young age who'd stood by him through everything.]"Kida."[Speaking her name for the first time in twenty years brought a smile to his face. It was no secret that they'd endured hell together always looking to one another for strength. He'd helped her survive as a slave on Tatooine, together they'd helped one another reach Knighthood within the Jedi Order....]"And together we fell to the darkness within us. I wonder if she's still angry with me for leaving her behind?"[He asked himself aloud. Looking out his window at the night sky's of Tatooine he continued to muse about his life. Anakin secretly hoped that his decision to leave their Couruscant apartment all those years ago hadn't pushed her over the edge, causing her to give in to the rage within her. As it would cause her to return to her position as a Sith'ari known as Lady Nikita Vader. Lowering his head he could feel his guilt once again making itself known. Allowing himself to be consumed by his emotions for a few minutes he sighed heavily as he sat down on the edge of his bed. Resting his head in his hands he pushed his thoughts and emotions out of his mind, preventing them from clouding his intentions. Giving himself time to focus on meditating he felt his spirits begin to lift again, his guilt fleeing from him once more. His trademark smirk returned to his lips as he rose to his feet, grabbing his belongings as he left the small house that had belonged to his mother when he was a child. Approaching his fighter he heard R2 begin to question where they were going, he didn't respond immediately as he worked to secure his belongings within the tight confines of his Delta.]"We're leaving to rejoin the fleet. They're planning on jumping to Coruscant as soon as we're on board, R2. I think we've been hiding long enough."[Listening to his friend's protests he shook his head in disbelief. He could understand R2 being worried about capture but Anakin wasn't afraid of that. He'd spent most of his life fighting for one cause or another, he wasn't going to allow fear to stand in his way now.Finishing securing his things as well as running pre-flight checks Anakin strapped himself in, gunning the throttles as he was eager to reach the Executor before dawn. He felt it was time for him to leave his childhood home for the last time, never to return again unless to aide it in times of war. It took him little time to reach Tatooine's gravity well, ignoring the local flight control as he flew through it without clearance. Within a few moments he saw the massive destroyer looming over him as he cut the engines of his fighter just before entering the hanger only pulsing them to soften his landing.Once he was on board he freed himself from his fighter, quickly making his way to the bridge. He didn't plan on staying there long, as his second in command was more than capable of handling things without his presence to keep the rest of the crew in line. Anakin only wanted to make sure things were in order before he retired to his quarters. As his second noticed him enter the bridge he bowed slightly in greeting before reporting that all ships were ready to depart as ordered. Content to hear that things were on schedule Anakin left Admiral Piett in charge with orders not to disturb him unless the fleet was attacked or they reached their destination.Spending several hours alone in his quarters he allowed himself to get lost in meditation. His mind open completely to the Force, allowing it to roam where ever its will wished it to go. For the first time in years he felt himself at peace with much of his past, though he knew he still had plenty to answer for.] At least I'll never have to answer for the crimes I committed against Palpatine. I hope to never cross paths with him or his allies again.[He took comfort in the thought that his former Master had met his end, though he wished he could have made him suffer just as he had because of Palpatine's lies. Shaking the thought from his mind he reminded himself that a Jedi didn't focus on revenge, they worked hard to forgive those around them instead. As he slipped deeper into his meditation he could feel something nagging at him, an unseen threat that had yet to present itself to him. Focusing on it he hoped to discover what it was in order to be prepared to face it when the time came. Taking a deep breath he continued to narrow his focus only to see the Dark Side clouding everything. Releasing his breath slowly he drew himself out of meditation, sensing his ship making the reversion to sub-lights over the massive city planet. Calling his hilt to his outstretched left hand he regained his feet, clipping it to its proper place on his belt. Anakin didn't bother informing R2 he was planning on departing without him. Throwing his robe on as he approached the lifts that would take him to his fighter he did his best to push his worries aside knowing it wouldn't do any good to focus on something he couldn't pinpoint. Smirking as Obi-Wan's voice echoed in his head reminding him of an old lesson; your thoughts in the end make your reality if you aren't careful. He couldn't help but shake his head and think that even without being next to his former Master it didn't save him from the many lectures of Obi-Wan.The lift slid open as he reached the hangers only to find that R2 had been one step ahead of him this time. As the droid was already waiting for him in the hanger.]

Anakin Skywalker

03/13/2012 02:41 PM 

Character bio (work in progress)

(ooc: Though my character is Anakin Skywalker, he isn't a cannon character. His bio will follow cannon to an extent but not fully as I reserve the right to write his history as I please to make him fit into the Story Line he is a part of.)Anakin Skywalker was born in 42 BBY to Shmi Skywalker and Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn on the outer rim world of Tatooine. From an early age he was forced to accept the fact that he was a slave and always would be... or so he thought.A few months after his third birthday he met a young girl who was owned by the Lars family. Anakin noticed how cruelly she was being treated and grew enraged, attacking the children that were bullying her. After driving them away he helped the girl to her feet, learning that she couldn't communicate with him vocally due to the differences in the languages they spoke. He simply smirked and helped her back to his home to wait out the impending sandstorm.After getting her inside he noticed the full extent of her injuries. Her clothing was torn from what he took to be frequent beatings and lashes with a whip of some kind, her arms, legs, face, and what he could see of her back and stomach were all badly bruised as well as bloody. Seeing this level of mistreatment wasn't uncommon for a slave on Tatooine, though it always caused his blood to boil when he came across it."It's ok I won't hurt you. I just want to clean up your wounds." Anakin kept his voice soft, not wanting to frighten her any more then she already was. He knew she couldn't understand him due to the difference in language, but he hoped she could understand his want to help her. He hoped his calmness would help her to relax as well, making his job a bit easier in the long run.Hearing him talking to her she turned her head a bit, mocking a dog that heard a strange noise. Though she didn't understand what he was saying, she calmed down a bit as she sensed that he had no intention of hurting her. She offered him a light smile, though she was unsure of what he was planning in regards to her. For the last year she'd gotten used to fearing men of any age as it wasn't uncommon for her owners to try to make money off her suffering. More than once she'd found herself threatened by Cliegg to be sent to the pleasure dens to work off the money he paid for her.Grabbing the first aide bag his mother kept in the 'fresher he raised her shirt in the back enough to start tending to her wounds. The disinfectant was cold causing her to jump. Anakin thinking he scared her wrapped his arms around her in hopes to calm her further. After a minute or two she realized he meant her no harm and relaxed into his arms. Smiling softly he let her go and continued to tend to her wounds. After finishing he let her lay down in his bed as he could tell she hadn't slept well in quite awhile. Staying nearby he kept a close eye on her as he had his suspicions that she'd more than likely need a great deal of care from him in order to make a full recovery before she had to return to the Lars family.Hearing that the girl he'd brought into their home was asleep his mother allowed him to have his dinner in his room. She could tell her son was already beginning to form a bond with the young girl. Neither of them knew she was a kidnapped Jedi Youngling. At first seeing her asleep in his bed he couldn't help but feel territorial even though he didn't want to feel the emotion, he couldn't deny that he did. As the suns set he fell asleep sitting against the wall. Before going to bed herself Shmi looked in on him again, laughing quietly when she saw him asleep on the floor. Laying a blanket over him she kissed his forehead lightly hoping not to wake him. Seeing that he was resting peacefully she left his room, turning in for the night.Anakin had only been asleep for a few hours before he heard whimpering coming from his bed. Waking up startled he noticed the young girl was having a nightmare. Quietly making his way to her side he gently shook her shoulder to wake her. Noticing his efforts to wake her she jumped in fear as she'd forgotten where she was. Offering her a reassuring glance he sat down behind her on his bed, wrapping his arms around her again in hopes of calming her. Leaning into his embrace she eventually calmed down enough she fell asleep against his chest. Though she was older than him he had a size advantage over her. A coy smirk curled his lips as he looked down at her, glad that she was once again sleeping peacefully. Without realizing it he too fell asleep, drawing comfort from knowing he was once again helping another.Waking before Anakin, Kida slipped out of his grasp careful not to disturb him. Glancing outside she noticed the suns had yet to rise, giving her the chance to spend some time alone. She knew it was a risk to be found outside while it was still dark as the Tusken Raiders could show up anywhere at any time. Unlike the natives of Tatooine she didn't fear the Tuskens as she'd encountered far worse in her home system. Quietly slipping out of the Skywalker's home she sighed heavily, her eyes cast upward toward the stars. The young girl's mind was full of doubts, something she knew would get her chastised had she been in the Temple still. None the less she couldn't help but wonder why they hadn't come for her yet, why they seemingly had abandoned her on this forsaken dustball of a planet. Did they even notice that she was missing?

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