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Cross Over

10/29/2012 12:25 PM 


Hey Crazy Cats!  Lorne here!  Welcome to my all new Club Caritas Verde, where the elite meet and the offbeat tweet.  This is like Old Caritas on anabolic steroids, boys and girls.  And its got protection spells up the wazoo.  So come take the load off, if just for a drink or two.  This is the place you can really leave the mundane grind of helping the hopeless behind.  Take a break from the vampire slayage and demon destructo derby. Sure, there are plenty of monsters here, but they're friendly monsters.  At least while they're inside Caritas.  Just one big happy family here, amigos.  Family, good music, and alcohol.  What more could you want?  


10/29/2012 10:02 PM 

Current mood:  excited

01. first question is what happend on Raw after the match between Nattie and Maria for the women's championship why did you attack Nattie is their something going on? "Well theere is something going on and its something that will make Nattie wish I were just like maria a weak feeble girl who doesn't belong in the ring. Nattie forgot about being a true competitor and now I am going to show her what it means to get wicked." 02. what you plan to do next in season? as you debuted and what comes in next for you? "Its simple really I plan to break Nattie until she can no longer deal with it mentally and then I am going to beat her physically in the ring." 03. do you plan on to challenge Nattie for the women's championship? "I don't plan on challenging her I am going to challenge her for her championship she is nothing but a fake wannabe champion she can't handle the responsibility of that title so she should just give it to me now to save herself from a beating she will never forget." 04. what you think about the other divas on the Raw roster do you see anyone as a competition? "The other divas I think they are all weak and well not championship material so its time for them to just go home and make food for their family because when I am champion no one will want to face me." 05. what would you do if you wrestled up against the likes of Kharma and Beth Phoenix? "I would do what I always do best love...Win and Nattie I hope your watching this because I am coming for that precious championship and it will come back to true royalty the Scalet witch."

Wer Sventar

10/28/2012 04:34 PM 

Current mood:  working

Here are a set of rules and I am going to give everyone here the benefit of the doubt that you are all mature enough to follow them without having to sign them.1. Its been awhile since I last rp'ed so give me some time to get back into it, Im a soldier as well so be patient with my replies. Military service takes priority2. No RL Drama, if you have a problem in life, leave it there or just shut the fuck up3. No auto-killing or god modding, I will delete you right off the bat. Anything can die including me4. If u add me send me a starter, I hate just waiting around or trying to come up with a lousy starter5. No one liner rps unless I give the ok for it (Generally if I know you I will deem it ok)6. (This is for the annoying requests) If I dont add you TAKE A HINT7. Ok frankly I find this wrong but if your a guy rping as a girl go ahead and delete yourself off my friends list. Your a guy act like one8. My charecter is a Red Dragon, so if he dosent like you off the bat get used to it. He will eventually if he deems it okay9. Im fairly relaxed and I will try to reply the best as I can10. NO ONE under the age of 18 is to add me, move out of your parent's house then come talk to me11. Absolutely no cartoon character rpers

Cross Over

10/28/2012 03:41 PM 

Hyperion: Our Worlds Become One

Cross Over

10/28/2012 03:23 PM 

Bon Temps: Our Worlds Become One

   Note:  Kenzi's profile was deleted, which deleted all of her posts.  We were not able to reinsert them into the blog because posts and replies are placed in chronological order.  However, we include Kenzi's posts here, with information about where they appear in the blog: The First Post in the Blog: Kenzi Kenzi sat at the The Dal Riata sipping a beer that Trick had allowed her to have saying she could only have one. She was wearing her dark sunglasses, which meant that she had obviously drank way to much the night before, something that was completely normal for the dark haired human. Pulling her phone out of her back pocket, She looked to see if she had gotten a text from Bo, whom had gone out early this morning after some strange under-fae. But after checking, she realized that she didn't have any sort of message from her best friend and room mate. "Kenz," The sudden loud voice made her head pound, whining she turned around to see that it was none other then wolf boy himself. Dyson walked over to her and took a seat right by her. In his hand, he held a folder in his hand which meant that it was a Fae kind of case, which also means that he needed Bo. Before the blonde wolfie could ask where she was, Kenzi spoke up. "First off, can't you see the sunglasses, Dude, this is the worst hang over ever, so shhhh" She places a finger over her mouth." then, after that and taking a gulp of beer and then turning back around to look into his eyes. "Second of all, Bo isn't here, she is out battling a goopy monster... um, yeah, I can't remember what it's called" She looked and watched his movements, it was obvious that he was upset that her room-mate hadn't called in for help. Kenzi frowned and took off her glasses, "You have to remember for the longest time, you didn't want her around, so of course she isn't going to call you first." She placed her hand on the males shoulder. Dyson nodded and then handed her the file that had once been in his hands and then spoke, with puppy eyes. "I know Kenzi, Just, give this to her whenever she gets back." Kenzi was about to ask him a question but he had already gotten up and left the bar. Turning a little so that she could grab her phone that was at the bar, she successfully grabbed it and then dialed in Bo's number and called her. It was obvious that she was going to have to be the one to call. But, when the human did call, her phone was off. A little worried, Kenzi left a message. "Hey Bo, I am heading home, Dyson has a case he wants you to check out. Call me whenever you can." With that and a quick movement, Kenzi grabbed the file with her free hand, spun the chair around and left the bar, just as her friend Dyson had done only a minute ago. She needed to go home and wait for her best friend. Once at home, Kenzi sat at the island waiting for the coffee that she was making to be done. The dark haired female watched the clock on her phone and sat worried about her friend. She knew that the succubus could easily take care of herself, but as her friend, it was her job to worry if she didn't call back. Sighing heavily she was just about to call the female once again but she decided that she should wait a little longer. Just then, the coffee maker beeped, telling Kenzi that she could now drink some coffee, which was something that she was thankful for. She had a killer hangover and she hoped that the coffee would make everything better. Standing up, she walked over to the dishes and got a clean mug and then poured coffee into it and then walked over to the fridge and got the milk to pour in it as well. Leaving the milk out, just in case if she were to want more, she sat back down and looked over at the file that was right beside her phone. Somehow Kenzi had managed to keep out of the file knowing that it was classified and that it was between Dyson and Bo, but she was all alone, no one would know. leaning over slightly she gripped the file in her hands and pulled it over in front of her so that she could look. Taking a deep breath, the dark haired woman opened the file and was grossed out by the picture that first came into her view. It was someone who was skinned. Making a grossed out face, Kenzi debated with herself trying to decide if she should continue to keep reading or not. But, then all the sudden, she heard someone at the door. Out of reflex, Kenzi jumped off of the stool she had been sitting on and pulled a knife that she hid in her boots out. Maybe she was over reacting, but lately, there had been a lot of strange things that had been magically popping into their house. The Third Blog Post, After Bo's first post: Kenzi The good thing was the creature that Kenzi swore was going to breaking into her and Bo's house, it was actually Bo. Relieved she placed the knife back into her back leather boots before the brunette noticed. Pretty much as soon as the succubus got into the house she started stripping, which was not anything new so the dark haired human was not surprised at all. The one thing that she was pretty surprised about was the hole in her stomach, the one that had left a huge blood mark. "Bo, Are you okay?" It was a stupid question but she had been so worried about her friend that she had to ask if she was okay. Kenzi followed her as she continued to get undressed. She was going to have to talk to her. Tell her about the case and tell her about Dyson. The new case was first though. Watching Bo take off her shirt she gasped, something that was only heard by her. The sound of Bo's shoes covered it up so that she didn't heat it. She wasn't surprised as much as worried. Where her friend had been stabbed, it was completely healed, which meant that she had been fed on a human, and innocent one at that. But she was completely sure that her friend wouldn't hurt anyone, she knew how to control it now. She followed her friend right up into her bedroom into the bathroom where she was cleaning off the blood, making it so that there was no evidence that she had been stabbed in the first place. Kenzi just placed herself on Bo's bed, knowing that the female would be walking back and forth doing whatever she had to do to rid of the clothes and cleaning herself up. As soon as she took a seat, Bo started talking and of course, the dark haired female was completely interested in what had happened. "So, that Fae was a lot harder then I thought. He had buddies! Go figure, right?" Kenzi smirked and watched as she walked from the bathroom right back into the bedroom to put on a different shirt. "Not uh!" The dark haired girl said. She was completely interested in the Fae and even the Under Fae, it was something that was said to be just fairytales, but it was so far from that. These thing, this beings were real and actually most of them were nice. At least the succubus, the wolf, the siren, and the blood king were. Of course, Bo just kept moving so she followed. Kenzi followed the female downstairs where Bo asked her a question."So, what did you do tonight?" Kenzi rolled her eyes with a big smile on her face. "Oh you know, I just sat here and worried about you. A LOT" She glared at the woman and then sat down back at the island where she had been sitting before. She took another sip of her coffee and then looked over to Bo. "While I was waiting at The Dal Riata for you to check in, WHICH YOU DIDN'T" Kenzi spoke the last few words louder then the others. "Dyson came in looking for you." Kenzi slid the file over to where the woman was standing and then took another sip of her coffee. It was getting cold which almost made the female want to spit it out, somehow she managed to keep it in and swallowed it. She pushed it off to the side. Knowing the two girls the coffee and the mug would be sitting there for weeks. Looking back over while she was looking at the file. "Dyson also said he would like it if you were to call him. He want's to make sure you were okay, We were both pretty worried." She put her arm on the island and the held her head up with her hand while tilting it enough that she could still see all the images and paper work that Bo was looking at. "Apparently there is this Under Fae that likes human skin." Kenzi made a face "Yummy." She shook her head. That was about as far as she had gotten into the paper work before she thought that someone was breaking in. "So, what else is in there Bo Bo?" She asked, really wanting to know what was going on. Blog Post #6, after Eric's first post: "I don't think this has to do with the skin. I think it's got something to do with the blood. There wasn't any blood to be found at the scene. Something tells me this has to do with vampires." Kenzi makes a face and jumps up to to the ruby red couch and looked over Bo's shoulder. That was the truth, the blood... It was all gone. But what the drak haired human didn't understand was, Why did they take the skin to? Or was it something else completely. Kenzi bit her lower lip as she continued to look at the file that she had been looking at before the brunette had gotten home. She was confused... she didn't understand the minds of these under fae... nor did she believe that vampires were real. "Wait? So what you are saying to me is that vampires are real as well." Kenzi gasped and jumped over the couch and placed herself perfectly on the empty side. She looked at Bo still confused. "Did you know that vampires were real?" Kenzi should of known that almost anything was possible when it came to the under fae in this town, especially after all that they had taken care of. Of the things that they not only killed but took to the old ash. Pressing her lips together she tapped the female next to her. "Did you know?" She asked, not having heard anything to her reply, but it was obvious that Bo was completely stuck in the file and wasn't planning to come out of it until she had read every single bit of information that was in that file to began with. Getting up, she could hear her boots hitting hard against the ground. She walked over to the counter and grabbed a bag of chips... she still couldn't help but mumble "vampires." Then she realized something and couldn't help but just make a joke about it. "Well, there is a werewolf in town, so of course there would be a vampire too." She laughed while shoving a potato chip into her mouth and crunching down on it hard. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Normally, in other conditions she would think it was just Dyson or Lauren.. But in this case, the three hard knocks on there door sounded completely un-known. Out of a sudden reacting, Kenzi kicked the air and said "AYYYYEEEE YAHHHH". She was just being her crazy self but she was kind of scared after the whole vampire thing. Putting the chips back onto the counter, Kenzi ran over to Bo while trying to pull her knife out. She nudged the woman once again and then smiled. "I think it's for you Bo Bo." She then stepped back and waited for her best friend and her room mate to answer the door. To be honest, she was not only scared but curious at whom could be at the door at this time, knocking like that.  Post #10, between Eric Posts: "Kenz relax. I'm sure who ever it is they're not here to kill us. Killers don't use door knockers." Bo said, judging her because of her sudden freak out moment. She watched over her friends back as she mumbled. "I know at least three movies were they do." She then hide her knife behind her back just in case if Bo had been right and there was no one dangerous at the door. The human just couldn't think of any other situation of why someone would actually knock on their door. Lauren, Hale, and Dyson all walked in by themselves. That was what worried her. When Bo opened the door, there was a male that was super pale, instantly making her think "Vampire." But, she kept to herself, for the first time in a long time. Keeping to herself was not something she was normally very good at. All after a second of having the door open, Kenzi finally hear Bo say something. "Hello. Can I help you?" The way the male talked... the way he looked there was no way that he wasn't a vampire. Maybe it was just the case that the two of them had been looking at before, or maybe it was the truth. Either way, she was going to make sure not to stay around them. The dark haired woman kept her eyes on the duo that was at her and Bo's door. They were talking but honestly, Kenzi wasn't really listening. She was to busy staring. The human was sure that they had noticed and they thought she was weird, but she didn't really care at this point and time. The only thing that she did here the blonde say was this. "Vampire Sheriff of Area 5". She couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "Fuck yeah, I knew you were vampires." But instantly, she wished she hadn't said anything. Once again, Keeping thoughts to herself was not at all her strong suit. Shaking her head, she walked away from the hallway and out of the view of the duo and her best friend and went to the cabinet and decided to drink away the fear, hell, it would help with the slight hang-over that she was still feeling. Pouring herself a glass, Just as she took a sip, she heard the male say "We are in need of your services." Instantly the burning sensation that she was feeling in her throat seemed to expand. She began coughing, but she set down the dlear glass and walked over to Bo. This time, standing right behind her. She was protective, but she had to do what she had to do. She whispered in Bo's ear "maybe that's not a good idea." Of course, Kenzi forgot all of her mythology and the slight fact that the vampires could pretty much hear and see anything. So she corrected herself and nodded her head. "No offense."She said, actually speaking up and saying out loud. Post 15, Just before Nan Flanagan's first post: The moment her room-mate, best friend and sister figure let in the vampires... instantly, she wanted to stay her opinion. "Bo Bo." the black haired human started but with the looks of the people coming into there once almost safe haven, she decided that it would be best just to shut up. The both of them, Eric and Jill had walked in slowly seemingly looking around. Kenzi didn't like it one single bit and she knew that the only reason Bo had let them in was because they had threatened her and because of the case that Dyson had given to the girls just an hour or so ago. Pressing her lips together she quickly walked over to the living room and grabbed the yellow case file folder that she and Bo had been looking at and then she quickly walked out of view, hiding it in her dresser, not the best hiding place but it was the first thing she could think of and she didn't really have a lot of time. Though Bo could handle her own, she didn't want to leave her best friend a lone with them for very long. Kenzi didn't trust them one single bit and she doubted that there was anything that they could do to change that. Biting on her lower lip, Kenzi walked back into the living room where everyone was gathered. She walked in just as Eric and Jill were sitting down. She arched a brow and leaned against the wall staying stood up just like she thought she should. Of course, she needed to make sure to seem like she wasn't scared but since the whole Baba Yaga myth thing. She was not about to under estimate these people... fae... vampires, what ever they were, she was going to make complete sure that she watched them with a careful eye. A few seconds later, Kenzi half listened as Eric was talking about his vampires and others. Actually, she wasn't listening at all. She was more focused on Bo's face. Kenzi wasn't sure what was going on but she was freaked. The dark haired girl crossed her arms and tried her hardest to listen. Of course the moment she actually listened the male was done. "Add to that the demon Boris Krekci and a gypsy named Rosalie with necromancer powers, and the future is beginning to look more and more like a super-sized steaming turd." Arching a brow she felt completely lost, and Kenzi couldn't help but hope that Bo had actually been listening, she was actually sure that she was. Sighing softly, Jill, the red head caught her attention. She finally realized that the woman looked a bit out of place, kind of like she didn't want to be anywhere around here. Was she human too or was she just nervous? She turned and walked into the kitchen and took another swig of alcohol. It burned going down, but she was going to need it since all this "vampire" stuff was coming to bite her in the ass. Once done, she set the bottle down and walked over to Bo and stood behind her awhile also looking at the two new people to the room.   Post 19, between Eric posts: Kenzi could tell that Bo was slowly becoming a bit uncomfortable with her hanging all around her, but she couldn't help it. She was scared of the two people that were sitting right in front of her. The only human of the house had no idea what to expect of the people that were around her. All of this was still new to her. So, she did what she felt she needed to do, she stayed around the one person whom she knew would keep herself. Bo always had and she trusted Bo with her life. Pressing her lips together, she watched Bo's movements. But when everything seemed already tense enough, there were sounds of breaking glass. Kenzi could swear that whatever broke the glass speed right past her. Out of reflex, she bent down and ducked covering her head."SHIT" was the only thing that Kenzi could really say. But then she knew what she needed to do was to find out what Bo was doing, knowing that if she followed her, everything would be okay. Kenzi stood up, her brilliant blue hues followed Bo as she picked up the sword, prepared to attack whom ever had shot at them. But, as a few more shots came, it was clear that even Bo wasn't going to be able to take it. The brunette quickly walked back towards her while talking whatever she was thinking. "You've really pissed off the wrong people." Then Bo grabbed Kenzi's arm. "OOOOWWW" She made a face, but knew that her friend grabbed her arm to get her into protection, to make sure that she didn't get hurt in the crossfires. "There's a tunnel leading into the sewers from the basement. I think we should be leaving now." Bo kept talking, Kenzi looked back at the male and female and then the now flames. They looked beautiful, in a way, but then Kenzi realized something else. That was there only way out. There home was getting destroyed. She kept looking at the flames until they actually started making their way down into the dark moldy basement. "BoBo, where are we going to go now? Are we going to fgo to Tricks?" Kenzi asked... She tended to ask a million questions when she was nervous... and right now. She was way more then just nervous. Kenzi's boots made a clunking nose down the stairs and against the hard concrete. She followed to where Bo was and helped her open the tunnels. It was something that she had never used before. "We better hurry, this house could crash down on us at any second." Kenzi said... stating the complete obvious. Post 26, after Eric's post and before Bill's post: Kenzi went down the stairs and into the sewers, following Bo every step of the way. Pressing her lips together as soon as she smelt the horrible smell that was coming from around her. She instant placed two fingers over the holes in her nose, trying to keep the smell from entering. Normally she was very vocal, but she didn't want to get anything in her mouth not even the smell. She followed Bo, felling her feet get wet along the way. This enraged her a bit, her favorite but brand new shoes were getting ruined, completely forgetting the fact that there were people whom had tried to trap her, Bo, Jill and Eric in a burning house... they would all probably be dead if it were for the secret way out of the house. Finally, Kenzi started getting used to the smell so she removed her fingers and began to talk to Bo.. but was interrupted when a male came out of nowhere, a male that she was sure that neither Bo or herself had met. The dark haired male knew everyone's name, which Kenzi found to be completely strange. The moment that the male, Bill, had told them of a safe haven, Kenzi felt a bit better even though she knew nothing of this male. It was clear that Eric did though, so why not trust them, there was no choice really. The moment that Bill started leading the way, Kenzi and Bo were in the middle. Jill and Eric started having their own conversations, so Kenzi felt a bit better about having her own conversation with Bo, the one person she fully trusted in the tunnels. "Are we really going to trust them? How do we know they aren't the ones who started it, especially Bill? Or whom ever that is." Kenzi knew that they could probably hear them, the three of them being vampires and all, but she honestly didn't care. The dark haired human tried to keep as close to the succubus female whom was like family. The moment that they all ended up having to make a few turns and then there was a door. Kenzi couldn't help but think that was sort of weird. Biting down on her lower lip, she watched as the flashlight showed the rustic key and the door opening. At first it was dark, but then suddenly it was lit. It was clear someone had turned on the light, which Kenzi was grateful for, as weird as that sounds. Yes, the human was used to darker places hell, she liked those darker places, but being surrounded with a bunch of people she didn't know, Kenzi would prefer light any day. Once the females brilliant blue eyes adjusted, she noticed that it was a good sized office. There were no windows no other doors other then the one that they had just come through. Finally, voicing her opinion, Kenzi just asked the obvious. Holding her hand out as she spoke "Umm, Where are we?" She asked, a bit of attitude came from her voice, even though she really didn't mean to come off as that way, she just wanted to know where she was... whom these people were. The dark haired woman stayed as close to Bo as she could with out being on top of her. She did seem to relax, her arms were now crossed on her chest as her blue eyes scanned the unfamiliar room.

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